The Best Tip For Manifesting Your Desires!

Updated: April 4, 2016

Dearest sparkly being of Light!

I’m going to invite you into a conversation with me today and hope you’ll share your experience with me, and the rest of the tribe in the comments section.

I wonder if you’ve had an experience when you were so sure that the form of your goal or desire was exactly what you thought was supposed to be for you and you got so close to it and then it didn’t happen?

Or, maybe you even did ten vision boards to snag it and affirmations and incantations and still NADA?

And what if you even got the ABRACADABRA right like knowing that Gratitude is the key to co-creation and said so many Thank You’s you thought your face would split from smiling and still you didn’t get what you wanted?

Maybe the man you were sure would return to you on bended knee ended up with someone else (how DARE he?), or the job you were so sure you were going to get fell through (how DARE they?), or maybe the career path you were convinced was going to be your true service turned out to be not at all what you hoped? (disappointed perhaps less entitled feelings of poor me)

If we left it there we’d only be talking about what didn’t work, what didn’t happen and you could potentially wonder if perhaps you weren’t going to ever create the life you want.

I have had those moments too for sure and no amount of pouting and bargaining with the universe has ever made a dent. In the end you have no choice but to surrender. Yes sometimes this surrender starts as a defeat, self centered fear and perhaps an emotional tantrum (I know- not you) but then if you remember these words “ “What is for you- won’t go past you!” magic begins to unfold.

When you look closer at this entire dynamic we’d only be talking about the form and not the essence of your desire right?

It’s the one thing that’s so easy to forget. Spirit has a plan and it might be different than yours. Spirit will always deliver the essence of your inspired desire but Spirit (The Dude, Universe, Quantum Fred, God, The Matrix etc. you pick the name) not you or me will be the decider of the form.

We just need to be open to seeing the opportunities for our highest good.

They will always be presented.

Just not always in the form we think they’re supposed to come in.

You and me are powerful co-creators and we just need to remember that the “form” of our desire is not as powerful as the “essence” that brings it to life.

After the “not getting” part if you keep the faith that “this or something better” now manifests for me, and hold it loosely without attachment until you forget you ever had the desire to begin with something amazing happens.

The right man with the wrong hair color comes along when you’re ready, the job that makes you happiest is offered to you by a stranger in a part of town you’d never have considered before, you inherit the money from a distant relative to buy the house you didn’t think you could afford, you seemingly fail at the career of your dreams but find yourself in a new one that fits you like a glove without all the angst and you find yourself SO glad you didn’t get what you wanted etc.

Life has a sneaky way of delivering your desires in the way best for you when the time is right and when all the elements are in place for lift off.

Something happened last summer that I’m still amazed at. My husband and myself have always had a dream house in our minds. We have talked about this for years – how we would live on a farm that could be off the grid, organic vegetables, with a modest modern house close to a city but not too close. I wanted a running brook or stream and a zen like atmosphere, a place for a bird sanctuary, he wanted a work room etc. I imagined hills and horses and the crisp country air, and a place that would be safe to ride our motorcycles.

We considered it could be something in the future to save for and we talked about first buying a few acres then building this house the way Marc envisioned it. It always seemed out of reach however as we moved around the USA and saw how expensive this might end up to be. So it was a cherished “ maybe one day” mutual dream that seemed always out of reach but which we both held loosely but close to our hearts.

We were living just outside of NYC and as much as I loved the city I have ached for the quiet expanse of the country. Nature is what makes me happiest.

Then, having forgotten this dream out of the blue we got a phone call about a private sale of a property that eerily had all the aspects on our dream list that was important to us.

Thing is it was back in Canada and we weren’t looking there nor were we planning to!

Spirit however had a plan and gave us an affordable version of our dream and so the deal was made. Just like that.

We had just the exact amount saved for us to buy it.

Even more strange and cool was a phone call to astro cartographer Maya White who  told us that both my and Marc’s karmic nodes crisscrossed at exactly this place on the map. She remarked how we were likely not looking for it but that it was looking for us.

“This place chose the two of you”.

Now the point of this story is simple. The essence of your dream is always going to pull you to it. Let go the form. Had we insisted our property be in California or the Carolinas or Connecticut we would have passed on the magic offered to us.

We would have completely missed the chosen form for our shared desire.

Ah but we knew better. Eh? Canada it was!

And we still get to be in both countries, because that is what Spirit made possible.

I think it’s so important to remember that it is our job to dream, to take action towards that dream but then we have to let Spirit guide us to the best form for our highest good. If it is for you? It will never go past you!

Love to hear from you. When have you gotten your dream but in a totally different form that you thought it would come in?

Loving you always and forever.

Life is good.

love colette 200x103




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  • Andrea

    I had the dream! For some reason, spirit had brought me to this place on Manitoulin Island in November 2013. I put it on my vision board. It is still there, the place sold, and I have moved to Austria this past September to be with mom. She passed away Easter Sunday (after having been born Christmas eve) and even though I had applied for my citizenship back in the fall, it never happened. I am really in between worlds right now, my gut instinct is telling me that Austria is the place to be, and so right at this moment, I just let things happen and see where it goes. I have one more appointment with the citizenship office here tomorrow and I guess I will do just what the universal forecast says and be me. For some reason, I really do not think that I will return to Canada at this point, so….this will be an interesting journey up ahead 🙂 One way or another, I am open to whatever spirit brings me.
    Have a great week everyone.

    • Sandi

      The ‘Man” I thought was going to be it forever and ever, was the biggest, most painful, life lesson. I was ‘certain’ that at my tender age of 60 this was my last marriage I was gonna be his faithful devoted wife and live happily ever after. After all we had been together for 7 years, I moved away because he didn’t want to marry me, and he came back , it was meant to be. Right? After 6 months of marriage I realized I didn’ t like me in this relationship, I realized that I had hit a spiritual bottom, I was so low I was ready to die. Truth was I had died Spiritually, and then I realized, I had based this relationship on all of the other relationship’s I had in my life. The lie, if you love them they will love you back the very same way, fix them, save them, resuce them, and they will do the same for you. The truth, I became so powerful in my ego that I forgot who was truly in charge. The ‘Man’ was eager to divorce me, and write me a check for my time, and I crawled away broken. Gratefully broken as the sun light of the Spirit has shone on those places and revealed to me my truth, “to thine ownself be true”. So grateful. I read your book in my season of healing, (whico h continues) about your desire to sing and beliving that that was your path, and how circumstances changed. That blessed me, I now know what is a rejection is ‘something better’ I accept the things I cannot change, and change the things I can, my thinking, my reactions, my breathing. I am a work in progress and 10 months later, I am blessed daily by signs and wonders that validate who I am a grateful spritual being having a human experience. Blessings to you and yours.

      • Suzy

        Thank you for your words of transformation. I, too, feel lonely for a certain man, but I know that we cannot fit. Your words really spoke to me and encourage me to keep looking! Enjoy your journey.

    • Christin

      Colette – What a lovely article. I have been waiting for a boyfriend for six years…that I thought and BELIEVED was meant to be mine! And still it hasn’t happened. It is almost like you are afraid to not believe in the exact picture you have painted for yourself. Thank you for giving me a new perspective… maybe spirit, God, the Universe does have a better version of my dream guy waiting for me….and maybe he does have a different hair color.

  • Renee Sugar

    I have had several short term contracts manifest that were with companies that I would not have considered before.
    Recently, a recruiter from Texas noticed my profile on LinkedIn, and it was so exciting to experience this. I thought for
    sure everything was blessed, and things would fall into place. Well I had the interview, both with the recruiter by phone, and
    then with design manager in Toronto. (the job was in Toronto). Nothing happened beyond that meeting, and I was not
    invited to the next step in the process. Yes I was disappointed, but another learning opportunity to aim for a job that was
    out of my realm of experience, to be invited for the interview, ( 5 candidates) were selected, and to imagine a salary that far
    exceeded my imagination. All of the above was a gift for the spirit, although not a vibrational match. What was interesting was
    because I had a gallery of art images on my business profile, this is what attracted the attention of the recruiter. So even though
    I didn’t have a design degree, I was still invited to interview. I has made me start to think again, that maybe the visual art route
    which was the beginning of a new business at one point in time; does have a purpose even if it wasn’t to make money.

    The other day I bumped into someone that I met at a concert a year ago. I hadn’t seen her since. We were sitting side by side on
    the streetcar; and I asked if her name was Penny. She as well remembered my artwork and asked me if I was still pursuing that direction.
    I absolutely do trust Source to provide just the right doorway to support and sustain my needs. But truth be known, I am so at peace
    when creating visually and my soul is engaged in a way that my “profit-motive” isn’t when I have quotas and targets to meet. The drivers
    are inner ones, as opposed to structured by outer directed decision-makers. Yes I can play the game, and have been a productive and
    one of the top sales performers in my former role of 11 1/2 years. Today I want to enjoy myself, and not exhaust all of my energy in that game. It is a game and there is a rule book and protocol, and procedures which I can adapt to; but I will always be an “artist” whether I
    earn income or not. I desire to attract a creative role where the inner and outer forms coincide. This affords me in a very comfortable way to take care of my needs. I’m sure that it won’t be anything like what I can imagine possible. BUT Audrey Hepburn said that the word IMPOSSIBLE contains two words; ” I’M POSSIBLE”.
    ” I TRUST that whatever I desire that is is aligned with spirit; is on the way!!!!! Dr. Wayne Dyer.
    That’s all . Stay Tuned!!! XOXO

  • Tina

    I have had my biggest struggle with being attached to outcome in my career dream. I let go, I grab again. I jump through hoops and do what “they” are saying will make me successful, and I fail. Or just get no spectacular result. I cry and stomp, then I breathe and be. With your help, Colette, and your program, I have let go of the frustration. I am floating free and working less. and less stressed! Waiting for some clear direction. One potential has arrived, and it would be amazing if it came through! A good test for letting go and letting God.

    Your post reminded me of your friend Robert Ohotto’s fantabulous prayers in his book, From Fate to Destiny: Ego prayers versus soul prayers and God’s response to each are great ways to see how we can be so short-sighted.

    Namaste, everyone!

  • Lisa

    Hi Colette, thank you for the opportunity to respond to your blogs, it is a blessing to share in the community of love that you have brought together .. I was twigged to write
    You wrote about the form .. Not being attached to that but rather to the essence. .. I get that totally.
    I was so attached to the form of my life in 2009, that I was unwillingly to see any other possible paths than the one I was on .. I was sure that I was where I was meant to be, serving in a community, living in a symbiotic relationship with the earth, so many great things had occurred in magical ways, despite the challenges, the whole thing seemed to be the exact form for me .. On news year eve day 2009, 3 of my wild women friends came over and we made a huge blue spiral in the fresh snow and then traveled in and out of the spiral making prayers, offerings, chanting and laughing .. We continued inside to form a circle and during the circle I told Spirit that I was ready willing and able to lve by grace .. I would trust Spirit to direct my life and have no fear .. I meant it ! .. Lisa by Grace go i ..
    I did so freely because I was certain I was living and doing exactly the plan of my life .. I was off grid .. Surely Gods Grace would keep me there !? .. Well not exactly .. And I was terribly torn up when that form changed .. Never to be reformed .. Wow .. I was shocked ! .. Ticked ! . And unmoored ! But at my core, my saving Grace, was my knowing that there are no mistakes, and even though I felt terrible, that there must be something different for me ..
    It has not been a fast recovery for me, and I have had to forgive myself for taking long to get into full acceptance .. But I am there now .. Funny you bring up Maya White, she was the guest when I spoke with you on Hayhouseradio .. And she spoke about my north node and Lilith to me .. Anyhow when you ladies were on the line with me I felt my life was shifting in that moment, I blurted that out ..
    I now practice not being attached to the form .. I do this in all things now .. I show my children that they can look at this and that and that and that and that .. To leave the exact way the thing shows up, to God ..
    So all said, I lost the form I thought was right, I tormented myself for some time, I forgave myself and accepted myself, and now I live and let Spirit direct me .. You told me I could and you were right .. I am doing some stuff and I have totally let the form be shown to me .. I like it .. It is fun to see what comes up .. So amazed and surprised, and I know I could not think up the stuff myself
    I had no place to share for quite sometime .. Changing of form, included being distanced from wild women friends .. Once I began reading your blogs, and I could join the conversation, well that certainly has been a blessing .. Thank you for the reminder that the essence is what is important and the form that is right always presents, if I let it ! .. Whew ! .. Like a novel .. Xox thank you ..

  • Carolyn

    I have always wanted to study academic painting — the time-tested teaching and art method used by the Old Masters — but when I was young and determined to be an artist, no schools offered such training. They scoffed at it, actually. Still, I was determined and tried a few times to get into art schools but something always got in the way. Years later, (now about three years ago) I discovered that this realistic art style is making a comeback and schools are cropping up now where they teach this method. Still, the closest one to me meant either moving most of the way across Canada or packing up for the States. A few months ago, when re-evaluating what I really want in my life and realizing creativity is crucial, and that this maybe could happen in ways other than writing, I was directed to a local artist who had recently opened up the kind of atelier I was looking for — in my city! I finally reached out to her, nervous because I don’t have the money for classes yet, and she is interested in a trade. She wants a blog for her website and is happy to give me lessons in exchange. I never would have seen this unfolding as it is. Thank you, bring me more!

  • Diana Boles

    I discovered a very, very long time ago that ” I desire” & ” i deserve” haven’t any place in my vocabulary. My greatest prayer is that my soul be harnessed to gratitude and together they draw the wagon that holds all that exsists in my life. Thankfully I have survived indignities and my own indescretions. Blessed am I to have been protected in times of terror and trauma. Quietly, I carry the hope of continued comfort and to have the strength to carry on if that must change. A prayer of thanks is always in my heart. I should do more to pay it forward, but right now, I can only try to help those I know.
    Certainly these thoughts come from the way I was raised. I would never want a different family to have raised me or nutured me, regardless of the dis-function that may have played in the garden of growth. This is the path that brought to where I am.
    Sometimes I wonder if there is something wrong with me. I don’t have the same dreams for success that so many others have. It drove my X crazy, but he doesn’t understand poverty. My only wish is that I view any failures as a chance to start fresh and that the disastrous errors are few and far between.

  • DLLGRJandfurballs

    Well, I had bought a washer and dryer for my daughter to use at a house I bought in one state and I continued to live in my home state. I was renting an apartment and had to lug my laundry to the laundromat. Toward the end before my move to the house I used to state to the laundromat owner that I wish I had my own washer and dryer so that I would not infringe on the set hours of operation. Yeah, yeah! Well I must have prayer correctly however I never dreamed that I would wind-up having to move to the house hence there were my true washer and dryer that I bought with my hard earned money. I got what I asked for but I never would have believed I would have to leave my home state to now get used to someplace new. Over 50 years I lived in my home state – it was a radical move but something I had to do and am grateful I had a place to go even though I preferred where I was.

    Career Blessings, Amen
    P : ) ACE
    GRATITUD : )
    LOV : )
    JO : )

  • Anna

    Last year I was in a temporary admin job for five weeks just until the company found a permanent person to fill the role. I really really loved it while I was there but because it was a not for profit organisation with very little funding the cost for them to take me on permanently through the recruitment company was far too much and I wasn’t comfortable asking them to pay the money to keep me. So I didn’t apply for the job even though I really loved it there and wanted to stay. Especially considering the recruitment fee was money that could be better spent helping people in need. Anyway, they found a permanent person and I finished up. Earlier this year after being in another temporary role elsewhere, that I was so unhappy in, I asked God and the universe to send me back to the place I loved. I specifically asked that nothing bad happen to the very lovely girl that had taken the permanent position after me, but if she could just leave and if they could please ask me to come back. And that’s exactly what happened! Out of the blue I got a phone call from the company telling me that the other girl was leaving and would I like to come in for a chat about coming back. The recruitment company had drastically reduced their fee and I got the job. I’m so so so happy! We look after the carers of people with mental illnesses and provide them with lots of support and education. I love my job. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually felt like a sparkly being, but now I really do. Thank you God and the universe for listening. Yay for me I’m so happy!

  • Kathy

    It’s funny that you say this Colette. It’s amazing how magic opens up to us. When I was reading the first part, I was thinking, “I’m sure that this has happened, but I can’t remember when it has.” …and then it occurred to me, the end of our marriage, although I’m not angry about it because I see what a gift and a blessing it has been. I was raised Catholic, my grandparents were married for 50+ years, my parents are married for 40+ years, and although my relationship with my husband wasn’t a good one, it was better than the unhealthy environment that I grew up in and I thought that my marriage would be forever. He told me that he no longer wanted to be together, almost exactly six years ago, and we’re just now going through the divorce process. It’s amazing the blessings, the peace, the joy, the love, the self confidence and the healthy relationships that I have created over the past six+ years, from no longer having a relationship with my parents and also from my marriage ending. Often times I realize that this is the life that I wanted for the first 33 years as well, but at least I have it now. I love all of the blessings that have been created by being open to new things. ?

  • Felicia

    Hi Colette! Since the last Lunar Eclipse of March 23rd I have literally been up and down and up and down again. Treading more on the upwards slope of things recently and the New Moon will be here in just a few days.
    Last night during my meditations and using a little candle magic and incense, I prayed and focused on finding that one true soul mate and focused not on any one person or name or image. Just the feeling. Just the feeling that I want to recapture. And although that feeling had been associated with a certain individual I started to look at it differently.
    Just as we can have misplaced anger, why not misplaced love or admiration?
    And just as you stated above, what is for me will not be denied me. It will always be there. Spirit has that already set in stone.
    My other motto? Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. And sometimes he answers with exactly what I want but in His time; not mine.
    I also officially joined a class that will be beginning on April 11th and I’m a Gemini and Gemini in Aries and all of that starts on the 11th. I’m challenging myself to rip up all the roots of the past and look at each of them one by one and discard the old and outdated forms of thought and see the “why” and all that jazz.
    I’ve already discovered that many of my relationship/man issues stem from unresolved issues with my parents. Looking forward to getting ALL of the hurt out and putting it to rest once and for all.
    It’s going to be a good month, a great Spring, and it is time. For. CHANGE!
    Thank you for all of YOUR help and observations as well. Every spiritual adviser that helps me move even an inch forward helps me get closer and closer to manifesting everything Spirit and I both want for me. Thank you! Love, ~Felicia 🙂

  • Patrice Jones

    It’s the most powerful advice I have ever heard! Hold your dreams loosely. Love it. I wanted desperately to NOT be able to go to work and be abused there. I was 60 at the time. Shortly after, I got my wish. State budget in CA released me. Then, my daughter gets pregnant, after 17 years of having her first, and wants me to nanny! Wow! Okay. I jumped at it instead of refocusing my energy into another job. Spirit was guiding me on the right path. I said yes, and a million unseen things floated into my life that otherwise wouldn’t have. 65 now and with my own dreams held loosely. I have them, which is wonderful. Age is such a beautiful illusion.
    Thank you for your words. They touched my heart.

  • Robin

    This blog post resonates with me.

    I took a risk and applied to study abroad in Sweden but my transcripts arrived a day late and my application was denied. I was told to be patient and that I could apply for late admission. I waited, but my program never opened for late admissions like they told me it would. After talking with the university, they decided to allow me to reapply through a different site for Swedish students because the program was open on that site. Feeling like I finally got a break, I started my new application only to realize the selection date was mid July, meaning I would not have enough time to get a residence permit to enter the country as a student in September.

    It is so frustrating to want something so bad but to face obstacle after obstacle.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      keep taking action and letting go and repeat.. the right thing will happen when the timing is perfect. Acceptance is key oxoxoxo

  • Sirpa

    Dear Colette and all <3
    I have been able to follow my intuition all my life… except for 6 years now. Or maybe I have followed it still, but it just doesn´t seem like it anymore.
    I opend a lovely healing and spiritual gathering place here in Finland. It was by the lake in a "castle" and it was so beautiful and full of light and joy.

    And somehow I end up to loose it, to loose my company, my house… and just wondering what to do now. What went wrong?

    And the same time I understand that everything is just as it should be.

    I have visited Mount Shasta, Northern California many times and now it is calling me (so loudly) 😀
    I don´t know how it could ever be possible for me to move there or something… but I don´t even need to know — love will guide me <3

    All the best to all of you
    love Sirpa from Finland

  • Julie

    Once again Thank you for that advice…I will try and stay out of the box! I used to have your saying posted on my refrigerator, “What is for you, won’t go past you”. Thank you, and to let the “Dude” decide, (the Oracle of E cards). My biggest problem is patience. Thank you for the reading!! Always right on:) And not to over analyze!

  • Renata M. Kolbus

    Ironically Celine Dion’s Florida Estate listing popped into view a couple of weeks ago…. So I looked at it virtually and I got to tell you, it has everything I ultimately have had a vision for as a warm climate spa retreat and exclusive private get away. The property was price reduced – It is stunning – not to mention has the capacity to be converted to the perfect all inclusive private healing and teaching center with all the amenities…..

    The retreat I have been building here just outside of Edmonton is extremely rustic and humble in comparison – I have pretty much built everything myself as God and Mother Nature have asked of me – so this has or is very personal to me and is a great place or sanctuary.

    Celine’s property though captures the total vision with the beach and privacy and exclusive nature.

    So it was a snap shot look at an ultimate warm weather dream vision. The price tag not so much …… need I say more…..

    It is ironic how stuff like this happens – My body at the time had been cranking at me that it needs a warm climate and boom up pops a real estate page I have never seen before and there is Celine’s Florida property all sparkly white – 5 pools etc., the beach and on and on it goes….. Magnificent – I totally saw myself there – workshops, treatments rooms etc…. So I guess God and Mother Nature have a way of giving my mind a break from reality and snapshots it with an ultimate alternative……LOL…. some 44 or 88 million needed etc. etc. LOL – Kay good reality check right.

    I am always grateful though for these moments that I am presented with – they never make me think I have less than – they only make me see alternative choices – my mind and body needed a break – so I got to tour her property for 5 minutes virtually – dream a little. See opportunity etc etc. All good – back to reality – a quick sun charge…..

  • Rosemary

    Interesting read on manifesting, thank you Colette. You have brought to my awareness an aspect of manifesting that I hadn’t realized I had been stumbling on. Ok, to be totally honest…its where I felt myself challenge my desires…and stopping there when my plan manifested only in my head.
    You very clearly enlightened me to the fact that I had been focusing on the form.. the how I will…must do…my plan…and not realizing that its the “essence” of my desire that Spirit will guide me towards, and its not my job to decide the ” form”. That word “essence”,I really had to ponder…even googled it to get its full metaphysical impact! Wow, that is so very powerful in helping me get unstuck! As always, when reading your blogs, something resonates with me…. don’t always want to acknowledge it… but know its guiding me, helping me, get to where Id like to be. Thank you for this gift of guidance.
    I moved 3 times in one year, from Maritimes to Ontario, (yup a happy Canadian) clearly my plans were not in my highest good… not listening to spirit. When you mentioned that its so easy to forget spirit has a plan not necessarily what we think is best.. and we are not the builders of how it will form in our lives… lesson learned! I feel calmer now, less got to get it done now.. but more playful in anticipation of where I will find myself unexpectedly smiling at something … wish you a day of unexpected smiles,

  • Jo

    When I want direction in my life, I say a prayer of surrender. I ask God to put me where He wants / needs me. Then, I hold on to my hat.
    A string of weird events lead me to ask that question with great sincerity. still, I questioned the answer I was given. I fought against it. But, when I accepted it everything fell into place. It was like being Alice in Wonderland falling through a rabbit hole. Whoosh.

    I could never have created a vision board that reflected the response I received to my prayer as it resulted in my being selected for a wonderful job in a city that I had never visited to work with a phenomenal team of people whom I had never met.

    The hardest part of this process was taking in the response to my prayer. The first time I said it, I went online to search for a new job and only one popped up. It was in Washington DC. I thought that this was impossible and I closed it down I lived in California. The current job situation worsened and I prayed again, God, put me where you need me. My second online search resulted in the same DC position popping up. When, I tried to search other sites for other jobs, my computer crashed. Hhhmmmm. Still, I didn’t pursue this job. A few weeks later I prayed and searched again. The same DC position appeared. Really? There are no jobs for me on this side of the continent? I forced my computer to look further, to give me something else. It crashed and then every single computer in the building went down. The entire network crashed. Okay. Okay. Maybe I will apply.

    Only three interviews were given for this position and I got one by contacting a family member who worked on the Hill. Two Senate Chiefs of Staff called the organization to encourage them to grant me an interview. My house sold in 24 hours with three full price bids as I had just updated it. Three yard sales had reduced the clutter to packable levels. My divorce finalized and my ex- did not protest my leaving the state with our two daughters. The girls were just about to enter middle school and high school. Moving 2 kids, 2 cats and a beagle across the country is never an easy task, but this time everything fell into place.

    I am so glad that I gave in and followed the Divine direction given to me. Blessings!

    • Lisa_AK

      I’m so happy for you! Your post resonated with me because 17 years ago I was motivated by Spirit to move far away also. I had lived in Georgia all my life but on an Alaskan cruise Spirit spoke to me that this was where I needed to be. I was like ‘What?!?!? Alaska?!?!?’ And this was before smart phones and a computer in every home yet. It took me a while to accept it but it felt so right in my heart and gut. Long story short, I sold my house, packed up my mom and 2 dogs and headed to Alaska! Best choice ever to follow Spirit’s advice and loud nudges! No regrets I never would have met the people I have or had the wonderful experiences or become my authentic self! Congrats on your new job and adventures!

    • Jelena

      Such a wonderful story! I wish you all the best in your new life! Universe and out guides are amazing!

  • Maria

    I have been doing everything you have been saying for the last 10 years, and I pray I will find the right partner…. there’s days I lose faith and hope..but….praying still.. this or something better..

  • donna ackerman

    Over 20 years ago I had the pleasure of doing workshops with Collette at her house in Toronto. I learned a lot from those and I still gave the meditation tapes she made. I had many readings from Collette and everything came true and it guided me to where I live today in beautiful Vancouver Bc. So thank you!!

  • Heather

    I didn’t even realize I was manifesting something until it happened and went…. huh!? My husband and I were in California on holidays and we had to wait to get into our own home. We were staying at a friends place. I was wishing to be in my own home sooner. My husband was wishing we had tv to watch. I was not so inclined….tv can stay off. Long story short…Mother Nature decided to send in the wind and rip our awning (20feet or so) off of our home. Also knocked the satellite dish out of the roof and left it hanging. We got into our home sooner to deal with the mess and no tv for a week. Be careful what you wish for….you just might get it! ??

  • Maribeth Morrissey

    My family and I felt called to move to warmer weather after the huge loss of my mother and my husbands job loss. I went to Florida where my dear friends lived and while on first visit sitting in a pedicure chair the lady across from me said I just got a message that ur supposed to move here. Later that day I went looking at rentals and was not happy. Our intention was to have a home close to ocean. At end of day, I saw nothing that I liked. I went to the area that I wished to live and while at a stop sign said “thank you spirit God for guiding me to best home, with tears I said but can u please show me where I’m to live if I’m supposed to be here?” As I opened my eyes there was a sign in the grass for a rental. I literally thought how did it get there? I called the number and a woman said to me, “do u believe in miracles? ” I said, “yes”. She said I just put that sign out less than an hour ago. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. More miracles….since my husband had lost his job we had short saled our home and our credit was bad. We worried how would we pass a credit check even for rental. I met this couple and they knew my friends and the house was happy bright. But a bit out of our budget. I left feeling unsure because of price. That evening I went back to condo where I was staying and started feeling guilty that how could I leave my moms spirit in ohio. And I started talking out loud to my mom and crying. Asking is this where I’m supposed to live? My mom literally appeared before me (she transitioned 2 yrs before). She stood in front of me and I fell to my knees and felt such love come over me. She stood and nodded,” yes this is where you are supposed to live. I’m with you wherever u go!” As I tried to grasp what I jyst saw she was gone. I called my husband and told him the days miracles.

    We both decided I would call the lady and ask if she could lower the price. The funny thing is that I said to my husband out of the blue, if we get this house what will we do w our piano and pool table? My husband said why are you even thinking about that now? Ok I called and told the homeowner about cost of home. She said, we will bring the price down, add pool service and lawn for 12 mos contract but I have someone else coming tomorrow. I went back in morning and she told me she thought we would be perfect family and we could move in next month and since they knew our friends no need for credit check. Then, she asked what I did for living. I told her I am an intuitive coach and was a pharm rep and recruiter prior. Her husband on the spot offered me a job to recruit in medical sales on the spot. As u can imagine my head was spinning from so much in a short time.
    Then, she said and by the way, we wondered if we could leave our piano and outdoor pool table? I burst into tears and told them the story. They told me how they were reconsiling from their divorce and decided to move west for the year.

    Fast forward 1 year…living on beach was a dream and i met many people and had new clients. I worked as a recruiter for a short time again but knew my heart was into being a life coach. We decided or thought we would stay in Florida, had even put bids on two homes but nothing transpired. until one weekend I went back home to ohio, to see my elderly dad and visit my 2 college age kids (had 2 others in high school in Florida w me and hubby).
    The cost of kids visiting was expensive and I knew my dad missed me. this weekend on the phone I told Patrick how much I missed the kids and my dad. He said you know there are 2 homes in the park area for sale in ohio. I remember saying to him what the heck are you saying. In that moment, I said let’s say a prayer, “God, angels, spirit guides, can you give me a sign. We love the ocean and the park can you show us where to live?” Our contract still had a few months but that weekend the homeowners said they decided to move back to Florida early. ( more signs)

    That afternoon I drove past the neighborhood with the houses for sale still thinking I must be crazy for even thinking of this.
    An old friend was out for a run and saw me and i stopped to say hello. He said my family and i were going to call you to visit in Florida. Then said,”what ru doing up here?” I fumbled thinking I would sound silly if I told him truth. So I said just looking at homes in case we ever moved back. He said the house right here has been for sale for a few months maybe they would rent they moved to Florida. “. This was not the home I was driving to look at but what struck me was the realtor was a girl I went to college with. So I called my friend / realtor and she gave me code to get in. It needed so much work and the other two that I saw I liked better but were more expensive. Two months later, the Florida homeowners were moving back and when we sat all 4 kids down about moving back to ohio they all said they liked schools and missed friends in ohio. Let’s move back.
    There was a home I liked but came to find out we were not eligible for a home loan because of our credit. So as I said another prayer that if we are moving back, thank you for showing me where. I decided to call my realtor friend (even though that house needed a lot of work). I asked if her in laws that owned the home would consider a private house loan. (Miracle) for next several weeks we negotiated.
    They agreed, we moved back.

    Two months back home I went to Lily Dale to meet Peggy Rometo. My friend Darren Weissman thought we would make good connection. My intuition was opening so I took her class and we connected right away.
    After class, I asked her for a reading. During this reading (mid August )she told me things like ” I have a book in me that Hay House will one day publish. And then she said, I see your dad in some type of coma in November and you will be helping your siblings forgive your dad. I thought that was preposterous because since my mothers death my siblings and I broke off communication. They thought I was trying to kill my mom because I do energy work and they were envious because I could be calm while they were so scared. They didn’t understand the peace my mom would feel after each visit. Their perception was that if my mom wasn’t fighting for her life and found peace then she would die. She had pancreatic cancer and my brother and sister were her medical advocates. My sister was still a drug rep and I was the oddball to them. So much that in my moms final days they would not let me see her. It was traumatizing and I’m so grateful for Lifeline and Hay House. Anita Moorjani’s story helped me so much because after my mom died is when I started opening, seeing colors, feathers, coins. And miracles. I was working for years trying to forgive my siblings. I got to peace but still has lingering anger.
    So when Peggy said this I said, “you’ve got the wrong family!” I don’t talk to them let alone help them forgive my dad.”
    I even have this conversation on tape.
    Two weeks later, on August 31st one of my favorite teachers who felt like a dad to me passed away, Dr. Wayne Dyer. That night a few friends called to ask how I was. I literally cried myself to sleep asking god and angels, why? Why did u have to take him? When I woke I felt so peaceful in my dream Wayne came to me and said, “I had to leave earth so I can help even more people”. That was profound and I truly felt that I was in his presence. I even went to his first Celebration of Life in Orlando 2 weeks later.
    Also, My dad and I always watched him on pbs and working w Darren at I Can Do it, even got to meet him in person. (I even met you Collette in Tampa)
    Why this is important:

    On sept 1st 2015, I went to pick up my dad since I was the one who took care of him I said let’s go out for Chinese. That always made him happy and he was a big man that loved to eat. On our ride there I had tears telling him about Wayne’s passing. My dad was a college professor so he connected w him. My dad was sad too. I had Divine Love cd playing in my car. Wayne was talking about his mother and what death really is and how he got a profound visit from her just after she passed. I reminded my dad of how mom had come to me and that my view on death had really changed. That our physical body is gone but our spirit lives on. He said he wasn’t sure if he understood that but as usual stayed open.
    After eating in which he barely ate. I said, let’s open our fortune cookies and let’s see if Wayne has a message for us. My dads said, “choose love over fear”. Mine said, “I enjoyed our visit”. What????
    I told my dad you have to believe…
    After taking my dad back to assisted living the nurse came in and looked at my dad and opened his shirt. He was all yellow. I took him to the emergency room. After 8 hours and a scan at 2am the ER doc said, looks like your dad has pancreatic cancer!”
    My dad said I always wished I had gotten it instead of your mother. Btw there is no hereditary link.

    Fast forward… In November my dad did go in and out of a coma. In November, I assisted my dad and coached him how to say I’m sorry. And eventually did the same to my siblings. It was the hardest thing I ever did. But I did it for spirit. Spirit worked through me. Then my siblings were able to forgive my dad. And probably themselves. It was inner peace and forgiveness and I realized this is how it trIckles into communities, countries. Plus, this was just one week after the Paris shootings. I cried for hours before I made the calls to my siblings. Feeling this was bigger, than I could comprehend. Both Peggy and Darren offered their support and knew this was hard but we were bring guided for something bigger.
    My dad transitioned dec 17th. 2015.
    Did I think I would move to Florida and back and for all these reasons? No! It was setting intention, prayer and allowing. This or something better. It didn’t always feel better. But in the end, I’m now talking to siblings again but on new terms, from love. My dad frequently visits me with Divine messages. I’ve opened up more to Divine and learning to meditate to get in alignment. I’ve found Collottes work to be very helpful as I’m stepping into this work. Still more to do to get out there and share my story.
    Your post sparked my inner truth to share. My intention is to awaken, inspire and align your life to your purpose.
    I am now working in new website, to be able to open more and writing an article in Forgiveness for local magazine.
    Thank you for reading this. I send this to you and the Divine for healing and sharing.
    I love you. Xo
    Maribeth Morrissey.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you for sharing Maribeth

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that is really powerful Maribeth. Thank you for sharing. Divine powers are absolutely at work. I love the miracles that you’ve been experiencing. ….and on a side note, I think you were at LilyDale at the same time as my friend Ronita Baird. I hope you had as powerful as a time there as she did.

      All the Best,

  • karen

    Sadly still waiting. Giving gratitude dail, being open to places/outcome, have come close and keep asking for direction but no response. Thank you Colette for the weekly readings. Blessings?

  • Rosalyn Marie

    Hi Colette! Today I woke up saying today is my manifestation day! And your blog is manifestation. While in Annapolis, MD, I stayed in a shelter, I left for a few months and had to return. (Couldn’t pay the rent). A couple of months later a lady named Rebecca came who I thought I didn’t like.
    When she was ready to leave the shelter because she received a job in Tucson ,AZ (all her expenses were paid for), we became close, she came to me. After she left the shelter, we talked on the phone she asks what was I going to do. California was where I wanted to live I love S. Cali. But now I am in Tucson, AZ , I have been here since Oct. 2 2015, I love it here! Still not as stable financially but getting there, send me blessings!
    Love you Colette! xoxoxo

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      gazillion blessings!

    • DLLGRJandfurballs

      Rosalyn Financial Blessings
      LOV : )

  • Cheryl

    About 25 years ago, I started a manuscript about “How one experience leads to a greater one, even when, and sometimes ESPECIALLY when a particular experience isn’t exactly what I wanted, or planned for”. This was long before synchronicity was talked about. Though I never finished that particular book (timing wasn’t right) I’ve carried that philosophy with me.

    Now, at age 60, I not only see the beauty and magic of the events, but I can bring myself ‘back-in’ quickly when I’m starting to question the ‘getting there’. As I let go of the details, and embrace the journey I am often joyfully amazed that things flowed as they did.

    I embrace all of my past experiences, but I’ve got to tell you…I KNOW the best is here and better is coming. I’m giddy with excitement!

    Blessings flowing to you and all your wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing yourself!

  • Sue Dibble

    Wonderful! Thank you for reminding me of all of this. I had put myself where I thought, I put myself. For the last 22 years I was put where I needed to be, to give my daughter a proper upbringing for her, to be where she is venturing into life today. Now I am at a loss to explain the rest! I feel I’m am in somewhat of the next place but, not. I am being patient while I feel the tenseness of! “Well, what are you going to do now”! I’m acting but watching. I really feel inside that I will be brought to where I am to be working next, as the very short last 9 week venture did not work out, because I went for it for the money, from spousal pressure (oops) and inside I knew that was not what I wanted to be doing but tried it anyway. Lesson…seen, yes. I now am patiently watching and trying to learn over again to not make my own decisions and let me be Guide by The Devine. “Venture On”……
    And Thank you everyone for your blogs, they help me to feel that I am trying to soar in my direction (with) Love and the Best intention.

  • Joan

    Well, I’ll share about two things – one fulfilled, and the other, not as yet. The first story is about selling our house five years ago with the intention of finding a great apartment in a house in our current neighborhood of old homes. We lived in a desirable area where houses usually move pretty fast but we decided to try selling on our own to avoid commission. We had lots and lots of viewings and a couple of unsatisfactory offers. Our apartment search wasn’t going so well either as there was less available in homes than we hoped and prices were too high. Then, one day, our next door neighbor, who had started looking at apartments herself told us about a great high rise right in our area with lovely spacious apartments and many amenities. We had not considered a high rise at all but when we went to look at it I was sold. We decided to put down a deposit to hold a unit for a move a few months away. Although it seemed foolish at the time to commit to another place even though the house was not sold, I just KNEW it was the right decision. We still tried selling the house on our own for another couple months and then caved and went with a realtor. It sold within a few weeks! We recently started our 5th year in this apartment!

    The other story is about me holding intention for quite awhile that when we both are retired we would move to the city where my twin sister lives, so that I would be able to spend more time with her. We currently live a few hours drive away. So, I kept visualizing the details of this during meditation and being grateful for this outcome. Unfortunately, a few years ago I had a big falling out with her husband, who turns out to be quite jealous of the time we spend together as twin sisters and now we don’t visit there at all. As a result, I am very grateful to Spirit for bringing that into my awareness before we made a move which would only have caused a lot of tension and conflict. I still hope to eventually be closer to my sister again but no longer have a fixed idea of how that will manifest.

  • Barb Last

    After reading all the shares including yours Colette, I am in awe of all the goodness that pours out here. At night when you hop into bed to go to sleep and I would have to say that sleeping for you well probably isn’t for too long!! Just guessing!! But, at the end of the day do you not just go awwwwww wow how cool is this! “I cannot believe all the super great, intelligent, loving, neat women here that are a part of my life.” Colette you’ve shown such a kindness of spirit and how we as humans are all wanting and striving for the same things maybe at different times. But, essentially we all go through the same stuff in this game of life. I love that you show and bear your soul to all and let us know that you too have desires, hopes, dreams and struggles like the rest of us mortals. You make every person feel special and validate each one individually like they are your own child. You Colette are a special person and you were down and rose up from the ashes and went forth as a new creation and maybe not a re-creation, just an embedded one, and have and are making such a difference in people’s lives. Now, that you must feel very proud of, and do the happy dance and say, “Isn’t this delightful!” Love and blessings Queenie

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you and everyone else for your shares!!

      • Anonymous

        Barb, You Said that elequently. I not so good with words getting out and wrote down. But Barbs expression is heart felt by me as the same, for you Collette!
        Thank you Barb,for your help expressing my thoughts too through you.
        ♡ Sue (Walker) Dibble

  • Barb Last

    pssser…….your dream property is awfully familiar to mine, were you peeking at my vision board? I knew you would be getting that property absolutely and Canada is great just bloody cold but we make good outer where and I know that long underwear isn’t exactly sexy but hey at this age we hope we have some sense to be warm and just be sexy in our mind! xox Blessings B

  • Leigh

    I actually read this in two sections today, from two very different mindsets. First, I had my dream home on the water come to me. I wasn’t looking, it came to me, and it was though it was happening divinely – everything was going so smoothly that it was Spirit leading the way. Then, this morning, 10 days before closing, the deal fell apart. I read the first part of your post while sobbing, comfy sweater on, puffy red eyes and tissues everywhere while taking a break from worrying about the fact that in 10 days, myself and my children may be homeless, as our existing place has already been rented.

    Then, things started moving, a new deal was built and at this moment, the situation MAY be saved. I came back to what I was doing before the phone started ringing off the hook and read the second part of your post, and watched the Oracle forecast. The last few weeks, these forecasts have been a huge part of how I make my decisions, and funnily enough, I have “What’s for me won’t go past me” written everywhere, and have since, terrified, I put in an offer on the Beach House. I’m trying my hardest to trust and detach and I’m flipping between moments of terror and moments of knowing that somehow it will all work out, whatever that looks like. We will see what happens!

  • Sandy

    Thank you Colette!! this is just what I needed to read. As you mentioned initially, I was interviewing for my dream job, my oracle cards pointed in that direction, my psychic advisor told me I’d get the job, I was all happy and planning and after 3 months of back and forth with the company I didn’t get the job! But I was so sure!!! it felt so right in my heart!!! anyhow, yes I trust God and my spirit and I believe that that feeling in my heart is still happy and excited for a new adventure to come whatever that is!!

  • Colleen

    Hi Colette and everyone,
    I’ve been in this certain professional industry for many years, trying to transition out gracefully by working on a contract basis and searching for something else that fit me and paid well. However, I hit a point a few months ago where there were no opportunities and I was just about to have to give up my apartment. I prayed, I called upon the Universe constantly and then suddenly I received a call for a full-time lesser title position but offering good pay and benefits coming. I took it immediately, jumping up and down and thanking Spirt so much! It turned out to be a very unjoyful place, with unreasonable demands and long hours…I honestly do not think I ever worked harder in my life. When I received my first paycheck, I figured out that I could not even afford the very basic health insurance the company offered. Nonetheless, I was resolved to do my best, to smile, and to be as kind and patient with the demanding bosses as I could be. So I did this for five weeks, and then, out of the blue, they fired me! I was shocked. However, I was not unhappy. So, here I am, seemingly in the same place, but somehow I feel very different. I know that position was not right for me. Now I am thinking along much different lines of how I can best use my gifts to make a living as authentic me. Somehow I know this will work out – no idea how – I just know. Much love and gratitude to you! 🙂 Colleen

    • Colleen

      Just to clarify, the job I took (and from which I was let go) was in the same industry, but in field of that industry that I had never wanted to work in. I took the job out of desperation, and although I had resolved to “do what I had to do,” I was taken out of there rather quickly.

    • Lisa_AK

      Sending you intentions for your highest good for the exact job you’re meant to have!

  • Lee Munch

    I have gotten to the place that I really embrace the way spirit works, and often laugh It’s(?) sense of humor! Interestingly, just this week, I am experiencing a new twist- something I had not even considered or thought I would be doing…… funny, as I think about this whole thing – definitely not of my will by Thine be done.
    Not my “main” business, sort of as side thing, I got involved with a cleaning products company (and I HATE cleaning!). It is a direct marketing opportunity. My primary business is teaching business owners how to grow their companies consistently and profitably through coaching and training, so this should have been a no brainer for me….

    For over a year, I have had trouble wrapping my head around on how this can work for me. I have been squeaking by, and never wanted to have it “mingle” with my primary business – or could not see how it could anyway.

    Over the weekend, I had a couple of people over to “practice” and signed up for a couple of trade shows. I also realized a way this could be a good fundraising vehicle. I would have never thought of that if I was SET on how this should look or be (or should I say, I would have never heard it calling me). Once I became open to that – the pieces began to fall into place. My creativity has been on overdrive and I am now contacting local food banks so see how I can help them with on the personal / toiletry / home product side.

    I have had several charity ideas in my head, and have been wanting to get something going. THIS is NOT at all what I thought would be my first path! Yet, here it is! The path is unfolding quickly and easily-so I know it’s right. Who’da thunk?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      why not? If you feel inspired it means it’s ” of the breath of spirit” … seems like the Divine is infusing you with goodness and that shall be rewarded!

  • Deborah Fochler

    Have had lots of lesson in my life about who is really in charge. A while back I wanted to go home to Baton Rouge, LA. I hadn’t been home in over ten years. Was missing my sisters and parents. I didn’t have the money because of medical problems and having to go on disability. I prayed and asked and out of the blue a friend purchased me a ticket and handed me a check for $1000 to use while there. I was so happy – felt like a miracle had been dropped in my life. The morning I was suppose to leave, I overslept. Got into the car and hit a 30 mile backup because of an accident. Finally got to the airport with maybe a minute to spare. At first when the airline told me the plane hadn’t left, I was ecstatic. For about a minute because they wouldn’t let me on because they had actually given my seat to someone on standby. They assumed I was not showing up. The airline worked with me and got me on another flight but not to New Orleans (which was my original flights destination). I had originally booked a flight into New Orleans to save money because flights into Baton Rouge are more expensive. So now they had me flying into Baton Rouge and on a nonstop flight for the same price. I did not have time to call family and tell them and had planned on getting a rental car in New Orleans and driving to Baton Rouge. When my flight gets into Baton Rouge, I call my sister. When she answers it sounds as if she is crying. I ask what is wrong. She at first doesn’t believe it is me. I finally get the story. Everyone thinks I died when the flight to New Orleans crashed and everyone on board died.
    Had I not overslept and got into a traffic jam. I would not be telling this story.

    • Colette Baron-Reid


      • Diana Boles

        Amazing! Truly, there are so many happy coincidences that start out feeling like the biggest mistakes ever. Blessings!

    • Lisa_AK

      As Colette said ‘Wow’!!! Amazing! I always say everything happens for a reason.

    • Kathy

      Wow! That is powerful Deborah.

      Thank you for sharing,

  • María Beatriz

    Dear Colette:
    All your messages have always been very inspiring for me, but this, in particular, has reached the bottom of my soul and I think that is the key to solving the need for income with the call to do what really makes me happy.
    Thank you for being that Light on my way.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you Maria and everyone who have contributed to this weeks convo!! love to all

  • Felicity

    I seem to manifest things as “”in dreams” or as jokes. So, I daydream knowing that is probably all they will be. It creates a more peaceful life.

  • Penny

    Hi Colette,
    I loved the Audrey Hepburn “I’m Possible” phrase. A keeper:)
    Reading all the comments made me feel like I was not so out of place in my life. Letting go and letting God has been a real confusion for me to understand. How can you do that? As an A Type personality, I desperately need to have control…over everything. My current 3 year career path has thrown that personality trait to the curb. The volatility of my business is both exciting and exasperating. Not easy but can be rewarding in many ways.
    Resulting in a manic, angry, yet easily forgiving ball of nerves formed into a woman.
    What else is there????

  • Catherine

    Yes, the delivery method of our manifestations is always interesting and as you say may not come as you believe it will but how Creator delivers for maximum benefit…LOL…I founded my companies in 1994 to make positive change…and to assure I could feed, clothe and put a roof over my kids head and help educate them in university…My goal was to be a billionaire philanthropist…my third husband gave me a red ipod in 2004 with my name and Billionaire Philanthropist engraved on it…which I use to this day…but finances always seemed to be an issue especially when I had a man in my life..LOL…old story…what I didn’t realize was…that my conscious decision back in 1996/97 not to charge my clients what all of my peers in the industry were charging them…a sizeable percent on every dollar transaction…but instead to leave that money in their pockets to use to help animals, people and the environmental project needs was quite substantial…Last November while having two of my companies valuated for possible sale…the brokers wanted to know how much dollar volume I had churned through my payment/tech systems…Well it turned out to be a few billion which meant that since 1996/97 I had given away consciously close to about 50 million dollars to my clients projects…LOL..Well I sat down and cried…one for the fact that I had obviously reached my goal to be the Billionaire Philanthropist and then because I didn’t keep any of it for myself or any of it to build out my tech infrastructure globally…so that I could have, in fact helped so many more people, animals and our environment…so after about two hours of tears of joy and gratitude and oopsy… came the realization that all that I had put into manifestation motion way back in 1987 and every year since – from leaving the kids father…to getting my degree, building the companies and raising those kids…and now I have 5 gorgeous grandsons and another on the way…that Creator had provided all of my manifestations…just not how I envisioned…where was my Porsche…that Porsche is a couple of wells in Africa providing clean water….so now I am even more motivated in letting go and letting God because I honestly thought I had been failing in my purpose when all along I was actually going past my goals…so trust and have faith that in your feelings of love, kindness, compassion and generosity that those prayers/manifestations are complete in your moment of thought as those positive virtues are the language of the Universal Energy of Creation…Just you being here to share this life is a gift to all and everything else is gravy…Surrounding you all with love and gratitude…

  • jan

    I had a vision board for years a lot of good stuff happened .Like selling the house and moving into town. losing weight .now I have a holiday on there that I have dreamed of for years,my husband dose’n t like to travel overseas,He was sitting on the lounge watching tv then out of the blue he said you have always wanted to do that cruise down the rine its on your bucket list.I said ya like I always do then he said ok lets do it go book it so I did now we are just waiting for his passport going in May.I would just like to say love your blog every week Thank you

  • Wanda St Hilaire

    I’ve been waiting so long I’m petrified. I had the tantrum today and I’m not surrendered; I’m waving the white flag of defeat.

  • Karen

    I had finished SAIT ( a technical college) and when I graduated I applied for the ONLY job I wanted. OH! I wanted this position with every ounce of my soul. I applied for 8 months but never gave up. There were other very good jobs but I didnt apply. Looking back, I think Universe said “Fine! You want this job so bad? We will give it to you!” It was a horrible position. No one seemed happy. I got fired 3 days before my 3 month Evaluation. I started another job. Wasn’t crazy about it but I smiled and did my thing. It was a contract job. One day I was sitting in my car and wondering how long could I do this job? My phone rang and (my now boss) contacted ME and asked me to join his team! I LOVE my job. I’m so thankful I was fired.

  • KP

    Pure and Simple – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

    Thank you for the Blog, thank you for the Oracle Reading, and thank you for the life stories. It means so much on so many levels – words can not describe. So THANK YOU ALL!

    Blessed Be

  • Diana Boles

    Not defeat—-cleared for a new beginning! This is surrender. In this there is calm. Now open your compass – the spinning needle settles on true north – from there listen –

  • Florence

    Searching and remaining open to the unlimited place of building my own business working with seniors and companion related work. I have many ideas, I met an oncologist and spirit awakened me at 3 am to say that I must speak to him. We spoke at a dance, hoping to find him againbecause the missed feeling persists. Connections and synchronisities abound. Time will tell what may come of it… I am excited, it’s a creative place.

  • Lisa_AK

    Hello Colette and other Sparkly Beings of the Tribe!
    I haven’t been on here for a few weeks…so much has happened, all good, but been crazy busy!!! I’ve been a nurse for close to 30 years (this June) and have always worked in acute care in hospitals, never thought I’d do anything else. But the last 2-3 years with changes in administration, the whole culture of the hospital and the area I work in had become so negative and toxic. Plus I was becoming more broken hearted about the whole health care system…surgeons operating on people but not seeing them as people (having to ask me the patient’s name in the Recovery Room, and no I’m not kidding) only seeing them as ‘the gall bladder’ or ‘the hernia’. And so much more that I can’t even get into it on here. Anyway, last Summer/Fall I had reached the point where I actually hated getting up and going to work. Now understand I loved my actual job of caring for people and helping them because I’ve always loved being a nurse, a healer. But I didn’t know what I could do…it’s a small town with no other hospital. Driving to another town/city not possible because of the location in Alaska. Of course I had been talking to God, praying, meditating, etc. about changing things at work. And some things did change, 3 of the very toxic people in my unit left which helped a lot but then that left us short handed and the overall culture of the place didn’t change. I changed what I had been talking with Spirit about. Instead of focusing on my workplace I knew I needed the change, I had done all I could for the workplace. I told God I really needed to get out of there but had no idea what to do or where to go. I started looking back in August/September on line for jobs. I love my community and my home and really didn’t want to have to move. I even started looking for positions outside of nursing! Nothing was looking promising. But I still gave gratitude for the fact that I did have job and focused on my actual duties of taking care of my patients.
    One morning as I was at work getting ready for the day and talking to God silently I got this unmistakable urging to ‘check out – a certain place’. I had already looked on this site several times and there was nothing. But I listened and wow! there was a job listing. There’s never a job listing at this place because people love working there and never leave…but there was a position open. So I applied…had to re-do my resume’ because I hadn’t had to use it for almost 17 years! This was the 1st week of December and the job listing ran through the end of the month. Waiting to hear if I even got an interview was hard, but I kept trusting Spirit.
    The 1st week of Jan. I got an e-mail to set up an interview! I did the interview the next week…turned out the head nurse person conducting the interview was the wife of a male nurse I had worked with in the E.R. years before! I had met her a few times before and she knew and remembered me. The other 2 day shift nurses sat in on the first part of the interview also. At the end when it was just the head person and myself I told her we had talked about everything but salary and I hoped there was some wiggle room from what was advertised because I couldn’t work for that. And I did already have a job. She said there was some room but she didn’t know how much. Then I asked how many other candidates there were for the job…I was the only applicant!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!
    The next week I was offered the job including enough increase in the salary that I could live with it! Plus my retirement would be the same type and would transfer! Wow!!! Now since the 1st of February I’ve been working in an Assisted Living facility that I absolutely love!! I never would have imagined I would ever work in this type of environment! The place is amazing, the residents dictate how things are done, it’s an active and loving place. The staff is amazing and it’s so nice to look forward to going to work! And everyone, staff and residents alike care about each other and say
    thank you!
    And Colette the cards this week are so right on! They know at my new workplace that I also do energy work so this week and next week I’m going to all the staff meetings and teaching people how to ground and center themselves. And I’m starting to work with some of the residents and staff using the energy work! So I’ve totally stepped out of the box and am getting others to do the same.
    Love, love, love you Colette!
    Love, Light and Peace to All

  • Hemla

    Dearest Colette,

    Thank You for your words! Sometimes we need to have someone remind us of what we know. I surrender at most times at then the Ego pops in to say “hello”. Thanks again! Welcome back to Canada!

    Hemla XOXOXO

  • Beth

    Pretty much everything in my life has been a case of getting the essence and not the particular form of what I wanted. Or I have gotten the form of what I wanted, but not via the particular route/means I expected. You’d think by now I’d know better. 🙂 Learning to let go is an ongoing process.

    I enjoyed seeing you in Red Deer last night. Great time. Thanks.

  • Peggy

    Thank-you Colette … I needed to hear this! xoxo
    I look forward to seeing you in Toronto next month!!

  • Maryjo

    Hi Colette,
    I manifested my dream into reality recently. Last year I put my home up for sale and wrote the things I desired in my new home. I wanted to be within 3 miles to the beach, live in a condo complex that was on the first floor, overlooking a pond with a screened in patio, be freshly painted and updated because I was incapable of doing any remodeling on my own or able to afford to hire anyone to do it. The agent I hired was a dead beat. I fired her 10 days before her contract was up. I hired a top go getter. In 2 weeks, of hiring him, my home was sold, I purchased my home at the beach. It was more than I manifested. It was painted in beachy colors and decorated in a beach theme. It was on a lake with a pond in front of my patio, which turned out to be an all weather patio, which I did not ask for, my condo is within 2 miles to the beach which is a straight drive to the beach. I asked for within 3 miles and a straight drive to the beach. My home was fully furnished in a beach theme with all brand new furniture, something I did not ask for, but received. This home came on the market 3 days after my home was sold. I believe my deceased husband played a role in me getting this condo. It’s on the 1st floor. The Universe gave me more than I asked for. Me being here was meant to be. It wasn’t meant for me to sell my home before I did, because this place wasn’t ready for me yet. I am so grateful for my beautiful home . Hopefully the man I desire will show up soon.

  • Michelle

    Short and sweet today: Expressing my gratitude for YOU and YOUR CBR brand that you and your wonderful Marc have created! YOU have been the “light” showing me the way back to myself. Gratitude to YOU for “volunteering” to be my “adopted” messenger, teacher, and mentor. YOU are a light moment in my day. The parallels of our lives are a bit coincidental… and perhaps this was what made me believe. Through your life story Iam finally rediscovering that I AM enough. YOUR Brand of integrity, grace and love jump started my MANY desperate attempts to pursue the journey back to me. I NOW recite the serenity prayer when I begin to feel overwhelmed by my outer conditions. EGO no longer is in charge- well okay, ….I struggle everyday. Progress not perfection. HUGS to you and your family for sharing YOU with us!

    P.S. Hoping to attend DWR-II In June. Big LOVE from Phoenix. <3

  • Yolanda

    Hi Colette, love, love this wonderful community where I can share my deepest thoughts and dreams with other spiritual equals. For the past two years I have been wishing/hoping to meet my true love. I have written about the type of man I would be compatible with. Nothing has happened. I have not met the man of my dreams, I am still working in creating the career path I am supposed to be living… and feel passionate about. Nothing of the dreams, but much of the daily life consumes my time when I am not worry about money, health and what to eat for dinner. However, not al is lost, I have made the commitment to live the day and not the future (most of the time), and I making a habit to remain grateful for all the wonderful things I enjoy today (my 2 puppies, friends and on occasion family members). I resonate with your message today and remain hopeful that one day my true love will find me and the next career path will be filled with passion and purpose and will stay true until the day I die. Thank you for spiritual insights, it is so humbling to be able to share life experiences with like minded greatness.

    Bless you all,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I love this statement so much ” live the day and not the future!” May I quote you? oxox

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