No Doubt! (or, why even wimpy requests for signs work too)!

Updated: October 12, 2014





Hi there special one,

I’m back at the airport at LAX (more TV stuff to share next year, stay tuned) and something really cool happened yesterday I want to share with you. As of late I have been really focused on my dialog with the Divine, asking Spirit for messages that I cannot possibly deny.

Last week (or was it the week before?) I shared about house hunting and the giant dragonfly that showed me my house. Nature is always, for me, the best way to communicate for signs and omens. I have never been disappointed.

So why do I wonder after a while if I’ve run out of signs? I know I know you’d expect that I would always expect a sign, and never doubt but when I’m tired and jet lagged, my mind goes a little wacky and I begin to question.

Maybe this time Spirit ignores me, maybe I’ve had my share and unless I’m in the perfect mental/spiritual/ emotional master manifesting combination of faith, surrender, expectation and calm, nothing is going to happen.

Does that ever happen to you?

I know when my logic and intellect gets over-active and overrides my intuition I’m not using the right toolbox to discern my reality. Too much thinking and analyzing can cut us off from Spirit’s mysteries.

So, recognizing I was behind enemy lines temporarily, I decided to go back to my hotel and have a bath and meditate, as I was truly exhausted and disconnected. I decided to focus on whatever came up for me intuitively as a sign that I was connected to Spirit. As I slid into the hot steamy water an image of a blackbird came into my consciousness.

I have a deep and mystical relationship to ravens and crows, and I always consider them special messengers for me. I have not seen a raven in a long time, other than the two painted on my Harley, as back east it’s mostly crows that fly round the neighborhood.

So, I did ask for the symbol of connection to ask for yet I was nervous about asking for a raven. I had not seen any birds since arriving in Pasadena although I did hear some average twittering.

So with eyes closed I sent out a really limp and wimpy request, with more than a teeny bit of doubt, yet sprinkled with Pollyanna like hope to connect to one. I mean there is no logic in this at all yes? How could a raven possibly send me a sign in a hotel room in a bathtub?

I dismissed my request immediately, allowing my logical mind to lead suggesting “this can’t happen given where I am and what I’m asking for so shut it down”. Then I shrugged it off and figured I would wait until I got outside and instead allowed my mind to ponder all the things I was grateful for tangible and intangible.

I began to smile.

Then it happened. It began with a “krrrrrrrrk krrrrrk”.

I listened eyes wide open stock still in the tub.

No way.

Then another “krrrrrrrk krrrrrk” with a companion “krrrrrk”

Only ravens make that sound.

I pull myself out of the tub and run to the window and sure enough 2 ravens catapult themselves into the air from a tree branch outside my window.

I got back in the tub and admittedly ping ponged frantically back and forth from “whoa that was so cool! to “did I just make that up?”

You know I am a believer, a hard -core synchronicity and sign expecting faith- pumping knower! For crying out loud this is stuff I teach! Yet here I was about to dismiss this to a full on exhausted brain cramp of analysis paralysis of how I might have heard them before my request etc.

A few moments go by, and I do a 3 minute forgiveness exercise.



C’mon right? How many signs do I need?

Then a song came on the radio.

The band?

No Doubt…. The song.. Don’t speak.

I got the message!

Yes even those of us who know intimately the dialog of the divine can be doubters. Not today my friends. Not today. Even wimpy requests are answered! Love to hear how you’re doing this week!

So what’s the message for all of us?

Let the Mystery be the mystery!
Let Spirit decide the how, the when, and the what and don’t try to figure it out.
Stay humble, its not going to be perfect and even if you think you have faith a stumble or two is part of your humanity.
Laugh at yourself.
Laugh all the time for that matter.
No Doubt we are all connected 24/7, all the time even if we’re sending out wimpy signals.
Spirit is listening.


Love you all…

Love Colette XO





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  • kirstin


    Last night I was thinking of crows and how they have always followed me especially when somebody is about to die. Before my father passed a crow had flew into my chimney and got trapped…before my sister had passed a murder of crows had flown over my brother and I outside my condo. He had said he has never seen anything like it…my mind is so foggy I feel like I have lost my intuition, but the fact I was thinking of this and you wrote about it has validated I’m still connected to the universe, just exhausted..


    • Lyn Woodrow

      love that Colette
      I will be looking for signs
      Thank you

    • Anna Richards


    • Yolanda

      Hi Collette:-) It is good just to say “hello” and wish you an inspiring day. You have validated my feelings of doubt to an answer to a prayer to spirit. It does come, but in its own time, I am just a very patience woman!!

      Love you billions Collette


    • Beatrix Hermann

      Dear Colette,
      weekend before last my twin-flame reentered my world and we have been very close since. Now I’m very low as I came down with a flue and he’s just pulling back now, at least it feels like that. That’s exactly what we have in the cards – the mystery – I cannot understand at all why he behaves the way he does since Sunday evening (that’s when he didn’t come to stay with me as we had agreed on before, but joined his aunt for a meal unexpectedly-she being the sister of his abusive mother, who is ill in an old-folks home at present). The only thing I can do now, is walk further into the mystery and trusting that I’ll finally have a loving partner by my side that doesn’t get sidetracked all the time…, God knows, at 47 I should for once experience that… No point in trying to figure this one out, just feels so bad when you have to give in to your body crying for attention (time for looking at the pain inside), as much as the soul does and then your man not being any use whatsoever…

      Blessings to you and many thanks for the weekly readings

    • Dar

      I can hardly tell you what I have experienced this week. It had to do with a cab driver. I got my change, but didn’t give her my money. I noticed later. I was going to call her after 6:00 PM when she would be on shift. I went to the grocery store and when I went to check out I didn’t have my wallet. I ran through the store trying to remember where I would have left it. I remembered the spice rack. As I got there a lady asked me if I was looking for my wallet. She had given it to an employee, and I retrieved it “Thank you God and Archangel Michael”. When I got home, I called the taxi driver and explained what transpired the night before. She thanked me for being honest and said that she was short but didn’t know why. I got goose bumps. I am so thankful for God and all of my Angels and Guides!!!!

  • Ursula

    I can relate, as we are both in the same profession. I recently moved and I’ve seemingly forgotten to remain connected to Spirit. That was how I was feeling. I’m still unpacking and I am in transition with my career, to work in it full time, leaving behind a busy massage therapy practice. I movedto a new city without any connections of any kind. I am starting new. I have struggled to remain focused and balanced.
    Yesterday, I unwrapped 3 new pieces of art that I had purchased a few months ago. I thought that they were 3 different photographs of crows, nope. They were 2 photographs of crows (which I have a new appreciation and affinity for) and a RAVEN. I laughed reading your blog, because of the similarities in our stories. I have been looking for a space to work from, no longer feeling comfortable working from my home I have embarked on a search for an office space. Of course, below my new apartment is a wellness center, (a sign? without a doubt!) and the owner sent a confirmation email to me yesterday morning stating that she would be delighted to have me work in her office. Not a minute later I received an email with 5 bookings for readings. (another blatant sign that I’m on track) I was looking for confirmation that this was the best time to transition. I’ve received all the confirmations I need to move forward with a sincere appreciation for my guides in Spirit.
    Thank you for sharing and for also giving me messages of confirmation from Spirit with your recent taping of your show in Toronto.
    Namaste my friend!
    With much love & gratitude,

  • Patricia

    How awesome that you received such a direct sign from Spirit. No denying it for sure. Poppies are my sign that I am on the right path or the answer to my question. But today I said not on any site on FB as that would be too easy. This time I need it to manifest from out of the blue as well. Fingers crossed.

  • Diana Boles

    There are times we doubt ourselves no matter who we are or what we do. Is it the request that is wimpy or the faith that is wimpy? We are not alone so however and whenever we put it out there, it is heard. Don’t you find that when we are at our weakest the need is at it’s strongest? Comes this whisper in my ear that coaxes me in the right direction. And there it is! A sign from the great mystery, be it feather or stone or twig or a glimpse of a four legged not often seen or a writing in the sky. Nature holds the answers. And then there are the audio reminders like the whispers in the ear or an old song on the radio! Not to mention the sense of an arm around my shoulder or a touch on my head or cheek. I think I have been given proof so many times that I’ve shaken the worry about “not being connected”. It is a constant smile starting somewhere in my core and existing everywhere in my soul. I’ve learned that I may sometimes forget about the great mystery of spirit but spirit never forgets about me.

  • irene

    cool, cool, cool! what a great story. thank you and yes, that’s Spirit, always there, always ready to show us what needs to be shown. I totally get it. But I loved your asking for undeniable signs, I will start to be as specific when the need calls for. I love Spirit. It’s an energy that is so pure and wonderful and there for us all when we open ourselves to that magic.

  • Judit

    I guess “No Doubt” is a message for myself.. Not to doubt myself in my new orientation to stepping into the life that I was meant to live. Believing that I deserve this new shift of consciousness.. I step forward, ever so humbly to claim my ability to share the love with whoever comes onto my path and know that Spirit is walking along side of me, guiding me to my future.
    Thank you for allowing me to discover the beauty within.

  • Elissa

    Hi Colette,
    I need to go down a rabbit hole for a moment. I recently realized that about 3 years ago you predicted the rescue dog I adopted late last year (re-reading my notes). A small white dog, my notes said “challenge and opportunity.” My Aussie Mix is white but truthfully I didn’t make the connection because she isn’t as small as my mind had created (at the time I thought Westie-like). But she is smaller than my Weim and smaller than her dogpark playmate. More about her in a moment.
    I read your blog and thought about my recent doubting Thomas attitude towards signs and intuition – have had many of those moments recently – am I doing the right thing? why isn’t it going as I expected? where are the signs? and if I get them how do I interpret them? is it or sign or isn’t it? My logical mind has stifled me and I have felt oh so miserably stuck.
    After reading your blog I felt better but not “back.” So I rather limply picked a card. Back to the dog, when I rescued her I discovered she had some major fear aggression to men in the house. A huge challenge. I couldn’t possibly give her back but I was at a loss. Fortunately i I found a great trainer (there was the opportunity but that’s for another time) and we have made some fabulous progress. But I have been freaking out because my aged father comes to stay soon and worrying myself stupid about how she will respond (he while loving animals wouldn’t be able to cope with an aggressive dog), how stressed out my Dad will be, and whether I would be bald by the end of the visit.
    So I asked before my card choice “how can I make my father’s visit successful with the dog?” I pulled the spider. Major confusion for a moment. How on earth does that relate to the question? A moment of dismay and frustration. And then I felt a truly unexpected rush of intuition. “You Elissa have the power to create that success. Your dog is now bonded to you and looks to you for the signals for behaviour. Be nervous and she will be nervous. Be confident and she will be confident. Create the emotional environment that will work for everyone.”
    Thank you Colette. This early morning read of your blog was such a blessing.

  • deb

    Last week, I really stumbled. this week, I am connected once again, and able to laugh at myself. I recognized myself in this.

  • Marina

    Collette, thank you so much for sharing your amazing stories and insights! I love how simple the truth is for each and everyone of us, yet how much we allow our mind to sway us in the opposite direction, convincing us of disconnect and causing mental confusion. I’ve had so many signs during the past few years from the Spirit, that truly changed my perception on life and just recently (after reading your blog on Signs), something very beautiful happened as well.
    There was a client of mine, a wonderful lady whom I worked with for some time, while she was terminally ill. After a couple of months, the communication stopped. I had a feeling she has crossed over, yet I haven’t received any confirmations and didn’t have anyone she knew to ask from. After reading your blog, I asked for a sign. The next day, I arrived home from a meeting and as I stepped outside my car, there was a beautiful blue butterfly circling around me. I stopped to look what was happening and the next moment the butterfly just landed on my hand and stayed there for a while. The whole experience was so magical and out of ordinary that there was no doubt in my mind it was a sign from her, saying “hello” from Heaven.
    Thank you for reminding us that the connection is always there and it is ok to ask for a sign, because Spirit is always happy to deliver!
    Love and Blessings to you!
    ~ Marina

  • Judith

    Just what I needed to hear. I get signs all the time. And even though I can’t see how it will all work out, the signs point to a very positive outcome. Right now involving a potential relationship. However, people say “you and your signs!” Which makes me feel like the crazy cat lady. But I know they are real. Just this morning I was talking to spirit saying you’ve given me all these positive signs. I leave it up to you to orchestrate it and I will listen for when I need to take action.

  • Brenda

    Oh goody! I’m a rookie in this “game” and doubt sits next to me like the annoying kid you can’t get rid of at a family gathering. I see the YouTube videos but this is my first time reading your blog. You are my sign that even a master is still human enough to say “hello, Spirit? You there?!?!?” I need only be still and trust. Thank you so much Colette and than you Spirit. Got it! There’s “no doubt” about it! 😉 XO

  • Dianne

    I enjoyed that story, Colette. I look for signs all the time. Mine are squirrels, rainbows, brown-eyed
    Susans, and actions that someone was known for. There are others, but these are my most common ones.

    • Dianne

      Oh yes, and songs on the radii. Meaningful words jump out at me all the time in them.

  • Marie

    What is your 3 minute forgiveness exercise? I am very interested in learning this as I am always messing up some how and sure could use it! 🙂
    Thank you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is just a focus on forgiveness and compassion , sending it out to the world from my heart, then to myself.. it feels amazing simple and powerful

  • Andrea Victoria Paradiso

    Colette, did I actually hear you mention CROWS????? Lololol! Oh, My Goodness! Well! It is obviously we are all on the same wavelength. Wait! Maybe NOT! Maybe it is just…COINCIDENCE! Lololol! Have a Beautiful Day, Everyone…and watch that you don’t get hit over the head by too many signs! Muah!

  • Lisa

    Colette, thank you for this message this week. The universe has been giving me so many signs and so much is happening that I am having a hard time keeping up with it. Then like you, I get tired, dis-connected and my analyzer goes off and starts to try and put all the pieces together and solve the problems, even if there aren’t any, it will come up with a few to solve. Instead of just taking everything at the time it is presented and move forward from there, I take the whole package and then get overwhelmed. I remind myself to take it in little chunks, that the universe is providing me and I just need to keep watching for the signs. Five years ago my life too a major left hand turn. I thought that was direction it was going forever, duh! I got engaged, took a few years off, we found a new town to live in, and started to embark on a new career last year. That all changed last spring. My fiancé left and here I was starting a new business, that was more spiritually based, using all my talents and training over the years, in a town where I don’t know a lot of people, because we were together all the time and traveled to a warmer place in the winter, for 3 to 4 months. After several months of trying to get the business going, doing more online, going to b-school, I was digging a deeper and deeper hole into debt and feeling worse and worse about myself. I went back to the town I left for a function honoring a friend who was being recognized. This person who is wise longtime friend, had a talk with me and said he hated to see me struggling and to come home and go back into what I was doing for 27 because I was good at it and I have love and support there. 2 1/2 months later, my home here is sold, my business there is doing well and I haven’t missed a beat after 4 years, I manifested a place to live, in a ski resort that is very hard to find anything to rent or purchase. There are still days I doubt, but I do know this is the next stepping stone and even though I am back doing the same thing I did for years, I can bring all I have learned back into a business that isn’t very spiritually based and create change there. I can slowly create my other business, but now have the funds to do it and not feel the stress of going into debt to get there. With all that said, all I can do is surrender, allow, try and keep my mind out of the process,(especially when I am exhausted and tired) use all my tools, watch for the signs, and be open to the changes that they bring. Again, thank you for the reminder that we all doubt, we all feel like we have lost our connection and we need reminders to be open to what we ask for, the universe will provide it. OH and Robert’s Mercury Retrograde recoding is amazing as always, if your listeners/readers haven’t heard it, do get it! It will help you navigate this 3 week period, because as Colette said there is a lot of movement in this one and we can get lost in it or we can have a compass to get through it! XOXO

    • Suzy

      I can really relate to your over-analyzing. That is why I keep coming back to Colette. She helps me balance my world, reconnect with the spirit and love and forgive myself.
      I am so grateful Colette. And Lisa, congratulations on taking a big step forward.


  • Heather

    I sees signs all the time…mostly numbers. When I first started seeing numbers, I was in a book store and picked up the book Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue… I literally pickup the book and said out loud “Angel numbers that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” My mind can really take charge…a lot!! The very next day, at work, my first phone call and the persons b-day was 7/7/77…I said wow, i know exactly where I was on 7/7/77…weird. all throughout the day I kept seeing 7’s; then when I was on my way home from work, it was dark, I was at an intersection and my headlights hit the license plate of the car sitting at the stop light…license plate 77777. Now, I was like may be there is something to these angel numbers. fast forward 1 wk…I was talking on the phone to my sister in-law telling her the story…I always sit at the snack bar to drink my coffee, but this particular morning I decided to sit on the couch, now usually when i sit on my couch, I always sit on the right side, this particular morning I sat on the left side…as i was telling the story, my coo-coo clock struck 7 am, which made me look up to see a feather float across my window (if I had sat where I usually sit, I would never have seen the feather) …this whole thing prompted me to go to my ex-husband’s house to find a foot locker that I had left when I left my husband…inside the foot locker was a ton of my families pictures, my mothers bible, with her birth cert in it, my parents marriage licence (their ages were bolded, making me realize my parents were 7 yrs apart, 2 letters one written in 1974 and the other 1977)…(the man that I was in love with at the time and still am…was born in 1974 and we are 7 yrs apart). The day that this happened was a 7 in numerology.

    Just recently I was driving in the morning and I was thinking about my mother and what would she think of me now as an adult women (she died when i was 19) the next car that past license plate 77…next car license plate 477….later that day I was driving down the highway and a car pasted me with the licence plate 3333 (I always call those Jesus’ numbers)…I said out loud, “yeah, I’m gonna need something more than numbers” Next car…vanity plate with the name of the town I was originally from and where the man I am in love with lives. Of course I would love to think that it means eventually we will be together, but I really have no idea…I just know there is a reason I can’t get this person out of my heart..sometimes, I really want to rush to the end of the book,so I can know…I’m REALLY tired of being in the “middle” …not who I was and don’t know who I am or what will be. I have had some other great things happen with other “signs” and synchronicity, but trusting the journey is hard for me…patience is not a virtue for me.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this story… well we are all human… and trusting is our lesson here.. but when we do MAGIC yes?

      • Heather

        I wrote that story this morning @ 10:50…later today on my way to the dump @ 1:30, the first car coming toward me…license plate 7777…tomorrow is my Mom’s b-day.

        I think sometimes I get “greedy” for the Magic…once it happens you want more and more! I love it when it happens!!

        Thank you for the blog and daily cards…its makes me feel less weird…most of my friends and family think I flipped my lid 4 yrs ago.

  • Barbara

    Colette, I love reading your blog. I am always aware of signs that I receive but there are times when I too question what has been sent. About that time I get hit up side of the head with “are you paying attention” type signs. Now I don’t travel as much as you but I do travel a lot. I am a strong empathy and find that when I have been in airports and hotels for days to weeks I find myself on overload and those signs tend to be questioned more often. I have been trying to find techniques to shield and cleanse myself of these overloads and sometimes it works and other times I guess there has been just to much I have absorbed. But I have to say reading your blogs usually help me to find the focus I need.
    Now if I can just convince work that I need the time off so I can catch your seminar in Arizona.

  • Sharon

    You see crows and ravens, I see hawks. They land in my yard, fly overhead when I’m outside and fly above my car on the highway! When I see them, I make a mental note if they are flying, or resting, or hunting. That’s usually a clue what I need to do – look at the situation from the 10,000 ft. view, or rest and take a break from the situation, or hunt to get to the bottom of the situation.

  • Jen T

    I don’t know, lets see, I’m curious. That fits perfectly right now. I have stood up and taken accountability for my actions in a situation, while my partner lied. For me the theme is what to let go and when to stand in my truth, and finding the compromise in it all. That has been a long standing theme for me. Balancing speaking my truth and then letting go. Realizing it is not in my control.

  • helen

    oh my goodness look at all the shamans on this page replying to you~ you are such an instigator, Colette!
    ha ha, don’tcha just love those “in your face” signs?
    Love your last paragraph with the “let spirit decide the ….. (how it comes)” and to laugh too ~ brilliant reminders.
    And a happy Canadian Thanksgiving day to you too (wherever you may be) cheers xoxo 🙂 h

  • Rev Rio Rose

    Oh this is such a great story Colette! I totally understand and it is so wonderful to hear you say the exact same thing! Yes those of us who teach this stuff, often also have doubts, and when we get signs get very excited… I know when I see butterflies or hummingbirds or something of that sort, when I’d ask to see them, it always really really makes me happy. I’m so happy you’re here in California, as a matter fact you are so close (right down the street if you’re in Pasadena) I am not too far away, in Burbank. If you are doing something where we can come I would love to see you, and more importantly I would love to talk with you. Have a fabulous time if we don’t see each other, and I’m sure one day soon we will! Enjoy our California weather and Ravens! Love, Rev Rio

  • Angie

    This really resonated with what is going on with me right now. I have some major changes coming up right now and I am trying to not be fearful. My brain has been in a fog today, so I am going to spend some time in meditation and will ask for signs as well. The Angels have been loading me up with symbols lately.. Also dragonflies, feathers, soap sculptures, and especially numerical sequences.. So I know they are here with me. I just have to get out of my head and believe! Love and light! Thank you for being a mentor and support for me! Luv yA! If I lived near Toronto, would love to come to a taping of your show. Toronto is also one of my very favorite cities!

  • Marja

    A big thank you from the other side of the world. I find myself always

    Overthinking everything and doubt what I see, if I see it at all. So today I take with me your words and will strive to dismiss the doubting voice in my head and allow my heart & soul to be my guide.

  • Marja

    Back again, as we are talking signs after my comment above I used your oracle reading cards choosing the Avalon cards drawing wealth, risk & merl in. Each card telling me listen to my intuition and heart. 🙂

  • Cynthia

    Oh this is perfect for me this week…after speaking to you a week ago, the s***t hit the fan with the boyfriend….don’t know how this is going to work itself out. Will keep reminding myself to come back to watch this again this week, if I am feeling overwhelmed. xo

  • Maria

    Thank you for an interesting and uplifting posting (as always), Colette! Your writings seem to strike a chord in me every time.

    I’ve been a bit lost recently with regard to signs although I usually get a lot of them and more so whenever I am in despair. My life has been in such a turmoil in the past two months and I’ve been struggling with a lot of issues, mainly with trust. The sign I get the most is a butterfly and the other day when I was coming to work, feeling already exhausted with all the problems, what I saw at the entrance to my workplace was a collection of books with a “please take” sign on them and the first book that caught my eye was an illustrated book entitled “Let life carry you”, with a beautiful butterfly and a poppy flower on the cover. Needless to say, I took the book and now have it on my desk to remind me of this as I realised that haven’t really been trusting life to carry me and I’ve never fully had faith that it’ll work out. I guess I’m now making progress as I feel more confident and serene day by day.

    I also get signs like when I am really worried I might see “don’t worry, be happy” written on someones tote bag. Very often I start hearing songs or reassuring voices in my head (no, I’m not crazy or anything :)). The other day I was feeling that my life has just passed by and that I’m getting old and my life is stuck. Then all of a sudden the song “Forever young” strated to play in my head (and it’s not a song I would normally listen to at all).

  • Diane

    wow before i saw this this i did say i dont know yesterday…lol

  • Sunny

    I love this story Colette! Thank you!

  • Renee Sugar

    The other night I was tuning in to AM Coast to Coast a radio program (Talk A.M 640)
    A part of the program was an interview w/Doreen Virtue. Then there was
    an interruption for a hockey broadcast. When that was finished; the original
    subject was intercepted by a program on how the pyramids in Egypt were
    constructed. I was disappointed that it didn’t resume to the subject about
    how to connect with your angels but was grateful that at least I could listen
    to something that was informative. Stay tuned. Sometimes only a few clues
    are revealed and at the divinely right moment the rest will come.
    So on that note; I must carry on to my new job. Life isn’t always organized
    but on some level it is very intelligently orchestrated. So I will just trust that
    and appear where I am called at the right time.

  • Anna in Wonderland

    Thank you so much Colette, your message resonates deeply with me! I too have been thinking: Mercury is in retrograde, but everything seems to be moving and flowing so effortlessly. I was actually able to release some big blocks last week and finally feel I’m free to move forward with some completely new projects. So the Novice is definitely appropriate too 🙂 I feel as though I’m stepping into the unknown and curiously exploring something new, but I also have faith and this deep inner knowing that it’s all going to be great. No rushing, just enjoying the journey and walking my path one step at a time.

    Have a wonderful week Colette and everyone who’s reading this 🙂

    Much love,

  • Trish

    Just a note to say thank you for your blog and all you do. Today I needed to hear “This too shall pass” as Mercury Retrograde is really kicking me while I’m down. Big mechanical problems with a vehicle on top of a slow time at work, then my sink falls apart – who even knew that was possible? Well, this too shall pass, right?
    Best to you – looking forward to seeing your show!

  • Diana Boles

    Here I sit. A Gemini in Merc Retro! Still trying to correctly download the Robert O lessons on Merc Retro! I know I’m not the most computer savvy woman on the planet, but I can navigate my way around enough to open this! So, tribal dancers, my sign in this one? Gemini lay real low in Merc Retro. LOLOLOLOLOL

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Diana it may already be open on your desktop or check your “finder” or go back to his site and read the download instructions. There are 3 folders that should show up on your desk top. Tell yourself its easy and effortless and it will be.. .. or go make a tea and smile hahahaha xooxox

  • Scott moses

    I Agree with you collete baron reid.

  • Jenine

    Hi Colette,
    This is my first time writing to you yet I feel like I know you. You have such a way about you that makes people feel instantly at ease, and instantly like you’re one of their friends. That’s such a wonderful gift! I believe in signs more than I believe in intellect- our intuition is older than the stars. I “test” for signs myself, and always come back with some kind of confirmation! It’s truly magical. The more you believe in spirit communicating with you the more it happens. Right now after reading your wonderful uplifting story I am testing a situation myself, looking for a sign of a ladybug. Your blog makes me feel loved and supported on a path that not many understand, and it makes me feel like I’m part of a tribe of enlightened souls. Thank you for all that you do! Much love- Jenine

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well thanks so much for joining in the conversation! So check it out. Yesterday y front door was swarming with lady bugs! and right now as I am reading your post one is sitting on a door frame. I love what you said .. our intuition is older than the stars… true it’s a whole other language.. a language of the stars…

  • Liz C.

    Collette-I love it! And you!!!
    No matter how we show up (strong or wimpy request), Spirit never fails us. Thank you for sharing and confirming that Spirit knows each of us intimately and cares for us.

  • Karen Gaynor

    Was just thinking…I get signs, I just don’t know why or what they mean, like recently humming birds were showing up everywhere I go especially when I 1st arrived here in Cali. I mean like they hover in a window or above my head like to make sure I notice them lol ….then I noticed you had replyed to a comment I posted last week (by the way, yay, ty) which included the phrase “you can’t keep it if you don’t give it away”… having just returned from a meeting where I was ask to sharing next week ….the thought made me chuckle ….cus I did say yes, but then I popped over to your deck(hidden realm) and what do I pull … Lady of the gift as the 2nd card 😀 … for the sake of content Dream walker was 1st then 3rd was Prince of the desert (all ally) … not 100% sure of how to read / interpret them all yet but it all feels right on X <3 K 😉

  • PVed


    Thank you for this. I see a lot of signs and like some of the people here, I am afraid to talk about them to anyone as they might think I am losing it. I do get a lot of signs about something I keep asking the Universe / Spirit / God about. Its like they have an enormous amount of patience. I keep asking everyday for signs and i get them. Sometimes I would be walking down a street and as if I were testing Spirit (actually it must be my mind trying to tell me its all false and my heart saying wait I will show you) I would ask for a sign before I reach the next block or the station or something and its almost jaw-dropping how I would see a clear sign within the block or before I reach the station or before its 5.30pm (clear sign for me as I associate some license plates, or some specific things written on say someone’s T-shirt as a sign for the question I have asked). Its like Spirit is not tired of assuring me that something will come true despite how little my head lets me believe and how things look different to my eyes.

    Its like the heart and Spirit and the Universe have a language and communication of their own which one has to learn to manifest something.

  • Kathleen

    Hi Collette,
    I’ve been using your oracle cards for some time and am amazed at the profound messages I receive. I took your Oracle Card Reading Course and using the cards has been a great resource for my spiritual development and connection to Spirit. I’m familiar with the 3 & 5 card formats and the meaning of each card’s position. However, I notice that you use a 4 card format when you do the Weekly Universal Energies Vlog. Can you explain the format on the vlog? I realize it’s a forecast for the coming week, and that the message is discovered in the relationship the cards have to each other, but is there a particular meaning determined by the position of each card?

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it gives me the 4 fundamentals of what’s coming up- where we begin, what energy builds from there, where we head next and a conclusion

  • Diana Boles

    Yoooo Wooooo! Colette! Guess what! I went back this morning to the computer and found the files in my iTunes folder! What? Wait, that’s where it was all the while! But, it must have taken a long time to download because the first thing to pop up was the same folders that were empty the other day. So, today being October 16—the mid-way point of MR & between the two eclipses—comes the dawn! So to speak. Haha. The latest sign. Enjoying the listen tremendously! Thanks, toots!

  • Diana Boles

    Oh, and I have been in a Raven phase for 6 weeks now!

  • Colette

    Hi Colette,

    I’m not normally one to post comments on a website but I just had to thank you for sharing this (and last week’s) blog posts! It completely inspired me and I thought you would love to hear what transpired.
    Prior to reading your post I have asked for guidance in my life and I have been working on paying attention to signs and messages that are sent to help me. But not until I read your blog post about asking for a specific sign did I ever think that I could ask for that. I had this thought of ‘who am I to tell God/Spirit/the universe to give me such a specific sign or message’ as if I was telling them what to do.
    Like you, I am also in the process of moving, however, I only knew that I was leaving where I live currently (at the end of next month) but I didn’t know where to move next. Towards the end of last week I was turning into a huge ball of stress and anxiety over the whole matter. I decided to surrender the matter to God and trust that He would guide us to our next home that would be in our highest good. But instead of just leaving it so open ended, this time you inspired me to ask God to show me a specific sign so that I would know that it was the right one when we went to go look. For some reason the image of sunflowers popped in my head, which I don’t have any particular attachment to (they’re nice flowers, just not my favourite) and the season for them to grow is definitely over here. So I thought as you thought with the ravens, yeah okay what are the chances that this will actually happen. But I trusted and I asked to see sunflowers at the place that we should make our next home.
    Yesterday we called many places and had no luck in our search for our next home. I came back to the computer a while later, for a completely different reason, but I thought I would take another look. There was a new ad in my email and it had just been posted the day before. The home wasn’t in the area we wanted to move but it had all the features we had been looking for so I thought I would take a chance and call even though over 200 people had already viewed the ad. I left a message and miraculously the owner called me back within the hour and said that we could come take a look that evening.
    This place was amazing and had almost everything we were looking for but it was in a different city than we were going to move to. What to do??
    We were actually the first people who had been able to view the place and just by chance the owner had called us back prior to the other people who were also interested. We all knew that if we didn’t take it right away then someone else would. The owners asked us into their home (on the same property) to discuss some more details and whether or not we wanted to rent the place. When I walked into their home, what did I see on their kitchen counter? A huge vase of SUNFLOWERS!!! I could not believe it. Right there and then I knew, my hunch that we had been guided to this home was confirmed and although it wasn’t where we had planned to move, clearly it was where we needed to move! I’m trusting that God knows what is in our best interests and we’re moving in at the end of the month!!!
    Thank you again for sharing your story and your insights. I have learned a lot from this experience about trusting, surrendering to God, and that I can give myself permission to ask for a specific signs when I need help.

    • Diane

      oops, my name is Diane, not Colette…I was so excited to share this with you I typed your name instead of my own lol.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I LOVE THIS !! Man I just get all wacko and giggling reading this and I so love it when you guys share your stories we need reminders – we all do. CONGRATS on your home xoox

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