M is for a Miracle at the Hollywood Bowl…!

Updated: August 26, 2013

Dear Marvelous You,

Ever have this happen to you?

After four solid days of calm bliss and oh so spiritually wise and on-track thinking, feeling, believing, intending and knowing 10000% where I’m going and that blessings and gratitude were shining upon me and everyone I love, something happened.

This morning I woke up in a crabby mood.

I didn’t feel like writing my blog. I’m in the middle of re-recording some of my upcoming IN-Vizion® Process master class. Yesterday I was so grateful and proud.  Seven a.m. this morning?  Not so much.

The voices in my head were droning on and on saying “Nothing is perfect, who will come, it’s not enough, it’s really good but it’s supposed to be GREAT…is it is it? !!!

What if what if? Why- why –how- how- who –who- what- what??  Waaaaaaa.

I’ve concluded that Doubt of any nature is boring. Boring bunch of BS.

I have tools. Did I want to use them? Not at first, a little wallowing in negativity reminded me of familiar moments. Moments when I could savor the words of my inner challenger saying “I told you so.”

Moments when I “knew” miracles were for other people. Abundance was for loss in my family, fear was background music to failure. OY VEY!  Talk about hijacked.

I actually said out loud “GET LOST”. My dogs thought I meant them and jumped off the sofa.

My Higher Self steps in – that’s ENOUGH! Nudge, nudge…I need a miracle. Show me.

Here’s what happened. I opened my computer only to bawl my eyes out watching a video that “somehow” was the first thing I saw on my Facebook feed.

Tricky Higher Power synchronicity web caught me! I’m pretty selective about what I watch on the net but I heard my inner miracle cheerleaders sing “open it open it!!”

So I did. So should you.

The video is about a young voice teacher who gets called on stage randomly by Kirsten Chenoweth at the Hollywood Bowl. Here’s the link to the video and the story.


You need to see the video to understand the gist of this blog.

You see miracles can be teeny, like asking to see a blue Dragonfly, or another sign in nature, but they can be huge and expansive and touch the hearts of millions too.

The best part of a miracle is when witnessed, it’s contagious! It can be your miracle even if you’re in your pajamas with coffee at seven a.m. sniffling from the angst of perfectionism and writer’s block.

The beauty of this unknown singer, “co-incidentally” plucked from the audience 11 years after her dad sent an “impossible intention” on the wings of a prayer that his daughter would one day sing with Kirsten Chenoweth.

My heart was broken open….. my faith restored, my goblins fell promptly asleep, I felt hope again. And I believed in miracles and magic once more.

Don’t ever stop praying for the “impossible”. Impossible things are happening every day….

Love to hear your thoughts about this experience.

Have you ever asked for the impossible and then years later kaboom? It happens?

Tell me your story…but watch this first.


Love you always and forever


I can.


The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

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  • Laura

    Wow, I also am picky about what videos I choose to watch on Facebook but also saw this in my newsfeed this morning and chose it to watch out of the hundreds of options I had.
    AND I’ve been experiencing the
    “Nothing is perfect, who will come, it’s not enough, it’s really good but it’s supposed to be GREAT…is it is it? !!! What if what if? Why- why –how- how- who –who- what- what??” that you described above as I am planning a retreat I’m doing in October. I’m scared out of my wits but know that is a good thing!
    Wow, wow, wow. Signs come in 3’s so I’m waiting for the next one Colette! Maybe it is a perfect time for me to pull a card out of the Wisdom of Avalon deck!

  • Lynn

    I have wished for things and they have come true. For instance, last fall I was in dire need of money and I wished over a period of months to find a large sum of money. I even wished that when I found it, that it would not be lost by somebody who really really needed it. So, I went to a casino and promptly lost all of my money. (Yeah, I know gambling sucks.) After losing, I decided not to go home but to walk around and see if other people were winning and what I might have played had I not lost. I ran into an old friend, sat down to catch up and when I looked to my right there was an empty seat with white tickets neatly stacked on it. These were cashout tickets that somebody had just left on the seat. I said to my friend ‘what’s that!?’ At the same time a person came and sat at the seat beside the stack of what turned out to be ten uncashed tickets and it was either I take them or this newcomer or somebody else would. There was nobody else around. I went to the machine to turn the tickets in and the amount just kept adding up…to $2000!!!!!!!! I just knew somebody was going to shut the place down, or somebody was going to come looking for these tickets. No one did. It was really like they were left on purpose. What I know for me is that wishes do come true and that it’s only me limiting what I wish for because of what I believe is possible vs. what is actually possible. If anything, I intend to wish bigger and dream bigger.

  • Sunny Sunny

    Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
    “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

    Through the Looking Glass (Chapter 5)

    • Bridgett

      Love it!

    • Trish G


    • Tammy Worthington

      Kool. Thank You for sharing

  • Diana Boles

    “Bang-a-rang!!!!!! I can fly! Second star to the right and straight on til morning”. “The moment you doubt you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it”. I find feathers to let me know that a miracle is about to happen. And the car was not totaled making the future look brighter. “Bang-a-rang”. Flying lessons anyone? All you need is a pinch of pixie dust and you. Do not let the nitpicky-persnickety August sky hold you back! Bang-a-rang!

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    When you live expecting and accepting miracles…voila they manifest…from the tiniest to the humungustly large…lol…Thanks and gratitude always help them materialize…Love reigns supreme…love to you all…always xo

  • Karen Malone

    Dreams & Miracles Do and Will come TRUE… as you so often remind us… if you BELIEVE! I was at my “lowest”five years ago, 19 year Relationship/Marriage ending suddenly, Parents Death, Financial Ruin and Physical life threating issues… but when I asked for help and turned my egto “off” and tuned “on”my High Power … only MIRACLES can explain the amazing turn of events in my Life’s Journey that has brought me to TODAY!

    I didn’t do very well for years with MY “Game Plan”… but when I gave Life’s “Game Plan” over to my Higher Power and Guardian Angels… Life has unfolded in Beautiful, Powerful and Amazing Blessings… when things start to build up… I place my EGO in a Balloon (I’m very visual) along with the “concern… and send it upstairs to the MIRACLE DEPT for resolution… not my problem anymore… and BELIEVING.bring miraclous reseults… so that’s my solution… and it works for a stress free Life I Live today!!!

  • Samiyah

    This was beautiful. Yes I’ve been there with the goblins but I got chills watching this. Thanks for sharing this reminder that yes miracles are happening everyday. And we just need to keep the faith stay whole and fully intentioned and the universe will help us…. if we allow it

  • Tracy Brown

    I heard a musican on the radio when I was 27 and without thinking I said “who is that, I need to know him.” Well he died and I am a medium and he connected with me in my early 40’s and helped me thru some rough times. Its true that you still have to do for yourself but man can they give you insight that you would have never had on your own. Its mind blowing. Still shocked till this day. People think that mediums aren’t shocked but I can confirm that we are as shocked as everyone else. LOL

  • Nancy Scott Fields


    I am so glad that video had the same impact on you! I normally don’t watch these but my ex husband lives out in LA and posted it. My ex and I met back when I was a ballet dancer and he was an actor in college so this kind of musical performance (musical theater is what we did together) was very poignant. So I watched it also. It was a beautiful performance and Kristin I am sure was so surprised to have someone so beautifully talented on stage with her as a random “pick” from the audience.

    There are no coincidences. The right moment, the right time, the right person. And a heart felt wish from her father. Love has no boundaries. And if you saw the video of the next night she picked both people who wore green (the color worn by that character in the musical).

    I have had a succession of asking for and receiving my entire life. I grew up a very poor little Indian girl but my momma always told me “you can do anything your heart desires, just put your mind to it and it will happen”. And she told me to go live life and not look back about where I came from and whether or not I had money. We came from the wrong side of the river and had no running water or indoor plumbing in our house. I became a professional ballet dancer and have a degree in teaching ballet. I also spent 10 years in LA doing exactly what I wanted to do. Dancing, Acting and Singing!

    I also knew I would someday be a healer and now that is exactly what I am doing.

    I have a bucket list and places I want to go and people I want to meet and who I want to study with. I’ve gone to the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Sciences and Spiritualism in England (put on my list in the 90’s) and I’ve met and studied with James Van Praagh and John Holland and Mavis Patilla. I wanted to meet you and got the opportunity to do so in LA with the numbers lady. I am traveling and experiencing all the oceans of the world.

    I am living life and healing and meeting people and loving every minute of it. There are no “can’ts” in life. Only possibilities and dreams and desires and knowing everything possible is possible. If you want it and let it happen.

  • Diane Market Gaston

    So thank you Colette for this wonderful reminder. I had already seen this miracle and boo hoo over it, so I got to do it all over again! Music moves me, music has always spoken to me. Music takes me places. Thank you :).
    Fifteen years ago my life was spinning out of control. I find it difficult to capture the chaos that ensued. I had been living a lie. I felt like the real housewife of New Jersey or something with state and federal agencies descending upon my now starter husbands business. All I could think about was trying to stay safe and protect my daughter, keeping her in some kind of a home. After 5 years of working on that issue alone, I was an empty spent shell of a human. After several hours of couch time,as I call coaching, counseling, I dared to look at my forgotten dreams. So I went back to school for my second masters degree( that quite possibly was not my most brilliant move, but it did cure me of my ongoing academia issues), I thought of my childhood dream of have a small farm, or farmette,as I call it. So I went about putting this reality into motion. I found a small house on 5 acres and was ready to put a purchase order in when low and behold what occurred, I met my Bill, of course at a barn, and my dream did not go away rather morphed into what we have now. Which is my dream life of horses, dogs, farmette where I practice.
    This may not seem like synchronicity, but it really is. I dreamed my dream and began the foundation, it was not what I had envisioned but it is what came to fruition. Who knew! My whole life is this way. I have so many events that have occurred, that were suppose to happen. I have always known this to be true. And right now I am not sure why I am writing this, but I guess maybe someone needs to hear a message, thus I am compelled to complete my thoughts.
    Again thanks for the reminder, messages are so powerful, and we must be brave to listen and put into action.

    • Donna

      Thanks for sharing your story, I too have been going through what seems to be a very hard time, I hope that my life’s journey can be lead to a place of joy and love.

  • Mary Louise Ardam

    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diana Boles

    So they had a change of mind and totaled out the wrecked car. That is a good thing. There are so many miracles in my life, so why does this August sky continue to sneak into my blood and churn at the spark that makes me be?

  • Tammy Worthington

    I dont forward very many links, but this is truly inspirational, Wonderful!

  • Cait

    Wow! That video made me cry! I do believe miracles come true – I have experienced it in my own life. Sometimes life exceeds your expectations in the best ways.

  • Jenny F.

    Blown away, again! I got home from a trip recently and while unloading the car I found a blue dragonfly buzzing around my porch. I knew it was a sign, because I have never seen a dragonfly at my house, nor have I ever seen one at night time. It even landed and seemed to sit still for a bit so I could have a good look. Little did I know you had been talking about one as an example!!!! That is so friggin’ cool!!

    Cheers, Jenny

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