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Updated: August 30, 2015

Dearest sparkle being of luminous love!

Yes I’m back to my old self, giving you silly names so I can feel connected to you as you read.

We have such a wonderful tribe here. I love our conversations and so happy more of you are adding your stories to the mix.

It’s what I always dreamed my blog would be. Not so much a forum, but a weekly circle, passing the talking stick so that after I begin with my ideas, you follow with your contribution.

So this week I am celebrating the release of my newest oracle deck with Hay House called Wisdom of the Oracle. It’s my most comprehensive deck thus far and the artwork is breathtaking. (yet again, my awesome artist Jena Dellagrottaglia has brought my vision to life!)

When praying about the subject for this weeks’ conversation I had a strong pull from the spirit of the deck to make use of it on your behalf.

When I create these oracles they come to me like a friendly spirit teacher moving through my psyche, rearranging the furniture. They let me know how they want to be formed and what purpose they are meant to serve. For me each one is like a living spirit that shows me what shape it needs to take, how it’s supposed to look, what kind of wisdom it wants to share etc. I feel like I give birth to them. (I know that sounds so weird but I talk to dead people for a living too, so bite me).

So I closed my eyes while I held the deck and futzed around with the question and finally wrote down on paper: “What do we, the tribe, need to know now for our highest good?” Then I took a deep breath and saw a glimpse of the oracle herself smiling as she does in every card.

I shuffled the deck and chose three cards—
1st. Time to Go
2nd. Building Blocks
3rd. Loyal Heart


So here is the story for this week for us to reflect on :

There is always a time for endings, and whatever they are, and in whatever form, it’s important to allow the endings to be. IN the transition between who we were and who we are becoming there is always a level of uncertainty.

We can’t change other people, or circumstances to fit our journey. Sometimes we have to leave people places and things, expectations, and even beliefs behind in order to grow. Old ideas don’t work in new dimensions of consciousness.

So, our highest good is to bless what or who we leave behind and move forward without attachment to those sticky stories that could keep us hooked to the old way of doing things.

This card invites us to release any unfinished baggage with the past, let go resentments, and trust deeply that what leaves us blesses us. There is no need to make a case for what can gently dissolve in order for something better to evolve.

With Building Blocks -the focus now is to ask if the foundations of our lives are solid? As we lay the groundwork for a new life, calling out a more authentic version of ourselves, can our intentions stand the test of time? Do we know who we are and what we stand for? Who have you become as the result of everything you have built thus far? Who do you need to become to fulfill your destiny?

Right now you’re called to trust Spirit, take action, take time to reflect and trust that your destiny is a remarkable and beautiful design.
This is what’s called for now.

Loyal Heart reminds us that Spirit is loyal to each and every one of us. There will be enough if you first believe it, not wait to see it, look beyond the current conditions and trust and act in faith, and know that you are enough. No matter the outer conditions, you are always divinely protected and divinely directed. Now is the time to trust your co-creative partner. Spirit brings all manner of synchronicities to fulfill your highest good. The timetable for what you need may be different than for what you want. Remain loyal to your dreams but let Spirit deliver them.

Love to hear your thoughts on how this oracle gift applies to you.  Do you see yourself reflected in the message? If so how?

I relate to all of it. I’ve had to let go a lot of my old ways of thinking and expectations especially. There has been so much change, unexpected things too that are decidedly not in alignment with my wants. There’s been a delay on shooting my TV show, a delay on finding a new playmate for Coco.

We’ve had unexpected huge expenses, like replacing our entire water system, building a big fenced in yard with an overhead trellis to protect the little ones from the coyotes that show up in our woods, the hawks, eagles, osprey and the like, and to make things even more interesting- discovering the generator has gone kaput.

After an initial meltdown and a few line dances with my inner Bag Lady and Chicken Little, I settle into the real reality that Spirit is the source of my supply and as long as I can maintain that truth and frequency for longer than the other one, miracles happen like quicksilver.

And amazingly I can relax!

It’s funny about the foundations but so true as I do know the right way to think and act. I know how to clean up the mess my goblins make when they have a party at my expense and I abdicate responsibility to remain conscious.

I know that the award winning butter tarts up the road calling my name can be avoided and it is a lie that my car just found its way up there all by itself.

I also know for me that if I’m loyal to what I know is true- everything will work out and I will show up for whatever life brings me.
But I need to do what I know.
Say good bye to old patterns regardless of outer conditions, check my motives, my level of self honesty, and know that vulnerability comes part and parcel with changes. Check and see if my intentions serve the highest good of all and surrender to divine appropriate timing, and let go the form. That’s the most important part.. stay curious and let go what it all is supposed to look like.

For me I must be loyal to my path, my authentic self- no matter how dusty and messy, rebellious and clumsy she is.

Act as if… and the rest follows like magic. O… and it does.

Ok tag- you’re it! Tell me how the oracle message applies to you!

love colette 200x103



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  • Rebecca

    good morning ?

    beautiful cards!

    yes, time to let go of FEAR — false evidence appearing real! in the 3d world, our fears are all the same: is there going to be enough money? will my kids be okay? will i be safe and known in an intimate relationship? i almost posted last week, as my story is much like your parents’ with great material loss and personal suffering. i am so glad i chose not to “dip into” that and waited instead for this opportunity to reaffirm for myself and all those i love that spirit is sending me only Angels and i surrender this entire situation to spirit, relax and accept what is.

    thank you, as always, colette.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      you are welcome !

      • Jamie

        Unexpected source of abundance – since you said you were praying for some and mentioned the word silver, I thought I would add to watch silver/gold in upcoming months. Best to you!

      • Shelly

        Thank you Collette ! This reading was just what I needed as I am returning to school tomorrow at the age of 53 and feeling vulnerable and needing to draw on inner strength right now. Have a great day ?.

    • Jaime

      Awesome, awesome, awesome! This all applies to me so much! I had something very unexpected yesterday and it is an ending. It felt like the rug was pulled out from under me, but an hour after it happened, I received so many signs that this was in my Highest Good and that angels were with me. Seriously, I was about to break into tears, and got into my car and saw the mileage at 4445! Then, I went to the coffee shop I go to every day, and the table that opened up had pennies and dimes all over it and under it! It was incredible 🙂 I know I need to trust Spirit more. Part of what I need to let go of is trusting others explicitly instead of trusting myself and Spirit explicitly. I need to heed the red flags. I also need to let go of what I no longer need, which are a number of relationships. It feels scary but I woke up to two readings that were “randomly” about letting go and now this reading, Colette, and it is clear what Spirit is saying to me. Thank you so much for this Colette! Keep up the awesome work! I can’t wait to get your new deck!

    • Fran

      Thank you for this reading..I am taking my son for his driving test for the second time this morning. I definitely need to remember to breathe and let go.
      I am trusting my instinct to let my son finish high school in the non traditional way and I am praying that I will be divinely guided to help him reach his goals. I am also letting go of my fears and going for any opportunity that jumps at me.
      Love and light to you ,Colette.

    • Elizabeth

      “Time to go” also resonates as I just learned of Wayne Dyer’s passing on Saturday… What light he brought to all of us. Blessed BE!

    • Reba

      Thank you for these new cards. I love them. All of them really hit home for me. I am trying to let go of a relationship that I thought was the love of my life. I prayed and waited 12 years for him but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    • Cheryl W

      OMG! These cards bring me to tears! Last September my husband and my husband and myself moved to the most beautiful house we could ever imagine owning. My terminally ill mother has moved with us so that I can keep a good eye on her during her last steps of her journey. Due to the recent oil crash in Alberta we have become unemployed. Now after hot summer of seeking out work and trying to hang on, just this last Friday we had decided to relocate and phoned for our realtor to come in today (Monday). After all weekend of what to do? How to do? Where to go? Is this the right thing? Do we hang in there? What about mom etc…? I open up my mail and here you are my beautiful lady, again you balanced me and grounded me and now I will carry on with courage and know that it will work out and once again I am ready to let the “magic” begin!! Thank you so much Colette you have been there for me for a long, long time and have always kept me focused to do the right thing. I love you very much and am so internally grateful for having ever found you!

    • Adele

      Thank you for the message.
      I struggle with how much effort to exert in the new steps of life vs letting things happen.
      This whole finding a new “career” is somewhat exhausting.

    • Kathleen

      What a lovely lady you are. Your cards are wonderful and your television show is amazing. I watch if faithfully. It is so uplifting.

      I also am at a place where it is time to let go of past resentment and move toward a bright happy future. There is so much that has happened but I am learning to let go. That said, it is sometimes easier said than done but have trust in the Spirit to help. I am going for a job interview on Wednesday and have left the outcome out to the Spirit. Take care. Thankyou for you cards and your wonderful wisdom.

    • Rayne

      Wow talk about manifesting the future. Tomorrow afternoon I’m taking a plane to Canada to meet the love of my life and his family for the first time. If all goes as planned in a few years I’ll end up moving there. We’re older and have known one another for 9 years. Anyway, thank you for passing on this incredible gift from the universe, what an amazing and timely message.

    • Cheryl

      Okay, I am going to be brutally honest……this card reading tells me it is time to let go of my relationship. We are more like friends than lovers and have been like this for a long while, however, we love each other but deep down I know he is not for my highest good as a partner. I have recently discovered my neighbor and I have a spark and I have been asking for signs to pursue this direction but either I have not been very observant or they have not come to me but I have not noticed a thing so I am thinking the building blocks are telling to this is a good direction to go. Loyal Heart could mean two things, (1) I am so loyal to my partner that I can’t even fathom the idea of moving on or (2) that I am wondering how loyal this path could be since he has already told me he has cheated on everyone he has ever been with and I am having problems getting past this. Am I next? If that is the case I might as well stay right where I am at. or maybe a third possibility, I can stop worrying about his loyalty because he has grown?? Ha ha, I think this has raised more questions than it answered. Anyway, I really like this guy just not sure what to do about it and this card reading is trying to tell me something.

    • Donna

      These are so soft and beautiful gentle I love them . The cards resonate with me and the direction I am going thank for bringing me bits of clarity …xxxxx

    • Tonia

      Thank You! The cards are beautiful. The message is clear! It is time for me to let go of all fears, doubt and worries. The time is now ! It is the message I keep bumping into.

      Thank you for allowing me to receive this positive message.

    • kathleen

      I have never participated in comments on line….but I have a positive reaction to this message and have been wondering how I can be more me in a society that does not hold sacred what is around us every day? I sit and look, really look and revel in the joy of seeing ants taking the dead flies off for storage in the old lilac branches, or the blue jay coming back to my beautiful pine tree. I have always been considered prickly and different, but I have never been bullied, more so I tell those who are ignorant in no uncertain terms that I pity their unexciting, close-minded attitude and unenlightened perspective of the glorious world that we live in. but….I must work with them and find myself pretending to accommodate their outlook so that I can continue to make money to live. is there a way to be in the presence of non believers and still maintain my joy?

      • Jerry

        Hey, Kathleen! I think that a great many of us who would be drawn to Collette and others of like mind have the same challenge in our lives. I have always been “weird” to some or “out there” and I used to be bothered by it and embarrassed or angry, but over time and thru my own journey I have learned to live more gracefully (not sure the word to use) I am where I am, but have not always been here….I lived a joyless, cramped, limited live and then one little ray, then another, then another shone into my darkness. So, I try to look at others as searching in the dark as I was and I am possibly that ray of light……..and maybe not! I can only sigh and hope for them for only by the grace of people like Collette, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther Hicks and other people along my life’s path would I ever have come to this extraordinary life I live. I still move through some of those “dark moist places”, as the Jungians call them, but they are my stepping stones to enlightenment and a part of me. So, I guess I am saying that I know that I am not where some great enlighten person may be and may they look at me with love and understanding….and show me another ray of light to follow. Blessings, Jerry

    • Cory

      I LOVE your decks! This three card draw could not be truer for me now. I am right there… having to trust the truth of my inner being and know in spite of appearances my Highest Good is unfolding.
      No matter what I trusts that God is my Source and Supply and that there is always a Divine Surplus for me. I let go of what I think it should look like. And I choose Joy and Gratitude as my companions. I’ll take along Forgiveness when I fall short and Love leads the way!
      Love you Dearly Collette ???

    • Matt

      Colette, this newsletter really made me laugh!!! I can totally relate to “the award-winning butter tarts up the road calling my name.” And my car has definitely found its way to the cake balls at a Whole Foods many miles away all by itself more than once. “Hi, my name is Matt, and I’m…..a baked goods connoisseur?” You get the idea 🙂

      The card that really spoke to me in the reading was “Time to Go,” as I’m planning a big cross-country move in the near future. I also like that the “Building Blocks” card followed it. I think together they mean that we have to leave the old structures from our past behind to create a truly solid foundation for the future. It’s telling us, perhaps, that we have to pack lightly for our journey into these new days. And “Loyal Heart,” as you say, has to do with faith. I know that for me it’s taking all the faith I have (and some I didn’t think I had!) to let go of control (ego) and move to a new city, trusting that I am being Divinely led. Prayers to you and all of “the tribe” as we go through these dramatic, but purposeful and exciting, changes.

      P.S., I just ordered your new deck and can’t wait to break them in!

    • Becca

      Hi Colette!
      Your new cards are beautiful! Congratulations. I’m intrigued by how they come to you. Is each deck a different individual oracle or spirit or does each deck come to you as universal? Within each deck are there different oracles or spirits that inspire the individual cards. Each deck as such a unique personality. As you evolve, do new oracles or spirits come to you with new inspiration or is it the same force? I’m always taken by their wisdom and precision!
      Yesterday I pulled a card before going to my monthly ladies group. We discuss a new topic every month and it was my turn to lead the discussion on ‘compromise’. From the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, I pulled The Wise Woman of Wonderland ~ integrity, compromise. Out of the three decks I have, of all the cards, compromise appeared… So neat!
      The cards you picked for the tribe hit home and helped! This year has brought a lot of transitions and endings. My mother’s short-term memory is failing and my father passed away in March. It was easier to let go of my dad to spirit, feeling peace, than it is to lose the mother I knew right before my eyes. I’ve had to transition into acceptance of how she is on a given day and let go of who she was. I’m getting there and the supportive, insightful words from the ‘Time To Let Go’ card comforts me…. Letting go of the past, even just a moment ago (especially when she is telling me the same thing she told me five times already) and trusting we are blessed by what has left.
      ‘Building Blocks’ caused me to reflect on who I have become and who am I becoming. It reminded me that I have come a long way, but at the same time, it’s okay that I’m not there yet. I just need to be clear on my intention and trust spirit. Which leads to ‘Loyal Heart’. That card enforced the notion that spirit has a time table that I can’t control. My tendency has been to want to control this situation with my mom. Obviously, it’s mostly out of my control. I’m doing what I can to help her. I’m protected and directed and there is enough. Just because I’ve been thrown a curve ball does not mean I have to let go of certain dreams. It’s okay to dream and when the time is right, take action with a leap of faith that spirit is loyal.
      So, thank you for this. I love the affirmations and insights.

    • Katie

      Hi Colette…I Love the Wisdom of Oracle cards! The artwork is fantastic! It reminds me of the old fairy tale books … artist did an amazing job!
      I have your other cards however this is now my new favorite! Thank you! Katie C.

  • Barbara

    Wow. Love the art work on the cards and the messages are short and simple. Can’t wait for them to come out. Life would be perfect if at some point in time you were able to come to the Colorado area for one of you Messages from Spirit programs – or any other program.

    The 31st of August is a big transition point in my life as my husband of 37 years crossed over two years ago on that day. Numerous readings I have done for myself or had done for me by others keep showing a major shift in my life coming up between the first part of September and the end of October. And there in your cards was “Time to go”. Now my little control freak gremlin, that resides deep within me, starts shouting “what, when, where – I want to know NOW!” Every time I do a reading I get the message to tell that gremlin to chill and wait for Spirit to allow things to unfold. But I think I am going to need a roll of duct tape to make that work.

    And as to the generator – better to find out now then when it is 30 below zero, power lines are down and it won’t start. Summer is the time to check all things that can get cranky to make sure they are in top working order before winter hits. Found out that the reason my electric bill had sky rocketed this year was my well pump was running almost continuously due to a lack of check valve and a split pipe down in the well. Added the check valve and solved the problem. Left the split since it will allow the water to drain back in the area of the pipe that can’t be heat taped. Now to make sure all the heat tape is working. So since you are re-doing your water system that is something to check. Just to be safe.

  • Jackie

    Thank you for sharing your gift. Most of the time I do not read many blog posts but sometimes there are those that catch my attention. Yours, today, was one of those that I knew I had to read. I have not been the best listener to spirit ever and certainly not recently. I am finishing up a divorce on a marriage that I believe only happened because two wonderful souls needed to come back to earth, I have had a recent and blossoming relationship end without much indication as to why, and I and feeling stuck in many other and specs of my life. I have taken the role of a scared child who is peeking out from under the covers at the monster in the corner. In my case the minster is life and I have been letting it pull me along without actively participating. I truly need to let go of the past. It is time for me to discover who I really am and love myself unconditionally. It is far easier to crawl back under the metaphorical covers and hide away from life. I have a feeling spirit will not let me do that any longer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reminder that I have to be who I was meant to be. Love and light to all.

  • Diana Boles

    I am still circling in this pattern of “where to lay my egg”. I seem so unfocused. Soon school will start and I am settled there, but it’s my personal sprit connections that seem to be eluding me. Where is my inner voice? Why is this gnawing fear of aging creeping in? Of not being prepared for that moment when I am forced to, not just switch gears, but switch vehicles. Maybe it’s the Virgo Sun – Full Moon doing it. I need a few grey and rainy days to cleanse my soul – to calm the “every spirit” talking at once in my witness ear. You know, I think I’m forgetting to “act as if”……
    P.S. Love the new cards. I am sure they will find their way into my library.

  • Troy

    I absolutely love these cards! Every deck you bring out seems to help people go deeper into themselves and I love how well they work separate and together! I love the energy you have put into them it truly shows!
    As far as the reading good it makes so much sense to me. I have been having so many dreams with people from my past having heart to hearts. I know in my heart out souls are working through things together. As most of them have left my life. And I’m perfectly fine with that and cherish each moment we did have together. But it’s also helped me to really go inward to understand myself and what my personal beliefs are and how they are making me who I am. I keep bouncing around like a bouncey house some days. But it’s really helped define the person I want to be and am. I have found through all the heartaches and happiness where my real joy comes from. It comes from co working with spirit. It’s something I’ve always know for sure. But you really don’t grasp it fully until you go through the process. Creating my business has certainly been a birthing process and I’m certainly not done cooking it yet 😉
    Thank you and blessings my dear friend for this amazing deck and reading 🙂

  • Alannah

    Hello wonderful sparkly Colette, I love the message and the new cards. On Friday, my youngest cat died suddenly, Sofia was only five, had shown no symptoms until three days prior, but had an aggressive tumour and could not be saved. My ‘furmily’ my other two cats and Zoe my 11 month old puppy are all lost without her. Ours is a home filled with love and chaotic co existence. So, I’d lost my baby, am facing a huge vet bill on disability, then yesterday my clothes dryer ( a necessity for me) died of old age. I thought I’d just melt down and collapse in floods of tears and be worried sick, as I had no money for any of these things. Instead I felt Spirit, I feel strong and determined and have that wonderful sense of ‘knowing’ that everything will be alright. The cards? Time to Go, the passing of my little one, and an end to dealing with things in F.E.A.R. , Building Blocks for me is all of my self learning coming together to build another way of being, Loyal Heart, I know that wonderful things will happen, as I’m aligned with Spirit. Thank you and bless you Colette, for being you and these beautiful cards. Love & Light, Alannah from Australia. xxxxx

  • Annette

    Resonate with the cards, feel the old everything- habits, ideas, etc… Are no longer valid. Also received a message today, a license plate on a car (my f8th) my faith- which just brought me to tears because it’s all up to me. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement, hugs.

  • Irene

    Love the new deck! I pre-ordered a few weeks ago! Congratulations! I am exactly where you describe and your guidance helps me, lifts me up and helps keep on moving forward –you are awesome (been loving your hair lately , looks so good on you!) You have the sweetest smile!

  • Karen

    Love Love the new cards…so beautiful! And I noticed the abundance of 3’s in the cards you had including the last one which added to 3. 3 is one of my special numbers ….born on the 12, my birth year (1956) adds to 3 as well. I’m a little tired from a busy work week and weekend and much more to come this week. About to head to bed shortly but discovered on FB that Wayne Dyer had passed last night. I have a feeling he will transition quickly and continue working from above to guide souls here. Good Night

  • Rachel Medhurst

    This reading is so apt for me. I love your new cards, so pretty!

    The Time to go card is all about releasing my patterns, my doubts and my fears. 2015 has been a year of great change, yet my mind tries to persuade me it’s not happening as quick as it would like. I need to let go of those fears and old patterns. This applies to love and my writing (which is now my job).

    Building blocks is a clear sign that the books I’m releasing are the foundation of my life work. Also, that the surrender I’m feeling for relationships is the right way to build love for myself.

    Loyal heart is a sign for me to trust and have faith. My mind has always ruled my heart because I’m so sensitive but now, I choose to allow my heart and higher self to take the lead. Surrendering and allowing has been my biggest lesson.

    Thank you for this, it was very timely! 🙂

  • Nancy

    Hi Colette, I have three decks of your cards and just love them, so am looking forward to adding this new deck to my collection. I love reading the cards as they give me such inspiration and insightful answers to the problems or questions I am dealing with when I ask for their advice. You and I had a phone conversation in 2012 and I was hoping to meet you in person when you are in Phoenix the first weekend in November. However, I have to be in Tucson on one of those days and the conference manager said that they do not have a way to but a ticket for just one day. I am disappointed, but am sure there will be another opportunity down the road to see you in person and attend one of your workshops. Thank you for sharing your wonderful energy and the messages given to you for your beautiful decks of cards. They have helped me a lot these past four years.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hmmmm- I will look into that. If you came Sunday I am doing a class on oracle cards. I will ask Liz.

  • Vikki

    Good Morning Beautiful Colette! Love the new cards and it was just what I needed. Our Son moved into university residence yesterday and I am having a little hard time with it. He is not a big communicated and I feel like I don’t know what is going on when I am used to doing everything for him. Our 15 yr old Daughter has had major unresolved food allergies and issues for almost a year and we feel helpless sometimes because we can’t seem to figure out what she can or cannot eat without feeling ill. I have a wonderful Husband and he keeps me grounded in my life. I am trying not to stress and take one day at a time. Thanks for your amazing messages! God Bless!! Xo

  • Gemma

    That you so much for these beautiful cards.

    For me the cards mean:

    Time to go: it’s time to find my tribe and stop trying to make people like me who are not necessarily serving my highest good . But also seeing that this is a good thing and that I have put myself in this situation. I have to attract people to my life that can help me grow and support me. Also I need to be able to support them too. I feel that this also relates to my work life amd fear holding me back from who I can be.

    Building blocks; if I want something to work I have to put the work in. I need to step into the teacher and leader I can be without standing behind my fear. Daily meditation is a must and trust. I don’t need to do lots of card readings to confuse me even more. I need to listen more than speak, as when I do not think first my ego speaks through me and I say things that aren’t aligned with who I am.

    Loyal heart:
    This is telling me to be true to me. Show people that I can be vulnerable and strong at the same time and truly love me. Keep my family close and I shall feel fully supported. Value those clients who come back again and again.

  • Jocelyne

    Wow Colette, my heart skipped a beat when I saw those cards.
    How beautiful!
    I think they will be my favorite. They seem to be made of energy 🙂 or at least how I think energy is.
    I can’t wait to get them in my hands.
    The reading was spot on for me – I am planning to leave a part time job in October and have to tell my boss very soon. It has been a great supportive part time income to bolster my own Women’s wellness coaching and yoga business and it’s not as if I hate it, I don’t, but it feels like I am pulled in too many directions and it’s a distraction for my energies. So It has to go and it will be a significant loss to my income, so a little bit of anxiety there.
    I can feel your bag lady and chicken little! Money fear is a goblin to tame for me – especially since we went through bankruptcy 5 years ago.
    So building a firm foundation for my unruly thoughts is non negotiable and trusting spirit is the work in hand, as always!

    I agree with Barbara, better for your generator to go now before a Canadian winter, in fact all those things would be worse then, but the rational judgement doesn’t pay the bills. However, every thing is possible, especially if it happens bit by bit. And, as you are so talented, all will be well 😀

    Can I be so bold to say, your hair is looking a lovely as it grows 🙂 – the job I am leaving is as a hair stylist. xx

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thanx! and love that these cards resonated with you. They are special for sure.

  • Derick Burke

    Hi Collette,
    In my case I am being held in my own leap of faith, after leaving the job that I was doing for the past 21 years and following my dream as a full time artist.
    No matter the awareness of who one is and what they do and the differentiation between knowing that one is more than the work that they do…..it is extremely difficult to let go of that second skin barnacle crust which has developed.
    The synchronicities have started awhile back and your oracle reading resonated strongly.
    Thank you

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that ” barnacle” crust. I so relate too. Congratulations.. be good to yourself in this time of transition and believe…;)

  • Chandra Riley

    Yes, I am starting a new job, have to move into a new place. I have had ups and downs these last few weeks. But I hold my head up, and keep my faith. I understand now, why we have to release in order to receive. I can accept it, and trust that all things are working for my highest good. I am beginning to love trusting the mystery of God, and why things happen in divine timing.

  • brenda

    I so always enjoy your cards and insight into how they play a part in every aspect of our lives. Weaving through our every day mundane actions, and even those that leave us wondering where did that come from moments, gives us much food for thought! Sorting out and acting on the more important decisions or divine intervention-as I like to think of it-sometimes leaves me wondering where did that come from??? Guidance from the cards and spirit gives validation of the occurrences that we are being led down the right path, if we choose to listen. I too, have been experiencing sometimes muddled thoughts and not really knowing which way to turn-perhaps the effects of the full moon and the planets which seem to play a big part in the energies that are surrounding us. I find comfort in the gentle guidance of the cards and maybe just a little of the “knowing” that I might be on the right track. Thanks, Colette and please don’t stop these wonderful weekly readings-I am sure we all truly appreciate them. I know I do!!!! Love and Light-Brenda

  • Dagmar de Meza-Martens

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you. I’ve just read your reading and I love how it always seems to fit into my world. I’ve had a panic attack this weekend and found out that it was caused by me ignoring my Inner-self. Guess she had enough of my ego 😉 I said a lot of stuff I was feeling on the inside outloud to my dearest friends and my husband. Now my Inner-self is at ease again because I’m connecting again. I love the way you call you Inner-self ” dusty and messy, rebellious and clumsy “!!!!
    I sometimes feel exactly the same about my Inner-self. Ego can´t stand that…. and I absolutly LOVE AND ADORE her -myself because of it. My feelings of graditude and love and light are back. Thank you! Dagmar from the Netherlands

  • Tina Thiry

    Thank you for your message, it helps. I have been struggling with major trust issues mostly related to my husband. It has taken its toll and I need to move through my doubts. I just cannot believe that things are ok. Losing myself in this mess, but trying hard to move past it. Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated. I Love your work!!! Thank you so much for your enlightenment!!! 🙂

  • Lisa Lizard

    OH Colette! BEAUTIFUL CARDS: How they look–can’t wait to get my hands (or fingertips…online?) on some! and How the messages are!
    It’s amazing how they have a different ground-vibration than your other decks. These are truly wonderful!
    YES, I can totally relate to both readings!!
    To your first reading with 3 cards:
    TIME TO GO: I was even just cleaning out my clothes closets, cleaning up some problems (unfinished business) with neighbors, and talking with a US Tax man so he can clean that up for me here in Europe–well I guess you can sing a song or two about that….ladeedadeeda…sounds like it’ll be costly but I’m ready to let go of being afraid and just get over it. And if it gets too expensive as the years progress…just might have to give up that piece of paper that says US on it. Not afraid of that anymore, either. So BUILDING BLOCKS that’s helping me make a better foundation for my future…no skeletons or excess baggage anywhere! LOYAL HEART: the experiences of the past year, which have been reinforced in August have made it clear to me where my heart is anchored here on the earthly plane and also on the spiritual plane.
    The Universal Energies cards are not far removed–in my eyes–from the TRIBE cards. NEW LIFE finally has room to grow after cleaning my various closets…CHAOS AND CONFLICT: What’s new? It’s been like that for awhile, hasn’t it. Just trying to relax and follow my heart and not overhear the shouts of my “You-aren’t-good-enough-nobody-loves-you-who-do-you-think-you-are?” Goblin. Looking around the room, getting out of my head: I am always safe. I am always loved. I am right where I should be right now. . . and that is connected to WHY?: I really am more and more able to think before I stick my foot in my mouth or react in some negative/old-pattern way and I will keep moving in that direction even when I fall of the bandwagon! ….and that connects to BREATHE . . . just relax and chill out.
    So beautiful! Thanks so much for these wonderful cards and also for calling us the silly names: it warms my heart and certainly many others out there.
    Can I say “Namaste” and not sound too corny? Thanks for having the courage to share all of your beauty and “angst” with us, Colette.
    You heal many everyday, I am sure.
    Lisa Lizard

  • Tina

    I am sorry to have bothered you with this! I am fine! Thank uou again for everything you do!!! Much Love and Light to you!!!

  • AJ

    Are you sure you didn’t pull these just for me? Presently, I’m working on letting go of a strong connection to a fella that just wasn’t going to be anything special. I’m saving money for a home and accumulating household goods at the moment – all so I can move to the west coast where I’m feeling a call to go. Like I woke up one day and just knew I needed to move!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  • Jennifer

    “line dances with my inner bag lady & chicken little”…made me laugh! Probably because I relate to it so well.
    Lately I have been getting some form of message to let go, loss, detachment from your oracle cards & an astrology chart. There are so many things that this can relate to that I’m not sure what or which one I’m grasping that I need to let go?

  • Angie

    Dear Colette and Tribe,

    The new cards are absolutely beautiful! I always love getting lost in those images on each one. 🙂

    I’ve definitely had to let go of a lot of things, mostly old thinking (and do-ing) patterns, lately. And I am so grateful for the progress that I’ve made and frankly proud of myself. (And as I type this a little spider has just descended onto my desk, which I take as a good sign. 🙂 ) I have been trying to switch careers and didn’t want to be in my current position when the new semester started. So, when it was obvious that I was still going to be here, I had a little freak out a couple weeks ago, asking the universe why all of my friends seem to be moving forward with their new lives and I was not. What was I doing wrong? (Impatience, thy name is “Angie.”)

    I did some meditative work and discovered that I am still in this job for a reason, but that change will come for the better and it will come quickly. So, I finally had to let go of my fear and be at peace where I am at the moment and be grateful for the things I do have, not upset and frustrated at the things I don’t. (Man plans, God laughs, right?)

    The Building Blocks card helps to make sense out of this whole situation for me; I need to make sure that my foundation is strong and secure as I move forward. Funnily enough (or not as I don’t believe in coincidences), I heard one of my favorite U2 songs this morning called “40”, which I haven’t heard in a very long time. The line “I set my feet upon the rock and make my footsteps firm, I will sing, sing a new song…” seemed to resonate with me particularly.

    And lastly, but not least, the Loyal Heart card is exactly as you said above, have trust and faith that Fred and the Universe has my back. This has been a great confirmation to me that I’m on the right track. So I thank you for pulling the cards for us. 🙂

    Best of luck in the new digs!
    Much Love,

    • Sharon

      Angie – you and I are on the same path. Thank you for describing so elegantly what has been happening to me as well. As for patience, that is a virtue I do not possess. Sending hugs your way.

  • Janet

    I recently read something that awoke something deep down inside…I will share this with you.
    If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice…if you squeeze an apple, you’ll get apple juice…
    What happens when someone squeezes YOU? Are you full of anger? Are you full of joy? What comes out of you when you are squeezed too tight? Something to think about when old patterns aren’t working for us anymore…
    Love your posts, blogs, insights, and everything in between…YOU make such a difference Colette…
    Thank you ❤️

  • Melanie C.

    Good morning Colette !!
    Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to your posts on Facebook also and I feel a strong connection to the words you use …. You speak my language ☺️
    For me the Time to Go card means to stop tryin to run the show. I’ve been trying to “force” a geographic move and have been hitting roadblocks for weeks. Just recently, I’ve “come to” the conclusion that it may not be for my highest good right now to move.
    The Building Blocks card reminds me to go “back to basics”. I have been complacent about taking the actions I took in the beginning of my journey a few years ago …. And I wonder why I feel disconnected LOL ! Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly duh.
    The Loyal Heart card is another reminder that my HP has my back. What is meant for me will never miss me but there are certain steps and actions I must take on my part. Surrender, trust, faith … All is well ☺️
    Thank you for all that you do !! It means so much to me. Have a wonderful day !!
    ? Melanie

  • Sue

    Thanks Colett.
    Love the new deck!!! I have always tried to be in control of family matters . Solving conflict between our grown-up children, smoothing things out.
    Thanks to the oracle readings and you I realize I do not always have to take care of things.
    Letting go is not easy, but baby steps are being taken. I have come along way since I met you in June in London Ont. I can’t thank you enough for helping me discover myself again, minus some of the guilt.

  • susan t

    Colette – Wow , love the new cards! They are gorgeous. Can’t wait to order them. Oh how true is this post. Having purchased an old home (over 80 years old) in the city knowing that all the mechanicals were over 20 years old and would need to be replaced, I’d hoped to be able to get through a year, save the money for the expense. Of course, the air conditioner broke down last weekend when I had out-of-town company. Then after the heating/air conditioning guy came to give me the whopping estimate, he also mentioned that I needed to get the chimney checked. Of course, the chimney now needs a new liner and new vent as the current clay stack is now illegal. Yup, like you major expense. It’s so perfect though. Getting all the foundational components working well and updated in my house is such a metaphor for getting my own financials and life re-balanced and updated. Letting go of some old, very deep seeded beliefs around money and my value is my big message. Re-building my infrastructure from so many angles, physically, emotionally, financially. Balancing my work/life to be congruent with my deep soul values. All huge. And I also know going into my next birth year (September 20) with Jupiter in my 8th house where I also have a ton of planets whose energies are kicking in already (Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mercury). It’s time!!! Thank you for your commitment to this tribe and for leading the way so eloquently, compassionately and with such honesty. xo

  • Michele

    Colette! Those cards are breath taking! I totally related to the reading. I am very much needing to let go and have faith right now. So many things in my life are dying and I need to trust Spirit through it all. I need to be more loyal to myself. I have not been my best friend. I have started doing card readings through your lessons and have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to the growth, insight and wisdom I will gain from them. You are right too about readings needing to perculate…one I did last week is manifesting now! Amazing : )
    Sorry to hear all the inconveniences with your new home (and such expensive ones!). Thank goodness we all have this place to come and share what is going on. Bless you Colette.

  • helen

    oh Colette what beautiful cards, can’t wait to get them
    oh what a beautiful paragraph you wrote -about line dancing with your inner bag lady and chicken little and miracles happening like quicksilver – totally effing brilliant… just like your saying – life is not meant to be suction cupped to your face (that line has got me through a lot!!!)…. and this last one totally describes my last lunar month…. ha.. as she breathes a big sigh of relief…. yes totally going straight into a new life.. feel like i am walking through a portal – literally new everything – without knowing any details… is this how Alice in Wonderland felt? So cheery i am not alone in this.. thank you bless you and your whole family there.. lots of love xoxo 🙂 h

  • Deborah

    Today is my birthday!
    I admit, that although I always read the blogs, I usually keep my reactions, realizations, and discoveries to myself to further ponder what it really meant for me, etc. Hoarding the visions like a child with candy, not wanting to share. Enjoying the secret pleasure of each new discovery of parts of me, and seeing things around me in a new light.
    That being said, today I celebrate and, “Let Go”! I take a deep cleansing breathe and release all the doubts, anxiety, and stress, chill out!
    I love building blocks! The possibilities are as endless are our dreams! Now i accept my “Loyal Heart”, as the gift it is, and learn to use it wisely to enrich my soul, and allow spirit to guide me on the path to success.
    I am always searching, asking questions, wanting to know why this happened, should I have done things differently, why are they acting like that?!?!?! Some thing just are. Some things I will get, and others I will let go. Trusting in spirit to tell me what I need to know.
    I send greetings to Colette and Tribe for being with me on this day and send love and light to all

    Be Blessed Big Hug!

  • Sharon

    As always, your blog hit me square in between my eyes! I usually don’t follow astrology, but ever since Venus went retrograde (and me being a Taurus it is my ruling planet), I am being broken open. Uncharted territory. Unsettled. I no longer tolerate what once was. I’m riding on the wings of change – some big, some small. Plans made then being met with rejection. I’ve been seeing the number 53 for the past three weeks, which means the changes underway are being divinely guided. I’m not sure who I will be when all this ends. Hopefully I will like myself a little bit more. Love and hugs to you. P.S. – may Wayne Dyer guide us all from above – RIP.

  • Marilyn

    I am so excited to see the new cards! I have 3 decks and use them all, but I love it that you have put energy into a new deck to help us go even deeper.

    As many others have posted, this felt like it was “for me.” Tomorrow my son leaves for a trip to Africa and Asia – for a year! And although I am very happy for him, there is also my own sense of loss. And I don’t want that to be the focus. I want the focus to be on sending him off with support for the best possible outcome to be the emphasis of the next few days.

    So – Time to Go! It’s time for both of us to start a new adventure. Building Blocks – “”Mother, heal thyself.” I need to focus on my own life and next adventure, from a solid place. And the beautiful Loyal Heart card – neither he nor I are alone. We are each divinely protected and guided. I am grateful he knows that. I am grateful I know that.

    Beautiful! How exciting for all of us – to be moving on.

  • Maddie

    I can so totally relate to these cards! Separated from my husband of 22 years…sole breadwinner to my two pre-teen girls. Lots of fears to release as well as old useless patterns. However I am so grateful that I am now free to be my authentic self, it outweighs the negative (most days at least). 😉

  • Remika

    Thank you Colette,

    This blog post totally applies to me right now. I got word last week that I’m being laid off from my job of 4 years. Even though I’ve been wanting a change in my career, it’s been a completely different ball game to actually have it happen. The uncertainty has been scary to say the least; however, I’m certain that this is for my highest and best good and that God has an even better plan for me. I realized driving on my way home from work last week that all of this is not for nothing. It’s so that I learn to stay present with what is, find peace, and to hone in on my manifestation mojo. I’ve been attaching myself to the form of how it’s suppose to be, and your post just reminded me to let go of that and allow Spirit to take care of that part. All I need to do right now is to continue to affirm to myself – I’m walking through a wide open door to a new chapter filled with happiness, peace, prosperity and abundance. During this past weekend, I made intentions to release fear of the unknown, doubt, lack of trust within myself among other things. It’s an awakening to what doesn’t serve me anymore; I am sure it’s preparing me for what is to come.
    Thank you so much for this reading. It truly applies to me in what I’m going through right now. I just need to keep trusting that all will be well. Love and light to you always Colette.

  • Lauren

    Your new cards look great! I will be buying them as soon as they become available….but thank you for using them in the mean time so that we all can see them. Your Blog and the cards you “pull” seem to work together quite nicely. I have been working on clearing a lot of “old stuff” that is getting in the way of me completely trusting the Divine Plan. Often in the past I was “thrown under the bus” and even though this may have been great in the BIG picture it was very hard on me. Trusting the Divine Plan going forward means that I have to be ok with whatever happens because it serves the highest good for all concerned. Chances are good that I am done with the hard stuff but there is part of me is quite fearful that there is more to come and that it will be too much for me. So, once again the Optimist adult me who can handle everything and the terrified child me are having a wee bit of a struggle….the “child” is just not too keen on trusting our Divine Helpers that threw us under the bus awhile back….but I am working on her

  • Maggie

    What beauty today- your blog, the new cards, the community and comments, the universal energies message – everything! I also felt that these cards were pulled for me. Tomorrow my first book is being published and I see this as the formal date where I let go of my old life and step into my new life. I have to trust, breathe through the chaos, and really step into the power of my new skin! Thank you for helping me have a week full of recognition and intention!
    Wow, you really are experiencing country living! Not much goes as planned. But the amazing surprises are there as well. Like the hawk scree in the middle of the video (which you can enjoy knowing the little ones are safe!)
    Thanks for all you do in the world!

  • Kevin L

    Hello Colette
    The reading was spot on for me. I was just laid-off from a company that is not really going any where. I had a feeling for some time that it was time to go.
    But, just didn’t listen. Time to toss it and anything with it in the trash and more on. Spirit has been trying to tell me that I was not really where I should be.
    But the money was good.
    Time to kick myself in the butt and get moving. Let go of it all.
    Sounds easy, not so much!!

    Have a most excellent day!!

  • Isabel

    I just love the cards and the message is so right on!.. I have been working on self-acceptance that on my own and I though I had it all figure it out until I got to see me again as my old self.. and it has been a ride.. thank you for reminding me to stay loyal to what I know is true for me and keep believing and that it is ok to let go.

  • Ellie

    Hi Colette! The cards are beautiful…visually so different…the colors and pictures have a whole new energy for me. I feel as if I’ve been invited to walk through another door and enter a world of enchantment and wonder but stronger than that…more direction, connection and co-creation! Thank you and to your artist, Jena, as well 🙂

    The cards you drew are poking me quite a bit 😉 I can often be subtly seduced by my gremlins who show up like they are affirming my success, “Bravo” they say, then hand me a martini! My survival mechanisms have brought me thus far BUT are still masked in “less than”, “not enough”, “this could all go away tomorrow”. So that first card, when I read it I HEARD IT! Like someone’s voice whispered it in my ear “Time To Go”. It feels inviting, strong, like I have to drop everything and move along. My body/form that has got me to where I am now is pretty worn and tired (yes, caffeine – alcohol loops, inconsistent exercise) but mainly because I haven’t had the vision of me in a strong, light, healthy body – I always thought I was supposed to be able to “handle” the hard work and lifestyle that went with it. If I’m honest, the bags under my eyes, the weight around my middle, the aches in my joints and the pull of my espresso machine to get my head clear are all telling me something. I admit, I have been a bit judgmental of all the “sugar is evil” and “you should be doing 30min cardio daily”, etc. I’ve been so raised and surrounded by men that I feel I’m weak that I have to change. Like “I can’t handle it”. So funny how one card can reveal so much!

    I love the questions that the next card is asking of us. I do know who I am but I see that I still tend to keep that to myself. I’m not celebrating myself which only exercises mediocrity. And that is crap! To lead a more authentic life, I’ll have to leave the old parameters behind because they limit me. And that’s important for me to see. The habits I’ll let go of are just limiting, that’s all. I don’t have to make such a story of them. I’m going to build a strong foundation by CHOOSING to reside in the thoughts of my power, intention and service, and the goodness and excitement I feel in sharing what I know and can offer. In building a Strong Foundation, it’s important for me to be AWAKE in where my thoughts are residing – in worry and doubt OR Love, Faith and Trust. Ok, here goes!

    And I have Source with me. This is what you have brought to me. A connection with something I knew was there but couldn’t put my finger on. I had the Pollyanna pummeled out of me at an early age. I kept her alive with books, being an Introvert and protecting my “alone time”. Now I want her front and center with the rest of my loving team of angels and fairies. I really do think I’m a Fairy With A Purpose! Lol!!

    Let us know when the new deck is out. Very excited to have a deck of my own 🙂



  • Rachel

    WOW! Pretty sure you pulled these cards just for me. 😉 I’ve been in a relationship for almost a year. In the beginning it was amazing and everything I thought I wanted. But that started falling apart a couple of months ago and while I knew it was time to move on I was having a very difficult time letting it go. But I realized over the past week that the relationship couldn’t be salvaged so TIME TO GO!

    All of that made me realize I have stepped off of my path. I need to be more worried about me and what I need more than the other person. I need to put myself first. I need to reevaluate my foundations/BUILDING BLOCKS and beliefs and get a good solid base going so that when the right person comes along we create a new path together rather than me joining them on theirs and ignoring my own.

    And finally, the one phrase that has popped into my head while I’ve been questioning why all of this is falling apart is “Protected, not rejected.” The relationship isn’t falling apart because I’m not good enough but because I’m too good for it. Spirit has my best interests at his/her LOYAL HEART and this relationship doesn’t support them or me. If I can remember to stay true to myself and to Spirit then everything else will take care of itself.

    Thank you, Colette, for reminding me of all of this and helping to put it in perspective. I was waffling about my decision but after reading this, everything has become much more clear. Thank you for helping me to remember and stay on my path! Hugs and blessings to you and yours. XOXOX

    p.s. the cards are gorgeous! Can’t wait to have the deck in my hands!

  • Martha

    Hi Colette!
    Thanks for the reading–I look at them every week and they all seem to fit for me 🙂 Today I decided to write in. I love the cards–they are so pretty. The time to go could not be more appropriate. As I sit here my son is packing to leave for college. It is very trying to let him go, he is such a grounding force in our family and for me. As you said we cannot control what happens, but it all happens for a reason. I just will miss him so very much
    The building blocks seems to just follow suit with the time to leave card. After years of being a stay at home mom I am starting to re-discover who I am and not only that, who I want to be and not what I have been told to be. I have written several novels and am going to my first writer’s conference next week, trying to re-build who I left behind many years ago. I am also a singer and have been doing rock, but am finding myself drawn back to my classical roots, the music I love to sing, not necessarily what others think is fun 🙂 Also a building time for my son as he goes to college, for my daughter as she learns to live without her brother here and find her important path and not walking in his very large shadow, and for my husband and I as we learn to negotiate what life may look like in a couple years with no kids left at home! The Loyal heart is so good to balance all this and about a month ago I decided that I needed to let myself be grounded by God. I have been following your book Weight Loss for People who feel too much, and have recently added A course in Weight loss. Trying to let a higher power lead me back to the place of balance. Thanks so much!!

  • Theresa

    Oh my gosh! I was just watching your video for this week’s Oracle cards and a plane flew overhead (making it almost impossible to hear you). We live near a regional airport. This happened at the same time you had “plane flying overhead” message on your video! Synchronicity?! I have chills…

    Thank you for your weekly newsletter and readings for us. I always look forward to Monday mornings and the encouragement your messages bring.

    Also, congratulations on creating yet another beautiful Oracle card deck Colette!

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette, I love following you and own one deck of your beautiful cards. I have been letting go, yea. I finally experienced the joy of truly allowing something to be in the hands of my Higher Power and in the willingness to release it, I found a deep personal release. I know first hand now that as I step in anything with grace, integrity, faith and love, all will be well. For the first time in my life, I feel a sense of freedom. I only have to be me which is an angel of love, light and healing. All is well.

  • Tina

    Hi Colette;
    Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful messages and inside inspirations, they are so very appreciated!
    I have to tell you about a wonderful experience I had. I was three days in Lily Dale, New York and had the most uplifting, peaceful and tranquil visit ever. Have you ever been in Lily Dale? I most certainly will go back and capture this inspiring and healing atmosphere again.
    Take care and wish you all the very best!



  • Patti

    Love, love, love the cards!!

    This reading hits smack dab home with me. I’ve focused so much energy on my expectations of what is to come. So much of my life has changed since the accident that took my husband’s life a year and a half ago, but not without a hitch or two…times four some weeks… Like you Colette, so many delays, so many sudden expenses have cropped up and it’s so frustrating. These ‘speed bumps’ in life are holding me here where I need to be for just a little bit longer. Things I want to do now aren’t happening. I’ll take that as more life lessons are on their way for myself and my kids.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Colette,
    I love this new deck! And this message is bang on for me. I’ve just returned from visiting family and could finally see how all the fears and judgments I’d been carrying around since childhood were keeping me separate and in a never-ending feedback loop of low self-esteem to boot. All about stuff no one actually cares about. The timing of this reading is perfect: I am coming to the end of a bankruptcy, the need to find a new job, to get serious about my creative projects and to make some decisions about how I want to be in the world. I needed the reminder to check that all my foundations are solid, and have a little more work to do here. And of course, what feels like chaos and conflict everywhere I look becomes manageable when I remember that it’s just part of change and evolving into a better version of myself. Thank you again for your work and these lovely cards. They are a true gift to all of us!

  • Lauren

    I’m taking your Oracle card course and I love love all of your cards-these new ones are a very exciting addition. Congrats.
    This reading makes so much sense to me and every card I felt has been drawn for me.
    I lost my job in June and I am trying to make a new choice as to where to go (most likely out of the profession of what I’ve done previous) and so time to go resonates. I am fearful of having continual change as the last 8 years have been. My soul wants a solid foundation but I no longer trust myself. However I will have to act soon. So trusting and keeping in mind my highest good even when I’m afraid is a very good message.

    Thanks Colette you are so down to earth and sharing of who you are-it demonstrates your authenticity and love!


  • Karen

    Wonderful! There has been a lot of manifesting and growth in my life lately too. Not necessarily in the way I imagined but with the results I was hoping for. So it’s been a good proof time for me to see that the Universe does take care of things. Gives me the realization that I have the power to make more happen!

  • Hazel

    Oh I totally relate to the cards in all ways (they look beautiful btw). I’m in a time of change right now. I was really petrified of making changes at the beginning but now I’m starting to get used to the idea. Finding out that Wayne Dyer had passed away on the weekend really hit me hard & brought home the fact that I don’t have forever to keep waffling around, procrastinating because I’m afraid. I have to trust that Spirit is there for me & will catch me if I make the leap. So I’m making the leap, starting right now, and while I’m still scared I’m also excited to see what happens next. Btw, Sebastian is absolutely adorable!

  • Kory M Wood

    Dear Colette!

    I love this blog subject. And I preordered your new deck and as fate would have it, the deck just arrived.

    For me, this ensemble that Oracle gave to us for this week’s message is right on. Right now, my family and I are going through a financial disparity of sorts because my job ended a few months back. We had been living off our savings to help supplement for expenses my husband’s income cannot cover, but it’s been gone for at least two months. So, I’ve had to call some creditors to ask them to defer payments on two of our currently financed vehicles as well as significantly reduce or cancel certain services such as satellite TV, phone and cellphone services. My student loans are in forbearance until November and credit card debt is in debt consolidation. It’s been a trying time for us as a 4 member, 9 cats and 3 dog family.

    Anyway, circumstances have placed us in a position where we are at great risk of having our family vehicle, pickup truck, repossessed. If we lose this vehicle, we will still owe the remaining debt after the bank auctions it off along with all auction, attorney, storage, and repossession fees. In the end, we will still owe on a vehicle we no longer have and given that it is fairly new with most of the original note still outstanding, it’ll likely sell for much less, which will leave us owing quite a lot in the end. Not only will we still be paying on a vehicle we no longer have for an undetermined amount of time, but we lose a vehicle we really need as a family to get around as needed.

    So, this situation has been weighing heavily on my heart for a few weeks but more so over the past week and a half. I feel as though this situation is yet another reflection of a distinct pattern of placing my faith where faith does not belong – with ego and this world.

    Back in 2000, we purchased a pickup truck that I drove back and forth to work and we used for family outings. Well, in Canada at that time, interest rates were high and so were new vehicle prices. The monthly payment was over $700. I can’t imagine paying that kind of note each month now! Anyway, I must have been out of work or working at a job making much less than I had at the time when we purchased the truck and we couldn’t make the numbers work in our monthly budget to rationalize keeping the truck, so we sold it privately and was able to sell it for what we owed. However, I resented the whole experience at the time and cried when it came time to hand it over to the new owners. That experience has stuck with me all these years.

    I’m convinced that that old energy is still with me tempting me to fall into the same trap as I was in before by putting my faith where it does not belong. Why I say this is that back then, I was not consciously choosing my higher path. I was vaguely familiar with faith and certainly did not know how to use it. However, life is much different for me now being on my highest path, I’m much more equipped with choosing faith in spirit over anything else.

    Even so, I become attached to my vehicles and we unexpectedly traded in our Pacifica for the pickup last October. I say unexpectedly because I had no intentions to do so. The car was paid off and it had been a great family vehicle to us for 5 years. However, my husband sprung it on me while we were in negotiations with the car lot salesman for the truck. His reasoning to trade the car in for the truck was not unreasonable, so I agreed.

    After that, I began having moments of buyer’s remorse more so because I didn’t have the time to assimilate the decision to trade the car in, which meant I didn’t have time to say goodbye and accept that she would no longer be a part of my everyday life. The Pacifica was a fabulous vehicle and I drove her everyday. She became a part of me. So, ever since that day, I have mourned in some way and I know it’s the attachment to her that has created the situation we face today with losing the pickup.

    But, something is different than the usual way I would handle something like this and it’s called faith. I now choose to let go of old patterns and, instead, place my trust in spirit to find a solution that is the highest good for all. And it is this faith that is my foundation. I have be building it steadily ever since we sold the pickup back in 2000. And I have chosen to include spirit and my loved ones (loyal heart) in on the action before us. We have come together for a higher cause and that is to take necessary steps that reflect our intention to keep the pickup we have now and not look back. We are fully committed together to seeing this situation through because we are clear about the outcome, what we want! And I am clear about what will cause the best outcome, for all! I am loyal to my faith, and my heart’s desire.

    So these cards are perfect for me and the circumstances surrounding our situation and my faith.

    Thank you.
    Kory M Wood

  • Christine

    You know what I think? When you restore an old home you need to break the old patterns of energy in the home. They can be like deep ruts in a road going in the wrong direction. It is hard to do because they have been mindlessly followed for so many years. How about a “green fire” or two for clearing?

    Coco’s new friend will come in time, but truth is Colette, you are her best friend now. She loves you and she wants you to know that.


  • sheryl

    This reading is exactly what I’m going through. I started this journey 1 year ago. I’ve let go of very old beliefs and some people who had such nasty energies that affected me and have for years. I love them, and I blessed them, and I’m moving on to my life purpose and pray they find the courage to do the same. I an not certain of my future but I have learned to trust Spirit and my Angels.

  • Debra

    I smiled as I read your blog this morning. I moved from Yukon last year back to southern BC, after spending 17 years in the North. We purchased 18 acres here, and the house we renovated was full of all sorts of wonderful surprises which tested our mettle and emptied our bank account. We had counted on coming out of the North debt free and having a nest egg. Now we are indebted hugely and no nest egg! This has been a time of transformation for me, having also received a diagnosis of cancer early this year, and having a surgery as well. I’ m opening myself to a new calling, learning to trust that money is simply energy that moves in and out of my life, and that my purpose here will be revealed to me in it’s good time. I just need to be open and trusting that all is well in my world. Blessed Be.

  • Lynette Mouton

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you for the 3 cards you drew. Talk about it being meant for me. Its been an absolute confirmation for me on all levels. Letting go of the baggage, trusting Spirit and that there is a better outcome than what I in my humanness will allow to happen without attachment. Trusting myself is the big one. Knowing that I am enough and must believe in myself and not be influenced by outer circumstances is what I have to keep reminding myself. Thank you.

  • Arjan

    Dear Colette, I wanted to let you know I love your blog.Todays cards were so prefect and I love the art work.
    I don’t care much for typing as it take me too long,never like it in school and still don’t.So I do not responded but my projection is to do more. We have met several times and you have given me wonderful feedback on my “Message from the Infinite” Facebook page.I really
    enjoy your work,love how down to earth and honest your are.I truly experience it when read your blog and watch your videos.Thanks for giving the world this experience as a teacher and for being You!!

  • Lisa_AK

    Hi Sparkly Colette and Tribe!
    I look so forward to your vlog every week! And once again the cards are like they were picked for me! Have been working on myself non-stop since 2007 and have let go of so much ‘stuff’….takes time and work but is so-o-o-o worth it!!! This past weekend had to let go of household plans because I got a nasty head cold so I had to take care of me. Building Blocks remind me also that I need to take care of me…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I need to keep these foundations strong in order to build on them. Seems it’s always been hard for me to stay in a pattern of care for myself, especially the mental/emotional part…cannot seem to get into a good habit of meditation. Have no problem scheduling my pilates sessions, going to the pool and biking for the physical part…pray and send energy/intentions all the time…but have a hard time setting time aside to just be still and quiet to meditate and listen. Sometimes I thing it’s because I’m afraid of what I might hear? But then that seems silly when I know I’ll only hear what I need to know from Spirit. Anyway, still working on this part, just have to make it a part of my total self care.
    And Loyal Heart…always know I can count on Spirit to lead the way, just have to remember to get myself (ego) out the way and allow.
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Tina

    Hi Colette;
    It’s me again. I love your messages of the week “Wisdom of the Oracle” and it is dead on for my daughter of what she is going through right now and what great advise for her coming from you at the right time.
    New Life: just now being suddenly laid off from her job due to reconstruction, so a new life is certainly beginning for her.
    Chaos and Conflict: Before her lay off she decided to sell her house and with it came a lot of chaos. Mainly with the preparations for the sale.
    Why and Motive: For quite a while she wanted to move and now with the lay off all falls into place but not without chaos, conflict and planning a new way of life.
    Breath: That is exactly what she has to learn! To relax and chill out and trusting in the spirit that all will work out wonderfully after the chaos is finally concerted.
    Your message came for her at the right time at the right moment!
    Thank you so much and bless you!

  • Carla

    It’s funny…..your reading seems spot on for me! (and TIMELY) I’ve been struggling with letting go of a long-term friendship that is not serving me well. I was on the brink of getting reeled back into the drama and your reading serves to reinforce what I already “know” I need to do. Thanks, Collette for the timely reinforcement!

    I can’t wait to see the new deck in it’s entirety! My favorite is still (and probably always will be) the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, but they are all beautiful and I look forward to new releases and the unique guidance they provide!!

  • Tina

    Hi Colette;
    I looked at your shop to purchase the “Wisdom of the Oracle” cards but they are not listed. Are you going to sell these cards and give a course of how to read them?
    Best wishes!

  • Irina

    Beautiful, beautiful cards!! Amazing synergy of art and your Spirit, Colette. Congratulations to you and all of us on meeting this deck!❤️

  • Mary

    I Am grateful for all of your messages to your Tribe, especially this one. I Am reminded that God is the source of my supply, not me or my husband, or outward circumstances. And thank you for reminding me – and all of us – to remain loyal to our dreams, but let Spirit deliver them. And to surrender to Divine appropriate timing – and let go of the form.
    I’m going to meditate on these powerful and truthful ideas today.
    Thanks, Colette, for serving the world in the unique and sparkly way that you do!

  • Donna

    I love that I’ve found you! I love your humour. I love the word curiosity. I love the way I read your words and they connect with me on every level. I have found myself at the end of a 26 year romantic relationship with the man who I thought was my best friend and life partner and father of our 3 children. After the revelation of years of lies and betrayal your 3 cards ‘time to go’, ‘building blocks’ and ‘loyal heart’ are exactly my focus as I sit here now giving the authority to my lawyer to move forward on my behalf. The reality of ‘time to go’ has finally sunk in. The ‘building blocks’ of reclaiming my power, my worth and my identity now seem incredibly important in shaping my new life. And the ‘loyal heart’ of guidance and protection is ever present. With so much gratitude from one sparkle being of luminous love to another 🙂

  • Cathy Fuller

    Many times I have had to try to collect my frenzied self and remember what my grandmother used to tell me so often. She would say, “Let go and let God.” I have had to let go of so many people and so many things over the last eleven years that it has felt as if I were a tumbleweed being tossed across what seemed to be an endless desert on my way to nowhere.

    I have had to learn how to do without any friends ( since my best friend and business partner died just before my father), without my father, without my (paid for and recently remodeled) home and land I lost after my third divorce, my eyesight in one of my eyes. Over the next few years, I had all of my personal belongings I had managed to salvage stolen, which included my children’s pictures and my grandmother’s furniture….even my bed! Since the loss of my home, and with no income or the ability to find any sort of work I could do, I have been forced to bounce between family members for a place to live, as long it I could squeeze into one room and live with their schedules and rules and so forth. Even though my daughters did everything to make me comfortable and I did everything I could to pay my way and help them out, I was still without a “home” of my own. I have been without the privacy and peace and quiet to be able to meditate …without my circle outside of which I so made regular use. I have not been able to have the ability to crank up my music that I always used to change my mood or just make me feel happy….do without the wildlife and tranquility of nature when trapped in a city environment and without any vehicle, since mine died in 2005. I have not been able to afford another or have the one I loved so dearly be repaired by the person who volunteered to do the repairs, only to have it completely disassembled and left that way while he worked on everyone else’s. Oh, and I need not forget that the loss of that vehicle led to my being trapped in another state and in an environment that led to me contracting pneumonia two years in a row, while away from all my family and breathing chemicals that helped lead to my lung damage, causing my disability. I lost both of my brothers since 2007, the first one being just three years after my father and the other just 10 months ago, quite unexpectedly and suddenly. Both brothers were younger than me, as well, and had wonderfully happy marriages and jobs and friends and homes. I couldn’t help thinking how wrong it seemed for them to be taken instead of me. To add insult to injury, I had to accept having to become and remaining homeless since 2004, and largely due to betrayal by the same family members as I was attempting to put their good before my own wants and needs. In the midst of all of this, I had to quit working and try to get my disability after it had become increasingly evident that I could no longer breathe well enough to walk across the room and back, much less, to continue working. I had to endure the humiliation of that whole process, and then, continue to go completely without any medical treatment of any kind until I managed to fight my way through to getting the disability and waiting two more years after that for any medical help for which I could afford to pay.

    I tell you of all of this, not for sympathy, but to see how much I have had to accept. It seemed an endless parade of one devastating thing after another, for what has been eleven years, now. For me, even though some of my circumstances have begun to get better, I have had to realize that most of what I had to “let go” of was my anger and resentment and outright hostility toward everyone I felt was responsible for every loss I have had to endure. Those losses still effect me every day of my life….losses I can NOT see my way to recouping or recovering from with what I now have to work with…which is not and can not ever be enough to have my “own home and belongings” again….not on my meager set income, as it is now. I can never replace so many of the parts of my life that were so dear to me. My heart has been broken by people I loved and trusted and gave to and for whom I worked and sacrificed so much.

    To say that I have needed to do everything in my power to release the resentment and anger…to try to see the good in all that has transpired as a result of where I no longer am and where I have come to be would be an understatement, for sure! To say that it has been chaotic would be even more of one. To say that I have needed to be able to stop and just breathe is an absolute, and one thing I have often felt I did not even have the luxury of the time or clarity of mind to do! I have had to learn humility. I have had to learn to have to rely on others when I have always made my own way and paid my own way…had my own income and was always an energetic healthy person able to do whatever I wanted to do. I used to make the rules and now have to submit to those of everyone else. I had built security in house and home and savings and income….all of which are no more.

    I have been reminded how very lucky I truly am to have had family. I could have been totally alone and on the streets. I could have been hungry and cold for longer than I was and without a soul to care about what happened to me or help me. But I was not. I had plenty to be thankful for and needed only to see how my life had changed and is still changing and have the faith that it is and will all be for my own greater good, as well as, hopefully, others along the way. I have always been a hard headed person, or very strong willed, and always thinking that where there was a will there was a way! That way of thinking had been my salvation AND THAT OF OTHERS FOR A VERY LONG TIME….IT WAS WHAT GOT THE JOB DONE. Now, my family has shrunk to my mother and my sisters-in-law, only one of whom I am close to these days and a sister with whom I no longer even speak and doubt I ever will again. But I do have my daughters and all the grandchildren. Sure, life is hectic and annoying and loud and inconvenient at times, but I do have people who care. I may not have a perfect personal relationship with a life partner, and I have no way to consider I could have, under these circumstances. But, perhaps it is not a time in my life I need to be concentrating on such things, however much I miss that and feel I need it. Perhaps, in time, more of what my heart misses and yearns for will come to me….in the right time and place and when it is best for me…if it is to come at all. To say I have released all thoughts of having my own home and that perfect relationship while maintaining the relationships I have with my children would be very untrue. I just try to do the best I can where I am and with what I do have right now. I try to trust that if I just concentrate on the positives while holding that dream in my heart, that it may yet manifest in ways I could never have imagined or consciously constructed with any manner or number of assets at my disposal.

    I used to ask myself how much of all that has transpired was karma? Just how rotten an individual was I, anyway? Had I decided to try to balance out EVERYTHING all at once…in one lifetime? How much was due to my “training” as a child and what I had been taught to do and believe? How much was just my hard headed way and was that really such a bad thing….to hang in and hang on in spite of the odds? Finally, I had to figure that it really didn’t matter….it is what it is and I can’t say I am sorry for any of what I have done, people I have known (even the ones who hurt me the worst) and where I have been, as it is all a part of who I am now. I feel (and look) a lot older and a little wiser, even if a lot more tired and wrinkled and less independent. The winds seem to have shifted and slowed some for this tumbleweed, and I have become accustomed to just trying to enjoy the view and the ride I have had no choice but to endure. One of these days, maybe I will come to rest in the best and most amazing place for which I could never have even imagined or hoped…..my oasis, if you will. And now, I have asked myself so many times…..”Is this just the way I have had to find to stay sane and deal with having lost so much…a resignation and/or self defense of sorts? Or, is it a wisdom I have acquired…this kind of acceptance and way of looking at things and thinking?” Does it really matter why I have been left with what seems to be NO choices at all? I think it does matter. Maybe, if nothing else, it has made me think about such questions in ways I didn’t before. Maybe now, I have cried enough and been angry enough for long enough and lost enough to have calmed down enough to think differently than I used to. In a lot of ways, it has been a grieving process for much more than my friend and family members. It has been a transition and transformation, like a cleansing by fire…a complete and total destruction and devastation before new growth can emerge.

    I feel like my wings are still wet, but hoping to be able to take flight soon. Even though a butterfly’s life is a short one, I suppose, relatively speaking, at 63 and all things considered, it is about time. Anyway…better late than never, huh?

    Thanks for asking, because in answering you, it has made me stop to think again and more about where I AM AND WHY. It has helped to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that had begun to build again in ways that I know have not been a good thing in a lot of ways for myself and everyone around me. Sorry my therapy got so long winded!

    Thank YOU!

    Blessed Be!

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work I go. Yes today I began a new job. Day one. It happened so quickly.
    The door opened, I stepped in, signed a lot of paperwork today, and hung out observing.
    No pre-judgement which applies to myself, my abilities, or the suitability of this door.
    It would not have opened if it weren’t the right one for the time being. SO BE IT.
    If I can be comfortable with the discomfort, and undergo an adjustment period,
    be kind to myself, and patient too, it could be a very lucrative doorway. Transitions
    are unsettling, but necessary. So for now I am immensely grateful to have been
    chosen to begin again, in a new assignment that will offer an opportunity to
    build a new foundation in a direction that is related to what I may have done
    but , not the same thing. I decided that I could not return or reverse my steps.
    Trusting that it is all on purpose, and the timing could not have been more
    appropriate. Location is so convenient, and the people are kind, and now I
    am entering a training phase, and learning curve. There is a lot of structure,
    and guidelines, and “rules”, but I will need to flow with the IS and see where
    it takes me. There is a probation period of three months usually, but for
    now one day, one breath, one step at a time is all I need to deal with.
    It’s been a while since I was in the flow, so today I earned an “in”come.
    stay tuned and we shall see what the “out”come will be!!! Turning it
    over to source, and praying for guidance one day at a time.
    I will remember the Universal Forecast and the card which says
    “BREATHE”. Thank you for bringing those to us this week. Rebirth
    brings change, and reinvention, so all of these are in process, and that
    means that I am undergoing the transformation too.

  • Celia Jones

    Dear Collette: I have been following your wisdom for many months know during a truly transitional time in my life. Your weekly words are very welcome in my life.

    Best Wishes,


  • Avril

    Beautiful, beautiful cards Colette! And a truly beautiful reading too.

    Very applicable to me and mine… finally going ‘home’ to help my elderly father move out of his house (which he’s finally sold) and into somewhere safer… finally officially emigrating (20 years is a long time to be ‘on holiday’ elsewhere in the world)… finally settling up the last of our business in our birth country… finally saying ‘goodbye’ to all that held me to that country and a way of life that can never be again.

    Finally building a new future on a better foundation for ourselves. Had to let go of the old life first. It’s taken a long time…

    And trusting absolutely that the right doors will open as the wind of the doors shutting on the old life blow fresh air along our path.

    Just by the way… absolutely tickled to know I’m not the only one that acts out the Chicken Little/bag lady routine sometimes 😉 Wishing you strength… and lots more success.

  • Becky

    What a beautiful deck. This message talks to me especially because soon I’ll be moving out of the house where I’ve lived for nearly twenty years, it’s the house my grandparents built with a lot of hard work, and I’ve had so many happy times here. I love this house, but I understand the time has come to move, and not only to a new home, but I’m also thinking of changing my career, since my old job made me unhappy because it was not who I am. Long story short, my life is going through many changes, but I like to think it’s changing for the better, to a new home where my loved ones and me will make more happy memories, and a new career that’ll be satisfying and will be my true calling.
    Thank you for your daily readings, I love your Wisdom of Avalon deck. 🙂

  • Amanda

    Hi Colette,
    I read this yesterday and didn’t get a chance to write a comment until now… When I saw “Time to Go” – I thought wow…it just kind of hit me as I stared at it. They are beautiful cards – but that one in particular has a strong feeling sense to it. It is pertinent to me because I have been in a transition regarding my work and my “life’s work” so to speak. (as a lot of other people in the tribe have been posting too) Over the past year I have been going back and forth with my interior design business that I have had for the past 8 years. I always loved it and thought I would do it for a long time. After some significant things happening in my lie – last summer I decided to close it but then months later took on a couple of projects from previous clients and I started a new company. I was really back and forth with it. But I keep being pulled to follow my heart’s desires and also from something/somewhere that I am not sure of – its exciting and kind of scary at the same time. It has been causing me anxiety because I don’t really want to work in the interior design business anymore. I am working on this one project, and I still love to design, to create – but deep down I know there is something else I am supposed to be focusing on. I am starting to cultivate these other gifts that I have. I am drawn to energy work, crystals, tarot, etc…I have always just been so spiritually curious and super interested in all things metaphysical/astrology, etc… but now its gotten that its not just a hobby. I am still unsure of exactly what it is that I am going to be doing and I have been holding myself back for whatever reasons, but have started to take steps on my new path.

    The “Building Blocks” make sense because I need to start learning the tools, and diving in, instead of just tip toeing around this idea… a few weeks ago I signed up for a local Reiki class in September (after talking about it for over a year) and also am coming to your program at Omega in October -yay! – of which I am super excited about. I can’t wait.

    The Loyal Heart card – I take for me to mean to be loyal to MY heart. Sometimes I am so sure about something, but other times, as sure as I am- I let other things/people/comparisons/the status quo, etc… interfere with the wisdom of my own heart – and I think this is my angels/spirit guides working through you and in conjunction with all the other people who read your blog – in this beautiful symphony of synchronicity to send me this message…and each of us who find their own personal meaning. It is really beautiful.
    Thank you Colette!!

  • Sandra W

    Loved seeing that you have a new deck, I enjoy your decks and the balanced advice. I am in the final throws of finalizing a property settlement with my ex. And I got told he has now started devaluing the things we did together. In all honesty that hurt. But then I look up and know that leaving was the right thing to do. So now to turn my focus on building the life I want and allowing a loyal heart to join with mine so that we can co create…for me I must be conscious to not close my heart whilst I wait.

  • Karyn

    Message is perfect and your delivery is entertaining as always! you always makes me laugh…..maybe one day i will get to meet you in person….thank you for being you!

  • Jenni P Wise Woman of Dreams

    Hello Collette,
    my bestie introduced me to your cards and your work and I have to say that I’m thrilled! This reading speaks to me of detachment (letting go) which means we free ourselves of old spiritual ‘skins’ as we constantly grow new ones. With the building blocks, I’ve learned to not only to constantly celebrate my achievements but to keep looking at how many dreams and intentions haven’t materialised and have the courage to put them aside in the knowledge that something even better awaits. That links back to the first card of letting go.. Moving on takes courage as a fresh ‘identity’ can be like wearing a brand new dress…sometimes we keep pulling the hem down or checking in the mirror to see if it really fits us.. These cards feel innately linked, like three facets of a diamond of wisdom. Let’s hold the diamond up to the light and let it pour through! Love Jenni

  • Lily

    Time to go : time to move from place I live almost a year… Also studio where I work is closing down this eek, and the way I work will be changed. Have no clew how, but I am looking forward to that. Same with a house. To be honest, this a worst time for me to rent a new place to live. Living alone my expenses will be much higher, and work uncertainty makes it more difficult. Still, I know it is a time to move, but old easy way seam more secure but at the same time is impossible to stay in that same situation because deeply inside I am not happy about :))
    Foundations : I have to check them, lol
    Loyal heart: deep inside I believe in my visions, I know I am surrounded by challenges I should overcome on a way to fulfill my dreams

  • Bonnie

    Hi Colette,

    I really enjoy your messages, as they do pertain to stuff that seems to be going on around me at the time. A few months ago, I wrote in saying how I had hit an emotional wall with the job that I had. It hit so hard I had leave with no remorse, but I let that go, and now I have a better job where I feel I’m treated respectfully, given more job opportunities and friendly coworkers. Letting go of things does get hard for me. I’m a deep thinker and I will think on things, keeping myself awake at nights until I find a way to resolve them, instead of just relaxing and letting Spirit bring them to me.
    I also had a personal issue dealing with codependency, wondering why I get stuck on someone; wanting to be on a certain level with them, when they feel incapable of being on the level I wish they could be. This person has been very kind, but I hope they would open their heart more and trust. I have to accept that for this person it’s very difficult, but likes the level we’re on now, and that at least it’s positive. If I keep pushing, it could bounce the other way, and I wouldn’t want that.

  • Crystal

    Hi Colette! Wow! Both the reading for the tribe and the weekly reading are both bang on for me! Time to Go and New Life both speak to me of the expectations I had around the new little puppy I brought home last Thursday…. I had felt SO guided to bring this little one into my home and there were so many synchronicities that I had absolutely no doubt that this was an experience I was supposed to have…..over the next 2 or 3 days with no sleep, constant vigilance ( housetraining ) and realizing that this wee being was a ninja, hell bent on destruction of everything I own….I felt like a bomb had gone off in my life….my early mornings of excercise followed by meditation in order to move through my days in ease and grace is a distant memory….sleeping….sniffle, sniffle ? I remember sleeping, as opposed to lying in bed from midnight to 5:00 am with the TV on, earplugs in AND a pillow over my head trying to drown out the screeching of the puppy who doesn’t want to stop tearing around the house and has strong objections to EVER having a nice sleep in her comfy wire crate with all her favorite toys and treats….time to say goodbye to life as I knew it! Chaos and conflict? Heck yes! Building blocks? Well, that’s what I’m trying to do…..I came very close to throwing up my hands, giving up, taking the puppy back. What about my self-care? I haven’t even been able to shower before 3:00 in the afternoon since I brought this puppy home. Excercise? Trying to ride my bike just has her attacking my feet and Yoga for a good stretch entails a vicious game of tug involving my hair….give up? SO tempting…..I miss my beautiful relaxing life! I took a week of “stay home vacation” to recuperate from months of crazy work days and thought I would ease this pup into my life over this week but she has other plans…..I finally came to a place where I said “okay, life as I knew it is OVER…..
    I ask Spirit and my Guides to assist me in finding creative ways to build a NEW, EVEN BETTER life with this wee whirling dervish in it….Why? Because even though she’s crazy, even though I’m wearing yesterday’s clothes and completely sleep deprived…..I feel she is SUPPOSED to become a part of my life….I was having trouble picking which puppy I was bringing home, and I asked for a sign….a couple of minutes later, I looked over and this pup came running over to me….with a feather in her mouth…..I took that as my sign and multiple times this weekend I have been sitting petting her only to look down and there will be a little feather beside her! Spirit says I am supposed to just figure it out…..keep breathing, be patient, be loyal to Spirit and…..well, I guess we’ll see whether “Loyal Heart” may also refer to this 3 pound “ninja – piranha”…..
    someday…….I don’t know WHY and I have NO idea what my life is going to look like anymore but…..I just trust and I’ll just Breathe……Thanks Colette ❤️

  • William

    After reading this post I pulled three cards as well. I got ‘details, details”, “Wide Open” as the challenger, and ” Into the Open”. I see a message to remember to look at the bigger picture. All of the small details are well and good but there is a need to occasionally step back and refocus on what they a part of. It is easy to forget that the details are part of bigger picture. We can become closed down and instead of being wide open we become closed down, our nose is stuck to the grindstone and we forget to check to see if the work is done already. There comes a time when it time to set a painting aside and move on to other work. We have to trust that enough is enough.

  • Josie

    Hi Colette!

    When i first saw your beautiful oracle card Time to Go, I got excited! A sign from Spirit telling me that yes i will be moving soon. I have been looking for a place to move to for awhile now. Starting new, a fresh start. Plus, this cards message is perfect since we just had a full moon. Letting go of the old ways.. Living in the new..:)
    Thank You for the oracle card reading, Colette. Your cards are Beautiful. X

  • Kate Shadock

    HI Colette,

    It’s encouraging that read that sometimes you, too, forget the true Source of everything. I am still boggled by all the years I attended Christian Schools and NEVER was taught this very essential knowing.Would certainly have made a lot of my life less stressful!

  • Jan

    the new cards are great thank you.I have been through a bad patch 9 deaths in 2 months one was my brother who was also my mentor.been finding it hard,then a spark of light you reading.I have to let go to move forward .that spirit will guide me .

  • Fjola

    Hi Colette – my oh my the cards could not have been more appropriate!! I feel that I have been saying small goodbyes for the last few years. I have been moving out of the city in stages – so I know I’m on my way out,
    just not yet. Friends have drifted away and new ones have come. My work is changing – not quite done with
    the past and not really knowing the next step. I too have danced with my “bag lady” and chicken little! You want
    to throw your hands in the air and say What – When – and How!! Huge change is happening and the part of me that’s not afraid is actually excited by it. What will my life look like down the road!? Its an adventure! I have a set
    of runes and one of them says that you cant pull on the new shoots of a plant to make it grow any faster everything has its time. I do have total faith in spirits help and planning. I see it unfold all the time when I’m not
    getting in my own way. I love, love my life and feel very fortunate to be able to follow my dreams and that I am able to pick up on the messages from spirit. Its what keeps me sane. So thank you Colette, for the cards this
    week the message was so appropriate and gave me great comfort!

  • Karen from Calgary

    Your words really, really hit home. I find that when I try to “manipulate” a situation; well, I might as well be swimming against the current. Nothing happens because it’s either it’s not meant to happen for me, or its not MY journey,no matter how much I stew and stew about it. I’m trying to Just Be. Things work out in Gods Time.
    My husband was laid off a few weeks ago and today my principal gave me full time hours at work. SO wonderful!
    Mom passed away Xmas time. Haven’t dreamed about her. Probably because I’m thinking too hard about it. I was on McLeod at a red light and I said “You know Mom; it would be REALLY nice if you said hello to me sometime. Well, right in front of the centre of my hood ; a feather swooped up, did 3 swoop da boops in the air and disappeared.
    So, I am going to Just Be, because that’s all we can do, right?

  • Charlene

    Hello Colette

    Thank you for pulling these cards I can so relate to cards. On Sunday Aug 30th, I moved out of my beloved city–NYC to MD. The reason for the move was to regroup and rebuild my finances basically rebuild my foundation on my own terms. With a Loyal Heart, I know will be OK; I just have to remember to comfortable in the unknown.

    PS Beautiful Cards

  • Barb

    Tribe Sister
    “Go now go now go now ” builds into a song in my loyalty heart …. Woo hoo !
    Huge hugs of gratitude …. Little late to the party …however, what a power full house deck this feels like… Looking forward to enhancing the oracle with them 🙂
    See you in Calgary ! 😀 …. Then in Phoenix …..again… 😀

  • Catherine

    Beautiful cards and so right on for where I am at after a rough two years of learning and opportunity for more growth…I feel it all turning positively and its all about trusting and having faith that the Creator has my back in my co-creation as He/She has always done in the best, the worst and all of the times I have created for my remembering and learning…so funny years and years ago I had my chart created by a wonderful astrologer in Hawaii and she pointed out me that apparently God would always pull me out of the fire and to just keep walking forward no matter what things looked like as I was divinely protected…and it has been the story…LOL…so I am grateful always to the Creator, you and the tribe. Happy Long Weekend everyone!! Much love to you all

  • Christine

    Hi Colette- I love reading your blog. Your down-to-earth style makes me feel like your right there having a conversation with me. I love your sense of humour too 🙂

    The cards resonated with me perfectly. I am a constant work-in-progress and recently felt that a huge shift was coming and that i just had to be patient and wait for the right timing. But patience is not one of my strong suits, but am working on it…. LOL I always felt that judgement of others and their expectations of me was mainly guiding my life choices. But about 5 years ago I had a major shift in that thinking and am now making (most) of my own decisions. I had always wanted a street bike, got my license 20 years ago but never a bike because I listened to all the “naysayers” of how dangerous it is, etc. The main person to convince was my husband, but I somehow knew that when the time was right, he would not put up a roadblock, I would find the right gear, and the right bike. Last Sunday was the day… Everything aligned and I now ride her proudly, not caring what others think of my choice (I still have kids at home, and some ppl think I’m nuts) but my patience paid off. My weight has always been another issue. Tried everything. I could sense that after I finalized my dream of owning a bike, everything else would fall into place. Kind of like finally reaching the top of a huge mountain, the rest is easy. I found a personal trainer that I really click with who lives right around the corner from me. (And it’s not as expensive as I kept telling myself it was). And the final lesson (reminder) I faced was this morning seeing the picture of that 3 yr old Sirian boy….. It hit me really hard. As an empath I have learned that I need to protect myself from negativity and stressful awful things, as they tend to stick with me and affect me at a deep level. I had been neglecting my “rituals” as it were, of protection and clearing away negative energy. I figured “I got this”, and haven’t bothered to do the essential taking-care-of-myself thing, through my regular maintenance routine of spiritual healing, protection, clearing, etc. It was a good reminder that I am not immune to such things, and it must be a regular part of my routine and not neglected, because it is only me who suffers. I can see the old me falling away, and the authentic me stepping up. Letting my intuition guide me, listening to that inner voice that wants to see me succeed and be the real me. Now I attract healthy people in my life, and I can feel the congruency between us immediately and know it will be a positive firendship. (And the same in reverse with negative people) The more in align I am, the faster I feel whether I should say yes, or run screaming! LOL. Thank-you Collette for your beautiful words that I look forward to and your beautiful card decks that I absolutely love, cherish and use as guidance I can trust. And, thank-you for sharing your beautiful and amazing gift with the world!!


  • Kristal

    Hi Colette,

    Thank you for all you do in bringing messages from spirit into so many lives. I have found your work just as I am coming into a transition point in my life of leaving the old way of being and stepping into my true life purpose with all it’s fears, challenges, and love for humankind. I really related to these cards. “Time to let go” symbolised me coming close to the end of working in the mainstream role I trained (psychology) and getting ready to transition into a holistic wellbeing model of working with people. Building blocks for me symbolised the work I still need to do to prepare for this and finish building the solid foundation from which I will be working. Loyal heart helps me trust that I am not doing this alone.

    Thanks again Colette for having the courage to follow your heart and do what you came here to do!

    Kristal x

  • Josie

    Hello Colette,
    Wow, it amazes me at how your 3 cards identify with my life right now. 2 years ago I informed my husband I no longer wanted to stay in our marriage as he had done a lot of damage financially along with our marriage having no intimacy years at a time. I had to claim bankruptcy because of him and it was very devastating at having to do that at 51. I was even considering how I could end my life so that my two young children could collect my life insurance. But I had a very good friend who helped me through that. Even though I had told my husband I wanted to end our marriage, I stayed two years because of finances. In the mean time and although it was wrong, I started an affair with the friend that helped me through this difficult time. I really thought he was my soul mate. Finally after 2 years, I moved out of from my home I had with my husband thinking that now my friend and I could finally be together. He helped me move and get my house ready. But what I thought would be a happy ending has turned out to be the complete opposite. Soon as I moved I began to notice my friend being distant. I realized we wanted different things from our relationship. I left a loveless marriage and was ready to be in a loving committed relationship but I don’t think my friend was ready for such a commitment so I knew the right thing to do was end the relationship which I did and hoped we could go back to just being friends. Although I know it was the right thing to do, I’m having a hard time letting go of him. I don’t know why because I truly know in my heart its not the kind of relationship I’m willing to settle for for fear of being alone. I’m trying very hard to be optimistic and trying to build a strong foundation not just for myself but especially for my 2 young children. Just feeling lost right now.


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hang in there honey 😉

      • Josie

        Thank you Colette. And your new cards are beautiful and very inspiring although these 3 hards really hit home. I knew ending this relationship was the best thing to do so that I can move forward to build those blocks for a sturdy foundation so that I may reach my highest good not only for myself but for my children too and I ask Spirit for help and guidance every day. I am just trying to get over this heartbreak. God bless. Josie

  • Judi

    Dearest Colette , I just wanted to write and thank you for being gold that you are !!! Your cards are just beautiful …especially your new ones…wow they have such a beautiful message for me ….I so appreciate you love and generosity towards us ..much love, gratitude and many blessings Judi xoxoxox?

  • Twyla

    Hi Colette!!
    I LOVE the new deck! I love them all actually, lol. I have one question, the ‘Go The Distance’ card (47), I can’t, for the life of me, find the face!!! It’s driving me batty!! Lol. Can you or someone on this thread help me?? Thank you!! Hopefully see you in Calgary!!
    Peace and blessings,

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