The Four C’s –How to Build a New Life on Solid Ground When there Isn’t Any.!

Updated: April 29, 2014

The Four C’s –How to Build a New Life on Solid Ground When there Isn’t Any.

Dear Wondrous You,

Do you know how much Spirit loves you? How the Divine Consciousness (Quantum Fred, God, The Dude, Mary and/or whoever else you name Divine) sees you as a spark of its own Infinite Unlimited Potential? That you are definitely not here as a mistake, that your dreams are most important and that your desire for a purposeful life are sacred?

You’re not being punished or threatened just because transformation is painful.

Just like birthing a baby, we are at an overly prolonged crowning stage and yes let’s all say OUCH together!

Here is what I know today more than ever as I myself have stepped into a more authentic version of myself. Resistance is futile. Have courage and jump in and you will honestly find that if you let go what’s not working you will see this Change is magical!


You must feel this chaos at some level within you that mirrors the astrologers take on how the planets are teaching us about transformation.

At whatever level you’re being called to, there is a “squeeze”, a kind of invisible tension forcing us to carve away the parts of us that don’t serve our highest version of ourselves, and of course the whole. For some it means a complete overhaul that feels like a psychic demolition and others – not so much, maybe more like a slight paring down and polishing but no matter where you’re at in the birthing stages change is not something you can bargain away.

We can’t wait for the outside world to settle down, to be certain, to be quiet and peaceful, to be steady or to be built on the cleanliness of truth or integrity. We can’t wait to feel like the world is a place we can have purpose and experience prosperity only once it presents as stable.

Every one of us needs to stop looking outside at the structures that we built on our past selves and welcome in something new.

I know I sound like a broken record. But it’s TRUE.

Try this mantra :- The Old has the Mold and the New is what’s TRUE .. repeat as often as necessary.

Like Maya White says in the video we are building new foundations on Courage, Compassion, Commitment and Creativity.

Yes there is grieving. This week consider how you’ve clung to the old version of yourself and how it’s served you and how it isn’t anymore. Each mask was there to protect you. There is a sadness in the loss of the familiar. Choosing the Unknown means we have to give up our need for certainty. We need Courage to do this.



We need compassion for ourselves, and others since we’re all half- baked right now. We might stumble, make mistakes, revert back to the familiar.

Commit to your dream. Take a step towards it like you mean it.

If you do what you did you’ll get what you got right? So do something completely different!

A Creative solution is what’s needed now and all we need to resonate with that is to be willing to choose something else. The solution seems to appear as if by magic, or as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs like Joseph Campbell says “one step towards the gods and they take 10 towards you.”

Sounds ridiculously simple and it is.

If you watch the extra video with new thought leader and rock star Dr. Joe Dispenza that I have for you this week, you will hear all about how we create our own realities and how important it is, to make these changes now. Best of all Dr. Joe Dispenza is going to tell us how!



So have faith my darlings we are in this together and we’re all creating the world anew like a giant ART project.

Here are some questions to answer for yourself this week.

  1. What do I need courage for, and how can I practice it daily?
  2. When do I consider fear, resistance, denial, stubbornness, poverty consciousness and/or rigidity my go to certainty?
  3. What do I need to believe to live a life I respect?
  4. What is one thing I can do this week to commit to my dream?
  5. What does compassion for myself, and others look like and how can I practice this one day at a time?
  6. How can I practice faith that a creative solution will be given me. Hint how can I get out of my own way, and listen with my intuition and heart?

Well that’s it for now. My weekly video on the universal energies this week is with another astrologer Maya White since so much change is in the air.


PS. I am so happy to get so much positive feedback from you all about these new weekly video predictions.

Of course those of you who are watching til the end will also get to see my reality show! My motorcycle is all built and you’ll see me being very silly and embarrassing the guys at Harley!


So My friend Keep on BIRTHIN’ ON!

All my love to you-

Colette oxoxox


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  • Mary Anne DiNublia

    Colette, your weekly readings are right on and are helping me understand the universal forces at work, which in turn helps me work with the energies. I really love your work….and YOU. My sincere thanks for your generosity to me and to the world community.

  • Linda Brown

    Oh Colette!!! I just want to Thank You for all the Great energy you send my way..
    Ive spent an hour or more on this page listening to all you and the guests have
    to say and i feel like i just want to dance Pharrell Williams – Happy song!!!
    Thank you so much ..Much Love sent your way, Linda

  • Donna

    Great to see you with Maya White … Fabulous! And, the Motorcycle Mystic …. Awesome! You are sharing yourself and your readings so beautifully! Marc is doing Phenomenal with ALL that he is putting together. Makes my day when I watch these videos that are reaching so many at this time. Love & Warm Hugs <3

  • Kelly

    Colette, I like what you said “the old has the mold and the new is what’s true” I have this great dream for the future wanting to leave the old behind believe me………..I know it will happen I pray everyday welcoming something new. I have been waiting and waiting………I just hope it’s not just a dream but turns to reality soon. Love what you do and thanks for words in your weekly readings. You are beautiful!

  • Michelle Scott

    I am so excited to have the information you are putting out for us. I hang on every word and feel such a connection to what you are saying. For a long time I have felt like I was going to do something that involves teaching and healing people. I totally get all the things you are saying and it really hits at my core. I also have read so many of your books and have your oracles cards from the book “The Map”. I love them so much..they really speak to me..every day..without fail. Thank you so much !!

  • T Kaaminii

    I am new to your website, and Facebook stuff, I’ve read your books and have your decks but never went any further, o silly silly me!

    Everything you said is true for me too. I am a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist and Herbalist and have spent 30 years learning and working and am absolutely scared shitless, excuse my french, to step out on my own.

    Somehow, someway i am going to do this get over myself and jump, although i may need a semi truck to push me over that edge!

    Thanks for the video and love the new bike, your right he is a cutie!

  • susan bradwin


    Which one of your decks has the card




  • Annette

    I am totally happy dancing that you mentioned Reiki FurBabies! Ming is a friend of mine, and she & Candy do such good things for the animal companions!
    I am also psyched that I am on My Path, because there have been some pretty strong coincidences this week – your Four C’s video being one of them.
    Haha . . my father used to call them “Co-inky-dinks”. He knew there were no such things as coincidences and always looked into those Co-inky-dinks. 😉

  • glenda

    So grateful to be receiving this information. Pay it forward I will! Loved the song at the end of Dr. Joe’s video…what’s the name and artist please? I taught my husband how to drive a motorcycle 🙂 aren’t they just so freeing, now he bought me a convertible which I Love. Enjoy your rides Colette, stay safe as we all need the light that you share~ Blessings

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Thanx for writing- um its ME that is singing that was a song I wrote for my husband. Coming Home is from my second CD IAm/Grace I think you can get it on iTunes. We were dating and I wrote it to tell him I loved him. No Pressure there huh? haha. Got the guy though! big hug

      • Colleen Saftler

        Love your energy and sharing from your heart. Let flow. Let it grow. Let blossom.

  • Laura Curran

    Colette, I love the videos so wonderful. I saw the video of you on your motorcycle, happy video. The questions for me to answer are making me sweat, nervous, wow ! I feel uncomfortable, ” big squeeze” freedom, exciting, ouch ! I am doing it. Thank you.

  • Heather

    Colette, there was a link to send you our story for the Motorcycle Mystic, but now I can’t find it. I would love to be able to meet you/work with you. You have come to Maine a coupel times and both times I was unable to afford the lecture. I love your style…you seem loving, but at the same time willing to give the tough love too. I have gone through a very tough 4 yrs of growth and transformation, but I still feel stuck/blocked…UGH!!!. Anyhow…where do I find the link?

    Thank you,


  • Jeffrey

    Hey! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group
    of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!

  • Mary

    Hi Colette

    I have only just discovered you. Wow what a blessing, I love the song Coming Home too, … a real treat. I tuned into a couple of your video’s, again what a delight especially when I had a look at the month of April my birthday month (20th) you interviewed Dr Joe Dispenza … I have already purchased his book along with down loading the 2 meditation CD’s , I agree it’s a fabulous read and I LOVE listening to his cd before sleep each night.

    I live in Australia (WA) country city same age as you, married with two adult sons. This year has been up-side down for me (work wise) horrid. Now that I have discovered your site I hope to tune in for essential healing that fuels my spirit and keeps my higher self connected to god. Thank you xxxx

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