How to Snap out of a Fear Bubble for Instant Anxiety Relief!

Updated: March 13, 2017

How to Snap out of a Fear Bubble for Instant Anxiety Relief

This week I had a day just before the full moon when I was so overwhelmed it was as if I got gobbled up by some giant blob of a Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda monster who woke up before me, captured me on the way to the bathroom, snorted and shoved me inside a fear bubble in my pyjamas.

Ever feel like that?

When everything is feeling way too much and you are convinced if you take another breath, well you’re just going to screw everything up so you may as well just go find some pie, but you can’t because you don’t do that anymore. Pie didn’t work the first time (you have a whole closet of different size jeans that tell you that) and, well even though you remember you meditate every day and have things that you do to help when you get captured, somehow that part of you is so far away and you can sort of remember but not really. Hellooooo you call from the bubble. Can anyone hear me?

Then Chicken Little and the Bag Lady show up and their version of “helping” sucks. Thanks but no thanks.
So what do you do?

Lucky for me my friend Nick Ortner has his Tapping Solution Summit and as soon as I opened my computer I was able to get instant relief as I followed along with a few of the tapping videos. Now I did that because I have had personal experience with this process ( you might know it as the Emotional Freedom Technique) that literally changed my life and may have actually saved it.

Let me tell you what happened last summer.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know Marc and me are avid motorcyclists. I overcame a huge piece of an old story of losing my power when I was 19 around bikers by getting my license a few years ago and becoming a proficient rider. It’s a symbol of spiritual freedom and spiritual fitness for me.

Of course because I am also a complete klutz I had a bad accident and had to start from scratch because now I had PTSD from the accident.

I was ok for a couple year but then last summer we were shooting some sample episodes for a show we wanted to make called Motorcycle Medium and I was unable to get on the bike.


I had such severe panic and I didn’t want anyone to know.

There I was again back at 19 only worse.

My oracle cards were consistently telling me I didn’t know enough that I needed to find someone wiser than me, go get help, you can’t do this alone etc.

Now I have developed my own Invision Process®. Getting on my bird helped a bit but as soon as I got 3 feet away from the garage, it was as if the bird decided to drop me on my head. Hmm.. not helping.

More oracle cards.

Same message go to someone else who knows more.

So I did some other kinds of sessions with various colleagues but to be honest I couldn’t shake it.

We then bought a trike thinking a 3 wheeler would be ok but nope. Oracle cards say go to the wise man.

So I spoke to the president of Hay House about it and he suggested calling Nick Ortner- the Tapping man himself.

Nick was amazing.

We had a session over Skype I kid you not within less than an hour I was completely out of the fear and anxiety and he taught me a quick and easy script to say if I got recaptured by the fear bubble again.

I was 100% clear of the anxiety, I couldn’t even make it come back. I couldn’t find it in my body anywhere, even the memory was just something I could observe with detachment.

Truly Tapping was my miracle.

Motorcycling is a dangerous sport and I knew if I couldn’t kick the fear I would have to hang up my helmet. I would not be fit to ride.
But I am a stubborn and tenacious little crab.

So I got back on the bike and rode for a couple weeks happy, wind in my face, and feeling good and then it happened. A few weeks into riding with no fear, I turned into an unknown road and it started creeping back. That anxiety and tightness in my chest and a panic started welling up inside me, choking me and I knew I was in literal danger.

So I stopped and pulled over, took my helmet off and tapped it away. I probably looked hilarious in my gear tapping on my forehead like a crazy lady. But I didn’t care, I kept at it, and in so doing it was as if angels were going vroom vroom “ it’s ok now”.

It was.

It really was.

Fear bubble gone.


And so let me say this.

You may not ride a motorcycle, or suffer from PTSD like I have.

We live in uncertain times, no matter what country you live in a part of you has inherited a second home in the United States of Anxiety where trying to get rid of the real estate is impossible.

But it really isn’t.

So back to last week when I was stuck in my fear bubble my oracle card was the Talisman. A reminder I have this crystalized wisdom. So even though I couldn’t see past the end of my nose, I tapped and tapped and it worked again.
Full moon still made me a tad loony but I could handle it.

So listen to me do your self a big favor.

This week the Tapping Solution Summit is over and they have a big charity push for their foundation where all the sales go to help others. Watch the video. Buy the series. I did and I bought it for a bunch of my friends.

Tapping saved my life.

It works it really does.

Click on this link. You will be so glad you did.


Love Colette!


Ps ..
Look out for the official launch video of Oracle School – a 3 part free video workshop series coming to your inbox this Wednesday!



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  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. you are my SHERO !!!! .. i listened to your advice last year and we got the 7 week tapping with Nick .. fantastic .. made huge strides in life using the tapping.
    So naturally when you suggested the free summit .. i went .. each day i took my resistant 16 year old son with me on a tapping adventure .. it made a difference for him within the first four days, he is still resisting a bit but he is doing it !!!
    Our daughter has been tapping for about a month, with some constant nagging and text messages to remind her to love herself enough to put the time into tapping, well she has noticed her own changes and me, i have noticed that i can actually suggest ideas to her without her instantly rejecting them. ..that is BIG !!!
    I have enjoyed the summit and i bought it .. it is fantastic to have so many scripts on a variety of topics .. it is like a library of tapping scripts .. woo hoo
    So thank you my Shero !! .. you always seem to point me in a direction that makes my soul sing .. which in my case is better than my voice singing .. hahahaha .. i am so glad to have you to point out the juicy great stuff on planet earth xox .. Lisa

  • Mary List

    Colette, I’ve preordered your new deck. It looks cool.

  • Shelley

    Dear Colette
    You are a very courageous and tenacious woman, and a powerful example of recovery, faith, love and honesty. Thank you for sharing your very human journey of returning again and again to the power within and your connection to Spirit. I have not yet tried tapping but I know I will….I respect your recommendations and you have not steered me wrong. To quote my ACIM teacher- “the joy is in the return”. We struggle, we fall, we get back up and carry on. This is the way of faith- we keep reaching out for the hand of Spirit, we call for grace, and evolve.
    Thank you for helping me ( us) and leading by your brave example. ????

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette, fear bubble must be good for your complexion, that or the tapping being good for your complex you are looking especially beautiful! Love, love, love your outfit. I shall comment when I am tapped out????☮????

  • Donna

    EFT-Tapping is phenomenal and works quickly. Great tool to have available anywhere, anytime!
    This is a special blog for me to read. You are and do amazing so well!
    Wonderful weekly forecast from my favourite cards. Very excited for your Oracle School.
    Blessings, Love & HUGS ????

  • Lauren

    Last week i was reading somewhere on the internet (maybe FB, maybe New site…can’t remember) and the author mentioned the “Kablooey Factor” (I laughed out loud when i read that). This term perfectly describes for me those feelings/things/people/events that pop up out of nowhere and mess with my life. The author is right..we all feel ambushed by the Kablooey Factor and we don’t see it coming. The best part about Tapping is that it is always available to manage the fallout from the Kablooey Factor. So….tappity tap tap tap…..:-)

  • Eva Makstutis

    Hi Colette,

    I recently fell and broke my wrist. I am in physical hand therapy as I speak. Some days I feel like all is good with my hand and others I worry if it will ever be normal again. At times, I am scared to death to walk outside I am over careful inside. I was so shocked to have fallen and didn’t understand what I was suppose to learn from this experience. I entered 2017 in a cast wondering what message…what was I missing? So I am on the wait list for your oracle school. How do I find out if I am accepted as you mentioned you launched it on Monday? Love you. Not sure if tapping is my thing, but I will give it a go.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      if you signed up you are on the waiting list the first video comes out tomorrow also will be posted on the Oracle School Insiders Facebook group

    • Lauren

      Hey Eva
      I broke my wrist too! I hope to get my cast off in a week but who knows it may be longer. Hang in there we will both heal in time and be back to using two hands 🙂

  • Diana Boles

    PTSD——me too! That is what was happening to me each time I took my Iron Horse to the trails. I ended up parting with my gracious mare last May. The fear began gripping me – I truly felt it paralyze me. I knew I had to get on it and I couldn’t. There was so much linked to it—-like being the one thing my X and I really connected on. And now, because of so many other traumas from the whole of life, I find it difficult to seek new companions, especially with riders. There was this awareness of being told to stop and wait — Saturn opposite Sun — so I had to let my precious pony find a new corral. I miss her. I sensed relief because I knew she would be ridden and well taken care of, but I miss her.
    So the sense of waiting the other shoe to drop finally came to the forefront — I’ve had to put some of my personal pursuits on hold. A discovery has been made. A path to my higher self and he gift of forgetting.
    My X has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and has a 30% chance of survival. AHHA! The other shoe.
    I had forgiven him a long time ago for his stupid man tricks, but I couldn’t forget. Though we only spoke quarterly ???? I just couldn’t forget the final 2 straws that broke the camels back.
    Forgiving humanness is something you have to do, not just for the other person, but so that you can move on. But FORGETTING? Now that’s a gift you give yourself. That is the starting point of the chance to understand your own history. The whispering self – the “Chief” is speaking I’d better listen self. You know, your Quantum Fred.
    I no longer look at him and think you schmuck – I just see someone who needs help and there isn’t anyone else to provide it. In becoming the observer in this stage production of “life unfolding” i have been given the fork in the road ~~ the one Yogi Berra said that when he is “faced with the fork in the road he takes both of them.”
    I’ve been absent from these pages a bit, not because I wasn’t coming to visit, but I was just unsettled with information overload, being the ears and eyes and book logger for this health disaster (my own cancer was 20 yrs ago and so different in that I had stage 1, non invasive breast cancer). His cancer is rectal and has spread to the lymph nodes and liver and so it is a very long row to hoe alone. We are still family, even though we had this major fight there is no coming back from (25 yrs of marriage gone? Almost impossible).
    Tapping has helped me every time I get that buried feeling. For some reason it couldn’t get me back on the horse, but it prepared me for this. To be the observer of the moment God gives you to choose between ego and higher self.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      great to see you back Diana.. sounds like a tough go here.. sending you a big hug

  • Diana Boles

    OMG❣ Of course, I listened to the oracle reading AFTER MY POSTING – duh–how fitting was this to exactly what I was talking about! I love all of your decks, but Avalon remains my FAVE❣❣????????

  • Teresa

    I just love you and your sweet, tenacious, crabby energy! (please don’t hear this in a creepy way!)

  • Anonymous

    Hello Colette, Gosh, Not only do I savour your heart centered wisdom but I so enjoy your wit and sense of humor! I laugh out loud at some of the things you say….so delightful, thank you!I want to get on your wait list for the Oracle School but I am not and do not want to get on facebook….is there another way that I may sign up for the list??

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      the course is held in a private Facebook group as are all the practice lounges unfortunately you will not get the most out of it.

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette,
    That is AMAZING! I am so happy for you! I’ve already got the summit for this year and it IS FANTASTIC! I also became a tapping therapist because I got STAGE FRIGHT out of the blue. And although it has healed that stage fright, that little scared voice lurks inside at times–so it’s great to have the tapping tool
    Congrats on the Oracle school and I hope I can keep up with you! I have done your Oracle classes before and hope to keep it up but time . . . can we do it on our time schedule? Thanks and Enjoy YOUR CREATION!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      yes you can all on your own time everything is recorded and the practice lounges will stay open until September so students can play together for months!

  • Carrie Ann

    Hi Colette, it’s great that the tapping was able to help you with overcoming the PTSD and it is comforting knowing that you also have days where you feel overwhelmed. Many of us are going through similar emotional, mental and physical roller coasters! The past couple weeks have produced anxiety for me as well, which I think was more greatly enhanced because of the two big lunar and solar eclipses in February but fortunately all turned out well for my situation. I was also guided to the EFT Tapping Summit the beginning of March, which I diligently listened to most of the tapping lessons and purchased them so I can keep doing the tapping. It really helped relieve alot of stress for me.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette, thanks for sharing your story. I realized while reading this, that I too have PTSD from a vehicle accident more than 10 years ago and didn’t realize it until now. I also occasionally have anxiety attacks, which are horrifying. I have been so busy that I didn’t watch the Tapping Sessions, that were coming to me daily. I will definitely get tapping. Thank you!

  • Deb

    Dear Colette,
    I have been wanting to get on my motorcycle and for whatever reason had such panic attacks when I sat on it I couldn’t make myself put it in gear!!
    I have been sitting on it… getting myself to get used to it … I just couldn’t shake it.
    I have done some tapping and I have been asking for confirmation that I am on the right track.. I have such a DESIRE to ride with confidence and ease. I pulled a card this morning after I asked about my motorcycle desire.. the card said “make a decision” so I did. I WANT to ride. and line up with that desire.
    This afternoon I decided to look at your site (i was inspired to type in the search bar -fear) so i did. I wanted to type in motorcycle but I did not so I just typed in fear… and THIS showed up dealing with the very issue I had and that I too like to use tapping AND am familiar with Nick Ortner… SUCH confirmation. I so needed to know it was going to be ok and now I really feel that I can work through this with spirit and all really is well.
    Thank you for sharing. !!! I feel like I am on my way. thank you!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      it takes time.. i go in and out of this fear… its a strange thing… not gone for me either but tapping works.. xoxo hang in there wind sister

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