Tuscany Magic with St.Francis

I’ve done a lot of different experiential trips over the years in the month of April, from swimming with dolphins […]


How to Recover from Overgiving

Have you ever been an overgiver? Depleting yourself for others, allowing people to lean on you until you’re falling down, […]

Cosmic Insights: Eclipses, Spiderwebs and Renewal

So we are officially “done” with our two eclipses, and now we unravel the lessons.  Yesterday was wild. Did you […]


Why I Love Mercury Retrograde in an Eclipse Wormhole

A lot of people freak out when Mercury retrograde shows up (as it will three times a year) —I mean, […]


Oracle Card Reading for the Month of April 2024

Get ready for a powerful and transformative session as we dive into your April 2024 Predictions! ✨ Join us for […]

Astro Oracle Reading for the Month of April 2024

Your April Astrology Prediction for all zodiac signs has arrived! 👀 This month’s astrology is a one card pull per […]

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