How to Turn Monkey Mind into Miracle Mind!

Updated: October 5, 2014






Dearest sparkly member of my tribe,

May I say that? Call you a member of my tribe? Community is so important these days. Like minded people sharing their experience, strength and hope is a place for miracles and meaning.

I have to say I have so loved reading your stories of late. They make me smile and underline the fact that we are not alone in our humanity and in our capacity to co-create miracles.

A few days ago I had an experience I’d like to share with you.

Just to recap (not to bore you). This past month has been a whirlwind of events.

In 30 days I drove up to Canada shot 30 episodes of a new TV show, sold my house, had to find another one in the USA, did that, came back to New Hampshire, and had to get ready to move end of the month plus fly to different parts of the country every weekend for the next 5 weeks.
Without getting too personal I can also say I came home to a pile of unexpected news and financial yuck that threw me for a few loop dee loops and not in a good way although I am committed to re-framing my perspective on every one of them.

They are likely all blessings in disguise – we shall see.

Just writing this gives me anxiety and makes me want to go back to bed.

But I have made a commitment a couple weeks ago to go on a NO Complaining diet. No gossip, no smart mouthing, and no bonding over true or fictional misery just to belong.

This is much harder than I thought!

But I digress as I’ll write about all of this in a later blog.

So, maybe because I was suppressing my complaining or maybe because I was not dealing with some of the shadow stuff I still have around security, to top it off just as I was settling in to my routine here at home (soon to be not home), I had a dream where I tried to do readings but was cut off from Source, and basically my whole life went to the crapper.

The dream was so real I couldn’t shake the fear when I woke up and it was so unsettling I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin.

All I could think of was the list of things that had gone wrong, were going wrong now, could go wrong and for sure would absolutely turn wrong at every corner in the future. I really was behind enemy lines as the sensations flooded me with memories of the past and potential future.


Have you ever had good things happen to you where you all of a sudden start worrying that the other shoe would drop at any second?

It’s all too good, something really awful has to happen!

The mind is a tricky place.

So as my inner world began to pulsate with images of shrieking monkeys, bag ladies and hobos, and my exhaustion turned into a greater sense of dread, and since I was forsworn off all complaining about the monkeys in my head and in my life, I decided to meditate.

I was too tired to do my own IN-Vizion® Process even though I knew it would help nor could I even remember how to do the Tapping Solution which I enjoy as a partner to my process.

So keeping it simple I chose to close my eyes, sit up straight and smile.
Then I thought about the word gratitude.
Then I smiled and stayed that way for 15 short minutes.
During this I began to feel gratitude and then I don’t know how else to describe it but I began to “be” gratitude.
Everything in me grew quiet and still and all I can say is a sense of complete detachment came over me and I began to experience a sense of the miraculous.

For the rest of the day I decided to see the world with gratitude and bless every person, place or thing that passed through my life. I blessed every bill, every email. I blessed every bird, every blade of grass. I blessed the part of me that doubts and has fear.

I continued my day as I began it – as a meditation, mindful and observant and full of gratitude.

Nothing in my outer life changed.

Everything changed inside me.

So after a few days of miracle mind maintenance I can’t seem to muster an ounce of fear, which for a Cancerian girl who has a meltdown every time she has to move is astounding.

Even mercury retrograde isn’t getting to me.

Marc and me just decided to laugh every time Apple TV conked out on us last night every 10 minutes during our favorite TV show. And when the power went out last night and Beanie kept me up with her breathing problems I blessed the fact we had a roof over our head and she was still alive.

I know that miracles can and do happen when I am grateful. And when I curb my words and keep them positive it’s easy and effortless to keep the faith and trust. Perspective changes and those monkeys go to sleep curled round the inner bag ladies and hobos who are now comfy, safe, and sheltered in the hand of God.

Ok your turn. Tell me a time when you turned your mind around from worry to wonder!

Or how about write a list of your fears with their opposite affirmation!

Sending you oodles of love.

Love Colette XO






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  • Alexandra

    I had a chuckle when I read your blog today. I related to everything you said, because I can go there in a shot, myself. Funny how we have tools that we know to use in our lives,to maintain serenity and balance and then we don’t for a bit , for some ridiculous reason. I did not do my usual readings and enough prayers when my other half and I went on a trip around BC for 18 days, silly me! So my serenity was seriously challenged one day when hanging out with my brother. who can be quite the “dry drunk” at times. Once I got myself to a meeting, reminded myself of my favourite slogan, “live and let live”, and reminded myself of certain things that I have learned in my life, it got better… instantly. My (almost always) daily prayers are filled with gratitude and affirmation, which have helped make these last 3 years so wonderful. Attitude of gratitude + daily prayer, which develops humility…. + showing love to those around = serenity, for me.
    Good luck with all you are doing… sounds crazy busy to me, a mega Pisces with Cancer Rising.
    PS. Don’t even get me started on thinking

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this !! thanx for writing!

    • Heather

      Thank you, so much for your readings. I have 3 sets of you cards and I have come to realize that in the past when doing my own readings for myself, I would “spin” the interpretation to be what I wanted them to be…not really understanding what messages were being sent and therefore, not really surrendering or growing as much as I could. I can be pretty stubborn. In the last week I have come to the conclusion that God/Spirit really gets a kick out of me and my independence/defiance…I really think it gives him/her a chuckle, like any parent, that is trying to teach, from a loving distance. I’m not a “bad” child, just independent…I’ll do it myself. So, then I have to be reeled back in and have a loving slap up-side the head. I really have hit a turning point in the past few months, I feel stronger and more confident. I feel like you are part of that…your readings, lessons and interpretations of the card have really been an eye and heart opener. Thank you!!!!

    • Barbara

      Hi Colette,heard about you through one of my friends who was at a show you Did in Toronto,just recently became a member of your website.I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life and often succumbed to the later part.Let me explain,my first experience with tragedy started at the age of 18,my first love was killed in a motorcycle accident,I met him at 14 got pregnant with his child gave birth to our beautiful daughter Aug 6 1976 he died Aug 6 1977 on our daughters first birthday,that was the start of my roller coaster ride,drinking and partieing and pushing away from anyone who tried to love me,I kept punishing myself and hurting myself emotionly.Three years of this then finally I hit rock bottom and stopped,and realized with the help of my mom and sisters that life goes on and you are what you attract!I know first hand that the law of attraction is for real!I attracted love and met my husband who adored and loved my daughter like his own!life was great,until tragedy entered my life again!This time my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 50 died within a month,that was April 2006,then my other sister was was also 50 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died April 2007,then my mom who had Alziemers at the time passes away the next year 2008,so the three woman who supported me with love and guidance were all taken away!i have been fighting my demons ever since!then one day I started to ask for guidance.I was walking looking down at the ground I see something fall to the side of me I turned and looked,there was a little bird it was a budgie bird not a wild one,now you have to understand I never really liked birds,you see my sister the one with ovarian cancer had a parrot mable and every time I would visit my sister she was always playing and talking to this bird!one time she asked me to go and talk to her bird so I did and the bird must of known I really didn’t like her because she snapped at me!sure my sister laughed,I didnt!i told her,”you see I don’t like birds!”She told me ,”one day you will!”Well what’s the odds of this budgie flying back up in the tree?Falls at my foot I see it,start talking to it and it flys back into the tree!Comes down again and a voice tells me Barbara throw your sweater over it,so I do and pickup this little bird!I open my sweater and this little bird looks straight at me and I fall in love!those little beadie eyes look practically human!I could see its soul!to me that was a gift my sister gave me to tell me things were all ok with her and this was a message to me that embrace all things in life,and to love with all your hearts and that when things go rough sometimes we all have the ability to overcome and achieve great things!we are all spirtual beings start to believe and that is what I did!Thank-You Colette!

  • jax

    hi collette
    that is an interesting post. this has been a real roller coaster year for me, big dips but some real highs. finally i was flowing, life was good and i felt i was starting over – no fears. then I broke my wrist – just a few weeks before moving. ok breathe we can still do this – gave gratitude daily and still felt happy and in control. then wrist not healing so surgery needed – prolonging time in cast. had meltdown but still positive.
    day i came out of surgery husband tore ligament in knee and was on crutches. hmm can we do this? time to call in favours and ask for help -ooh that’s a biggie! that first week was a struggle i was in pain and husband also not able to do much so i did the only thing left – i handed it over to spirit asking them for healing, assistance and solutions.
    then move date got postponed, my arm started healing and was less painful and husband can get by without crutches.
    life is far from perfect but i am content knowing it is unfolding as it is meant to. i am proud of my strength and resilience and we have become closer thanks to needing to work together to get things done and taking care of each other. if i had a choice i would not have broken my wrist but at least i have learned and grown from the experience!
    oh and all those nights i fell into bed early, i listened to guided meditations – too exhausted to meditate alone.
    i hope your move and my move go smoothly – new beginnings
    xjx scuse typing – still doing it left handed

  • Diana Boles

    OMG! And I was just dealing with fear! Or rather, ignoring what I fear. Get up and get busy—-after all, they can’t hit a moving target. I have two minds going at all times. So, while I concentrate on the activity and get lost in the flow, I seem to stare the Giant Cyclopse in the eye, devouring it’s stench with my deepest breathing & it’s punch with my choice of weapons —-garden tools or paint brushes or feathers —- and these are all tools for prayer. Somehow, this makes me aware of what I can control, and the things that I cannot, reminding me that everything will only be what you make of it and you can make it small——-that always brings the path to spiral the Quantum Leap and put the Giant Cyclopse outside of the circle. It tames the “Beast of Nail Biting” and turns it into “The Goddess of Creation” It replaces “Fear of Have Not” with the “Vision of Hind Sight”. I have and walk a Medicine Wheel in my backyard. You always enter from the East. There are doorways at each main compass point. The east is Illumination, the south is Faith, the west is Silence and the north is Wisdom. It is a circle. When things get spooky out of control I remind myself that—– though the path from Wisdom to Illumination is a short walk, the path from Illumination to Wisdom is an arduous journey. With wings spread wide I soar on high. With umber eye, I search for prey. With outstretched talons I seize my life. With ocher beak I savor the taste.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Diana I love the way you write. 😉

      • Diana Boles

        Thanks! You are a fab catalyst who has provided a beat to a tribe of dancers——– & we are no longer strangers. Talk about GRATITUDE! Rubber side down

  • Sheri-Lynne

    Can I relate to this? Read on! (and this is the shortened version!)
    After a week away on vacation, where I did a card reading every morning, ate well, exercised, enjoyed the beautiful coastline, and just plain relaxed, I settled back into my work pattern and wham… mom ended up in the ER on Friday. I tend to be calm and caring during times like this, but my dad’s voice sounded very shaky when he called, so I called it a day and drove up to the hospital to see what I could do to support him and comfort mom. When I got there, there were already 5 people besides my mom in the room and the energy hit me like a wall – or rather, 6 walls! I’d forgotten, in all my relaxing, to put up my own walls…but it hit so hard, I didn’t recognize it for what it was. Long story short, anxiety crept in, even though mom was doing well. They confirmed it wasn’t her heart this time (that was July), and the nurse and doctor had things well in hand, so I should have been fine. Panic set in when a mean (I’m being kind here) nurse came in and upset my mom, and then the minor chaos as a family member decided to calm her down by scolding her. Mom sent the few of us that were still in the room, out. I left feeling dazed and disconnected, which later turned to anger….at myself, at the nurse, at that family member.
    They kept her overnight for observation, and I didn’t sleep. I kept wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn’t prevent the chaos. How could I not step up and be the healer I know I am? Why was I so angry, when I try to live a life of peace? I started to doubt myself. I started to worry about how to help my parents as they age and find that balance of helping but maintaining their independence. Could I ensure that moments like this be prevented in the future so that health issues could be dealt with in a kind and loving manner? The self-doubt of my childhood started to creep in and I felt powerless.
    Then, sometime yesterday afternoon, after she was released and sent home to rest, I took some time to breathe and meditate. I had a hard time focusing, so I used an online site for 15 minutes. As my thoughts started to clear, I realized I hadn’t drawn a card that day, so I sat down at my desk. I quietly shuffled my deck and out popped a card that has come up four times in the past 3 weeks: Talisman. I took a deep breath and smiled.
    I didn’t stop there. Next, I did some tapping. My thoughts started to shift. The self-doubt raised an eyebrow and slunk back where it came from.
    I did some Qi Gong and felt my connection to source solidify.
    My thoughts changed to those of healing myself, of being grateful for all the good in my life, and today I am just me…..peace-full and confident in my path.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Love this! a really good example for all of us. When we fall back we need to make the shift. It takes effort but reality is ours to shift.

  • vikula

    i love you, your words from the heart are so beautiful, thank you. yes i have those bag lady moments, and the way peace comes is knowing everything is in its perfect place and time.

  • Barb Parcells

    I can so relate to the idea that when things are going too well something bad is about to happen … waiting for the other shoe to drop. I am in the midst of some of the best experiences that have every happened to me and I am accepting the idea that I was able to manifest them by staying positive, saying my affirmations and acting as if they were already a reality, and they all came to pass. This is the first time that I have refused to believe in that other shoe. The only shoe is the one I put on my foot so I can dance in my happiness! I have to struggle to stay in this mindset and my goal is to make it such a habit that it becomes my every day reality.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      It’s SO powerful when we can stay there and if we falter get there quickly! thanx for writing

  • Janene

    spent my time going to work and forgiving myself for every negative thought that came up, which was plenty! Helped me!

    • Diana Boles

      There are two jobs on earth that keep you IN THE MOMENT and they DO NOT GET STICKY because you MUST stay IN THE MOMENT. What are they? Being a PRE-school teacher and being a bartender. In both places you can entertain and find happy, happy, joy , joy, and then call a time out if the mass of class gets out of control. Hahaha! In both places’ they don’t know if you changed the plans — they can’t see beyond the moment for they are there only to be I the moment. So I have to ask, are you in retail?

  • Judi

    Dearest Collette, thank you for another message telling us of your amazingly open and beautiful human tendencies, which sound so close to our hearts. It is sooo much easier knowing that you, this astoundingly successful, wise woman of Source, can feel just as we do…You encourage us, support us, and help us to keep trying to become closer to who we are meant to be. Shharing with us in the most beautifully open way that you do, helps us feel extremely special to be one one of your tribe !!, making it easier to feel filled with gratitude…thank you thank you..much love and gratitude to you dearest One ….Namaste……

  • Lily

    This is sooo bizarre. Just this morning my question to my Oracle cards: How can I change my negative mind to see the miraculous in everything today?
    The card I drew from the Wisdom of Avalon deck was the Raven. Coincidence much?! Synchronistic? I’d say. Also going to give NO Complaining diet a go!
    Your mail was perfect timing, thanks Colette.
    “Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed.”

  • Barbara

    A year ago when my husband crossed over I focused on the positive. He was finally whole and healthy again. Then not even two weeks after he passed a new operations manager, who doesn’t like me, had my position at work eliminated. In order to stay employed I had to take a significant pay cut. And yet I remained focused on the positive in my life. I may not be out of the darkest part of the woods yet but life has been rewarding each day.

  • Remika

    Love your entry this week. Definitely gave me some perspective. A lot of unexpected change has been happening and inevitably I seem to be going from adrenaline rush at work to my body saying – uh no thanks and getting sick – to worrying about our financial situation. What feels like the midst of a storm so to speak. I love what you did Colette, to just feel the word ‘gratitude’. I am going to give that a try. It is so easy to focus on the fear, what’s not working out, what feels like a chaotic mess. I forgot that I always have a centre to hang onto – my pillar in the storm (Source). Funny how we seem to forget that when we need Him the most. I will give what you suggested a try and perhaps at least my mindset will start to shift from constantly worry to appreciation for what I do have.

  • Hillary

    You reminded me of such simple, yet profound & powerful tools.
    I’ve been in a bit o fear myself lately…
    & it is a tremendous challenge to shift out of it. ESPECIALLY when things seem to be crashing down around you. Or there is a huge amount of ‘stuff’ to tend to.
    Personally, I have neither going on, like you or the rest o the tribe, seems to have.
    I just have had a great amount of financial fears & pressures.
    & yet, all that’s happening is that I am in the abyss~the unknown of where it will come from.
    You have reminded me to ‘pivot’ & to do so right where I am.
    Drop on IN to GRATITUDE.
    We all know that it is the quickest way through the drama of the mind.
    AND-it is the way to allow ourselves to be dazzled by the Divine (God, the Universe, our Guidance Squad.) 😉
    Miracles happen when we let go & let God.
    Powerful reminders, my love-bucket.
    Thank you.
    I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~
    Happy moving. I just know it gets better & better!!!
    As you have reminded me, THIS or something BETTER. 😉


    Liebe Colette,
    vielen herzlichen Dank für Deine tolle Geschichte.
    Die Dankbarkeit und die Fuerung meines Hoeheren Selbst haben mich zum Weg meines Herzens gebracht.
    Ich tue jetzt was mir Freude macht.
    Ich danke Ihnen,ich segne jetzt auch jeden Menschen und jedes Tier.Jetzt geht es mir gut…DANKESCHOEN!!

  • debra silverman

    CBR–you are so real, so honest, and inspiring as usual. Your words echo ours, your thoughts, mine, you become the example for my humanness to realize that “none of us are alone.”
    What would it be like if our emotional bodies could be steady eddy, trusting and solid–certainly not from this planet; it would be the land of Dr. Spock. We are humans.
    Your humanness reminds me of my job: to be authentic, to stay awake and be as honest as I can with myself…If only you knew how the angels smile when you, Colette are upset, struggling with money, time, and fear. ( but you do!) You remind me when the music speeds up, when the tensions grow big, all it means is that we are doing our destiny. The shift into the next world depends on us. We are doing the work of the prophets.
    So good to have you here in cyberspace and deep in my heart. I know we are all in this together. Even when fear sits too close. I love getting your email blasts. Thank you from all of us out here.

  • Linda

    Thank you for sharing your real-life worries and fears! I lost my job a year and a half ago. During the ups and downs of that trying time, I realized my self-esteem had been tied to that job (that I didn’t even like), and the paychecks made me feel important. I began to listen to gratitude meditations while I walked, while I rode my bicycle, even while I slept. The results have been nothing short of miraculous! I have learned to love me for myself, not for my ability to bring in money. I have learned to give thanks and to “feel” thanks. And you know, I am not only a much happier person now, but as a bonus, almost every bit of income I had made at my job has been replaced!

  • Christina

    Good Morning….Perfect timing reading your blog this morning. I started feeling negative yeaterday and couldn’t figure out why full moon coming, planet change? I’m a Cancer with Scorpio rising so I feel the changes. Anyway I also turn to an attitude of gratitude. I give thanks for another day, I walk, breathe, see without medical help along with being healthy in every way. I look around my apartment and am so grateful I work and live out of my home. I go through each daily routine and give thanks that I have all I do and continue to move forward.
    Sometimes it’s not easy but I look at how far I have come and how every time Spirit has been there when I had nothing to offer but tears of surrender and release. Now I meditate daily and offer gratitude and a smile. (not always but most of the time)
    Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing…

  • may

    If there is fear it is for my children. This has been for may years now and my way of over comming this fear is a mantra of blessing for them and there children. If my brain will not stop tumbling in fear I do a mantra That starts with great grandparents and with intention go up and down my family tree blessing everyone I can think of. It works for me.

  • May

    Reading your blog post made me realize that nobody is immune from challenges in life and that it is only through knowing what we don’t want that we can discover and create what we do want.
    For a normally healthy person, a year ago, I came face to face with several health issues that made everything else in my life difficult. I found work unbearable and almost went into disability. The best and worst part of it was that the doctors found nothing physically wrong with me! Throughout the year, I developed a new way of looking at my job, taking short breaks and enjoying life as if each moment was my last. I stopped caring about what others thought of me (what they think of me is none of my business!) and I live each moment firmly believing that nothing is more important than the fact that I feel good. Nowadays, I practice Reiki and meditation the moment I feel unwell. I take long walks with my son just out of the blue. I got out of a dysfunctional relationship which took a lot of healing and I am still healing but I am patient. Most importantly, I feel like a great worker, a great mom and a great person, on my own terms. I remember my lovely son said to me once when I was upset: “Before you felt unwell, you were feeling fine. Aren’t you still that same person?” He is fourteen years old and he was more wise than I was about it. My life is so blessed…

  • Wanda Psutka

    Hello Beautiful Lady!
    It is so interesting that you bring up practicing being grateful, it seems to be the theme of the week around here. I have found myself practicing and sharing reminders to others to concentrate on all of the things we have to be grateful for in our lives. There is a saying that **it happens and of course it might momentarily knock you off your axis, but if you CHOOSE to live in Gratitude “it” doesn’t get knee deep. (Pun intended)
    It has been said that I see the world through rose coloured glasses, when in truth I see the same things everyone else does, I am just making a habit to choose to see the brighter side. Yes, all challenges have a bright side if you are willing to look for it. I applaud your willingness to feel the fear and to choose to not stay there. Fear is only a distraction to keep you from going where you are meant to go!
    You are a beacon of light to all of us in your tribe!
    Love Always, Wanda xo

  • Ann

    Bless you and may the light keep shining in you. I talk to angels too and the last few months accidentally go tangled up with a parasitic collective consciousness that was beating me up and sucking my energy in my dreams, creating chaos in my life etc. I know it was my fear that opened the door but during some moments, I couldn’t feel my connection to Source. I let myself have the full range and vent of emotions, then used every ounce of will power to sit and breathe and think of every good grateful memory I had. Sure enough, the lights came back on. It really works, and I admire you with all my heart because I know the path we walk isn’t easy. I know being in public shining a light, being connected to everything in a world filled with chaos and fear, as well as beauty, and being so vulnerably human take courage. Nonehtless, you are doing it with grace and authenticity which is beautiful. I’ll keep you in my prayers and envision you shining… and moving with ease and grace 🙂

  • Kath

    Hi Colette,
    I received this email yesterday from Marks power peek(mark Hudson )

    Daily Muse: You can learn from the past and imagine a beautiful future, but you must live in the here-and-now. (Colette Baron-Reid)
    Posted for Thursays readingfrom CA Brooks A WeeK Ahead . It made me smile:))
    Then I read your email today;))
    Love and Light

  • DeLynn

    I can so relate….I am having some personal issues and struggles and I wake up with this since of dread in my gut that I can’r seem to shake. Time to go inward and examine this and revisit some graduate. Thanks for sharing this story 🙂

  • Dawn

    I have lived in those words for 50 years. My primary goal is to turn all fears inside and outside to love. Man it can be treacherous and uplifting all within a few breaths. Also a cancer and am knowing will be making a couple more moves so feel more like a hermit crab with a home on it’s back…taking my home with me (I have lived in this home for 14 years!). I often think of Star Trek and Captain Piccard and his words “make it so”…that’s how I’d like it to be…but alas, for me, it’s a process…but I still call on the captain every day 😀 Thanks for sharing your realities.

  • Sylver

    Sometimes I think I think too much…

  • Maria

    Dear Colette, it’s so important to me to feel being a member of your spiritual tribe, great thanks for it!
    Here is my story. Many years ago I adopted a stray puppy. He was absolutely white, and I gave him the name Chandra, in honor to Indian Moon God. And a mess began! Not a single walk with him was without a dog fight. It was terrible! Huge dogs, for some reason mostly black, attacked him. There were Newfoundland dogs, Great Danes and giant schnauzers, and also German shepherds and Airedales, all without leashes. Blood, wounds and his screaming every day. My life turned into waiting with horror for every next walk. One day I felt I was really going mad. And I said to myself, “Enough. Stop it. It can’t go on anymore. From now on I HAVE NO FEAR.”
    And the miracle happened! Those monsters vanished! All and sundry, at a pop! My Chandra lived 14 years a happy life. Now he is my Heavenly Angel.

  • Ida

    Ok, so I saw your email this morning…after I woke up from a dream where I had no clients. What a nightmare. And then my boyfriend sat me down and said “let’s be really conscious of our thoughts and what we are creating, so we are on the same page, creating the same thing” …whew!
    I am so grateful for him, and your email was spot on. I am going on a “negativity diet” I don’t need toxic thoughts any more than I need toxic food!
    Thank you!!

  • Renee Sugar

    After reading your story, the first thought that came to me was DETACHMENT.
    This allows for perspective, and allows room to see more clearly. Impatience with self only
    creates more impatience, and doesn’t solve anything. So what am I talking about?
    Most people could not handle all of the transitional stages you have been travelling
    through in the past month without some dis-stress. Give yourself a big tadah for embarking
    on so many new adventures and growing in leaps and bounds. No wonder the thought
    department is a liitle discombobulated. (just my observation!!!)

    So today I attended an Orientation session for a potential new job which will begin on Tues.
    I was present and observed the operation at a manufacturing plant where a very special
    series of products are hand-made in CANADA and thought What am I doing here????
    I do need a job; and also at the same time another aspect of the same company is hosting
    a hiring event that would be more aligned to what I have done in the past which is sales.
    I am prepared to open whichever door is best-suited to my well-being and serves the needs
    of the whole. (big picture). Neither is right or wrong; but one door is very unfamiliar and feels
    overwhelming; uncomfortable. The hours are early and it would probably be a seasonal opportunity
    in either case. It feels like someone put their foot on the accelerator and pushed it down to the floor.
    Go with the slow ; not really. Just get out the door on time; do my part and collect my pay. It isn’t a
    life commitment; and it will nourish me along the way. Don’t judge/prejudge or have any opinion at
    all. I have one minute to complete this post. Stay calm and carry on!!!! XOXO
    Hope this makes some sense.

  • Catherine

    Yes so true on gratitude and how it stills the mind, eases the fear allowing peace and joy to return knowing that you are a Divine spark of God in partnership with the Creator energy of all that is! And so you can suddenly remember that you create your own reality, thus miracles of miracles you can Fate-change and uncreate what really isn’t but feels as it is from Fear. You are a blessing dear Colette and have provided the best of guidance to me throughout the years…Thankyou I am always grateful to you and feel that you have it all in the flow of as it is to be in love and the virtues we create experiences of to remember and complete in this lifetime. Love always…xo

  • Lily

    I love you and your work. You were one of the very few I have ever related to and feel better each time I read from the several sets of cards you created. Right now, I’m really mad at my partner (ex partner) who I just broke up with after many years of struggle. So my monkey mind is really ranting, even though we had a very peaceful amicable split. It comes up and rants about how it could have been saved if only he had been willing to stop forcing me to live my life according to his dictates. Today, reading your post (which made me chuckle) I realize it’s time to focus only on the gratitude. Gratitude for having known him…gratitude for having the courage to leave a situation that was suffocating me. You inspired me (while we are all seemingly up against the wall AGAIN with our core issues) to sit in gratitude every time I feel the mad monkey jump up and down again. love ya girl!

  • helen

    isn’t it wonderful, Colette, all these beautiful people you inspired to write here! such a magical instigator you…
    ya, when those fears pop up.. i realize i wasn’t paying attention… aah why did i manifest this? what is the next step…..
    and i go blast it all with light……. as for the shoes dropping…. feck the shoes, i’ve given up shoes…. xoxo
    p.s. remember to label the boxes so you know what is in them! 🙂

  • Jen T

    lol…. From worry to wonder, my theme seems to be trust today. I ordered Robert Ohotto’ s Mercury retrograde audio. It seems to be missing in cyber space. however I will pick up the shoe and trust that it will be resolved and I can learn a bit about Mercury retro. As a positive for the day, I have been listening to your audio book messages from spirit! My experiences with it have enabled me to have more faith and trust through this shift recognizing my way back home.

  • katie

    Thanks for sharing how human you are, living in a challenging world but full of joy and love amidst all the crazy chaos. I keep thinking of Lao Tzu’s quote: ‘Stay in the Center of the Circle, and let all things take their course.’ Centering in on gratitude helped our family get through a really tough time recently. My husband (and sole breadwinner) was unemployed for a long time, and then as he was close to finding work, he needed major surgery, and there were whispers of cancer. Amidst the scary, we found wonderful moments with our kids, help and support from family and friends, and really just this overwhelming sense of peace that things were going to be ok. And they are. He is now happily employed–minus a colon–and also minus any cancer. On top of it, the whole experience was a wonderful push for me to step out of his shadow and begin to pursue a career myself, with our kids finally both in school. Sending you much gratitude for your honesty and amazing spunk to keep moving forward in love.

  • Karen Gaynor

    I am honored & comforted to be considered a part of your tribe ….thank you. It’s like I never got or read the manuel on how to work this human form that is me. Through your honest sharing I learn or I am reminded that 1, I am not alone & 2, that I am ok. I am so grateful for finding you and your work.
    Recently I move from the east coast to the west coast …. needless to say I’m a bit out of my element . Althought I do see the blessing and the growth potential in this sudden life changing move, at times, socially, it’s a struggle. Socializing was NEVER my forte 😉 Thank God this didn’t happen earlier in my life. Presently I am in my 24th year of sobriety & know enought to check out the areas meetings. Of course it’s not the same feeling as my home group but it’s a start. That’s also why I so appreciate your blog. You have a delightful spunk about you that reminds me of a very dear friend back home with whom I have lost contact with. Sometimes acceptance come in strange forms. I know I my never have my friend back in my life but it does make it easier to picture her happy, healthy, spunky again like you. Again thank for sharing xo K:)

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I get you sister! I have already scouted out the area for my 29 years are more resistant to go but know I need to if I want to keep it. 😉 Thanx for the reminder. And yup I got some SPUNK !

      • Karen Gaynor

        Congradulation darlin on 29 sending you big big bunches of love filled hugs ….and a woohoo or two 😉

  • Desiree

    Colette, I always enjoy reading your posts, and your cards are so helpful when I am looking for perspective. I usually do pretty well staying postive lately, after making some life changing choices, but the other day I found myself sad and uncertain, afraid of the future. Questioning my relationships with people and where I am going in my personal and professional life, as so much is in flux right now. I drew a card from the Enchanted Map – #43 Details, Details (reversed). The final line brought me back to the moment and helped me release the anxiety that does no good. It told me “You are exactly where you’re supposed to be” A good reminder every day.

  • Elyza

    Just yesterday I made a move across the US. One that I’m unsure about, with no job, knowing no one and breaking up with my husband. Its very amicable, but it hurts so much. I’m in a temporary living situation that’s already very hard to adjust to, and I have no idea what’s to happen next. I know I need something new, and I know the people in my life were holding me back and I was letting them. But it sure feels I’d rather be unhappy with what I know at the moment, instead of scared out of my wits in the unknown. So I closed my eyes for a second, smiled and just said gratitude. Though I can’t do it for long at the moment without crying, I’ll keep trying something that simple. Right now I need simple, and I need to learn to take things a minute at a time…or maybe even a breath at a time. Thank you, Colette, for bringing some light every week. I hope to do the same soon.

  • Lynn

    Dear Colette,

    I think we can all relate to what you have just eloquently put. We (your tribe members) are definitely consciously connected; all slugging around in this human experience doing our best to straddle spirit and earth. It can be overwhelming to be consciously aware of all the old belief’s we want so desperately to be rid of and not to be sucked into situations that have been a constant for so many of us. I know for myself, I struggle with this everyday. But I am finally starting to flip the switch.

    I have always had issues with finances & the feeling of lack…even though I have had plenty. I have been doing a lot of work around this issue and recently a whole bunch of financial stuff seemed to hit me all at once. I am sure it was a test…Lol!! I said my prayer and pulled my oracle cards and “WOW”, the answer were amazing!! I now know to just hand it off and let Spirit call the shots. Thank you for being you!!

    Lots of Love,

  • Remika


    I’m sorry I already posted a response to your blog but I had to share! I think I had my breakthrough moment today! There have been a few struggles in my life like I had mentioned – work has been one of them and today as I was getting out of bed to go to work after being sick for a few days I decided to put some music on to cheer me up and make the morning routine as pleasant as possible. I just went to my music library on my iPhone and was “pulled” to a Michael Jackson song – Another Part of Me for no apparent reason. As soon as I heard this part of the song, I could understand why I felt compelled to listen:
    “We’re sending out a major love,
    And this our message to you,
    The planets are lining up,
    We’re bringing brighter days,
    They’re all in line,
    Waiting for you,
    Can’t you see?
    You’re just another part of me”

    Even as I type this I’m floored at how accurate God/Spirit Guides/Angels can be it almost brings me to tears. I thought about it on the way home too after my stressful day and it managed to put a smile on my face again as it is now. Needless to say I am totally grateful for this message, it really has helped to renew my faith that things will work out and everything will be okay 🙂 I just had to share this with you – I thought you would get a kick out of it 🙂 Light and love to you!

  • Chantelle

    Thank you for this. I really needed to hear that even with your success you feel the same shadowy stuff that haunts us all from time to time. I needed to hear it because i am about to take a Risk with my career and start out in a new clinic. I am a registered massage therapist and also practice energy healing modalities from Angelic Reiki to Crystal Shamanism with a few in between! Not your run of the mill healthcare provider! So my fears are that i won’t be taken seriously as a healthcare provider because of the ”woo woo” healing modalities i also offer. hmph! I feel like it is my own insecurity that is starting this monkey mind which can easily spin out of control. THen i found your email 🙂 and i feel relieved. Community is great i agree ! I realize that first of all i can believe in myself. it is my choice to do so or not. It’s like that Dragon card…..which one do you want to feed? I am going to feed the I am CAPABLE one. 🙂 I listened to Robert Ohotto’s Mercury Retrograde. He gave me that awesome direction. Thank you for you honesty Colette it always is fun and comforting. And I LOVE being a part of this tribe! Much Love Chantelle

  • Jen T

    Just finished listening to Robert Ohotto’s Mercury retrograde in Scorpio/ libra… Perfect , thanks for the recommendation wonderful!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I know it is so so powerful and very interesting. I listen to his lectures every retrograde and HIGHLY recommend everyone to listen.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    This was a toughy – as the week went on I took a moment each day to think about how I turnaround my fears.

    Usually after the initial shock I try to ground myself because the fear has me soaring in all directions seeking to grab at something I can understand. I then do what I was taught to do in school which is to apply a scientific reasoning. I also listen to my intuition. I listen to my heart weeding into the soul of what I thought the situation to be and now what it has become – what is meaningful to me. This takes time….. I need time to think and grieve or find relief.

    I do not know a lot about the “tapping technique” however I figure it to be something soothing and a natural (instinctive) remedy that one knows how to apply as if touching the relaxation points and thinking uplifting thoughts – affirming a place one chooses/wants to be. What I say to myself was always important however I usually fell into the depth of sadness and it manifested – I was naive. Other times I was flying high on a normal happiness or just content with the journey. It is nature to find the positive when possible.

    I was awed at the way my mom just flew like a bird chirping away like nothing has changed at what I perceived to be brute behavior from my dad; why did it not bother her? I figured later that she would lose herself if she did not keep moving and after talks with her about it she confided that the commitment as wife was a lifetime vow for her – keeping ones word – blind to the danger denial can cause. Relationships can be oxymoron’s motivating but to what end? It is important to step outside the box when possible and look from another height or low – sounds like drama. Through drama, though, ones finds what is the next step.

    I think being open to working on understanding the meaning of what is in front of one/us is a healthy resolve. I have been told, maybe even by you Colette (C-sister… LOL), that one fears the unknown. The antidote is to start to understand it. It works but it is very difficult to take the first step to unraveling when one/you is not used to investigating behavior. The first step takes bravery and ability to be grateful – staying safe among all the personalities/souls.

    Just yesterday I found out that my neighbor is a registered offender and that is not good for many reasons but I got to know this persons “soul” before I ever knew the offense. As a “light” for others, including that one, I cannot abandon hope of some “breath of fresh air” for anyone. Some folks are harsher in their approaches toward fear but my findings are to let the tiny steps you take guide you as to which direction to take next. Of course, learning to be still and true (authentic) to the/your self will be vital but one does not have to be in survivor mode for everything. We live in a very Tricky labyrinth of a life and world. If everyone would have treated the Ego with more care at every step from the start of their journey our world may have been a much more humbler place. It seems thinking of what could have been of could be, good/bad, can help one get there.

    It’s a struggle; however, do what you can to not give up the light everyone needs for healing.
    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference” …..
    I was a young teen when I was first introduced to the ways of AA and NA.
    A young mother when I first attended Al-Anon and NicA.
    I journeyed/sweated through fears …
    The biggest fear was not being able to understand those around me, everyday, or being accepted for my authenticity.
    In the U.S. there is such a melting pot of souls/personalities it was overwhelming; as well, not to forget today’s global mix.
    How I affirmed all those experiences was I decided,after analyzing who I was in the situation, that Life was more important than anything else I could do at that time…
    Were their angels along the way? – I agree.
    I wanted to be a better Me so I looked at my shortcomings, spoke to whomever was appropriate about them, and I made amends whenever possible, Amen. I shared if I thought it would help another soul to keep journeying with chin-up.

    Colette, high school age teens might benefit from your positive blessings. Maybe the show will be able to help that age group believe in a better, unchained, and untortured self yet reinforcement probably has to resonate through-out the family as well.
    Keep on Keeping… LOL : )

  • Diana Boles

    Ok, ladies! You’ve convinced me! Fear of MR communication and machine breakdown kept from trying earlier, but (gulp) diving in.

  • Diana Boles

    Oh oh! MR got me! Waiting for support!

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