Spirit, Synchronicity, and Surrender… that, and a dash of Mars retrograde!

Updated: April 1, 2014

Spirit, Synchronicity, and Surrender… that, and a dash of Mars retrograde

Dearest Über Special Fabulous You,

It’s been an interesting week, as I’ve been paying attention to how yet another pesky astro cycle is hovering over all our collective heads. Mars retrograde has been inviting all of us to address our inner frustrations: the way we handle ambition, the way we manage our vitality, how we express or repress anger, and where we place our energy. It’s an uncomfortable cycle, but it’s giving us direction to stop pushing forward too quickly, lest we miss the whole point of dealing with this wounded aspect of ourselves both collectively and individually. And yes, at some level we are all affected (which is why I’m writing about it to you).

marsRetrogradeInLibraIconOf course and as always, my soul brother Robert Ohotto has released yet another genius audio series on how to work with this influence. Learn how you can shift from feeling victimized by your circumstances and other emotional stressors (Too busy? Old hurts triggered? Overwhelmed? Can’t say no? Projects delayed?) to unleashing that powerful energy that gives transformation a whole new sense of purpose with clear, directed energy. That said, this past weekend’s new moon in soft dreamy Pisces with all this pent up Aries energy felt kinda like an added yo-yo. Love to hear how you’re doing with it. What’s being brought to the surface for you to see?  I always think Robert’s work is like a much needed booster shot of wisdom and practical information during times like these. You can find the audio series here: www.ohotto.com

This brings me to another topic still related to this one. Since a lot of us are like race horses chomping at the bit, about to barrel into a china shop if we’re not careful, the simplest reminder is to nurture our partnership with Spirit. In times when forward movement seems to be blocked and issues we think we’ve dealt with come forward yet again to be healed, it can be helpful to pause and reconnect.

As I’ve opened up some spots for coaching and readings after a deliberate slow down on my part to work on my newest oracle deck (so excited – it will be released by Hay House in 2015 and well worth the wait!), I’m reminded how synchronicity is always in play even when we can’t see evidence of it. We just need to remember how to notice it and how to work with it.

Since I moved into a more intimate, long-term relationship with a select few of my clients as an advisor and coach, I’m really getting a chance to see how, with effort, insight and perseverance, we can co-create our reality and transform our lives. But everyone is surprised when I talk about the importance of surrender and non-action! Most of these people are already successful and on fire for more, so they all without exception come to coach with me expecting I am going to give them specific things to do, a plan of action that will help them achieve their desired outcome! After all, a reading is a passive experience where we see what’s ahead; but coaching is an active dynamic, and the client expects to be given a plan of attack!


I’d like to share with you the first thing I have all my clients do before we begin our journey navigating their map of destiny together. It’s called a Synchronicity Timeline – perfect for all of us right now who are dying to rush forward to DO DO DO to get what we want, when clearly the current astro cycle is sitting back saying, “That would be a no,” or at least a, “No, not yet, kids.”

The small self (bless it) thinks we are human doings, not human beings, thinks that action and forward movement, calculated strategy and planning is the most intelligent way, or the only way to get you where you want to go. Colette – show me my Map and let’s go!

Surprise! We won’t be doing that at all. We are going to draw a map of every major life experience you could possibly remember that occurred without your doing anything, the ones where you couldn’t have planned it if you’d tried. I want to know about those serendipitous chance meetings that brought you love, a job, a special friend, or an opportunity better than what you thought, and those times you failed at something, surrendered and then kaboom, the winds changed and doors began to open in ways you would never have thought up on your own.

You need to remember that you have a partnership with Spirit that is essential to your life and highest good, crucial to your destiny, and more powerful than any rushing around you could ever do. Spirit is your manifesting partner. God, Quantum Fred, The Dude, Goddess, The Holy Spirit, the Field – whatever you call it – you need to be in service to it, as it is in service to you!

Joseph Campbell said it so eloquently when he said “When you take one step towards the gods they will take ten steps towards you!” You’re not supposed to sprint forward past them 20 yards. That’s kind of a funny image actually. There you are way down the end of the field by yourself wondering where the heck your miracles are and those gods are looking around going “Where’d she go?” You will indeed miss the miracles. Let go and let God. That is the most important action; and since we’re all memory-based creatures, we need reminding that the web of synchronicity resounds with life when we pluck it once only, surrender to the music, and allow for the miracles.

My clients are always in awe when I teach them how to play with this soft focus, peripheral way of working in the unseen to unlock the real magic of their maps. It’s a dance worth remembering.

So we learn sometimes the best action is surrender, which brings me to talk about a “must read” new offering on this very timely subject by my colleague Dr. Judith Orloff. Here’s the link to her Ted talk about this subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv5tn4MPJV4 . Her newest book is essential to what I’m talking about. I am so excited about this.

Purchase book and claim your free “Manifest the Power of Surrender” Gift Collection at: http://ecstasyofsurrender.com/


“The Ecstasy of Surrender: Wow! I surrender to my intuition, to my wisdom, to my inner, guru, and to the moment.” …Ram Dass


If you’d like to discover a secret to the universe and free yourself from the exhaustion of pushing too hard and the need to over-control get The Ecstasy of Surrender here…



So, my sweet, awesome member of my magical tribe, draw your map and come tell us what you find. Awe is waiting for you to claim it again.

Love you madly and deeply,

Love Colette XO



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  • Dre'

    Thank you! It was just the perspective I needed right now!
    Your grace is such a gift to many. Thank you

  • vicki hutchinson

    Thank you for all you do Colette:)

  • CAT

    Thank you for introducing me to the Judith Orloff lecture on Surrender. Very powerful message from her. Plus her style and grace mesmerized me.

  • Licia Morelli

    Dearest Colette,

    Thank you for all of your lovely wisdom today. It is such a good reminder that when we slow it down, pay attention, and look at the bigger picture we can find where spirit and the universe is taking us. I see this in my maps with how I met my husband, how I moved to Maine from Colorado seamlessly with my family of 4, how my career is changing and growing, and now as unforseen hurdles appear in my life that force me to slow down and not “sprint forward past them 20 yards”.

    It is really amazing how lessons come full circle when (and only when) we are completely ready for them! (I tried to move from Colorado for 15 years to no avail – and then finally BAM! it happened. I looked for love for many years before it fell into my lap in the most random of ways.

    Our maps play out exactly as they need to when they need to and not a moment before or after.

    Thank you, Colette for this lesson today. 🙂


  • Catherine C.

    You are so correct and I would have to say that the moments in life when and where I surrendered to chance were indeed the best moments in my life.
    Looking back I can honestly say that I met my husband now of 14 years by setting out my intention to meet a man of specific qualities that I was looking for in a partner and releasing it to happen on it’s own accord and then it happened. We met at a party – he walked in – I introduced myself after my friend refused to introduce me and the rest is history.
    It happened again later in life when I suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated by the loss I endured as well as the physical challenge of losing 3 litres of blood, a transfusion, removal of my left tube resulting in major abdominal surgery. After spending weeks in depressive state I woke up surrendered to God. I said enough of this and I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful to be alive, I have a beautiful daughter and wonderful husband and I need to concentrate on enjoying the family I DO have and not what I DONT have. Very soon after that – I would say it was 2 months later a total of 3 months after the ectopic pregnancy I became pregnant with my son. I’m a firm believer these two wonderful events were because I surrendered my control of wanting things to be a certain way to God and the Universe and had to trust that all would be rewarded in its own time and in it’s own way. I’m truly blessed.

  • Beth

    I’ve definitely been “sprinting 20 yards past.” This has been a good reminder to let go and let God. Thank you.

  • Diana Boles

    Oh the universe! I have had 5 fabulous women alert me to the mindfulness of “Surrender”. And the chord of breath is surrender ! It was one of the subjects of discussion of my training class. Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to post sooner. The two jobs and “Yoga instructor training” classes have been capturing my every breath. So, I surrender to to the synchronicity of this key theme. And to this list add the 16 women in Goddess training with me and Doreen Virture speaking the same message. Three weeks done, 9 more to go! Educate, pulsate, reverberate, and add a little fa-u-late! Namaste, all

  • paro

    Thank you for writing this piece.
    i will refer to it again and again.

  • Sonja A. Germany

    Dear Colette,

    i´m just reading vour book “The map” – after I worked for a long time with your cards.

    I´m really astonished about what you write in the sense of Jung.I read him along time ago!
    And now I`m eager to use it for my own amulant practice with clients, because you wrote very clear to work with it, in your book.

    Many, many thanks for it,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Sonja please join us for our In-Vizion® Process training online the book is now a fully certified practitioner training. go to http://theinvisionlab.com and check it out. We have free video training now. YOu will LOVE it.

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