I Need to See Your Eyes (thoughts on the meaning and power of “in person” moments)!

Updated: October 27, 2014






Hey there amazing light bringer of wondrousness!

Just got back from my workshop at the always, awesome Omega Institute in gorgeous upstate New York and regrouping before I pack to go to the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Scottsdale which is am uber excited about.

There really is no substitute for being with people in person.

I am a big internet fan, don’t get me wrong. My school The Invision Lab is all taught online as are my professional certification courses. I talk to you here. I show you my videos. I listen to you, I read pretty much all the posts on my public Facebook page and I personally reply to your stories.

We have a relationship here.

That said there is a false intimacy by always being online. All kinds of odd and irrational relating happen here too. People hate on you that don’t know a thing about you, forming opinions, being bullies or conversely put you on a pedestal. Everything seems open to interpretation.

It’s a weird way to connect and although we do get to stay in touch in cyberspace there’s a distinct shadowy aspect to it all too. Just look at what happens in a lineup in a store. Everyone’s heads are down looking into their phones instead of looking each other in the eyes.

We may be more connected to more things but we sure miss so much too.

This is why I love my in person events. I get to meet my fans and students in person. One of my favorite people came this weekend and because we hadn’t really been in touch much there was some insecurity about where we stood on some issues. We had the best reunion and she said afterward “I just needed to look you in the eyes”.

So much goes unsaid, misunderstood, and potentially lost in translation online.

Everything can be made whole by a hug, and honest talk in person, sharing your experience strength and hope in a group.

This intimacy can’t be replaced online.

So today, instead of just checking your Facebook page to see what your friends are up to. Pick up the phone. Let someone hear your voice. Better still go for coffee.

Hug them and most importantly look them in the eye.

That kind of intimacy is as real as it gets, as the eyes are the windows of the soul.


Love you all …

Love Colette XO


P.S. This is why I shoot a video for you every week—so you can see my eyes and know me just a little bit better even if we are online ;) Enjoy xooxoox







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  • kirstin

    Hi Colette,

    I love your eyes they don’t look human! One of these days I want to come to your events so I can actually meet you..psychic readings are a lot of fun but I actually really like who you are as a person.


    • Tracy

      So cool to see that subject in my inbox Colette! I met you at the taping for your new show in Toronto, and I was really touched that you looked me right in the eyes and said “you have such beautiful eyes!” I appreciated that with all the people wanting to say hello and take a photo with you that you took the time to look me right in the eyes and say hello, and sign my Enchanted Map Oracle 🙂 . You’re truly lovely and I love getting your emails <3

    • Rebecca

      Colette has the most beautiful, intense eyes. I saw them in person at one of her intensives in Sedona.
      She is a beautiful person overall too. 🙂


    • Nicole

      Oh you are so right!!!
      I saw you in munich two years ago….it was an intersting evening and you sighned my book…..
      Do yuo planning to come to gernany again? This would be wonderful….

    • Cyndee

      I just love this! I agree with you 100%. I suffered a brain injury last year, and have been stuck at home for most of that time (after having a long career that was VERY people intensive!) I am going to make an extra effort this week to get out and do some face to face time, even if it’s with the people at the grocery store.
      Thanks as always, for insightful and beautiful messages that seem to come at ‘just the right time’.

    • Miriam Rodriguez

      Hi Colette

  • Brook

    I adore the way you teach and empower. I began using your cards as writing triggers – they have so many universal themes to them. With the class, I am putting my toe in the water of the Great Field. Thank you for the coaching! The post above on intimacy made me laugh as I remembered the stoner brother of a friend of mine saying years ago (before we could even dream of the Internet machine) “You don’t ever want to be famous – you don’t want people you don’t know thinking about you.” Bad enough some days that people you DO know think about you. A toast to the journey! Much gratitude.

  • Shawn

    Hi Collette
    I hear you when you say in line ups everyone’s heads are down looking at their phones. I work in the public service driving a bus. I say good morning to everyone that comes on for a ride. The majority say hi or good morning back or they have the ear buds in and are tuned into their own thing and walk on by. It’s sad that we have forgotten to communicate with a friendly hello or a smile or chat on our travels. I look up in my mirror and most have their eyes down on the phone. Just the other day I had a full bus and two teenagers standing at the front eyes on phone not paying attention what is going on around them. I suggested to them if they wanted to have their heads down looking at the phone to find a seat as my first concern is safety and their reaction time is probably zero if something happed. One listened and the other didn’t. This has been my experience on this topic in my day to day work world.
    Thanks for reading. I too would like to come to one of your events to meet you in person.
    Take care

  • sahee

    Colette you have changed something on your face and thus have lost all the characteristics to do with you! I do not know why face altering
    procedures are so big in the states-they dehumanize people. Sorry but I think you looked better before!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are hilarious I have never had any kind of procedure on my face ever! I have lost weight and am older now so maybe that’s what you’re seeing so yup I might have looked better before 😉

  • Trish

    Hi Colette!
    Why do we say the veils between the two worlds are thin at this time of year? Are there other times of the year that the veil is thin? I know this saying is part of the genesis of Halloween but what does it mean for us today? I haven’t been feeling the presence of loved ones who have passed any more strongly than normal. What would I notice at this time of year that would be different from other times?

    Also, during the Mercury retrograde I revisited a raging sugar addiction I thought I had kicked and I’ve been feeling less than awesome lately. I don’t know if I did that because I “revisited” old issues as part of the retrograde or if some of the other things that happened during the retrograde led me to seek solace in old (and awful) coping mechanisms. Is this something I will need to look out for during other Mercury retrograde phases?

    Hope you get your stuff sorted out soon, I know how that can feel as I work in real estate!
    Thank you for all you do!


    I too much prefer to meet up in person , though I am pretty good at ”hearing” through a voice , it is ultimately better to chat face to face …. Lilian xx

  • Patricia

    The only true way to connect is look into the eyes and hear the voice. My friend is having so much conflict of his own that at present he cannot even do that with me. Our journeys are parallel yet together as the cards said we would find our way back if it was meant to be. So hard to stand back and let destiny take shape and many miles apart as we continue on journeys we have yet to complete.

  • Lisa

    Hi Collette,
    I find you very inspiring , I love how you connect the unseen with reality , I find your blogs uplifting and revealing on a soul level. Thank you!!:)

  • Diana Boles

    you cannot text laughter. LOL – LMAO – hahahahahaha—sure, you know what’s implied, but the contagious factor is missing.

    How many times do we hide behind the text to forsake a one on one?
    I am so put off by being in the prescence of folks who have their phone glued to their hand. In the middle of conversation with you, they’re distracted by the ding, the buzz or the light. In fact, I see it in places where I can’t believe my eyes. Like, YOGA CLASS! What it amounts to is doing two things poorly and nthing else.

    when the day has been long and I can’t utter another word, a text can be a little touch of company — like the person is hanging out & wrapped up in the same book or TV show as I am. But there is no substitute for the sound of voice–you can tell so much more about a persons mood and need.

    So, when geography prevents a face to face visit, the voice on the phone is the next best thing.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep… it reminds me when I was in my early 20s and would be at a party and people would be looking past me to see who else more interesting would be coming in the door. We get so fragmented.. and yet it’s all in the guise of trying to stay plugged in.. sigh.

      • Diana Boles

        We can always hope to teach through example– I leave the phone in the car. You are so right—-makes one feel not so important

  • Michele

    Colette Baron-Reid
    I am new to your sharing, listened to you today and felt embraced by you and your Light. Possibly you are in my future meeting and encounter. Shall stay tuned to your offerings. With Blessings of Love and Light, Michele

  • Betty Jo

    It has been soooooo long since I have been on the computer and actually reading my mail. The one thing I do every day is get my readings I look forward to it…I was in the Weight Release program last spring but I failed miserably and have not reset as of yet..Ya know Life gets in the way with family aging parents, etc……I’m unable to take a bath only have a shower but I plug up the drain and pour my Himalyan salts in so I can enjoy the benefits…I’m so silly but it works for me…I just want to say please continue I so look forward to it everyday….for my few alone minutes that I get everyday…And I would love to come to one of your seminars destiny hasn’t placed that opportunity in front of me yet maybe someday…..I just wanted to say to you Colette that I’m still here…Blessings to you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      o honey there is no failure just the journey… stay with us.. and you can reset any time you like and we will love you with open arms. xooxox

  • susan

    Colette,you look so beautiful in this weeks video……………….happy moving 🙂

  • annieso t

    Hi Colette
    I totally agree, I feel that facebook & other social media is an easy & convenient way to touch base with friends, and that it can be a curse as well as something close to a blessing. It’s often too convenient and the phone calls to really “talk” & stay in touch with good friends don’t happen often enough. It’s something I at times find myself feeling guilty about and plan to work on. Thanks for being you!!

  • annie

    I don’ know what happened to my name in my last post, but it’s just annie not annieso t 🙂

  • Lynn


    I just loved this weeks blog – especially since I will be at your Scottsdale event next week and am hoping to be able to look you in the eye’s and give you a big hug!!

    Can’t wait for the Divine Wisdom Retreat…SEE you there 🙂


  • karen Gaynor

    Amen amen, 😉 nothing like human contact …love, need those endorphins.

  • Lina

    Thank-you for your cyber-company! I’ve lost my two wise women, mom and grandmother in the last 6 months. Although I call up friends during the day, at this time, I’m comforted by your oracle card course, reading and videos in my quiet time just before bed.
    Thank-you. Scottsdale sounds wonderful!

  • Dani

    Hi Colette, I listened to your first Oracle Card reading today! Thanks a lot! I learned to use the Tarot Cards in Egypt some years ago and loved it. So, your cards are truly beautiful and carry an universal meaning. I am looking forward to meeting you again “face by face”!

  • Dani

    Hi Colette, It is still very early in the morning in Hamburg, Germany and I have just listened to your 27th October reading of your lovely Oracle Cards! i am running a Leadership Program here in town and yes, I am really happy to get your readings – it sets the energy for the day for me!! I have studied Tarot Cards and the Kabbalah in egypt some years ago and loved to work with them…..but with todays technology it is fabulous to stay “spiritually” connected in this way. Thank you for making this possible ad available for us all. It is of course not a replacement for meeting in person but so much more personal than just listening to a voice on the phone or reading a text!

  • Elisabeth Ohlsson

    Love Your messages and Your videos! And I like the Way you look, Your soul is shining throughout
    I can se yo are beautiful soal

  • Renee Sugar

    Couldn’t agree more that technology could never replace the human connection
    that is in the process of a global death. This saddens me immensely.
    These days when someone sends an E-mail
    and asks how things are going; unless they live in another country/city/ I suggest
    that we get together for a coffee or some face-time to catch up because it is too easy/
    convenient to type a message and click a mouse.
    I was so appreciative to have attended
    several tapings of the Messages from Spirit because it was a very integrative experience
    and also expanded our awareness of some of the tragedies and difficulties that other
    people face. I called it ” group therapy”. Joining a larger story; is very healing and connects
    so many people from every corner of the map and walk of life; that it is very important to
    create the sense of continuity. Now that I am working full-time I have so very little spare time to communicate
    online. So I do look forward to the blog and Universal Forecast and seeing your cheerful smiling
    face each week. On that note; fare thee well; and make sure that Marc carries you over the threshold of
    your new home. It’s a good omen.
    P.S. When the financial inflow increases; I plan to attend more interactive workshops/seminars.
    I love the experiential aspect of “being” with a group of like-minded souls. It is so nourishing for

    Take Care.
    Many Blessings. XOXO Renee

  • Kimberly

    So very true. I love the internet & how it makes it possible to connect with others, but it does seem to get a bit fuzzy during interpretation at times. The value of face-to-face connection and looking another soul in the eyes is something I want my kids to know.

    Happy unpacking, Colette! Xo

  • Terri

    Colette, the timing of this week’s Universal Energies forecast was divine perfection. Thank you, once again, for validating that your Oracle Cards are a bridge between us and the world of nature and spirit. I asked for guidance over the weekend and I received the messages I needed in your forecast. I am eternally grateful!!

    You see, over the weekend I attended a Hay House conference and there was one person I was really looking forward to hearing and meeting. I purchased two of his books at the conference, in preparation of him signing them after his presentation, and I eagerly waited in line for 30 minutes to get a good seat near the stage. I had followed this person’s work online, listened to him on Hay House radio each week, and watched many interviews he has given. I had such a positive perception of him. When he began his presentation, the energy coming from him was high and I felt the room vibrating. He was funny, talked about his life, and how his spiritual gifts came to him. I was thoroughly enjoying his presentation, but the minute he started interacting with the audience, the whole presentation went south. He grew more and more frustrated with the people he was giving spirit messages to and by the end of the presentation, he was in such a bad mood that it just oozed from every pore. After the presentation, I was hesitant to have him sign my books, but I told myself that it might be my only chance to meet him in person and I hoped that once he had started to meet and greet with his followers, his mood would change. Well, I could not have been more wrong.

    First, I was told that he would only sign one of my books. Then, when I asked him a question about his recent newsletter, and showed him three of my spirit pictures that I felt confirmed the teaching in his newsletter, he said to me… “what makes you think you have photographed a spirit and why are you taking my newsletter so literally?” My heart sank. This individual proceeded to write a name on a sticky note and said; “show your pictures to this person.” And then he said good-bye. If he had given me a moment, I would have shared with him that I am a professional wildlife photographer and spirit has been coming to me, through my photography, for 11 months now. That spirit may not be new to him, but it is new to me, and it has turned my world upside down. All of my beliefs about the afterlife have been challenged as I have photographed and videotaped night time rainbows, golden winged souls, golden rain that drops in front of me, beams of white light descending to the ground, and had “jars” of colored Light spin, dance and touch me for minutes on end. I had an “expectation” that this person would be interested in my work, but he could not be bothered.

    I vacillated between writing to him and telling him how he made me feel or just leaving it be. That night I could not sleep. I had spent hundreds of dollars to attend the conference and although all the other speakers exemplified the Hay House image, that one negative experience ate at me. “My serenity was inversely proportionate to my expectation.” And then I heard spirit whisper to me; “listen to Colette’s weekly forecast and then you will know what to do.” So, I eagerly awaited to boot my computer up on Monday morning and when I saw the title of the forecast, I immediately felt peaceful. It was no coincidence that you would talk about how important it is for you to meet your tribe in person and look into their eyes. Spirit spoke directly to me through you. How awesome it is!!

    Colette, you have made an enormous difference in my life. Thank you. Sometimes when I was questioning the sanity of what I was capturing with my camera, your Oracle Cards brought me comfort and kept me moving forward. If you ever want to see my visual dairy of the souls that visit me, please let me know. I have a private website of my work that can be accessed with a link and a password. I know God would not give me this gift if he did not want me to share it, but I am not ready to share it publicly. I know my diary will only add beauty to your spiritual journey.

    Have a magical week!!

    Love to you.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      big big big hug… remember we are all only human.. doing this work is sometimes challenging and exhausting. I don’t know who you are referring to but take the experience with compassion for you both. I send you SO much love and its very cool you have photos! xoxoox

  • Joyce

    Hi Collette,
    I respect you and your work. I am a person that does not use social media much however I make an exception just to tell you how much I enjoy your website . I did meet you in person at a book sign a few years ago at that time you told me about your site. Thank you for reaching to like minded people as sometimes in a world full of people a person can feel alone.
    Best Wishes for your show.

  • Amber M

    This is such a great post!! So encouraging when it comes to getting out of ones comfort zone and making connections ! I am diggin it and I will carry the message as we move forward in our new home town since we just moved 🙂

    The cards are great too..I watched the video twice and will again…so much to reflect on. Thank you Colette

  • Mary

    I think you are right on target! This is going to be an interesting week. I am sure glad that Mercury Retrograde is Over! Today, I have seen 111 at least five times. I am at a crossroads right now. I am looking for another job and balancing that with taking care of my Mom either on my days off or before I go to work. When I am feeling stressed I start to think negatively. But now I am able to catch myself and change my frame of mind. I am coming to the Divine Wisdom Retreat at the end of next week. I am excited about meeting everyone. I think this will put me on the road to great changes within myself. See you soon.

  • Christina

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for all the work that you do. I have to admit, I am in such a dark place right now, but your weekly posts are a tiny pin hole of happiness for me. I look forward to them every week. I’ve read all of your books and have one of your card decks. They bring me comfort. Your post about social media and “in person” moments is so timely for me right now. Despite having quite a social media presence, I decided to take a break from my largest profile this week. I came to the very sad realization, that while I interact with tons of people through this way many times a day, I don’t feel as though I actually have any close friends any more or meaningful relationships. I feel so isolated and I’m spending way too much time alone and don’t feel I can reach out in real time. I think social media has definitely played a part in that. Hitting “like” on a Facebook post or Instagram photo isn’t remotely the same as picking up the phone to talk to someone or actually sitting down in person and giving them a hug. I’m guilty of perpetuating it too, I think. I don’t know what I’m expecting to come of this break. I don’t know if anyone will become closer to me. I’m not stepping away from it forever, just until the end of November. If I’m being honest, I am really scared of stepping away and have to fight the urge to wade back in and it’s barely been a whole 24 hours. It sounds so silly, I know. But I’m worried that since people only seem to want to “know” me through that way now, that by my stepping away they’ll forget about me, rather than seeking me out. I’m scared my isolation and loneliness will get worse. I’m already holding down a day job that I am desperate to leave because it’s so isolating and when it’s not making me feel boxed out, most of my interactions are hostile with the people who are higher up. I’m a creative person and I thought it was my destiny to be in that world and after a small victory in that world and being surrounded by people I thought were friends, I feel like all my opportunities have vanished. I’m scared to leave my day job, but I know I have to. I have a plan, but I’m scared that all of my “bright ideas” will just push me further down the rabbit hole, into a very unhappy place, where I’m farther away from anyone or anything meaningful. I hope that by the end of November, I will have answers and that the space afforded by less social media time will allow me to better hear the voices of my guides or at the very least, I’ll have made contact with people who really do value our relationship again. Right now, I feel like any and all signs of encouragement or hope are gone. I just feel crushed in every way and questioning my purpose because I feel like nothing is working for me, despite being someone who had such a clear vision and goals. So, thank you again for everything that you do. I’m glad to know that there is at least one straight shooting, motorcycle-lover out there with a truly untarnished connection to the Source. I appreciate your willingness to share it with all of us.

  • Christina

    …I guess I also left out the most important part–I’m 28, entering my 29th year in March. Saturn return, right? Well, I’m ahead of the curve, I think in terms of how I’m feeling.

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