Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Try Meditating on Mint Green!

Updated: April 24, 2017

Trouble Getting Out of Bed? Try Meditating on Mint Green

HI! Spring is here and finally I am back.  I am sorry I have been away for almost a whole month! Thought I would give everybody a break but here I am and I have some insightful things to share. And, yes it’s all about you and me and how adding a dose of color can change everything.

We have, as you know been going non stop and although I am a big preacher of self care I am going to admit I have found it hard to balance life with the gargantuan amount of work that it has taken to launch a new school. Who knew it would go like this? Hmm.. some intuitive I am!

So after 14 hour days and months on end of work guess what happened? You got it I got the flu ( so did Marc) and we spent 5 days side by side in bed together sneezing and snorting and being a teeny bit crabby. ( that was me)

But you know when you get so sick you don’t even want to do any tapping or other protocols you know to help you get well? That’s how it was for me. It was almost defiant. See? I am SICK! Ta Da. You can’t help me I am staying in bed! (Very bizarre and counterproductive but as you know I am real and raw in these posts and always tell it like it is.)

Then of course being sick also becomes very boring and there are only so many historical romance novels one can devour. And, it bears considering that it may be that I still have some things to work on like giving myself permission to take breaks? Not sure if you identify with this super woman “Human doing”  syndrome but the shadow of it is pretty obvious. ( burn-out not referring to a gas BBQ) and Jeez can you believe it? I am no hero while horizontal unable to speak.

And then there are my 3 dogs who were happy at first to have a 5 person puppy mound the first couple days but by day 3 they were getting me up by staring at me taking turns sitting on my chest and practicing their “hypnotize our human” skills . coooooookieeee play baaaaaaaallll, get uuuuuuuupppp, find my chewy find my chewy… chooooooooooowiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee !!

So knowing I had to do something as I began to feel a bit better I grabbed a hold of my friend Dougall Fraser’s new book (you absolutely HAVE to get)  called Your Life in Color. I had an early copy and decided to peruse it for a color cure. Now when I tell you this I mean this sincerely do NOT do this if you don’t want a quick rapid radical change.

I know what colors I love, ( blue and turquoise makes me deliriously happy) but I am a tad ignorant beyond my understanding of the chakras what color on the light spectrum would help me feel better. So I did what any intelligent intuitive would do – flip the pages with my eyes closed and point my finger. I landed on mint green!

So I decided to meditate on “ electric mint green” as Dougall refers to it in the book. I did this without reading the whole section. BAM 10 minutes in my whole body was yelling at me “ Get up you lazy bones, take me for a walk do something isn’t the day GREAT? WOW”

Now I was not prepared for this much energy. And, slightly resentful at the same time I surrendered my need for languid rest and recuperation to “happy joyful time to clean my house energy.”

It’s been 3 hours and I honestly feel the energy still. I am still under the weather but instead of walking through my house under a raincloud there is some sun peeking through and my head feels particularly clear.

I am now going back to the book this time to find a color that will help me simmer down now. As Dougall points out in his book there is a plus and a minus to all colors.

Who knew color could be so fun and so effective?

So if you have trouble getting out of bed, or feel lazy, just getting over a cold and need to get some stuff done or leaning towards procrastination – mint green in the mind will give you the fuel you need to get that engine running!

Love you always and forever.

Let me know your experience with color and have a peek at Dougal’s book!




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  • Melissa A Fraser

    Thank you for your weekly readings. I have been consulting your online decks lately and one thing I would like to understand better is how to choose which deck to pull cards from. What are the characteristics of each deck?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is really up to you and your feeling of them. Each deck is slightly different like having different personalities and although their meaning structure is similar they are unique in how they deliver your message. I say try them out and you will feel the one that speaks to you. Its not an intellectual decision it’s one you have to experience personally to make a decision on. Wisdom of Avalon has no reversals for example it’s a simpler deck. Wisdom of the Oracle is more complex.

    • Stephanie

      Colette, I am so happy you are feeling better and I have missed your newsletter. Thank you for lifting my spirits and reminding me that the Universe has my back. xoxoxo

  • Diana Boles

    well, I just knew something was off — and it wasn’t just me! Sensing that something was amiss in Dragonfly Cove, I went searching for your Astro energy and saw you with a box of tissues and blankets pulled up around your chin.
    Speaking of Astro Energy, that feisty Venus Retro in firey Aries had all of us edgy, itchy, sneezy and in need of a wider berth around our own bubbles.
    So glad you are feeling better. Revelations come in some of the dreariest packages, but the contents always portend a wisdom —- permission to take a break is granted.
    I’m welcoming the end of April Rains here. Gives me a chance to gently remove the Dust Bunnies, afterall they all have names and have given me grandchildren.

  • Donna Atkin

    Energizer bunny with minty green …..
    So happy you are feeding better. Hope Marc is as well.
    So excited as my copy should be her soon. Looking forward to getting back to colour therapy.
    Week two is here. What an awesome school and it’s just taking flight. Still finding my balance.
    Loving you, your style and clarity.
    Have a great day ????????

  • Debbie Scheriff

    Thank you for always sharing your ‘humaness’.

  • Sharon

    I suffered a crash and burn that started in December due to burn-out. I now know that self care has to be number 1 for me — I even went so far as to quit my job without having another job lined up (I really hated that job anyway). Yes I took the leap of faith in hopes that Spirit will guide me to that which is in my highest and best interest. Sometimes it pays to be selfish. Take care and I hope you feel 100% real soon.

  • Mirella Mazzone

    Hi and good morning…. I just love your weekly oracle readings and I wanted to say thank you for that but I have a question I need to ask I consult with your oracle cards on a daily base what I would like to know is how many times a day can I consult with the cards?

  • Dawn

    Hi Colette,
    I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean with plus & negative with colors. Although yellow is cleansing,happy…it is fear & sadness too. I moved into my home almost 4 years ago with yellow kitchen walls & look forward to painting over it when the time is right. I added pink rose curtains to balance it out for now. Thank goodness for balance! I am happy to have gotten a newsletter & love your rawness. Sending you, Marc, & your fur babies love & light

  • elisa

    Love electric green for ‘healing’ and looooooooooooooooooove, I did have to learn NOT to send it nor use it around tumors, I now shift to electric blue and robin’s egg blue for that. giggling at your get up clean house now snark 😛

  • sharon lindsley

    I Soo love your readings – I really resonate with your cards and readings .. and this weeks was so right on for me… Thank you for being you..

  • Stephanie R

    Thank you for the information on mint green and the Your Life in Color book. This will definitely be on my next-to-read list. Wow, this week’s message really struck a chord with me in regards to The Tribe message and being in multiple tribes and how to be of service in them and how it’s ok to be a part of multiple tribes. I had a story going on about how it was either / or in being in multiple tribes. I find myself moving forward into a new tribe, reconnecting with a couple of older tribes.

    Also, thank you for taking my manifested call when you and Dr. Judith Orloff spoke on Hay House Radio. The techniques you and she shared (the bubble and the black panther) were an instant game changer for me in my work environment and has literarily changed my life as an empath.

    Happy birthday Sebastian.

  • Pat

    Thank you for all that you do! Wisdom of Avalon is on my list! Get well wishes! ????

  • Renee Sugar

    Hi Colette;

    Not sure if the oolor cure came before or after your visit to Toronto for “Spirit Jam” but “spirit” was with you in a really big dose that evening. So delighted to have been present to share that event. The energy was very intense and I felt so connected especially after the event was over. I have always enjoyed working/playing with color so I will take a look at Dougalls’ book. I’ve really missed this blog; as I am now working 5 months full time, so energy is something that waxes and wanes like the moon. Nonetheless; even though it was raining “cats and dogs” the night of “Spirit Jam” it didn’t affect the flood of love that was exchanged that night. Color is powerful; but people are magical. So grateful that a kind lady who could not attend that night clicked a lot of buttons to make it possible for me to attend as the tickets were sold out. Glad you are “on the mend”. Fortunately I rarely get sick; but the body does show signs of wear. Recently my ankles were so swollen; they looked like an elephants’. Never seen anything like that before. No pain; but really puffy. Seems my feet were unhappy being wrapped in winter boots which felt constricting after too many months. Once I removed them although it took over one week; the swelling disappeared and that was it. So somehow the body lets us know when we need to pay attention; otherwise we will pay for not listening at a later date. Lots of Love to you, Marc and the furry ones/
    So good to see you in Toronto.

  • Helen

    As I read your blog, I am sick and my coughing kept me up most the night so I am really tired. I am looking at boxes with items that need to be homed (recently moved). I will meditate on the mint green and get this book.
    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Barbara Marie

    WooHoo… glad to hear you’re on the upswing! The book sounds delightful and right up my alley… thanks for sharing and giving me a laugh with your outrageous humor.

  • Christine Upchurch

    Glad you are healing. Thank you for the heads up about Dougall’s book. Sounds fascinating! I must have him on my show to talk about it on air. Meanwhile as I sit here bleary-eyed with my coffee in hand, I will begin to meditate on mint green…Sending love and appreciation.

  • Ann E. Buffington

    Hi Colette! I know we have never met, but I just want to tell you how much your insight has helped me.
    Glad you are feeling better!
    Here on Cape Cod Ma. It’s a rainy day..
    Waiting for the sun☀️ Think about color everyday. I wonder what color” I feel” on a particular day..
    Enjoyed your update very much. Have a great day! ????

  • Danielle

    Love ya, Colette! Hope you are doing better today. 🙂
    I’ve always been a “purple/lilac” kinda girl! I can spot that color anywhere even if it’s just a dot in my immediate surroundings! It’s always been that way for me. I need it like oxygen and it always jumps out at me. 🙂

    Therefore, needless to say, the amethyst is my favorite crystal and I have a few pendants and amethyst crystals that I like to bring with me wherever I go and one lovely piece of the rock itself just laying there on a speaker in my living room, looking pretty. We LOVE each other!! Hahaha…

    Don’t know why I need it so much in my life…

    Have a great day. 🙂 X

  • Janice Baird

    Hi Colette,
    Missed you. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep em coming.


  • Beverly A Frederick

    We here at the Bot aand Frederick family were very sick too. At my age it seemed very draining. Had to were poise well I coughed my self to death. I am hear you won’t be doing your show in Edmonton, I’m may ,11 I was so looking forward to Meeting you maybe another time of Synchronicity always plays a role somewhere in my life. But back to point I love colors and love working with chakras. Loved your blog.

  • Astrid

    Love and light ❤️ So happy to hear you’re feeling better.I found you because someone told me to listen to Gabbys “The universe has your back” and I have been completely drawn to your energy. I’ve bought your Oracle of Wisdom cards and am playing with them a lot. I currently live in Barrie- it was neat to hear that you were from around here:).
    I loved the messages this week. I am going through major life changes and this reading gave me a sense of calm. Getting signs from spirit is very reassuring when everything feels uncertain. I feel like watching this at this moment was exactly what I needed.❤️❤️

  • Gary Sheridan

    SHIFT happens! Colette’s remarks about the Between Worlds and Loyal Hearts cards WERE virtually prophesied by events of Saturday night 4/22…have had to make seriously reflective decisions about which group I belong to in upcoming summer social circles! This is my first time hearing of Colette’s weekly Oracle Card prescriptions….hope she keeps me on her email list for this and although it seems free I’d be willing to pay a bit for it! Thank u all!!!!

  • Nancy

    So happy you and Marc are feeling much better! I ordered Dougs book and found out yesterday it is on its way!! Super excited!!

  • Karen Kennedy

    Thought you were M I A ????
    Honestly I have been 2 ????
    There was a very strange something or other going on ????
    Glad you are feeling better . Sooo glad Mercury Retrograde is on its way out and a New Moon tomorrow ???? These last 3 weeks were tough ???? Everyone was feeling it . Sooo glad your back ????????✨????

  • Anonymous

    I love colour…often when i’m in a flower shop or a fabric store I want to throw myself into the mess of flowers or fabric and roll around in all that beautiful vibrant, colour. I would love to feel the vibration of colour, smell and taste it too. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to use it to to up my game. As allergies hit, this will be helpful. Continue to heal,feel better and enjoy the little down time you’ve given(forced)on yourself. You Deserve it!!! ♥

  • DLLGRJandfurballs


    Color Therapy with added sparkles
    I usually adore sparkly pastel colors

    Cheers to Healing

    PEACE Please … thanks

  • Debbie

    Hi! glad that you and your hubby are feeling better. Just ordered the book Your life in Color. I do love color, but tend to stay in the dull shades of them, hoping the book helps me go for the more vibrant shades. I have also finished reading your books: Messages from Spirit, The Map and Uncharted. They have made me think more and enjoy my life so much more of late!!! And I have been working with Wisdom of the Oracle. Life is great! Love you and thank you for all the work that you do for all of us! <3

  • collette

    So very glad you are back—and I just want to say the mint green is a favourite colour of mine so must get that book- so sorry you had to get through a nasty cold bug.. Love your reading as always, look forward to reading each one. And I do use the oracle cards daily, sometimes more than once, not sure this is the right thing to do??
    Thank you for being you and always sharing yourself with us all… looking forward to the next reading, that is what keeps me going and helping tremendously to find my way back from oblivion.
    Love you and please remain your genuine self in sharing your help and knowledge…

  • Dianne Dolan

    I wore blue glasses for a headache because I read blue glasses is good for that. Wow!! I go in believing but I am always blown away by it working as well as it does.

  • Devi


    So glad you and hubby Marc are feeling better. You are a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary spring. Your account of being sick is so wonderfully connecting – we’ve all been there – and yes knowing the protocols to use to heal but being too unwell to use them! You nailed that conundrum, girlfriend. Love the idea of using colors actively to heal and change your energy. Thank you thank you for this book recommendation. I lead meditation classes and work individually with clients. I often lead people through the chakras, colors and properties and they enjoy that, but occasionally my concious mind says,let’s do something else next time….the mind, always looking for new ideas and themes, LOL. Though honestly, I feel like I go into a bit of a trance in my classes.. Thank you for being the nexus to foster deeper self-knowledge. In loving gratitude!

  • Judy Zarowny

    Thanks for the weekly guidance cards. They are very relevant for me, as I straddle several modalities of expression. They will be good to meditate on this week.

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