Manifesting Your Spiritual Community in the New Year!

Updated: January 16, 2024

Now more than ever, intentional community has become more essential to our spiritual health and well-being. With the collective upheaval and stress we’ve experienced in the last few years, finding new ways of connecting and creating support for and with each other is a non-negotiable. 

Trust me: It’s quite a challenge for any living thing to grow in isolation — even some gardeners believe in the concept of “companion planting,” whereby seedlings thrive when they have neighbors nearby!

I’ve often thought of this quote from Game of Thrones: “In the storm the lone wolf perishes but the pack will survive.” It can feel like we are in a storm right now, turbulence of a world gone off-kilter. We cannot go it alone… we must reach out to each other! 

At some level, you already know that’s true (which is why you are reading this… There are no accidents!). We are designed for relationship. But in our current age of digital overload, spiritual seekers express three main concerns or blocks to pursuing intentional connection and community. 

See if any of the following sound familiar to you:

1. I’m not a joiner… I’m doing fine on my own.

Oh, this one resonates with me! For most of my life, I was a dedicated lone wolf. 

In fact, in my younger days, I would have said I was allergic to community. I had trouble trusting others. 

I just never felt like I belonged. I was always the outcast. I felt so alone, even when I was surrounded by people (maybe you can relate…? If so, I’m giving you a huge, virtual, hug right now! ❤️).

But then I got into this new group through part of my recovery. It was part of a 28-day program, and everyone there was an outsider. We were from all walks of life. It didn’t matter where we came from. We were there to work on ourselves and our spirituality and nothing else mattered. 

And it was magic!

I want that magic for you. 

All it takes is finding the right group — whether it’s a spiritual membership site, a group of seekers like you, or a collection of friends who are dedicated to each other. When you find your spiritual home, you realize that you aren’t the problem, that you can be whole again, and (this is big) when you share a common goal, you have a whole squad of people on your side. 

I believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of feeling supported and accepted… especially in these lonely times when we all feel more isolated and disconnected. Your spiritual health matters — and you matter, too!

2. It takes too much effort.

We all have times when life just feels overwhelming. And during these times, the idea of finding or creating a spiritual Facebook group (or being on social media at all!), then testing it out, then sharing your journey… it canseem completely exhausting! 

A few notes on this topic of effort. First, you’re right to think that not every group will be right for everyone. There is a lot of fluff, dysfunction, and ineffectiveness out there — all of which I have experienced myself! 

And yet, the effort of being authentic, of baring your soul and your dreams and your heart with others, is so worth it. 

When I actually experienced the feeling of being fully seen, supported, and accepted… it was like being immersed in a bath of warm water, scented with lavender, with rose petals drifting on top… I could finally exhale a breath I hadn’t known I’d been holding for years. My soul had been longing for a place to call home. 

That’s what I want for YOU. Yes, it may take some effort. Yes, you will have to get vulnerable. But the payoff is immense, and you’ll be so glad you took the risk. Remember: Spirit is guiding you and protecting you every step of the way! 

3. Virtual just doesn’t work for me.

Raise your hand if you have Zoom overload, or you already spend WAY too much time on your screens. 

I get it — ever since the video conferencing boom that was Covid, it can seem harder than ever to find places to unplug and to actually get out of our houses to be with other people. But what if instead of cursing technology, we turned that on its head and realized what a gift we have been given via these amazing tools? Some of the most amazing relationships start online and eventually become “IRL.” I mean, how many couples do you know who met through an app and are now happily married with incredible lives? 

So, while I struggle with just as much screen time fatigue as the next person running an online business – I’m also deeply grateful for the amazing opportunities and experiences that have opened up through the shift toward online gatherings and communities. 

Afterall, this shift has been responsible for creating and fueling two of my favorite things – OraclePalooza Virtual (the fully digital version of my biggest event of the year), and the Oracle Circle Membership

If you had told me ten years ago about the kind of magic, connection, and synergy that happens in these online spaces, I’m not sure I would have believed you! 

Not all spiritual membership sites are the same. But if you’re looking for one that truly leverages the beauty and abilities of the digital age, they’re out there (and I happen to think that the Oracle Circle is one of them… keep reading to find out more!). 

Find a Place to Call Home

Can you tell I’m passionate about creating and contributing to healthy connections? Joining a spiritual community saved my life and helped me find my path, rocks and logs and obstacles and all. 

Which is why, from the earliest days of my business, I fully committed to creating a community of support and love and GROWTH for you. Whether you engage with me on social, or come to a webinar, or attend our next OraclePalooza Virtual, or join my monthly membership group, The Oracle Circle, I invite you into a sacred experience with me and other heart-centered seekers. 

We see each other, we honor each other, and we call to the divinity in each of us. 

This year more than ever, your soul aches to be recognized and aligned with others. You owe it to yourself to venture forth in partnership and love!

P.S. If you are seeking a spiritual home, and you feel called, please consider the Oracle Circle Membership. It’s where you will become the hero of your own magical story. 

The doors are open now… find out more here!

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  • Anonymous

    Well, the universe seems to be drawing me to like minded individuals. I’m not sure where Spirit is leading me yet, but this place has the “home” vibe for me. How great is it to get emails that contain nothing but positive, good stuff! What resonated with me today was “fully seen, supported, and accepted”. I had to add it to my vision board. And so it is!

  • Lorraine

    Thanks for the warm hug, Colette! It was sorely needed today!

  • doodle baseball

    Happy New Year everybody!
    Please pray for us to have a peaceful and happy new year.

  • Ingrid lama

    It’s refreshing to find a website where we all have the same views and values! 🙏🏻 love and growth is just what I need at this time! 🩵 bless you collette x ingrid

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