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Updated: October 23, 2013


Dear fabulous you-

I should have added “sorry” to that list of “s” words considering I have not written a blog in a bit since my brain has been mush while working on the last couple weeks of my AWESOME IN-Vizion® Training (sadly soon to end) and I like to keep my promises!

Speaking of “s” words, did you catch my beautiful soul sister Dani Shapiro on Super Soul Sunday on the OWN Network this week? You must watch this (http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Full-Episode-Oprah-and-Dani-Shapiro-Video ), and get her books Devotion: A Memoir, and her latest- Still Writing: The Pleasures and Perils of a Creative Life. She is one of the truly most gifted writers in my opinion, the kind of lyrical writer that can make a cabbage feel meaningful.

And maybe I should also add the word “sweet” since I’m heading back to my former home SWEET home – Toronto—to speak this Friday Oct 25th. (open to the public 7:30 to 9:30 pm…cheap tix too) http://www.epccanada.ca  I’m super excited to be presenting a powerful blend of what I love- seeing, speaking and teaching. The Oracle is coming to town and bringing IN-Vizion® along for the transformational ride!!!

When I look back I see the place where so much suffering occurred with a very different pair of eyes. Thirty years ago I was once a victim seeing through a lens of resentment and entitlement and blessed to transform to owning my power, seeing through the eyes of compassion and rigorous honesty, and surrendering to Spirit. So much can change with a new pair of eyes.

When you open your eyes what do you see?

Do you see an amazing world brimming with possibility and potentiality? Or do you see a repeat of yesterday’s conditions that seems to dictate how you feel about things?

When you open your bank account do you see what’s there or all that room to add more?

When you look at your business do you see an opportunity to create and connect, collaborate and make great ART or do you see yourself competing in a scarce environment?

Do you look at your life and see no lover but miss all the love you have?  Or do you love without expectation and see it everywhere?

Through which lens do you see?

Be honest when you think about those questions. We all get our sight from our past, we are memory- based creatures but if we do what we did we will get what we got! And if we only see what we saw we won’t recognize the power of the new. If we want to see change we need to see things we’re not familiar with also. And we need to see ourselves clearly, warts and all, to claim our authenticity.

So how the heck do we do that?

Yes, my own capacity for clear seeing can sometimes go blurry when I’m reacting to something out of fear instilled in me long ago. I too can see the present and forget it’s a creation of my mind and my interpretation of it can be easily fogged by a lack of clarity and perspective.

When we only look at the conditions in front of us built on our past assumptions and reinforced expectations and ideas, it’s hard to imagine there is more beyond those conditions.

You can do Vision Boards ‘til your walls are covered but how can you really see and claim vision when you’re stuck?  That’s really the point, seeking higher ground, being willing to elevate our capacity for seeing so we can get a vision.

None of us can have vision until we allow the attachment to conditions to dissolve, see from another vantage point and recognize we are not slaves to what was, we can do and be so much more. Want to know how to do this and fast?

Here’s a powerful exercise based on the first question of my IN-Vizion® process- Where Am I?

If you want to see clearly and gain perspective you need to get on your bird.  It’s simple. Let’s begin.

Look at your life as it is now with all its issues as a place you are observing.

Notice how detached you feel as you observe.

Now imagine you’re looking through the eyes of your soul.

A bird will appear.

Get on its back…let it take you high in the sky.

Look down. How big or small is your starting point from up there?

What does your soul see?

Seeing from this vantage point there is so much more, yes?

The Soul knows how to see. Open those eyes today and see what changes.


I’d love to hear what happened for you when you got on your bird and  saw through the eyes of your soul!

All my love and support now and forever- because I can see you, and you’re more than beautiful.



The InVision Project
Founder, CEO

So, want to really reinforce your best life? Check out this great workshop in Silicon Valley on Oct 26th and 27th run by my two wonderful Master Trainers, and certified Master Intuitive Coaches bringing IN-Vizion® to northern Cali! Check it out here: http://www.msearfoss.com/?page_id=240

If you have a question you would like to ask Colette, write to her at AskColette@ColetteBaronReid.comAll published questions and answers will be anonymous – we honor and protect your privacy. (Please, Colette respectfully asks that you do not request a reading as the anticipated response to your question.)





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  • Kady

    Too often we get caught up in our daily lives, filled with our own little
    mini-crisis, and forget to see the world around us through anything but our own little foggy haze. Taking a flight high up into the sky on our little bird to look down upon our little piece of the world with new eyes reminds us to view the beauty and vastness of our planet. Our soul magnifies to fill us with love and compassion, joy and awe, bliss and awareness. Suddenly it all seems to bloom like a rose, reminding us to enjoy the perfume, the color, the beauty of our life. We each have a tiny bud of potential inside us ready to open up and bloom like a gorgeous rose. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Bridgett

    Thank you for this.

    I’m in a painful place where I’m examining past choices and consequences I’m living with in the present. I’m putting my head in the lion’s mouth to finally admit and move on from some terrible choices I made out of selfishness and ignorance – choices that hurt and damaged the people I love.
    In the past, I’ve gotten stuck sorting through the wreckage.

    I’m blessed with visions and shamanic journeys with animal guides. I need this bird to lift me up out of the wreckage so I can truly see it all. I need to soar above it and beyond it with love and forgiveness.

    Love, Bridgett

  • Diana Boles

    From the feathers I ride, the STARTING POINT SEEMS VAST, it is everything else that appears small………I sense success. It is measured by smiles rendered, solutions found, security provided, silent gratitude, sacred ground, spells of grace. But my fault with my-self when in the vastness is I know not where to begin to change the ” I wish-es” to the “I accomplish-es”. Just do it is to live by— and often I do. So why do I run out of steam when it is time to create for the sake of art and my desire to have this be my income? Is it the echos of rejection from childhood? The dime a dozen philosophy of past family generations? The fear of having nothing? I always feel that I am “on the verge”. At the “jumping off point”. What is my problem? I see the point but am I applying it incorrectly because it is a part of my everyday? Should I be separating it somehow? Should it not be a part of my every breath?

  • wendy

    For the firs 2 years of my sons twin boys life i was their only babysitter. Always at their home.My son and daughter-in law asked me to take the boys overnight at my home last April just before the boys second birthday Unfortunately my husband was stricken with progressive MS and is in a wheelchair .He has many problems but balance is a main one and usually 2 times a week we have to call the ambulance to help my husband get back up and into his chair. It is very difficult for both of us as we are in our early 60 s I had to tell my son that I could not take the boys overnight but would be more then willing to come to their home. This did not sit well and since April 2013 I have only been allowed to see my grandsons twice Not even Christmas. In fact my son told me it is not OK for me to come over when I asked him if I could see them yesterday. My son when I told him i miss the boys responded I am sure you do. We have always been close and he always said I am the only person he can talk to about his problems. I should mention my daught in law had not spoken to her mom for 6 years prior to my son meeting her and she did not even let her mom know she was a gramma until the boys were 2 years old at about the same time as she quit talking to me Any help would be appreciated. If I phone they do not answer If I text email or PM on face book no reply. I only got through yesterday because he did not recognize my cell phone number..

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