The Hot Mess Of Beautiful Green Acres!

Updated: August 2, 2015

The Hot Mess of Beautiful Green Acres

Dearest you,

I’m writing this in my pajamas sitting in the only room in my new house in the country that is almost unpacked, with both doggies lying beside me exhausted from the past two days of moving and construction shock (that will apparently continue for the next couple weeks).

Then there are the flies. There are definitely those irritating tiny terrorists in the house and quelle surprise (that’s French) they’re everywhere in the countryside. Did you know that farms have a lot of insects? Hmm, somehow in all the art and photography and wonderful romantic movies I’ve seen over the years that influenced my decision to go live out the rest of my days on a farm, those critters were noticeably absent.

Sebastian, our little deaf and going blind 13-year-old pom is terrified of flies. Living in the country is decidedly a buggy kind of experience and the poor little guy is not enjoying it one iota. Coco Doozy, the baby of the house- a wise and happy one year old on the other hand thinks they are fabulous and fun and chases them around.
I’m really hoping he will follow her lead at some point although I doubt that will happen.

So I am praying to the oversoul of the flies (since it worked once with cockroaches- I wrote about that story in my book Messages from Spirit) to vacate my house and remain outdoors where they really belong.

I abhor hurting anything alive. I believe all of us have a right to exist. We took scorpions outdoors when they ventured in to our Sedona home, (albeit with me shrieking my head off at Marc who did the actual relocating) I named all my stinkbugs in Connecticut Freddy, and spiders go in glass and out the door.

Flies, well, I’m sorry but should they refuse to listen to our prayers we’ve purchased an electric bug zapper tennis racket as well as a couple golden fly tubes to send them to the other side.

As a medium I know we don’t die, and as even flies are sentient beings so they will go to their next incarnation either in a glorious spark of fire or a sticky last supper of honey and squished blueberries.

Maybe I will be swarmed with fly goo when its my turn to head on over to another dimension or maybe not but I will take my chances.

This morning we noticed we went from about 40 flies down to about 10 and this was decidedly thrilling and cause for celebration. (Life does get simpler in the country)
I’m hopeful that now that Marc has gone kamikaze on a couple of them with the zapper that they will tell their friends to stay away.

I’ve been contemplating the choice we made to come here this morning. I joke about being like the old TV show I used to watch with my mom called Green Acres. Totally freaked out by farm life like Eva Gabor, but in truth I wanted to be here. I like the city but only to visit. I am happiest in remote places with few people surrounded by nature.

The other truth is that I can’t control what kind of nature I’m surrounded with. I can’t say I’ll take some of it but not others. It’s all or nothing out here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by stunning rolling hills that resemble my favorite parts of Scotland, and northern England.

This place called us here to love it and care for it and be present for it.
It needed a lot of help, hence the construction, which led us to discover how much more help it actually needed that went unnoticed by the inspector and us when we bought it.

I wonder if I’m like this house too. I’ve been under construction for a while now. A lot of my life was so stressful, all caused by me, by the schedules I chose, the goals I chased, all the moving around from place to place. Bit by bit I have chipped away at what wasn’t authentic to find the real me, the honest me, to recognize it was time to lay a new foundation to serve my highest good so I could serve that to others.

My generous friend soul contract astrologer Robert Ohotto (he’s on my radio show this week so tune in it’s an important show! Thursday noon EST) gave me a reading for my birthday and said the gypsy archetype running much of my life had come to its conclusion finally.
It’s time to put down roots.

Green Acres it is.

So my question to you is, this. When you feel like you’re in a period of growth and change, whether it be moving physically or internally what was / is your experience? What keeps you rooted? Did you find yourself thrown for a loop or two? Then there is the shock of the change when you think you belonged in one place and find you might want to explore another. Has that happened to you?

One thing I know – miracles happen with radical acceptance and surrendering to a Higher Power’s plan.

Right now I’m writing this with a fly, and now his smaller fly friend that have decided to accompany me perched on my computer.

I think I’ll leave them alone, pretend they’re Minions and send them love and acceptance and ask them to stay away from Sebastian who is hiding in a closet poor little guy.

Truth is, like mindfulness meditation teacher Jon Kabat- Zinn says; this is what I signed up for – full catastrophe living. I have to live the whole enchilada. There are flies, and glorious green hills, velvety statuesque horses and cows with huge liquid eyes, and then there’s all that poop that come with more flies.

So, All is well in Green Acres, even though the change is really uncomfortable, accompanied by an upheaval and detour in plans, a pesky knee injury, financial challenges, emotional ones, returning to crappy eating (temporarily) and everything in between.
I know I’m just exhausted and haven’t “landed” yet but I will.

In one week. I’ve already learned so much about life, about how everybody gets a pass in “construction mode”, about partnership, about Spirit’s mysterious plans, about the incredible magic of an excellent Dyson vacuum cleaner, about the shock and awe of ageing skin, about fans when there is no air conditioning, about conserving energy, about humility, about the joy of being in the thick of it all and still managing to find moments of sheer peace, reverence and joy.

Green Acres is still the place to be.

O and one more thing.

A good cry has no calories.

Lots of love from me! Tag you’re it!

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  • Diana Boles

    I thought about you today as I sat on the new Porch that belongs to a pal that moved to rural Va. Virginia has flies, but rural Virginia has even more flies that were tickling my legs, arms, nose and face. They were every where. And I chuckled to myself to think of what it must be like for you on your first excursion through the country! I said a prayer in gratitude—thank the Supreme Ruler of Flies that these guys aren’t biting! (Oh, I hope that didn’t frighten you and then there are the horse flies and the even meaner deer flies).
    I’ve passed thru so many changes in the past 10 years, not that the years of life before hadn’t provided the changing experience. The one thing I am absolutely positive kept me from falling apart was keeping it loose and trust that I am in the vision of the Divine Energy. That all that I do is witnessed by the spin of the Big Bang. If no one else sees what I am going thru or any good that I have done, the Love that drives the universe bears witness to all. Right or wrong, good or bad, happy or sorrowful, mindless or mindful—it is witnessed. It is blessed. It is OF the ALL that IS the ALL OF ALL! Xo

    • Colette Baron-Reid


    • Robbie

      Just loved this commentary Colette! For me, sometimes being caught up in the esoterica of the spiritual journey, one forgets how ‘real’ it is on the leading edge of physical reality. Life is truly meant to be lived in all it’s sensual experience; Nature is a great teacher and ally. Namaste!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        yup I spend so much time in the outer edges of reality I am always shocked when I hit the material day to day that reminds me that the human experience is part of the deal!

        • Ali

          This came at the perfect time of course. Here I am in my house which can be lonely at times and come across this and am beautifully reminded that I’m not alone in life . We all faces similar struggles and it gets better! I’m a mom of two beautiful little people and sometimes I feel lonely having to talk “baby” talk all day every day. I realize they are my greatest teachers and that’s part of why this job to be a nurturer is probably one of my bigger challenges in life. I find myself constantly trying to live in grace with the mundane and the choices I’ve been faced with over the last few years to really pull in my inner circle which to be honest is very few. Really missing having girlfriends and time for myself. Kindergarten is beginning soon and I’m hoping this will bring some solace and more time for things that brings me joy. Being a Mom is a beautiful gift with a billion blessing and an equal amount of challenges! Thank you for being a light and giving others a space to find community in. Lots of love?
          And! As a city girl just moved to the country in the last year, it gets better! Slowly but surely the dirty floors and bugs won’t be as bothersome, I’ve noticed that my ability to relax amongst some of the chaos has been really key to helping overcome my need to obsess over cleaning the house when I’m stressed out! We have lots of hopper bugs, frogs, masquitoes you name it…. But I wouldn’t have it any other way, the peace you get everyday waking up to the silence and sounds of nature is priceless! One day at a time ?

    • Michele Connelly

      I’ve lived in the country my whole adult life and always chuckle when city friends come and are so irritated by the flies. What’s really funny to me is the flies gravitate to them. They might land on me temporarily, but because I don’t have a reaction to it, they move on. Pesky ones inside get swatted, but for the most part everyone lives as though we are sharing where we live. I realize the flies are probably a lot worse where you live, but you’re definitely onto something with your change in perspective. Thanks for the story!

    • Mary Ann

      I also live on a farm on the west coast of Canada – 72 acres of lovely bugs, rabbits, mice and mosquitos I also have bees hives (call me crazy) – but honestly there is honestly nothing more rewarding then putting your hands in the soil and growing your own goodness from the earth. This will truly an amazing experience. Enjoy the journey.

    • Cheryl

      I am just as excited to see how this week plays out. I am so exhausted trying to improve my relationship and my finances and today I prayed and handed it all over to God and my Divine team. Perhaps my answer will be clear with this week and turning iron into gold and being creative. I will keep you posted. Thank you Colette I love these daily and weekly card readings.

    • Trish

      Flies,flies,flies…..I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle at your post Colette. Being a psychic medium myself and being born and raised in Toronto, I made the great escape to the Country myself and what I thought would be “the quiet” life. OMG, between the cows mooing, the forest full of birds vying for attention, the tree frogs at night (who ever thought frogs lived in trees), the crickets chirping outside your bedroom window and the flies….yes those pesky critters that seem to multiply by the dozen. And then yes, there are the modern conveniences that aren’t so modern, aging septic systems…..there’s a lesson in stink!
      But having spent over ten years in my oasis, becoming accepted into my new community (and believe me after ten years we are still considered “new comers”), starting my own business and giving up finally after ten years the daily commute to Toronto to work and a mundane job, I wouldn’t trade this Country life for love nor money. I have never been more grounded and connected to Earth as I am here, I’ve never had so many friends to learn from in the natural world then I have here, I’ve never seen such beautiful artistry painted across the sky in the morning light, in the setting sun and in the storms that cleanse and nurture the environment as I have here and I’ve never met so many kind, genuine and helpful people as I have here.

      So yes, I have an electronic fly trap in my healing room that attracts them with its purple light and sucks them into the trap with its fan at which point I can take the trap outdoors and release them. My clients understand when I say “go to the light” I’m referring to the flies lol. I’ve learned to live in harmony even with the flies and I know in time you will to. Welcome to the area Colette and in the words of one of my many Country friends…” You just gotta learn to getter done”

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        I absolutely love this Trish.. and love the “go to the light” – made me laugh my head off. Me too born and braised in Toronto 😉 sending you so much love xooxoxox

    • Cindylou

      Colette your problem with flies will go away if you find the elderberry bush.
      Rubbing the leaves on your babies will keep them all away!
      Years ago county folk learned to grow these bushes around the house and barn, this kept all flies away.
      They put branches in the horses reins and no flies!

      Good luck with your scared baby. Love your videos!

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        what a GREAT idea!! we meet our gardner today 😉 Going to ask him about planting elderberry bushes

  • Shawn Arbor

    Hi Tribe

    WoW! Colette you are not alone with your stories about flies and insects . I have been dealing with some ants that have chosen my kitchen as their favorite place to gather. I have prayed and ask for the ants to go somewhere else, just like you wrote in your book. After not being successful with that method, I purchased some liquid ant traps a month later. Just like you, I have the hardest time hunting down these little beings. After two days they were almost completely gone and I decided that I help them into the next world, where there would be mounds and mounds of sugar and sunshine for them to enjoy. I still take all the spiders out side in a glass too. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your story about the flies.

    Also, I hope your Green Acres is filled with beautiful trees that bring shade and rooted energies to your life. Trees always seem healthier and more vibrant in the countryside than in the city maybe you will be too.

    In Heath,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we have birch trees, maples, fir trees and a whole forest of 75 ft old trees I don’t know what to name until I see their leaves. It’s pretty beautiful

      • Shawn

        Nice! I can just picture it. It’s sort of like Julie Andrews, In the Sound of Music, singing at Green Acres. I hope you enjoy singing among your trees.

  • patty

    Dear Colette

    The surroundiings you live in are of great importance tot a happy life. I believe that If you take care of your house it will take care of you…
    I’ve come tot find that a new house has a way of finding you when you need it …
    But what stands out is that you have everyone you love with you , then you are able tot make the biggest dump into a place to live, a good cleaning, a little paint, some flowers and plants, a whole lot of love and having eachother create a safe place to live ….
    Love following your story..lots of love, Patty

  • Debra-Jo Sujka

    Have you considered screens for the windows and doors to help make your wee beastie more comfortable? Or someone could get creative and “build” a large cube made out of screens for him (for when he wants to relax outside.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      what a GREAT idea.. right now we take him out in a huge soft crate so he can see through it but I think that’s another good idea too plus there are hawks, eagles, bears, coyotes and probably more animals I don’t know about yet in the woods behind the house. We have to build a fenced in area just so they can go pee. Right now it’s on the leashes only and then on paper in the laundry room. Might be an idea even to put screens on top of the pee area like in Florida!

  • Kim Louise

    Great post Collette! I had a bit of tear for poor puppy feeling him in the closet, your sentiment to the two flies sitting on your computer with your humanitarian heart, your real about being human having all the human experiences happening at once and trying to find escape through musing. Beautiful! Yes I know how you feel. I had a reading in 2008 that told me quite seriously I would be going on a little red riding hood journey moving here and there for 8 years. That meant 2016. I cried as I wanted to build roots at the time and didn’t want to believe him. My god! 7 times I have had to move from seriously the force of nature. To share one. I was doing my makeup one day and a drip came on my head looked up and the roof must have been leaking for weeks and didn’t see it. The water from a leaky dishwasher upstairs had got into all the walls a new house. Long story short big hunkin moisture fans had to be put in to dry out the place, that were so loud for two weeks I nearly lost my sanity. There is more diaster tails but that was just a taste. I moved from the country 4 months ago and landed in a place now that is convenient to every part of the city I need to go. However, I am having a hard time settling in it is too noisey and the lady upstairs is bigfoot who goes to bed at all hours, sirens every night and now have resorted to ear plugs. Thought it would be different….but no! So I think that reading might be coming true. One more move in the spring in 2016 that I truly hope I can say….”Finally now spirit can I call this home my roots!” I am heading back to the country that is for sure! Thanks for your share Collette is was nice to release! xoxxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love it.. Big Foot. I moved into an apartment 20 years ago and the 2 guys who lived below me went nuts on me as I had no carpets and walked around in my heels. They became my dear friends ( after I got a bunch of area rugs). Living with strangers is indeed a compromise. Although, what isn’t ? It’s all a partnership right? I hope your next move will be your last for a while 😉

  • Wendy

    Darling Collette, I can so relate to and empathize with your recent blog in regard to shifting, as I feel I have experienced a Masters Degree on this topic. Shifting countries is by far the hardest especially when you experience different time zones, seasons and climates and cultures all add to the stresses of shifting and bringing your precious wee four legged creatures with you. We also have found our paradise in the country and I have definitely found asking those pesty flies to “find their ‘own’ space” helps. This definitely works when bees and wasps travel by. Just remember honey -that you are still in the transition period and everything takes time! We too wondered “what have we done” after purchasing our dream … you have taught us Collette many times to … Let Go and Let G O D. Oh how true that saying is. One day after your next trip to the city you will come home and all of a sudden really smell that fresh air and wish you could bottle it, hear those incredible sounds of those native birds, listen to the babbling brook and smell the sea air and watch those ‘black swans’ on the water whilst walking in your beautiful native garden and taste the magic of your little bit of paradise and realize wow … it is really all worthwhile! (Rome was never built in a day!) Sending you Huge Love and Blessings from the other side of the world, Wendy xxx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      ah Wendy this post made me smile and want to HUG YOU !!

      • Wendy

        Yes Please … would love you to visit New Zealand one day and I can hug you in person!!
        p.s. Lavender is great but attracts all the bees (which are easier to talk to!) (I planted over 80 plants … a whole field of lavenders which look amazing) Citronella candles also help.
        p.p.s. I have a close friend who owns 8 yes eight beautiful Harley Davidson’s and has them all polished up in his garage.
        Huge Love from Kiwi Land, Wendy xxx.

    • Kim Louise

      Oh yes the heal stories! Here is a laugh for your day Collette to share with your hubbie. I put on a fashion show for 1000 people. My ‘long gown model’ got sick. SoI the director took her place. High heels and all! At the end of the run way I caught my heal on my gown, went flying over the end of the stage, landed on an old couple, they went flying, crashed all the stage lights and cameras that were filming the show, and ended up with my gown over my head and my fanny showing! No one was hurt thank god! But I detoured out the back door so embarrassed. Today it is funny. Have a great day xoxo

  • Emily

    I really needed to read this today. Thank you very much for the message! I send you lots of fly-shooing adventures and peace <3

  • Rachel Medhurst

    I found myself in a similar situation when I lost my job at the beginning of the year. I surrendered and accepted. At the moment, I’m still building that foundation. Still putting the roots of my fiction books down. Knowing that someday soon, they will blossom and fruit and get into the right hands. I found myself torn between worry about security to excitement for the future I had longed for. I get restless. Never enough to up and leave the area I grew up in, but enough to make me want to move closer to my dreams.

    In relationships, I’ve only just grasped the surrendering and acceptance. I’m excited to see where that takes me now too. And yes, a cry is always calorie free. 🙂

  • Mary Jane Rawlings

    Collette , plant some lavender around your house , it will help with the flies . We use to live in a small town in Saskatchewan Canada , lots of farms around us and flies . Thus really works . Oh Alsi put some on your window sills as well , let it dry . FYI

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well this is PERFECT as we have an actual lavender farm not 2 farms over! we are on our way today!

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette and All
    Welcome, welcome to your new home! Your blog evoked so many memories and emotions… I laugh, and I truly feel for you, too. I recall moving 11 times in 9 years back in the day…and as a fellow Cancerian, any disruption in ” home” is a challenge. I learned to go easier on myself with regards to how long it will take to have things ” just so”.
    Farm living will be a huge adjustment , be kind to yourself and know that this will take time. I recall the wonderful comedienne Sandra Shamas doing a whole show on her move to a farm and all the things she learned as she went along….hilarious, but likely only in retrospect. ☺️ I did chuckle at your description of Marc going Kamikaze on the flies. My husband has to spring into action in similar ways, depending on the critter.
    I am currently facing some significant changes as well, and my serene little home is currently quite topsy turvy… With no idea when things will come back to balance. I am getting a very clear look at my control issues, and am getting a whole new lesson in letting go. The second part of let go is – let God- with every scary/ uncomfortable/ unfamiliar situation I am reminded that I’m not running the show. And there are earwigs. And sometimes water snakes. I want to thank you for this blog, as today you have helped me remember that it’s ok to be human and to sometimes struggle. I wish you as peaceful a week as possible as you settle into the living embrace of your new home surrounded by all of Nature’s beauty. Blessings to you!

  • Shelley

    Ah, that was supposed to read * loving embrace of your new home* but I suppose it works either way. 😉

  • Claire

    Wow Colette! Here’s to the country way of life! I live on a small island off the coast of the United Kingdom called the Isle of Man and the whole place is simple countryside! Rolling hills, freshly mown hay fields and the beautiful coastline of course! But yes we also experience the midgy (fly!). I have found burning citronella candles and coils when I am sat in our beautiful garden helps to keep them away from me, because I too won’t kill anything! I hope your muttleys enjoy the new way of life, running for hours outside! My two springer spaniel puppies love the great outdoors.
    I hope the peace and quiet is everything you wanted and more. I know it is for me!
    Love and kindness
    X Claire X

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      one of my favorite places is the Isle of Man …

      • Claire

        It is wonderful here! Idea for workshop over here? ? (as if you aren’t busy enough!) lol

  • Debbie

    Dear Colette,

    Congrats and well wishes to you and your new home.

    I long for my dream home, with screened porches for my cats and lovely pastures for my horse (and his buddy). Woods and trails for riding, jogging and walking…and lots of privacy.

    I try to be all Abraham -Hicks about it. But secretly I’m: “please, please, please, please…PLEASE!”

    I too believe that all beings have a right to a wonderful life, and I hate killing things…but lately I’ve been mass murdering fire ants. I tell them to go to God, and otherwise please stay out of my living space. They have invaded my country apartment and would eat all our food if we left it where they could get it, and they also bite us (or sting?).

    This is Florida living at its best…cockroaches too. I catch them with my bug jar and throw them outside. It’s a losing battle.

    Thank you for your idea about praying to the over soul of them all. I will try that. And thank you for the reminder that it is all about the ‘all of it.’ I love nature with a passion, but was unfamiliar with Florida living until I moved down here. Before this, most of my time has been in Colorado and Wisconsin. Florida is a whole “new animal.”

    We’ll see if we stay… I am locked in for now due to low cash flow…but I try to envision my self with abundance. Try being the inoperative word, but it’s true. I try. Trying to get to I do and I have. There’s that word again.

    I love your Avalon cards. Thanks for all you do, and blessings to you and yours. I hope things smooth out quickly and that life stays sweet for you guys.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I remember Florida we had mice and Palmetto bugs .. a nice name for Giant cockroaches. My roommate screamed when she saw a mouse and I did with the Palmetto bugs.. what a pair.. Florida is beautiful though…. we are one day going to get a place there for the winter.. although with this home needing so much it might not be for another 10 years!

  • Lisa

    You are incredible!
    Thanks for the great reading for this week!
    My experience has been that flies don’t listen–ever, I’m afraid.
    But fly-swatters, screens and lavendar sound like a good start!
    Blessings to all of you at Green Acres!

    • Debbie

      Do we know what state you’re in?

      I miss Colorado, but am liking snow less and less.

      The cockroaches totally freak me out. They are so tricky to catch…and they know it!!

      Thank you for your reply!

  • Isabella


    It is always such a JOY to open up my email on Monday mornings and see your email!! Its like the toy in the Cracker Jack Box when i was a kid. (lol)
    Reading your post reminded me of what I perhaps am going through. Sometimes you have to read someone else words before it will STRIKE a chord of truth within yourself. (Namaste, Thank You) I am learning ALOT from you and your readers.

    I wish you and Marc, plus the two babies the best!!! YES, you will land. I know that. 🙂

  • Paul

    Hi Colette,

    That photo brings back memories…….the farm sounds great, I hope it feels like home soon. I read “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden recently which resonates with me. I believe we create and then experience what we create and of course then react to that. In that regard, assuming it is true, and I believe it is, I have not been easy on myself! I have created major change but the transition has been very difficult and challenging. I expect the good times to roll now, but I will be challenged in new ways – I look forward to the future with great anticipation.

    Do you have animals on the farm besides the insects? Where I go for walks, there are these Moose flies that drive me foolish – I’m with you, I don’t like to kill anything but they make it easier!

  • Paula

    Ah. Similar journeys right now. I grew up in the country and need to get back. I do live in beautiful Colorado where a short drive puts me in awe inspiring places but, my house is in a tight neighborhood that makes me feel like I’m in a fishbowl. So, I’m packing up and putting the house on the market any day now. I want to buy some land that will give me a buffer. This is really going out on a limb since I won’t be able to afford a house on it and I may be living in a camper for a while. Eventually I’ll build an eco friendly house but until then it’s a pretty scary jump, but then again, Publishers Clearing House could knock on my door at any moment.

  • Chandra Riley

    I have been feeling like an emotional roller coaster this year so far. But when I finally gave up and decided that fear, no longer controls me. I realized that life is so much easier when you let go, and let spirit guide.

  • Barb Parcells

    Oh my dear one, I so hear you. Twenty-three years ago I happened on a quaint, sleepy little town in upstate New York and knew immediately I had to make it mine. I walked away from family, friends and lifestyle in the fast lane and spent eight glorious years waking up to a river floating past my window, of maple trees being tapped in early spring, and my very own little garden behind the house. We took walks after dinner, said good evening to people sitting out on their porches watching the fireflies … ah, perfection. Then the economy hit and I had to move closer to where the jobs are. For fifteen years I vowed I would find a way back. Then an opportunity that came out of an accident presented itself. So now I am back “home,” … kind of … not in town but two miles outside of town … surrounded by dairy farms and blueberry farms … and an endless aroma of manure and fertilizer … and flies galore (and spiders, slugs, and snails), but also hummingbirds, robins, bunnies, butterflies, and walking outside every morning to rolling hills, big open sky and the song of spirit all around me in the breeze. So I collect the intruders and escort them outside (lest my two cats turn them into a ping-pong game). And there is no where else I’d rather be. P.S. Flies don’t like the wind so I position fans to blow them away towards the door where they can escape when I open it. Just a thought. Blessings!

  • Johanne

    Welcome to your new home and surroundings. Your morning blog gave me such a chuckle. I’m with you about flies…. They gotta go!! I’ve become much more tolerant, on my new found journey, of living creatures in my garden and around the house but when it come to flies….. NADDA! ( they carry the most germs) and then there’s the sneaky earwigs ( I probably look and sound like Marc when dealing with those critters)..lolol. Lavender is an excellent idea and my favourite scent of all… Lucky you with a farm nearby. An essential lavender oil applied to the curves of your feet/arches and inside wrists/ back of your neck would help you as well with relaxation. Consider burning white sage to clear old energies in your new home to make room for your new energies and some Rescue Remedey (Bach Flowers) drops anywhere in the mouth ( not with food) especially for Sebastian ( every couple of hours with construction going on to help calm, it’s a natural product … It’s accumulative so start to give pooches couple of hours before construction is to begin). I enjoy your blogs and will live vicariously through you with my dreams of living on a farm. Today, my challenge is to figure out what to do with the baby bunny in my back yard before my 2 canines ( whole prey raw fed) discover it. And yes, Let go and Let God! Blessings!

  • Catherine :-)

    Blessings Colette,

    My Grandparents owned a farm, and I spent all my summers, and weekends there, as a little girl. Those memories will last me till my last breath. Flies everywhere, specially in the barn (manure). To this day I enjoy the smell of manure, and skunks, believe it or not.

    I am planning a move out of the province I live, in the next 2-3 years,

    and haven’t decided on a waterfront home, or a condo. Since reading your blogs, I long for those days again, but alas I am without a husband now, and being alone on a farm is a little daunting.

    I too live one day at a time, and let go and let GOD. My HP (higher-power) has plans for me, and I trust I will be guided accordingly.

    Enjoy all the creatures GOD has given us, big and small.

    Catherine XOXOXO

  • Jane

    Hi Colette
    I love your musings about country life. My husband and I recently moved from city to country and my experience with the increased number and variety of bugs, and critters made me realize what a sterile life we have created in our cities. I have seen so many varieties of birds at my feeders it is truly amazing! I have seen birds that used to be in the city when I was a kid and now I am seeing them again. The bugs are another thing! We get waves of different species of flying things each month, that live, breed, and then die to make way for the next bunch. I love it here, we have waterfront property, but I feel that it is not my final landing. Some where out there is my final living space, but for now I am enjoying where I am.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all your fans!

  • Denise

    Well….My 11 year old Chi relates to the flies, nobody wants a B-52 bomber using them as a landing platform the noise alone is enough to scare him. LOL For some reason those challenging little critters don’t like when you leave the fly swatter out, you don’t even have to use it, if you choose not to. Also remember they fly backwards when you go after them. 🙂

  • jennifer

    wow that is so funny my little rescue chi is deathly afraid of fly’s he shakes and cowers hides and wont come out yet he will chase my horse all over the field or other dogs much bigger than his 5 lbs. I to ask for divine intervention for the fly’s to leave I ask them to go to the door and i will let them out or I will be sending them to the other side and ask my son to meet them and guess what most of them go to a door and out they go. have fun with the farm and don’t take in every stray animal in the world just the ones that are meant to be there you will know who they are lol


  • Catherine

    This, for me, was a particularly marvelous post. I like how your practical side battled with your heart over the fly problem. I also can’t bring myself to kill anything at all, and my love of all things living is the reason I am a vegan. But a year ago I had to make the same decision when, for reasons unknown, I began getting way too many flies in my office kitchen. I hated to eliminate them, but my sanity at the time required it.

    I also choked up over what Sebastian is going through. Moving can be hard enough but the flies are making it so much worse, but you are a great mom, and as the saying goes, “this, too, shall pass.” I would love to see an occasional picture of the little guys.

    But what touched me the most is one of the things I love about all installments of your story, and that is you are surrounded by a loving husband and your two, sweet, four-legged friends. Plus, you are living in a place I would give almost anything to own. My dear husband passed a few years ago, and it’s till hard to not have his physical presence, but it makes me feel good inside to hear or read of other couples who are happy, and I love hearing about Marc. The last of our animals also passed with a couple of weeks of Sonny, and I am not in a position to take on any more, and your tales of the dogs are very enjoyable.

    I love in a subdivision, and I really don’t like it, but my financial situation says that moving is not an option at the time, but I have changed the energy in my home, and it feels much better than it did a year ago. Even though I like my little place now, if I had a chance to live on a farm with rolling lands, I wouldn’t hesitate. But I understand that I am where I am supposed to be and that whatever is happening is for my highest good, even though I may not understand it at the time. I am doing my best to accept whatever happens and to make the best of it and keep a positive attitude. And if there are times when I feel like it’s too much, I can have a good cry, get it out of my system, and then resume where I left off, knowing that there was nothing wrong in that momentary lapse.

    You are truly blessed, and I adore reading your great posts. You are a bright spot in the lives of many, many people. Thank you.

  • Pat O'C

    Hello Colette, living in the desert for another week, heading to FL. My friend who has horses uses a plastic sandwich bag with some water and a penny or two. the sun hits the pennies and the flies see that they think they are a load eyes, so they leave the area. I have also used that method at my doorway and I have not had flies for a few years now. Glad you are beginning to enjoy your new life adventure. Always good to have radical change to make one appreciate what ones life has handed to you, on your life travels.

  • Ehrentraude

    Country side, count your blessings flies and all. They will get used to you and leave you alone. No finer place to be and live than on mother earth who provides sustenance, sun who gives mana and rain that makes all things grow. Not just the green,us too if we are open to the changes from carbon to crystal. Be well it is good to read you each week. A thank you from OHMA Thunder Bay

  • Martina

    Hi, Colette!

    So glad that you and your family made it to your new home safely and that you’re beginning to settle in. The outdoor landscape sounds magnificent! Great way to help you rest, relax, breathe, recharge. It will be healing for you.

    The flies, well…that’s a part of it all, unfortunately. Sounds like the numbers inside the house are going down. That’s good. So sorry to hear that Sebastian is having such a hard time. Poor baby. You’ve got a plan, though…the screens sound like a great idea and a fenced in area for their safety when you are able to. Good!

    I found a couple of sites that you may find helpful to get rid of the flies inside and out…

    Hope this is of some help. Take care. God bless!

    Lots of love and hugs!

    Mart 🙂

  • Barbara

    Oh Colette – welcome to country living. If you find a prayer to convince flies to stay outdoors please share. Flies are a serious part of farm living. And yes the biting flies are the worst!!!. Then there are the mice who decide to move in as the temperatures begin to cool in the Fall. I have dealt with wolf attacks on my llamas, bears ripping windows out to get at food and mountain lions making snack food out of my ducks. Winters alone with mounds of snow and right now awaiting a load of rock to fill in the Grand Canyon that has appeared in my driveway after monsoon rains. But would I change it – NO. After a hectic week of working graveyard shift in the casino I work at I so desperately need the quiet time to cleanse the negative energy that has stuck to me. If you ever need advice or want to bounce ideas on country living feel free to direct them this way.

    When my late husband decided to move from our mountain home in Northern Colorado to where I am at now I questioned his sanity. But a huge fire in our previous area burnt all but our home that I had blessed as we walked out the door. The fire occurred so quickly many neighbors were unable to get their livestock out. That would have destroyed me so hindsight shows there is a reason for everything. Lately my card readings are continually showing a change in profession (can’t wait for that – bring it on I am ready) but nothing in a change of abode. But there are two areas in the country that keep calling me but so far softly. So maybe just for a visit.

    So wishes for a blessed life in a tranquil and restful setting. And lots of love for Sebastian that he may see flies as a source of amusement and not annoyance.

  • Jade

    Wow C.B.R. what a story. I can relate. I moved from my big lake house in WI in 2008 to FL, after several moves about one per year renting, I found myself back in WI last year. My new pup appeared 3 years to the day of the last ones death. Hooray! One promise I made myself when I returned home…literally I am living in the house I grew up in, the one I purchased in 2002 and again in 2005 from greedy X husband. When my rental condo in Naples, FL was being vandalized and my stuff was moved or missing….new door and lock. I decided it would be cheaper to take what was left in the 945 Sq Ft Condo down from 4,000 Sq Ft lake house and put it in storage and move home for the summer of 2014 and work on the house where my 85 year old mom lives in a town of 5,000 pp. After my mail caught up with me, I found all my credit cards had been compromised, the insurance company has yet to reimburse me for the theft at hotel in Daytona Beach. Where and get this the staff gave a stranger a key to my room where he stole my laptop, camera and cell phone. Since I was enroute home at the time and back ups etc if not stolen are in Naples in storage and have yet 16 months later been able to retrieve my property, (lack of funds). Starting over from ground zero. The Gypsy has landed. Mom’s Grandma & Grandpa were a maid and a prince ousted from Austria…they ended up here. His family’s home was confiscated by communists in Austria. My house, mine and the banks needs a ton of work built in 1850 , split into a 2 flat after #9 moved out. I have been unsuccessful thus far in getting any resolution/restitution. Thieves have no idea what they have done and my days are numbered to come up with the money to pay for the house.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there..

    • Diana Boles

      Jade, I am lighting a candle for you and saying prayers that this all gets resolved quickly. angels being sent your way.

  • Bobby

    As a fellow country dweller by choice, I fully appreciate your “adjustment” time that will soon become a family story told over the coming years with laughter and cherished memories. I have also chosen to live 300 ft from the sea in Canada’s most easterly province – waves literally lull me to sleep! Welcome home! Your theme of being open to live on Spirit’s terms – turning away the fretting and worry about the future to a higher power – always reminds me of the line from the Lord’s Prayer “Thy will be done”. So when I catch myself in that familiar ‘fret mode’, I think of you and that line. Forever grateful for connecting with you on our journeys. Namaste.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we were by the sea in New Hampshire for 3 years and had a house in the woods.. 6 minutes from the beach and I now know I didn’t fully appreciate it as we moved to Westport CT for a year which was so different. … now we are near a river, in hills, on a working farm.. pretty amazing… I know I will come to love it.. I am already feeling the calm.. well until a wasp shows up in my house then UP and AT EM

  • Kat

    Thank you for your vulnerability and strength. You are my inspiration; flies and all!

  • Lynn ( HannaLeah)

    Doggy goggles may help the elder be more at peace with the batty flies, though it can not help with the buzzy noise!! Or you could make a mix of two parts water to one part Apple Cider Vinegar and spray it on the pups every third day. Never on open woods its would burn and not on the face. Cover the eyes and put it on top of head and go to the tuch!!! I am so so happy for you and can not wait to see the results for you.

  • Eileen

    Consider reading the book: “Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered” by Machaelle Small Wright. I haven’t read what you wrote about removing something in one of your books, but it sounds like the above book may offer you support in a similar direction. I haven’t read it in a lot of years, but I remember that it has an awesome land blessing and critter removal plan. Congratulations on your new home!

  • Pat B

    Every week i look forward to your Blogs and hearing of your adventures. I always know that I will learn something new and motivating that will help me on my journey. I am also in the process of moving, and in the past weeks your shared experiences and responses to the stresses, and delights, of your adventure have been tremendously helpful. I have lived in California my entire life, my family also for 3 generations, and never thought I would leave. But here I go, off to Mexico for the remainder of my life (at least that seems to be the plan at this point). It is scary, exciting, exhilarating and overwhelming. I have put my trust in the Divine though, to guide me through the experience and have not been disappointed. I use your cards all the time for guidance and they have been amazing! How I could manage through this time in my life without yours, and Their guidance at this time I do not know. My husband also, who has been incredibly skeptical about my spiritual path and card readings for many years, has even begun to accept the power of trusting in the Divine Spirit to guide us. I never thought that would happen and it delights me to no end to see him becoming more and more responsive. He recently has started asking me what the cards are ‘saying’ as we go along our journey now, as they have been so accurate. He never could understand when things were going crazy and I would not be stressing and getting upset like he was (he’s a Scorpio), because I knew from the cards that it was going to work out okay, which it has. Everything keeps falling into place as it should and he, and the people around us, shake their heads in amazement. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I have been lead to you and your Tribe. Good luck with your new home. It sounds wonderful and amazing. If ever you want to come to Mexico (we will be living near Guadalajara) you and Mark are very welcome. We will have a guest suite in the new home so you can even have your own space. It is also in the country and is peaceful and quiet, a perfect vacation get away. With the grace of God we will be there in October so once you’re settled in to your new space and are looking for somewhere warm to go, please think of us and reach out. It is 75-85 degrees all year round, most of the time with a gentle breeze to cool you down. The puppies are welcome as well. I have two beautiful malamutes who love making new friends and a fully fenced yard to keep everyone safe. Thanks again for sharing your life and adventures and guiding me closer to Spirit. Good luck with those flies also. I am definitely going to try praying to the oversoul about the critters I expect to be surprised with in my new home as well. Lol. (I really love that advice.) Xxxooo.

  • Cate

    Ten years ago I moved into a new home. As with all moves there are those challenges of settling in and finding your new center. I also had two cats and I had a small child which always seemed to add to the “fun”. Wouldn’t you know we were invaded by fruit flies. No idea where they came from or why they came, as we didn’t have any food about, but as quickly as they arrived, they left. Soon after along came the ants. The cats were no help, but my son was excellent at announcing we had yet another visitor…or should I say it looked more like bus loads of “tourist” ants arriving. As the invasion continued and I was swiftly losing the battle to keep them out, I had to send many packing for the other side. I didn’t like killing them but, I just couldn’t have them in the kitchen. My son was horrified and I would simply say “I’m sorry but they were uninvited.” A few weeks later my son was at my husband’s office and was chatting up one of the employees he liked quite a bit. He told her to wait until he spoke to me first because I killed anyone who showed up uninvited!! When the employee repeated what my son said, I started laughing and explained the ant problem. We still have a good laugh about it. I hope some day you too will be able to laugh about the flies/insects “welcoming” you to your new home. Best wishes!

  • Brittany

    I can relate- my life has been “under construction” for a few years now! much has fallen away from my life- surrendering and experiencing grief was tough. But a move to the country, a slower paced life, growing friendships and relationships, new hobbies and interests are all a part of my life now.. And I am so grateful! My connection with myself and with nature has proved to be most healing. And in the uncomfortable moments a great quote I read helps soothe the rough patches and reminds me to be gentle with not only myself, but with what is around me.
    “Be tough in the way a blade of grass is: rooted, willing to lean, and at peace with what is around it.” -Natalie Goldberg
    Sending you lots of love and gentleness ?

  • Debbi

    Hi Colette,
    I’m going through quite a change myself. I am a divorced mother to a son who is getting married next year. With all the events coming up, I’ve done some soul searching and am moving toward forgiveness in my heart towards my ex and his family. My ex forced me into financial corners during out divorce and really hurt me and my children for spiteful reasons. Now after 20 years, I’m working on forgiving him and boy it aint easy!! I’m digging deep into parts of my soul I never knew existed and I’m doing more forgiving than I thought imaginable!! It is one of the BEST feelings in the world to let all that crap go!!! I’m FREEEEEEEE.

    Love you,

  • Barbs

    Dear Colette,

    Moving house is so exhausting! I did it a month ago and couldnt believe how much stuff I had accumulated – good chance to get rid of it.
    I spent a week sleeping and feeling hung over and cried a lot because moving touched on old wounds!
    Good luck with the flies and poor Sebastian.

  • Amber M

    Love the title of this blog, your sense of humor wit and insights are the bomb-digs as always!! Like many I can relate. I am so in the “corridor” in this process of a huge change internal and external change. The hubs and i made a move 9 months ago to a place far away from our “home” that we wanted to explore and wanted it to be the launch pad for our dreams/art form . We made the decision , we assessed the city and decided to move …when you say “the truth is I wanted to be here…” I relate to that and have been reciting this in my mind. The proverbial sh*t has hit the fan but its not really that bad–and I think all divinely orchestrated . We are thinking hmmm maybe we don’t belong here, if only were by the ocean, nothing is happening blah blah blah…but all transitions take time and things happen in perfect divine timing. We don’t even have the resources to move anywhere else so exploring this place is just how it has to be and its how we wanted it so that’s that. I have this mental exercise where I pretend to be a time traveler–Marty McFly 🙂 ,,and when I get here all I see is the warm sunshine the beautiful landscaping gorgeous pools at our apt and am filled with curiosity possibility–it helps but I still go in and out …wondering hmm do we have to jet outta here to avoid more hardship, why aren’t I fitting in with anyone, is anything going to come together and it spirals into the desperate ,, bahh help me give me sign!! which is getting caught up in the mind not using stillness as the launch pad for an actual connection to spirit…

    now this may be too weird for some people but you mention inner changes and these changes without that I and my husband are going through are happening against the backdrop of some personal energetic changes. I had a very lucid dream where my third eye was filling with light, light that was coming out of a crystal feeding into my for-head –and ever since then I have been feeling I guess what I would call energetic changes –its is all very uncomfortable at times and really awesome at others-

    Ok just because its interesting I am going to share my answer from Spirit and my higher self when I asked what to do in the epicenter of all these inner and outer changes….and I love dreams interpreting dreams and using the dream state to face fear and diminish ego..Anyway

    –I asked Spirit before I went to bed about a month ago for a vision of what my next move was and put the intention/request under my pillow. I drifted off to sleep and I was taken to the most northern point on the earth…I had a guide with me & there was an observatory post set up –I thought to myself: what is up is up and what is down is down …in other words I could see through illusion..I rubbed Moose poo on me to camouflage myself and to protect my skin from the weather –because although I was surprised it was warm at the time my guide told me to not be fooled as it would get very cold so there was the theme of not being tricked by illusion)…I was at the shore of a very still water –across the water was a mountain and at the top was a shadow figure (described by some esoteric teachers as the Guardian on the threshold or dweller on the threshold) and of course is the symbol of the shadow self –the ego.–I watched it, from across this black -still- jet black water (emotion, the deepest levels of the consciousness), writhe atop the Mountain (the mountain symbolic of my own potential). I felt the primal reaction to want to react I wanted to jump in the water and respond as it seemed this shadow self was trying to insight a reaction –as if screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE —but I knew with sharp clarity it was not what it appeared to be I said to my guide “that’s not human is it… and something like its trying to trick us” and he said Yes your right and I knew once I jumped in the still waters would be tumultuous –at that time the shadow/ego / guardian of the threshold to my own highest potential– jumped hitting the water and it faked its own death –but I saw ti through it I saw it shape shift into a black bird and fly away–what I perceived to be a raven– then an ancient dinosaur / alligator came up out of the water and walked away –then a blue herring flew away right over my head –this dream is rich in symbolism it was linear it was loud and clear. I asked spirit what my next move should be and it was wait-to not react when the shadow self tricks and provokes one to struggle and writhe disrupting the magic of spirit and the natural state of harmony that unfolds in ones life -to learn to see through the dark ..let outmoded emotional patterns and wound that don’t serve you anymore leave, be like the herring still patient –see through the illusion and you will know when to fly–I set the intention to continue facing my fear and so reducing the ego , ego being awareness in the service of fear –and this dream was the first in a series that is helping me change–and when I asked spirit for help in a calm peaceful focused state –I got an answer in the rich symbolism of this linear and clear dream—I did not get an answer when i cried and screamed GIVE ME A SIGN as if victim…I think all people could relate to the symbolism and message of this dream when one really breaks it down

  • Road Angel

    Hey Colette….BREATHE…. So much is changing for you right now…and yes, me too…aging skin you say? Yes, I see that too, another line, another wrinkle in my face… My body may be 51 but my spirit keeps me young…what does a 51 yr old act and dress like? Like me…
    Just this week I felt overwhelmed with life and what’s left and what have I done and what I want to accomplish and so on and so on….a good cry in the shower until I looked like Alice Cooper in the mirror….and then I turn to music………Eminem is on right now…Kings Never Die, (they grow wings and fly)
    A sign…. ?
    Be grateful for the fresh country air, the splendid fall days (less flies), the breathtaking views, the solitude, sunsets, sunrises…and so on and so on….you will shine!
    We are still on for a ride, autumn is awesome! 😉

    (I’ve seen small dogs use cat litter boxes indoors)

  • Johanna

    Your story stirred so many things in me (including childhood memories of watching Green Acres with my family and feeling a quirky connection to Eva Gabor because she too was Hungarian like my parents). As I grew up in the city and with a passion for theatre, I figured that would is where I would always live. Then I met my forester husband and well, things changed. We bought our first country home just before we married and instantly it felt right – like this is where I was meant to be. But the universe had other plans and we have to move to a city I didn’t really like and into a house I didn’t really love in an urban setting. Starting our family there kept us busy and grounded and grateful at times for the proximity of good neighbours since family was far away. That place was good to us even if we didn’t love it there (the universe was certainly watching over us). When we had the chance to move back to the area we loved, we did! We found another country home on the same street as before and like yours, the amount of TLC it needs was underestimated by everyone. But we love it and the property, dearflies (which are NOT dear), mosquitos and all. Surrounded by a beautiful forest and across from a lovely lake, this is home. I cannot imagine living anywhere else and I don’t miss the city. I am close to “town” but far enough to feel the peace of nature. It is perfection. My husband and I moved a lot in our early relationship and I think it was our love for each other that got us through each change. We always said that home is where the heart is. While I don’t want to leave here, I know that if we did, the would still be true. Wishing you much joy, Colette, as you settle into your new home. I will try the bug prayer for the spiders (think really big with egg sack), and other critters that invade our home!

  • Genene

    I am going to love hearing about your Green Acres adventures! You are doing great in only a week. 🙂

  • Kiran

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences which resonated strongly with me. I moved from Brunei, currently in Honolulu, soon back to Malaysia and most probably going to Lao for a bit (all in under a month!), till Spirit moves me to the where I want and need to be. The Gypsy archetype runs through my life too. I am excited for this week’s readings and looking forward to seeing what comes in. In this times of uncertainty, your readings and the personal one we did in November have been most helpful in keeping my spirits up. I see you happy in a flourishing farm.

  • Karyn

    as always…..YOU ROCK!…..and LMAO!!!

  • Cassandra

    Yeah, I’m still flopping around in my loop. I’ve finally gone limp from the struggle and decided to stop trying so hard to figure it out (Let go and let God? haha). It’s astonishing how many resumes I’ve sent out and haven’t heard a thing. BUT, I’m also not thrilled about that area anymore, so it’s not heartbreaking. In hindsight, a few things needed a reset and I’m grateful for the chance to reevaluate. I’ve always had a patience problem too so it’s not surprising that I’m learning to enjoy the wait. Though I don’t quite know what I’m meant for yet, I guess I’ll just going to do stuff I like here and there until a career unfolds for me. It’s all about perception, yeah? haha As always, thanks for your story too!

  • Lynda

    When I lived in a mobile home in Arizona, had a big problem with ant “invasion” also… took a spiritual journey to visit the Ant Queen – Oversoul of the Ants. Advised her I would have to eliminate those ants who insisted on violating my “territory” and that I would “defend” my home just as they would do. I suggested that if they would stay outside the home, they could have the whole back yard, and I would feed them breadcrumbs on the sidewalk.

    It worked – while I sometimes saw the ants parading down the OUTside of the mobile home, I no longer had problems INside! And I DID hold up my end of the “bargain” and fed them, as promised.

    My neighbors across the driveway were amazed, as the previous occupant had experienced over-the-top insect problems… including ants!

  • Ed Lehner

    Check the “Bug Buster” on Amazon. Very cool little bug vacuum that does not harm them and you can move ’em outside into their environ. Enjoy the country.

  • Cai

    Many years ago I chaperoned my daughter’s third grade class on their field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. My daughter and her friend, Isabella, were very discerning pumpkin shoppers and I found myself trying to speed the process up by pointing out the unique qualities of several pumpkins we walked past -‘The stem on this one looks like a Kewpie doll’ or ‘How ’bout this one that looks like an accordion?’ We reached one cute little pumpkin waiting for the right owner and I said, ‘Look at this cutie! He’s even got freckles.’ To which, a very serious, Isabella replied, ‘Those aren’t freckles. That’s fly poop.”
    Moral: One person’s freckles is another person’s fly poop.

    Love my Monday morning Colette blogs! Thank you!

  • Kirsty

    My Dearest Colette,
    While doing your WREL program, Dana Zimmerman helped me to use the spiritual symbolism of animals to decode messages from spirit. I just looked up the message of fly on and found the following:

    If Fly has flown across your path;
    Know that quick and abrupt changes in your thoughts, emotions and endeavors are afoot. Rapid changes in all aspects of your life are currently happening for you so be prepared to move quickly even in unfavorable and uncomfortable conditions. Fly can also signify an exponentially growing source of abundance is available for you right now. Use your keen eyesight to see the way. Never give up.

    Alternatively Fly could be reminding you that your persistence in reaching your goals will bare fruit sooner than later. Even if it means annoying others or being selfish for a while – you do have the ability to accomplish your goals.

    These flies are there to remind you that you are blessed and that good things are coming!!! Give them thanks and acknowledge that you have received their message and see what happens. Also why don’t you try putting a slick blue bubble around Sebastian until his energies attune to the new surroundings??? Imagine how you would feel as an aged and sense deprived individual in these new surroundings?

    I am sending you and your whole family loads of love and light and green fire medicine to help you in this moment. They say that moving house is the second most stressful event you can experience, next to losing a loved one, so be patient and know that heaps of people and all sorts of other beings are with you and sending you love.

    Thank you for all that you do and all that you give!!!!!!
    Love, light and laughter,

  • Michelle

    Recently I kept in mind your previous blog about how changes happen. Friday I quit my new job due to the fact that I was confined to a job that was uncreative, restrictive in the the worse way and being under someone who tried to stifle my truth. That was not ok with me. I have transitioned into 2 jobs already this year which for me is really unusual. Many years ago I also left a job that was toxic, now I know I have very little tolerance for such things in my life. I don’t have time to deal with bs as I like to put it. I will not repeat past patterns and will not explain myself and who I am to people. I will not accept blame unless I know it truly is my fault. I am trying to find a career where I can make change and help people keep focus in their life and believe in their dreams. I still get scared about finances but I am teaching myself to surrender to spirit totally, which hasn’t been easy. I am excited about this week’s reading as well and look forward to what is happening. I tied up loose ends with this job and recently my coworker called to say how brave I was to speak up and to quit and move on. There are others I hope to can follow my lead and willing to find something else that fills and makes their spirit happy. Thanks for another great blog.

  • Rev Rio

    First of all, congratulations on getting into the new home, that in and of itself is no small feat. I have moved much over the past 2 years and thankfully have been in the same location now for the past year! Yea!
    Anyway, the fly situation definitely can be annoying. When I first moved into the spot where I am now there was a serious fly issue. No matter how much I talked to them (I too have spoken to the critters or as you put it, Oversoul of Critters) they continued to choose immediate transition (I usually tell them if they’re not carrying cash to pay their part of rent, that they by default are choosing to make their transition and I will happily assist them). It was about 5 months into being here that I noticed a bag with pennies on my landlords front door. When I asked they said it was to keep away the flies. So I had them put one up at my door. You know what? No more flies. Oh, the occasional fly who has decided it wants to go back to One will pop in, and out (with my assistance) however the pennies in water plastic bag trick has worked pretty much 99% of the time.
    Here is a link to the reason it works as well as how to fill the bag and where to put it.
    Anyway, have a FAB week, and enjoy your new home. Oh, by the way, I too Loved Green Acres!

  • Karen

    My mom left me a few acres and a farmhouse in a beautiful place called Red Deer Lake just outside Calgary. My mother grew up there, my grandfather and I went to get the cows when I spent weekends with him. We are fixing up the house and as I get the summer off, I have found myself driving there often. sitting on the deck and listening to the night come or even arrive early in the morning and hear the world wake up. It’s so quiet there and it can be very therapeutic. Enjoy your new home!

  • Renee Sugar

    Congratulations!!! Colette. Taking a leap of faith deserves some applause. It does take time to adapt, and relax especially with a chorus of insects
    that you didn’t invite. I can’t say that I have lived in a rural setting before. Don’t know if I really could adjust. This weekend I visited family to celebrate
    my birthday in Caledon, Ontario. The property is located on the river and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the forest, sighting colorful birds, insects, a snake.
    There were wonders all around. We ate outdoors and went for a long walk uphill enjoying the fresh air etc. I knew that I would be returning to Toronto again. so
    being a “visitor” brings a different perspective. It’s all an adventure.

    I did pack up all of my belongings in 1997 put everything into storage, and embarked on an adventure to work on a cruise ship. That was supposed to have lasted 6 months; however after one month, the shop manager said that I would thank her for ending the contract sooner. It was a culture shock; after living in one place for 17 years. Returning to a tiny shared cabin which I always seemed to misplace as they all looked the same. Eating with the other crew in the crew
    “mess” which is called that for a reason!!! Sleeping on the top bunk with a ladder; which I sometimes forgot was there when I needed to pee in the middle of the night. It was a huge lifestyle adjustment from living alone to becoming one of a cast of two thousand. I visited Alaska, B.C. and San Franscisco (twice) and had just begun to make friends with some of the crew. There wasn’t much time to acclimatize to the new digs, and there were some minor “human” errors which occurred. So NO GUTS NO GLORY!!!! I returned from whence I came spending all of the money I had earned to cover the cost of the plane ticket back to
    Toronto. I had to start all over again. With little savings left, I stayed with family for a few months until I “landed” and rented a new apartment, which I still live
    in today. (different suite). At the time it felt like I really had fallen flat on my face; but at least I had the courage to attempt something uncharted that was very
    out of my comfort zone.
    I have a hunch that as you continue move in; that it will become clear that there are no mistakes, just choices and outcomes. Who knows what will happen??
    I’ll bet that you will plant a vegetable garden and there will be fresh, healthy produce to feed you available at your doorstep. It takes time to “move in”, to
    create a “home”. Give yourself a chance. You can always make a different decision later on down the road.
    One thing I did notice during the brief visit to Caledon, was that I was breathing from my soul, and not from my neck up. I did relax into the energy the forest.
    NOT TO WORRY, NOT TO FRET; ALL IS WELL, BUT NOT JUST YET!!! Fortunately you have a wonderful gift of a sense of humor, that will shore you up as you adapt. Peace be with you, Marc and the furry companions. Just put a sign on the door. BUZZ OFF!!!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      we almost moved to caledon..very pretty up there… 🙂 and yes it truly is breathing from the soul and slowing right down is absolutely delicious, even with the little buzzing buggers today. I have my zapper!

  • Brook

    I adored reading your post this week! Particularly since just the other day I was musing on the messages from all the shows in the Hooterville Trilogy – innocents speaking the truth in sophisticated Beverly Hills, sophisticated New Yorkers getting bamboozled by the seeming innocents in the country (“Want to buy a moon rock, Mr. Douglas?”) Those were great stories, and they had a touch of magic to them and deep relationships. Did anyone care for her family as fiercely as Granny? Or the Ziffels for their son, Arnold the Pig? Maybe Oz really was in Kansas after all. Fly is an auspicious spirit animal…(I’m no expert – just looked it up!) And I remember how flies feed off the icky stuff and move on. Sending light and love and good mojo to you! xoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love the Hooterville Trilogy! we just left Westport Connecticut … a total and absolute contrast.

  • Trish C.

    You are an amazing inspiration. Thank you for still getting the blog and videos up. You are so good to us! Best to you and yours during this difficult time. You will look back and laugh. I am a real estate attorney and I tell my clients that if they don’t get divorced after a move they will be together forever!

  • Cindi Gordon

    This blog made me chuckle and reminded me vividly of my first encounter with demon-flies my first spring on our farm. My encounter was with cluster flies that my realtor or the previous owner failed to share with us prior to the purchase. You see cluster flies don’t die they go dormant in fall and winter once they have laid an abundance of other little cluster flies which ALL awaken at once in the spring.

    One early spring afternoon, when returning from work, I heard this really loud noise as I opened my car door. It was coming from my house. And there….omg….were flies covering every inch of the board and batten on the south side of my house and as I opened the door to my beautiful remodeled hundred and thirty year old farm house were swarms of black cluster flies covering every inch of every window in my house!! It was a scene straight from a horror movie. Screaming, I ran out of my possessed house and called my husband vehemently claiming that if this was country life I wanted NO part of it!

    That night I spent the evening standing with the nozzle of my Kirby vacuum cleaner under the upstairs hall light and yes it was turned on to TURBO suction not caring if they had a right to live or not! NOT IN MY HOUSE!

    Thankfully, my husband found an environmental company that sprayed your house, garage, barns etc. twice a year for those possessed devils! Best $600 a year I ever spent. That did the trick.

    I do have some of the most amazing and wonderful memories of our time on our farm. Now that all our kids are grown and on their own we are trying to make our way back to the country!

    Best of luck Collette. You will grow to love it – once your evict those pesky flies.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yep spraying once a month for those and a big spray in spring already lined up for those cluster flies. 😉

  • Kate Shadock

    HI Colette,

    Having done country living, small towns and major cities I agree country living is the best! It is also very educational, not always in a tidy way. Getting back to the rhythms of nature and the seasons is so healing. You will still enjoy forays to the city and be even happier to return home.

    Wait till you get so experienced you can tell a house fly from a horse fly and both from a deer fly. Ah, the fun you have in front of you! ENJOY!

  • Catherine

    LOL…I loved Green Acres and I am at my best surrounded by trees and views of the ocean. I tried to escape where I live earlier this year, but Creator and Nature Spirits intervened. I was packed up and three times was thwarted by Divine intervention, so I finally gave in, surrendered to the ridiculousness of why I couldn’t get out and went ok…I get it…. Almost three acres of trees, plants, flowers and this year my first fully organic garden in 28 years. I only garden organically – in my old life as stay at home wife and mother I hunted down the only as close to organic products I could find in 1978 to fertilize and avoid pests….Ah…it has been heaven watching my babies grow into edible veggies and fruit…blessed always when we harvest them…Flies, wasps and oh an abundance of beautiful bees, butterfiles…Basic H gets rid of aphids and my margolds and mint protect the rest…I live on a heavenly spiritually enriching chunk of land with a glorious view of Burrard inlet. Leaving is no longer an option…LOL… I have stopped running….Colette you will find so much more enrichment for your soul where you are…Trees, grass, animals, bugs…Schumann waves in abundance….Blessings, love and light..xo

  • karen

    Thank you Colette for sharing your experience. Always a lot to take in with such a huge change on many levels. My change didn’t work out so well so I’m trying (still) to “trust the journey”. Can’t wait to be out of here but trying to change my attitude in hopes I can understand why spirit led me to such a horrible place (at least for me). Hang in there as country life is wonderful. Wish I were there to help lighten your load. Blessings, karen

  • Hazel

    Congrats on your new place. I have to confess moving to a new house is exciting to me. It’s the changes in my workplace that are harder for me to take. I’m the kind of person who likes to have a routine. So when that goes out the window I’m left feeling unsafe. My way of coping has been to meditate & set up a new routine for the new situation. I do feel I belong in more than one place. Currently living in Toronto but I love Vancouver & Melbourne, Australia. However I couldn’t live there because my husband’s family is here & he would never leave them. So I satisfy myself with visiting those places instead.

  • Mary Louise

    Hi Colette, I always enjoy your blog and forecast video.
    New situations always have a life of their own. Our lives are different, but these adventures in life is what it is all about. When you look back, you will fondly remember the stuff that happen and laugh. I realize all this kind of stuff is normal. I am normal. Spent many years pretending everything is just wonderful. I would have not talked about my bugs. Thanks for being so honest and real. I love your style.
    In the IN-Vision course, I would see,Sebastian sleeping on the sofa near by, in your videos. He likes to be near you. Cats have cat trees, with small inclosures. Perhaps, Sebastian could have his own scared space, with some of his favorite things inside. A little igloo maybe or his own castle? You know what he likes. He is so cute. I agree with others , your fur babies have to be protected from the sky, too.
    Your home sounds beautiful. Much love.

  • Elissa

    This blog reminded me that while I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies they all serve a purpose and some are amazing. I learned recently that research is being done on scorpion venom on children’s brain rumors. Evidently it can be used in tumor painting so when a surgeon removes a cancerous tumor the venom lights up only the tumor allowing more accuracy and less removing unnecessary parts of the brain where things like speech are affected. I know your blog has way more depth than respect for living things but for me it was a good nudge in the hot mosquito Florida summer. Thanks!

  • Christine

    Flies are a symptom of the problem, OK? Flies coming into a room through the fireplace means problems in the chimney. Animals etc. And then there are ants, symptom of structural damage from carpenter ants and termites. You gotta get someone to take a look, make an assessment and in the case of the chimney – just have it cleaned – and see if it works. Venting problems could involve the heating system and lead to problems in the winter months when snow and ice are deep and you can’t easily fix things. Get it done now!

    Love ya!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      all done..

      • Maxine

        Hi Colette: When animals make their presence known, it has been my practice to ask why. I have had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Native Americans about the meaning of the animals and why they show up. I researched “Fly” and found the following. Perhaps it may help.
        Light & Love,

        House Fly
        Spirit Keeper
        Tags : totem, medicine, shamanism, housefly, fly

        Fly’s wisdom:
        Multifaceted vision
        Ability to change waste into valuable assets
        Adaptation to the harshest environments

        HOW THE FLY SAVED THE RIVER-A Native American Lore

        Many, many years ago when the world was new, there was a beautiful river. Fish in great numbers lived in this river, and its water was so pure and sweet that all the animals came there to drink.

        A giant moose heard about the river and he too came there to drink. But he was so big, and he drank so much, that soon the water began to sink lower and lower.

        The beavers were worried. The water around their lodges was disappearing. Soon their homes would be destroyed.
        The muskrats were worried, too. What would they do if the water vanished? How could they live?

        The fish were very worried. The other animals could live on land if the water dried up, but they couldn’t.

        All the animals tried to think of a way to drive the moose from the river, but he was so big that they were too afraid to try. Even the bear was afraid of him.

        At last the fly said he would try to drive the moose away. All the animals laughed and jeered. How could a tiny fly frighten a giant moose? The fly said nothing, but that day, as soon as the moose appeared, he went into action.

        He landed on the moose’s foreleg and bit sharply. The moose stamped his foot harder, and each time he stamped, the ground sank and the water rushed in to fill it up. Then the fly jumped about all over the moose, biting and biting and biting until the moose was in a frenzy. He dashed madly about the banks of the river, shaking his head, stamping his feet, snorting and blowing, but he couldn’t get rid of that pesky fly. At last the moose fled from the river, and didn’t come back.

        The fly was very proud of his achievement, and boasted to the other animals, “Even the small can fight the strong if they use their brains to think.”

  • Rosa Mora

    Beautiful … Everything will be perfect!!! Love and Light ?

  • Shelagh

    I wish I had more time right now to devour this delicious conversation. Will return here later, for sure, but for now here are three words on the fly, so to speak…


    I also live Rural, and have a beloved, screen-slashing Siamese. I make a spray, also adding a coconut-based dispersant, but you can do without that by vigorously shaking the sprayer bottle to blend the essential oil and the water pre-use.

    Peppermint EO is easy to find– even supermarkets have “natural” sections presenting such things. Add quite a bit of the EO so the peppermint scent is strong and uplifting. Just spray around the room, on dangling light fixtures if you have those, and on landing areas in general.
    I think it scares them. Or something.
    You don’t have to deal with flies, dead or alive. It doesn’t kill them.
    They just leave the building.

  • Wanda

    Colette, I hope that your Land brings you as much joy as ours does us. 😉 until we meet again Kerry and Wanda

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      so nice to hear from you 🙂 hope you’re thriving and so happy xooxox

  • Rosalyn Marie

    “Did you find yourself thrown for a loop or two? Then there is the shock of the change when you think you belonged in one place and find you might want to explore another. Has that happened to you?”

    This statement Colette is so true for me now. Presently I am living in a shelter after leaving and having to come back. Always wanting to relocate, I thought if anything it would be California or Florida (mostly Florida because I felt it would be easier, you see I am alone). In the shelter there was a woman who was there for a short while. At first I thought I didn’t like her but just before she left we became friends. She was offered a job in Tucson, Arizona and this comes with a place to stay and ticket to get there. She spoke about putting me up. At that time I didn’t respond. Now I find myself excited to go to Tucson. It’s out west and I love the west. Presently I am living in Annapolis, Maryland and have been through so much. I have receive feedback from a job I applied for and I will be applying for more. Also, I am calling apartments and I am looking forward in moving September the first. My profession is a licensed cosmetologist. If you have any suggestions of any kind or just encouragement I would love to hear from you. You are such a wonderful inspiration. Love Rosalyn Marie

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you a BIG HUG and a squeeze – keep going you can do it!! The universe responds to effort !xoox

  • Susan E King

    Hey stranger! Have been meeting up with some of the folks from Scottsdale from time to time and we all say that it was a transformational week! We all miss you! Glad to hear you are finally settling down and out in the country is not a bad place to be… gotta love the solitude… that is where we try to spend our summers… and our winters we have a strong sense of community in a small seaside town in Mexico. My genealogy work still keeps me going and love the new challenges of solving the riddles with DNA, connecting people to their roots and also helping those who were expatriated during the inquisition (1492 that is) become citizens once again in the land of their forefathers. The simple life has served us well, far better than the search for fortune and fame. Stay grounded my friend, something so much easier to do in the quietude of simple country life. I can send Macy your way. This black and white spotted loves to catch flies… so our little area in the woods stays pretty much flyfree!

  • Peggy Ridge

    Hi Colette,
    OMG what a huge blessing it was to bump into you yesterday(aug.16) . As I said, I lost all my pvr’d episodes of your show, but have a few now and am looking forward to season two. Do you do private readings and if so where would I find this info? Also how would one become an audience member at a taping of your show?
    I wish you two all the best in your new surroundings, my daughter & her family live north of that town and it is a lovely area, I’m sure you will be quite happy there.
    Sending Huge (((Hugs))) & wishes for Peace & Harmony for all of you in your new home.
    Love- Peg xo

  • Maureen

    Hi Colette 😀
    I’ve been enjoying all the comments and advice about the flies (hadn’t heard of the penny water bag… sounds cool). Anyways, I grew up on a working farm and so I am experienced with flies too. Screens on the windows are a must! Those cluster flies in the spring (when the farmers start turning over the soil) are so annoying, but they disappear pretty quick too. I have an office where there is usually 3 or 4 of us working at a time. There always seems to be one very large and annoying fly that just won’t go away and has been impossible to catch. He would choose to dive bomb you when you were trying to concentrate. A few years ago, after many conversations about this perennial fly (which we were considering giving him a name lol), I started thinking of doing something different. I, too, would rather not kill it (and yes all spiders and other large insects are taken outside). I started thinking about what flies do. They accumulate around the manure piles where they contribute to breaking it down. Essentially they take what we consider is negative and change it to something positive. Now here’s the fun part (and don’t take my word for it, just test it out yourself). I found that the flies would only bother me when I had too many negative thoughts. As soon as I changed my thoughts to positive, the fly would leave (and go bug someone else LOL). I had my staff test this out too and they found results as well.
    I now welcome flies as a reminder that I need to step up my attitude. I even had this work with the cluster flies. For the first time in years, I had a bunch in my house about a month ago. I was very puzzled by this and then remembered that I needed to look at my thoughts. My father had just passed away a couple weeks before and I was still processing all that goes with that. The next day the flies were all gone.
    This is a fun experiment and I would love to hear if this worked for you. (Oh ya, and fans are great too :). I have floor models and ceiling ones.)
    Take care Colette, love the work you do 😀

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I Love this and when I think about all the creatures having some symbolic connection as well as purposely interacting with us this makes a world of sense. There is an amazing book called Behaving as If The God in All Life Mattered by Michaele Small Wright. She founded a Findhorn like place in the USA and she shares her experience with the spirits within Nature. It’s fascinating and I am going to re- read it. Will let you know about how I see the dynamics change re the critters 😉




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