A Bright Light Attracts a Lot of Bugs and why Friends mean Everything!!

Updated: February 18, 2014

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A Bright Light Attracts a Lot of Bugs and why Friends mean Everything!

Hiya …

Well the Super Bowl of Love has come and gone; my husband is now off the hook, and today I’m throwing out the ooey gooey chocolate hearts someone gave me that I ended up hiding in the garage. Yep, I hid them from myself (who else?), because they were chattering and blabbing at me to gobble away my deep discomfort this weekend that was building up since mercury went retrograde last week.

To be honest, ever since my book got re-launched, putting me back out there doing all that TV and video, I felt a lot more vulnerable than usual. More attention comes my way, and more people notice me, my brand, and watch my videos. Although there are a lot of nice posts, sometimes there are some pretty mean ones, rarely from men by the way.

Why are women such bullies? I had one woman write on a video of me singing that I was ugly and my music sucks. Another post was that I was not spiritual; another that I was taking advantage of people doing readings – and that I was ugly and a fraud. Another post this time on amazon was that my book’s positive reviews must have been solicited and paid for etc.

These were all from women who actually took time out without knowing me at all to deliver their hate and self- righteous criticism. Yes, I know what people think of me is none of my business, but it hurts. It’s shaming, mean spirited, and unkind.

BY the way, what was said was not what bothered me. I am attractive; I have a good voice; I am 1000% the real deal, and anyone that says I’m not spiritual has no clue who I am. Ok, so I’m afraid of religious fanatics because there’s no talking to them!  I’ll admit that’s true. But that aside, it was that ALL of it came from women.

Women need to support one another, not put each other down when their light is shining.

My friend Crystal Andrus and I are hosting an amazing evening in Toronto celebrating International Women’s Day March 8th to empower and lift up women everywhere. We’re so excited and proud. She received a comment on her new photos taken by her daughter by a woman who called her out for being too sexy and beautiful. Are you kidding me? WTF?

Are we supposed to dull ourselves so people can like us?

Screw that! Women everywhere SHINE and love your sisters when they shine. Competition needs to move over, and compassion and collaboration needs to come to the forefront of how women interact with each other.

We’re not the only ones that go through this either. How has it been for you when you’re at your best and suddenly your girlfriends act differently towards you, or you get whispers at a wedding or class reunion because you’ve looked after yourself and they haven’t? How can we do this differently? What does it mean when a woman’s success makes you feel less than? How can we change it? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I made a very funny comment on the blooper part of a video I did to help support my buddy John Holland’s latest oracle deck Psychic Tarot of the Heart. I playfully said “I’m jealous.” The comment was about the wild success of a colleague’s oracle deck that got on TV. Interesting that I chose that word considering I love this person and am a big supporter. Knowing better, we chimed in and said “ That’s for Me!”

We left it in because it was cute; but truly it shows how deeply ingrained we can be, when a competitive impulse does the talking. Notice how I said “ we” not “ I.” Yuck, it’s got cooties and they’re green ones- but heck, nobody’s perfect.

Anyway, the video is good if you like oracle cards; and you can watch us giving each other readings with the deck, then having fun at the end with my lil doggies.

Thank God for friends.

Friendship is everything. Crystal and I got a chance to hug over all this, and shoo the bugs away. John and me got to hang out at my house for a video we did to help him. That’s what I like- being there for my friends, knowing they want the best for me, hanging in there when there are growing pains, holding the umbrella together.

Happy when they shine.

Support one another ladies (and gents). Whatever comes up for you when you get a hate on,  look inside: it’s not about the person you’re hating. Praise and show gratitude for successful women when they shine- for whatever you praise multiplies within you too.

No one has the right to dim your light either- not even you. (thank you Marianne Williamson for her famous quote- see Crystal’s blog for that one. ;)


PS I love to partner with people when their work inspires me, and I think you’d be inspired and helped by it too. Two phenomenal things are happening this week: Marie Forleo’s B-School and Nick Ortner’s Tapping Summit.

Check them out!

PPS Come to dinner with me and Crystal Andrus and friends on March 8th. Click here for details!



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  • Susan

    Yay Colette! Women are their own worst enemies and I never have understood why. We definitely should be uplifting, praising and supporting each other, not tearing each other down. Amen to you for shining a light on the subject!

    • Dana

      Amen!!!!! When some seeing your bright light it makes them feel less then or they see your gifts and because they can’t look at them selves they have to hurt some one else!!!

      I work for a women who is like that !!! I am truly a gift to her and when I’m gone she will realize it !! Too bad she doesn’t now !!!

    • Lyn

      One of the reasons that women are mean to each other, in my opinion, is the legacy of oppression. Woman that fought for equality were deemed crazy, hysterical, or other negative descriptions. Other women stood on that same soap box and proclaimed those women crazy, hysterical, etc. People see this and make their own conclusions. Those conclusions trickle down to the home where girls grow up and are able to do more then their mothers and the mothers are jealous of them. Society has to acknowledge that oppression has long chains that are not broken once change happens. By talking about this issue and continuing to talk about this issue it changes. By changing how we as people talk to and treat others we can help change. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

    • Mary

      Colette, Ignore the negative. I had to stop reading… You have made this world a better place. You have given hope where there was very little. Keep on being yourself! Those
      women have other problems that do not even involve you or what you do… Do not give
      it any attentions.
      You are gorgeous, and I love your voice!!!!

      • Patricia

        I totally agree with Mary. You are who you are and you are enough for yourself and that’s what counts. When people don’t love themselves nasty stuff come out of them, and they want to hurt others because they hurt inside. It’s up to them to open their heart so they can heal. And sometimes people like that like to remain nasty so they have something to complain about. So forget about them everyone has a choice and the choice to remain nasty is theirs.
        I love your voice. I listen to Magdalene’s garden often I just love it. I have chatted with you on the phone twice and you made me laugh, it felt as if I were speaking with an old friend, you made me feel so comfortable. So thank you for who you are and what you do, you are in my heart for who you are. Thank you Colette Lots of Love!

  • Trisha

    I love you Colette. You are such a wonderful psychic and classy lady. Keep shining, lady love!

    I train with the best and you are so loved by people and especially me. I love your intuitive coaching and all of your seminars. You have changed my life 360 degrees since I’ve signed up for your invizion and energetix training. I brag about you to my clients and friends.

    Keep shining,

    Love, Trisha.

  • kirstin coates


    I love you for who you actually are because you remind me of myself. I know too well what its like to cut down by those petty insecure little haters. Just remember, sucks to be them haha how sad their lives must be and how god must just love us more:-) hehe

  • Donna

    After reading Crystal’s blog I wanted to comment but then noticed that someone had said exactly my words. Now, after reading your blog, I must comment on how much joy I felt when you did new photo’s and they are ‘high vibrational’ with your essence shining through. And, my comment for Crystal was that her new pic’s were “high vibrational’ with her essence shining through. Both of you have the ‘eyes glowing, happy and shining from a deep place’ and I Loved seeing this in both of you! Unfortunately, women (men) can be cruel and extremely hurtful but Crystal’s responses and now yours is out there for your ‘tribes’ to see and understand that you live open with them in areas of your life in order for them to know themselves better. As they go deeper, to be the Best They can be, they may also be given comments and knocks from others. Hopefully, they will remember both of these blogs and draw strength from both of you. When you posted with John Holland, I enjoyed it so much as I could see and feel how much sharing there was for the both of you. Your vibrate spirit is wonderful! I’ll be home in another week and John’s new cards will be waiting as I’ve been notified of them being shipped. Looking forward to adding them to my morning rituals. I also need to mention that March 8th looks to be a fabulous venue. My heart is with Crystal and you with all the plans. Awesome!

  • Mermaid Deb

    Colette, I have been in your tribe for many years and simply put “You are the Bomb” You are helping women open up to their truth and love with your blogs, cards, books and your Divine Feminine. Thank you for bringing in the Light and Love,
    Mermaid Deb

  • Christina

    This is too funny. I clicked over to Crystal’s Twitter two days ago out of curiosity. I forget why, whether it was because Twitter suggested I follow her or because I saw something you retweeted of hers, but either way–I read her blog post that you referenced above and found myself cheering for her out loud! Talk about synchronicity. I was meant to hear this message, although I’m not sure why yet. But I’ll take it! I love what both of you wrote and while I’m not familiar with her, I am certainly well acquainted with your books having read very single one and I love them! They have helped me realize my own intuition, ability and connection with the Divine is just as powerful as anyone who does it professionally. You’ve brought me so much peace. I can’t wait for more from you! Blessings.

  • Jennifer Lloyd

    Wow I loved this article, and I to have been trying to spread this message. We must encourage each other to shine and sparkle! ever since I came out of the psychic closet you have been my go to “hybrid” as you called yourself back then…tee hee there was no one else even close to being like me in my small town that I could find back then and so I found you! I got the pleasure of meeting you in person once in Chicago and you signed my well worn wisdom of the Avalon card deck and it was a seminar on the enchanted map! You have helped me develop my psychic/mediumship gifts and now I help others, I honor you, your light , and your journey. As we all shine on and realize we are all wonderful powerful women, we all shine on! Thank you again…

  • Jennifer Lloyd

    I cannot find video with you and John and the new deck

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it’s on Facebook I will post it again today! It’s on my public page.

  • Barbara Sinclair

    Dearest Colette, I have been to one of your workshops and had a phone session with you, as well. I just want to say that you have one of the most joyous and unpretentious spirits I have ever been around. You are beautiful (inside and out), funny, warm and the real deal. I don’t know why people have to be so cruel, and why it is hard for all of us to forget the negative comments people make about us. It’s a reason that many of us shy away from being in the public eye. Thanks for writing this post – it’s an important subject. Keep shining that bright LIGHT of yours! xoxo

  • Kimberly Klassen

    Love this article, it is so true. I recently had a very wonderful experience with a woman who looked at me as we were talking and told me, “I am very pretty”. I almost cried, I needed to hear this!, not because of low self esteem but she was so genuine.This beautiful woman was Colette Baron Reid,when she came to Thunder Bay!! You are the example Colette, thank you!! Bless Bless

  • Sara

    Great post Colette. I know my fear of attracting bugs, and whether I’m strong enough not to believe what they say is one of the reasons for not showing up fully in the world. Crazy really as I do know wholeheartedly I have great gifts to share as we all do. Thank you for shining so brightly. I feel a drive to crack on with the In-Vizion training and start sharing your wonderful tool with people!

    • Austen Eddy

      Thank you for posting this Sara. It encouraged me – I didn’t know how to articulate that I wasn’t ‘showing up.’ I feel like I can name it now and work on it!

  • Estelle

    You are a gifted writer with a beautiful voice and your work is contributing to making our world a better place! Thank you for all that you are and for all that you do! XOXO

  • Esther

    Love you Colette and your cards, have most of them but love going on your site and doing the daily cards. Wish you were here in Australia, Queensland. Keep smiling and helping people. Thank-you Colette. Hugs Esther

  • elisabeth ohlsson

    dessa kvinnor kan inte älska sej själva o därför skrämmer det dom att andra kan det. men det vet du ju:) är själv medial o vågar ibland inte prata om det med folk som inte vill se andras styrka. Du är bra o jag läser alltid din blogg m intresse !♡

  • panda

    im sorry that you have had negative comments thrown at you ,it seems that there are some people who are bitter towards people who are brave enough to go for what they want in life and try to be themselves ,i know this from personnel experience ,it is a shame that women can be so cruel towards one another when we all face the same challenges and struggles everyday ,we should be supportive towards each other and show encouragement and even if we don’t like or agree with something that others are trying to do we should be woman enough to accept other people as they are ,your inspiring and helping others that’s all that matters x

    keep up the good work

  • Licia Morelli


    Thank you for this post. Over the last month or so I have also been thinking on this topic – one of my Daily Blips even being titled: Success Without Apology – which talked about the Australian adage of “Tall Poppy Syndrome” wherein others have the need to cut down to size those who are finding success and happiness. I, too, have been noticing the harsh criticism that is encountered all too often when someone has a “bright light” that shines.

    I love the image of a “bright light attracts a lot of bugs” as it is a reminder that when we tap into source and live out our soul contracts we shine brighter and can be seen more radiantly but as a result sometimes, there are those that would like to choose to remain stagnant and suffocate the light.

    Thank you for the inspiration you offer today and the reminder that there is room for all of us on this journey and that kindness counts – support is always the way to go. You are such an inspiration and thank you for this post this morning! xoxo, Licia Morelli

  • Sharon Frye

    Good morning Colette,
    Right on! I can’t believe how cruel women can be. I work really hard to keep my 67 year old body in shape and stay healthy. I would never say to anyone “wow, are you fat!” but, I have women say to me all the time..’I hate you you are so skinny’ or if I would comment how much I love sweets but they don’t love me and I am met with ‘ oh sure, you eat sweets’ It takes work and hard work to stay healthy and happy too! I appreciate all your words and I like Crystal and John also. Oh, and now I have a red plate! Have a great day!
    Take care,

  • Karen

    Hello Colette!!! Squish the creepy bugs!! Your light sparkles and it sparkles on me. I am very grateful to you for your shine!!! You inspire me & I

  • Karen

    Hello Colette!!! Squish the creepy bugs!! Your light sparkles and it sparkles on me. I am very grateful to you for your shine!!! You inspire me & I love reading your blogs and I love you! Keep sparkling!!! Karen

  • Kathy

    Shine bright like a diamond! I feel the same way, women shall supprot each other, not treat them like enemy. Have a wonderful day.

  • Donna

    Colette, thank you for being a beacon of light in my life. I’ve learned so much from you and I’m grateful. Having met you twice in Sedona, I can say you are the real deal. I remember clearly sitting in Tania’s seminar the first time and hearing the door open. I didn’t look back to see who it was but I felt the energy shift and got all tingly. I looked back then and there you were. Boy, did my wish come true! It’s sad when women beat one another down. We can only send them light and love because they’re not going to dim your light. 🙂

  • CelticSeer

    Hello Colette,

    Congratulations on the relaunch of your book. Very appropriate under a Mercury retrograde. Unfortunately, this current retrograde was closely tied to Neptune, hence all the ice, snow and flooding this winter.

    However on a human level, it can also bring out a lot of nastiness and meaness. It’s hard to recover from these attacks no matter who you are.

    I wish you every success with your relaunch and all future endeavors.

    Peace and Blessings to all!

  • Patty

    Colette you are a beautiful and fabulous being. Thank you for your work and presence. Women that need to belittle others with hate speech are coming from a place of their own self hatred. They are projecting themselves. We must reach these women with big time self awareness. Oprah did a magnificent job of opening that door for a generation of women but there is a generation now that hasn’t gotten the message and their daughters are becoming the ‘selfie’ self absorbed. Truly successful women want other women to be successful. When we learn to love ourselves and come from that place of love we raise our vibration to a level that opens all doors for us. We create our hearts desire with ease. That is the work I do with my magazine, Soul Life Times. It is my intention to reach the masses and educate about transformation and ~A New Way of Being~. Much Love…

  • Barb Parcells

    Dearest Soul Sister, I KNOW you’re the real deal and one of the most loving and sharing women I’ve ever known. If anything you are the perfect example of what women should be for themselves and for each other. Even though we have never spoken, you’ve reached out to me via Facebook several times when I was hurting and I could feel your love as if you were right here with me. Maybe instead of reality shows that reflect the worst of what women can be, we should have one that shows the best of what women can be. P.S. I so love your sense of humor, you crack me up in a world that needs more laughter. Peace and blessings.

  • MaryAnn

    What a great article. How true with the brighter the light the more bugs. It can be challenging to say the least. This is such a fine line for me and is still a work in
    progress. What do you say back? To not be all walked over and not get into a pissing match. Recently have found out staying true to your own integrity to what you believe. Despite the drama that may be going on around you and sticking to the facts. It’s funny how like you said nothing you say or do will change that person’s mind or how one will try to make one waiver. Though the person is coming from a place of fear, find it still not easy to deal with sometimes. I guess this is a test of faith? And knowing who you really are as a being?
    Thanks for all you do. You are truly gifted! Lots of love and hugs : D

  • Terry

    Loved your article and you are so right. Just had that conversation last night with a friend about women being mean to one another. Unfortunately, some women that have power over others are just plain mean spirited. What happened if you can’t say anything nice about the person, just don’t say anything. Since I do believe in karma I believe bad things happen to people who put out mean engeries. Karma comes back in different ways when you least expect it so watch how you treat others. It is hard to like everyone, however, just respect one another for our differences and go your own way.

  • Renee

    Please everyone send healing energy for my dog buster. Thank-you and love to all

  • Naomi Pabst

    Beautiful, beloved Colette, count me in for your movement around this topic right here and now. This topic is a deep passion of mine. People whose negativity is prominently on display are in need of healing and love. So let’s ramp it up and put our super-charged healing energies out there! I’ve often said that these backbiting, snippy, judgmental ways of ours (as humans) literally create the foundation for the more overt violence in the world (war, genocide, etc.). We humans, as a collective, co-create the state of our world together.

    Each of us matters, as does the energy we put out there. So even as I cringe a little in the face of those out there who are more extreme in exposing their “shadows” (their inner b-i-t-c-h), I had to lovingly remind myself that there is no “they”–there is only an “us.” Even as I am fiercely FOR the honoring of people’s tender humanity, none of us is entirely innocent in this matter. Where any of us might be inclined to be indignant about “other people’s behavior,” I take this brilliant, illuminating post of yours as a call to all of us to go to higher levels of benevolence toward others!

    Thank you for being a powerful beacon. So much love and light to you, Colette! Hope we will cross paths when you come to NY in May.

  • Beth Johnson-Crawford

    GREAT BLOG POST!!! And so darn true..thanks for being so “real” Colette.
    I deeply and sincerely appreciate it. I try to be real too, and share all the pieces of me, much to the chagrin of my family, colleagues and some friends.
    My clients appreciate it. I am not on a pedestal.
    Thanks for addressing this; People do become jealous and judgemental of others success, including those close to us. But it really does “suck” when people who don’t even personally know us, “run their mouths”. Good thing we are strong women ( and men), but there are definitely times when we feel vulnerable and those comments do evoke some powerful emotions.
    Glad you are you. You’ve had a hell of a journey. Glad you chose ( albeit initially unwillingly) to share yourself. I am happy for your success and that you choose to now live your life deliberately. I am genuinely happy for all the success of the people I choose to support, whether they are family, friends, clients, student, colleagues or other spiritual people I choose to support by buying books etc. for my own growth and to be inspired. Keep up the excellent work! Maybe one day, I’ll see ya cruising on the Harley on the East Coast!

  • [email protected]

    You rock!! I love this post. With a teenage daughter I’m reminded all the time that women tear down other women. Geez it started so long ago with little girls. Breaks my heart when I hear it happening and my words to support each other goes unheard. I guesswork e can only continue to live it by example and hope for the best. And catch ourselves when we get sucked into the drama! Xxx

  • Patti

    Thank you, Colette, for sharing this message! This is so, so very true and resonated very deeply with me as I have been currently going through such a situation with the “haters.” We just have to remember that as our light shines brightly, as you said, we will attract the bugs sometimes, so those bugs are a blessing as they serve to remind us of our light! YOU, COLETTE, ARE TRULY AN ANGEL & BLESSING! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND FOR SHINING YOUR LIGHT!! 🙂

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette for saying this and speaking what many of us who shine our lights feel. I am working on not dimming down for anyone, including me! Big hugs and much love to you!

  • Manon

    Hello Colette, unfortunately what you say is so true. Some women are eaten by jealousy and their words, sometimes actions, become evil. I work with lots of women so I say “I don’t wear by sponge suit, but my rain suit” not to absorb any of their negative energy. Then again, unlike you, I don’t get to read their mean comments. You are amazing at what you do and are blessed with beauty! In reality, what they say is not even about you; it’s their own problem reflecting on their actions. Negative energy trying to bring you down. Ignore them as if they didn’t exist; people need you!

  • Alina

    This made me cry a bit…I too have experienced women like that. My light was dim for so long. I felt it was better to blend in and not draw attention. I was 112 pounds with big boobies and a latin figure….well I got lots of attention and I was shy and self conscious…low self esteem….go figure! Then over the years I got to almost 300llbs. Well that took care of that! I had plenty of layers to keep my light from shining. After many years I am at a healthy weight and guess what…there were still some “haters” around. I found myself gaining 45 pounds and “they” felt better! Thank you Colette for helping me uncover and release the last layers. Thank you for helping me SHINE! Thank you for being such an inspiration…you are smart, talented and so beautiful and so comfortable with yourself;) I am now comfortable being ME and no longer afraid to shine:) Now I am able to see why those people act like they do…and I am OK since I am aware and just send them LOVE:) I Love ME and I love all of YOU:) Shine bright soul sisters!!!

  • Paul

    Colette, When I was in College I used to ask this particular professor if there was a test and he would say “Every day is a test” Well not every day, but a lot of them! Things happen that strike you at your core. You can’t really know true confidence without knowing doubt or love without at least an awareness of hate. It can hurt, can’t it?

    Shine on, you are the real deal……

  • Claudia

    Oh Colette, you are so right about this. It seems that everywhere I go there is a woman who has got an issue with me. You are correct in that it hardly ever comes from a man. Throughout life I have dimmed my light for the sake of fitting in and have only hurt myself. But why is a child suppose to do when attacked, you think something is wrong with you. Even now in adulthood there are some women who are so unhappy that they can’t stand to see someone be happy and bright. I think you are gorgeous and you are talented.
    Sending love!

  • Samiyah

    You’re so right. And i just want to say my reading with you has been so inspiring. You are the real deal. I think you’re pretty hot mama. You’re living a beautiful full life. Love to you

  • Teresa

    Good article Colette. It is to bad we all can’t stand united, but my guess is that these people stand anonymous behind their computers and probably don’t have a lot of love in their lives. What I do when I come across these types of people, is to send them love and ask God and the Angels to raise them to their highest and greatest good…. then I run the other direction.
    Keep up all of your AMAZING work girlfriend!!
    With love,Teresa

  • Wynnie

    Thank you always for your words of wisdom. I’ve been reading the “Fifth Agreement” while a friend of mine reads it also. I think this little book from don Miguel and don Jose Ruiz is helping me to ‘free myself of judgment’ of both myself and others. You said you “know” ‘not to take things personally’, so I thought you may have read it also. Yes it is sometimes hard to do that, but keep practicing as I am. Don’t even judge those who criticize you, as it is their ‘issue’ not yours.
    Bright light in ‘3 D reality’ does attract bugs, but Bright light also sends love, joy and bliss out into the world. Keep shining for all of us to see! Accept the negative ones as people who are not ready to shine yet.
    I support you in your successes and your non-successes, even though I don’t know you personally (only from your blogs, emails, and a few Hay House events) I like your openness and honesty, plus your ability to share with the world. Remember how lucky you are, know you have supporters, and be “happy in all you do.”
    Thank you for supporting other women, too.

    I love that so many of the comments above include the term “soul sisters” as I am a huge TRAIN fan (FYI one of their biggest songs is “Hey Soul Sister,”) and just returned from a Cruise to Grand Cayman with the band and many other musicians. You can feel the LOVE coming from TRAIN’s music (and Michael Franti’s, Matt Nathanson’s, and Simplified’s to name a few.) I am sharing this because on this Musical Cruise, the musicians, their crews, and other fans made me (as a fan) feel love, joy, and bliss in so many ways. Their Bright Light made my Bright Light shine, too. (as you can probably tell, I’m still feeling it <3 )


  • Karen Copeland

    Dearest Collette,
    Truly when I count my Blessings… I count you twice..I have been a nurse for over 30 years. working with so many different women..a soul mate ..also a nurse once said ‘nurses eat their young’… why? why? do women not see the magic in each other..by the way started working for a male physican and never went back… he thought I was magical…. because I am… thanks for all you bring to my magical world

    Much love and Blessings

  • Genene

    Collette, I think you and Crystal are both awesome and have learned a bunch from both of you. I get bit by jealousy every once in a while, but learned long ago to keep my mouth shut and dig through the green goo to see what’s really going on. Please continue to shine!

  • Roxanne Livingston

    I love about you that you are real, and your speech in congruent with that realness. My first thought when I read the beginning of this article was “Oh I hope she reads my book!” (Chronically Hurtful People) It is painful to be on the receiving end of mean spirited comments even when we know they come from jealousy or some other damaged part of the one who feels the need to treat people in that way. I have taught staffs of agencies and many others for over 39 years on this topic.( People who are difficult,destructive and disconnected often take up a huge percentage of one’s energy, leaving less for all the good stuff from others and within oneself.) I am glad you are on it and not letting those comments drag you down. I think, rather, I know, you are super and I appreciate you very much.

  • Roxanne Livingston

    I love about you that you are real, and your speech is congruent with that realness. My first thought when I read the beginning of this article was “Oh I hope she reads my book!” (Chronically Hurtful People…) It is painful to be on the receiving end of mean spirited comments even when we know they come from jealousy or some other damaged part of the one who feels the need to treat people in that way. I have taught staffs of agencies and many others for over 39 years on this topic.( People who are difficult,destructive and disconnected often take up a huge percentage of one’s energy, leaving less for all the good stuff from others and within oneself.) I am glad you are on it and not letting those comments drag you down. I think, rather, I know, you are super and I appreciate you very much.

  • Ketina

    Don’t worry about them. Keep sending them love. I’m out of my spiritual/psychic closet. I have a book out called Celestial Serendipity. I will be marketing it soon. I know i’ll receive their hate too. But you know what. I love it. I’ll swallow all their hate and turn it into love and send it back to them in prayer because they have negative spirit beings or demons attached and their goal is to attack lightworkers like yourself. We are of light. Let their hate be your stepping stones. Love is stronger and its their weakness and they don’t like anything of love and light.
    HUGS. Women like that had hate seeds planted into their souls by those who raised them. I love you CBR!
    Ketina C. L. Thompson, author of Celestial Serendipity.

  • Shan

    Hi Collette,
    I’m sorry you had to endure “the haters” and even more sorry that so many women hate on each other. I’ve never understood it either, and it makes me sad. And yet I’ve seen it all of my life. Some parts of our society are shallow, so I thank you for being more than that. Every person that goes beyond shallow makes me grateful to be alive. Keep shining your light – the haters can’t compete with that.

  • Michael-Anne

    Collette, I honestly believe there are more of us that love who you are and how much you give to us than those who have to say mean things. They are just sad people. I know it is human to feel hurt, I am always shocked when people treat each other poorly. You are God’s gift and I am glad you are willing to put yourself out there with with such courage and poise. Focus on all of us who love and appreciate you. Also, I don’t find any harm in endulging in one piece of chocolate 🙂 xoxoxo Thank You! Michael-Anne

  • Sylver

    In a life full of insects, thanks for being a lightning bug to guide a way towards a more balanced world.

  • Haleh

    Well said! You have always been an inspiration, a role model, a survivor, a shining light, and one who has made this world a better and more comforting place to live in! It’s always been a mystery to me as to why woman say and do negative things about one another, I choose to stay out of it and not get involved in it! Believe me it has been done to me as well! I have learned to forgive and pray for them! That’s all! I am glad that I get this chance to tell you this, I absolutely love and adore all your Orcale cards, they are absolutely amazing and have such an amazing energy to them! They are always accurate and give me the guidance that I need. So, thank you for all your hard work, service to humanity and dedication!
    Love ang Light my beautiful sister

  • Mary Anne DiNublia

    Some people criticize others to avoid looking at their own lives; their souls are not happy about their ego hurting themselves and others. Keep up the good work Colette. So many people (me included) enjoy you and thank you for your wonderful teachings that help us grow in soul.

  • helen

    Collette, darling!!! (wishing i could teleport over for the TO event)
    re the crappy comments ~ best reply “I’m just a mirror”

  • Jennifer Hoffman

    I totally relate to this and have had some similar comments, all from women. I have learned to ignore them although I wonder about the people who use their time and energy in this way. Obviously they have too much time on their hands and probably because they are not pursuing anything useful or meaningful in their life. I have better things to do than to pay attention to useless, meaningless commentary that adds no value to my life or my work, from people who do not know me at all. Jealousy takes many ugly forms and this is indeed one of them. Fortunately, there are many more loving people in the world than haters and I am grateful for the love and support which they generously share with me.

  • Barb

    Amen Sister!!! Was in your beautiful town of Sedona last week and thought….Beautiful Colette lives here too!! xoxo

  • Sarah Jane farrell

    Thank you for your awesome contribution to the world. I have been asking what it would take for women to acknowledge their fellow super women for their own unique talents and abilities whilst standing in their own brilliance. Together we can be the change we desire to see in the world and it is way more fun to play together for me. I am so grateful for the wonderful supportive super women I have in my life that make up for the ones who cannot. It really gets me to see so many women in the business of consciousness who are not walking their talk and are creating such separation in the very organizations and modalities they are teaching. I am choosing to ask for more women and men who resonate with my target to create an abundant, expansive kinder place where everyone shines. Thank you for you and everything you be as an example of what IS possible from a place of communion and higher frequencies of love, laughter and gratitude
    Sarah Jane

  • Karyn

    Any person who makes nasty comments like, whether they realize it or not, is voicing the judgements and insecurities they have about themselves. A bright light like Colette is role modeling empowerment, esteem and spiritual connection. It can trigger those with limiting beliefs about self worth and what’s even possible in life. We always have a choice to embrace the truth of who we are, lovable and worthy with unlimited potential or stay stuck in the old ways that are not really working or getting the results we desire in life. Thank you Colette for your beautiful spirit and loving heart!

  • Marjorie

    Most Dear Colette,
    I just can’t imagine anyone being mean to you; you are so positive, brilliant, energetic, and beautiful. I would imagine they are jealous and mistakenly think that if they put you down, it will make themselves feel better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just know that for all the meanies out there who use you for their punching bags, there are 100 times more of us who love you. Keep sending us those wonderful positive, love-filled vibes and thoughts. I, for one, appreciate what you do. Thank you for being you.
    Here’s sending lots and lots of love and appreciation your way!

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Well, keep rockin it sister and I shall surround all those sisters that are in the negative zone with tons of love and forgiveness…Love sorts it all out eventually…Love wins…love you all!! xo

  • Reese Evans

    Thank you very much for this beautiful article. This is really great & helpful. I appreciate your thoughts.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so happy that I shared this with you, Reese! 💖 thank you so much for reading!

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