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Updated: December 7, 2015

Dearest luminous you,

Hope you’ve been having a week of self care and not too much immersion in the media frenzy.  For those of you who suffer empathy overload and end up either fatigued and foggy or also confused because extra weight shows up on you overnight from all the stress, try and find ways to detach, go get grounded by walking in nature, and take lots of Himalayan salt baths, and breathe.

You can also say NO and say it a lot to manage it all, but there’s a new normal and we need all the help we can get to remain positive and certain within while the uncertainty on the outside prevails.

While we can tune out temporarily, we can’t ignore what’s happening in the world. I believe humanity is experiencing this for a reason. It’s all a precursor to a more cohesive peaceful world. And the sky is darkest before dawn.
Call me a hippie dippie granola grinder Polyanna but I believe in the soul of humanity and I believe Love is the only answer.
Yet, It’s also true the world is getting increasingly difficult for sensitives. Who knew terrorism could make you swollen and exhausted? Now the holidays? OY Vey!
(Empaths -stay tuned as in January I am going to personally run Weight Release Energetix® Lite to help with the holiday fall out etc.)

While remaining aware and respectful of the state of things, I have also been counter-balancing it all with watching hilarious cat videos online, reading inspirational stories, listening to moving music, being present and kind to as many as I can and of course observing our new fur baby Olli begin to find her way in our little family. There is nothing like a new puppy to keep one in present time awareness and simplicity. The biggest highlight of my day is when she goes on the paper all by herself! I’m such a proud mamma!

It’s December and the month I self- reflect in the most as we all come to the close of a new year. It’s a month that hosts so many memories and stories that have crowed for my attention. Echoes of the past ping around asking me to choose which ones I will listen to.  Will I choose the stories of sadness and sorrow or the ones that I have changed on purpose? Can I make new memories from those that have been changed by healing and forgiveness? We are memory based creatures all of us building our awareness out of expectation and familiarity.

When I was little December 6th was the night that my mom would instruct us to leave our shoes outside our bedroom doors. We would wake up on the 7th to discover them filled with special treats- clementines, and chocolate Santas, pfeffernusse cookies and little marzipan piggies –all gifts from an early visit from St. Nick.
We had advent calendars that opened little windows with a gift inside them. Every day was a countdown to Christmas and the New Year. I loved it more than my birthday, Easter, or any other special time. This was the super bowl for kids and I was going to play it til the end.

Then, years later, alcoholism, loss, severe poverty, fear and anger took away our family’s stories of Christmas. Granted it wasn’t all bad, my mom still cooked the goose and baked cookies but the Spirit was gone, (or maybe drunk with sorrow and vermouth in the backyard) and anyway we couldn’t find it anywhere.
To add to the new story as it unfolded in short order both my parents got sick during this month and died in February a couple years apart and after their passing, I just wanted to boycott the entire month of December altogether as for millions of bad reasons we just couldn’t manage anyway.
Even Scrooge was too happy for my taste for a while.

Now years later again, my husband the ever cheery Christmas elf re-introduced me to the joy of the season and it became a new story yet again. No longer did I have an allergy to the holidays, in fact I learned the other shoe already dropped (actually it was a whole closet but who’s comparing) and it was Ok to give myself permission to feel good and to know gratitude. A new story again.

Here’s the deal – this and that is true. The past is true according to the lens you see it through. What was once sad and horrible for me is now poignant and meaningful. But they were once both. I honor that today but I choose a new story. I want to live in the solution I want to be the forgiveness and I want to think about others before myself.

So I don’t wait for St. Nick to come fill my shoes. I find someone in need to give to. I don’t drink anymore so I know I won’t be the slobbering idiot at the party (I will be 30 years clean and sober in a few weeks). Actually I like to go to bed at 9 pm so parties are kind of a stretch anyway!

I listen when a friend wants to clear the air instead of insisting on them hearing my side of the story because I can’t bear the thought that my actions might have hurt someone. I make amends and I do self- care and I do the best I can when I’m not doing the best I can. Today I want to be a better friend regardless of my disposition to isolate. I can do things differently.

I have learned I don’t have to try to recreate the past nor cling to the big promise of the future anymore. I make the present work. It’s not just an inside job it really is about the doing of it all too when it comes to this particular aspect of memory making.
Yes I get insecure, even envious, sometimes paralyzed and subject myself to all manner of old stuff when triggered but only for a short time.

Actions make new memories, thinking about them is a good beginning but it’s the doing of them that changes things. Yes it can be hard. So what! My ass is too big and my joy too wide for the pity pot these days (actually it’s just right to be honest but you get the idea ).
And, well, If we do what we did we will get what we got. I don’t want to feel shitty at this time of year. I want to be part of the solution even if I don’t know what that is. I sure know what it isn’t.

At this moment.. I am going downstairs with my amazing husband adorable trio of hilarious tiny pomeranians, and am going to sing carols and trim the tree with sparkles and lights and more love that I’ll be consciously sending to everyone on the planet who might be suffering while I am not.

You see this and that is true too.

So… love to hear from you now. How have you changed your memories and begun to tell a new story? If you haven’t yet, how will you?

We are all powerful co-creators and we can all dive in right now together.
Now- my tribe… tag you’re it!

Love you always and forever!

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  • Lisa McCourt

    Love you so much, dear Colette! Beautiful JOY SEASON wishes to you! xoxo

    • Karen L McKee

      Happy Holidays! =D
      I too like to isolate myself this time of the year and would too love to skip it til February lol. Since, my grandparents passed away, my parents separated and got divorced. Everyone just went their own way.My brothers have their own families so No one really likes to stay together anymore…. And as old as I am it still gets to me… that we are no longer a Whole, but many parts spread all over the place. So, I try to stay busy, enjoy vicariously through others. I do not enjoy the songs at all 🙁 And the irony is, that I used to love to sing along. Especially the ones we were taught at school. 🙂

      Occasionally, I go to relatives get togethers, but I choose not to stay too long, as I am too an empath and goodness do I absorb! geeez!! – too exhausting and just a bit overwhelming. I always have loved to give, is just part of my nature. But these days I do not have enough $ yet to do so What I have is Love, friendship, a very good ear and no one to give them too.
      I know God has a plan for me and something good is coming and someone even better will arrive in my life soon I just need to keep my chin up, be grateful and keep dreaming!
      I love the fact that we crossed paths and I really enjoy reading your posts getting your oracle readings and sharing it all!

      Sending Hugs and Blessings to you and yours
      Peace to everyone

  • Catherine

    I love the Christmas season…Just got the tree up and decorated last night and pulled out my 30 years old Christmas village and put it out for the first time in about 15 years…I just love the transformation in our home here…I am decorating more this year in so many to send out as much love and celebratory spirit as I can into the world…I also created 7 Christmas advent calenders complete with 24 hand made ornaments…yes my hands needed to be soaked in Voltaren…lol…and my children and grandbabies were thrilled…more amazed than I imagined they would be but I believe it is because they felt my love exuding from each……I do my very best to have the Christmas spirit show up in my every day doings…and have pretty much accomplished that professionally and personally…From my perspective we have illuminated light and love so well that the Darkness is doing everything it can in is knowingness of their loss exterminate humanity, to double down on Fear this season….to extinguish our ever growing unflinchable, unextinguishable light we continue to exude and share and rejoice in our amazing human kindness compassion and generosity. So my beautiful friends…rejoice in all you are and all you have accomplished this year…even if it was just getting out of bed and smiling…no act of love and kindness and positivity is too small…and when Darkness shows -just smile with love into its face, knowing your healthy boundaries are in place and watch it disappear…Christmas and the Holiday Season for me is a time to reflect and rejuvinate for the coming year of building up bigger and shining the light brighter…2016…woohooo…2015 Thank you so much for the lessons…so grateful! I so love you all…and always grateful to you Colette…

  • Megan

    Colette: I LOVE your story of redesigning your life and your amazing encouragement! After a few years of ignoring Christmas entirely I threw away/packed away the old Christmas decor. bought a big white tree and all new ornaments (blue/pink/lime). I can now enjoy/include a couple sentimental decor items. New Paths Forward! Megan

  • carol

    I love this..This or that..I have been rediscovering myself..I have been finding me..I lost so much ,but have truly gained some closing of my hurts and pains in my life..I lost my mother this month and even if it’s been seven years..I still truly miss her..But knowing in my heart she isn’t suffering no more..I am also clean and sober for 6 months..I have been putting new memories in my life..I have found that listening and FORGIVENESS has been all I have been doing ,besides helping and giving back unconditionally…I have found a place of happiness and someone too share special memories with..I can relate to your story from bits and pieces..I truly believe that all will come together in my life again..Thank you for your story…It truly has touched a special place in my heart..May the joy of giving back be with You and your family…Thank you Colette Baron..Merry Christmas…

  • Brenda

    Good Morning
    It is a beautiful day here again on our Manitoulin Island plus 5c and looking forward it us simply staying wondrously tempet.
    This & that yes thank you for sharing as this one has touched me as I remembered that or those memories of past.
    I Am grateful and humbled to say I like actually love this part of my life.
    Yes at times it can be stressful and then I receive an email like this which brings me to the ah ha’s of gratefulness that I have a new community that keeps me positive grounded and in awe.
    In awe because the answers come; with me sometimes not realized I had asked a question! Until I read a story like yours.
    Thank you for sharing, caring and pointing in a positive direction. You truly are a shining light and I Am grateful to have you in my life.
    Brenda P.

  • Julie Palmer

    Oh I’m with you on this! Sending positive energy and love for the earth, the world and the universe. It’s like an erupting boil clearing out the gunk so that it can be cleaned and healed.
    I am at a point that only the good memories come up and the more challenging ones are felt with love , ,compassion and gratitude for lessons learned that are applied now. Living in the moment and open to the possibilities of the next moment. So much lighter. Peace and joy to you.

  • Cheryl

    I am excited to see what this week will bring according to the cards, wow! I will keep you posted.

  • dale isom

    great cards–I found your Wisdom of the Hidden Realms a few years back and fell in love with them Still learning them all but they were a great added deck to my other main deck that I used for readings. I enjoy your information. Thank you–I always am able to review and see where a different way of looking at things may be more informative– Blessings to you,Dale

  • Dianed_

    You are a amazing woman! It is so hard this time of year. Memories of childhood Christmases were something out of Charles Dickens. The best! I still get so emotional and wish things could be like that with my children and grandchild but…its not to be. Life changes and has not be good for me in the last ten years. I know I know others have worst problems but my heart aches so much. I have tried and tried to no avail. I guess I am not on the right path (doing what I’m supposed to be doing in life…work as Hard as I try I cannot get ahead and move closer to my children). I am no longer 3,000 miles away, but 3 plus hours still is a chasm. I miss out on so much by being broke. Problem is I feel too much and it envelopes me. I too have certain gifts and I guess that is why I feel so drowned no matter how positive I try to be. Ha…me who was the positive one for so many is lost now. I would buy your latest “oracle” deck but with no income coming in it is not possible. I am at a crossroads not knowing which way to go. I am 59 now, pretty and not looking my age (as I am told but do not see it…lol), single, no view or signs of what future is left, but keep trying (though some days feels hopeless and just want to hide under the covers). I was never one to give up but these days it is hard. I will continue plugging away though. Faith…that’s what it is all about. I keep thinking what lessons am I still having to learn before I can get my life back. It sure escapes me. Anyways, I just wanted to Bless you and yours the most glorious of holiday season. Thank you for sharing “your” story. You are a remarkable lady! hugs

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      keep the faith my love.. xoxox

      • Sandy

        Dianed–maybe the purpose of this “stuck stage” is NOT to get your old life back, but rather to create a new one for yourself? I had to do that when widowed at 47. Seemed like I’d lost 90% of my life so had to focus on the 10% I had left. It takes effort but it is worth it! Good luck!

  • Charlene

    Thank you for sharing part of your story. In the sharing we help heal others as well as ourselves.
    Wishing you the merriest of Christmas’s.

  • Linda

    Loved this weeks post! I too have memories of wonderful Christmases with the family. My Mom always went all out, sometimes uncomfortably far for some. But it is a great memory for me and my Sons all the same. Currently there are many changes this year. My Mom had both knees replaced and though (gratefully) doing well is now in the “new normal” where she needs everyone’s help. She had always been so independent before the surgery. Now she needs me and I will be there to carry my share. I have been wondering how I would get through this Holiday. I remarried 6 years ago and my Brazilian Husband is not exactly St. Nick, my youngest Son (31) has come back with us for a while after a horrendous break-up and legal issues, and 5 members of my Husband’s family will be visiting from Brazil. It will be crowded. After reading your post, I have decided to make this the most joy filled Holiday I can! My Son already went out and got the tree so the house will be decked out for the arrival of my Husband’s daughter and grandson when they make their first trip to America. As for Mom, I will look at this as my time to escape a full house and spend quality time with her. My business will roll on and I will focus on service. Thanks for the “shift” and wishing you and your brood a fabulous Holiday Season!

  • Arnie

    Hi Colette,
    I no longer allow outer circumstances to shape my outlook on life or to chip at my faith and happiness. I embrace a new perspective…I AM BLESSED…BEYOND MEASURE!!! THANK YOU COLETTE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! By the way, MY ENTHUSIASM IS OUT OF THIS WORLD…AND I LET GO AND LET GOD!!! AND SO IT IS!!!

  • Debbie T-T

    Thank You, as always !
    Re: your reading. I’m living in a mess rental, bought a house & renovating. I was thinking & hoping to be in my new home for Christmas & wanted to buy a silver retro tree w/ the color wheel (like when I was a kid in the 50/60’s). On line they were so expensive & not great looking. I went local Christmas shopping the other night to support my area shops. I saw a silver Pom Pom tree in a window…shop not open…went back on Sat., shop not opened…wth? A Saturday & not
    Open ? But there was a tiny sign in the window…open tomorrow Sunday.
    Went back Sunday & guess what ? Everything on sale 1/2 price that morning….I knew my Mom & My Angels, had made me wait for the perfect timing. I got my tree for under $200 & a vintage Santa, I had when I was little !!!
    I won’t be moving into my new home, but I did get my tree & it wasn’t $700, like the imperfect ones on line.
    Blessings To You & Your Family, NOW & Throughout The Holidays & New Year !!!

  • Gigi

    Oh boy ! looking forward to seeing what happens this week.
    Colette, what bread of dogs are they? They are all the same bread? They are so cute. I have a huge 100 pound Bermese Moutain dog. Hehe!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      all three of them are tiny pomeranians.. 3 pounds 3 and 1/2 pounds and 4 pounds all adding up to not quite one dog hahahah

  • Mary Martha Pazos

    Dear Colette,
    What an inspiring post! Thank you so much for your sharing from your heart. Your little puppy is precious, and settled down so well during the video! And congratulations on your 30 year rebirth into freedom from booze. It made me realize that is has been close to 25 years since I was freed from smoking, and how grateful I am for the grace that made it possible. You are right. Grace is a gift from heaven.
    Have a fabulous week and continue to make such an uplifting impact in our lives.

  • Carolyn

    Hi Colette,
    Thank you for this message today. It perfectly reflects how this December is different for me too. I have had a really crazy last two years of upheaval and change, and while it would be easy to sink into self-pity, especially at having recently been let go from a job that I thought would last, I am facing this time with a great attitude. The way is being cleared for something completely new and wonderful and I am very excited to see what it is. There are many precious memories I have from Christmases past, but we are consciously deciding this year to only stick to what makes sense for us now and thus be able to enjoy it without the burden of expectation that it should match a well-polished old memory.

    Gorgeous puppy, by the way!

  • Dodie Weiss

    You may be a hippy dippy granola grinder Polyanna, but that is only one of the reasons we all love you. thank you for your wonderful blog posts. They are always uplifting, inspiring, funny and real.

  • Vicki King

    Dear Colette,
    Thank you so much for your words…you always have something to say that touches me. This time was
    no exception. Thanks for the reminder to stay in the moment. Thanks for the reminder to forgive and
    make choices that serve me well in this moment! Wishing you a blessed Christmas.


  • Peggy

    Colette, I Love your story… and reStory… I too am three+ decades without a drink…and carry the stories of the remembrances of before, .many but not all have been shifted to the more meaningful.. .. . This is actually my celebration week… silly me getting sober right before xmas, 1977, I applaud and send you hugs… I Learn so much from you… there is so much to this life.. and I do believe, even when I don’t want to , that Love is the base and reason. for life and the goodness of spirit…Thank you so much for all you share , and how willing you are to be real… I love the stories of your pup trio… Our cats provide a lot of comic relief.. though they will be getting a canine sibling I am thinking there will be some interesting moments…
    . Hugs and wishes for a wonderful season of joy.

  • Debra

    Welcome to sweet Olivia Twinkletoes! And many blessings to you and yours this Yuletide!
    Looking back on this past year, it was a helluva year btw, I can see how much the circumstances have created the space I needed to move ahead on my journey. Sometimes the Universe has to kick me in the ass in order for me to get it, and that’s what happened to me this year. And I’m forever grateful.
    Onward and upward! Much love.

  • Julie-Ann White

    I’m looking forward to this Christmas, not because of the tree decorating or present exchange because we haven’t done that in years as a family. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life as I am losing my job December 18th, one week before Christmas. It it me like a brick wall when I first received my notice but I soon realized I was in a job where I am treated poorly and there’s something better out there for me. With only 2 weeks of employment left, I find myself doing a happy dance, daily. I feel like a small child exploring the world for the first time and I can’t wait to see what the Universe will plunk down in front of me. In the meantime, I’m applying for a new job but also weighing out all of my options such as schooling or maybe even enterprenuership. All I need is time to breathe, time to take care of myself and a little time for sorting and cleaning up my home life. I see nothing but a silver lining ahead of me in my life. Thank you for your words, card readings and the self sacrifice you make to be a messenger to those who have messages for us!

  • Stephanie

    Thank you, Colette for sharing your story. I am so glad you are able to enjoy Christmas once again. As with you, Christmas was always my favorite time of year. Unfortunately now that my parents have passed, I haven’t been able to get into the Christmas spirit. Especially since I do not have a family of my own, just my two fur babies and me. But, I am blessed to have a wonderful sister to celebrate with. Just wish our family was a little larger. Nonetheless, I am thankful to have someone close to celebrate the holidays with. Happy Holiday Season!

  • Sonja

    Thanks so much for a wonderful post. I head back to New Zealand from Australia every year to spend Christmas with my mum and dad. 23 years since the passing of my only sibling (4weeks prior to Christmas) always makes this a poignant time of year. But like you, our family are at peace with his decision to take his own life and rather celebrate the time with the family we have, whom we love and uplift us (no more drunken family squabbles)!

    All the best to you and your pooches at this time of year. And for the timely reminder to do something for people less fortunate than me.
    Much love,

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Such a poignant and timely post, Colette. I just went hunting for my childhood menorah which thankfully I remembered to pack the last 2 moves. Tonite I’ll light the candles myself and try to be comforted by the tradition and the memories while trusting that more love and goodness is taking form. Yesterday I decorated the tiniest tree I’ve ever had, with all the beautiful ornaments I collected in the years I’ve been married to my 2 husbands who celebrated Christmas- it has been such a treat for me not having been raised with a tree. But again- the visceral sense of hollowness in my gut, the lump in my throat, small moments of tearfulness and an early celebration with my still-husband who came to visit and create a bit of holiday connection as we make our way through this next phase. I have to say, it hurts so deeply that just writing this makes me weep.
    And yet, I am cognizant of the essential directive to stay in the present, to find what is mine to love, to try to stay in my heart even though at times it just hurts to do that.
    Being in a new town, my new traditions are walking to the ocean every day and taking pictures. Inviting new friends for a drink or a meal. Playing my playlist of favorite versions of holiday songs. Attending all of the local holiday festivities down on the waterfront (Santa showed up on a fully decorated/lighted boat Saturday night). There is so much I love her. This is not likely to be my favorite holiday season… but I am still creating moments of beauty and nourishment and connection because this is my life in this moment and I need to love it and the many blessings that are mine.
    I am sending you and the pups and Marc and all of us much love and hope for peace and all good things. xo Lisa

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      sending you a big hug.. you have all of us and you will make a new memory this holiday… xoxox

  • Mary Jo Nicosia

    Greetings sweet tribe leader!
    You are such a gift! Thank you for sharing your wonderous evolving spirit!
    You are a poster child for love and goodness! Blessings to you and your family! You are an anticipated visitor in my email! Thank you for your selfless sharing! Namaste, Mary Jo

  • Sharon

    Hi Colette
    I’ve loved these weekly doses of love and inspiration so much that I decided to buy your Wisdom of the Oracle cards. I purchased them online from a site that would normally take only a day or so to be delivered, only to find later they were being dispatched from Australia, grrrr. I’ve spent the last two weeks thinking about the negative feedback I was going to give the company for not making it clear where they shipped from, but thankfully that has all been washed away by their very timely arrival today.
    As I opened the box I wondered if there would be a Colette email for the week ahead waiting for me. As synchronicity would have it, there was and I was able to infuse the cards with your beautiful spirit and energy. It was a real delight to be able to feel the cards for this glorious week ahead.
    I wish you so much joy and laughter over this wonderful Season, and always.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Auckland, New Zealand

  • Mags Foster

    Wow thank you Collette for this glorious sharing of your Christmas memories. It helps to put everything into perspective…….”Here’s the deal – this and that is true”…love it.

    I do the best I can when I’m not doing the best I can. Perfect I shall take this as my mantra for the Christmas period.

    P.S Congratulations on being 30 years sober in a few weeks. Woo! Hoo! 🙂


  • Michele

    Hi Colette, I felt so sad reading how your family lost the Spirit of Christmas. I am so glad you got it back! You have a wonderful new family and new story now, and that is a blessing! No matter how dreary things get, like losing my mom who made Christmas magic with her but autiful table scapes and flamming plum puddings, circled in Holly, like right out of a Charles Dickens story, I try to bring the Spirit alive. It’s just my 87 year old dad and I this year, our second without mom around, but the tree is up, sparking with light, dinner planned and gifts soon to be under the tree. Blessings to you and your family this Season!

  • Ed

    You are spot on Colette. This has been my belief for a long time. This is a time of stress to wake people from their slumber. It is time. Keep up the great work.

  • Genene

    Congrats on your new family member! Olli is indeed adorable. Thank you also for your message. You always give me a new perspective to consider, but are very much grounded in being human. May all your family pack have a most spirited holiday season!

  • Maria

    My dearest Beautiful Colette I so, so enjoy your “learn from” news letter each week and helps me grow in more ways than one. Bless you girl, you are a Wonderful Mentor in one’s life and I so hope to meet up with you one day.
    Love your Precious little Olli she is the sweetest thing, and has brought such lovely good energy into your home……you are blessed!
    Also to Thank you for such a Beautiful card reading, so uplifting this week.
    Let me take this oppertunity to wish and your hubby and your darling little family the Best Christmas ever and may you be Blessed in Abundance, Health and much Laughter and Joy for 2016 xxxxx?❤️

  • Carina

    Swollen and exhausted…that’s me, for sure. Strange dreams and dreams within dreams… Anyway, Christmas is what it is and I just go with the flow but I rather stay at home and keep a low profile. When the kids where small it was totally different but the now is also fine. Up here in Finland the sun is climbing up over the tree tops at 9.54 am and goes to sleep already at 2.56 pm so there’s lots of time for introspection, reading and sleeping. Candles, soft music and meditation helps the mind and body to just – be. Thank you, Colette!

  • Renee Sugar

    I am reminded that the “spirit” of the season is about connecting with people
    we love. It isn’t about what we find inside beautifully wrapped packages under
    a tree. The best gifts are not found inside a box, they are discovered in the
    heart. When we open our hearts, we discover how blessed we already are
    even though everything may not be unfolding according to our image of what
    we think is best for us. I loved what you said about taking the lessons of the
    past and creating something new, with them. Nothing is ever lost, it is a part
    of a forever shifting landscape. A synthesis of old and new, a collage or a
    Personally I do not celebrate Christmas, as I was born into a Jewish
    family, so I do light the menorah ( my late mothers’) and put the colored candles
    each day to honor the tradition and to connect me with a thread that unites,
    and weaves us all into a sparkling tapestry of hope, faith and love.
    I hope that I practice being kind everyday, and that I am mindful and grateful for life, health,
    family and friends enough to eat, etc. My wish for everyone this season is that through
    the darkness the light will prevail. It will shine through the dark places and guide us to
    a place of unity, and peace. When we see ourselves and the world through “new eyes”
    everything old is renewed, and with this sense of rebirth and celebration, everyday can
    feel like a gift.
    Much love to you and your family and furry ones. It feels so wonderful to not feel so alone
    “We are a part of everything we have met” Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    “Blessed Wishes” Colette

  • Alisa

    Thank you Colette, this is PERFECT timing for me! I too tend to isolate, and have been struggling with recent events in the world…my heart aches for my neighbors in San Bernardino, and those suffering all over the world during this time of what I think of as insanity. I pray and meditate daily (well, many times daily!), sending light & love to those affected, and those doing the affecting.

    This time last year, my oldest son was living on the streets, addicted to drugs & alcohol, 24 years young – I didn’t think he could survive more than a few months at the rate he was going. My youngest dropped out of college and I was so wrapped up in what I thought both of them SHOULD be doing, I lost myself. I didn’t want to embrace or enjoy Christmas last year – Christmas had always been such a special time for me and my family – after my husband died and it was just me and the kiddo’s, I always tried to make is super special for my boys.

    Fast forward to this year – my oldest son chose to get clean & sober, he celebrated his one year anniversary 12/5! My youngest is figuring it out and our relationship, just for today, is better than it has been in years ( amazing what happens when you get out of the way and know what your personal boundaries are!)

    I am focusing on myself, and what MY purpose is…and I think it is in the healing energy field, focusing on helping young addicts. Christmas this year includes a tree, Christmas lights (woohoo, I love Christmas lights!), time with friends and family, silly sweaters for my dogs, volunteer work….random acts of kindness, sponsoring a young homeless family, and yoga, lots of yoga and meditation 🙂
    Thank you Colette for being such a wonderful inspiration and light!!!!

  • kelleya

    Yes! Colette. There are so many paradoxes in the World. This to me speaks of “no time”. Meaning if you take time out of it both your dark and light experiences exist. You don’t have to run from the sad parts…they are there and of equal value for they brought you understanding. I learned this when a boyfriend died. I didn’t have to say goodbye because he always lives in the memory…that frees me to be happy in the now.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    You’re Right, Tribe!

    Holiday Blessings

    LOV : )

    My wish going forward is that all the evil is wiped out so that P : ) ACE prevails forever; A tall order yet something that is really needed for one’s existence (all of humanity, life).

    Resonate at Higher vibrations …
    JO : )
    GRAT : ) TUDE

    … lately I have missed that warm feeling
    sometimes reality takes over (chaotic?).
    It feels good to be home, safe, serene .. amen.
    Light to all Lights

    Colette, your pup’s name is beautiful, L : ) L
    She has character.
    Love your share … very much.

  • Sylvie

    Madame Colette,

    I know where You come from cause my childhood was not that woopteedoo either… This was was not a Season for great fun for me either but … but later in my life when I had children, I did the best I could do so that their Christmas would be wonderfull for them and it would be magical for me to see the joy on their face. How gratifying it was..

    Now that they are adults, this Year, I will not see either of them for the Holidays cause one is going to Florida for the Holidays (Her in-laws have a residence there and Her family have the opportunity to go. I’m happy for them). One is a nurse (we need nurses today and she loves her job. I’m very proud of Her. We’ll see Her at least for the New Year) and the youngest is working 800 kilometers away from home and working through the holidays.

    So… the Love of my life and I have decided to go away for Christmas to a beautifull and wonderfully chic Manoir on the edge of the St-Laurence River. It’s the first time we do this, cause we usually take care of others on the Holidays. I’m gratefull, gratefull, gratefull for this opportunity.
    It will be fun and different and be making a new memory of Joy instead of being sad.

    I truly wish everyone in this Tribe, who ever You are, Love, Light, Peace and Grace for the Season that is at our door. May the New
    Year bring everyone Health, Serenity through out different challenges of life and Fun, lots of Fun. From my Heart to all of Yours, I am sending You
    my best wishes ???

    And You my Dearest Madame Colette, I know You are getting alot of affection and tenderness. Well, we never ever have enough of that
    so I am sending You affection and tenderness from my heart to yours. May You, Hubby and Furry Babies have the best Holidays. Blessings XXXX ??

  • Corrie

    Hi Collette!
    Reading your story has helped me see that I’m not alone with the feelings and or expectations on the Christmas season! For me, I have longed for the family fantasy Christmas that I once had many many years ago as a child. What I’ve learned is that life has went in different directions – divorces, alcoholism, angry parents etc. The list goes on….what I’ve learnt this season is only I can let go and create new memories! I have a great life and two beautiful girls that fill me with gratitude and love daily. So what do I have to be sad or regretful of?? NOTHING! Seeing the gratitude instead of the gloom helps me. This Christmas will be what I make it!!
    Lots of love,

  • Brenda Hardison

    Dear Collette: I can’t thank you enough for sharing that story with the world. I have been going through a seriously rough couple actually number of years. At some points, not wanting to go through it any more, but look around me, having a house full of animals is very stressful at times and at times I have been so ill I can not care for them, but have a husband and brother in law who have done everything they can to keep going and take care of these pets when I was not able to. My husband and brother in law have not been well, so it has been a tough go on all of us. Personally dealing with issues I would never have thought I would have to deal with in my life, not seeing something coming can be a real slap in the face. But the love of family around me and my pets is what has kept me alive. Having a very difficult time dealing with Christmas for the first time in my 52 years on this earth, your story has given me some hope to keep going. Thank you again for sharing, has made me feel a little bit more alive then I have in quite a while. All the best for you at Christmas and the New Year.

  • Karyn

    As always, you rock!

  • Thomas

    Dear Colette, I want to thank you for this post. Your openess and honesty is beautiful. I am going on 5 years sober and have been a little bit down these last couple of months. One thing for sure, a drink will not make it better.
    I have a wonderful sponsor who is guiding me in a new journey. He has helped me so much I can’t begin to explain. Your cards have been very helpful also. Sometimes it is exactly what is happening in my life. I was very touched by your post. It made me feel as if I know you.
    I hope your holidays are joyous and safe. Blessings of light and love ~♡~

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      congrats sober brother … one day at a time yes/ one day at a time xoxoxo

  • Emilia

    I love reading your blogs. The holiday season will be quiet for me. I like it that way really. Each year I’ve planned to be “ready” yet not achieved that readiness. So I’ll do what I can, love doing whatever that is and maintain an attitude of goodwill. Each year has presented so so differently so I prefer to adapt. I noticed it has annoyed the family network(at times) or just puzzled them. Everyone can choose what suits them best. Much love to all xxxxxxxxx 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂

  • Alannah

    Beautiful, sparkling Colette… annnd stinky puppy!
    I don’t always post a comment, but I read every blog you write, and visit the site for a card for the day.
    Thank you and bless you, you are an inspirational, light and love being, and you are so loved. You help more than you even know. <3
    Love & Christmas blessings to you and your family, from the other side of the world where it's hot and Summer. 🙂 xxxxx

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