5 Things You Need to Know for Your Vision Board!

Updated: January 2, 2024

A Vision board is a fun, practical, and magical tool to help you set intentions guided by your inspired and sacred vision for your life. A life that’s aligned with Spirit and your highest good. What better time to get started and create a vision board than right before the New Year? 

A vision board is a visual aid that employs our imagination to help us create & manifest – like a blueprint for your soul’s longings. Creating a vision board inspires and motivates us to create a life that is based on our deepest dreams. The feelings and experiences we want to have, rather than just the physical things we want to acquire. 

When you make a dream board or vision board with intention, your subconscious mind goes to work for you. You are easily able to align with your vision for the future and begin looking for opportunities, decisions, and pathways to take you toward your dreams. 

Create a Vision Board with Mindfulness & Curiosity 

My husband and I do a vision board every year. And a few years ago, I learned an important lesson about how to release the FORM of what I want, and allow my vision board to guide me toward the feelings & experiences I desire most.

At the time, we had been living in the U.S. for 9 years, and renting homes everywhere we went. With each new home, we would say, “This is the house before THE house.” But we were getting tired of this pattern, and felt ready to find our forever home. 

Before we pulled out the glue sticks to start our yearly vision boarding process, we decided to try another exercise. When it came to finding our home, we decided to each take time and meditate on the home we were meant to have to see what came to us. 

It turns out that this exercise had very little to do with the home we wanted. I wanted an all white, modern home on an intercoastal in Florida (and planned to put these kinds of images on my vision board), but what I saw was something totally different. I received a fleeting but crystal clear image and instead of my fabulous white house on the water, I ended up seeing something odd and extremely specific – a wooden house on a 25 acre farm, exactly 1.5 hours from a major city, with an artesian well and a 40 foot swimming pool. 

My husband, on the other hand, saw a very specific architectural style from the 1950s. We wrote it all down and laughed, and put it in our God box, releasing the outcome to Spirit.  

Not long after, I received a call from a friend in Canada describing the exact things each of us had seen in our vision. Including that it was a perfect copy of the architecture my husband loved! We had no plans whatsoever of going back to Canada, but it seemed like too much of a synchronicity to ignore. We went online to see the property and found it was out of our budget. Once again, we released the outcome and surrendered. 

Suddenly that same week, the Canadian dollar dropped so significantly that the house was now the perfect price. We knew we had to have it. When we moved in, we discovered images of dragonflies posted up on trees around the property (a personal sign I always look out for), and a swarm of them even visited us the day after we moved in. We knew we were home. 

This place was different from what we thought (it was even in a different country!), but it gave us all of the feelings we wanted most as well as met more than our material needs. We both felt deeply at home here, connected to the land, and have accessed so much creativity here. I’m in love with this house, and I’m thankful to Spirit for guiding us to the home we were meant to have, instead of the one we thought we wanted. 

I tell you this story as a reminder to approach your vision board process with curiosity and a sense of humor. Our intuition and the Universe can work in funny and mysterious ways. 

Remember that the most important aspect of the things you put on your board isn’t the form of the things themselves, it’s the experience and feelings you desire to have through those things. It’s the way those experiences will help you contribute more to the world and live out your highest good. So as you create your vision board, choose tangible images that help your imagination, but remember that Spirit will guide you to the outcome that is perfect for you on your path. 

How to Create a Vision Board 

The start of the year is a wonderful time to use this practice and visualization tool to create the future you desire. Here are a few things you need to make a perfect 2024 vision board:

1. A list of your intentions for the New Year 

What is a vision board exactly? It’s essentially a collection of images and words you put together that represent the things you desire to manifest and create in your life.

If you begin making a vision board without thinking through in advance what you want, you never know what you’ll get! It’s easiest to begin this process with a list. 

Simply write out your intentions for the New Year. Anything you desire to manifest, create, contribute or work on in the coming months can be added to your list. When you create a vision board, it’s most effective to create it with clarity and clear intention, and affirming it as if it’s already happened – but to hold your vision lightly with the knowing that Spirit has its own perfect plan for you. 

2. A journal to help you get crystal clear

Once you’ve written out your list of intentions, take some time to reflect more deeply on them. Oftentimes we think we know what we want, but the ideas aren’t really formed and fleshed out. Use your journal to reflect on each of the intentions you wrote on your list, especially focusing on your “why”. 

Consider what they mean to you, and any other specifics that are important. The reason why vision boards work isn’t just about the images themselves, it’s about the mental images and stories we create around them. We become the ones to have the experience. Our subconscious mind works with these stories to help us align with, and attract what we are rehearsing. 

Focus less on the physical things you want and more about how these images represent the feelings and experiences you’re desiring. This isn’t a goal board, it’s more of a dream board. 

3. A prayer to say over your vision board 

Anything you create and manifest with your 2024 vision board is a co-creation between you and the Divine. Trusting and strengthening your relationship with your Higher Power is a part of the manifesting process – with or without a vision board. 

Are you clear on your role in creating the things you want and the function of your Higher Power? Spend some time reflecting on this relationship and come up with a prayer you can use to bless your board and turn the outcomes over to Spirit. 

4. Your vision boarding materials (digital or physical) 

Once you’ve done all of the planning and prep to get clarity on your board, it’s time to start creating! Decide whether you want to create a digital vision board or a physical one. Then start gathering the images, words, and materials you want to use for your board. 

If you choose to create your board by hand, you might enjoy having a 14k gold marker and a big black sharpie to write on words and things you want to attract. You can decide whether you want to make your board about one specific theme – for example, calling in a partner or your business – or if it will be about your year ahead in general. 

Then, begin creating! 

5. Your imagination and visualization

No vision board is complete without your imagination and the visualizations you hold about your desires and the images you choose. Remember, the board is just a physical representation of what lives in you, what you value and what you are. Your mind and heart are the containers for the dreams you put on your board. 

As you create, allow yourself to dream up a future that makes you want to get up in the morning and excites you to be part of life. Let the images be your guide and choose them intuitively, but ground them in your imagination with the clarity of exactly what you intend to create. Allow these dreams to go beyond the things you will accomplish or accumulate. Instead, focus on the ways you will contribute, the ways you’ll feel love and compassion, and the creativity you can bring into your life. Allow your vision board to be a visual representation of the full and flourishing life you’re creating. 

Keep in mind that when you create a vision board, it gives you a map of who you need to become in order to have those things. So sometimes, it won’t happen in the way you think or on your timeline, but it will always be guiding you toward your highest good. 

Still wondering how to make a vision board that inspires you and helps you manifest abundance? I’m hosting a FREE 7-Day Vision Board Challenge from January 9th-15th, and I’d love to see you there! 

Think of it like an in-depth vision board workshop meets vision board party. Join me to learn how to create a vision board that aligns you with your highest good and allows you to co-create your visions with Spirit. Click here to save your spot! 

What’s on Your 2024 Vision Board?

What do you want to see manifest this year? Leave a comment and share your vision with me!

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  • Judy

    I desire to have the freedom and health to fly back to Ontario to visit family and friends this year.

  • Anonymous

    One of the things I want is: to sponsor a child in a program that will help with confidence and creativity.

  • Maxine

    One of the things I want is: To sponsor a child in a program that will help him/her in growing confidence and creativity.

  • Dorothy West

    Publish my novel I’ve just completed that may help others in their journey to survive trauma.
    To successfully complete my counselling diploma with high levels of quality in my majors of working with children and abuse. To go with the flow and divine timing as I work toward my intentions. 💫

    Happy New year to you Colette and Mark, have a wonderfully blessed year 💕

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      That’s amazing, Dorothy! so happy you managed to get your book out! 💖

  • Ranjinii

    Manifest abundance in terms of gains , profits and success and wealth protection and creation too!


    Thanks so much. This year I thought that it would be impossible to do a vision board as I live in Israel and am surrounded by so much grief and stress. It is hard to connect now to our dreams as all our dreams have been shattered. Hopefully some of my wishes for the coming year will come true

  • Jeri Ann

    I would like 2024 to be the year I finally settle who I am spiritually since I feel pulled in different directions (it is confusing). I would also like to make some like-minded friends which I think will happen naturally once I feel more settled about who I am spiritually. So, really, I think my first sentence sums up what I want 2024 to be for me and the other things I want will just fall into place.

  • Brenda

    My dream is to write and help pre-teens, whether it’s with affirmation cards, or a book, my vision will find its way I’m sure.
    In the meantime I’m hoping another vision board will give me the ability to give it up and let the universe guide me.
    I’m also allowing my parents to be apart of my guidance even though they have passed, I’m letting them in for guidance 🥰

  • Lorraine Bill

    I’m so much in depth with a bad name and I wish I could clear all my depth. A permanent home to live out in the country with a partner. I been alone for too long. Manifestation of good health good prosperity with my loving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Lise

    This will be my first Vision Board, so I’m looking forward to next week’s guidance sessions. So far, the theme that is coming through loud and clear is to make this a year of personal discovery and commitment to aligning myself with my purpose (whatever it is!) I am a total klutz at art, so am still a little apprehensive about being able to graphically represent what I am envisioning, but . . . I’ll trust in Spirit and Colette’s amazing ability to help even klutzes realize their potential! 😉

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      woohoo, Lise! so happy you’re trusting in Spirit and opening yourself to it! 💖

  • Trish Waddington

    I want to sell my house and buy 2 apartments, 1 to live in and 1 to rent to give me additional income to travel and enhance my life

  • Mary Saile

    I have committed to putting on Free art classes for children and teens in my community.

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