When it’s Time to Tell a New Story!

Updated: December 14, 2015

Dearest sparkle being!

Holiday season is ramping up and it always makes me feel slightly crazed (shhh don’t tell anyone). It’s true I find myself wafting between empathy overload and worrying about my pants getting tight and the blissful surrender of shifting my gaze from the ambitions of my future self, and how my present version of self doesn’t quite measure up, to “how far I’ve come.” Yes my mind is truly entertaining when in avoidance mode.

But! The best part of all this is the crazed part is no longer the main event in my life as it was many years ago, as a matter of fact now that I think about it it’s really only a story I tell.

Then again we do have a new puppy with a few medical issues who at 3 pounds manages the amazing feat of farting like an elephant on a garlic and cabbage diet which miraculously wakes me up gasping assuming a nightmare about chemical warfare. Grateful that when I open her crate door I find a puppy still there and not an evil smelly alien signaling her need to go potty. Two or three times a night from the crate to the paper is in fact breaking up my sleep pattern!
So now there’s also  that story for “why I am crazed this season.”

Perhaps you might think me boring if it was all sugar plum fairies and happiness. I mean is it Ok to be so happy? What if something happens? Or maybe I just click on the crazed button because I have a subconscious trigger around Christmas.
I think it’s a little of all of the above. What about you? Do you relate to this at all? Do you have an automatic story around certain times of the year?

I love Byron Katie’s deeply transformative pivotal question in her seminal work called The Work- “Who would you be without your story?”

I’m grateful that I know how to turn the autopilot off. Old stories don’t serve anything but the past, but you do have to fill up the space with something.

I liken the autopilot storyteller to having an app running constantly on my iphone with a subliminal message that plays all the time as background to whatever else I’m trying to do. It’s subtle and just under the surface yet because it’s been so deeply ingrained it colors everything.

But what if it’s time to tell a new story? What if it’s time to be congruent with the frequency of how I want to show up in the world, how I could show up in my most authentic way, and forgo the old stories that just play on even though they have long lost their meaning.

I think these times are perfect to come up with new stories to tell, new ways of dealing with things and most importantly new expectations.

The unknown is where the things you have not yet experienced lie hidden in plain sight and waiting to be discovered. The known map is the wrong one if you want to go somewhere new. Well, it’s the wrong one if you want to lead a different life, a more meaningful one, one that exists with more clarity and freedom.

I had an interesting experience recently when I found myself in a situation brimming with a lot of promise and opportunity yet expecting it to go the way of all the others and basically go nowhere. Why would I do that? I was so sure things would not go my way I almost fell off my chair when my phone rang with better news.

Here’s the thing.. you and me , we’re not the same people today, so if we were to tell a new story, we have to give ourselves permission to shift our old expectations and allow them to expand into a new version of themselves.
I saw how much easier it was to assume a failure. To reach for the stars makes you so much more vulnerable.

It has to be ok to desire something, work toward something and to hope for things to do well. I want to risk for something better. Do you?

What I know is to tell a new story I have to stop telling the old one.

Jumping to conclusions that are based on past experience doesn’t allow for Spirit to maneuver on your behalf.

I know that new stories have always shown up when I surrendered to Spirit’s guidance and to the essence of my desires, leaving the form up to the Divine. Then I have something new to share. If I want that new thing to be more constant within me I need to repeat, and reinforce it through my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Reality is created through repetition. As I think, as I believe, so shall I be and so shall I see.

I have learned that my serenity is inversely proportionate to my expectations. So for this week, I’ve decided to just show up for the miracle and see what happens. Not sure what the new story is yet, but I’ll let you know. One thing I do know.. is I’ve come a long way from where I began and even though I still have a long way to go, I’m cool with it. Life’s been an amazing ride so far.

So this week I’m going to expect wonderful instead of woeful.
What a concept. I will let you know the new story. ;)
I’m hoping it will include a non- farting puppy that doesn’t smell.

Ok tag you’re it. What new story do you want to tell about the holidays?

Love you so !! Write me back.


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  • Kathy Findlay

    Thanks Colette,
    I have been playing the stories of Christmas past in my head for days. Many of which were wonderful but others (most) were stressful, where the expectations of family and heartfelt memories was weighted down by that desire to make everything perfect. Thank you for the reminder that we can create a new story. All the best to you and your family.

    • Tresna

      Many thanks Colette – I had a wonderful meditation this morning and your words just added to the experience. Sorry about your puppy troubles. I feel very blessed for my healthy 8 month old toy poodle who makes me laugh so often. Blessings to you. Love Tresna

  • Renee Sugar

    Good to give thought to what’s next? where? when? HOW? Last week I bumped into a former colleague whom I haven’t
    seen for 5 years since I was laid off after 12 year professional association. What was interesting is that I was very aware of how
    much freer I was from the old ways of always feeling like the outsider. who didn’t belong and how the culture in a company, or family can deeply impact our self-concept. Seeing that I met her in the setting where I am currently working on a contractual basis; I was so grateful that doorway was closed in 2011. It was sad, and confusing but also opportunity to leave behind so much of my former life, and the perceptions, behaviors that no longer fit. As life has unfolded ; the last five years, have invited so many new opportunities in an attempt to discover what is the best direction for me at this stage of my life? I have knocked on so many doors, explored/initiated entrepreneurial projects followed my creative; intuitive nudges and have been designing a new life as I go along.
    What once felt safe, secure and protective had become stymied, and stuck and I needed to undergo a death to release many old layers of my former self, and life. It was absolutely necessary for the development of my spirit to be released otherwise I could not have become and find myself where I do today. It isn’t always clear why a certain door opened and then closed quickly thereafter. I never stopped attempting and continuing to explore other options . I know the road to reinvention is not always a direct route, but the person I met was still working for the same company and I have had so many new experiences which have led me to meeting interesting and different kinds of people. When the door to the box closed , the world became my oyster, and I am still committed to navigating through this uncharted maze to keep “becoming”. There are no “right” or “wrong” choices. It usually becomes very clear when the fit is not in the spirit of the best interests of all concerned. I need to be less attached to any specific outcome, and just allow an experience to unfold, not judge, or asses its suitability. It is a process of testing possibilities. I love the new adventure of stepping into new doorways. It is a courageous way of living. I would rather choose to experience life in new ways, than to be “safe” and certain about HOW, WHEN, WHERE etc.
    “If we knew everything beforehand, it would be dictation, not creation” Gertrude Stein. There is something much higher, wiser and more intelligent than my understanding always includes, so why not TRUST that my best interests are at heart.
    Time to go to work!!!!!!!!
    XOXO Renee

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love that quote from Gertrude Stein ” If we knew everything before hand it would be dictation not creation!” love this

  • Teri

    Colette — First off, thank you for keeping so many of us on track. Secondly, a dog who is farting that bad has himself a little tummy trouble. Something is causing it i.e. food fermenting like grains or it might be a dysbiosis (yeast/bacteria overgrowth-leaky gut) problem. Do you happen to have a holistic or integrative vet in your area? There is my “take” on the doggie toots. Thank you again for everything. — Teri Brown

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Teri she has Giardia on top of a bladder infection and she also came with ear mites! We have an awesome holistic vet so we are all set and yup we know from whence the toots cometh from lololol

  • Edith

    Good morning

    I new life is like a new puppy. Until you find the right diet your puppy is going to be gassy. It is like finding your footing. Each stage Spirit gives us is as unsure as how the puppy see each day. A wonder to be hol. Or, like a baby waliking for the first time. When Spirit new ideas or situations are a bout to come, I get very figgity and do not know what to do with myself. The hardest thing is to just let all unravel like a Christmans gift and accept and grow with the opportunity.
    If i have doubts , I do or can wallow in anxiety and then I find my courage and slowly remember i have faith and I trust what is coming to me and get up and take the next step. Just look in that little puppy’s eyes and see the wonder that will be .
    Boy I am sorry sort of went on and on.

    The best of the Holidays to you.



    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this

      • Belinda

        Many new things are on their way. Our world is changing for the better. Many things that do not serve are dying, from the inside out. Like puppy’s tummy. Those old foods die and new foods come and the body adjusts, letting out stagnant air, and smells to show that the intestines are working to bring balance back to your puppy. We to have air, which is the mental, and we have many stinky thought processes that need to be farted out of our psyche if you will. But like the puppy our farts are not obnoxious to us, so spirit sends people to make us aware of the smell and to offer new and exciting things to chew on and digest, Hence the farting of the old and balance it brought about. The Divine is present during all and is aiding us as the great physician, our job is to ASK, Audibly Seeking Knowledge, or Audaciously Seek Knowing. In any case, we grow. And God is so amazing to help us by sending a smelly old dog to help us have compassion on ourselves, as we extend into our world which is a seed, compassion as this little one adjusts. Love you to the moon Colette! Oh, and WISDOM ORACLES, are amazing! Love Love love. xo Many blessing for a happy Holiday for you. Can you lift up my daughter for me, Angela Gayheart. Thank you, I have lifted you and yours up with protection and abundance. xo

  • Lauren

    Oh my! I certainly can resonate with the new puppy experience…..only it was January and I had to do the coat/hat/boots thing and go outside 2 times a night LOL Just a heads-up on the farting thing…..don’t try chicken hearts…..long story but I was trying to entice my dog to eat and boiled up some chicken hearts (they were cheap in the grocery store back then)…..we all had to leave the room because the air quality was so bad after a fart….lesson learned very fast!
    A new story would be great….however, I am in the land between stories. The challenge is to imagine various possibilities without attaching to any of them and still be happy with where I am. Hmmm, I think that calls for my sense of humour and my Gratitude to work a little harder and not eat all the white chocolate peppermint bark that I made to give away 🙂

  • Leigh

    This really spoke to me this week, and I think came just in the nick of time, so thank you Colette. Also, what you wrote about telling a new story and not knowing what it is but showing up for the miracle really spoke to me. I know I will read this a few times throughout the day to let it all sink in! Love.

  • Catyana

    Ms. Baron-Reid,

    Thank you so much for all of your work. I have been honored to meet you twice now in AZ (and gave you shirts with my designs).

    I want to express my gratitude for your weekly readings, as they help focus me onto better things. I have your decks as apps in my phone and use them regularly also. You give me courage to try to use my own creativity to become a self-sustaining entrepreneur. I really like your thought of expect wonderful as opposed to woeful.

    I love your analytical nature and how you explain the history of words and ideas. That is really great! In reading your books I feel so much admiration for your openness and courage to be so open. I too have had to work through the tragedy and stress of rape and see you as an inspiration. I admire you and am very grateful for you and plan on seeing you this fall when you are back in AZ.

    Thank you again for all of your work and products!



  • Debra Tompkins

    I love reading your stories of your life. Saying things as they are. You are a remarkable lady so down to earth. Now isnt that a funny statement. You have a way of making life more simple when we change our thought pattern. Greatly appreciated. Have a very Merry Christmas Enjoy the holidays. Cheers Debra T.

  • Janice

    Thank-you for your thoughts today. Since last March Pluto has been crossing my seventh house and I have been working on letting go of my old story.. Today I will surrender to spirit’s guidance and begin writing a new story. Your new Oracle cards have been a great help on my journey of self discovery.
    As for your puppy try giving her a tsp of pumpkin. It really helps.

  • Annelie

    Ahhh, Colette! You have such lovely energy. I love the way you communicate and the wisdom you bring, always. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  • Christy

    Great article, and very timely for me. I’m in the same place now. I’m working to let go of the old story, old way of seeing myself and life. I am really starting to understand, as opposed to just knowing in my mind, that in order to have my life be different, I have to allow myself to let go of the old patterns and beliefs that are holding me back. Remembering and having the courage to actually be the person you want to be is scary but so exciting. I wish us both, all of who are going through this, a graceful journey into being our true selves. Happy holidays!

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely laughed out loud hearing the story of your puppy….you have such a way with words!! Hysterical!

  • Pauline McFadden

    Good morning Collette,

    Thanks to a dear friend of mine I found you. My life started to change when I moved from Ontario to Vancouver Island Canada. When I arrived here I had nothing. Today I have a new life, own my own home . Have wonderful friends and two beautiful little rescue dogs. And now you in my life. Life still gets tough but being spiritual really helps ride out the bad times.I try to be positive but sometimes it is hard.Then I think of the person I once was and I am grateful I no longer walk that path, I believe in Angels and a life after this world. I really admire your dedication to helping people and May the Blessings be on you and your Family…..

    Pauline Mcfadden

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Pauline what a wonderful story and one to share for sure xoxoxoxo BIG HUG and welcome to my lil tribe xoxox

  • Vil

    Hi. I love your ‘real life’ writings … you tell it like it is. I’m struggling with the expectations concept you raised. I have Michael J Fox’s quote on my bulletin board and believe in it wholeheartedly: My happiness grows in direct proportion to my acceptance and in inverse proportion to my expectations. You wrote something similiar and went on to say you’re going to expect wonderful instead of woeful. I recently went through a truly tragic betrayal that not only has made me question all the memories/stories of my past, it’s changed my present, and will impact every day of my future (there’s no way of ‘going back’) – it’s really one of those unimaginable things where your life is completely changed out of the blue. I’m working through creating a new life for myself (by the way the Oracle cards have been a God send through this process), but without falling into the trap of “expectations” because truly you never know what tomorrow (or even the next minute) will bring. However like you said you need to fill the space with something. Focusing on intention vs. expectation seems to be working for now but would love your perspective on this…..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      might even be worth a whole blog on that. So My version of expecting wonderful is based on radical acceptance and that Spirit has my back no matter what, no matter the outer conditions that may temporarily be rocky. That to be open and curious is to be wondrous. .. I should have explained that better! Food for awesome thought!!! xoxoxoxo

  • Lori

    Holidays have been challenging for a few years – Everyone is gone, everything changed ‘quick ‘ as can BE – I was stunned, perhaps, I still am – I drive by the where I worked, in a historical old red house that has since been torn down and replaced by a huge ‘new’ building – Mom, Oldsters, Clients, friends transitioned on in one ‘big’ sweep – I sit and breathe ALOT – I am ‘Grateful’ for the beautiful old stories – And I am ‘Grateful’ for these ‘moments’ of change ,now , as I learn to release and move forward to new adventures every day – Wheweeee ?

  • Lisa

    Oh boy Colette ! .. Since I spoke to you on air on HayHouse radio in March of this year, I have been observing myself in a gentler way, and accepting that I am worthy .. That call changed me, shortly after that I had experiences that verified what had been said that day. Yet I still struggled to feel worthy ! . Silly but true. Last weeks blog really got me .. I could see my two stories side by side .. One sad and hopeless, the other open to unlimited possibilities. .. I really have had enough of that waiting for the other shoe to drop ! .. Vulnerability is about being able to trust, and taking risks, knowing that I will be alright regardless of how things appear, or whether the form turns out completely different to what I might imagine. When I needed a new teacher, mentor, you appeared. And as the year flew by I began to think of you as my cyber friend, because you speak and write in a way that reaches deep within my soul. .. I am known by some as a gal who can tell some far out stories ! .. This Christmas I am writing my own new story and in 2016 I am going to live it ! .. Thank you for the inspiration to do so ! .. I see myself at a recording studio where two busy souls get together and sing songs that have heart opening, healing vibrations ! Of course I am not attached, because I know for sure that whatever is for someone, never goes past them ! .. All in all , I am just going to keep telling new stories of success in every area of my life and watch the magic ensue! .. Ps .. I asked Santa to send me to a workshop given by you ! .. Woot ! .. Thank you for helping me make it through 2015 and for giving me the gusto to write a new story ! .. 2016 I am living the NEW story ..

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yay! thank you for sharing xoxox

      • Lisa

        Over the course of our 24 year marriage, I have read aloud to my husband. We have enjoyed our spiritual journey and have grown together as a result of sharing books in this manner. .. Now I also read your blog posts aloud to him .. Today he laughed out loud a couple of times ! .. You are pretty hilarious ! Xoxox

  • Teresa Mooney

    I was thinking about this after listening to you. This world shift and times of uncertainty are, from what I have learned, going to last to 2025. Do you have any insight on this? Does this mean a total world change, does this mean spiritual awareness, does this mean global disasters, etc.? My feeling is that in order for the world to change for the better, if that’s the purpose, is something huge and profound will have to happen. We are too diverse, independent, attached to material things, self centered, to be able to come together and change the world or even our society here in this country. I know over the last few years people have finally started questioning things instead of just accepting and instead of spiritualism being a woo woo thing people are turning away from organized religion, realizing the control that comes with it. But too me, it seems like it will take far longer for the world to change for the greater good, as an example, our government. So I am interested in your intuitive feeling on this. You know I have been following and learning from you for years. ??????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      well maybe all of it is true but we can change ourselves now. The Woo woo is where it’s at!!

  • Bree

    That sweet puppy is a vivid reminder that “we are spirit” here to empirically participate in the human experience, farts, warts and all. So let it rip!


  • Katy Borges

    Hi Colette,

    This was great and so on time – Thank you so much! I’ve been working on my affirmations throughout the whole year and I created new pathways for new behaviours to emerge. I’m very grateful and proud of the work I’ve done. Lately, I’m aware of some old fears, stories and thoughts that disempower me. I’m actually excited that they are emerging, which means that it’s working! It means that things are clearing for the new to come. When I’m in that panic (ego) moment where I’m feeling scared, the one thought that supremes all and that I think of right away is: “I am safe and all is well.” I’ve been adding lately: “I have faith” or “God’s got this”. I trained my mind this year to give it all to God for him to heal it and transform it. It’s been quite helpful 🙂

    2016 will be a breeze!
    Here’s to Good Health, Wealth and Love
    Katy xo

  • Heather

    Colette! I just LOVE you. Plain and simple! I smile from the inside out every time I read your blog posts, listen to your forecasts or see a new pic of you and that dazzling red hair online! Your ability to be truth is phenomenal. It is the greatest gift I could ever imagine mastering and you’ve got it dialled girlfriend! Thank you! And I also love reading “Dearest Sparkle Being Heather” when I read my email! It makes me FEEL SO GOOD!!!!! Love, love, love!!!! xoxoxox

  • Lisa Claudia Briggs

    Giardia is the worst….poor puppy and you…it can take some time plus quarantining from the other dogs is hard.
    But I appreciate the notion of two stories…mine are so different. One from the wounded child archetype/victim…. one from the creator/visionary/guided part. There are days that I can only believe in one…there are days when I can catch the fears and remind myself of who I truly am and what I have created at different moments in time. I think your point about the relationship between serenity and level of expectations is important- especially in transitions, low expectations creates an easier link to gratitude, which opens the door for everthing else. I too am really loving the new deck (and the older ones)….it’s kind of the straight-shooter of the pack…you can’t miss the message and it’s always dead on.
    Love to you xo

  • Barb Parcells

    OMG! This is the very conversation I had with my adult daughter yesterday and the ideas that I have been wrestling with for the last week! This Christmas season has been so much about disappointment, about not being able to “do it as we always do” and asking ourselves why that is so important? If the old ways aren’t working any more, why not create new ones? Is it better to let the kids see us stressing out because we can’t make it for them the way it was made for us, or to come up with our own new and creative ways to let the holiday mean what it is supposed to mean: love, family, peace. If you ask the kids, they’d probably say that they’d rather have a happy mom and grandma instead of grumpy, unhappy ones for Christmas. We need to sit down as a family and talk about why those old ways were so important to us and what we can take learn from them. It’s not about the tradition, it’s what we got from it. When the cards came up the way they did, I nearly fell off my chair. I’m betting there are millions of folks out there all going through the same thing right now!

  • Danie May

    Hi Colette, I do love your readings and posts and this today really resonated with me especially the ‘my serenity is inversely proportionate to my expectations’. Last year was probably one of the worst Christmas’s we have ever had and this was probably because I placed too much expectation on how the day should be. It really was the turning point for both my husband and I (there was lots of other things happening at the time too) and we have implemented so much change in our lives since this. My husband and I vowed that this year we would be doing things different and we plan to spend the majority of our Christmas day enjoying just our own company, however this breaking of tradition and not doing what we perceive as the expected thing (ie. spending it with family – normally we host Christmas Lunch for both sets of parents) brings me to the point of trepidation, even when like you I receive direct guidance from spirit about it being time to change things up, let go of the old and start new traditions. I know I am not alone in doing this, this year with other friends in a similar situation and it is somewhat comforting to read your post here talking about this. Here’s to expecting wonderful instead of woeful! Cheers xx

  • Jo

    Wow Colette your timing amazing. I have been moving toward a new dream and different view on looking at reaching. I’m just going to Ho with the flow of life and just do what comes along for me and what makes me happy and looking forward with positivity in mind body and spirit, see the good in all

  • Ada

    Oh Colette, I hope stinky puppy smell evaporates into happy healthy not so noxious puppy farts and smells soon. They all fart fabulously and well my Baby Buddy, my rescue boy who is between 12 & 14, wakes himself when he does it aloud. The joys of fur baby fun!

    My new story is more of going into the frame of mind “What do I expect of me…” something that really struck me today.. and sensing “I can do it,” whatever the “It” is that Creator has in mind/store etc with what my desires and dreams.

    This is the Season for Believin’ after all! HUGS to you and all your family at Green Acres and beyond

  • Sandra

    What a great and timely post Colette! I too fell into the old story trap just yesterday. An interesting opportunity fell into my lap recently and as I was following up on the opportunity, I began to get my knickers in a twist over it. You know the drill, “you’re such a loser” and “nothing will come of it, yadda, yadda, yadda.” But with my stubborn determination and my spirit guide’s help I ignored the voice and just got on with sending the email. Usually with these types of opportunities it’s been my experience that a) there’s no response just the sound of crickets chirping, or b) it takes days, weeks or even months for any kind of response. So I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an immediate reply and it is looking promising. It’s sad, ridiculous and too easy to just assume failure. I’m with you 100% Colette, it’s definitely time to start telling a new story, be new, be open, expect wonderful instead of woeful. Thanks for your wonderful insights.

  • Genene

    I seem to be on the same track with this week’s reading! Discussion with my spirit guides brought the realization “those less fortunate” aren’t here to cause guilt, but to help me be grateful for all I have. I wrote a blog detailing this, but the short story is this resulted in a wonderful change in perspective for me, dissolving a growing resentment that decades of hard work didn’t seem to get me anywhere. With this new outlook (yes, a new and improved story!) I realized I was indeed blessed and had been blocking even more abundance with old “stuff” I was hanging onto. Also that I have gifts aside from money, including the loving and healing energy of Reiki, that will provide great benefit to both me and those playing the role of “those less fortunate.” Win-win for everyone! As always, thank you for your wisdom intertwined with our day-to-day human experiences.

  • Diana Boles

    There are two old story “ME’s”. There is a me that has a story that No longer has a need. It is put to rest. The Swan has emerged from the dream time–that state of free fall through the spiralling black hole.
    There is a traditional me. The one who keeps a legend alive. The me that honors the history by creating traditions from the scraps of memories.
    The two merged into the long necked, white feathered, long necked, wings spread graceful in silent flight.
    Yes!!!yes!!! Blog the “Intention vs Expectation”

  • cathy a corn

    Yes, Colette, you are going to be an animal healer as well as a people healer. I’ve had an assortment of ailing pets, and I’m learning so much about facilitating healing in the darlings. Before I got the new kitten, I prayed long and hard and begged for a healthy one. I promise to continue learning…but on someone else’s critter. Sending love, light, and faery dust to neutralize the flatus. Your love will clear the room, so to speak. You can do it.

  • Cassandra

    After yesterday, it would HAVE to be a miracle.

  • Karen

    Merry Christmas,
    Well, my husband and I haven’t talked to his brothers for six years. My husband’s mother died last week and we have reunited with the brothers. At first my thoughts were “forget it! They hurt us.” But I want to start a new story. New beginnings. Yes, let’s see what miracles happen. I want my life to have wonderful memories .
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Amy

    Thank you so much, Collette! You seemed to be speaking just to me, so it is a long overdue realization for me that others often did not feel wanted or accepted in their families of origin. I felt excluded from my mother’s and sister’s relationship for all my growing up years, so visiting our grandmother’s for Christmas was a relatively happy time for me, because my grandmother was inclusive in her relationship with my sister and I, and I felt loved and valued when with her, unlike when I was with just my mother and older sister since my mother seemed to view me as a competitor of my sister. My grandmother also gave me a sense of belonging and of family continuity. Her mother had emigrated from Germany when just 2 years old, and my grandmother had some of the German traditions still, though we did not have a Christmas tree mouse. Anyway, I felt loved and secure with her, though my sister still gave me the cold shoulder and didn’t want me around. It has taken me many years of learning the lesson that I do not have to be with people who are unkind to me, but I still must consciously remind myself of this. In fact, now that I think of it, I think that I should focus on how my grandmother caused me to feel , and look for others like this, not focus on the negative of my experience with my mother and sister. It is difficult, but I will try! I have escaped from an abusive marriage and have 3 beautiful grown children, so I have much to be thankful for. This time is a time I will take to rebuild my life as a happy one – and not feel I must make it perfect for everyone else and to fit my idea of the perfect Christmas!

  • Janet

    This holiday season I find myself in an emotional wilderness. Christmases past and Christmas present collided this week. Even though I feel blindsided, I am obviously a co-creator. After reading your timely blog and watching your Universal Energies video, maybe it was the old ways and new ways colliding!
    Instead of fighting this wilderness, I think I will be still today, experience this empty canvas, and ask for signs along the way. Thank you for sharing, Collette. Wishing you much love and happiness, Janet

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      very wise… remain open and curious.. what transpires may be unexpectedly wondrous!

  • Beverly

    Whilst, supposedly, relaxing in sea salt and lavender bath last night, I managed to conjure up a nightmare scenario about my ex-manipulative-husband, conning my niece into bringing some sort of communication into the house at Christmas (for my father) because I was the one blocking his good relationship with my family blah! blah! blah! I am glad to say that now I am able to take a step back and say, OK! suppose that does happen, how am I going to react! The answer being, I am not going to react, that is a VERY old story and I am writing a new (maybe need to write a bit faster!) story and to quote Colette: ‘Not my circus and certainly not my monkeys!’ (I like real monkeys though!) Wishing all a happy and peaceful Christmas! ; ) x

  • Lisa_AK

    Merry Christamas and Happy Holidays to you Colette and Sparkly Tribe!

    Colette you crack me up!! LOL!! I used to have a 95lb. collie who would get up and move, then you’d smell the fart! I always told her I’d get up and move too if I farted like that! But could she please get up and move next time Before the fart!! Blessings and healing energy to your puppy.
    Anyway, I’ve so let go of my old story but it took many years of working on myself but well worth it. Only just 2 years ago did I finally BELIEVE I am good enough just the way I am…I am worthy…as we all are, of love, acceptance, kindness and great and wonderful things that make up our lives!! Yes, every once in while when I’m not feeling well or I’m around the wrong the kind of people too long, that old story tries to creep in…but I quickly squash it and send it packing!!! I remember that I’m a child of God, I do nothing to intentionally hurt or harm anyone and always try to help people so I am worthy!! It’s so sad the tape that gets started in so many people’s minds from an early age due to parents, family, experiences, religion, etc. And then each of us has to find our way through the muddy mess to find the realization that those people and experiences may be part of our story BUT they are not who we truly are.
    So much is happening in the world we have to remind ourselves to continue to meditate, pray and stay around or in contact with like minded people. I’ve never felt like I belonged much of anywhere except with a very few close friends. I’ve always been the rebel in family, questioning everything about everything and exploring, wondering, investigating, believing differently, etc. So thank you Colette for this fantastic space and our Tribe!
    My story continues to evolve and I feel like my life is moving in a whole different direction, slowly but surely. I’ve had a talk with Spirt about this and I know from signs, dreams, etc. that I’m on track…sometimes I just wish the train would move a little faster! But then it’s not always about the destination, sometimes it’s more about the journey!
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Catherine

    I love the Christmas holiday season…No matter what has gone on in my life over the last 40 years I wring out every ounce of love and cheer possible. I have five amazing children with amazing spouses and 5 scrumptious little grandsons to celebrate with… This year is no different with the exception of the exhaustion that seems to permeate my soul that sleep isn’t healing…I find the exhaustion interesting as it is probably been one of my toughest years…and with those tough times of course the best learning…although I really thought I had put those particular lessons away years ago…LOL….Surprise…Looping back to clear it AGAIN….LOL…I gave away millions of dollars more than I ever thought possible over the last 18 years and although I understand how much that money has helped so many people, animals, the planet…had I held onto more of it I could have built out my infrastructure bigger to do so much more positive action for so many more around the world…So my goal for 2016 is to add back 2% of that money I gave away, build out the infrastructure bigger globally and focus on increasing 1000x the reach of facilitating positive change within the companies to see 10,000x the change outwardly to our environment, people and all species in need of aid so that we continue to attain and maintain a sustainable present and future for humanity et al…This or something greater and so it is!! So I wish each of you in our tribe love, peace, harmony and the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest of Holiday Seasons however you celebrate. Always grateful to you Colette. Namaste

  • Eric


    Ha! You had me cracking up talking about your puppy! Perhaps he is sitting up at night wondering why he ate that, as we all do at some time or another, more likely around the holidays. We all also know what a miserable feeling it is and perhaps we need to change what we eat. Until then we have to be reminded about that thing we consumed that upset our stomach so badly and we make promises to God never to eat that again if we can only get rid of the upset stomach. I hope he’s feeling better soon.

    Perhaps your puppy’s situation is a metaphor for your topics over the last few weeks. I have been reading them but haven’t had a chance to write in until now. If I remember right your past two discussions were on the power of saying “no” and the ability to cut out the noise and to find out what is good for you and not what someone else thinks is good for you: telling your own story. I happen to run across a video of you and your colleague Glynis McCants: The Numbers Lady. You were talking about what to expect for 2015 and how to correlate that to your own numeric chart. I liked the part where Glynis talked about the universal vibrations; this confirmed some things that I had written about previously and I expect that you had a smile and a twinkle in your eye when you read what I had written. I was also struck by her description of the “2 vibration”; the 2 will see someone stuck in a well, jump down in the well and ask the stuck person, “Hey, are you stuck? How did you get here?” only to have the stuck person climb on the person with the 2 vibration, step on their head, and out of the well leaving the 2 to sit there asking, “How did that happen?” As a person with three 2s in his numeric chart (three 2s, two 8s, and a 3) I’m extremely familiar with this scenario. I’ve had to learn that you can only bend over so far to help someone falling over a cliff before they pull you over with them. It would all depend on who that person is before you decide to help them and it would depend on whether or not you were equipped to help that person. I had written about “Sparkly Beings Airlines flight Life 101, non-stop service from where you are in life to where you are going in life”; in that piece I wrote the following:

    Oxygen and the pressures of life are always being monitored. In the event of a depression or the sensation that you feel confined, oxygen deprived, and can’t breathe, instructions on how to get more oxygen will automatically appear in front of you. Clear your mind, set outside matters aside, and you are ready to focus on breathing. Bring your attention to the sensation of breathing. Breathe in long and out long for a couple of times, focusing on any spot in the body where the breathing is easy to notice, and your mind feels comfortable focusing. If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your own state of mind, and then assist the other person.

    Remember, you need to fix your own oxygen mask before you help others; fix yourself before you put yourself in a position to fix someone else or you’ll end up with two broken people. With 2016 being a World Year Number of 9 I can’t wait to see what you and Glynis talk about for next year.

    Right now, as we speak, I’m in the process of writing a book: a cookbook. I guess you say, “You must be a gourmet,” actually quite the opposite. If I’m not a cook then why am I writing a cookbook? Actually there are a couple of reasons. First, being a single guy I frequently have to make my own meals and when I make my food I’d like to have some of the dishes that I grew up with and that mom made taste so good. Now mom is the type of cook that can adjust a recipe at will; after eating something that she’s made I ask her how she made it. She would respond with a matter of fact voice, “All you do is add a little of this, a dab of that”. As I try to frantically remember what she said when it comes time to make the dish I have nothing. With a cookbook of her recipes I have a starting point and then I can add my own “dab of this”. Secondly, today we eat so much processed food that we don’t know what’s in it. Fast food restaurants are packed at meal times because people don’t know how to cook anymore. The recipes that I mentioned before are from my mom and she got them from her mother. Some of the dishes may not be the healthiest but you know what was used to prepare them. I also have been doing genealogy research and in that endeavor I read a lot of death certificates. I’ve noticed that when reading the cause of death I noticed that the things that people succumbed to 75 years ago aren’t the same things people pass from today. I haven’t found one ancestor prior to about 1940 dying from cancer yet there are many incidences of cancer in my family recently, as well as other things such as auto immune disorders, something that I continue to recover from. One thing that I have found that has changed from 75 years ago to today is how food is prepared. There are more preservatives, hormones and other chemicals that may contribute to the ailments that we frequently suffer. Now I want to be more conscious of what I eat and how my food is prepared; the only way to really do this is to make it yourself. Thirdly, we can all mark moments in time by our five senses. If it’s cold it must be winter, if you smell flowers it must be spring; newly mown grass might signify summer. Music can also signify moments in time as well. A song on the radio might throw you back to the time when you bought your first car, or the summer you spent with your first love. There are certain moments in my life that I remember by what smells were coming out of the kitchen. Whether it is smell of homemade soup on a cool fall evening or granny’s fresh baked rolls for a gathering with family these aromas can take you back to a moment in time, benchmarks along your path of life. I want to remember these moments in time; it’s not just about eating the food but the whole experience preparing the food, sharing the food with family and friends, and giving thanks that you have a bounty to be able to share. I once asked why that when I make a dish that it doesn’t taste like when mom or granny makes it. A friend reminded me that there is one ingredient that they add to all of the food that they prepare: love. Being able to prepare food and share it with someone makes it taste that much better.

    Lately I have been getting vivid images of past events in my life. These are events that I wished I had said or done something different, events where I was embarrassed or felt ashamed. Some of these memories are so vivid that I find myself sometimes shaking my head or talking to myself; I tell myself (out loud) how stupid that was or how stupid I was to do that. I ask God to take away these feelings and if only I could shake these memories I could move on to achieve my goals. I am ok for a while but then one of these memories comes back and I get stuck again. I know there are some good memories in there to be had, perhaps another reason to write the cookbook (hopefully without the pounds 😛 ). Just like your poor puppy all of these bad memories are upsetting my stomach and people don’t want to be around me. It’s only when I can tell a new story, one where I can be the narrator and the audience, that I can reshape my life. Perhaps I need to create new mental recipe, one that won’t upset my stomach, which will help me tell a new story for 2016 and beyond.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this so much ! Love you are writing a cook book! I wish my puppy had eaten something bad- she actually has something called Giardia .. a parasitic issue that spoils the gastro intestinal area and is hard to get rid of. sigh.. good luck and merry holiday!

      • Eric

        I forgot to mention that with all of the turmoil going on in the world I decided to look at the chart of the United States. There is a transiting “T-square” with Mars opposition Uranus both squared by Pluto. With Pluto being the apex of the T-square and in the United States’ 2nd house this indicates a change or transformation in values. With natal Saturn in the 10th house this indicates stability and structure in the world arena. This is also being squared by transiting Pluto. With all of the rhetoric that is being uttered in the political arena it has the potential to affect the standing of the United States in the world. I haven’t looked out as far as next year’s Presidential elections but this influence will be present for awhile. This effect is also enhanced by transiting Jupiter conjuncting natal Neptune in the 9th house.

        I also looked at the chart for Canada. The T-square has Pluto in the 10 house; look for changes in Canada’s standing in global affairs. They may forge new relationships with other countries that they may not have normal relations with and look to move out of the shadow of the U.S.

        Just my observations and brief outlook for 2016 😉

        • Colette Baron-Reid

          Eric you are a well of information.. well if Trump gets in and it may well be possible… lots will change

  • Jenny Flanigan

    Hi Colette, When you said, “Yes my mind is truly entertaining when in avoidance mode.” I really got a good chuckle out of this one; I can relate! Thanks to your teachings, I’m better able to catch myself when I’m focusing on distractions to avoid what I really need to be putting my attention on. And I also love what you said about staying open to the unexpected; my brain thinks it has to come up with everything and gets all stressed out! Your blogs help me laugh and take a relaxing breath, so thank you 🙂

  • christy

    Hello Colette,
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift, you are blessed!
    A question, one that I have been struggling with of late – what is the line between non-judgemental, undconditional love and having healthy
    boundaries?? I know this comes up a lot for people at this time of year, when we are in more situations with family/friends and exposed to old
    battles and wounds than at any other time of year.
    Thanks again – hope you have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the line is flexible and isn’t easy to define nor follow.. it really is a way of being rather than a line drawn between you and another. I will think about this some more.. and come back 😉

  • Sabine

    Frohe Weihnachten Colette! ?
    With joy I read your articles and I love that you speak from your heart right into mine:)
    I found this week relatives I never knew existed. I am more than impressed with spirit lining it up for me and nudging me to do the first step. Good think I finally listened, got over my fear and let the new story unfold. I let the light shine into 90 year old dark, disappointing and “speak never of this to your father” history. I feel that I have done the right thing. I feel like the butterfly who is 3/4 through.
    So Frohe Weihnachten und schreibe weiter auf Facebook!!’

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