Psychic 2.0: The Healing and Transformative Power of Water!


Updated: July 29, 2010

What messages are you sending to yourself and the world? Are your thoughts, intentions, and prayers focused on love and gratitude or anger and blame?

Many of us have heard about the power of positive thinking when it comes to creating what we want in our own lives, but there’s much, much more to this concept. In fact, recent scientific research into the power and potential of water has shown that you can profoundly heal and transform both yourself and the world through your thoughts, intentions, and prayers.

We use water everyday, usually thinking little of its significance. Yet, in addition to its spiritual power, which I discussed in detail in my blog, The Intuitive Power of Water Divination, water also has a lot to teach us about healing, transformation, and love.

Over the last 15 years, Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has conducted extensive studies into the power and potential of water. I’ve read many of his books and am always astounded by the far-reaching consequences of his research. In 1994 Dr. Emoto came up with the idea of freezing water crystals and taking photographs of the molecules under different “conditions.” So, he began with writing down words such as “love,” “thank you,” “hate” and “fool” and taping each to the sides of bottles of water. He then took photos of the samples using high speed photography. The results were astonishing. The molecules from the bottles with the “positive” words formed brilliant and clear crystals. However, the molecules from the bottles with the “negative” words looked shockingly different. They were like ugly and undefined blobs.

After this fascinating study, Dr. Emoto continued to do more experiments with water. He has exposed water molecules to music, prayer, kind or angry words, intention, anger, and even electromagnetic radiation. All of the experiments have had shockingly similar outcomes. The water that has been exposed to positive energy (via sound, intention, surroundings, etc.) has formed into beautiful and well-defined crystals. But, the water that has been exposed to negative energy has formed into messy and distorted molecules. He’s even looked at the impact of electromagnetic radiation on water and discovered that molecules which were exposed to the terms “love” and “gratitude” before radiation from appliances such as microwaves and cell phones weren’t severely affected by the radiation—they were still beautiful. But, the molecules that weren’t exposed to “love” and “gratitude” prior to radiation appeared ugly and distorted.

In his newest book, Messages from Water and the Universe, Dr. Emoto talks more about water’s power to help us transform the planet. He details his fascinating experiments that proved that words and prayer can actually transform contaminated water and make it clean and pure with amazing crystals.

So, what does this mean for you and the world?

Everything in the universe is made up of an energetic vibration—you, me, plants, animals, and even inanimate objects. As I’ve talked about in my book Messages From Spirit as well as in previous blogs, we’re all connected through a vast web of energy. Even though you can’t really see this web, you’re always unconsciously responding to these vibrations. Water is also a part of this web and responding to these vibrations. Whether spoken, written, or even unconscious thoughts, water molecules transform in response to their environment.

Water is our original form. You’re made of at least 70 percent water. In fact, all living things are primarily made of water. Just as water responds to the energy around it, you respond to the vibrations around you. And, just as water can protect itself from damaging energy and reverse contamination, you have the same power to protect yourself from negatives such as illness through the same kinds of positive energy. Your body responds to how you treat yourself. When you feel love and gratitude in your heart, your cells become stronger.

Water shows us that you have the power to transform yourself through the power of words.

Water is also the most abundant molecule on the planet, covering about 70-75 percent of the earth’s surface. Imagine the profound changes we could make to our planet if we all changed our vibration. I talked about in my Humanity and the Butterfly blog, our collective consciousness has the power to heal our world, from polluted oceans and environmental degradation (including the clean up of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico) to wars, poverty, and so on. These experiments with water further illustrate this astounding power of both our individual and collective consciousness.

Through love, gratitude, prayer, and intention, we can literally heal our world.

Without water, there is no life. When we look at the profound significance of water and honor it, we affirm our connection with the Divine and create an entirely new experience for both ourselves and our world.


Meditate on the power of water. Spend some time in or near water this week. You might draw yourself a bath, go swimming, sit by a fountain, dance in the rain, etc. Close your eyes and imagine an energetic exchange between you and the water. Affirm your love and gratitude for it and for all of existence. Take in this experience for about 20 minutes. Then, spend some time thinking or journaling about all that you love and have to be grateful for.

Take a special time each day to send love to the ocean, directing your inner gaze to imagine the water in the Gulf of Mexico. Send love and healing and the intention that the oil spill will get cleaned up. Imagine that the water separates from the oil releasing it to be quickly removed. Send love and compassion to the region. Imagine a speedy recovery.

And, please share your feedback. I’d love to hear your thoughts on water and your experience with the exercise.





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  • Debra

    I love this! I’ve always felt a special connection with water but attributed it to my sign of Pisces. When I’m feeling disconnected or my life is in turmoil, I’m drawn to water to ground me. Thank you. This was beautiful to read while I’m taking a few days away from my home in the desert of Las Vegas and recharging in sunny California near the ocean!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yay! happy that you appreciate this, Debra! enjoy your vacation in sunny California! 💞💞

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