The Healing Power of Curiosity!

Updated: August 17, 2015

The heat wave here has my brain on “slo-mo” and so while scrambling for something profound to talk about this weekend I just collapsed into that kind of numb silly stupor that led to a seriously prolonged state of procrastination. You know the feeling. Just like Scarlett O’Hara on the plantation waving a fan saying; “Fiddle Dee Dee Miss Melly!” when faced with doing anything meaningful. I surrendered to the humidity never once considering that I might ever have to squeeze into a corset again!

Usually Monday mornings I am all chipper and excited to share something I’ve learned but today I’m having one of those languid leisurely stupid happy moments where all I want to do is smile wordlessly and point to the tiny circle that is my world at the moment.

I wake up, always earlier than Marc and I sit up to meditate. The dogs always take this as a sign that something important is about to happen and so they jump over legs and arms and scrambled sheets to stick their teeny tongues up my nose, in my ears and across my eyes before heading for my mouth. That may sound gross to some but it’s my favorite part of waking.

Marc and me say that as long as everything is good in the space of our bed, all is well in our world.

We shrink it down to that small square, where love and understanding, care, kindness, and commitment thrives and the deep abiding knowing that we have chosen and made what family means to us.

The upheaval and shock of moving countries, to a fixer-upper still in the fixing and upping stage has slowly dissipated. I’m ok now with brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink, showering in another building, knowing I will never have a cool upstairs, sitting in the TV room surrounded by boxes of stuff supposed to go in the soon to be beautiful bathroom still under construction that one day some weeks in the future will get done “they promise.”

So far only one little fly keeps hanging round inside and while even that one seems to send Sebastian running he’s doing pretty good now he knows the places to hide.

And, Coco Doozie’s disappointment for the short play- time allowed by her ancient little playmate has shifted into a happy curiosity now that she has found her twin in the mirror. And, yes we’re getting another young one to take the pressure off Sebastian who loves his new little friend but is too old to keep up, and so Coco can have a companion that doesn’t want to sleep all the time.

I’m getting used to saying good morning to the cacophonous cicadas and their giant killer wasp enemies that have burrowed into our planters and I know they will figure themselves out without my help or shrieking. I am awe struck by the air force of dragonflies that swoop over us when we’re in the pool and amazed as they and the swallows raid the meadows adjacent to the house at dusk. (especially since we’re hearing that no one has seen any of them yet this season!) I can hardly wait till the bat houses are up and the bats join in the fun.

When I look into my world with curiosity accompanied by my favorite mantra “ That’s interesting!” everything is magical- even the ugly stuff.

I get the coyotes may be beautiful creatures but lethal for the tiny dogs I have and the humungous eagles, hawks and osprey could easily mistake my Pomeranians for snack food. An investment in an enclosed dog run with roof is in order but even then they’ll go out supervised.

Now they are getting used to having to be on a harness at all times and that romping is not going to part of “outside”.

So as we learn the ropes, we adapt.

I also get we’re really guests here so far and so have shifted from “Here I am- OMG this needs to be how I like it!” to “What can I learn? What’s this? and How can I fit in and serve?”
That’s a good place for any of us to be.

Curiosity is a powerful way to navigate the uncertainty of the unknown. There is no fear in curiosity, only an alert and gentle intuition desiring knowledge and wisdom. Curiosity is essential when wandering in unknown places.

In curiosity we are right sized and a part of, rather than a conquering marauder in someone else’s territory.

It relaxes and soothes while at the same time allows a sharp respect for your surroundings.

It brings everything into the present moment- into radical acceptance.

That alone is so healing.

So I invite you to tell your story – have you ever made a shift from trying to make something be what you think it should be to discovering what it really is? What did that feel like? How has curiosity led you to make a shift within?

Love to hear from you as always, this tribe is about sharing our experience strength and hope so we can all learn from one another.

So.. tag- you’re it!

Love you always and forever!

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  • Barbara

    It is good to hear that things are slowly coming together for you and yours. In all the years I have lived in rural and sometimes rugged parts of Colorado I have seen so many city folks with a dream but ill equipped to live in these environments. Who handles the trash? You do. Who plows the roads? You do. What do I do when the power goes out? Have a stock of candles, lanterns and batteries or get a generator. And then the next year the place is up for sale and they are moving back to the city.
    Every time I have moved I have set quietly outside so I can learn the song of the new home. When I can sing it back with just a few changes that denote my addition then I know I have become one with it.
    The dragonflies are welcoming you. I sense you are at last home.

    • Tracey

      Thank you so much and to your staff for the emails! I’m not much for facebook, don’t mind twitter and I just love instagram!
      Colette remember to take B-12 vitamins…this did wonders for me when I felt drained. Hopefully your pets will eventually get their danger instincts back, it may take awhile but the should adjust.
      Sending love & peace to everyone in this tribe!

    • Cheryl

      I love your daily and weekly cards! I look forward to them. I gotta ask….being a medium, do you see spirits in your house that don’t belong to you and that have lived there for a while? If so what do you do with it?
      How do I know if the path or direction I am going is my path or direction? Just as I think I am heading the right direction then I get thrown a road block and feel like I am back to square one… do I know what I am doing?

      • Colette Baron-Reid

        once in a while but not that often. I send them a hug and ask them to leave. Meditation sounds like a good plan for you.. sounds like you need to get grounded too.. stay out of your head.

        • Cheryl

          what is your method for grounding? I have learned one way to ground myself but I would love to know what you suggest. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

    • Becca Brandes

      Thank you for sharing this Colette. I have been meditating on and using total acceptance as a mantra lately. Bringing in the curiosity aspect gives acceptance another layer that I love! You are brilliant. Glad to hear you are getting settled in your new place. xxxooo, Becca

  • catherine

    Oh the joys of it all! My life has been a series of OMG’s and once I learned to Let Go and Let God it got much easier. LOL…as you are doing now!! In this new phase of your amazing journey!! Last Wednesday was so amazing as I realized it was the very first time in 39 years of being a mother that everyone one of my five children with five grandsons were all in a happy wonderful place in their lives. I had nothing to worry about with them…TaDa!!! What a gloriously peaceful place within that was and is! This morning in Vancouver their isn’t cloud in the sky and I called each one of my children to say good morning and that I loved them while transcending the Lions Gate Bridge with its breathtaking 190 degree views of ocean, mountains, city skyline and Stanley Park! Life is fabulous no matter the state of my companies I thought as those too shall return to wellness! I am blessed and always so grateful to the Creator for all of the beauty in my life. Enjoy the day Colette and thanks to you always. I love you all!! xo

  • Shelly

    Well good morning to you too Colette and thank you for the email and card reading. I hope this email finds you doing well and feeling vibrant. Sincerely, Shelly

  • Dana

    Hi Colette,
    Well I read your blog to my daughter and we had a little laugh. You are certainly living in Canada. She asked if you were living in our house! Our bathroom sink has been down for 7 years and teeth get brushed in the kitchen. We have to shower elsewhere because the city doesn’t supply enough water pressure to run a shower, dishwasher etc. I hear it will be fixed at some point. We can’t use a window air conditioner upstairs for fear of the window falling out! My refuge is outside in the garden with nature including the bats which no longer live in the house. They now happily live in our porch roof. I have stopped worrying about all the repairs and where the money is coming from to do them. I am sitting back and letting things happen in their own time and since taking that attitude, I am happier and progress is occurring. Controlling how things should be isn’t a reality. I made myself sick trying to have everything perfect and never meeting my own expectations. Let it go and let it be what it is. Accept what you can’t change. It will ultimately be okay. I have learned to sit back with curiosity and allow the mystery to unfold. Be instead of do. Living in a suspenseful movie is a lot more fun than trying to write the script.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love your last line .. true -discovering the story is more wondrous than writing it.

  • Jan

    Hi Collette;
    In my journey through life, I have experienced several several times a strong and powerful resonancy with a person who “grew” me to a new level of something!!!
    I have that powerful, strong resonation with who you are. Words dont seem to describe it for me. I feel like the angels have guided me to your work. Without idolizing you, I have a deep respect, more for who you have become, out of the ashes, than anything. Who you have grown yourself to become, speaks volumes to my heart.
    I have my VIP ticket to see you live in Calgary, Oct 26 and my little group keeps growing with like minds who are joining me. It feels like you came out of somewhere, just so HP could validate my all inclusive soul…lol. Thank you for growing your own soul.

  • Shawn Arbor

    Hi Tribe

    Colette you said something in your weekly card reading about being the paint brush and the painting, and I thought about a song with those lyrics. I want to share the YouTube video. Her name is Roxanne Ward, the song is “Remember Who You Are”. This is the second time this song was come through to me to share it with you and this tribe. The other time was around your birthday. Enjoy.
    In health

  • Karen

    I’ve always been curious but I’ve not looked at it this way before…that there is no fear in curiosity! But it has been very helpful in my life, even with physical pain. It has worked as a distraction so that I wasn’t increasing the pain by focusing on it! Great stuff!

  • Shawn Arbor

    Oops auto correct …. Her name is Roxanna Ward.

  • Lisa

    Thank you Colette .. Your honesty is so admirable ! .. It makes taking what you write or say, that much easier to apply to my own circumstances. Today I am questioning my own ability to be curious, can I still be curious? .. Can I tell my story in another way ? .. I read the blog .. Twice .. And watched the vlog .. Also twice .. Then I sat here quietly .. I am one who knows that true wealth is not seen by the eyes, but felt in the heart, in the soul .. And in that I am truly wealthy .. Because I know that ! .. I am struggling to remain calm as life unfolds .. Some days I can feel all is really perfect as it is .. And other days I feel as though I am not achieving anything because I see no forward movement .. I know there is a plan unfolding even as I write this .. Something is always shifting and taking form .. I trust Spirit, though there are days when I feel like the people on the Ark, just looking for a sign of land .. Thank you for the encouragement you offer ! I will work with the ideas of curiosity and telling my story in a new way .. Xoxo .. Lisa

  • Debra

    I relate to your feelings and experiences. I completed a fast and furious basically unplanned move across the country in May. My house sold for full price cash so instead of the usual couple month timeframe for paperwork to process, I had less than 3 weeks to rid myself of the things I no longer needed or wanted, pack and with the help of dear friends pack up a small moving truck, load up the fur kids and hit the open road.

    I did not have a place to live when I arrived. The pet friendly hotel was too small for 3 stressed pets whi had appruptly been uprooted (all three are rescues) so they were boarded in a wonderful, quiet and beautiful kennel outside of town. I think they were sad to leave when I picked them up and brought them to our temporary home!

    While I did not leave the country, an unbelievable amount of people including my cell phone provider think that the Santa Fe, NM area is south of the US border Mexico-the country.

    Life here is incredible! The dogs have to be harnessed and kept close to keep them safe and no outdoor alone time for them even in a private yard with an 8ft fence surrounding it here either.

    Evidently coyotes are smart and good jumpers. We live near two arroyos that the wild critters use for travel, water and hunting so we’ve had wild pigs trapped in our residential area alley that has no outlet. That was a hair raising, noisy ordeal…thus far, no coyotes but the locals say they will come this winter. No rattle snakes but I did run over one yesterday while out looking for my permanent home. That area got crossed off my list!

    Enjoy your new life as I do mine! New adventures and experiences await!

  • Linda

    Thank you…helpful…

  • Renee Sugar

    Speaking about flies; I sometimes feel like I am this outside observer like a fly on the wall, part of the activity; but separate. Transitions do not come in neat packages where you lift the lid and remove the contents and all is well. They are messy, and inconvenient, yes full of adventure, and certainly unlike the
    prior history that we might have become attached to.
    In 1997 I decided to pack up my home and leave everything behind destined for a storage locker, to embark on a 6-month contract working for Princess Cruises; I laughed when I dropped the resume into the mailbox; and laughed a little harder when I was invited to interview with 500 other seafaring souls. I was hired. I was driven to the airport with a huge suitcase destined for Alaska, B.C and San Francisco. Contained in the suitcase was a selection of clothing to suit every season. When I arrived in Portland Oregon; there was someone to greet the new hires at the airport. There weren’t any others waiting accept me. I was driven to the ship which was in dry dock and was escorted to the cabin which I would share with another person. It wasn’t too bad while the ship was undergoing preparations for the season, as there were no passengers. We ate in the main dining room and met others along the way who would share the adventure. It sounded like a free-spirited leap to take, for a 41 year old unmarried woman, who had been left behind by a company closure after 9 years; and was dealing with my mothers’ death at the time. As my finances were diminishing rapidly; at the time I felt it could be an opportunity to travel, save some money and see places where I had never been before. WELL; it wasn’t a glamorous journey. There were no crew elevators, which meant that we had to walk up and down eight flights of stairs to gather the merchandise for the shop and then push it on trolleys to reach the shop. This happened several times each day. The cabin was in the basement of the ship, and I was forever confused and disoriented trying to figure out where exactly it was. When we did reach a port; it took hours to orchestrate the passengers off the ship first, and the staff last.
    With hardly any time off, I had to find the closest health food store, in Alaska it was the RED TOMATO; to find alternatives to bring back to the ship so I wouldn’t starve. I was told that there were vegans living onboard, but I found my options limited. Yes I am resourceful, but I thought I would have plenty of healthy food to eat. My cabin mate; was 20 something, spent most of her evenings in the crew bar, and would pound on the door of the cabin at all hours of the night, as she forgot her key, again. After this happened a few times, I refused to answer, and she had to find somewhere else to sleep. I was transferred to a different cabin;
    which was a better option. Then there was the preparation merchandising the shops for the season. There were huge crates of merchandise hoisted onto the
    vessel with cranes, and the staff had to unpack and stock the boutiques for the passengers. Well the shop manager took a look at me, and although I did have to undergo a complete medical examination done by a doctor who was certified for this line of work; I was told to just stay in the shop, and I didn’t do any of
    the heavy lifting, instead I kept the electricians company while they did their job.
    Eventually it came time to welcome the passengers. Yes they wanted to buy those t-shirts. etc. with the Princess logo on it, and other items like candy.
    Seems there was a glitch with the scanning program, or perhaps the person using it, and I charged a passenger $120,000.75 for a package of life savers.
    This was not done on purpose, but the scanner was reading the whole barcode and translating it into the most expensive roll of candy on the planet. The
    pursers’ office was not amused. Then there was the day that I accidentally put the store receipt into the passengers bag, and I was accused of having
    stolen the merchandise as the store receipt wasn’t accounted for at the end of the day. Of course this might sound hilarious, but there were 1000 travelers ; so when errors were made, it was difficult to balance the books. I had to appear in the captains’ office to explain that I accidentally put the store receipt into the bag, and that the passenger returned it the next morning. Well I hadn’t started to pack yet; but seems that a decision had already been made to end
    the contract earlier than agreed upon. I was informed that I would be returning to Toronto, the next day; and all the money I had made that month would pay
    for the ticket back. Not what I had planned, as I had handed the keys to my former home after 17 years living at that address. I no longer had a
    home. The upside of this topsy-turvy tale was that I did meet some kind mates who were as shocked as I was about what was unfolding.
    Alaska was breathtaking, especially the glaciers, and eventually I did pick myself up; dust myself off, and start all over again.
    “To make a beginning; is to make an ending; THE END is where we start from. (P.S. ) I did write a letter to the president of Princess Cruises to share how poorly I
    was treated; but being one of a cast of thousands he wasn’t much help. NO GUTS, NO GLORY. I still have my badge in a scrapbook.
    Hope this brings some laughs to your day!!!
    Take care and make yourself a pitcher of iced tea!!

  • Michele

    Hi Colette! Your new found home sounds like a dream! I am sure you have your challenges right now but sounds like you and hubby are handling with fun, grace and acceptance for the things that are and counting your blessings. As I read your blog about this farm, I can picture it in my mind and all the details of beauty that surrounds you everyday. That kind of peace nowadays is so hard to find. BTW, I wonder if you have any friendly spirits that will come forth to share the history of this old farm house. Have you felt anything or just the buzzing of the dragonflies and the flutter of swallows wings?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      There are most definitely nature devas around and the house spirit is wonderful. Very friendly and super peaceful place.

  • Laura

    As always, THANK YOU COLETTE!! This one really hit home for the timing was Divine 🙂
    YOU are such a mentor for me. My dream is that our paths cross and I get to learn from you LIVE and in-person.
    Peace, Love, and Joy to you and yours.

  • Sally

    Love that Collette .. curiosity… sychronicity !

    So tonight I became curious and also asked a question I became curious about photography and nature and have a love affair all my life with nature so when I moved to a new place leaving my life as a teacher and a wife and a parent behind my children now adults now moving into their own lives I started living life through a lens of magic and curiosity….

    It was all new. I had had the routine and the rushing and the stress but I was curious about moving to a place near of nature and by the river, curious to be living near a quaint little street and near the Palace where I could swear I have had a past life it feels so familiar or am I just dreaming , is it all just a big dream who knows?

    So I have always been curious about life and psychlogy as a teacher a life full of observing and oh so much fun, but in it all I lost myself in the family and the work I lost part of me I lost who I really really was inside when the hustle and the bustle had all died down

    So I became very curious and made an inward journey not without pain and not without stuggle but I released a soul and spirit that is curious about life about the magical essence of the inside of us all and as I sat and I listened and became more curious so the pages of my book started just flowing as if through magic and the nature of my curiousity to delve really really deep and really listen to the sounds of my soul and I became a singer, to the colours of the paint and I became an artist to the call to write more and more and through this came a beauty I had never really had the beauty of the soul and of the spirit a peaceful presence and a place.

    I had lost my house and my home at least the home I had become attached to and through the curiosity I found it all….an essence and a presence that is all of us when we listen really listen….

    BLessings and love for the amazing soul that you are,

    Much love Sally x

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Sometimes one’s entire “world” may shatter with a shift ….

    I can remember and have mentioned before, someone I loved said to me “what you think you want may not be what you want” meaning once you experience those “wants” you might realize it was not what you thought it would be; this is basic yet one has to be out there to experience living in general.

    Of, course realizing the result was not up to par by any means then feelings of humility, humbleness, introspect, seriousness, thoughtfulness, pity, creativity, knowledge, or relief can ride the gamut until something concrete has to be done. Sometimes one falls asleep after crying in disappointment or out of anger of not getting what was “the picture” or just admitting to oneself “oh, well back to the drawing board” able to breathe again and just inquiring such as using the internet or talking to others by other means about how to get to where one wants to go – the goal.

    Sometimes destiny takes over or no other options are left to choose from and a consequence of shift demands “it is what it is”. It’s the ebb and flow, right?

    We live by the rules of the circumstances we find ourselves in; that is why tools are great to have whether it be using your mind (mindfulness), actual things, or listening to the next guy’s experience to find clues how to resolve an uncertainty or develop a new way to live.

    This is a loaded topic.

    I quit smoking (16 years ago) and that was a shift back to the way it should be because smoking cigarettes is slow suicide (in my opinion) caused by our social environment. I started when I was a young teen bumming them, then buying a pack, affording them because I worked, eventually living with others who smoked to the point it was overload not just an occasional puff. It was just not for me because I wanted to live and my habit was killing me – I could not breathe and the “crave” nagged me every second. It had me by the horns as ‘my someone’ would say. Once I acknowledged the cigarettes (crazy chemicals not just tobacco) had me and not I had it in control I was able to eventually shift back to the child who was born without a cigarette in her mouth. I was definitely curious as to what could be salvaged of me after that carcinogenic stint. Healthy living helps such as healing with nature’s foods. Maybe it is karma that nature calls to nature or residual chemicals that “crave” similar compounds. Within the phases of a person’s life such as I have experienced identifying what my body wants if I train it in my favor is the beginning of a shift to where I need to be on a daily basis. Compare yourself later but for the time being (present) it is labor. I choose my life as I choose my food and that is for it to “be meaningful” (essence).

    One day at a Time, Amen
    Green Acres Blessings
    LOV : )
    Curious About Life

  • Lisa_AK

    Hello Sparkly Colette! Guess you could call me always curious! I’m always trying new things to see if it’s something I like or is fun! I’ve tried painting, stained glass, belly dancing…all kinds of stuff! I never want to be 100 yrs. old wondering ‘what if’…I figure Spirit gave us wondrous things to experience and we should, within reason of course! You want ever find me rock climbing (tried the indoor type, not for me) or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! but I’m open minded to stuff that won’t hurt or permanently damage me…I have too much living and exploring left to do and want to be able to do it!
    And again, as always, the cards this week were right on! When ‘wealth’ came up before you even started explaining it my first thought was ‘there’s all kinds of wealth, not just money/possessions’. Spirit knows I don’t want to be famous or rich but I do want to be a great healer and I’ve put that out there! And yes, things are about to get disturbed! By Labor Day weekend I’m going to be ready to paint my living room and things re-arranged to start getting my garage cleared out (having an outdoor shed set up in couple of weeks), etc., etc. and my goal is to have my healing studio set up and ready to go by Spring of 2016!!! So excited to have this starting to come to fruition after years of study (and continued studying) bringing in all the modalities I’ve been wanting to bring to people in this area! And bringing some of it into our hospital!! And of course I’m still open to however Spirit leads this to be. Peace, Light and Love to all

  • Sandra

    That’s really interesting! I’m taking this open curiosity approach to heart. Lately I’ve been reflecting on why certain things haven’t turned out the way I hoped and wanted and realised that among a host of reasons, in my initial excitement I go into things all guns blazing, aka “a conquering marauder.” So now, my approach is to take things more slowly, considered and deliberate while remaining openly curious. Being open and curious, leaves room for divine magic to happen – giving spirit the chance to shape and form your hopes and dreams – better than you can imagine. Cheers, to that, and thanks Colette for a lovely reminder to stay curious.

  • Jenny

    Hi Colette, I finally stopped trying to make my husband happy or fix his problems and just let him be. I am happier and have found it interesting to watch him. His moods change whether I influence him or not and believe it or not, he can fix his own problems. My life is so much easier when I focus on my happiness. Thanks for all your wonderful words of wisdom!!
    ? Jenny

  • Debra

    Hi Colette:
    Love reading your post and can’t help but feel your warm presence. I agree curiosity does give spice to our lives.
    I am just finishing a mindfulness course which has allowed me to look at my life as a celebration. It’s the little things that really count. My daily practise begins when I wake up for 30 minutes and try to fit in a couple short mindful moments during the day. It’s not only grounding but also enhances my well being.
    So my summer so far has been learning not only mindfulness but having some ups and downs with my partner presents changes needed in our relationship. Do I move and be on my own or stay and work things out. For the first time I did not take flight which is growth. It feels right and I am grateful to have stretched myself to a place that allows a honest loving relationship with my partner. So ya that’s where I am now.

  • Vanessa Kenny

    A timely post for me Colette; after a meeting with a biz adviser yesterday …he used the analogy of business and a maze (in terms of growing and the unknown …and talked of opening the door into a maze and finding my way, through the twists and turns (with his help) to a bigger more expansive biz and myself. I loved his analogy, it excited me but it also scared me as my mind tried to figure out the steps I might take… before I even opened that door ahhhhhh!. Now after reading your post I shall and can open the door with ‘open curiosity’ and take things as they arise, somehow seems way easier and less frightening. 🙂 Thank you.

  • liz

    Hi Colette

    What a fab read, it takes a while to adapt and it’s interesting how we react.
    I have just re-located back to my home country after 9 years abroad, mine was like a reverse of yours, we moved out into the sticks in a very backward area (which was wonderful!), but because of their poor economy, 9 years later we’re back, in a nicer area, where we started. It has been a year now and taken some adjustment, I had no job and then developed a frozen shoulder (stuck) which stripped me of the work that i did (therapies), I know this has been Spirit’s plan all along but boy it does get tricky doesn’t it?!!! I read your book ‘Rediscovering the future’ and I’m slowly but surely getting there, i have a temporary part-time job which i’m enjoying while it lasts (maternity cover so no full time scale just yet) and I have to “let go and let god” as they say!
    Thanks for sharing your emails, they are always thought provoking and have you unique sense of fun in them!
    Much love
    Liz xxx

  • Renee' E

    Good Morning Colette…

    Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us…your “Tribe” as you have. We (my husband & I) have just in the past few weeks made a change ourselves to purchase a property in a very, very rural place…something that we have been looking to do for the past several years but just couldn’t seem to find the “place”. I believe we have. Just as you have described in your blog this week…we have found our weekend place to be. I have never seen my husband more content & peaceful…it makes my heart so happy. Thank you as always for sharing…

    Many more new discoveries to you & yours…

    Much love…

    Renee’ XOXO

  • Diana Biles

    Here we are—-my 6th attempt to sit still and join in the tribal dancing.

    So I began to wonder, certainly out of curiosity, why has it taken me 6 tries to do this??? BECAUSE ITS AUGUST — and it is stiefellingly HOT AND MUGGY! So what! I live in Virginia and 6 months out of the year are like this. I didn’t seem to notice it in May and June and July so why now ?? I can’t handle the air outside after 11:00 a.m. And I can’t stand to be in the house with it all shut up and no sound of nature. I can’t concentrate long enough to read a paragraph let alone sit still to knit one row on the sweater I’ve been working on all summer. WHY WHY WHY—because it’s AUGUST IS WHY!!!!
    So I laid in shivasana today and a brilliant answer stumbled into my pea brain. (The heat has made even this organ whither away). It glowed like the blinding sun. Have you ever noticed the position of the sun in August? Even the noon sun is not directly over head. My shadow looks 5:00 long all day! Ah ha! That’s it! The sun is always pointing directly at our hearts. Skimming across the earths surface and bouncing on us like a chicken in a rotisserie! No wonder I don’t know where to lay my egg! I’m getting cooked. Maybe, if I close out all the daylight I can trick myself into thinking I have to stay indoors cuz it’s raining! I do love grey days. I get quite a bit of house work done. But, I’d have to go shopping to by window treatments for a dozen bare windows. Nah! Not gonna happen. Allow me another iced coffee or tea to ponder some more. After all, August itself isn’t the only reason to be unsettled. We are in Leo with a new moon in Leo and the Leonids pummeling us with debris and then there is Venus in retrograde and ——- ohhhhhhhh I give up. I’m gonna take a nap on a floaty in the pool. The sun will set and I will come to life and probably be up all night.


  • Diana Boles

    Now there ha go! Pea Brain for sure! I couldn’t even spell my name right! Hahahahahahaha

  • Gwen

    Morning ,
    I too have found myself in a wonderful transition while feeling a little out of sorts. I never thought an 8lb puppy would throw me for a loop. I love animals and have lost two of my four loving companions over the last two years and so here we are adding a third to our family. I too have been spending most of my time right by her side making sure she is safe and, too, as I have always loved my hawk that nest nearby, her presence has become a concern rather than a gift of sight. I hear her in the distance and for now hope she stays there until my new baby is bigger. My lesson and test for this time is stay in the moment and try not to wish time away so that I can get to a more comfortable place. As she finds her place in this family and our routines it is a melding of personalities, schedules and learning for us all. For all things challenging are things moving us forward. So settling into a new routine, whether new surrounding or adding something to your schedule, it is all a way of shifting our perspective so we may see new parts of ourselves and discover what is next.

    Blessings to All!

  • Christine

    You are so right about curiosity! I stayed awake at night trying to scheme up ways to pay the real tax and then curiosity took me to a vet site, just plain curiosity, and I found an exemption that applies to me!

    Thanks Colette! It just took a little curiosity and a little effort and now I will sleep at night!

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