When the BIG Dream Doesn’t Fit You Anymore (or How to Get Ready for a Miracle)!

Updated: May 6, 2014

Hi there my Sweet Wondrous Spark of the Divine,

Here is the Universal Energies for this week.


I am going to ask you a question.

Think carefully about it.

For some of you, the answer will come easy.

Does the BIG Dream you’ve wished for, affirmed about, begged for, worked your butt off for, plastered your journal with thoughts about, prayed for, and created countless vision boards to support its manifestation still fit you?

Let me put it another way. Assuming you’re the kind of person who believes in personal development and spiritual growth, and has likely put quite a bit of effort into it already, do you believe you are the very same person today who you were when you began this quest to have it all?

In my video this week, I answered a reading request for someone like the many people these days who are finding themselves unmoored not just from the aspects of their lives (inside and out) that don’t work, but also from the dreams they thought they wanted, are finding now, or have already manifested.

I think it’s because once we set course, many of us doggedly pursue the “thing” we want without checking in with ourselves. Even the sense of anticipation and adrenaline of the ups and downs of ambition is a kind of certainty. Kind of like this: If I know I have this dream, this pursuit, then that too becomes a fabric of my reality, even though sometimes I lose the memory of why I thought It was important to achieve.

Does that make sense to you?

We pursue our dreams because of what we think they will mean to us when we get them. Perhaps we’re just unaware of why we want these things, these opportunities, and these new improved identities. But my point is so many of us are getting that life we thought we wanted, the one that we would one day be happy with, and are finding that it may squeeze us just a teeny tiny bit because we have outgrown it, or the FORM of it.

This is important.

The essence of the “why” is greater than the form.

I spent from my teens until the age of 42 pursuing my dream of becoming a recording artist on a major label. I wanted to be a singer songwriter more than anything in the world. It was the source of my greatest pain and joy, and as hindsight is 20/20, I was looking to that career not to be a prolific musician and work on my skills to share with others, but also to somehow alter my inner life. If I got my dream, I would be released from my nameless shame; I would be without the sense that I was not enough, and it would make me acceptable, loved, and approved of. It took many years of failure, finally giving up and then magically observing everything falling into place when I was 40 for me to find everything I thought I wanted.

I had grown since then. I had become a different person with a life already transformed by the personal growth I had committed to.

My self acceptance had to come by peeling away the layers of fear, doubt, shame, envy, denial, ideas I was a victim, etc. (I’m still peeling by the way) Back then, although it was still new, all the healing had changed me. I was not the person who needed the music career to define my worth.

I was so happy and so terrified at the same time. I found that I actually couldn’t handle it; my sober lifestyle and my success as an intuitive were the roadblocks, and I had to walk away. It was so clear to me that while I proved to myself I was talented, the business of music was not going to work for me. I had to give up the dream and all the energy I put into it. The form no longer served me. The essence however didn’t die – it was just re-purposed.

The best is now I am back doing music for the right reasons. You hear me sing at the end of my videos. I do it for the joy of it now. I love it, and I am no longer shackled by the need for it to be a business. I am proud of what I accomplished, don’t get me wrong, but my authentic service evolved when I understood that what would make me feel good, feel right, feel at peace, feel proud is something altogether different and not contingent on the form I thought was the prize.

The point is that the form is not as important as the essence.

Many of the people I talk to are sharing similar stories of abruptly waking up to look at the value they’ve placed on their goals and aspirations. What is the currency that is exchanged for this? All that energy we spend.

The question to ask now?

“What is the essence I want to resonate with and be in alignment with?”

If you’re confused and unsure now that you got or are getting what you want, and it doesn’t fit you anymore, it’s OK to let go. Allow the form to change. Choose the unknown.

You will be so amazed that you chose to jump into a new version of yourself.

HERE COMES THE MIRACLE – would be nice if we all got that part… might assuage our terror of the unknown, yes?

Be gentle and honor your experience. We’re all looking at what sustains us these days. What is the material manifestation of our joy, our service, our comfort, and our identities?

Can we be comfortable inside ourselves while the outer changes?

Can we be compassionate with ourselves when we feel afraid or angry?

Some of you are having a different experience and may be noticing that your dreams have been refined over time as you became aware of your new self. And you are now stepping into a greater sense of personal power, responsibility, creativity and humility than ever before.


You are now the Light-Bearers for others, the Way-Showers.

Have courage. Shine your light, allow the imperfections of your humanity to be the comedy, your vulnerability to be your strength, and your honesty to be your inspired connection to Source. Just do it. It’s our time now.

I don’t think I have ever been more clear about who I am and why I am here, and completely sure of my purpose. You guys who have followed me since the accident last year have seen all the layers come off as I changed. It was scary for me, too!

And, I also know that just as I get comfortable, I might be pushed to change again…but my core, the essence of my service, is finally grounded.

You can do it too.

I believe in you.

It’s Ok if you’re facing all this now. And no, it’s not going to be black or white.

It’s important to honor the tension of opposites.

On my weekly video offering, I have a special guest this week. Nancy Levin, author of the #1 bestseller Jump and Your Life Will Appear, and I share an intimate conversation about how we need to be rigorously honest with ourselves about what’s really important, and how we can get to our most authentic version of ourselves, yet still recognize that growth is never black and white. This and that are both true.

I have to say this interview is a must watch, and her beautiful, courageous, honest book will gently nudge you closer to yourself.

So my special one, we are in this together. You and me. You and me and the tribe, you and me and the world.




P.S. !

I am going to be dropping a lot more video and news these next few weeks as the Hay House Summit begins again with SUCH fantastic content to really help you on your path to becoming YOU. I am going to be your special Summit correspondent sharing what’s happening, and what’s coming up in this truly spectacular free lecture series. It’s ridiculous, really, how much content there is OMG!

If you haven’t yet seen any of the videos, CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOS

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So on that note I am signing off until very, very soon!


Love Colette XO





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  • Paul

    Colette, I know my dream fits in its broad sense – it may not show up exactly the way I once envisioned, but it will show up. No one except spirit could know what I have been through, yet I have prevailed and will continue to prevail. I am that I am……..

  • Cheryl Osten

    Still no closed captions on YouTube ? I still love you and had met you twice in Toronto with late Sylvia Browne. Could you pls ask any one to provide CC ?

  • Amber M.

    Hi Colette and everybody 

    This blog is great! It’s insanely awesome how much I am benefiting from the conversations that are happening in the CBR community and that she (Colette) is having with us & her guest! SO I hope my comment and sharing helps someone too..

    I am so in the space of the dueling dragons…the tension of opposites at the current moment and this is the card that keeps coming up when I ask my guides what’s up?

    I relate to certain things in Colette’s story, I too, since I Could talk wanted to be a singer. I wrote it every year in my school days book in the space after what do you want to be when you grow up?
    After failing out of college as an art major years going by of not really going anywhere, a warehouse job, a debilitating temporary injury and years of living pay check to pay check, and no monetary success with my band …thought. okay here I go …

    “For the good of everyone involved”… I will major in Accounting and get my MBA… the antithesis of what makes me feel like me….I am 32 years old and I graduate in two weeks with my MBA and BS in accounting (yeah bs alright)..I don’t want to do that for a living.

    Like mentioned in the video the pressures of what others THINK I should do weighs heavily on my shoulders. I recently had a reading with Colette and she totally got this and saw that I was into the arts and also healing ( I have prayed and prayed to God/Spirit please help me show me how to be a healer)….Colette told me my dreams could come true and essentially would!…it made me sad even angry…I had decided a long time ago that this could not be…it simply couldn’t happen to someone like me, someone who jokingly states that they “come form a road of broken dreams “…YUCK!!! And now I am in the space of being awake and facing a decision . I am also called to savor not loathe the “tension of opposites” and to forgive myself ….Woof! ….its difficult.

    There’s this whole impulsive thought that wants to exclaim “spirit don’t abandon me now”, or, “where are you”,” why are you so quiet”… show me!.,.. only its not Spirit that has disconnected from me its me who has disconnected from spirit …and why wouldn’t I when my passions are not currently alive in a world where I am trying to be the” accountant with an MBA”…

    I doubt anyone read all this but I can say sharing is a way of owning my decisions thus far and certainly empowering me as I face important decisions & forgiving myself. I am enjoying the vids and blog

    THANK YOU COLETTE Bring on more CBR TV (and radio for that matter)…

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big hug LOVE YOU so much!!

    • Tilanie Meierhans

      Actually Amber I did hahaha – and I found it extremely interesting – sad as well – I guess because I feel your pain – like myself I try and do what is “expected” and am learning to not do what is expected of me – but trying to be led by spirit – not that I really know if its happening but just following through with the faith of it is – Good luck to you – I am sure you will achieve that which you most desire.

    • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

      Ditto is all I have to say…lolol! Ditto to everything you have written cause I could have written it myself. Blessed be and whatever you do…have Joy and Fun and Love all you can….because THAT is all that is worthwhile! Muah!

    • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

      Ah, well! Arts and healer…you, too, eh? I already got my Job Description…straight from The Boss…but how can I be that what I so wish to be? And The Boss said “You are already that which you wish to be. you are doing it RIGHT NOW.”

      I’m going to bed…it’s been a long Life! Good night…lolol!

  • Melissa Carr

    Love this and ALL of the videos you make! I look forward to them every week! I do feel a transitioning going on, and I keep drawing the Phoenix upside down every other day! Things are changing and it is a wild ride, but I am making it through:)
    Re-positioning my business and my handmade products in a way that serves me as an Artist and creator. Getting it drilled in that I am worth more and this transformation of a stronger ME is ready to immerge!
    Love you & look forward to the next GEM you have in your velvet pouch to reveal to us!
    Big Hugs from Washington State!

  • Kate


    Colette, I am always amazed by your timely posts and videos, but this one has me stunned in its synchronicity! I’ve had this dream of moving to Maine, getting into an MFA program in Creative Writing, and living near my beloved Atlantic Ocean. So here I sit in Portland, Maine, a stone’s throw from the University, in a living situation that is safe and affordable, sharing a Victorian with other creatives, and I walk around like I am watching an old, sepia-toned film of my former self. What I miss is Santa Fe, sunshine, mountains, and the healing arts. My ego wants to be published, seen and heard, with an MFA after my name…to prove I’ve made IT. My soul wants more peace and quiet, beauty, and a way to combine healing with writing and help others in self-reflection and self-discovery. Cloaked in a robe of expired desires and what others think, I am so full of gratitude for the gift of your intuition and wisdom. Thanks to the brave words shared by Amber M. and the tribe. Love and light.

    • Amber

      Kate …it is all very relevant right! I think it goes to show that when Colette meditates and asks what messages are in the highest good for all of her tribe Spirit listens…and thank you for sharing your experience too. 🙂

  • Catherine Pagliaro

    Well that certainly is pertinent for me with all that has been happening over the last few months…My companies cash flows have been shutting off like a slow tap…Thank you for the insights….
    I just love the adventures of the motorcycle mystic…lol…So wondering where can I buy and download the music you play at the end of the video? Your music feels necessary to listen to right now…

    You rock Sista!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the music is the first single from my CD IAm/Grace and I believe you can buy it on I-tunes it’s called Coming Home

  • Julie

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for writing this– I needed to read this tonight. I have felt like giving up on life completely because all of my efforts to make a lifetime dream come true (the dream of it has sustained me in my 25 years) have come to naught and I feel so empty now. I hope this is a glimmer of hope that life has not fully given up on me.

  • Colette C Vick

    Thank you Colette, I wish I had found you earlier! I love you blog, presentations and music. It is so great to have you in my corner! (Great name by the way!) 🙂

  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    So, I won’t repeat myself here cause I said it all on another blog…lol! Thanks everybody for not making me feel so alone in this. It IS indeed a World Wide thing happening and Nature is what needs healed and we are on top to do it. Much Joy and Love to All here!

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