All You Need is Love!

Updated: February 19, 2017

All You Need is Love (ba-dadadada)

So yet again as I came to my computer hoping to share something meaningful all I was thinking was how fried and brain dead I was after this week. Marc and me worked 14hour days on Oracle School videos (my new baby officially launching in a month- OMG I am so excited) followed by evening classes. So trusting that Spirit would give me a good idea I chose my trusted and first oracle deck I created called The Wisdom of Avalon to help me focus on a topic for this week’s blog and the first card that fell out was “LOVE” and the second “Goblin”.

The plot thickens.

Fitting as it still is February – the “love month” of course the first card would be Love, and then the second card Goblin represents the part of us that sees itself as unlovable, flawed, a victim etc. That stuck part of us we disown and pretend it doesn’t live in the shadows of our psyches needs love too.

So I thought what about having a conversation about this. What about a 3 minute spill on loving life, loving what we do, loving how we spend our time, or loving our homes? What about talking about Love as a solution? What about Self Love? What about sending love to the areas in our lives that seem to be lacking in that department? What in your life needs more love? When does your Goblin start yacking about you not being lovable?

I’ll go first.

I love my life. Even though I have to admit this past week was like sticking my finger in an electric socket from being so fried from all the pressure of being in front of a camera for hours and then the travel back and forth from the city in traffic. Oracle School is the epitome of what I love!

I love my life fiercely. I love what I do, I have such gratitude for my service, teaching, talking to dead people, creating oracle cards, being on the radio and living the full catastrophe of my life- hubby and dogs, friends and family. I love Hay House. I love singing and writing music. I love being on stage doing readings and bringing hope to people.

I love my farm, I love living in the country, riding a motorcycle, holding my tiny dog in my hand as he snores, touching my husband’s foot under the covers, holding his hand, I love his smell, I love talking to my sober friends and being reminded how far we have all come. And, I love Spirit more than anything else.
Yes. I love God. G-O–D – the Dude, The Universe, Spirit, The Divine – I LOVE this magic that is everywhere. Spirit is magic. We are magic.

Wow that was easy!!!

Then it wasn’t.

Enter the Goblin.

I am heading out to NYC this week to tape a segment on the Dr Oz show and I really had to get into the spirit of “I love my thighs” because it appeared that my entire wardrobe shrunk in the closet! Did you know that closets could shrink clothes in the winter?

I did not know that.

I have a closet goblin. Oh oh.

I will admit as I kept going with my Love list this was not as easy as I thought. The closet experience triggered some taunting nasty little goblins and then I began to see what I didn’t love, and I saw how quickly Love could be overshadowed by fear.

Hmm if I were to reveal the litany of issues I deemed unlovable it would be incredibly boring but suffice to say when I spent enough time with myself I realized anything I felt a “Love-Lack” vibe around I wrote it down. Every single unlovable thing about my life was rooted in fear, and lack, accompanied by a dash of not being enough, or being too much or a combination of them all. Yuck.

Truth is, the small self revels in this stuff. It’s so familiar isn’t it, the self- reproach, the expectation of failure, or the fear of disappointing or worse. But that voice that says, “you’re not good enough, you’re not enough, you’re too fat, too loud, too different, too weird” etc. needs love and lots of it. Because that is the voice that forgets that Spirit is there and in a forever magical partnership with you- and that partnership is always there. You and me are loved always no matter what story the small self digs up when it is scared.

Then I sat my little goblins down and told them I loved them for always and imagined them all in teeny pink baby blankets all wrapped up like those babies you see in cute photos. They were enough! They were loveable! There they were – All lined up like the 7 dwarves’ ugly cousins with oversized t-shirts that said “ Shamey, Fatso, Dumb Dumb, Lacko, Freako, Stinko and Orphano”.

The more love I imagined the cuter and tinier they got. I know it sounds silly but it worked.

How easy it is to cut us off from Source, from Spirit and from the magic in the universe. When the small self is in charge things can get messy. Yet it’s equally as easy to get that connection again. Love is the thread that holds the entire world together!

So I’d love to invite you to do an exercise:

Set a timer for 3 minutes

  • Write out all the things you love about your life spontaneously.
  • How did that feel?
  • Write that down.

Then same thing 3 minutes

  • Check in with what you don’t love, write it down.
  • How did that feel?
  • Write that down.

How do the 2 lists feel different?

Go back to the second one and imagine you sending love and compassion to the part of you that thinks that way or tells the love-lack story.

Imagine you telling it you love it and that God doesn’t make junk?

Now how do you feel?

All you need is love.


Now go spread it around. (and wish me luck- I’m going on Dr. Oz and my little goblins will be snoring in pink)

Love you always and forever.



PS – anyone in the NYC area Wednesday Feb 22 and want to join me for the 3pm taping you can get tickets on




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  • Lisa

    Wow Colette .. that was such a great read !! .. i have been up to some similar stuff this past two weeks .. no i am not doing the in front of camera long day !! but i am doing the work with my chattering voices .. I am in a tele course now with Crystal Andrus Morisette that is helping me to really love these parts of myself.
    My biggie event has been dental related, having teeth replaced, and going to the dentist has always been a trigger event, it brings up every voice connected to low self worth in me .. i have always required a hand holding husband to get me through the appointments >> though the last 3 times i have gone alone >> walking there each time has allowed time for the voices to show up.
    The voices are connected to childhood abuse and they are all so young and so AFRAID, so on the walk to the appointments, i found them showing up to tell me all the old stories, however i was solid and ready, and i said i love you to each one who showed up, i told them i was now living in my empowered woman energy .. i said i am wearing big girl pants and i have made my decision to have this dentist work done, i said i have listened to the professional advice, and i have decided how the treatment will go, not the dentist, not the denture lady but me, empowered me !!! .. i loved each one as they showed up, I told them that we are all working together now and that we all get to grow up !!
    Reading your goblin bit made me realize just how much self love we all need to pour into those parts of ourselves. So with that i will make it a choice daily to check in with the “afraid” bits of me, just to say I love you to each bit of me, and that “we” can do whatever it is we need to do today. Wow i am thrilled to have read this blog today xox
    thank you ! .. Big Love .. Huge Respect .. Lisa

  • Pia

    Oh Colette, I really love you! Your so full of humour, don’t take yourself tooooo serious (yey!), share your beasties with us, show, as a teacher, you still are on your own journey, you never pretend to be perfect (in the common way, I know we are all perrrfect), high above the others…as some others do.
    I am so grateful you share your knowledge, LOVE and your time with us, offer so much of YOURSELF – and another great exercise like this.

    Thank you, Colette, have a great time in NYC!! <3 <3 <3


  • Nicole

    The little goblins snoring in pink?! I adore you!????????

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thought that would be a cute image 😉

      • Melissa

        Seriously….so dang cute. Ima use that fo sho! Now I look fwd to my next goblin parade! I’m ready for them like Glinda the Good Witch, set to shower them with love and pink fuzzy blankies. Brilliant. Love you Colette. Have a blast whilst enchanting Dr. Oz! (Hey….the Wizard! lol)

  • Rochelle

    I love, love, love this! Also, when you said you keep having the ‘Home’ & ‘No Place Like Home’ card coming up, I got so excited. Because, those cards keep coming up for me as well. I use my actual deck and the app, and it still comes up. Spirit is so cool! Thank you for helping all of us understand the energy. Thank you for teaching all of us! You rock!


    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it is my reason for being !

    • Michelle

      Hi Rochelle! I, too, have had the “No Place Like Home” card appear in my oracle deck from time to time. I have found that meditating with a Young Living essential oil blend called “Grounding” before choosing my cards gives me a better foothold and a clearer sense of direction, and in turn I pull “better (?)” cards. Have you ever experienced this?

  • Rochelle


    WOW! Thank you for that awesome exercise! That really turned my day around. I wrote down both lists. The first list made me feel so great, and I could totally feel a shift in my energy. I actually felt lighter. When I did the second list, I began to feel heavy. When I went back to love on my unlovable parts, I had the sense of my child self. So I wrapped them all in pink blankets and reminded them that they are all loved and that God doesn’t make junk, and ‘Voila’, energy shift! Thank you so very much for teaching me this.

    And you are going to rock it on Dr. Oz. We all just love seeing you and listening to what you have to say.



  • Ann

    Just posted an article on loving the parts we deem unlovable within too! Spirit must want the message out! God bless you for your brilliant, authentic, shining, light of truth!

  • Linda-"JOY" Clarkson

    Spirit through you has a way of giving us what we need to evolve. This exercise was like a love/hate affair and very revealing and inspiration as well. It’s one thing to know what is needed, talk about it but the action is so rewarding. Thank you Colette, remember we love you for your beautiful light that shines within and around you. This light is beauty … I see only beauty, for beauty is all I see. A direct quote! Love, Joy Clarkson.

  • Della

    Absolutely love your closet goblin! Glad he came to visit you so you could share with us. Please pass on the message of thanks for being so entertaining and thanks for visiting our mentor in such a way to remind all of us that even our favourite people (that we sometimes put on pedestals) have to deal with many of the same things that we the humble think are ours and ours alone to moan and groan and shame ourselves over. That same little goblin plays in my closet from time to time and now I can laugh because I can see how he messed with your clothes but you are still beautiful and so shall I continue to be – beautiful, as beautiful as I choose to allow myself to be. Thank you Colette and thank you little goblins for bringing the gift of laughter.

    • Melissa


  • Trudy

    Thank you Colette. I’m going to try this right now. I’ve had lots of goblins lately and feeling very agitated.
    We love you for being you inside and out.
    Enjoy your visit with Dr. Oz

  • Julianna Poldi

    Timely Colette, I had a similar issue with my thighs and closet. And how challenging that becomes when you want to look and feel your best. Opening day of my gallery, I had to meet the air conditioning repair man at 7 am,(Palm Springs is warm in the winter!) 35 mins from home and I am prepared to face the big day ahead. Until I realize my makeup bag is not in the car with me. I stay calm and consider being able to find a cheap replacement at the pharmacy. No time allots for this, the repair man shows up an hour and half late. For the first time in my life I make a public appearance where I’m the star presenter with zero eye makeup (thankfully I had an extra concealer and a sample face powder in my purse)! No manicure or pedicure to polish me off. I’m raw and real. That was quite the experience of quieting the goblins. We are as you well know entering uncharted waters and what I LOVE is all that you have taught us and all that we have learned has given us a great foundation to move with ease and grace into the new. Ginormous love and hugs to you! Sending you waves of peace to see you through the rest of the start up! xoxox

  • Anonymous

    Thank you

  • Susan Mercier

    Thank you Colette – such perfect timing ! Yes, how easily fear can seem to overtake love. A bunch of fears came up again for me overnight….oh my chatty mind ! Thank you for sharing your process, I will imagine my fears in tiny pink sweaters and send them love.

    Is your show with Dr. Oz on today or is it going to be shown on a future date that you can tell us ?

  • Marsha

    Colette you always “Hit the nail on the head” so to speak with me and what is going on! Your “BLOG” made me cry because it’s those little so called “Goblins” that keep getting in my way of full spirit!!!

    Thank you once again. So happy I found you – always keep me going and positive and a wonderful way to start my day! I will spread it around – LOVE that is !!!


  • Sunshine ShGa

    I love the way you say it…Did you know that closets could shrink clothes in the winter? Yeah, blame it on the, and yes I faced the same Goblins today morning, as its time to come into summer wear, and let those jackets/woolens go away!! I was shocked to see my tummy come out of my tee, even when I have been doing yoga regularly all through this winter! It was tough but then I did come into my summer wear today, no more hiding behind my jacket 🙂 And I loved it..saw those goblins shrink away like smoke 😀 Its tough every year to let those jackets and woolens go away, but this year it was pretty easy, I must say <3 Thank You for sharing your story and helping us see you as a person just like us, one with whom we can connect so well, without considering your celebrity status. Love You :)<3

  • Cindy

    You are a Ruby!
    Your teaching is so incredible, always on target,always real!
    Beyond an Earthly being but also so down to Earth.
    Always profound realizations always left with the feeling of being loved.
    You are a Gem
    May you continue to be blessed ????

  • Brenda Lee

    I had the same experience. THIGHS!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK.
    Feb,22nd is my youngest sons Birthday. He arrived when I turned
    40!! I am a psychic/medium as well.

    Brenda Lee

  • Janet

    I loved reading your blog. I love the zeal you have for life and how open and honest you are mixed with the humor. And then also showing us how we can do the same things. All of the signs of a great teacher.

  • janice

    What an awesome reading –once again I found myself realizing that I could yank myself up and stop wallowing in self pity because of bad past experiences…I am what I am and I can accept that at this point thanks to your readings.. you share such a great sense of humour with us that it’s easy to realize that the world is not a black empty space.. my future is brighter and it will keep getting brighter, thanks for the wonderful readings and for lifting my sprits…My goblins are leaving one by one…I accomplish wonderful things and am realizing it now…Love you for showing me the way.

  • Pat Burrows

    Excellent blog this week. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Diane Cropper

    Colette, Thank You for your honesty and willingness to share. Being new on this path, I feel that it’s important to speak on these matters because let’s face it, challenges with our thoughts and/or views do arise and it helps someone like me not to feel like an oddball when it appears as though everyone is skipping through the tulips with everything in place.

    Anyways, big thanks and even bigger HUGS to you from a newbie babe on this journey (UGH! Am I there yet? lol).

    Peace and Blessings…Diane

  • collette

    What an amazing eye opener that exercise was — it took a while to get done (because of the second part) but all of a sudden everything fell into place. I am thinking of making that exercise a daily one to keep myself up and going, I appreciate that great sense of humour and I am so grateful to you for sharing your time, insights and advice with us . You always hit the right spot on some of my worst days and I am truly grateful for that.
    Wishing you a great time in NY

  • Safena

    All you need is love was the song that played in my mind this am looking at my dog Molly. I have been in fear since November election. My Dad is no longer here but was Muslim. And although he did not practice his religion (my Mom being Catholic) we witnessed a lot of racism. My uncle was murdered outside a mosque holding the hand of his 3yr old granddaughter. I feel unsafe in my bones or something. But the hardest part is my dog is now eating her fur down to bare patches. She is the love of my life (sorry hubby) and I think she is picking up my fear!! I’m scared for her and I feel helpless to help her stop. The vet can’t figure it out!! I woke this am and that song played and I know it’s how I need to feel. I’m trying so hard to stay centred in love. I will do the exercise because I know your msg is what I need. Thank you for being a light and resource for hope and faith. You don’t know how special you are. And you need to be in Dr.Oz. This message you carry needs to go mainstream. The world is craving you!! Love to you and all your pink bundles!!! Your humanity makes you relatable. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Barbara Marie

    I wish you more than luck… I wish you an awesome day of service with fun and excitement in the process. The exercise was powerful and I’m going to tap on each point that the Goblin brought to mind. Safe travels… can’t wait to hear about the taping experience. Hugs

  • Tess

    Wow, Colette. I actually got weepy reading this blog. Diving timing. Grateful. I’m off the do the exercise.

  • Heather Halford

    Funny thing Colette: when I looked at your picture before reading the whole blog my first thought was how unique and beautiful you are. I have met you in person several times so “air brush” or not you radiate beauty, love and compassion. As much as I love you, thanks to us, I love me the best. You will rock the Dr. Oz show. Can’t wait to see it, goblins and all. Big hugs!!

  • Anonymous

    THANK you Colette you rock have a great week love you xxxxxx

  • Amy Monkman

    Again, a very helpful blog! I have plenty of goblins too – and their voices were so habitual that I wasn’t even aware of them! Now thanks to you and another self help author, I’ve really become aware of them. I wanted to just shoo them away and lock them up somewhere, but they are really the voices of our fears – perhaps begun way back in our lives to protect ourselves. Anyway, I have had trouble thinking of how to send love and light to these negative voices that put me in a tailspin and cause me to behave badly to others out of fear – the wrapping in pink blankets is a great image! Hugging and kissing will work too! Saying it’s alright, all is well! Just imagining sending love vibrations wasn’t working – but personifying does! Thank you!

  • Kim Fuller

    The timing and title of this post was amazingly timely for me right now. It gave me goose bumps when I read the title and at the same time a bit of a stomach contraction…do I really want to open this and read or do I want to stay in the dark and let my personal gremlins keep me in a state of distress? Thank goodness I read it, and then listened to the oracle reading for the week – again – all timely and totally dealing with what I am currently dealing with. Reinforcing listening to my intuition and being ok if things hit rock bottom because it will allow me to start from scratch, wiser and stronger than before as long as I step out with authenticity – gremlins be darned! Thank you so very much! <3

  • Kathy Smither

    Colette, As has happened every single time, every single card, every CareFully chosen Word that you Give, thrills me to no end!!! As with each weekly, daily, weekend reading, I relate to every single card, it’s EXACTLY what I needed to hear, see & how you warm my heart, inside & out, with The Way you Tell the Story. As you do with your tender hearted posts, they don’t astonich me anymore, because it’s Your Nature, it’s Your Calling & How you handle, juggle so many responsibilities & cover every single detail, always putting the Fun back into anything that even looks like dysFUNction is Priceless, as are YOU, Dear One! Know that YOU are SPECTACULAR, so waaaaaay past EXTRA~Ordinary, YOU ARE GORGEOUS Inside AND OUT, with or without MakeUp!!! You don’t need a mask, you don’t mask what’s Really, Actually going on, out in The World, helping us disCover *wink* what’s REAL, GENUINE, AUTHENTIC about our own selves, helping us Own it. My thighs have gotten the Best of me most of my life too, so let’s faghet about it, whadda you say?? They don’t deserve all the time & effort that we put into trying to get rid of them, lol, & YES, WE LOVE THEM, ANYWAY, just as most others never for a second even think that about our thighs! In my case, when I realize that, I just LOVE to remember, reMind MySelf one of my favorite Richard Bach quotes, that I give away all of the time, and leave myself out, way too much, too & here it is . . . “The teacher teaches best what they most need to learn”. Messiah’s HandBook. I’ve given the book away over & over & need to buy myself a copy and reRead it, obviously. :0) My wish, hope, prayer for You right now, this very instant, moment in Time is YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU WORKED so hard, diligently TO BE, with so much elbow grease, labors of LOVE, day after day, year after year and This, TOO, is YOUR MOMENT. Every single bit of you is PurposeFull, ResourceFull, Industrious, FunLoving, unconditionally, so please try real hard to let go or being so hard on your own self, OWN IT tomorrow on the Dr. Oz SHOW, SHOW THE WORLD whom Colette Baron-Reid IS, Again, as You have every other time you were on “stage”. There is nothing staged about You, You are the Real Deal, let all your worries Go, Be Your Precious, Kind, ComPassionate, Sweet Smart Strong Self & NO ONE with any couth (! Southern Speak) will notice what you’re wearing unless to give it High Praise. Those of us whom ADORE, CHERISH, HONOR, RESPECT, APPLAUD you All of the Time for Being the Light Hearted Love that You Are, Being YOU, nothing trumps THAT. So, my Darling, BeLoved Soul Sister Kindred Spirit, take YOUR RightFull Place on Dr. Oz’s Show, & Show the World how it’s Done, the Proper, FUN filled way, the same way you teach, mentor, lead by FINE Example, which is the Only Way you have always Travelled in True Spirit, as you’ve traveled the Globe over (Life)Times! That’s your knack, that’s your tag, that’s You, Colette. You have this waxed, This is Your Time to shine, SHINE ON, True Lady, you can’t blow it even if you try. Spirit & all of us are cheering you ON, we all have your back, Be True to ThySelf, look in the mirror & GRIN back at The Be~YouTiFull Strong Warrior Divine Princess that You ARE, always, in all ways. That’s a Given. Sending MUCH LOVE & Hugs galore! Shake a leg . . . . XO Blessings in Love & Light, angelface ♪

  • Alfred Trudeau

    I love Myspace that I live in I have a big kitchen I love my big kitchen I love that I have a healing space in the living room to work on clients I love that I have one bedroom that is a great little one person yoga room I love that i have a big bathroom in my trailer and a big bedroom for me too do lots of traveling in. I love my gifts I love my health I love my daughters I love my granddaughter I Love My Crystals I love my plant Penelope and my lilac bush Jaravesica I love my yoga practice I love my family I love my sound healing business. I love and approve of myself.
    Today I was talking with my daughter who lives in Ontario on Skype and my granddaughter was there and my granddaughter likes to play with the tarot cards she is one year 10 months old walking and talking very clearly amazing little girl she decides to give her grandfather a tarot card reading so she’s spread all the cards out on the floor and picked her grandfather 6 cards it was a good eye opener on the shadow aspects of Life the cards don’t lie it was an amazing reading and so grateful for my granddaughter and daughter for recognizing some things that I need to really look at. thanks Collette , amazing Story thanks for sharing

  • Jenny Smagala

    Hi Colette,
    You don’t need LUCK, beautiful lady. You now have love-goblins radiating joy through everything you do! Thank you so much for your imagination, insight and unique perspective. I’ll do your exercise as soon as possible. Can’t wait to see how my goblins react to love. Blessings of love,light and tons-of-fun to you. Dr Oz and audience will ADORE you. No doubt about it.
    P.S Giving you a shout-out or two on Facebook.

  • Robyn

    That is a great blog and yes I knew there was a closet gonlin????. Sometimes my unworthy goblins pop up or out from no where ! I didn’t finish college .. I will never be financially abundant, im too old to start a new career etc .. My goal is to stay in the positive world where my only contrast is this great choice and this greater choice but then my goblin surfaces and tells me I’m nuts???? .. it’s such a process I know its worth it just don’t really understand why they won’t stay away forever ????

  • Kathleen Swinbourne

    You’re so real and so brilliant! I love your writing. You write the way you speak and it speaks to me, my heart and my soul and I’m sure to many other souls! Thank you Thank you. Best of luck in NYC. I’m excited to see the show and buy your new book ????????????

  • Donna

    so insightful, great advice, but really……did you have to send your closet goblins to me?? Haha. Good luck on Dr. Oz, you will be awesome as usual. Love all your writing and your music, they’re the best! love and hugs xoxoxox

  • Renee Sugar


    If there is one thing that I have learned from travelling on the road from self-loathing, rejection, and trying to reach and uphold perfectionistic standards for
    most of my life is SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The other day I was looking through a photo album of my life story; including all of the people who have been a part of my journey who have impacted my self-concept for better/worse. But when I looked at the baby pictures of me; I felt such joy and love. I laughed so hard it really came from my heart. Such pure innocence, wonder, and an inner spirit that must have been there from the very first moment I opened my eyes. That spirit is what has kept me going for sixty years. Not perfect nor anywhere near it/ but so much gentler, compassionate, and kinder that ever before. Sometimes life is really difficult; but when we see ourselves with those loving eyes that see the beauty, the grace, the intelligence, and wisdom that we have developed throughout the years, we come to a place embracing our humanity, and vulnerability, and missing the mark to achieving “perfection”. I wouldn’t trade any of my life although often I think that if only I had……… then ……… I could be at peace. Not true. When I choose peace first, then I have everything and it is all so much better than I could have planned. So “lots of luck” in New York. Allow the spirit to shine from the inside out. That is how it reaches and touches those who need to connect. As always, I appreciate coming home to write here on this blog. It is where I can drop all of the pretenses and just speak from my heart, the part that has been so guarded for so long while trying to be “perfect”.
    Lots of Love.

  • Fairuz

    i love you….thanks for all the thought of yours…truly appreciate it….

  • Anonymous

    I love the little goblin (Hag) that tells me I’m to old. I put a red hat and purple dress on her. She’s on her way to a party!. Thank You Collette

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