When the BIG Dream Doesn’t Fit You Anymore (or How to Get Ready for a Miracle)

Hi there my Sweet Wondrous Spark of the Divine, Here is the Universal Energies for this week.   I am […]

Considering the Consciousness Revolution is About to Begin… but not quite yet.

Dearest Fabulous You.. Has the past week or so felt somewhat like you’re a racehorse at the gate of your […]

Puppies, Presence and God-Shots

Puppies, Presence, and God-Shots Dearest special one in my tribe- Ask me if I am happy the most intense Mercury […]


Don’t Share the Garbage!

Last week I shared an easy way to purge the doom and gloom that can get captured in our journal […]

2 Critical Steps to Breaking Emotional Landscape Cycles

When you begin to observe cycles that seem to repeat in your life, they’re invitations to do things differently this […]

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