Embracing Life’s Simple Gifts!

Updated: March 19, 2024

This week, I experienced a monumental, incredibly humbling, life-changing moment of gratitude and spiritual awakening! 


Wait!? I bet you think I had a visit from a giant angel (I totally did, but that was years ago), or maybe that chorus of voices that called themselves Fred showed up again (that happened after I shot my TV show, and they come and go as they please—read my book Uncharted for that freaky story), or maybe Louise Hay came through in a waking dream and said she picked me to straighten up (that happened a couple of months ago). 

Nope!  None of those.  

I had my first actual shower in a week.  

Not a sponge at the sink makeshift cleansing, but a real water-driving shower. I was so overcome with gratitude I can’t even explain it. 

Since I broke my foot, I have not figured out how to get up and over the not-so-short tiled wall into my shower without putting any pressure on the fracture. 

I tried everything. I tried sitting down and swinging over, but I couldn’t get back up. I tried rolling my knee scooter in and using a cane, but the large pebble-based ground in the shower wouldn’t allow me any stability. That was quite a sight. I’m really lucky I didn’t break or sprain something else. 

I finally learned that one could order a large plastic (recycled) boot cover that wouldn’t let the water in. So when that came to the door, I knew I was in business.  

So, boot cast on, plastic boot on top, a cane to help me get up and into the shower, my knee scooter to get me from bed to bathroom, and a crutch inside the shower on top of a towel just in case, I had an epiphany. 

Being forced to live in the moment, fully present to what was in front of me, I recognized how much time I’ve spent not doing that— not appreciating the things I’ve come to take for granted. 

The feeling of taking that amazing shower, washing my hair, even with one arm inside a crutch, was all I focused on. My mind finally in the vastness of the here and now and not lost in the ghostlands of the past or future. I wasn’t planning my next project other than ensuring I didn’t get soap in my eyes. 

I have clean running water, food on the table, more than I need. I have friends who care about me, a husband who is taking care of me right now since simple things are hard at present, and I have my three tiny dogs who refuse to leave my side. I am rich beyond measure because of those things alone. 

And even more so because I trust that this freak “accident” has a spiritual gift and treasure.  

My amazing coach, Dr. Darren Weisman, who developed the LifeLine technique®, reminds me that this is a gift in “strange wrapping paper.” I signed up to work with him last summer because I knew I needed to get to the bottom of some deeply embedded subconscious patterns if I was to become the person I wanted to become at this stage of my life.  

I have a lot still hiding in those shadows, especially the ones I inherited. I needed a really skilled spiritual archeologist to go deep with me. 

So, I’m not surprised all this came up. I’ve been asking for this to be revealed. This deep-seated belief that the only way I get taken care of, and can take a break is if I get sick or hurt myself. 

I see this in a lot of healers, empaths, and people who are called to serve others, where caretaking, holding space, and often getting drained become our identity, not just our reality.  

I have been consciously peeling away that layer, finally excavating the ancestral part. These past 10 days have been strangely good for me as I’ve sat with the ghost of my mother and the 7 generations of women in my family, loving them with new compassion and understanding. 

And so, regardless of all the revelations, I still spent hours and hours trying to figure out a way that I could still keep my travel obligations and show up for people.  

I had to cancel 3 events in Phoenix.  

My favorite thing to do is the I Can Do it conference!!! Doctor’s orders! No flying—too soon. High risk for Blood clots, etc. Disappointing people— heaven forbid!  

I was acutely aware many people were coming just to see me. Yet… I had to cancel and be present to the deeper “why”. 

The days of going on stage with pneumonia and all kinds of ailments because the show must go on are over. This time I had to make another choice even though I wished it were different. I genuinely care about the people who come to see me. 

The clarity and the truth of it all have finally taken root this week and I am at peace.   

Right now the simplest things are calling for my attention. The more I am present to them, watching the wild turkeys do their twice-daily rounds on my property, listening to the sounds of birds awakening to spring, to the coyotes’ mating calls at dusk, to the time it takes me to get down a flight of stairs without falling—the closer I get to Spirit. 

Life on life’s terms. All of this is a gift.  

As are you … as are you.  

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  • Carole

    Thanks for this. I just tore my knee and mobility is tough. I’m used to hiking and doing whatever calls me. Sitting with ice is nothing I want to go.yet here I am…sitting with the world’s sweetest dog in a warm house with a chance to go some serious thinking. Small things are big sometimes.

  • Trudy

    As you tell us, you can’t make this shit up!! Spirit always has a reason. Yours my friend, if I may call you that, is love. You are surrounded with people and animals that love you.❤️

  • Nancy Shearer

    Hi, I am Nancy Shearer, turning 68 in a few days, I am truly connected to all of what you have shared. ‘The show must go on.’
    My life now is truly mine alone, caring for many is now caring for me.
    Appreciation for life living in the moment is monumental for some, for me, this has been my life.
    Retirement now, this is day 2 of week 5, still feels like vacation, my time is spent recovering from Covid 19, long hauler they say, Hurricane Ian destroying my home, still waiting for insurance to pay for repairs, my peace is being in recovery of me, right here, right now.
    Nature is my anchor, God is my connection, dragonfly my wings, each day holds a deepening gratitude for being in this moments I am given.
    I love your blog, this is profoundly true, even with my writings today, see the moment of now, in its entirety before it is gone.
    I smile with every blog you write, I have many of your decks and feel the connections to life in your words.
    Thank you for being you, real you, in all you do, you make a profound difference in our lives.
    Take many showers! Enjoy the flow of running water, thank you for your words.
    Hugs love and healing my friend 💗

    • Pavla

      Thank you Colette 💜
      Blessed may you continue to be;
      for always and forever💜

  • Gini Sturgess

    Blessings and healings are sent to you. Good for you to still be doing work on yourself. Good luck.

  • Nina

    What blessings are hiding in plain sight today? This is what I say to myself when I am having an “off” day. It brings magic into my day. Blessings

  • Lynnette

    Take Care Colette-now is your opportunity to “practice” what you “preach” literally-just knowing you are so loved is a lot…………..

  • Elyse Jacobs

    As you sit with the ghost if your mother, Colette, I feel in sync, sitting with mine and knowing where that deep seated belief regarding care originated in me.

    I, too, feeling expanded compassion and understanding, it is quite a gift, learning of this breaking our bones to take a literal break.

    My gift has opened the road to writing again. I am curious to see what will come from yours.

    Meanwhile, sending you love and patience.

  • Elyse Jacobs

    As you sit with the ghost of your mother, Colette, I feel in sync, sitting with mine and knowing where that deep seated belief regarding care originated in me.

    I, too, feeling expanded compassion and understanding, it is quite a gift, learning of this breaking our bones to take a literal break.

    My gift has opened the road to writing again. I am curious to see what will come from yours.

    Meanwhile, sending you love and patience.

  • Melisa

    So thankful you shared this with us. Sounds like so much to be greatful for. I work away for 2 weeks a month and stay in a place that’s not my own but am always seeing spirit in everything around me and thankful for the things that are not perfect. Peace and harmony, Archangel Raguel allowing spirit to take care of things we need to let go of. I pulled that card the other day and it was perfect for me in my situation. Working with deep subconscious patterns sounds interesting. Always evolving awakening to new awareness. That’s the journey I think right?!

  • Stephanie Litwin

    Thank you for your words Colette. First I’m glad you’re doing better.
    I often pile so much on my plate, all things I want to do. But some days I struggle with doing what I want to accomplish and doing nothing. Both are okay. Finding balance can be a struggle, but then I find away to let it go and be in the moment, often with my baby granddaughter asleep on my lap. Those moments always remind me to simply enjoy the peace and stillness. All in due time, all is good right now. 😍

  • Kate

    Thank you for sharing this!!💗
    I too am on a very similar path. I am going through immense physical pain and mobility issues due to a possible Autoimmune issue ( no official diagnosis yet) The obstacles over the past few weeks have been humbling. We really take simple things for granted, like walking and opening a jar. I am also asking “what is this experience me?”
    I’ve gone from taking care of everyone to asking for lots if help! Life us forcing me to change focus!

    Thank you for all that you do, Colette!!

  • Kathryn

    So inspiring Colette! I am grateful for all I have. Heal fast!

  • Rachelle

    Beautiful share Colette, hit me right in the feelers ❣️ Thank you 🙏

  • Barbara

    I hope you heal soon but then you may need more time to be present for yourself
    Thank you for being grateful and reminding us of being in the now
    Much love

  • Kay Miller

    Revealing one’s soft, susceptible underbelly is scary 🫣 and yet you did with a profound result for any of us listening! I’m part of this community to not be a spectator but to grow, heal, experience firsthand, fall down get back up, grow some more while all the time loving all of myself!
    Thank you 🙏🪶❤️

  • Denise

    So beautiful. Isn’t it the simple things in life that bring us appreciation and gratitude? So wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    you are a great example of allowing the exhale , finding balance finding grateful in all things.enjoy the best of this enforced healing rest relax and enjoy your blessings.

  • Susan

    Goodness, you are overcoming some challenges, Colette! Sometimes it takes something drastic to happen to get us to slow down and take care of oneself! Blessings and quick healing, Colette!❤️🌷

  • Joyce Winslow

    Colette, this is so beautiful and True❣️ Thank you for sharing your oh-so-relatable life lessons with us. We’re all in this together! With Love and gratitude,

    • Dawn

      Colette you are such an inspiring amazing soul. I admire the way you see the silver lining in the clouds. Wishing you a fast recovery & lots of humor with you fur nurses. 💖

  • Christofer Lee Aven

    reminds me of Aaron Copeland’s musical piece “The Gift to be Simple”–fabulous music now that I’ve mentioned it, I think I’ll listen again–with new hearing.
    Take care and know the folks that love you love you period.

  • Melody

    Oh Colette
    Your story rings true with me too. I am not a healer by profession. I am a science teacher, but for my entire life I have been taking care of people from my childhood through my adult life.
    I never take time for myself, unless I am very ill. I have been struggling with my life’s lesson of self care.
    Sharing your story had brought this to the forefront as I am lying in bed ill again. Ugh! I am cancelling my commitments of helping others to provide some self love to me.
    So I thank you, with all my ❤️. This experience is not only a lesson for you, but by your example and practice you are teaching us.
    You are still helping others as your are healing yourself.
    I am sending you a hug full of love and may a multitude of blessings fill your days.

  • Katie

    Thats so funny that you have this article today! I sprained my wrist pretty badly a few weeks back, and (I thought) I was being so careful and getting better, so when a storm was forecast I went outside to bring in some tools, and tripped yet again and landed on the SAME arm! I knew right then, I was NOT supposed to be running around like nothing ever happened. I knew at that moment that i needed to spend time at home, just sitting and relaxing and having my husband take care of ME. I’ve always been so independent even when married, with an attitude that i can do anything by myself. This is NOT true! I’m much older now, and have been married for many years, and yet STILL TODAY I am learning life lessons…..slowly! Thank you for that article!!!! Needless to say I am at home and dont plan to do much for another week or so.

  • Patti Dunn

    God Bless you always Collette💕

    You continue to knock it out of the park with your generosity. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability and humor. I also recently surrendered to accepting wise counsel instead of going to my to-do list. Annnd.. I thank you for that as well as it due to your interview with Angel de Para, that Wise Counsel arrived 🙂
    Omg what an awesome soul!!! Gifts beyond measure~
    Remember you are loved
    May your healing journey be as Rich & Beautiful as you 🥀✨

  • Marion Brown

    I love this Colette. I was never one to ask for help. I pushed and pushed on my own until I was depleted through sickness and had a liver transplant. It was the first time I had to rely on others and use my voice to ask for help. I remember everyone who helped me get well. From the pilots who flew me in silence from Kenora to Toronto, understanding the gravity of my condition better than I knew myself, to my sister who I was estranged from, travelling from Iceland to be with me during the operation, to the staff that brought me warm towels and extra pillows, and the Kenora locals who contacted Toronto General to be a living donor for me. I had, and still have, overwhelming gratitude for them all. I woke from the operation to a mantra of “I love my liver, and my liver loves me” and I had a grin I could not wipe off my face. Physio came to me one day to tell me I was going to learn how to climb the stairs. I poo poo’d the idea until I tried to lift an atrophied leg, with a body full of ascites, and realized I had a long way to go. That simple exercise and the 6 years of movement and life I have received from my body since, have given me a level of gratitude like non other. Simple things like loading my car with groceries has me marvelling at how skillfully I can pick up the heavy bags, swing my body past the door, and placed them carefully in the trunk. Thank you for reminding me of the pleasure of a shower. I remember showering in the hospital and the many steps it took, and now through you I am able to take this moment once again to appreciate the strength of my healed body. Marion

  • Barbara Brocchini

    I had been wavering for months about going to Phoenix. I’ve been taking Debra Silverman’s Applied Astrology 1 class, which has been demanding a lot of time from me. So I wasn’t sure if I should take the time to go to Phoenix. After you mentioned your accident I was very concerned for you. I’ve been following you and taking your classes for over five years. Like many of your “groupies” I wanted to see you in person. I wondered if you’d just be set up on the stage and just present your words of wisdom or if you would present your classes via Zoom.
    I was feeling very overwhelmed by my everyday responsibilities as well as trying to memorize all of this new Astrology language. But I decided Saturday to finally bite the bullet and buy my plane tickets on Sunday after Spirit Jam. So Sunday morning I got up and turned on Spirit Jam. As I was connected to Zoom I heard you say were disappointed but you just weren’t allowed to travel. I selfishly was disappointed. So I reviewed the program and nothing else on the program piqued my interest. I then took stock of everything else going on in my life and decided that I would not go.
    And to be perfectly honest, I feel relieved.
    Unfortunately and gratefully, thanks to your accident, it has helped me to take better care of myself. It is going to allow me to take more time for this other commitment I have made to myself. I don’t have the excuse of going to Phoenix.
    So, although, I pray for a speedy healing for you, I’m grateful that it is making me also live in my own here and now.
    So thank you, again, for another lesson.

  • Nicole Bedinghaus

    Colette, you’re inspiring! Balancing care for others with self-care can be tough, but prioritizing yourself is crucial. People should understand if you cancel plans because of an injury, and if they don’t, it’s a sign they need growth in this area too. It’s not about letting others down; it’s about nurturing yourself. Your actions highlight the need to shift this mindset. Remember: fill your cup first before others. Keep being an inspiration and showing others the way! Thank you for all you do!

  • Sandy

    Thinking of you Collette and sending a big hug with love. I so appreciated your thoughtful, honesty about a situation that has “literally” opened your eyes further.

    A number of years ago I broke my ankle and was also forced to slow down and re-evaluate things. I couldn’t appreciate the full breadth of the gift until a number of years later. Soon after breaking my ankle, my parents’ health began a steady decline, requiring more attention & energy by my brother and my families. There was more messages sent by the Universe throughout this journey, the third one questioned my integrity, shaking me to my core. Thankfully it worked out fine but it had me look more closely about retiring early. Happily, I can say I finally listened, and in doing so allowed many new opportunities to come my way. I’m still learning and growing but am very appreciative of the nudges, though somewhat painful, to come my way. Throughout the journey your emails, events, tarot cards and your monthly readings have been a warm comforting light.

    Thank you 🙂

  • Kate

    Thank you for sharing this!!💗
    I too am on a very similar path. I am going through immense physical pain and mobility issues due to a possible Autoimmune issue ( no official diagnosis yet) The obstacles over the past few weeks have been humbling. We really take simple things for granted, like walking and opening a jar. I am also asking “what is this experience teaching me?”
    I’ve gone from taking care of everyone to asking for lots if help! Life is forcing me to change focus!

    Thank you for all that you do, Colette!!

  • Anonymous

    Such great words to live by. To live in the present and to be grateful! Thank you 💕

  • Leisa

    Such great words to live by. To be present and grateful! Thank you 💕

  • susin

    You’re a gift Colette! Thank you for all that you do to make this a better world. Rest and heal.

  • Anonymous

    I think I am also getting the same message from spirit. I started a chronic pain condition about 3 years ago. It developed into heart palpitations and all the lovely symptoms of menopause (which I am now in). Every test comes out “healthy and clean” So I am going to start HRT to see if my hormones are to blame. I am also a workaholic helper. I LOVE my work so I do it night and day however spirit is telling me to stop, self care and learn to receive to get more balance in my life.

    Today, My cards were Here & Now, reminding me pay attention to the simple things in my life that are soooo good and the card “If the taste is sweet and good”. All of my life I’m been on my own, striving and pushing to rally and take care of myself. I had no family support due to my pride and stubborn need to show independence. Finally, I admitted that I would love it if someone would take care of me for once.

    Well, spirit answered my call. My sister & I healed our relationship and she invited me to live in her beautiful 2 bedroom basement apartment and renovate it to my wildest dreams. Its hard for me to trust this and relax into it. I keep pushing and rallying – when I don’t need to. Spirit wants me to enjoy each moment and savor the simple things so I can fall into serious gratitude and appreciation. I am being encouraged to explore what brings me joy. This Eclipse is all about this. Simplify your life (March 25 Lunar eclipse) and then Amplify (Solar Eclipse April 8th) what is truly important = JOY!!

  • Patricia Mann

    Dear Colette, Keep on shining! Get well soon! Love, Patricia In Santa Fe

  • Jamie White

    I am so glad you are taking care of yourself—even if the Doctor made you!! I was so looking forward to meeting you in person after being in OS, but I guess this means I’ll just have to go to another conference or something to meet you! Enjoy your beautiful natural surrounding, sweet handsome hubby & fluffy dog companions. And yes, a nice hot shower!!!

  • Anonymous

    You are an authentic gift, not only to yourself, Colette, but to all those around you and to all those who learn from you. Always giving so generously to everyone and everything. You have inspired me for many years, and continue to inspire me to be the best me and beyond……
    Bless you and thank you ! 🙂

  • Joy

    You are an authentic gift, not only to yourself, Colette, but to all those around you and to all those who learn from you. Always giving so generously to everyone and everything. You have inspired me for many years, and continue to inspire me to be the best me and beyond……
    Bless you and thank you ! 🙂

  • Peta B

    Hello beautiful, I’m so very sorry to hear of this setback for you!. I love your wisdom, advice and also sharing your vulnerability with us at this time and I’m sending you much love, light and an abundance of healing so that you can experience deep healing and to continue sharing the amazing work you create to helping us all!. Sadly, I’ve had a lot going on in my life at the moment with mourning the loss of my brother a week ago but also welcoming my new grandson a couple of days later. It truly is the circle of life, but also a reminder to be gentle with ourselves every single day and give to thanks for the magic that life gives us every moment. Sending much love and blessings xo

  • Nancy

    Oh Colette,

    🙏🏻💟 Thank you for todays message and what you bring to the World. You sent me on my path with “2015 weight loss for those who feel to much” and for this I am eternally grateful.Peace be with 🤲.You heal in good time and use those massage balls I gave you ! I would still love to come and give you a session sometime? I too have been Soothing my ancestral wounding. Our grandmothers and mothers were Warriors and here we are carrying the torch one moment at a time. Your Aries man is a beauty. Take good care.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you giving yourself the break you deserve. And there’s always a Road Trip – just sayin’! 😉

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette, “Going slow does get you there faster”.
    “Hurrying and hurrying, brings no blessings”
    African Proverb
    I am celebrating with you and your triumphant accomplishment to take a shower. No easy feat!
    I can so clearly recall the months after I was struck
    by a jeep and how everything once done with no thought, became a monumental accomplishment.
    Peeling a grapefruit with the right arm cocooned
    in a cast to the elbow, took forever! The juicy gift of eating it was beyond delicious! The brain is confused, concentration a very deliberate process to navigate the next challenge. “Patience Spirit, but hurry! ” Slowing down to the pace which has no speed is an incredibly mindboggling experience to those of us who live in ” They are at the gate, they are off ”
    mode. A foreign concept to embrace. It does
    bring many gifts, and a deep appreciation for
    the details in life we might have overlooked while speeding by to get to the next appointment. Humbling as it is to be faced with the limitations
    of your setback, it is so empowering and confidence building to do what is in front of you, and celebrate. This is such an important part of the process. No shortcuts. ” Just when the caterpillar thought its
    life had come to an end,. It became a butterfly “.
    Savour the moments of this transformation,
    it was not meant to harm and offers of a fresh perspective. There are many gifts presented.
    Life is such a precious gift. You are safe,
    and so loved. May Spirit turn obstacles into
    stepping stones, and may weights (waits) become wings. You are growing new wings with each step.
    As you reflect on this chapter, you will understand
    its significance. In the meantime, ” One, two, cha cha cha!! Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
    Not to worry, not to fret, all is well, but NOT JUST YET! Much love and a big hug! Take Care.

  • Peta Alkins

    Hope you emerge from this stronger, happier and take time to carve out your own self-care as a priority. Love! ❤️

  • Tanna

    Thank you Colette, for sharing your story and being a shining example of self-care. I know everyone who loves you is very glad that you are loving yourself right now – and going forward😉 I know so many of us can relate to your desire to keep going to please others and honor obligations, even at the expense of your well-being. This is a valuable lesson we all need so we don’t get sick or injured to force us to take care of ourselves. Let Marc and the fur babies take care of you now! Sending you love and healing hugs!❤️

  • Liese

    Ahh, shower meditations are the best!!! ♥️✨️🌹

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts Colette. I have a broken foot and I know what you mean, having a shower is an challenge and I appreciate much more the birds chirping. The Universe has always a perfect plan for us, but most of times it’s hard to understand what’s that about, much more if we talk about an injury. Heal well!!

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