The Great Gift of the Bone Collector- Reclaiming The Lost Pieces of You!

Updated: May 3, 2015

Dearest sparkly being of light,

IMG_2215bI woke up today contemplating the weather and happy to know I could take out my motorcycle for a spin. She is a beautiful Deluxe Softail Harley Davidson. Her name is Onyx, for the black stone of protection and on her is painted 3 ravens to acknowledge my faith in turning over my will and my life to the care of the Grand Organizing Designer, also known as Spirit, The Field, God, The Great Creator, Universe and once in a while Quantum Fred.

In perfect synchronicity I reached for The Enchanted Map oracle deck and pulled a card to help me decide what to write about and the Bone Collector appeared as my journey guide.

Her message is about loss, restoration and redemption and how we perceive ourselves when something happens to us to doubt our wholeness. It’s as if when we’re deeply wounded we lose a bone, like something is no longer true in the structure of our psyche and a goblin is born to remind us of our scars and flaws. As an oracle she speaks to us about how she collects these bones on our behalf and waits for us to be ready to reclaim them, and how the symbol of the bone reminds us that they are in their essence near impossible to destroy.

My decision to ride a Harley, is intimately bound to the power of the Bone Collector and her wisdom. I know motorcycle riding is not for everyone and some people think I’m nuts for doing it, or doing it to be cool. Yes I know it’s dangerous too. But I lost my power to choose what happened to my body when I was 19 in a violent incident that involved a group of men who happened to ride motorcycles.

For most of my life when I would see a motorcycle it would trigger a memory of shame and rebellion and remind me of the searing loss of dignity and choice.

It took me 33 years to get up the nerve to change that story. My husband was shocked and amused when I announced I wanted to ride considering I’m not the most graceful swan in the house.

When we first moved to Sedona Arizona there was a stunning aqua colored Harley Davidson motorcycle gleaming and sparkling on a hill with a for sale sign on it. I got as far as sitting on it and posing for a photo and Marc just shook his head in disbelief when I told him what I wanted to do.

But, I soon forgot all about it, losing my nerve and allowing the memory to recede into the repository of chickening out moments in the back of my over crowded mind.
Then we moved to New Hampshire. Lo and behold we moved around the corner from a Harley Davidson dealership! I drove by every day and knew I had to heal this last piece of my story.

I walked into the dealership telling Marc I wanted to buy a scooter- after all, that would be a start! But a few hours later I ended up on a super scooter—a 700 pound iron horse, and signed up for the riding course that weekend.

Yes I’ve dropped the bike, and even had a serious accident but those represent other parts of my life story and I have no regrets for their valuable essential lessons.

Today I ride as a symbol of empowerment and a restoration of my wholeness as a woman. I have no trigger at all anymore, no unresolved issues about men on motorcycles, and only feel compassion and pride for the part of me that is back and intact.

Marc has always ridden motorcycles and is thrilled that his wife is a safe and seasoned rider with whom he can share the journey in the wind.

I’ve done other rituals and created talismans to remind me that whatever has happened to me, there is a way to restore wholeness and symbolize the lesson but none as powerful (for me) as riding a Harley.

Still, I’m a careful and cautious rider so I don’t ride much where we live in Connecticut because of the traffic. I’m looking forward to moving to our farm up in Canada where those wide open spaces and rolling hills are calling for the rumble of my engine, the outstretched wings of my ravens and the bright sparkle of my helmet.

So what about you? Have you ever chose to do something as a ritual to reclaim a lost piece of you? Has anything happened to you in the past that caused you shame, or made you doubt yourself, your worth? Did you do anything later in life to reclaim it? I’d love to hear about it.

We are never broken. We can reclaim the lost pieces of ourselves and be restored to wholeness.

Nothing is ever lost and you can be set free from the prison of your past.  The Bone Collector will lead you if you’re willing.


love colette 200x103



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  • Lynette

    The Bone Collector came to me today. And because of your post, I understand her meaning to me. 10 years ago I left a career that I was born to do – in every sense of the phrase. But I had a demon to conquer. I’m an artist. I am a writer and performer. My demon is giving away my power to the man in my life. That’s what I did, again, 10 years ago. But this time, I had to learn a new skill as part of the journey, and I am very grateful for that. However, after walking away from my talent, spending 10 years thinking my partner would not support me in my artistic career, letting that be an excuse to be haunted by the fallacy that I can’t make a living with my art in the small town where I now live, pretending that I am not interested in performing any more, the Bone Collector has started handing me back my bones. Its been happening for a while, and the most important bone was presented to me yesterday. It’s no surprise she showed up in my cards this morning. And I’m grateful for your post which has helped me in my understanding of the Bone Collector’s gift.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you go girl.. its never too late to reclaim a lost piece of you 😉

    • Suzanne

      Thank you for this post, that reminds me of what I have overcome. Overcoming a trauma is so empowering. I was sexually molested as a small baby girl (about 3-4 years old) by a man who was staying at my family’s private Casa de Huespedes (an exclusive Bed and Breakfast type of place in another country). The shame, guilt, and behaviors that resulted from that episode did not come to light until I was 17, when I had the remembering. (That’s also when I began to have alternative experiences, like some channel opened up in me.) When addressing my family about it, I felt more shame. My sister knew about it, and said “it” had been taken care of because one of the maids found out about it. My mother cried in disbelief and horror as she did not know, and my father’s way of dealing with it was to say “that was so long ago”. My consolation at the time was that my brother had not also been molested, as I had a suspicion he might have been, but it was the man’s own young son who was being molested. Although I decided to be open about it and to talk about it with friends (at appropriate times), the residue of the shame continued to manifest in my sense of self, and in my relationships for a very long time. It was not until I released the guilt and shame that I had placed on my little girl self through a meditation and ritual of love and compassion, and forgiveness, that I was able to let go of that baggage that never belonged to me or to the little innocent girl I was when it happened. So I thank you again, for being so open with your stories, Colette.

      PS- It’s no surprise that my MFA thesis was based on Shamanism, and bones and the process of dying and rebirth – Shamanic, that is.)

  • Connie

    Good morning Colette, I just read your Bone Collector blog. Thank you. I love your Harley……and I am so happy for you that you have such a beautiful friend. As I told you before i love how you had it painted. But what i wanted to say was this. Thank you for your story. I am taking life coaching and this week we talked about stories. How to change them and are they important. It fits.
    Also i am so happy for you to be moving back to a farm in Canada….YIPEEEE. Where you going? in Ontario.
    I am also so excited ……. you are coming to REGINA and I am going. I have seen you several times now. Have gone to Celebrate your life in Sedona and Scottsdale twice. I just went to you and Denise, whom I love and is my mentor, and Lisa. Such wonderful women you are.
    Thanks for U.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx Connie great to hear about the coaching 😉 We are indeed moving to the middle of nowhere in Ontario 😉

  • Diana Boles

    Perfect timing on this card for me. I’ve just given one of my bones to the Collector to hold.
    I have decided to sell Gretyl. I haven’t been able to ride her much as she is associated with Hansel. In my case, Gretyl always rode behind Hansel, (the cookies on the plate guy). So when I get on her to go somewhere we seem lost. No one to follow. She is a beautiful Springer Softail just collecting dust because Gretyl doesn’t know the way —- Diana does, though!
    There must changes made in order to go forward. I was able to remodel the house we shared, so that was definately a BIG CHANGE and allowed me forward movement and growth. And that was 7 yrs ago. I discovered a liberation when I gave my beloved stick shift car to one of my sons. It was a car that Hansel gave me permission to have( and not the one I really wanted). That was when I knew that I have to give up Gretyl in order to liberate Diana to move back into wanting a man in her life and a new Iron Horse under her wings.
    This is such a bittersweet choice—but I know it is the right one. How? My Hawk was in my tree today as I gardened – watching me for quite some time. And there was a dragon fly hovering with me as I dug out flower beds. It’s not even time to really see them yet here near DC — I feel the opal prism of liberation in my core. I know this sacrifice is temporary and opening a new route to ride

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well… this must be right my dear as I read this there is a huge red tailed hawk that has perched outside my window after swooping by a couple times! … many blessings to you my friend and sister rider!

  • Shelley

    This is a very moving share of yours Colette. Thank you, as you always inspire and share with such love. I think that the biggest wound I experienced was being coerced by my family to give my first child up for adoption. I was 15 years old and simply not strong enough to assert my own will. I prayed with all my heart that we would be reunited one day, and 27 years and much grace later, we were. As a result of this miracle, I have, today, a strong circle of lifelong friends who have been through the same experience and who helped me heal. Today, I am free of the deep shame and guilt I carried for so long, and I can forgive wholeheartedly.
    I believe that this healing work has helped me to be more present to the two children I did have the privilege of raising, and to my grandchildren, and it has helped me to finally shift away from my fear of further loss.
    I was initially hesitant to share this story …then I read your comment about the Hawk. This is my sign/symbol for my firstborn child, and when I think of him or travel to visit, I see hawks all along the journey. The hawk can see far, or at a great distance. I love and loved my firstborn always regardless of time and distance. Love knows no distance, and love will always find a way. ♥

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is such a moving story Shelley thank you for sharing it with all of us. Our stories and our journey through them help us all when we offer them up with care. BIG hug..

      • Shelley

        Thank you, hugs back and huge gratitude for holding this space, sharing your experiences and inviting us to share here too. ♥

  • K

    Speaking up and having the courage to walk away from less than supportive environments, which includes friendships and jobs has been part of my bone collector experience. It had been a challenge and I am now able to do it with considerably less fear. The days of being the lesser person are over! Walking, both away from situations, and in nature, allows me to feel whole again.

  • Sylvie

    My Dearest Madame Colette,

    Tonight … I am weiry … I too have to confied to the Bone collector one of my bones too…For
    the time being.

    For the last past 10 yrs, my life has been graced with the presence of my buddy, my baby,
    my personnal fury Angel, a Bernise mountain dog that we baptised “Orion” cause he is, as I write these
    lines, the Star of my familly. Orion is at the end of His Life right now, he is limping, his eyes have
    perpetual infection that we are curing off and on for over a year. He is having a hard time to go up
    stairs for the last past 6 months and big and small lumps all over his body.

    We have been looking at Him live like this with a broken heart, avoiding the subject, avoiding
    the thruth, the evidence that our fury Baby was not a baby anymore and that he was suffering … Alot.
    After a heart to hear talk with our Vet, he told us that for a Bernise mountain dog, he had come to a
    venerable age and not to wait till is condition gets worst cause he is suffering right now. OMG !!! We
    got the message.

    It’s weird that this week, your blog is about this Persona of the Bone collector cause I think particularely this week, He Will collecte alot of bones and some of mine Will be in the lot … for a while.
    I am sure He Will give some back too cause You’re the living proof that You’ve taken yours back. I trust
    It Will happen to me also just like all of us who has the desire to get our bones back.

    So, my Orion …

    We have deceided to liberate our beautifull, beautifull Orion from his suffering. We are tending
    To Him with the outmost tender loving care, multiplying the best of the best for Him. When my eyes
    lockes with the one of my fury Angel, there is extra love and tenderness mixed with tears of what is to
    come. The home that we share, will be empty of his presence, of his joy when we would come back

    Here is my bone, Bone collector. Thank You in advance for the care You Will give it for a
    While. I will come and collecte it later. You will probably engrave the name of Orion. I shall recuperate
    it gladly and with gratitude.

    Oh! And Madame Colette … your motocycle is beautifull. Alot of your power was recuperated
    there and a big Bone was put back in it’s place. I know it’s a thing but that thing had a big emotional
    meaning. May You continue to ride happy.

    Tender loving care to everyone.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Oh Sylvie, I know your pain and I know everyone here who reads your post shares in your sorrow and courage to do the right thing for Orion. He will always be the star in your sky, for even after the body is laid to rest his soul will reclaim his playfulness and watch over you and yours. oxoxoxox

      • Sylvie

        Oh! Madame Colette,

        Thank You for your warm words of encouragements cause yes! Courage is what
        I need right now to get the deed done to free my Baby from all this pain.
        If You tell me He Will be his playfull self and protect us where ever He will be, may
        You be blessed for telling me this now and always. Pain and gratitude is in my Heart right

        • Sylvie

          It is done … My Orion is in Pup heaven. The Vet was so gentel with Him and so
          Respectfull of our grief. Orion left us so softly and we where there to catch his
          Last breath.
          Again, pick my bone Bone collector. After the grieving, I’ll come visit You to get
          It back.

          • Colette Baron-Reid

            so sorry for your loss… but as I said you have set him free to sparkle in the sky and watch over you while he plays….

          • DLLGRJandfurballs

            Hugs Sylvie
            LOV : )

          • Sylvie

            Greatly appreciated DLLGRJandfurballs… His presence is immensly miss
            But deep within ourselves, my tenderness and I, we Know we took the right
            Decision for Him. Thank you for caring. May You be blessed.

  • Diana Boles

    Last evening, I sat discussing how to go about selling Gretyl in a restaurant near a water shed creek. Suddenly, a Great Blue Heron came out of the marshy side and flew straight towards me. These birds take my breath away. Such a huge wing span. Slow to move and so regal. Gretyl is this color. He turned to take to the sky and flew off. On the way home, I heard the word sister whispered in my ear. I thought of this post of yours and remembered a similar violent episode in my life.
    The Great Blue is a symbol of independence. I’m reaffirmed that this is the right move.
    Sister———rubber side down

  • kathleen

    Thanks for sharing your story-it struck many chords for me!

  • Susann

    What a beautiful story, dearest Colette! ☺

    I don’t think I will ever ride a motorcycle – as beautiful as they are, I’m a bit scared of riding them, and I’m way too cosy and comfortable in my lovely old (not vintage)Volvo (convertible 😉 ).

    But I faced and healed more than a dozen of my inner failure-and-fear-demons, when I went back to school in my mid twenties, then to university, and eventually got a masters degree in social sciences. Plus, the moment I got into university, I felt so driven and inspired that I founded a small pr-agency, did what I had always wanted to do and earned more money than I ever had, before. AND finished my degrees. Easily and joyfully.
    You can imagine what that meant to me, because I had been such a failure at school in my childhood and youth, that my parents had secretly, always hoped I’d „marry money“, just to be on the safe side. 😀 Well, I had never intended to. And it was heaven to show them (and myself) that they needn’t have worried.
    I’m a very happy woman today. I love my work and, most of all, my 4 wonderful teenage kids. And I know they’re inspired by their mum’s success, because to them it means that there’s no reason to be discouraged by (school-)failures. They simply keep trying and trusting and doing their best and they know that there’s no reason to ever give up dreaming.
    But they might never have found out if I hadn’t been such a failure at school, in the first place. So you see…. We never know what – and whom – we might inspire.

  • Jaime

    Yes!!! Great blog, Colette! Public speaking used to terrify me! I had so much shame around it. I used to blush and that made it even worse! I avoided it at all costs for many, many years. In the process, I missed out on doing things I wanted to do, like serve as a parent rep for my daughter’s class, enjoy my wedding and bridal showers (I was a wreck with so much attention on me), go after opportunities at large companies, and so much more. I’ve always known I was meant to impact people on a massive scale, and I didn’t know how I was going to do that if I was afraid of public speaking, so I joined Toastmasters last year. It was the bet decision I have ever made!!! I absolutely LOVE public speaking now and have become a motivational speaker! I gave a talk yesterday in front of more than 1000 people, and loved every minute of it! Thank you for witnessing me and sharing your journey!

  • Diane

    The Bone Collector came to me today as my daily card as well. Interesting. Tonight I’m going to a meditation group. I’m working on my resistance to meditation. I used to meditate in my teens, stopped when I started to party with friends instead, and I’ve been working on developing it as a daily practice but find that it always becomes the one thing on my “to do” list that never gets done. So I joined a local meditation MeetUp group, and tonight I hope to find the key to overcoming my resistance. I feel that the Bone Collector is telling me that the key lies in my past, and I feel that I know what it is now. (An answer flowed in as I was about to say that I didn’t know why.) So…now I know what I need to face tonight.

    Thank you, Colette, for sharing so much of your journey. Mine has been similar to yours with loosing my choice due to rape at 16, alcohol and drug addiction and feelings of low self worth. I’m still healing and finding my way in my 50s. Thankfully, I finally have a wonderful man at my side to help too (we help each other). Love and Blessings.

  • Tracy

    Hi Colette –

    Love the Bone Collector card and the story that you shared. What an empowering ritual to take something that caused pain and fear, and RECLAIM your wholeness with courage and strength!

    The Bone Collector card symbolizes shamanism for me. I have been an energy healer for over 10 years, and then I began to walk the Path of the Shaman three years ago. As I heal myself, and reclaim the wounded parts of me, I am able to also do this for others. My life has been turned upside down, and inside out, but I know that Spirit has a greater plan in store for me. Trust, trust, trust… faith, faith, faith.

    Just wanted to let you know that you inspire me and your Oracle cards speak to the core of me. What a blessing you are!!! Congratulations on your new home!!

    Much Love,


  • Wanda

    Great timing. As I write my second travel memoir of a story that took place in Europe years ago, I’m going through a catharsis and it is a revelatory process. The book starts in Portugal with a handsome Frenchman and is a romantic tale of the biggest heartbreak of my life.

    I now see how my unconscious decision to never, ever let that kind of heartbreak occur again (I gave up everything to go to France) caused me to build a wall of armour around myself. What I only now realize is that shield has deflected love AND all of the abundance I once enjoyed (pre-France) in my life – it has affected every single corner of my life.

    It’s time to reclaim the part of myself I walled off. The writing of this book in and of itself is a healing, but I still need to release the recrimination for years lost. I’ll put on my thinking cap, but I would love to hear any ideas you may have for a ritual!

    Thank you.

  • Renee Sugar

    I must admit that I have imagined myself atop a Vespa,
    scarf flying behind me like a sail. I understand that need for
    freedom/space. I also have an attraction to being on the water floating untethered,
    unframed by any outer definition, or commitments. This has been the story of
    my life. Independent, self-reliant, FREE.
    I was sexually abused as a child by a family member. I didn’t experience trust with men.
    Decided at quite an early stage in my life that I would never NEED anyone, or allow anyone to get too close.
    As my boundaries were repeatedly violated and no one really knew about this. So I have always supported
    myself, and have enjoyed many adventures, travelled, even worked on a cruise ship for a
    a brief assignment.
    “For everything you have missed; you have gained something else”.

    As life continues to move forward we create a life “style” that is modeled
    after the core beliefs that we are still living by. I no longer have the same perspective about
    men, but it has taken a lifetime to forgive myself for the shame, unworthiness and self-rejection, hatred
    and insecurity I felt. I was socially withdrawn, trying to be this image of an independent woman
    so I wouldn’t have to face how terrified I was to invite the possibility of friendship.
    I was quite regressed on other levels. Highly intelligent, creative, resourceful me has
    somehow had a very interesting life as a woman alone. Parental alcoholism and abuse was
    how it began, but with twelve step programs and all of the Hay House authors that have been
    an integral part of my journey; I have become someone that I am proud to meet. The evolution has
    been brought much insight, and has enriched my life in more ways than I could name. I truly am forever
    grateful for those early life experiences, as I could not have become who I am.

    I’ll be turning sixty this year. I didn’t leave any space for other options.
    How to change a pattern of a lifetime at this stage of my life????
    Still searching for the doorway that will nourish my needs and
    and make a contribution to others’ growth, but I “know” that I must climb back up and
    keep trying to find my way. I want to be financially self-supporting again, but do I want to
    be alone forever? I have been on my own for forty years. I don’t know any other
    way. I really appreciate this blog, and the opportunity to be part of a community that is
    respectful, supportive and so diverse.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      beautiful post .. 12 step programs made me what I am today so I know what you’re talking about and agree that I wouldn’t change a thing either. It’s interesting when we wonder our next step. I forget sometimes that Spirit is our manifesting partner and whatever is meant to come through comes to us because we claim it no matter at what stage of our lives. I wonder if we’re all still finding our way and that that’s the point of the journey? We’re never lost then, always emerging, always shifting, seeing through new eyes when we’re willing.
      I have to say I am amazed at our tribe here and so incredibly grateful and moved that we have come together exactly that – respectful, supportive and so diverse… it’s pretty awesome. Sorry to all who I didn’t reply to re your posts I’m up to my nose with my new book so am reading and accepting them as I do but I LOVE YOU ALL ix

    • Shelley

      Ohh! Renee…I am turning 60 this year also (and have a few other things in common with you as well) !
      I am excited, I think it is a pivotal, empowering time. May you be guided to those doorways you are seeking, and which are seeking you…

      • Sylvie

        Dear Renée,

        I’ll be joining your club (the 60’s club that is) in 2 yrs. So I too, truly understand
        Where You are.
        I too have a Bone to pick with trust cause like You, I come from a very dysfonc-
        Tionnal childhood. I’ve worked and worked in this issue well I guess a good part of my
        Life. My children did not live the abuse I did cause I swore the y would’ t. They are fine
        Citizens with good jobs and with a load of confidence. I am so proud of them.
        I too feel some kind of affinity with You. Take care

  • Heather D

    Thank you Colette….this has struck a deep chord. It sounds so much like my story of personal power & choices being taken also. I have always wanted to ride {drive} a Harley Davidson. (my initials are HD….so it must be meant to be right?…lol;) Yet when I’ve discussed this with friends or my partner, I haven’t received much positive feedback because of the fear & danger around it. But finally at the age of 44, I took the riding class last summer & now have my permit. My drive to do this has felt like a healing journey, a process of reclaiming power, but could never quite put it into words or explain it that way to others…and your Bone Collector Blog says it perfectly. Thank you Colette!
    “4 wheels move the body….. 2 wheels move the soul”
    (a favorite saying:)

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Heather .. it is dangerous but worth it once you get the hang of it. I spent my first season riding mostly in a giant parking lot behind Home Depot! And wear your gear. I wear a helmet every time I ride even though no one has to here in Connecticut. 2 wheels do move the soul.. they really do.

  • Christine

    It was not the motorcycle that hurt your soul. Consider Amanda Berry and Gina deJesus in the jail of Ariel Castro. The truth was the weapon they had to fight him. No dark force can silence the light of truth in this world or in the soul of the captive. The truth made them strong and bold enough to fight him and escape. The truth that world held more than just abuse propelled them through that door. The truth that all men don’t hurt women propelled you through your door. The soul know the truth. No abusers lies can put out the light of truth in the soul of the oppressed. Ever listen to hear the truth and act in aid when you hear it. Nameste.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is true but it is the symbol that means something and has meant something to me that I have changed. If I was broken forever could I have become what I am today? No.. but this blog was about the talisman and the ritual of reclaiming something that was perceived to have been lost. It was never the motorcycle it was what it represented. It was perception and perspective and my entire outlook shifted once I faced my fears.

  • Tania

    Hi Colette,
    I want to thank you for all your sharing–through your teaching and all the ways you connect with us. So many of your blogs have spoken directly to my experience (as I’m in the trenches of journeying through it). This last blog was exactly what I was reflecting on–just this last weekend. I’ve recently come out of my “dark night” in the last several months. One gateway for me was through having decided to start a boxing class at my local Y. This was very much out of my comfort zone–It’s a technique and conditioning class taught by true, amateur boxers. I had always hated the sport in my growing up. (I’m now 44). I associated it with a family member who *loved* it–and who had sexually abused me. But, by having trained for the last year, I’ve found a new level of physical, mental, and emotional strength–and I truly have a new appreciation for the core of what the sport represents. Stamina, personal will, connection to self. I was super excited for the Mayweather fight this weekend–which I would never have expected. Ever. Despite the “brutality” of it–it’s a sport that is deeply personal. It’s brought healing and strength to me. Much like your beloved motorcycle.

    Can’t wait to see you and Robert at Omega in the fall. Thank you for being such a source of grace and wisdom to all of us
    xoxo Tania

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    I am not sure if the “pieces of me”, are all reclaimable …. Some have shattered into tiny pieces or so it feels that way. For myself I have been reclaiming Presence. This comes out of needs, dreams, family loyalty being ignored, or so I thought (the Silent Child who wants, needs, desires nothing). The truth is “what you want may not be what you want once you get it” not the end-all however a start in a direction of reclamation. Life is trial and error a joy and a blessing – Gratitude. Part of hanging around Colette is to hold on to the “soul child” and to be inspired to move forward knowing we are a community in a happy place. Reclaiming the Smile LOV: )

    Thank Yo: )

  • Sylvie

    Dear You,

    I agree with what You wrote and also with what Madame Colette wrote. Has You say, some-
    Times the pieces are so tiny and is scattered all over. Someone once told me that we have to give
    Ourselves what we did not get. But also facing our fears is very rewarding.

    I love this blog cause feel our souls are connecting. I love reading it and getting news ideas
    To reflect up on. It’s like caramel for the Soul. LOL!!!!

    Huge appreciation that Madame Colette added this blog on Her web site, don’t You think?
    Take care.

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      I Th : ) nk, LOL ….
      “caramel for the Soul”

  • Laura

    You go, girl! You are such an inspiration. I loved reading about your self-empowering freedom rides on Onyx. What a great visual.
    I fell through a log boom when I was 7 and the logs rolled over top of me. I was alone so had to save myself. I eventually found a way out but it terrified me and I developed a fear of my beloved ocean.
    For my 40th birthday I took surf lessons in Tofino and learned to conquer my fear and the waves. It was so empowering! Life is like surfing… we can turn our back on the waves and be capsized by the things we can’t control… or we can learn to balance and ride them to shore.

  • Marta

    I absolutely love this post. I’ve ome by it because I pulled the Bone Collector card and wanted more information on what it meant. Your inspiring story makes clear enough.
    I’m looking forward to reclaim my bones, one by one, cos I don’t want to shrink anymore nor become a goblin 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  • Jennie Lavaque

    Hello Collette! this card connected with me on so many levels. All the images in it are huge symbols for me from across my path, from the swallow in the sky (my dad) to the heart lock (my ex mother in law) to the blue jay (my former home in seattle).
    My big question is whether you know what the light code translation is that is contained within the halo. Do you have one? Thank you!

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