CBR’s Smelling Salts for Spiritual Amnesiacs!

Updated: August 20, 2013

So Dear Fabulous You,

Hope you’re having fun planting your seeds of awesomeness in your fabulosity garden without too much trouble from the smoke monsters hiding in the bushes.

Of course – it’s their Job! They’re always waiting to ambush you the minute you get the hang of how easy it is to co-create your reality.  Easy yes, comfortable no.

Letting go and trusting that your inner voice is leading you to your truest most authentic self and its fullest expression takes courage. Why? I thought we were planting in a Field of Dreams? Easy and effortless right??? Yes and no.

Part of you that craves certainty, and wants to build fences and walls, and smaller manageable gardens where you know where absolutely everything is so there will be no surprises. That part will inadvertently give the smoke monster all it needs to move in and blow away your willingness to do things differently—even when the miracles are staring you in the face.

Do you notice that as soon as you see the Field actually talks to you and shows you miracles (albeit with a wicked sense of humor), that you get instant amnesia or a form of spiritual narcolepsy and fall asleep mid-epiphany?

WOW OMG I affirmed my prosperity, claimed something specific, surrendered the results with detachment, got an immediate sign, I’m finally being my SELF ! WOW It’s like MAGIC ! AH HA !!! HOLY MOLY …. Wait ‘til I tell my- my- my… snore..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Happens to the best of us.  Happens to me. Not often but it does.  Today it is not happening. Today the knowing is stronger than the smoke and I am wide awake and you are too—right now here with me.

The smelling salts for Doubt today are in the letters J, K and L.

J is for Join, Jump, Juice and Job

K is for Know, Kiss, Kitty and Kinky

L is for Love, Listen, Landscape and Laughter

Joining is about community and a conscious action of being a part of rather than apart from. It requires getting out of isolation, sharing yourself and connecting with like-minded others.

There are 9 billion people on this planet, even if you think you’re the weirdest, most unique special black sheep ever, with Heretic written across your forehead, there is a tribe you will vibe with. (E.g. all non-conformists who are on fire with excitement for being alive, refuse to be victims, are intellectually curious and want to co-make miracles can hang with me any time).

And even if you’re completely allergic to people, Nature rocks and it loves to have conversations with you if you Listen.

Jump in!  Your Life is waiting, the universe is inside you, and the absolute Intelligence of the Field is part of you. We are all teeny blinking lights filled with “empty” space. What’s in the empty part? That’s where the magic is! We get to co-create and consciously steward the energy of Awesome through us, and become the Artist, the Paintbrush and the Art.

Love is the answer to everything. It is the doorway to inspiration.

You don’t get to have that all mapped out for you in advance. Nobody is there to show you the entire Landscape of your adventure. The Field is vast and wild and not a teeny garden.  You have to “come to the edge” and be pushed by your inner yearnings so you can fly.

You’re the caterpillar who dreams of being a butterfly. Remember? The walls holding you in have dissolved or maybe they were never really there in the first place, so you can fully embody your dream of being the most authentic version of you.

You asked for a miracle? Scary is part of the deal. Until you’re flying—that’s the easy and effortless part.  Then you get the “F is for Freedom” idea.

If you’re thinking too much about how your dream may or may not happen, how all the parts are going to come together, and all the details that are becoming so overwhelming, this is NOT your Job at All. You’re probably behind enemy lines already. The Job of figuring out all the details is taken. It belongs to YOU KNOW WHO. You just need to Jump in, take action according to your inner guidance and the signs you keep getting for the next right action then leave the rest to the Higher Power.

The Universe never runs out of Juice. It’s open 24/7.  Even when you sleep it’s figuring out how to pull all the parts of your dream in the best way possible for the highest good of all. Quantum Fred doesn’t need a vacation.

Know God.  Know yourself. Know your Kitty Kat loves you with every independent move she/he is God in a fur suit letting you know it’s ok to be You, you were chosen, Kissed by the Divine, with a scratchy tongue and the pad-pad-pad of kneading you like you were really meant to be fishy cookie dough.  Pay attention to your Knowing – it’s a gift bestowed on you when you were born to stay awake to the invisible world where all the good stuff happens on your behalf.

I saw an amazing play last week called Kinky Boots. It was all about this drag queen who saved a boot factory through an odd and wonderful friendship with a kind of conservative young man. They couldn’t be any more different. They couldn’t be any more the same. They both wanted to be accepted and loved for who they are.

All of us need this. We need it from ourselves. Own your authenticity. Be the wild and beautiful best version of yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else. Like Oscar Wilde said: UBU – Everyone else is taken anyway!

Don’t let the smoke monster hijack your dream with the smoke of Fear and Doubt.  You Jump right in today and trust you’ll have wings.  Maybe they’ll be glitter and glam. Maybe not. Just be yourself. Tune in, Know that you don’t have to have a map before you fly.

It’s ok to be scared- courage doesn’t need the absence of Fear just the willingness to let go and believe even if all you see is nothingness.  That’s temporary.  As is everything.

 Love yourself, Love Life and make Art with the Artist.  Don’t forget to Laugh.  A Lot.

Love you always and forever,


Because I can.

The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Catherine Pagliaro

    God is good…Love is everything, solves everything and the divine timing of life is always the fun part to relax into knowing its all happening even when some interesting and unexpected challenges arrive. Can’t wait to see Kinky boots as my life is wild, fun and just a little bit kinky and that play sounds like a hoot…lol…Thanks as always for such great inspiration…your butterfly wings have you soaring Beauty. Always grateful to you. love to all!! xo

  • Cindy

    Thank You!! Yes I am scared to death…sometimes I have doubts! Thanks to you! My eyes have been opened to a lot of things…still have a few more to work on ….Just tryin to figure out which way to go…which way do I go blue…lol…yes I have learned to laugh…because I am tired of cryin! But that’s be i’m to soft hearted…and its finaly ok…lol….God has intrusted me with so much. You are a wonderful person…and I can’t explain in words ..how much you have done for me…just bein you!! Much Love and Respect!! <3!!

  • Nancy

    Hi Colette, much gratitude on the smelling salts today, for I am the Cowardly Lion
    “I do believe,I do, I do I do believe” Not

  • Barb Parcells

    It is so hard for me not to want to have all the details covered, all the items checked off on the list before I make the leap. I keep telling myself that I’m 64 so what have I got to lose by jumping? I keep getting visions of ending up a bag lady … ! However, my kitty does give me kitty kisses so I know I’m in the right field.

  • Lisa


    Something has confused me for a while now. How can we hold onto our vision of what we want in our life (our goal = end result), without being attached to it? This is something that has always puzzled me. If we let go of the desired end result then what is there to motivate us? We’ve let go of the picture of our goal, our end result.

    Without our goal in mind, how can we take actions towards it? And, if we DO take actions towards our goal then isn’t that attaching ourselves to the end result? (something we’re told *not* to do)

    Does this confuse anyone else? lol

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hold the vision but give it to god then forget about how it comes, act as if it has already immerse yourself in the knowing.. the results, the how are not our job xoox

      • Lisa

        Thanks for replying, Colette. 😀 Hmm, “hold the vision, hold the vision” while letting go but also taking steps towards it? Part of me “gets it” but my practical brain is having a difficult time grasping it…or should I say letting go? lol Maybe I’m just having trouble with the semantics. :/

  • Rebecca

    My ship can only come in on calm seas. I read this awhile back and it’s become my mantra of sorts. I know all the things I’ve been wanting and dreaming of are so very, very close. All I have to do is relax and keep my energy high and clear. Thanks for your fun little nudges and reminders.

  • Bridgett

    “… you don’t have to have a map before you fly.”

    OOooohhhhh – pearls of wisdom!

    A while back, I dreamed I had been flying and my husband said I should only fly at night so the neighbors wouldn’t see me. I replied that if I fly at night, I can’t see the electrical wires.

    Guess I’m that caterpillar who dreams of being a butterfly – walls be gone!!

    Thank you.

  • Betsy

    Perfect Timing Colette! Words of wisdom so much appreciated in the moment 🙂

  • Mermaid Deb

    I have been facing that coward all week as I prepare to open my home to my spiritual family that are coming to visit for the first time. I keep telling myself that people will/are coming here. I am open to having people here. I have worked for 6 yrs. getting the land to where it is now, it has returned to the sacred land of old times. It is now time to share with the community. My tribe is coming from different areas of the USA. We know each other from teleconferences. We have talked about all of our secrets, fears, insecurities for over 5 yrs. on the phone calls. We have grown into the Divine Feminine’s that we are. And it is time for me to open up and have people here. And So It Is.
    And as a P.S. Colette, I have continued to release weight since taking your NYNY WLFTTFTM, I think that is the abbreviation, in Jan. 2012. I have released 55 lbs so far and am removing medications. Thank you for teaching me how ♥♥♥

  • Dlorah Dahl

    Need help just do not how to go on with life. I’m not having any notion of ending it. I’m just lost

    • Bridgett

      Dear Dlorah,
      I’ve had extremely dark and difficult times. Learning to be grateful has made the difference for me. Even when I’ve felt like I have nothing to be grateful for, I name things or people with alphabet gratitude. I go through the alphabet and name something that begins with each letter. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying, “I’m grateful for my arms or apples or air conditioning.” It doesn’t have to be profound.
      Developing an attitude of gratitude has helped me feel more positive and peaceful even when my situation seems to be anything but that.

      I wish you well,

    • Diana Boles

      “There will be an answer, Let It Be”. The air is full of love- from dragon flies and the strangers afar. If you don’t see them, it does not matter, if you don’t know them, it does not matter—–it is still there. Just breathe—-air is the manna of life and love exists as Invisable spores, awaiting your invitation to morph from what is passed to you into what you pass on.

  • Mary Louise Ardam

    Thank you, again Colette. Just what I needed. Your colorful way of explaining always nails it. You get the point across and it is crystal clear. How do you know? Love and Kisses

  • Diana Boles

    I love St. Joseph! Once again he was there to protect my kid. He should have been in his car–worse, he could have been standing next to his car getting ready to get in. A car careened across a double wide meridian and slammed into his car, shoving it every which way. He was still in his work building-a few minutes late to leave—the drivers fate to have the wreck, my sons fate to not be on the scene. This is the same kid with the two broken arms in April, and the miracle broken neck in 2003. St. Joe, conscientious worker my kid has become, thank you for always being the parent that protects, when I cannot.-
    J-oe———–K-iss————L-ove. I have MIRACLES to cover the letter “M”

  • Jenny F.

    “fishy cookie dough”…your sense of humor totally cracks me up! Love it, Love you!


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