The Imperfect Life!

Updated: March 12, 2024

I broke my foot this weekend in a freak accident. I slid on the corner of a blanket I have set up for my dogs and slammed my right foot down on the ground, twisted my ankle, and heard a “snap”.

While the pain seared my brain, and I sat back down light-headed, in shock, and at the same time I was strangely removed from it all. I had no trouble discerning what this meant and the repercussions of what it might mean down the road.

I went to the hospital with Marc, and the x-ray showed I have something called a Spiral Fracture, otherwise known as a “Dancer’s Fracture”. Trust me, this thing was decidedly not the result of a dainty pirouette.

The irony of this moment was clear. 

The morning prior, I chose my daily card from one of my older decks called Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, which I thought would be a great reflection given I am about to release Guides of the Hidden Realms with my own art. 

I got the Spiral Dancer

The Spiral Dancer represents the revisiting of an old pattern, often an old wound that is asking for healing, and an opportunity to do something different.

I kid you not, the Universe was making itself known and I needed to listen.

I immediately decided I’d sit down and do a shadow inventory, but then got too busy. Ah, the busy busy busy bug, another avoidance tactic.

I’ve been writing about slowing down, not hustling, about being worthy. I teach about this. I do shadow work and encourage others to do the same.

I’m offering a class on the spiritual laws of change. I know this stuff like the back of my hand!

But sometimes, the smallest inkling if left unattended and refused can grow into something much bigger. There have been a lot of huge changes in my world lately. Good ones, but a lot of it is very new.

As much as I am ready, I have been ignoring something. 

Truth is a little sneaky goblin was hiding in the shadows under my desk, and I got scared of the changes and didn’t admit it to myself. (That’s a metaphor folks, not a real goblin, in case you’re new to my world).

So to escape the little bugger, at the beginning of the year, I decided to get really really healthy, after all, big things are afoot! New life ta-da! 

So I embarked on a specific health regime, that included a “gentle detox” (not), that was supposed to make me feel better. Well, that went as well as me trying to float a lead balloon and, as none of it agreed with my highly sensitive body, I promptly got so, so sick I had to quit the whole thing.

Then, rather than deal with what was really going on, I also concurrently decided that I’d plan all the projects I would do in the next 3 years. 

Maybe even build a new house, or an art studio off our house, or maybe a garage with a studio on top! Maybe become a Michelin star chef, learn how to climb a mountain, or skydiving! That’s the ticket! (Never mind I can’t even go up a ladder; I’m so weirded out by heights.)

Can you picture the squirrels in my head? I gave myself anxiety. I was completely spun out and couldn’t put on the brakes. 

Yes I am the same person who wrote about Shadow work just last week

All I needed to do was admit to myself I was in uncharted territory and I was scrambling to stay grounded. I was feeling very vulnerable. 

My husband runs his own business now, and I am under new management, and I feel like a colt that doesn’t know how to walk. Plus, I’m about to start sharing the art for my next deck that I did over the past two years, and I am so afraid! 

And, as a person who spends her entire life committed to helping others, the state of the world reminds me how limited I am in so many ways. And the list goes on…

I don’t like feeling that way. And thank God I have tools, but I needed to slow right down and did the opposite. Hence the “freak” accident. 

I share this with you because no matter how far you’ve come, no matter how much work you do on yourself, you may take a detour and land in a metaphorical ditch. 

It’s not a sign that you’ve regressed. The spiritual path and self-actualization isn’t about getting it perfect.

Sometimes, it’s an invitation in a strange envelope that will lead you to a gift. The shadow you absolutely know intimately because you’ve done so much work around it already can still trigger something you’d never choose. But, if you’re willing to look closely, you’ll see the gift.

Certainly, as the world spins ever more into chaos trying to control things, finding safety, planning for outcomes, etc., is a natural reaction. We sometimes refuse the call of change unless it comes with cookies and tea and crumpets like the Hobbits wanted in Lord of the Rings. No one wants to leave their comfort zone.

I am both/and – fearless and excited about new adventures and new possibilities for new life, for a revolution of Love to take hold of humanity to make it better for everybody and fearful like a Hobbit in a hole wondering about the butter, depending on the day. 

Change is a constant regardless of how you meet it.

There really is no choice in Change; it has its own spirit, with its own laws, where evolution is a given, uncertainty is part of it, and for at least some of the time it’s very uncomfortable. Even if the change is good. The unknown is daunting.

I’m aware that breaking my foot is such a tiny thing in the scheme of things and sharing card art what’s the big deal? I think that when everything is looming so large, it’s easiest to make your own world small and dramatic, banging on a tiny drum screaming into the void even if looking at it seems insignificant once you get some distance but for a moment it’s not to you.

In the end… For me anyway, looking at this foot of mine and the crutches I can barely manage, I will be reminded of what happens when you let necessary self-care be eaten up by a sneaky goblin in the shadows that really needs to be released from an incessant need to prove something, to do something, to produce something to be worthy. 

Nor am I good to anyone if I am not operating with a clean filter, mindful of the fears that crop up when I forget about being human. 

Being human.. Living the imperfect life. And having a big sense of humor. Yup, that’s what it’s about. 

Do you relate at all? Love to hear from you.

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  • Toureign Angelina

    I have been busy busy busy ignoring that reality needs me to sit down, connect, and write. The other day I wrote a poem, about being an angel with broken wings, finding strength to fly again. I desire to fly with the wind with speed and grace, dancing in the lower heavens above the world of chaos and pain. I wrote this plan in to write my book, and I see the words every day on the wall. I see the dream boards on the wall. I see all these things I want to do, yet I have allowed my body to be busy busy busy. It’s March and I feel behind, unfulfilled, and down right angry of the patterns in repeat. What’s wrong with my mind? I hold the angry, the tears as much as I can. Time has come. Time has come for open heart lead obedient change. Thank you for story.❤️

    • Heather

      Funny not funny…what we resist will persist like Gabby says. Reading this I could hear Abe Hick’s words “we never get it done”. It’s like our recovery heart rate when we allow our bodies to exercise to the max. My 11-year old daughter agreed to sign up again for dance. She hadn’t participated since mid covid when dance class was via Zoom. She was so excited she went spinning in the other room and lost her balance on her standing leg. The result…a spiral foot fracture. My poor girl. I thought well maybe this is a sign and the universe is trying to tell us no. Despite what we don’t want to happen, like you say there’s always a plan.

      • Chandra

        Hello Heather💗
        It could be that there are other hobbies, interests, that were she to take them up, she’d learn about something she loves, as much as dance… and then can take that dance class when she’s healed up.
        Or, you and she and your family dynamic can use some together time, bonding time , is some fashion. Game night on Friday night?
        Or, the class with that particular teacher isn’t quite right for her- or the type of dance/ movement- or the other dancers … perhaps they wouldn’t make the best environment for her at this time for some reason…
        Perhaps her school work needs a little more attention, or , like Colette, she has too many extra-curricular activities for HER energy /personality requirements, and this is Spirits way to slow her down, for now. And yes, in your last sentenceI see you wrote- there’s always a Plan. It will be rather interesting to see how it unfurls, yes?
        ( I’m a Yogadance teacher- lol- would NOT want you and your daughter to write of dance of some kind!!🤍🪷🩷)

      • Jill Cornell

        Please be careful if in a boot cast or sitting with your leg down.
        I broke my foot in 2021 and suffered blood clots in my lungs, all lobes. I ignored everything my body was telling me, thinking my breathlessness was anxiety.
        Talk about a healing journey!
        Thank you for sharing.
        Sending love and healing,

    • Jeannie

      Thank you for your honesty and integrity Colette. Your story rang very true in my life these past few wks and just knowing that someone like you, who is so connected, has struggles too, just makes me feel it is ok to be imperfect! Thank you and much love and blessings to you and your sweet foot ❤️

      • Sharon Bech

        Oh Colette sending healing hugs 🫂 your way. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability, it makes it real for us all.
        This little gypsy thought by renting a little cottage and having a fulltime job would slow me down and I too kept pushing only to tare a tendon in my left arm 😕 5 weeks on, a lesson learned, to stop pushing the boundaries and accept what is .. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

    • Lynn

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey and vulnerability Colette. I have been in OCM for a few months now and have been pulling cards from your decks daily. My pattern of cards have all been about slowing down, reviewing old patterns, being worth and self care. I feel it is a time for all of us in the collective to heed the messages. Doing my best to continue being aware of the “little goblins under the desk” and working through the lessons. Again thank you for sharing. We really are all one.💕🙏

    • Charlotte

      Omg…the timing of this email couldn’t be more perfect. I am truly sorry you broke your foot!!!! How terrible. Sending you great big healing energy.. and love. As I read your words, I trembled inside….so true for me too!!!!

      Much love, gratitude, thanks,

    • Mariam

      Oh yeah I k ow what you mean…I broke that same bone on my right foot two times when I was 15 and 39 yrs old. Now I kinda get it and what I need to work on. ✨🌞

      • Terrie Miley

        Yes, I can relate. Sigh. Been busy running my whole life. Had a wake-up call in the classroom where I tore BOTH my knees at the same moment. It was not lost one that I was brought to my knees”. And ygat was the beginning of my spiritual journey.

        Now as I continue to face (the demons) and wounds of past trauma I find myself (again) being forced to slow down (another injury) and accept the invitation to go even deeper into the shadow and the places I was afraid to look.

        This morning I wake with the blessing of a “gift” and a most beautiful tiny box given to me by a lion with a delighted and unwavering gaze

        Yhere is peace in my heart and body and a sense of birthing something new.

        I only now joined your oracle circle but met you in Arizona before covid and the world began its long pause and the beginning of its own journey of awakening, but first its dance with the shadow.

        Thank you for all your work; for your transparency and encouragement to us all.

        I walked with Alberto and Four Winds for a while and am now learning of the inner dance with the Beloved; a “spiral dance” and the reunification of the male and female within, ascending and climbing higher.

        But first, the stop to heal and “to remove the barriers within” that I had built against it.

        Here’s to a time you rest and to honor the journey and the new steps we are learning along the way.

        Your sister in spirit.
        Terrie Miley

    • Anonymous

      Oh!! Colette, so nice of you!!! Thank you, you are one of a kind!! Hope you´ll be healthy again, soon!! or al least… when you feel it is the time!!
      My love to you!!!

      • Lyn

        Hi Colette,
        So sorry to hear about your accident and hope the leg heals quickly.
        For the last 4 weeks have had a severe case of Bronchitis continuously coughing.
        This has taught me to slow down and rest.
        Colette take great care of You.
        You are so Special and a wonderful leader..🥰🥰❤❤🙏🙏

    • Cheryl Janicki

      oh Collette, heal quickly, and I so appreciate your take on it all,,, I fell in January 2020,,broke my shoulder and arm in 2 places,,,,,I(had been pondering retirement,,,,) then the pandemic,,,,, well needless to say it was forced upon me,,, I guess that was the gift,,, 🎁

    • Stephanie Marrone

      Colette, first off, I’m sending you so much love and healing vibes. Yes, yes and yes, I can relate to EVERYTHING you have written in this post… and it’s funny, any time I feel the need to apologize to someone, or thank them, I let them know that I’m perfectly imperfect…. because this is EXACTLY how I see myself…all of us on this path to lead with our hearts, and get thrown curve balls along the way. I feel that many of mine have been unwarranted, never saw coming and left me feeling betrayed, abandoned and devastated. I appreciate you and your work so much. You are a gift to us all.

  • Sharon

    I’m feeling for you! I had to fracture my scapula before I would leave a job that wasn’t for me anymore. Love you!

  • Kirsty Lloyd

    Sending many healing blessings x

  • Elyse Jacobs

    Dearest Colette,

    A huge hug coming your way. Your story resonates with one of my own when I chose to argue, yep argue with a voice telling me to rearrange the students of tai chi before leading our set.

    I didn’t. And was perfectly in position after a jump to land on one foot on the back of a runaway doberman.
    Who was more surprised?!

    He lurched forward, I fell off and in throwing out my arm broke my elbow in 3 places.

    I wore a very sexy off the shoulder half body cast for a couple of months while I learned about receiving and being part of community.
    I was not alone…and neither are you. We love you, sister.


  • Lynnette

    The body has a wicked way of “settling your a** down” as Krishna Das once said so elegantly! So sorry to hear of your “fall from grace” so to speak but you have the greatest of insight to share this all with us, your fans. We are here for you!

    • CaitLuise Cox

      Sad you’re experiencing a new form of pain: hope have a real good recovery with no complications and consequences—-sending “healing vibes”!🌈
      I know many people who have experienced foot injuries this year including myself(day after the Spirit Jam) from a wooden tv table falling on my foot(due to “people error”): wondering if there’s a Universal Message(“slow down you move to fast”)…sure does alter short term plans! I’m using free time to get caught up on Oracle Circle plus the ideas I got via my “one-to-one” with you during Spirit Jam last weekend: maybe that’s the reason for my injury!😻

  • Anonymous

    So appreciate your sharing your experience! Would you please also share where to find info about the class you’re offering on the spiritual laws of change?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well it was supposed to be at the I can Do It Conference in a couple weeks in Phoenix but stay tuned.. its calling me to offer for sure – hop on my newsletter list and when its ready everyone will get a message 😉

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for your mishap prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery ( hurry up) lol . Take care of yourself thank you for the reminder, and universal slam. Take care love you and all you share ❤️💕
    Linda L Christina Lake British Columbia

    • Toni

      Thank you, for your beautiful honesty, soul and wisdom.

  • Linda Scull

    Thank you so much Colette always always you are transparent and I love you so so much here’s to quick and Speedy healing love you love you love you

  • Anne

    Wow! Thank you for sharing; how easily your story could be mine! I will heed your call, reflect on my own plowing ahead with ‘my’ plan rather than following the guidance from Spirit.

  • Teresa

    Thankyou for sharing your story colette and your humanness!
    I love your work and find you so inspiring .I admire how authentic you are and this is most refreshing.
    It reminds me that we are all on our own journey with Spirit guiding us every step of the way.
    Sometimes Spirit needs to take drastic action when we don’t appear to be listening !
    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a speedy recovery. 😊xx

  • Kathy Sabo

    Thank you for sharing your story. I love the humanness of you and your teachings. You make it so easy to relate. I, like you, am in a personal year of 5 with the collective of 8 and things are very fast paced with a lot of change. I am reminded this year that mistakes = experience. My card for the year is A Tall Tale (ugh – challenge card) so I am working on being my authentic self so the truth will set me free (among other things). To help me along the way I have Blue Lace Agate, Kali-Ma (big energy), Yuki Onna and AA Uriel. I am working on surrendering to What-Is with Turkey Spirit reminding to celebrate abundance. Lots going on so I can relate to your experience. Right now just by reading your story and leaving a comment I am procrastinating working on a Fairy class I am offering this weekend. LOL! Ok back to work for me. Take care Colette and I wish you well on your recovery. Love Kath

  • Nicky Cartledge

    I hope you’re ankle heals soon, thank you for relating your experiences.
    I am also aware of changes in my life and my head has gone into overdrive, questioning my purpose over and over and tying myself up in knots.
    I am receiving guidance to listen to my heart and to go with what feels right for me, rather than listening to the many opinions I have been given over the past 21 years on this spiritual journey and take it from there in faith that I will be guided every step of the way. My monkey mind will not lead me to the answers, but my Angels and Masters will.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has stuff going on, somedays it seems so small I can’t see it and other days it looms so large I can see nothing else. We are are all ok, Spirit has us ❤️

  • Kitty

    Thank you for all you are doing for others on the journey. I think the key message is to “focus”, and to stop and take a breath every once in a while. It isn’t always about doing more or being more or producing more. In fact, the “more” might make it harder to find the true gems as they get covered up with the latest effort, and the one after that, and the one after that. One thing I struggle with is which deck to use. I love them all, but would really like for one beautiful deck to stand up and say “use me, I am the best one for you”. I also struggle with how to hold on to the gems when I find them. All the best to you with love from Kitty.

  • Sherry

    First of all, I want to say I hope you heal quickly and learn to manage life with your new limitations. It’s not an easy thing to manage but at least you have use of both your arms and your beautiful mind! Something like this happened to me years ago, when I broke my shoulder for the second time in my life. It was a huge wake up call for me that I was quite literally broken mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. Who did I turn to in my time of need…….you and I also discovered dr. Joe through you. These times really do make you slow down and pay attention to what needs healing. I’m going through some stuff right now that’s causing my belly to flare up like crazy. As a result, I’m trying to get back into balance but we humans love to avoid those trolls awaiting in the shadows. Spirit truly does have an interesting way of making us stop and think. Every time I go rogue, I get poked and reminded to stop and listen. Really listen! Thank you for always keeping it real! Much love to you as you heal all the things that need it right now!

  • Verla Jackson

    I also have been busy, busy trying to deal with work stress, a home that needs decluttering very badly, and projects I’m finishing for an upcoming sewing retreat I’m coordinating. I’ve ignored my spiritual work to focus on the other work that is not as fulfilling. I too, got a wakeup call from Spirit to slow down in August last year when I fell just before I was to leave for the Skamania, WA spiritual retreat trip that I went to, where I met Colette, Radleigh Valentine, Dougall Fraser, Lisa Williams and John Holland. What an amazing experience that was! Thank you for your guidance and support since then. I’ve been part of the Oracle School and Oracle Circle since. Love and hugs sent to you for a good recovery from your broken bone.

  • Adrienne Cynthia

    Thank you Colette! Divine timing for this article, last week I had my own Spiral Dancer moment “…revisiting of an old pattern, often an old wound that is asking for healing, and an opportunity to do something different.” But I didn’t understand it. I did start working toward addressing an old wound of my inner child but I needed more direction.

    And here you are with that direction. “All I needed to do was admit to myself I was in uncharted territory and I was scrambling to stay grounded. I was feeling very vulnerable.”

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll have to go back and read the Shadow Work, somehow I missed that one.

    Sending you white healing light for your Spiral Dancer and your vulnerability.

  • Christofer Lee Aven

    what a reminder, painful, but important-to slow down. You are in my prayers and I thank you for all the spiritual guidance you’ve provided me personally over the years (I attended Oracle School way back when). I love you and wish you good recovery.

  • Antonia Shouse

    what a fresh breath of air
    as after a snow fall
    wow! a new landscape

    you are a loving delight!

  • Adella

    I know exactly what you mean about listing too what your body is telling you. I’ve never been one to slow down much. I lost my husband and best in 2022 due to a long illness, we were always going everywhere yet it always felt like going backwards instead of forward, but now it just seems to not go anywhere. Isn’t it funny how losing him made me slow down to see what I was missing. Picking yourself up is the hardest thing to do in life, especially when the whole world thinks they have the right to judge how long you should be sad. It just seems like the light is still just flicking to tell me that the path is easy to choose yet at the crossroads in life somehow when I think I’ve chosen the wrong path it always shows me that if you stay the course the answer will come when you let go and looking it might not be the one you had hope for but it’s the one you needed to hear. My new journey on the path to rediscovering self is beginning to show me that it is okay to slow down and find your footing that way going forward you can see where the road is taking as you discover you.
    Blessing to you for a speedy recovery! Listen to what the universe is telling you!
    Thanks for sharing! I like to think that it’s like hitting a bump in the road it may slow you down for a minute until you get up dust yourself off and go forward. Since there is nothing worth going backwards for anyway.
    P.S. You Got this! I broke my ankle and had a spiral fracture as well which got me a hardware in my body for life.

  • Pam

    I’m starting something new. I am terrified. I am not smart enough, young enough, bold enough, good enough, I am not enough. Sigh. Your instant karma event (😁) reminded me of the story about a woman who was in a flood. The police came through evacuating people. She said God would save her. The rescue team came in a boat to get her off her balcony. She said God would save her. The helicopter came to get her off her roof. She said God would save her. She died and was yelling at God – ‘why didn’t you save me?’ God said, ” I sent the police, the boat, and a helicopter to save you. Why didn’t you trust me?’ Trust is such a slippery thing to hold on to! I am sorry you broke your foot (really, I am sorry) but I am glad you shared the story. I trust. I can do this! ❤️

  • Tracy

    Thank you for sharing. This helps!

  • Shannon

    Oh wow, yes yes yes, I relate so much! Thank you for sharing this, and I’m wishing you a thorough recovery. The other week I too was scrambling in an attempt to avoid the goblin you perfectly described as the “incessant need to prove something, to do something, to produce something to be worthy.” Produce produce produce! Lol. I have to laugh because it’s better than the alternative…But now I’ve been knocked down by a cold bug, and I’m listening to it as a message to slow down, lighten my self-imposed “to do” list, and not tie my worth to what and how much I produce. We aren’t machines, right? Thank you again for always sharing your truth and vulnerability with us!! It means so much.

  • Suzanne Hooper

    Oh Colette! You are so generous! Sharing this, in this way…we are, indeed a community and you, our fearless leader!! My heart goes out to you, praying that any pain you are feeling is mutable and that sitting still is tolerable…I am learning, thanks to my recent experience with you, to turn my challenges into blessings. Love 💗

  • Margaret O'Toole

    Sending you White Light Blessings filled with Healing and peace of mind…..

  • Carlotta

    I also had a big aha moment after an injury. I was in Istanbul having a glorious time at a dance workshop. Coming back to the hotel after a wonderful el fresco meal we were walking along a very narrow sidewalk. I was out in front. There were overhanging plants which made me get off and on the sidewalk frequently. As I saw the next obstacle I thought to myself, I should just stay down. I stepped off the sidewalk not knowing that it was a foot off the ground, lost my balance and landed on the cobblestones with the weight of my body. I dislocated my elbow and badly fractured it. Well, needless to say I had to stay down.
    It took several weeks after surgery to be able to work efficiently again as I had broken the elbow on my dominate hand (left). What I discovered was it was time for me to think about retiring and it also made my boss and dear friend realize that I wasn’t going to be around forever. It gave me an exit plan, which may have taken me years to discover had I not been made to slow down and think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my – I so relate to this…Cledons!!! Sick over Christmas and all of January wondering what the message was over and above ‘pay attention to my body’ – as if that isn’t enough.

    I am retired and that word has had me in a tailspin for 2 years now. I realized that it had meant the end and depreciation of life accelerated. A quiet panic and desperation had set in…

    I did get the body’s cry for attention and have now put myself on a journey of caring for and about my body – leading to I hope a love affair for all time.

    Just yesterday I reframed retired to I HAVE A VACATION LIFESTYLE. That is so much more joyous and uplifting for me. The task I set myself for the next little while is to define a vacation life style – which I know includes sharing and connecting with others, volunteer projects I want to be a part of, fun and interesting activities, travel, and mostly CURIOSITY AND INTEREST IN ALL THINGS AROUND ME. Which also translates into being mindfully present and appreciative. So here I am back to being filled with love and gratitude and all is well.

    Love you and the ‘team’ Colette. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • Wendy Nicholson

    Thank you Collette. I love that u r so real with us. Much love.

  • Rachel

    Oh beautiful Colette sending you and your foot healing vibes and grounding – Boy does change freak me out and I now know it is continually constant when I reflect back.
    In a span of (4) years I lost my dog of 12 1/2 years, my sponsor (I’ve been sober for 11) who died like quick sand out from under me, and she was my grounding stone in so many ways. She was a mom, big sister, best friend all wrapped into one and had the braca gene and survived cancer twice and this third time it took her and fast, she was 65. She was a marriage and family therapist had 27 years sober and I was her only sponsee, so her guidance and wisdom, nudges without telling me I “need to” spoke to my soul. We were each others light.
    Then I moved in with my boyfriend and mind you I got sober living in my families guest house for 8 years so I didn’t live with anyone, and neither did he for well over 15, he’s 20 years older than me. So we moved in together were in one location for 2 years and recently moved again, and I LOVE stability and happy with our location now, but anything that shakes a solid living space sends me spinning.
    I have been listening to Louis Hay lately as I was called to her and she feels like a warm embrace of a grandmother with words of wisdom and my soul has been craving that, and she stated if we breathe into the change and know it’s for our highest good and keep repeating that affirmation, “ I know this is working out for my highest good” that truly all will be well, I may have changed her specific words a bit but that’s what my mind heard.
    It’s funny too I like to walk outside and while listening to her I have seen others walking and notice they have been reminding me of Nina (that was my sponsors name) and reflecting her essence which gave me a sense of peace and knowing that in some way all of this change is going to be ok even if it makes our insides feel like an earthquake sometimes.

  • Caroline

    Oh, Colette, I have so much to share with you, but I’ll keep this brief!
    My left ankle, leg and foot took the brunt of the Universe slowing me down 3 years ago! I get it! Even as you see the accident through an enlightened lens, it still stinks sometimes in the moments in between. I get it, and understand!
    If you ever need a nudge, or gentle reminder, I hope you keep your blogs handy and reflect back on this beautify written piece.
    Here is to speedy healing; calcium supplements are a good friend of mine!
    All the best to you!

  • Regine Schott

    I relate to this very much, when my kids were young and there was a lot of work to do around the house, there were several times that I had an accident or that my body manifested something to slow me down, until I finally said to myself, okay, I need to take better care of myself to not live at the expense of my body ( well, I failed at managing that completely). And these days I’m also in a big time of change, thinking of moving from Germany to Portugal all on my own, I’m working on sorting through all the stuff I’ve accumulated during my life ( I’m 67 now) and I had to realize that a part of me is plain scared of this change. Besides that I’m sharing my spiritual work as much as I can and all of this felt sometimes overwhelming. I really love your cards, especially the WOTO, they are very helpful for me. I got the „Time for a Nap“- card so often, that I decided to slow down the whole process and do it at a pace I can handle. Thank you for sharing your story, it helps me to not feel guilty for taking a lot of breaks. I wish you a perfect recovery in divine timing. Thank you for all that your doing and for being you! 🙏🏻💖💫🌈

  • Yvonne Gutierrez

    Oh I definitely can relate! Thank God no bones are in disarray but limy life has been completely out of my control for a long while! My children have been my heartache and my bliss! Currently navigating the waters of substance abuse, rehabilitation and medication (son) and a ex son in law who can’t seem to keep the road of joint custody a little even bit smooth creating havoc, stress and everything that goes with joint custody (daughter)!
    Bliss has been son in rehabilitation! One moment at a time!
    I pray for peace in my little family but currently I’ve an 18 yr old cat diagnosed with cognitive dysfunction and that has a set of issues all in itself! I continue to pray for peace ! I’m emotionally drained and physically tired so I do only what absolutely needs doing and forget the rest! Now that I’ve learned! Having my eyes opened to my son’s condition (heavy wool blanket over them prior) has me going; Wait, WHAT! Noooo

  • Anonymous

    I had a spiral fracture. I was a dancer. I danced again, never willing to stop, and 20 years later I broke the bone right next to it dancing again same company giving my heart. I am with you. Healing and growing, and dealing from my loss of personal goals needing to be met and dances needling to be remembered and the hungry ghosts and the busy squirrels are gaining perspective.

  • Callie

    Thanks for sharing. Be gentle with yourself. Sending you a gentle hug and lots of positive healing energy.

  • Stacie Roberts

    Sending you love and hope that your foot heals well.
    I relate to everything you are saying. The universe has made me pay attention when I needed it too.
    Thank you for all you do … you have helped me in so many ways…. allow yourself the time to heal and slow down … we will wait for you no matter how long.

  • Pat Bechdolt

    I could so relate to your story. I had hip surgery 3 weeks ago for torn tendons (non-accident.) I’m in a brace with partial weight bearing for another 3 weeks. I’m using a walker instead of crutches because there’s a reason my mom didn’t name me Grace. Lol. But it really does make you take stock of your priorities and what you’ve been taking for granted.

    Spirit has allowed me to have a way to be healed from physical pain and take time to get “caught up with myself.” So, all of those projects that were overwhelming me physically and mentally were put on hold even if temporarily. I was freed up from all the daily chores. It’s allowed me to catch my breath. It has been freeing to be able to get some perspective. Could I have chosen this without this break? Of course! But was I listening? No!

    I have been much more aware of Spirit’s prescience in my life with all of this. One small example: I was deciding between two dates for the surgery. I consulted my oracle cards. The early date seemed to be what I should choose. I was resisting but when the scheduler called, I just blurted out “I’ll take that one!” It turned out that I would have probably had to cancel the later surgery date due to illness in the family. Very cool. In any case, I’m much more in touch than I’ve been in a long while because all the “stuff” got out of my face.

    Healing blessings to you, Collette. We really are all in this together. ❤️

  • Colleen

    Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery from your fractured foot. I had the same fracture on my right foot and had to wear a boot for 10 months, not the usual case for most people. I was still working through the Long Covid issues and my body was too tired to heal properly. I know the Universe has had to put up obstacles for me to slow down and as a gift it has given me time to expand my soul connection within and without. A side note, Covid also pushed the time to look at politics and the power controls of people with consequences to the collective.
    Be well! Sending love and hugs💜

  • Darlene

    I feel like my world is spinning out of control. I keep trying to make time for myself but something else wants my attention..

  • Dawn Landen Nantz

    Thank you for this. I’ve been going through big changes in the last year and often feel lost and don’t know the direction or over planning so I don’t have to think about it. I keep searching for meaning in it all and trying to heal from major loss. I keep reminding myself that in this moment I am ok, but then everything starts spinning again. I feel like I’ve had a big set back this month. Your words are what I needed to hear. Healing is not linear. We spin like the dancer. Here’s to landing on our feet and trusting the plan the divine has for us. I just need the patience and wisdom to listen.

  • Maryann

    So sorry Dear Heart but yes your right if we don’t listen Divine intervention does step in than you for sharing love to you from love ❤ peace to you from peace get well Dear lovely lady

  • Mardie

    Thank you, Colette, for being so brave and honest to bare your soul, and share with us the little “pitfall” you encountered. You’ve earned my trust even further, and my admiration even more and you’ve connected, I’m sure, with all of us with your vulnerability and honesty. I am right in the middle of facing various small issues that are very prickly and painful and I just don’t even know what to do about them. I was beating myself up for getting myself in these predicaments in the first place. I still don’t know what to do and I’m trying to get grounded and level off to deal with this scrambled confusing energy but someway somehow you have given me hope and at least maybe I can stop being so hard on myself. Solutions and insight will come, I am sure. It like you said, it’s just so scary. Thanks again for sharing. 🥰🙏🥰

  • Anonymous

    Totally relate! I needed to proove myself worth so much …. became a agricultural mecanic, diagnostic of electrical control, welder …5 years of school with 3 diplomas…After working hard and stressing my body like a man. Now out of work, physio every week…. I understood finally that I am worthy and the universe loves me 🙂 I’m 53… Live and learn my father used to say… I changed my career path towards healing and personnal growth. Wishing you a prompt recovery beautiful Soul! xxx

  • brigid

    my goblin is in springtime florida allergies whose message is slow down and look around at the wonders mother nature is giving us. also naps and grateful to be happily retired and have thefreedom to nap.Relax ,rest and rejuvenate.thank you for sharing your story.

  • Patricia O'Neill

    Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability! It’s always a learning experience when we ignore the signs!
    You are an amazing person. You and your cards have helped me so much. I can’t wait to get the new deck. I love what I’ve seen of the art .
    I hope you heal well and quickly! I’ve been sending healing energy your way since you told us on Saturday.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Pattie O’

  • Janice

    Thank you for your honesty and authenticity. I’ve been listening to you for months now and really enjoy your words and work. Last spring I found myself pushing my limits even though I have decades of spiritual practice behind me and work as a somatic psychotherapist. I got hit with a bad case of covid and moved at the same time, and had ended a relationship earlier that month. Then i got hit with another virus that walloped my thyroid, and proceeded to lose all my hair. I’ve been doing shadow work during this time and have come to listen to my heart and body in much deeper ways. My hair is slowly growing back and i feel like a whole new part of me is emerging. It’s been hard, but I think my body+soul just needed to really get my attention. I just turned 66 and realize that change and growth will show up in mysterious ways and at varying times in life.

  • Reply

    So sorry about the break but so inspired by the lessons learned! Thank you for the message and thank you for all you do. May your recovery be swift and complete and may this story help others. (I’m all about getting the message without the 2X4 upside the head but sometimes… 🙂 )

  • Doug Davoren

    Great lesson. Hope your foot heals quickly.

  • Renee Sugar

    Oh Poop Colette! So sorry this misstep knocked
    you down resulting in a “Spiral” fracture. That’s
    one I haven’t experienced, although I have sported three casts on my right arm. #1. Falling on an icy sidewalk. #2 Climbing on a rock formation to see ice sculptures from a higher view, and falling forward when one of my boots caught in a crag. Broke 5th metacarpal bone in the right hand. #3 Being struck by a jeep while attempting to cross at a green light, falling backward, breaking the right arm. Lucky to be here to tell the tale. Each of these breaks were an opportunity to stop running, get quiet and breathe.
    Time stood still and I had to (HALT) Hungry, Angry Lonely,Tired. You know this one I’m sure. I was unable to be creative in any way. Broke my creative heart to have this ability snatched away so suddenly.
    Who wouldn’t experience much anxiety/excitement preparing to launch a new deck with your own original art? I am a visual artist, so I understand the
    challenges and discomfort putting your work ” out there “. In the mind of an artist lurks a symphony of voices spewing insecurities unlike on other pathways.
    You are not alone. Last night I woke up after a nap and felt the oddest sensation in my body like I was carrying weight which was too much. Chest pain,
    and as soon as I laid down, it lifted and my natural breathing resumed. Felt like some ” spirit” was holding me down. Certainly caught my attention.
    Totally O.K. today, calm, present and relaxed. Dare
    I admit I am not just “spirit”, and my spirit is usually way ahead of the form until it is forced to honour
    some laws of nature which I might prefer to overlook. No coincidences, you are exactly
    where “Spirit” wants you to “BE”. Be still and know.
    “All is well, everything is working for your highest good. Out of this situation only good will come.
    You are safe. ” Louise L.Hay
    Much Love. Take Good Care.

  • Elaine Lepage

    Isn’t it amazing how we have to learn from ourselves how to slow down and sometimes it’s these very lessons that take us over the top, “if I can just get this done and get that done.” And then to top it off because we may need more direction a card is drawn and we know exactly what’s being told yet didn’t want to hear it, unknown fear. These magical synchronicities are the spark/wake up that bring us back … and that’s okay because we’re always learning about ourselves and shown what we need to do next. Take this time to rest, I loved your spirit jam … you gave us all your energy for that but now you just gotta take some time for you, we’ll always be here supporting and learning… so do it for yourself, love and light to you, take care!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. I too am reluctant to slow down and process. I lost my Mom and dog 6 months ago and then my husband crashed 3 weeks later with depression. Instead of taking the time to really sit with all the feelings and process, I instead started to plan a house reno and two family vacations back to back with my grown kids and grandchildren. The result was returning from Mexico with a broken big toe and paralyzing stomach cramps which turned out to be parasites. I’m being forced to sit still (literally) and think about what I really want and need. The Universe continues to send me signs … I just need to start listening a bit earlier. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Colette, your honesty is always so refreshing, thank you. Living the imperfect life, for me ,it’s part of my growth plan. The Perfect Life- what does that even look like, it’s such a curious thing to try and achieve.
    Here’s my take. Did I receive love, joy or kindness today and did I reciprocate it back? If I can answer “Yes”, than that’s pretty darn close to having a perfect day.
    Heal fast and well my friend.

  • Kathryn

    I so relate Colette. I tripped over my puppy, 80 lb 1 yr old Berandoodle, for the 2nd time while walking him. Totally my fault, he was healing like a prince. I was juggling so many things in my hands and on the wrong side of the street and getting him to move to my left. He did but I kept walking and tripped over him. I banged my front teeth on the street and screamed. I thought I had lost my teeth or had a mouthful of blood but neither had happened. My front tooth was pushed out of the socket which was fixed the next day. I guess I have been jusggling a lot and readjusting, being impatient at times wanting to push forward and feeling confused in all the head space I’m swimming in. I need to step back and go with MY FLOW not everyone else’s and enjoy the process I’m experiencing. Thanks Universe! I just didn’t get the message the first time.

  • Kas

    I am sorry to hear of your freak accident. I hope you mend quickly.
    I don’t know about your thoughts but this is my birthday month and it is always filled with different energies good and bad. A time to cleanse and clean out and renew.
    Spring cleaning inside and out. Spring cleaning is many things and the list always gets longer at this time of the year. All our plans for the coming year. We just keep making them longer, and longer. I believe because it is spring time we tend to dream and tend to those plans we want to accomplish because it is a freshness about all of them. I hope this makes some sense of what I am trying to say. In energies, this is the time for new!
    Be well and repair quickly!!

  • Rena

    Boy can I relate 2000% Colette! I broke my foot (trying to save a bird) last June, because I was also in DO, DO mode. Yup, I was in ‘doodoo’ alright & didn’teven realize it!!
    Being unable to weight bear for 10 wks & being stuck on the top level of our split level home (only leaving for medical appts) that stillness kept me quiet long enough to actually hear. Listening lead me to you … first your Oracle Card Reading webinar series, followed by OraclePalooza, Oracle Circle Membership & then your life-changing Oracle School 💖🙏 Such incredible blessings, that I’m forever grateful for 🤩😍 Just the start of an ongoing journey & awakening that adds bliss to every day!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery & my offer still stands to lend you my transport wheelchair (it’s great for easy ‘peddling’ around the house). I’ll even deliver it 😊

  • RMulligan

    Thank you for sharing your story. It reminded me of a time when a previous boss said to an expert in our office who made an calculating error, a rare event. My boss said to him: “Monkeys are expert climbers and swingers and they too, sometimes fall from the tree.”

    Your story reminds me not to be too hard on myself and to release my stern hold on the way things need to be done. Ah, the card you pulled “Spiral Dancer,” also speaks to me! Release the need for form because there’s opportunity to do something different.

    Stay well.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for writing this explanation. I was in Spirit Jam and the Global Jam and was amazed at how wonderful you looked. I feel that you released something. You were radiant. Sending thoughts and prayers of love and healing. You amaze me.

  • Ingrid Welch

    The most endearing thing about you is your “authenticity” and your genuineness. So appreciate you and all you do for us out there. Wish you a speedy healing on all levels. You are a Beautiful Soul and you encourage me to keep going and improve on myself because I certainly am having to learn a new life as a widow. Ugh ! Thank you for making the OCM available to many wonderful souls. Love you! Love your work! Let it Be. xoxo

  • Melisa

    So true 💚 🙏 change and fear creep up and we can’t see it. So much that you said resonated and I even cried. There’s been so much good change but there is done shadows. I sat and had a good cry today and I do not normally cry but I sat, present with it and allowed it to be with me. I appreciate your imperfectly perfect self being so open vulnerable, truly heartfelt. I am super excited to see your art in your next deck. Blessings 💖✨and 🙏 for your foot. Much love 💗🌷

  • Donna Leggate

    Right there with you Beloved. Prayers for your healing. We are being reminded that just being a bright, beautiful Light IS everything. Being here & shining bright, dissolves darkness. That alone is amazing! We want so much for so many, for All Spiritual Consciousness, & feel sad when we can’t help the world see & understand that L O V E is always the answer for all things great & small. You remind us about the Serenity Prayer. Now, I’m reminding you, Dear One. Love isn’t selfish, Love heals all things. Then you know, you must make yourself a priority. When always looking at why we haven’t been able to change more things in this world with the power of Love, or see more evidence of it, then you know you’re head is in the proverbial Spiritual Clouds & you aren’t seeing all the Love & beauty there is. We miss it, thinking it’s so easy, why can’t everyone see it or get it. But we are making a difference every day we shine & share. Each of us has to choose & contribute our Light to the whole. As you know, we can’t do that for for anyone other than ourselves but wherever & whenever we shine in all the limitless ways that we are capable as a Spiritual Being, changes the darkness into Light. The darkness cannot help but be forever affected by Love. That’s what we DO every single day, just being here. Even when we don’t feel like we’re enough when we slow down, we are worthy & still shinning the highest vibration of Light – Love for All Life. Be not afraid, for you are the Light of the Universe – our Universal Family. Take care of you, & you take care of All That Is. That’s a beautiful & amazing thing. If you’re looking for beauty, look at the creation that you are in the mirror. All we have to do is choose Love, be who we are & share that through all of our experiences & that is the greatest gift. Your being grounded, IS “the wisdom to know the difference” within the serenity prayer. Thank you for being you & the beautiful Light you are & shine on our family. I’m so proud to be on this journey with you. Love, Blessings & healing coming your way. 💚❤️💚

  • Gigí

    Thank you for sharing Colette! You’re always very generous with your wisdom. This speak to me very loud! I’ve left fear come back to my life and it feels like I never did anything to grow past this. It’s hard!
    I hope you can rest and take care of yourself. Sending you a big hug

  • Norma

    I promise I am NOT laughing…but I am musing. Firstly, those socks! Swoon-worthy. Anout 3.5 weeks ago I was walking quickly along the cement city streets and caught the tip of my running shoe on the curb stepping up. I went flying. Cement 1 — me 0. Landed on L knee and wrist. Wreckty!! Shook my brains. Had to just lie there absorbing the mental and emotional shock. So I’m relating to your story. Since doing your VB challenge this year I spend 24 minutes (1 minute meaning 1 hour in the next chunk of time) in my morning sipping coffee, polishing one spot inside and one out of the 2 brass singing bowls I use. I ring them and ‘sit’ — at some point I say my affirmation. “Today is my day. I control each and every thing that comes to me. I accept complete responsibility for my life. I am power. So be it.” When I sat the next day at my VB and said the affirmation I did have a chuckle. Cuz I needed to slow down too. Be well Colette! 🔥☄️❤️✔️🛎️

  • Kris

    Oh, I relate… I broke my arm in August, and immediately knew it was a much larger lesson about my life, self-care, handling emotions, including grief, looking at root causes- I could go on.
    The large, looming overall blanket has been the estrangement from my only child, a grief and vacuum with which I continue to struggle. (You and I had a reading about this.) I had a coach through YOM who took note of my saying that I already saw the gift in this, as well…and used this to remind me that I “really DO know” what to do, what I need to do, in a place that hides in the shadows of my spirit…
    I could wish that life didn’t have to smack me so hard upside the head in order to force my attention… And then I laugh, because of COURSE that’s what I need. As a Cancer- like you- I have SO many dreams, along with all the thoughts and ideas which accompany them, and my brain never stops- like yours. And when I dream I stubbornly MEAN it, lol. I have been known to (quite unconsciously) avoid negativity through deflection to the happier thoughts- like you- and to forget about self-care. Pollyanna, I have often been called…
    In the meantime, since 11/2022, I have lost my “self”, and am working so hard to not only bring “me” back, but to internally enhance and beautify the one who used to exist
    So, you’ve got this. I believe in you. You have your toolbox, you may need some new tools, and you may have to use some of your tools differently, but you’ve got this. You know you do, and the rest of us appreciate your sharing your “humanness” as an example that we’ve got it, too, though many of our toolboxes are still being filled. And we’re here with you because we love the tools you add…
    So much love, light, and healing being sent your way

  • Kay Miller

    In sharing your healing work you’re helping us heal ours, thank you!

    It was in my early 20’s when I twisted my leg resulting in a torn ligament & a chipped knee cap. In my late 20’s a breakup with a partner & I was the one to leave, no finances, he suggested I join the Army. Desperation comes to mind because it was the furthest thing from my personality & life style. However, I went thru the test & was selected but because of the knee injury was sent to see a specialist. He said I was disqualified & I needed to have surgery. That mishap years before saved me from what would have been a terrible mistake for me. I have nothing against the armed forces & have dear friends who have successful careers in it & grateful to all who serve.

    I’m now celebrating my 70th bday in a few days & have not needed knee surgery. Spirit has had my back in many other mishaps that steered me on my right path. 🙏🪶❤️

  • Kate

    I so needed to read this, Colette! For a few weeks now my cards have been telling me to slow down, pause, take a step back, a break, for the love of God STOP!… And I’ve been resisting, when I know I need to be resting, because of the fearful Goblin litany. Oh dear!
    Sending love and best healing wishes your way. ❤️

  • Lynette

    Thank you so much Colette. I need to hear this. I have been simply heartbroken with global events and have started to feel real anger like never before. Working on this. I see so much goodness. I have let myself get court up in the chaos. Blessings, Healing and Love to All.

  • Gillian

    Oh sorry Colette for your accident. It could have been so much worse though. I hear you on the slowing down. It does often take incidents like this to literally knock us on our butts and pay attention. Western society thrives on busy-ness. It is like a badge we are trained to wear with honor. Thanks again for all that you do for all of us. I really enjoyed the spirit jam on the week-end. Rest and heal that break. Sending love and healing vibes!

  • Patricia Lynn Mann

    Colette, GET WELL SOON! Sending love, light and healing to you! With great love, Patricia

  • Christine Keleny

    I’ve been relatively health for most of my 63 years and a couple months ago develop flantarfasciitis. I keep asking myself, what is this pain in the ass foot thing trying to tell me? I haven’t found the answer yet. Keeping fit is hard enough, now I have to watch how much I do on my feet. Ug!

  • Anonymous

    And I should have opened with – Hope you get better quickly! As a retired PT, I can tell you to keep the swelling down as best you can. That will help the speed the healing.

  • Cindy

    Hi Colette I’m sorry about your foot. I’m sending healing energy to you. You are so right that, we all have things going on, its go go go.
    I feel im not where i want to be on my spiritual path, i want things faster, but its so good to slow down, everything is in Divine timing.
    Im excited about your new deck. Get well soon Colette
    All my love💜

  • Pam G.

    Hi Colette, I want to let you know that I have been waiting not so patiently for the deck with YOUR art to come out. When your deck with art by Joel Nakamura came out, I loved the art but can’t afford to buy every deck. I wanted to buy it but then you showed some of your art and said you were going to put out a deck with your own art. I decided to wait. So don’t be afraid to show your art. I’m waiting to buy that deck and I know it will be great. Who cares if some people don’t like it. Don’t listen to them. Surround yourself with all the people (and comments) who love it and are inspired by it. I’m here to support you just as you support all of us in the OCM. Rock on with your bad self!! AND get well soon!

  • Joanne Marie Perino

    Welp. I bet that wasn’t on your vision board! Sending you healing Reiki 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Kirsten

    So many condolences and get well soon! Sending healing and love vibes to that leg! Thank you again for the spirit jam on Saturday. It was the best!

    This hits home. My numerology for the month is Go Go Go!!! Make it Happen NOW!! Be in ACTION as of YESTERDAY, and I have so many plans for my business ahead that I know I want to achieve, but I somehow entered the month feeling bullied and a bit stressed about how I was supposed to make it all happen in 31 days, and so I quickly found ways to focus on my health (which was suffering), and not make my To Do List happen….

  • Steve

    Hi Colette, 1st of all, I have enjoyed your posts and events over the years, thank you. 2nd, funny thing, not your spiral fracture, but I had just finished reading about how women are more likely to get Alsheimer’s disease in their later years than men because for whatever reason they are more likely to or have experienced extreme high stress for extended periods over their life. My wife who works in the medical field and in her late 60’s seems to be always busy with work and family. And when there is a free day or two, she will fill them up with more things to do. Anyway, I had just forwarded her the article on Alsheimer’s and then opened your email. Wow and an even bigger WOW. Best wishes and happy healing.

  • Margo Bereska

    Loud and clear! Copy Roger!!

    Alllll the classrooms be talking through the mystic channels.

    Wrapping that foot in golden healing vibes!

    Such a thing to balance it all! I remember seeing you and Edmonton and do your first huge platform reading! I was sending you all the grounding vibes! As I saw soooooo many messages coming in! Overwhelming and beautiful all at once!! 🥰 thank-you!!! So excited for the next chapter!!! 🥸🤓

  • Denise Colwell

    Thank you for sharing this mishap Colette.
    I had a profound release of an old wound last night in a dream.
    Fifty one years ago to be exact I broke up with someone that I considered to be “the love of my life.”
    As part of my healing journey, which took two years, I took myself on a holiday to a tropical island and met some one who was nice and we just enjoyed spending time together but nothing romantic just enjoying a friendship.
    During the time away, my ex boyfriend sent me a parcel of goodies to eat and I shared it with the staff who cleaned the room.
    The whole episode of receiving this very unexpected box of delicious edibles popped up again last night and I consciously relieved the surprise and the profound grief of missing this person at that time in my life.
    Then the grief dissipated and I continued to dream something else.
    Upon awakening I clearly recalled that dream, the feelings it evoked and then the release of this old ancient wound that had laid buried deep inside me for over five decades.
    I am so grateful that this old wound has been released and I asked for it to be absorbed by the Earth so that it can transmuted into something neutral.
    I hope that your very physical wound leads you to slow down and give yourself time to rest and let healing take place wherever needed.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about you on my walk and was a little worried about you. I hope this is a lesson to take better care of you. I don’t think this is a little thing. You express yourself very well though so carry on. I hope you heal quickly and can get on with life maybe a little more carefully. Hugs.

  • Melissa Wittenborn

    OMGOODNESS!!! The serendipities of an injury! 21 years ago I was a victim of a freak ice skating accident that led to a serious TBI. I was in the neurological ICU unit for 6 days, literally, fighting for my life. It’s interesting how serious injuries will FORCE you to look at your life, yourself and even go down the WHY ME? road. It’s an icky place to be, for sure. However, 21 years later, in spite of the fact that my life was supposed to “end” then, I’ve learned soooo much about the importance of Self-love, Self-care and looking at all the messiness therein. The head injury further enhanced the fracture in relationships…marriage…teenage kids…you name it, it was amplified! I even got lucky enough to lose my smell, taste and vision after already being deaf?!?! I had to quickly get out of “pity party” mode and fight for my life. It took about 5 months but I’m here to teach others that with a positive thought, a positive moment, (think…I don’t have to do laundry now that I’m in the ICU!?) you can really pause, assess and reflect…I now look at this accident as one of the greatest blessings in my life with a serious “Spirit” wink. 😉 Hang in there Colette. I’ve been a fan of yours for decades and in some of my darkest moments in my life, your words resonated within me…your cards guided me to truly “see” my life. I’m sending you huge virtual (((HUGS))), healing light and energy. This “blessing” will soon have you on your feet and running again. (pun intended) 🙂 HUGS!!!

  • Tara DeBlois

    I can relate to this story so much! A few years ago I was spinning in life trying to do all the things and miserable in my career. But too afraid to move forward so was in a clear avoidance mode. I was a a women’s retreat that was supposed to be about self care and getting in tune to myself and my needs. Instead of taking time to recharge I signed up for every workshop there was and stressed myself about making sure I could do it all. During the night I was getting out of bed (top bunk bed – at age 51!!!). To open the door for someone who was locked out of our cabin. I started to slip so jumped down the rest of the way. Instantly in excruciating pain. Could barely walk – go to hospital the next day and found out I broke both heel spurs- that I didn’t know I even had! A huge knock on the head (or feet) from the universe – SLOW DOWN OR ELSE!!!!! I finally listened!! lol

  • Jeanne

    Too funny that I read your post today from the perspective that I am right there with you!!! I have a genetic knee thing that Has been pretty good for 20 years and now, suddenly it seems, it has reared its head again. Back to knee brace and pain rubs and pain meds, whichI never take unless I am forced to. I have to wonder what goblin I have been ignoring!!! I am to have a ‘little female procedure’ in 10 days and perhaps it is all tied together. Fear for my health lurking in the background despite my usual exceptional state. ??? Anyway, I think, like you, self care is in order- more meditation, more listening to my body, etc and most of all, trusting that things will come out for my highest good. all things I read about in your books and hear from your podcasts and classes. Hugs to you and may we both make speedy recoveries and lead to need happy discoveries. Hugs!!!!

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing .I am putting together a program around the myths and emotions surrounding grief. Lots of interest at first but now my numbers have started to diminsh as we get closer to the start date .Finding myself somewhere beteen trust and fear.The goblins in my head are having a party . Working hard at letting go and trusting it will be ok

  • Nila

    Thank you for that reminder about being human and just pushing too hard… I hope you get to dance soon fully healed! Like you, I am in unchartered territory, and you said to me in Dec 2020 – Go the distance with science and spirituality and a new venture – this is so uncomfortable, but I do feel this week I made myself slow down… probably a good thing, given your fall!

    Again, sending you loving healing and thank you again for all you do and for being imperfectly human but still a gorgeous soul!

    With moonbeams, Nila (UK)

  • Anonymous

    I am gratefull that you shared the story about your foot.
    I can relate as I am proscratinating to do my Vision Board, because commiting to the new me is scarry.
    I am happy you are leading this community.
    Manon Laurin
    from Victoriaville, in Québec

  • Carolyn

    Sending you lots of ♥️🤗 and healing vibes! Feel better soon 💐

    Thank you for sharing your experience turning a painful experience into a life lesson we can all relate to!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette, sorry to hear about it and hope you will heal fast soon!
    The first time I ever heard of a spiral fracture was when I was watching a movie last weekend, ‘Heaven is for Real’. One of the lead characters had a spiral fracture at a time when his world was falling apart. Something about it resonated with me.
    Later in the movie, his four-year-old son has a near death experience in an unrelated incident. He gradually relays his near death experience to family. Based on a true story.

  • MaryLou

    Sending you love and healing Colette and thank you for sharing! So many going through frustrating or harsh times at the moment and not knowing quite which way to turn for the best outcome for all concerned. New is very scary but also an adventure! GodSpeed Colette! x

  • Gaill

    I love this and can certainly relate… A year ago I broke not one, but both ankles in a freak accident. I guess God knew that just one broken ankle wouldn’t slow me down! Being a Shamanic practitioner, I knew there was much work to be done and many lessons to learn… Have I figured it all out here a year later? Most probably not, but I’m asking God to help me listen to the oh so subtle whispers instead of resorting to the two-by-four method over and over! Sending you soooo much love, and prayers, and positive healing vibes…

  • Anonymous

    hi Colette, may i recommend the homeopathic remedy symphytum, which is bone knit. i had an injury last week, crazy. it’s not easy being human. much love and best for your healing.

  • Sara Preziosi

    As someone likes to say…you can’t make this shit up! I am so looking forward to seeing your new deck. The peeks we’ve had in Oracle Circle have been mesmerizing.💖💖 Hope you’re feeling better soon. Much love!!

  • Lorraine

    Thank you, Colette, for the honest sharing your humanness and vulnerability with us all. Sending much love and healing for your injury and for your heart!

  • Eugenie Fernandez

    Oh wow, poor you. Sending you positive healing vibes . I am still trying to recover from 2023 when my hubby and I moved home, I had major neck surgery thst went wrong, then our 13 yr old dog passed, had a 2nd neck surgery to repair damage from the first one, then my husband passed away. I am still recovering from 2023. I think the Universe and spirit are trying to tell me something too. Slow down would be one of those messages, big hugs ❤️

  • Brandey

    Boy did I need to hear this today. Been a tough go for me lately and the parts that made me smile was that you yourself tried to adopt a diet but your body was like hell no Colette! 😂 I can relate as my thyroid is currently fluctuating which means my weight is fluctuating too. Then the part about whether we like it or not (paraphrasing of course) the universe will TELL us in many ways and when we choose not to listen…….it helps us to listen in ways we don’t expect. I stopped by the lake this afternoon and took a 15 minute break- I literally stood within water and wind and asked the Universe to cleanse myself. The thoughts I have been struggling with lately….anyway, this isn’t about me. It’s all about everyone is finding that we are all dealing and we are finding what we need that works for us individually not realizing in sharing our stories we are actually helping others even if we find ourselves in that ditch(another part of your blog I can relate to and that it brought a smile). Heal fully Colette and be well. We never know firsthand where our experience is taking us but we do know it’s how we handle it that gets us through. To thine self be true. ❤️

  • Anonymous

    Can I relate, yes! I’m sorry for your accident, and I wish you a speedy recovery. I love your decks and I use them everyday to get my day started on the right foot. Sorry, no pun intended.
    I thought I was going crazy because it felt like I was back in 2018, where I quit my job and had to recover from illness for a couple of years. Fastforward to this day, I am daily reminded of that time and it comes back like it was yesterday. So, the shadows pull me back in, and I see that I stand stronger than ever but the lesson is right her in front of me and this time I stay put and shake like a rattle with insecurity and vulnerability. I normally run for the hills when this happens, but not this time. I stay because it feels right, and I have an idea of what will come but it is very uncomfortable right now as I know that there is change in the horizon. It’s already happening, and it involves me. But I am ready, I just need to gather some courage to face it.
    Thank you for sharing, and all the best to you, Collette.
    Love from Denmark

  • Kathleen Carter

    I’m so sorry for your injury. I appreciate your words so much. You are so right about the busy busy busy. Things have just happened out of the blue to us that make us stop just about everything. The message is clear, we need to take care of us so we can be there for others. Sending you healing prayers and precious love . Be well my Lady Colette.

  • Juli

    Oh wow … first, happy healing to you 🦶❤️‍🩹 ❣️ seems like you get your “time to slow down, and that means now” messages in a way that stops you physically? Your bike accident comes to mind, or when you got sick (with covid)… is it typical to get the “time to slow down” messages in the physical? Like inadvertently hitting your head or stubbing your pinky toe or closing your finger in a cupboard or not tolerating a “gentle” cleanse or all of these “warnings” preceding the big one that just won’t let you ignore it because it literally STOPS you?

  • Shareane Baff

    I am so sorry this happened. I know that you know messages were given and we ignore them often— and then we get another message and we keep going because we have so much to do– and so many things are right– and then wam! something happens and we remember and know it is time to listen. How fortunate are we that we are given so many opportunities to comply. I wish you a speedy and easy recovery. Thank you for sharing this with us– and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.

  • Larissa

    Ouch! pain is real…so sorry that you had to experience this Collette. This story rang so true for me too… I’ve been nursing a terrible burn on my husbands head for the past few weeks which has been a very painful but also grounding experience in many ways for the both of us.

    Stuart is also an artist and a year or so ago he created a collection of Goddess art prints. The title of the collection – Rising of the Devine Feminine- to release it we ran a little add on FB and gave some prints away for free along with healings/readings to go along with each print. These particular art pieces connected with so many people on an emotional and soul level and some real healing took place in peoples lives we had never met before! We received countless messages of grattitude…it was so humbling. I truly under estimated how powerful art with intention behind it can be. He is an amazing artist of the soul as are you Collette. As a creative he always seem to hit a barrier when it comes to releasing his art to the world and I could never understand why, but now I know it’s because of the power it holds and how many lives it can transform…it’s a fear of the world not receiving it fully after pouring so much of his heart and soul into it. I can’t wait to receive your creations Collette they will be so healing for the world.

    In the meantime….take care of you, Sending lots of love and healing. Larissa xx

  • Colleen Humphries

    Thanks for your story. The Universe does have a way of letting us know when it’s time to slow down. I’ve experienced a post-operative complication that actually wound up being a blessing in disguise because it got me out of an already bad job that was going to becoming worse, because CoVid was getting ready to make itself known. Now, I get to work on starting on my own business and finally “do” what I want to do in my life, and have fun doing so too!

    Happy 🙂 healing Colette!

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