Q is for Quintessence, and Questions, Questions, Questions!!

Updated: October 1, 2013


How goes it my tribe of savvy, smart, curious, interesting, real, conscious, on fire, spiritually-open evolvers?

Yes that’s what I’m calling you today since I was asked to answer a serious question about my work and who follows it.

“Colette, who’s interested in your work and reads your stuff? What kind of person follows you? Who’s in your tribe? Who is your quintessential fan?”

That got my attention! I like big words dripping with meaning.

Who is my quintessential fan?

What are the qualities that define the essential, exemplary, perfectly imperfect yet essentially typical person who is into ‘lil ‘ol me?

So, I got quiet, and tuned in and I pondered on who comes here, who posts, who writes in with their ideas and comments. Who are my clients, who takes my classes, reads my books, and at the very least adds me to their Twitter feed?

Well definitely the word “typical” doesn’t apply to any of you fabulous non- conformists.

So I thought hmm .. grounded and slightly weird, could I be surrounded by a spectacular herd of black sheep, not one the same ?

So task at hand I decided to consider answering this question anyway and then ask you to help me after.

Sure, every once in a while I get the odd, confused person who thinks the comments section is a garbage can for their scrambled brains to dump into, but that is so rare. And every once in a while I get someone who thinks I’m going to be a fortune teller who reads cards and talks to dead people, and thankfully they go away disappointed that I don’t drip with their image of crystal bunny spirit guide woo woo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s just not my thing, nor my focus.

Some of my best skills could be defined as a tad woo woo.

But I am not.

Now, before you get your OMG she’s-turning-too-mainstream-on-us hat on, we don’t poo poo the woo woo here in my tribe!

We just present it wearin’ it real, down to earth, and authentic, accessorized with intelligence, sophistication, vulnerability, perspective and humor.  Lots of that. Straight up with a chaser of truth and a pinch of cheek. That’s me!

Is that you too? How do you do you?

How do you express your views on spirituality?

Who are you at your most authentic?

How do you express your true nature, your uniqueness?

What makes you come here to learn or be entertained, to be part of this tribe?

What kind of things are you interested in?

What do you love?

What do you read?

What’s your world like?

You guys know I love my Harley and I’m riding again happy to be back on the horse. I love motorcycles and good crisp sheets and Pomeranians.

I’m an animal advocate, I have a bird sanctuary and I could watch the neighbor’s chickens dig up my lawn for hours. That’s entertainment.

I love knowing I can help someone evolve and transform into a better version of themself.

I believe everyone has the power to transform his/her stories.

I know it’s my calling to help people do that so they can be their best, most successful selves.

I believe that there is a mystical dimension of life that is tangible and real.

I read a book a week. I savor YA authors like Maggie Stiefvater, and yes I loved Harry Potter too and go into spasms of delight reading books on brain science, quantum physics and consciousness research.

I love swearing like a pirate’s daughter (when appropriate…lol)

I get high on creativity and gratitude.

I love things that are slightly weird and just this side of mainstream.

Life is a big Art project to me!

I love anything Celtic.

I’m super bugged by close-mindedness, bullies, drama, cynical attitudes, and people playing the victim.

I really love getting along with everybody I can.

So – tell me if I’m right about you?

You’re intellectually curious, down to earth, unique, out-of-the-box thinker, willing to change, knowing that something more is possible, and on fire to move forward and evolve! You don’t like phony baloney, you’re courageous and you’re hungry for wisdom. You consider yourself spiritual and you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re in transition, honing in on your purpose now, and you love life. You’re slightly weird and are finally relieved to find others the same!

You have a sense of humor, love animals…but because you are unique there is soooo much more .. am I right?

Ok your turn tell me more.

Tell me about YOU!!!

Who are you, and what attracts you here?

Lots of questions yes?

Who is the quintessential YOU?

I will read all your answers … ready set? Go!

Spotlight’s on YOU!


The Invision Project
Founder, CEO

If you have a question you would like to ask Colette, write to her at AskColette@ColetteBaronReid.comAll published questions and answers will be anonymous – we honor and protect your privacy. (Please, Colette respectfully asks that you do not request a reading as the anticipated response to your question.)









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  • Gerri Bonner

    At my very core I am Truth, Love and Wisdom. In dealing with day to day interactions I step into that core and follow that truth to either silence, a word of wisdom or a hug of compassion never taking on their burdens only helping them rise above it. In this space I feel as if I am moving in my purpose to help myself and others to move in step with Spirit.

  • Lyse Ferraris

    You have described me better than I could have!! I would only add that when I connect with nature in the present moment, I am in a Zone of perfection and beauty very hard to describe. I hear the trees and stones speak to me, I feel the ancestors around me, guiding me! I receive amazing messages from my spiritual guide Adonaï.
    I absolutly love your work and your profound wisdom, thank you for all of your very inspirational work!

    Québec City, Canada

  • Cindy

    Omg…I just love you to death…You are straight forward….I come here to learn from you!! I’m 46 ….Been through a lot and am still tickin…sometime a tickin timebomb….lol…I’m a learning creature of God…I have yet to figure out what I want to do…I’m stuck in a damn rut as they say my cocoon has …..decided its not ready to fly!! I’m just so tired of naggin ass whole yes …when they try and play the wounded to may times…yes I am a very caring person stuck with bein a Cancer as my sign!! I just want to slap the be-jibbies out some people sometimes.. I’m an animal Lover and wish I could open my own shelter. wish I could do a lot of thing. Lets face it…..Money is the root of evil and I have learned in my case….Time is more of value to me ……Then anything….I want to help people …but they gotta want to help themselves. Is that mean…I scramble to make ends meet…yes I might be whining a bit…But I Love you…for whom you are …and yes I would love to be able to have a full reading with you..to be able to talk to 2 people that left this life form way to soon..I would love to be able to be so straight -forward like you. You are my angel and don’t forget ….I truly admire the things you do.. Much love and respect!!!

  • Ashli Pritchard

    Colette, you really are right on! As my authentic Self… I am attracted to all things Magical!! I believe in artistic expression! I’m a down-to-earth, go-with-flow, up-in-the-air, oh I guess I’m everywhere!, you can’t tame me Aquarian Angel seeking justice and compassion for all animals! I live for island-time, tranquility, Fire and excitement here and there.I love recreating visions through play. Fascinated with history, especially the magical history we ignore as a society. I’m a deep deep thinker… I aspire to help transform people to achieve their dreams and to love-life and become pain-free! This was fun and cathartic and I’m sure I missed elements of who I Am.. Haha! That’s me. 🙂

  • Bikem

    Well first of all I am a wild wise woman… I am 46 too, publishing a book…I am joyful, bold, out of the norm…I love animals, nature, writing, reading, cooking, my family, my friends, and the Dharma which gives me peace…. I read Dharma books, new age books, always try to lose weight… I love you because I see a kindred spirit in you with a lot of fire.. Keep up the good work….I believe in gratitude and abundance, and Divine Love…. Like your oracle cards, daily wisdom the most from your site…Love, B….

  • Barb Parcells

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I love anything Native American and could sit for hours just watching the leaves change color on the trees, or the birds at the feeder. I have a squirrel who comes as well who lost her tail to some other animal and I treasure her visits (I named her Belle). I adore cats, cute mysteries with unlikely detectives, LOVE HARRY POTTER and fairies. But I am also passionate about animal rights, protecting our children, our Mother Earth, and living in integrity. Being respectful isn’t being weak, nor is non-violence. I encourage everyone to go after their dreams even if I’m having issues going after mine (but I’m much better than I used to be). Besides, if for no other reason, I adore you because you walk your talk, and your ROCK!

  • Tara

    You got me! I would also like to add passionate, sensual, hyper at times, intelligent, and intense. I am also peace loving, have a somewhat corny sense of humor, engaging, charismatic, and have a hippie vibe about me. I would consider my self to be a dreamer who longs to make my dreams a practical reality and can be shamelessly idealistic. But I also believe that to make the world a better place, we have to at least believe its possible and do our part to bring it about, which I believe is what makes my idealism practical.

  • Bridgett

    You’re right on the nose!
    I’m all those things AND…
    I’m an introvert. I’m an observer. I’m a daydreamer. I’m a lifelong learner and teacher.
    I love to quietly process everything I see and hear – makes for a rich inner life.
    I’m often socially awkward and don’t enjoy small talk. I love deep, one-on-one, heartfelt discussions with people who are open and loving.
    I’m imperfect.

    I appreciate you.

  • Tammy Worthington

    To A T….All of your words fit me to a T, and Im thankful for confirmation, cause its not always easy walking and evolving “between two worlds” here physical reality and here spiritual reality :))

  • Patricia

    First of all, trying to type on a smart phone is definately definitely, not cool.
    I love your energy Collette. Your inspiring to me. I can see the life imprints and the past, breeding the present. I am allowing the Universe to show me how to foster my amazing future. Being a divorced single mother. I am allowing and bringing abundance and financial independence. The significance of the divorce was violent and I am iempowering my daughter and other females to build a life of solid independence before, bringing a mate into it. I am proud of who, I am and strong with my resolve to be amazing and live..
    I am tall.
    I am strong.
    I have amazing awesome eyes.
    I have an amazing fit body, especially after two kids..
    I am currently becoming a brunette again….haaaaa, kids in school 5 and 7…
    Here we goooo day,,, bring all the joy, love, abundance, positive experiences……
    I love meeee ,,,,Hahahahah..


  • Rebecca

    thank you, as always, for opening a conversation with myself.
    i am an explorer of realms within and without, eclectic, holistic, organic, creative, insatiably curious, relentlessly optimistic, deeply committed to healing for all of us, a lover of life, art, animals and people. i am passionate, sensual and grateful to be blessed with the ability to be deeply connected to myself, the ones i love and this moment, whatever it may hold.
    i am fed by my time in nature, my time with my family (two legged and four legged), the worlds created by great writers, be they worlds described by writers of fiction, worlds described by writers of science or worlds offered by mystics and metaphysics.
    i am an activist in support of self-determination for all of the above.
    and i love to laugh.

  • Lisa

    Colette ~

    I love, love this blog post. You basically described me; I nodded yes to most of your comments as I read them. I love animals, I’m most at home near a body of water, I love looking into life mysteries. I love cursing (I try to curb that, doesn’t work most of the time.) I love deeply. I’m a work in progress.

    I attended a weekend workshop with you in Sedona 4 years ago. It was truly life changing. What I took away from that weekend is priceless but the absolute best part was meeting other women just like me.

  • Bridgett

    I’m vegan because the torture of animals breaks my heart.

  • Elissa


    “You’re intellectually curious, down to earth, unique, out-of-the-box thinker, willing to change, knowing that something more is possible, and on fire to move forward and evolve! You don’t like phony baloney, you’re courageous and you’re hungry for wisdom. You consider yourself spiritual and you have an entrepreneurial spirit. You’re in transition, honing in on your purpose now, and you love life. You’re slightly weird and are finally relieved to find others the same! You have a sense of humor, love animals…but because you are unique there is soooo much more .. am I right?”

    You totally described me. It’s hard to add to this! Weird? Yes, but in a good way. People often tell me I’m the most grounded weird person they’ve ever met. Here’s a few other descriptions of moi: deep thinker, lover of beauty in all its forms, intuitive (but I don’t wear a turban on my head or make my life decisions based on the swing of my pendulum), artistic, creative, love to learn, share, speak, write, and via these avenues – to help others. Huh. I’m seeing an awful lot of simularities with other posts already.

    One thing I can tell you for certain, I did not decide to study with you because you’re psychic. I decided to study with you because you are the most grounded, REAL, psychic I’ve come across in a very long time. Because you emulate what it means to live in this world while tapping into the next. And because you’ve no desire to be my guru. I don’t need a guru. I can be my own. And I suppose, that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

    Wishing you all the best,


    P.S. And to be fair, you totally remind me of – me – and well, like attracts like and all of that jazz. 😉

  • Eileen

    I feel as though you just wrote to me and described me to a tee! Especially the swearing like a pirates daughter (you called me that via a read from Arthur). I am looking for my physical home and tribe at the moment and am driving my camper across the country…. Glad about your Harley! Thank you for this post. It is just what I needed…..

  • Rosanne Worden

    I am all those things…sometimes I think I am weird…but when a Catholic priest spoke to me after mass and told me…”you get messages” I was dumbfounded…how did HE know?
    He told me he does too… and was told he could talk to me about it…it validated me and all of the things I experienced for about 30 years….I get a knowing of things…who to call…what is going to happen…inklings of what is coming…it still blows my mind….I want to enhance this ability….want to help people where I can….love you Colette…saw you at Lily Dale a few years ago…read your book…you story…was very moved….I like the humor you use in your seminars…it is so needed…..Rose

  • MargaretIt

    Wow!!! Well said!!!
    I have had the pleasure of working with you in NYC quite a few years ago in a more personalized setting. The small workshop was on manifesting and Dream Boards. I have followed your work ever since. Your energy, down to earth personality and “tell it like it is” attitude inspire me. Your being so open about your past in your book Remembering the Future showed me that we can persevere. You are an inspiration!!!!!
    About me, well I have always described myself as being a multifaceted diamond. There are so many different aspect to the being I am it would take to much time and space here to describe. I do my very best everyday to “walk the talk”. I am a spiritual teacher, healer and divine being. Sometimes drama tries to get in the way, but I look at it as “what is this showing me now and what do I need to surrender to, release and let go of that no longer serves me”. I am living my truth and on my journey of my divine purpose.
    You have assisted me in may ways, with your wisdom, humor, perseverance and passion in your work and the information you bring forward to share.

  • Barbara Buley

    Love the question! I came here as a healer, guided through words and hands on. I am passionate about teaching others about their intuition and how to use it in their life. I come alive when I am teaching or sharing about anything spiritual. I love babies and children. I connect with them in a very special way. Most important to me is my family! I enjoy reading fiction, and non fiction. Love, Love, Love to dance. It is a high to see people moving forward and seeing how really great they are in this life. I dislike bullies, and people who are rude and hurtful to others and oh right people who are busy judging everyone drives me crazy. Took up swearing three years ago when going through my divorce, and would like to give it up! lol Look forward to my ex moving on and out of my life. I live in a world where the unseen is more accurate than the seen. Love God and the gift of moving outside that box and finding balance with who I am spiritually. Am thankful for the good and the not so good. Love and Gratitude is the navigational system of my life. That silver lining is there just have to look a little harder to find it at times. I have studied with you through Hay House seminars and was at your first intensive retreat in Arizona. Life changing for sure! Thanks Barbara

  • Cindy Lequereux

    You are a wonderful writer – ability to draw people into your words–describing, as if we quentessentially know and relate to you!!

    When I began reading this blog, my first and immediate thought was a phrase that was used at my work for many years…I worked in land based statusing & mapping where we would use and write this down – “existing, non conforming” – and where something was non conforming, of course doesn’t fit into the rules and regs. Working in an authoritative environment meant non-conforming broke the rules and knew that people thought I was quite different, especially in that environment, where conforming was rewarded!

    I’m drawn to your writing, always have been since I read your first book. I attended a workshop of yours in Sedona about 5 years ago and felt gratitude for being able to be there and learn. It’s so obvious that your so grounded and operate from a level of realism while accessing realities that “ring” truth…

    Myself operates 24/7 from a place of knowing…of course not always voicing that, but I want to allow discernment to lead that knowing….I love all things magic….I have a spontaneous sense of humour that will jump out at any time and because it feels natural and is motivated by a deep deep sense of happiness!! Been down a few roads, feeling like I’ve lived a few lifetimes and can literally remember my conversation with what seems like my guides or people of elevation before entering this lifetime, and in that remember myself saying…”it’s OK..I’ll be able to deal with this life”. So with that in my conscious memory, regardless of anything else, I go there when I need it most!!

    Thanks for the post Collette ~ Infinite Love & Gratitude to you for being you!!

  • Janet

    Sometimes it’s scary how intuitive you are. I had a reading from you about a couple of years ago. (2-3) I can’t quite remember. I also called and talked to you a few times on your radio shows. The radio show you hit it right on the nail whatever I was going through at the time. Then I made an appointment with you and for a half hour reading. After the reading I will be completely honest I was a little disappointed. Yes I wanted you to be more exact in your predictions. It was around the time that you ended your radio show with Hay House. You spent several minutes (to me it seemed forever) telling me how you just ended your affiliation with Hay House. You sounded pretty bummed about the whole thing. All I kept thinking about was “lady I’m paying a lot money and you are only allowing 30 minutes so time is short”. I know that was very insensitive of me but I didn’t realize that until later down the road. I think it’s very ironic how I received this email from you today “What’s your Q?” I was thinking about you this morning while I was driving to work. What you did tell me in the reading, is pretty much happening right now in my life. Times are not so good but it definitely could be worse.
    The fact that you ride a Harley makes me like you even more. I see you as being a more down to earth and a realistic person. It doesn’t matter if you have the “gift” or not people are people and no one should be judged even if they are a little “woo woo”. Lolo I am a strong woman who will not be defeated. If I’m down I get back up it may take a while but I eventually get up and move forward. I love, love, love and connect to music. Music speaks to me as I know it does to you too. I don’t consider myself intuitive to the degree of being a “ reader”. I do get certain gut feelings or messages that I know is spirit guiding me along. So in a sense I can relate to you and why you over other intuitives….sense of humor. I love a person who can make me laugh. Laughter can do wonders. I’m 46 and finally decided what I want to do when I grow up and I’m working towards it. Thanks Collette for your words of encouragement, wisdom, truth and sharing with all of us your story.
    With much gratitude,
    Chicago, IL

  • Lisa Froman

    I am liberal, I am conservative, I am a follower, I am a leader. I am perfectly imperfect. I am a magical child and a wise old soul. I am practical and impractical, empathetic to the point of personal pain, yet I can turn a blind eye when convenient, I guess. I am a peacemaker who also loves dark shows about zombies. I love dark chocolate and red wine. I can’t read a map, but I can navigate the Tao Te Ching. I find faith and loose it sometimes….but just for a few moments. I am brave and scared of my own shadow. I am yin and I am yang energy, depending on my mood. I am a teacher, a student, a mother and a child myself sometimes. I am a poet at heart, but I struggle with the right words sometimes. I am a Libra.

  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    Hi my Written English isnt so good so i will take it in Swedish:
    jag tycker du hittat rätt i dina antagande, jag är medial. jag talar med min skyddsande och En annan också mycket klok o vis ande,
    Jag känner mycket tydligt att jag o även vi alla får den hjälp som vi behöver!
    det är en häftig känsla när det man tänker blir till !
    jag tackar hela tiden för allt jag /Vi får !!
    jag gillar att läsa andliga o fantasy böcker men även det mesta ..
    beror på vilket humör jag är på .
    jag har alltid velat veta o funderat på hur allt i livet hör ihop, o talar ofta m andarna om detta.
    jag gillar som sagt att läsa , jobba i naturen o jag gör mest vad som faller mej in 🙂 Älskar mina barn o barnbarn! (jag är 57 år snart)
    Jobbat som kock, o även jobbat som intendent på en Båt, nu jobbar jag med resor, är lite ombytlig vad det gäller jobb men försöker följa min innre röst då brukar det bli bra!
    Älskar människor o gillar även att vara ensam ,,hur det nu passar ihop..
    Född in i en familj som är underbar o där många har mediala gåvor.
    Jag läser dina brev för att jag gillar ditt sätt att se på Världen , det stämmer bra överens med hur jag ser på saker o ting.
    Hpooas du kan översätta detta ! Kram Elisabeth

  • Susan

    I definitely don’t fit in a box any more. I am spurred on by my intense desire to learn. I read voraciously. I am a wife and a mother to a son who totally flipped my world right side up. I am working hard to catch up to him- he’s so created and wired for the future.

    I express my creativity in photography and in soap making. I love the ocean and made a living working on it for several years.

    After having a spiritual awakening about 3 years ago, my life has gone into hyper drive. Tons of learning, tons of healing, lots of evolving. My education took a giant leap in one small step this summer (broke my foot), and I am moving up another big notch.

    I live to help others, and am figuring out little by little what this will look like over the next few years. Right now, I am to rest, heal, and recuperate.

  • Sonja noriega

    I love harley’s too.. and my morning ritual of meditation and affirmations, teaching about Love, dancing around the house, my kids, my family, playing with my daughter’s dog, Riley, dune buggies and the desert, nascar, football, and my favorite season is Fall.

    I have been following you for a few years. Your way if teaching resonates with me because if your not no-nonsense, playful attitude. You are not afraid to tell it like it is. I love your you tube videos….especially the one about The Goblin. Haaaa so funny.

    Xxx you rock!!!


  • Loraine

    MM like the idea of being a quintessential client type of person. I am a big fan of your Wisdom of the Hidden realms cards (big fan being a huge understatement,) have heard you team up with Robert OHotto and basicaly just love your authentic style of personal development. Just want to say thanks…for being willing to put yourself out there in your own unique way..its inspiring.. as too are your card decks. Thanks xx

  • Nancy

    Collette, Where do I begin..I am 58 years old and I have been on this spiritiual journey for more than 25 years now..my daughter Becky and I came to Denver to see you and our lives were transformed…I knew after seeing you that my daughter and I would begin our Spiritual Awakenings meetings..we have been meeting with a wonderful group of women for over 5 years now…I’ve always been the quiet listener (not that that is a bad thing) but through you I’ve begun to have my voice and speak my truth. I am an intuitive and give readings all time..I am also a premonisive dreamer..and I’ve helped many people. That is all I want to do in life. Just be in service and help others to grow.
    I love nature…to sit by the waters edge and open my senses to the beauty and the magic of this planet…Love it!! I love animals, but my true heart is with horses, the four legged kind!! To ride is like heaven to me To feel their power yet gentle nature is amazing to me. Love babies of all kinds…

    You are an amazing woman and so gifted…Becky and I use your cards when we do our readings…they are amazing. So here I am a part of your wonderful, tribe..and I would not have it any other way…..LOVE your work Collette!! Nancy

  • Susan-C

    Who am I? I’m at a point in my life where I’ve come to realize that much of what I internalized during the 1st four (and change) decades of my life does little to define me or my place in this universe. I might have amassed this huge body of life experience, and yet the perspective from which I viewed it was conventional. Hence, I am not surprised at the amount of stress in my life. I was living at odds with myself. My soul has always been my guiding force, and yet I was putting my round soul into a square hole. The importance of listening to our heart/soul space has been reinforced in my lessons of this year. My focus is now on enlightenment. I am drawn to Buddhist teachings, as well as to authors such as Gary Zukav. Meditation is crucial in our evolution. I have also discovered the beauty and healing to be found in chanting mantras. I too am fascinated by the areas of brain science, quantum physics and consciousness research. To end for today, thank-you for sharing your insights with us. Whenever I need a reality check or encouragement, I draw one of your Oracle cards. You have written these in a way that draws out the truth in us.

  • Theresa

    Hello, beautiful Collette!
    You are a-speakin’ my language, lady! And the use of that very big word is totally very cool and great fun! I have a wacky sense of humour myself (note the spelling of humour – yes that’s right, a fellow Canuck). I like to swear like a sailor now and again (small town roots, what can I say), as I am in the time of my life where if people don’t like what I say, then… (yes, you were thinking it! But I did not write it. Haha!). I too am 46, and I will be turning a very proud 47 years of age this year. (Amazing how many of us 46 year olds actually mentioned our ages. I think it is a sign!).

    I have been doing intuitive readings for quite some time now. Around 12+ years. My spiritual path started off with some very weird paranormal phenomena. This led me on a quest for answers. Then, leaving an alcoholic fiancé of 12 years (did you say 12 years? Yup! The ring was getting a bit tarnished, I do say! Bahaha!), being robbed at gun point, losing 2 family members in a house fire and a few other life changing events which gave me the work to do for many years on myself. I had a lovely degree in woundology for some time which I realized no longer served me so I crumpled it up and got a new attitude with the help of many wonderfully patient people and some really great authors! Thankfully, not too many people saw this self-defeating part in my life, but it was a very powerful transition. It made me realize what I did not want in my life (as life is indeed, too short), pushing me towards being the most inspirational person that I know.

    I am a down to earth person with some cheekiness and a big adventurer. I actually work in health care as my day job. And I travel the world when I can (almost yearly), on my seasonal breaks with my honey, bringing my tarot cards with me (in my backpack) wherever I go. I love to inspire others and empower others through my readings and in my personal relationships. And I love people who inspire me! I am an artist, trying to make time out of my busy schedule to do my paintings, drawings, jewellery, polymer clay characters for my Mom’s children’s book, and writing. I love to bird-watch, and love to watch any animal in the wild. I love water and love to kayak with beluga whales, especially where I am living right now (the Canadian sub-arctic). And when I am in the south areas (where there are trees), I listen to the wind rattle through the deciduous trees. It’s like listening to an old friend. I find it fascinating to feel the different effects that the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams have on me. Each one has a different personality, it seems depending on the movement.

    I love to read inspirational stories, self-help books, listen to inspirational recordings, and I am a big fan of your work and Hay House. I have used your Map cards in a reading, recently – wow!!!!

    I recently read a book called Tuesdays with Morrie which reminded me again what is really important in life (a very brave man and his journey with ALS until his death). The whole idea of contemplating our physical mortality intrigues me and fills me with such energy. I am Scorpio on the cusp of Sag, and when I got my natal chart done years ago, the fact that my interest in life and death was right there in front of me…. This kind of freaked me out as I never really was conscious of this fascination. With the experiences I’ve had in my life, it only makes sense that I was forced to learn the concept that “life is too short” so get over it and move on. So if something comes up that needs serious work, I hunker down and get it done. When each of my furry children passed on (my two cats) I journaled for many days, releasing the pain, as I knew this would benefit me in the long run. I’m not afraid to face the pain to do the work (thanks to many wonderful teachings from you, and others like you).

    And from one fascination of life and death — to exploring life after life and life before life… I could go on, but you all know what I am talking about. It is lovely and magical to know we can gain access to this information if we want to. I get the odd message now and again from old buildings and historical sites…

    I like to contemplate how many people out there are learning their own intuitive language as I continue to learn mine from the clairvoyant symbols I am shown, and other messages through clairaudience and clairsentience. I feel very blessed to have a supportive system for continuing this practice as well. That is where I think tribes are important. For people who are evolving into who they need to be. It makes things so much better when you know you are connected to a tribe of people who share the same interests and practices and that you are not alone. I too am on a mission to make the woo woo more accepted in society. It has become so normal for me to accept it all (finally) as part of who I am, that it is sometimes abnormal for me to think that people are not doing this kind of thing.

    So, when is your next workshop, lovely Collette?! I will try, one of these days, to make it part of my travels and come to see you in person! I love you and the Harley you road in on! Keep up the wonderful work you do. I’m always listening. Love Theresa

  • Carolyn

    Dear Collete,
    First I LOVE the new pix of you!! Stunning. Have you cards, love them, very touched that there was a heart post-it note with them. So flattered to be invited into your tribe! I never thought of myself as part of the tribe I’ve been such a big fan, always felt like the groupie, now I feel part of the band, thanks for the invite.
    I’m an artist not driven to art like some, it’s something I’ve always been able to do. Feel it’s what I’m supposed to be doing. If I did want I wanted it would be hanging in nature and with horses 24/7. Am 54 and so blessed, after some big bumps in the road have recently had the opportunity to create the kind of art I like to do which is paint animals especially Heritage farm animals. We now live in a beautiful part of the world and get to see open water every day. Have learned the hard way how to live in the moment, I highly recommend it. I hear your voice in my head when I pull your cards or think of you and ask questions. You are such a warm soft light in my life that always wakes me up and makes me pay attention. I feel I can have one foot in each world spirit and reality by watching how you do it.
    Thanks for asking and glad you’re back on the Harley!

  • Anne

    I am definitely this (or that?) side of mainstream, most comfortable there. Love to read-love books about past lives and energy work. Artistic, curious, in awe of the little and big things, love to smile, to sing and dance. In the rain.

  • Tara

    To tell you the truth Colette I don’t read every email that I get sent from you ( busy life and sometimes there is just no time) Today is one of the days I did!
    I have read your books and I love your energy and when I need a boost or some inspiration that is when I end up here.
    I am a soul constantly searching for the truth. I am a spiritual individual that knows that nobody has all the pieces to the puzzle so I am on a search for all the pieces from all walks of life.
    I am a jack of all trades but a master of nothing ( I just accept this about myself now..lol) I wish I was amazing at something but I just feel like there is so much to learn and so little time that I never give myself enough time to master anything.
    I am an emotional being that feels too much and that has to sometimes shut it all down as to not get overwhelmed by the pain in the world.
    I love everything that has to do with enhancing intuitive capabilities.
    I love ghost hunting ( yes it’s weird but I believe and I want the proof) and I want to write about my findings.
    My fiance , my kids and my dogs are the loves of my life- they love me for who I am ( quirkiness and all)
    As a hairstylist, I love being creative and dmaking people beautiful. There is nothing better in the world than having someone leave my chair feeling better about themself then when they walked in.
    When I really start thinking about it, I find it very hard to describe my true self. I guess in life you try to fit into the “norm” you worry about what people really would think of you if they knew what you were really about. That’s kinda sad.
    Oh ya I like to cry.Not all the time just once in a while to get all the bad energy out. I feel a good cry ( I mean the whole sobbing, snotty nose type) is cleansing for the soul.
    I love who I am the quiet, calm,obnoxious, over zealous drama queen who is confused about everything but knows it all!……lol

  • Alina

    What a powerful question. I am Love. It took a long time to learn and accept this. I am a Truth seeker. I am open minded. I am a healer. I am curious. I am a teacher as well as a student. I am grateful. I have always been drawn to anything woowoo since I was a young and books were my fuel. As I explored and experimented, others thought I was a bit weird, crazy, naive, etc. and I am glad I never listened to naysayers for very long. I am compassionate and loving. I am confident to go to the beat of my own drum, even if others don’t agree 🙂 I have learned I don’t have to convince anyone of my beliefs. I just do my best to live by them and then others are able to see my light shine brightly and ask me about it. And this makes me a leader as well. I love the ocean and I love animals and the Angels. I would say I am the happiest when I am in nature. And I am thankful for all my teachers who have guided me. I have learned to love myself and then see the world transform around me as a result of this self-love….very powerful. Thanks for asking:)

  • Jeanne

    Go(o)d show. You really nailed it with your basic descriptive paragraph… and in my case, add grandmother to two under 8, lightworker, Reiki Master, and author. I’ve had flashback memories of when I was a male scribe in Egypt, a young nun-turned herbalist healer in France, a tribal maiden who ground corn in North America, and a Scot named Victoria who was in love with a Pict. In this life, I was born a farmer’s daughter. I’ve lost my parents to the Other Side, but I still have my green thumb, even after moving to and living in the desert an eon ago. I am a crone. And am happy to confirm each morning that I arise, once again, to give the darkness my best effort to kick it to the curb. I live for the truth, dig for it, pass it on, and hold it in my heart. I AM. Come evolve with me, remember with me, discover who we ARE in Spirit so we may ALL go Home.

  • Diana Boles

    I come here to listen to the free flow of thought — the echo chamber outside the box — my day begins with Jamie Sams and St. Joseph. Einstein and Giorgio Tsoukalos, Crazy Horse and The Dahli Llama, Gloria and Missy and Rock-0, teaching while being taught, acts of leadership while not leading, antiques and paint, all things chippy and my Harley, silence while screaming, hearing the messages from beyond while being ever present. Colette Baron Reid and Joan of Arc, courage in the face of fear, dirt under my nails and feathers in my moon lodge, rocks and lace, guitars and Mozart —— ’30’s Popeye cartoons and the Marx Brothers and Aliens and The Blues Brothers——-more words than space can provide so allow our tribal intuition to fill in the blanks. Sisters of the Moon we run with wolves and fly with eagles. Namaste! With wings spread wide, I soar on high. With umber eye, I search for prey. With outstretched talons I seize my life. With ocher beak I savor the taste. I share this, my private prayer with you, my sisters in grace. I have never done that before.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so beautiful.. I am so touched by all of you my sisters my tribe my strange and beautiful wonderful sparklers.. Here we all are together… awesome .. and so so so very cool are we ….

  • Karen Fogle

    These are great questions! Now that I am awake I am here to find answers to who I am and what I like.
    I know what I do, at the moment I am a teacher, a student, a mom and a friend. My reading is mostly of text as I am a graduate student so “finding me” in any leisure reading is sparse.

    I trust in the Angels and believe my spirit was so worn out from the life I was leading that my guides intervened and woke me up and gave me strength, cleared a pathway and led me out of what was draining my life. I am curious to know what is in store for me why I was spared and what I need to do. I believe part of this journey is so I can prepare my daughter for training she will need for her special life mission. I need to resuscitate my soul so I can move forward, I am looking back to see what comes with and what stays behind. I am discovering me and am feeling lighter ever day I am away from what caused so much pain! I am free of chest pain and the pressure that pressed on me every day making me feel as if I could not breath. I am here because I need to learn, I need to understand just who I truly am and fulfill what I am meant to be.
    Blessed be Collette I am here so you can feed me the nourishment my soul can feel, understand and pass along.

  • Chantelle

    Hi Colette 🙂 What attracts me to you and your work and people like Robert Ohotto is your honesty and down to earth realness with the good and bad of life. The light the shadow the hard the easy breasy…and everything inbetween. Seeing you in your power helps me know my own. I am learning to own it. And people like you help me with that. I am on fire for life now more than ever. and being a part of a tribe like this feels good. Knowing there are people out there that question things and stand up for themselves and are honest about where they are is where its at. I am learning to be courageous right now in life and own where I have been a coward in the past. It’s good. I am in a crystal shamanism coarse and am a working mom, I am a registered massage therapist and angelic reiki practioner very woo woo for some but I know the power in it. And I am starting to come out of the closet with it. There is a woman who lives in my city that reminds me of the same type of no time for bullshit way you have. She is a catalyzer for empowerment and change in our community. And I have chosen her to be my non traditional therapist. Her name is Jennifer Clark. Anyways, what I am trying to say it is through people like you that I find my strength, you mirror it back to me. Seeing examples of people walking their talk and enjoying life has brought me back to life and I am so grateful. So thankyou Colette. You are celebrated and appreciated. Much Love Chantelle 🙂

  • Andrea

    Wow! Spot on. SO yesterday Elton Johns Honky Cat or whatever its called came on the radio, heard it a thousand times but this time I heard the words that resonated with me, its like trying to find gold in a silver mine. Its like trying to drink whiskey from a bottle of wine. This was just following me coming back from my daughter who is a cheerleader in the 8th grade, project for the football players in her school, we made them goodie bags, nothing wrong with that per say. I live in a place where peoples lives revolve around football, and goin to church. Im sooo not like that, so my life other than I have an amazing husband and children and I love our home and our life, but Im an outsider for sure here in the bible belt. I listen to my angels, I seek answers from oracle cards, and everything that you said. Im very drawn to magical things, Merlin, Harry Potter, where nature is revered and you can feel the life and love in it and it brings forth joy and belonging. I know Im here for a reason, trying to find gold in a silver mine so to speak, Im just very grateful to have other like minded souls to connect with. Namaste

  • Sylver

    I am a reader, a writer, a surfer, a flyer, a magical manifesting multiplier who is in love with the life I am dreaming into being.

  • Patricia

    Hi Colette
    I just love you to death I have to say you are a fantastic human being. You want to know why I follow you and your teaching? It’s because you are my inspiration, I read your books, have some of your CDs and I love you for who you are. Now about me.
    I am down to earth, curious about places, nature, people, life. I love animals, all of them. I respect every living being as a spiritual being and treat all life with the outmost respect, we are all connected, we are all star stuff. Though I love all animals my outmost love goes to my German Shepherd dogs, they are my babies, my life and I adore them. My babe, Dana, who passed last December was my little soul mate, and when I meditate I see her and feel her in my soul, you know this wonderful feeling.
    I do think and act outside of the box even if it gets me in trouble, once I have made up my mind I live with the consequences of my actions. It’s fun though. I am willing to change, I have embraced a lot of change in my life and I am going through and amazing transformation right now, though hard I am going through it. I consider myself very spiritual, I am a late comer in this field, though I know I have this strong intuition since the age of four but due to circumstances in my life I pushed it away, now I have embraced it full force. It has open my eyes on so many aspect of my life and me as a person, and made me encounter wonderful people such as yourself.
    I don’t have time for anyone who stands in my way of advancing in my life, never have never will. As for people who like to play the victim, I have this to say, there is always a solution to every challenges in life it’s up to us to see it and it’s up to us to find help if we can’t see it. The victim role is a poor excuse.
    I have a weird sense of humour that many don’t understand and don’t know how to react to, which makes it more fun for me, I can certainly entertain and laugh at myself.
    In a nut shell this is a bit about me, the me that is always changing, always learning and always writing.

  • Christine

    I am drawn to the vibe of the tribe and, All your work has crystallized wisdom to my rainbow of depth.. Sparkling with “awe ha ” moments…to my perspective. I Love reading and tend to dive into anything of spiritual nature . I am an vibrant old soul who loves to learn and explore New things. I love art. ..I love animals(have two dogs)…. I love the rain…being in nature …I love the ocean and sun sets. I love Angels and magical moments infused with Love and light!!


    Hi Collette,

    As with all the above, I too can relate so closely with you and the rest. I am 47. I have 3 children, 24, 19 and 7 soon to be 8 in 7 more days. I am disgustingly happily married. We are truly Yin & Yang which is the ONLY way I can describe us. This is my second marriage. I too have had so many difficulties in my life that I wouldn’t change for anything or I would not be the amazing person I am today. I am a wife, a nurse, a mom, a healer, a lightworker, a mentor, teacher…………………..I am so many things and my passion is to help others heal themselves. My guides have recently given me the push to branch out and do what you and so many others do. I am excited for the shift and the role all of us are playing. Thank you for being the most amazing mentor and gift to the world ; )

  • Elena

    Dear Colette! Thank you very much! I have read two your books – “Remembering the Future” and ” Messages from Spirit” as they are translated in Russian and I like them very much. Then I have bought your Map cards via Amazon and I use them and they really help me. Thank you a lot! I am longing for Spirit, I can not say how much! I would like to understand what is happening here and why, I would like to know the forces and sources of the life and how it goes. I try to understand the roots of our problems and the ways to better life, but I can not. I read Hicks and Linn Grabhorn and thought they have found the answer – Low of attraction. But when I try to follow this way, I see how complicated all this – my feeling are very changeable, I can not catch them, I can not make myself to be or to feel good all the time, I change! Spirit goes as He wants and may be our feelings follow Him. I don`t know. No answer. It is so good to hear, that you like Harry Potter, which is my favorite as well. I read it many times and I like Hagrid most of all. I thank you for everything and I wish you all the best.

  • Nicki

    I’ve always considered myself an ‘old soul’! I can still remember at 4 or 5 years old some of the moments I had profound thoughts, realizing back then that there is something so much larger than myself going on around me…yet still realizing what a huge impact I make as an individual in that larger picture. With only 3 months until my 30th bday, I’ve reflected on just how much I’ve been thru, accomplished, failed at, tried my best at & everything in between. I’ve become a part of your tribe because you and all of the members inspire me with your stories and words of encouragement. Also the authenticity of who we all are! I am the weird, quirky creative type, that leaves me looking a bit ‘in the clouds’ often, yet at the same time I am a very deep thinker as well and will try to solve a problem before I take decisive action. And then there’s the impulsive side…and every shade of Unique me in between! I’m a hairstylist/skin therapist/makeup artist/violinist/singer, all of which I LOVE and enjoy doing, especially because I’m sharing my gifts with so many others. I follow you because that’s what life is about: sharing our gifts with each other so we are all inspired to be the best, unique souls that we are! We’re coming out of that proverbial closet as a whole, looking for the light and all doing it together to spread it like wildfire! Keeping it real by sharing the downer times is most important, as it reminds each one of us that YES, WE ARE ALL HUMAN! So basically, many thanks and blessings for sharing your authenticity with the world and holding space for all of your unique tribe members :).

  • Betty Jo Northouse

    Wow!.It goes back along time.I’m turning 60 in November..My earliest memory is about 4 years old I was sitting in a sunbeam and watching all the dust particles floating in it and thinking I’m different..Every night in the left corner of my bedroom there was this man kind of sitting and floating he had I thought pajamas on at the time but since figured out it was his ancient robes. I thought it was God…He came every nite and stayed with me never spoke but had a quiet calming presence..Later in life I learned this must have been my Guarding Angel..I named him Sam…I tried to tell everyone about him but they told me It was just my imagination..As I grew up and started living my lifel. One nite I had a out of body experience and I can only describe it as floating down the hallway seeing everything from above and floated to my mom and dads room into the arms of my mother..Again nobody believed me and was told to tell Sam to go away…I was probably about 8 or 9 by then..I did what they told me and I told Sam to go away…He did…to this day I have not seen Sam but I know he is with me at all times..I feel him and is always helping me recognize my intuitions and respond to them..I have been married for 33 years have 2 children who have the same gift..My daughter sees spirits..my son trys to ignore them but I know he is very spiritual.. So I am not so different I believe I am just more open to all the possibilities that is right in front of us every day…I love animals and all they represent I do have a fettish of spiders in my house though…I try to get them out alive butttttt sometimes the little buggers don’t want to leave!….So Collette you have been a inspiration to me read all your books have all you wisdom cards because you are just like me!…Normal….Its everyone else that’s crazy!…hahahahahahaha Have a Great Day and ThankYou!.

  • Ali Gowdridge

    I Am fascinated with the fact that we are all part of the same universal energy, showing ourselves in our unique individual way. I am reading anything relating to this from Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepa Chopra and many more amazing inspirational teachers like yourself. Many thanks for raising the awareness and spreading the knowledge which in turn will help us evolve. xxx Namaste xxx

  • Qarol

    Q is for Qarol, that’s me, and yes, Colette, we have met. It was on 11-11-11…I Can Do It – Tampa.

    I love people, owls, dragonflies, giraffes, cats and the color purple.

    I live in a great big purple house which needs some serious feng shuiing.

    I am a spiritual person who embraces the gift of the material plane for embodying the wondrous manifestations imagined by mind/spirit.

    I am a student of my self so that I may know God.

    I am the result of my thoughts and beliefs and therefore endeavor to believe what is wise and what works.

    I love all things of the mind, psyche, consciousness, and spirit.

    I feel most fully, happily human when I am creative.

    I spend much time being joyfully edified by those with greater gifts or loftier learning than my own, such as yourself.

    At 53, I am hard at work preparing for the super colossal, grand roll-out of my life’s purpose ; ) …..

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