The Alphabet Coach Continues: How to Create Wealth (for spiritual amnesiacs)!

Updated: August 13, 2013


Dear fabulous YOU!

The A To Z of Wealth Creation for spiritual amnesiacs is being shared all over the world! We’re not the only ones who forget who we are in a moments notice just when we’re about to co-create our AWESOMENESS.

People from all over the world are writing in to say they get “it”- even if they’ve never seen Gone with The Wind or heard of Miss Scarlett! I’ve gotten fan mail from Tokyo, Moldavia,  South Africa, and all over the US and Canada!

Just to set the record straight…it might have been a language thing…there are no real smoke creatures, and I don’t know what to do if you get some in your backyard!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the smoke monster is the one who hides behind the bushes in your Field of Dreams. (Read my last few blogs and you’ll get the picture.)

So, we’re all here to avoid the spiritual amnesia that can come upon us instantly, without warning. You remember right? You know the fear and doubt that hijacks you and prevents you from truly working within the Field of energy where all things unformed can become form?

WELL here we are again. Wakey Wakey!

Today’s reminders are to stay awake to our co-creative relationship with a Power Greater are found in the next three letters in the alphabet. G-H- and I.

G is for Greater, Genesis, Good, God/Goddess, Genius and Grace.

H is for Higher, Honest, Hope and Honey.

I is for Illusion, Inspired, Ignite, Intention, Insight, Intuition, and IN-Vizion!

The most difficult state of mind in wealth creation is when we get too attached to form. The genesis of the amnesia is when we’re smoked out of our miracle mind to forget there is a Greater Power than our identity – the small self that sees itself as finite rather than infinite. That’s when we get hooked on the form and forget the essence- the service, the authenticity.

You might be smack dab in your Field of Dreams having sent out your Intention and because you demanded a specific outcome you might not see the awesome miracle staring you in the face waving at you yelling “Hellooooooo it’s me, your miracle – looky, looky over here!” That spiritual-amnesia-creating smoke monster absolutely goes out of its mind with joy!  Totally loves that.  You’re completely screwed now.

Puff…Now you’re the little kid in Oliver Twist with a dirty face and shredded clothes and HOLY SMOKES you’re begging in a place with no flushing toilets or sewers. Please sir… WTF?

That’s right, you really forgot who you are and who your Partner is, and that smoky smelly fear sticks to the little hairs in your nose so all you do is breathe in panic and poverty consciousness.

Ok now let’s all get back on track here together.“Breathe in the light, breathe out the dark.” (Yep some good ol’ new- agey crystal bunny meditation can be useful). Or…

Go pat your dog, look into his/her eyes and see LOVE. (By the way this is better with a dog so skip this if you’re a cat person. Your cat might freak you out with a withering look of utter disdain but if you figure out to look past that you might get what I’m trying to convey)

Remember when that ‘lil creature picked you? Guess what? The universe loves you just like that. Love is like smelling salts for spiritual amnesiacs by the way. Make sure you keep some near you at all times.

Ok you’re back now? Focus. We need to remember the energy of wealth flows through us via this Greater Power called by any name-(God/Goddess/Field/Source/Infinite Intelligence/Universe/Quantum Fred, etc).

Wealth creation flows through us via Love and cuts us off when we allow fear in.

Love is the only thing that’s real. Fear is a big fat Illusion lens that causes us to see weird, nasty, awful things.

Love is the only reality and is the source of all inspiration. (Repeat 10 times!)

Inspiration flows through us for the Greater Good, using us as we’re inspired to co-create with it. We are both the Painter and the paintbrush when we allow the Grace of this Greater Power to Inspire us to be the ART that is authentic, real, and true.

Inspiration ignites Hope-that wonderful sense of miracle anticipation that opens you up for even more Inspiration. Hope is the Honey of God and is a wonderful miracle attractor and Intention magnet.

Honest self-appraisal can also snap us out of amnesia! Honesty is important period.

The smoke monster chews on lies, insincerity, denial, and all forms of BS. It’s all its favorite snack food.

So keep it real this week. Stay honest, say no when you mean no. Forgive and make amends where you need to. Say NO to drama and practice trusting. The smoke monster is allergic to trust.

Your intuition flows when you’re connected to that awesome power Source, your insights are clear, inspired to co-create the life you truly desire. Your Genius is Ignited by Hope and Inspiration and combined you can be sure your Intuition will guide you to take that one step forward to your miracle. It will bring it 10 steps towards you. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt your purpose that will bring your truest form of prosperity (had to sneak in some of those “ p” words).

Remember in this game of life you’re in it to win it- for everyone not just for you. Win-Win is the name of this game!

IN-Vizion® is the result of my greatest intentions to serve in an inspired authentic way. I am super excited to share it with you!

Interested in learning a ground- breaking technique to keep you awake and clear about moving forward to create the life you really want? Do you work in a client-based business like coaching, healing arts, consulting etc.? The IN-Vizion® Process training is coming September 16thAccess it here!

(Only if you want a rockin’ life and a business with better client retention, awesome quick results and a trademarked dialog method that will wake up your creativity, imagination and intuition – plus teach you the real Art of Seeing! It also works with kids, spouses and friends and of course your self. )

clicky clicky

With my forever love to all my tribe


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO


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  • Randi

    Thank you for today!! I heard loudly your words…and when I see what is around me, and forgive that I had an outcome that was specific…I see all that has been created!!!

  • Barb Parcells

    … and now a word in defense of cats! I have a loving, affectionate little female named Charlotte who is fond of meditating with me (she is especially attracted to two guided meditation voices: yours and Davidji’s), and when she climbs up in my lap and puts her head on my chest, she will look up at me with complete and utter love as if to say, “thank you so much for rescuing me when I was just a kid. I am so grateful and love you so much.” Okay, maybe a little over the top but that’s what I feel when she looks at me that way. Let me tell you that if that doesn’t inspire me, nothing can, and no smoke monster can penetrate that shield that is around the two of us. Sending you some of that love right now!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      i was KIDDING ! I love kitty kats too. Dogs are just soooo goofy with love.. APOLOGIES to all kitty kat lovers!!

    • Mermaid Deb

      Hi Barb and Colette,
      I have to agree with Barb. My cat, Zeus, meditates with me, he insists upon laying on my right side, he pushes his face into mine and has his paws tightly on my heart chakra. He only started doing this about 6 weeks ago. I can really soar and heal in meditation with him.
      Much Golden Light and Love to all, Mermaid

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        a nod to our feline buddies is in this week’s blog! We LOVE KITTY KATS. I admit my joke was lame. O well.

  • Nancy

    Help! How do i create wealth when i don’t have enough money to pay bills
    tomorrow. Boy could i sure use a miracle now! So you know fear has definitely creeped, stalked, and is breathing down my neck oh along with panic!
    Love your posts

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you create wealth first through Faith and Trust that you get to have a miracle too. Own the miracle, act as if it was already here and find your center. you can do it. It begins with the way you think and feel. Ask Believe Receive.

  • Betty Jo

    WOW….I’ve always known my relationships with all my pets were spiritual, they were not only my pets but my best friends…The horse I had for over 30 years (which I rescued, or I should say she rescued me.) to all my barn cats which were not just barn cats, they were all spayed or nuertered had special beds in the barn food daily including warm milk in the winter and a vet when needed…and to my special dogs over the years Candy my Dobi to whom no one wanted but me, to my recent rescue Coal (black Lab) which I might add is at daycare today because he needed dog time away from us humans…LOL..He knows my every move and sees spirits as well as I do…our cat Pebbles(which i found on the side of road as a kitten, got thrown out a window) stills visits us almost every nite spirtually, we hear her on the steps coming down about 8:30 every nite….to the living room..I can tell you this because you won’t think I’m crazy!…. Well Colette keep up the great work…You are really helping me…Love you!.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yup whenever we need a reminder to connect to Love.. animals bring us to it- cats horses, guinea pigs and if course our canine companions. Love is the foundation of true wealth.. then we can create from there xoox

  • Diana Boles

    Oh, and our feathered friends, like my African Grey, Rock-0. His favorite expression is, “now what?” My two dogs think he’s a hoot. They all gather at my feet waiting for who gets to sit on my lap first. Well, that all do, of course and all at the same time. That having benn said, I absolutely understand you, Colette when you talk about love. You are ever so right about “behave as if it has already happened, is already yours”. You reminded me of that as I was freaking out in the blindness of rubber tire smoke—–and calmed because of your words, I got a side job that makes the ends meet. You are the bomb, Colette! The explosion of wisdom reminding us how to tap into our own little owl!

  • Vallen Rose

    Yeah, cats are funny. They truly believe they are your equal except smaller. But their love is as strong as any dog. In their eyes is trust, respect, an acknowledgment of your reciprocal life agreement and love, yes love. I know mine would give his life for me. He purrs and curls up next to me because he loves and trusts me,

    Reminds me of the time, long ago, when my cat got hurt and we took him to the vet. We came back after his treatment and he was putting up a huge fuss. Yowling and howling and keeping all the animals awake. They didn’t know what to do about him. I walked in. The nurse handed him to me as fast as she could and silence. He snuggled in. He was home. Even the stoic vet went awwwww……

  • Bridgett

    I think it’s easy to confuse wealth with possessions – lots and lots of stuff. I think those “smoke creatures” just love a house packed with things that give you a rush when you obtain them and then lose their shine so you just have to buy more. Loving things isn’t really love, right?

    The more I clear out and de-clutter my home and life, the easier I can breathe and free up space for love. It’s also easier to clean up the fur tumbleweeds created by my adorable dogs!

    Thanks, Colette

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      totally agree!! the Smoke Monster confuses us with more stuff.. puff n stuff!! ahhahah

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