Key to Journaling Insights: Dump the Garbage!

  In many of my appearances and my books I talk about the power of journaling.  From the release of […]


Weight Release Tool: Mindful Exercise Before Your Meals

  In a previous post, I talked about how important it is to love our bodies and show self-compassion for […]


‘Girls’ HBO Series Sets New Naked Boundary

  In a previous blog I talked about the familiar-but-often-unnoticeable use of body doubles for actors on the big and […]


Love Your Body – Really? Is that Possible?

  Remember the first, second and twentieth time you watched Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?  There she was with her […]


Seasonal Affective Disorder: Remedies for the Winter Blues

The wind is howling, it’s too cold to go outside and the sky is dark.  This would not be so […]


Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever – Without a Date

  Ahh, it is etched into our minds.  That date on the calendar or the number on the scale that […]


When Weight Loss is the Surprise Side Effect

  There are a lot of weight loss programs out there that would either be more than happy to have […]

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