Change is a Gawky Awkward Dance!

Updated: June 12, 2017

Change is a Gawky Awkward Dance

It’s a messy thing actually, the beat changes as soon as you think you know the steps and then you get dizzy and have to sit down but you find out you were actually playing musical chairs. Ya I know you thought your guardian angel was in charge of all that. Hmm.. wait now we’re doing the cha cha cha? I obviously didn’t bring the right shoes!  

Why is it that we think change and transformation has to be graceful and sparkly and shiny and liberating as soon as we consider it? Why is it that when change is thrust upon us, we recoil in fear and anger and then expect some magic being to fix it now, when a little time is what we need to adjust?

“But I’m spiritual I know these things.. All is well right? The Law of Abundance states… blablablabla… so why don’t I feel good, surrendered, happy, wise, serene, grateful all the time?”  

Seriously evolving out loud is part Presence and Wisdom, part Ridiculous, part Graceful, and mostly chasing it all around like trying to catch fireflies in a jar.

Is it because when we wake up, and ignite our inner Light we think enlightenment means we will all of a sudden become creatures of never ending joy and awareness?

Is it because we think opening up to the deeper layers of Consciousness gives us an intuition that will guarantee that we will know how to avoid all obstacles, and pain and slide over our fear and loss  like Elsa in Frozen singing Let it Go? ( gosh I can’t stand that song).

When transformation happens it’s more likely you’ll stumble, wonder where your friends went, why people aren’t thrilled you’ve found your spiritual path, question your job, your purpose and find yourself temporarily lost between worlds.

This is why it’s called The Road Less Traveled not Easy Street.  

You need to be Devoted to the whole messy awkward experience.

Yes its also true that extraordinary things happen too, that awareness opens up to the truest magic your human self will ever know.But that is the gift for sticking all of it out. Not just the good parts.

When we got home from the holiday I knew we would be coming into a house with one less dog. If you read my blog last week you know my little soulmate Sebastian died as we were leaving for the airport.

We checked in with our sitters daily from the beach, unable to fully leave the mess for holiday.

Coco sat depressed for a few days and the puppy Bisou was frustrated Coco wouldn’t play with her and so she decided she would forget all her house training and mark the house when our sitters weren’t looking.

Good thing my dogs are all under 5 pounds.

When we got home they were suitably pissed off at us, and happy to see us and I was glad of our smaller family but then it hit me like a tsunami. Sebastian was only 3 pounds but there was this huge gaping silence in the house.

And no matter all my wisdom of all things spiritual and meaningful I caved in.  

Yes yes I had asked for a sign on Thursday as I woke up heart aching in my throat and 20 dragonflies managed to come up to the 22nd floor to sit on my balcony. ( Spirit knows one would not do!) And when I decided it wasn’t enough, a random photograph of my little boy showed up in my feed saying Happy Puppy. There was no way that all could have been “coincidence” I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt Spirit and the spirit of my sweet boy were communicating with me.

Still I didn’t know what to do when I got home. I will be honest I wanted to eat everything in the fridge. I didn’t.

But I wanted to escape rather than deal with the change that called for nothing less than surrender and radical acceptance. A trip to the bookstore – research for my Spirit Animal Oracle didn’t help nor did the organic groceries that always make me feel like I am doing some good in the world. Good for the local farmers, for our bodies bla bla bla.

I still had to go home and walk back in my house.

I had forgotten the steps of my everyday life.

I had to learn a new dance.

Our pack had to be re-defined and re-organized. Even the dogs pecking order changed as Coco awkwardly assumed the role as Alpha ( truly a klutzy little thing but determined!)

Both dogs brought their toys to our bed and Coco sat defiantly in Sebastian’s blanket that we didn’t have the heart to take off the bed.

Balding, with a deformed skull, and a bum back leg our once shy loner of a little girl has risen to the occasion.

We’re all adjusting.

It’s not always easy and it’s not always effortless.

I think that is the deepest most simple truth.

You can’t wait to be motivated to do life, you can’t expect it always to feel blessed, and you won’t always see that things are for the highest good when they happen.

Whether you experience the loss of a family member, your job, your status, or conversely start a new project that excites you, find true love,- change does not have to be “ bad”. We all have to allow time for the reorganization of elements to support the new circumstances that will support the evolution of the new you.

And, incidentally time is sneaky and refuses to give even a hint at the new dance steps.

You’re just expected to follow along.

And so, we just have to keep dancing. Even if we fall and there’s no one to catch us.

However far down we go we need to trust the Light within, follow it .. and keep going.

Yes Change is an awkward, gawky dance… but I am not planning on sitting this one out.

Are You?



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  • Lisa

    Dear Colette

    The Road Less Traveled .. I was introduced to this in the mid 80’s through a book by M. Scott Peck.

    After reading it, I traveled along thinking all would be super duper now that i understood the idea of the map constantly expanding .. me constantly growing and evolving.

    Of course years later, all went to shit >> and i went into sleep mode, with a side order of self condemnation for anytime i thought too much.

    Because Spirit loves me so much i eventually was led to you, and you have gently held my shaking unsure hand via the internet. I was able to get back onto the path once you helped me to discover that i was in fact still worthy.

    You use your life and experiences to share with all of us, we are truly the fortunate ones ! Learning from someone who does their own work daily is the best .. you don’t pretend it is easy all the time .. that for me is REAL. It makes the daily 24 hour compartment much more simple to navigate, knowing it will have hills filled with joy moments and valleys with low moments. You have shown me how to honour my sadness, how to accept the things that happen and how to move slowly forward.

    Truly i am grateful that God made you exactly as you are !!

    Much Love and Respect,

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love you Lisa.. thank you for sharing .. oxoxoxox

    • Laura

      I loved your comment Lisa!!!

    • Lindsey

      I love your bravery and truth Colette. You have so many qualities I admire and I know they are within me as well. Huge hugs with Sebastian’s passing and right before you left for holidays- divine timing. Thanks for leading the way so we can all find our lane to shine. A huge epiphany this morning – embracing my writing gift and looking for a farm instead of a house to run my workshops with my animals.
      Heart hugs-see you on tonight’s call✨????

    • Goga

      Dear Colette,
      I’ve been following you for some time now and I love how your thought flows… I love reading your blogs and this one touched me deeply. Thank you for reminding me that change is omnipresent and not always smooth and easy… Thank you for reminding me to keep the faith and trust in the Spirit and myself. To keep on dancing, because most of the time, dancing with Spirit is fun or at least exciting. 🙂

      And thank you for reminding me, we can always communicate with our loved ones that passed and just ask for a sign.

      Thank you. <3
      With respect and appreciation,

  • Petra Reuter

    Wow, Colette. That really touched my heart and is also a great guidance for me right now. Thank you for your thoughts and feelings that you are sharing. All my love

  • Alicia N.

    Colette, I am so sorry for your loss. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for always sharing your experience and truth. Your words are Spirit’s hand up. I woke up this morning and dusted myself off as I am trying to navigate significant change right now and thought with all the spiritual work that I’ve been doing that I could handle it. Boy was I wrong. Disco calls when the Waltz falls… I’ve lost the battle with my refrigerator too many times to count these past two weeks and it’s comforting to hear that spiritual growth and the mess of everyday life go hand and hand but it can be done 🙂 Thank you for being an example for all of us.

  • Laura

    I love this blog! It hits the nail on the head and re-affirms why Oracle School has been one of the best courses I have ever taken. You must be in a 20 gallon pot!!! Love and gratitude for you always <3

  • Yvette Moreel

    Thank you Colette. Change can be awkward and scary. You are right. We need to trust within and allow our light to shine. Loosing our loved ones our animals is a tough challenge however knowing that their spirit is always with us and can communicate with us is a wonderful way to heal. My dog Nanook has been gone for so many years. I still feel him and at times see him. Just knowing he is still with me is very healing.

  • Lauren

    I “get” the absolute overwhelming sorrow that comes when our dogs leave us here and go Home….I still miss Ariel, Sydney and Silken. But our world does not hold still even if we feel like we are at a still-point and everything is flying by us while we grieve. So, I send you BIG LOVE to help your heart. That said I also need to add a wee bit of lightness here….no matter how awful it feels for me I can always find a bit of Divine humour (and by the way their big picture at Home means that the humour is sometimes a bit warped for us here). I can just hear Sebastian and your Helpers discussing when would be a good time for him to leave and come Home and saying that you are so busy that they are going to have to squeeze an Exit in somewhere…and this was the best that they could do. So it may be awkward but the time Sebastian and your Helpers chose was the best they could do given how busy you are and how much you are needed here on Earth. On days like this it is a good thing that this whole project is powered by LOVE

  • Vivienne

    Thank you Colette. Next month is the anniversary of my husband’s sudden passing and the last few months have been hard. Your story touched my heart. And your oracle readings and messages have helped me so much through this year. Bless you.

  • Wendy Bailey

    You have such a great way of communicating life, Colette, in all its depths, with all its challenges and glorious discoveries, and even those discoveries that are after all, sacred, yet awkward to deal with. I laugh and cry at your amazing blogs. Thank you. 🙂

  • Theresa

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Colette. I so love how you use your personal experience to show others. Love love love you!!!!

    After doing Oracle School, I really feel this sense of newness to me. I hardly had any time to enjoy it, when BANG! a rift between me and a co-worker exploded. Where did that come from? Where is my harmonious, for the greater good, team! OMG, so funny, now! But I can see that someone was sitting in their dirty diapers and then by extension, I became the one in the diapers! Funny thing was, they were not my diapers! hahaha! As I was almost going to “do what I did to get what I still get”… Spirit was showing me “behind the bushes”, literally. I had to let go of trying to think that this person was going to change (big, HELLO!). I realized I had built some better boundaries from my personal growth in Oracle School. I realized that I was coming from a different place. So now, I’m also doing the awkward dance as I get used to my new boundaries of self and backing away from this “wonderful” person, who needs to realize her own journey of being a martyr. Been there, done that, got burnout… Thank you for helping me reflect on this!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this !.. yep sometimes those dirty diapers aren’t even ours but how quickly do they become ours if we get caught in the blaming … xo

  • Heather

    Yes, the vase has broken but the space inside cannot be destroyed and I continue to commune with that space that is my loved ones that were in both human and animal form. You have taught me that and that the grief we feel at there passing is equal to the joy they brought to our hearts. We all awkwardly learn the new dance and, as you said, just as we think we’ve figured out the steps, the music changes. I will humbly endure the pain to have experienced the joy. Big hugs to you, Marc and your little furry babies.

  • Paula M Jones

    Love this. I constantly have to remind myself that just because I may be having a difficulty it doesn’t mean I’m in the wrong place. I still hope that if I can just become the Dalai Lama then I’ll never feel bad again. WRONG.

  • Donna

    So sorry for you loss, Collette. Thank you for sharing the sad and sweet story of how you and your doggie family are coping. Sending hugs……

  • Anonymous

    Hi Colette,

    You have been soooo many waves lately with oracle school, and your new show – motorcycle medium… the possibility of singing again….. I felt I needed to draw a card for you… I was guided to the Hidden realms deck.. I asked what is hidden that I should share with Colette… I got the wise woman of wonderland… integrity and Compromise.. You will never lose what is truly yours. how GREAT is that!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Be blessed!! Love you!

  • denise

    Your writing even with a painful heart is so beautiful and deeply touching. Heartfelt love to you.

  • Celine

    This was perfect timing as I navigate my new found retirement and trying to find my “new place” in the world. Despite the excitement ppl tend to envision for themselves it’s never quite the same when it happens to u. I’m slowing finding my way as I challenge every emotion known to mankind. This was supposed to be easy & fun, right? Why did I ever think change would be less complicated or different outside of the work environment? Dah.

  • Isabelle Adams-Modien

    Thank you Colette. Your blogs really touch me and send me in to ‘life review’ mode. I’ve had similar experience and I’m in awe of how much we’re the same when someone shares their experience. It’s hard to not have a ‘pity party’ at the time of incredible sadness. My Younger sister (and only remaining sibling) passed away on April 15th, 2017… I’ve since been having a wrestling match with grief. Time will heal but right now the struggle is real. Depression is always lurking in dark corners. I will eventually overcome. Again, thanks for sharing your personal trials and tribulations… it sure helps to know we’re not alone in our life mishaps… xoxo <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      I am so sorry.. that is tough to lose a younger sister..grief has her own timetable.. don’t resist her..

  • Dorothy Smith

    They say timing is everything.Truly sorry for your loss.I know the pain of not having that presence in the room in your life.Its only been two months since Tucker my yellow lab of ten yrs has passed. I’m learning how to do a new dance one step at a time. I walk alone now and watch the sunsets we enjoyed together.God paints a new one everyday.When suddenly a song from no where reminds me to listen to the lyrics.The song is by Carly Simon I haven’t got time for the pain.Truly Spirit has shown up and I look forward to the new sign posts along the way. All is well my new favourite saying. XoxoDee

  • Maria

    Thank you for all of that Colette. Just…thank you!

  • Pamela Tansley

    I love it when you tell us about your dogs and how they move through your life. Please keep us in the loop and tell us more. I am a lover of all animals and am waiting with anticipation for your animal Oracle deck.

  • claudette

    To be honest I get it but am tried of the game feel like I need a rest I really thought once you get it that it stops

  • Elizabeth

    Your/everyone’s best insights come through when life hits hard. Thank you for sharing.
    (Where the heck are the heart emojis? Insert here)

  • Carol

    Thank You, Colette,

    You helped me in my grief.

  • terry

    thank you for that Colette…I am starting the dance again myself..i am sorry about your baby boy…I lost my little girl sophie last 4th of july (heart attack from neighbors fireworks) you comforted me as well…thank you again. I had my 2nd Saturn return, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure on my home plus acouple of my mentors passed/graduated. it hit me hard…. I am redoing and remembering me again 🙂 astrology classes and spiritual classes 🙂 I just bought your new cards as well..waiting for them to be delivered ! thank you again Colette!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Perfect! Just what I needed today. Msg for me is: ” trust that this time of upheaval and transformation is a normal part of this flow of life…I am divinely directed. Keep listening.” And I will. ????✨ to you.

  • connie

    Seriously you are God’s Angel. Every time I need to hear something you deliver. You’re so…intuitive. 🙂 I keep imagining that if I work hard enough, understand enough, turn it over enough I will suddenly, easily, transition to the ‘all knowing divine self’ my heart and mind so desire. I feel like I’m failing when the shit hits the fan, and often want to be anything other than human. But here I am and the dance can be messy and the signs are often posted in a foreign language, but I am so much more grateful than I ever have been and can see and acknowledge my Blessings more clearly and I do know that I am evolving. I Am the Divine Being that God wants to express as me, thru me, it just doesn’t quite look like the version I have in mind…yet. 🙂 Blessings to you and your new Spirit guide Sebastian. ♥

  • Kara

    Thank you! This new dance sucks but I am trying to go along with it and see where it leads me! Glad to see that I am in good company.

  • Patti

    Dearest Collette, p
    First of all, I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. When our fur kids pass they take a huge part of our hearts with them.
    Reading your events leading to your recent change had me flashing back to a huge change that happened to me over the past year, losing my husband of 30 plus years, the last of my kids moving out, selling our too huge for me family home and downsizing to a manageable home for me, my 2 dogs and 2 cats. Shortly after attempting to settle into my smaller home I was diagnosed with a severe concussion from the bang on the head from a vent on the side of my house. I wasn’t able to do any reading, watching tv, computer or texting on my phone for 2 weeks. I sat with spa music playing every day, all day long thinking about all I had been through getting to this point in my life. The loss of my husband, dealing with lawyers regarding settlement after the accident that took his life, losing 2 fur kids within months of losing my husband, all that was involved with downsizing not just house stuff but my husband’s and my stuff. It was like living in a wind tunnel. But, looking back at it I see that I had to go through all of that to get to here. I’m comfortable here, in my new home, in my new life. My husband would be so proud of me.
    Thank you for guiding me by being one of my anchors through all of this Collette. I’ve followed you through Facebook, your newsletters, your oracle school and I’ve even met you in person a couple of years ago. I’ve come to realize that change can be okay, even when you have to go through a lot of sh** to get there.

  • Angela

    I just want to thank you, for being you. I must admit you’ve really touched a cord with me with your last two blogs (made me cry like a baby ;). I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I am so grateful for your Change is Awkward blog this week because Spirit has recently asked me to switch careers, move across the country, and remove all of the toxic people from my life. Its all left me feeling a little AWKWARD, to say the least. My most recent dance moves are not only challenging, but sputtering from time to time. So thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me that it’s just part of this beautiful, blessed ride!!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you Colette for the touching and reassuring words! I recently have found myself hitting rock bottom. My life partner of almost 13 years left me – not because he didn’t love me but because he needed to grow and work through some past traumas that were impacting our relationship – and who knows IF he will ever be back. I decided to cut ties with my narcissistic, abusive family…all of them including my mom and all my siblings (dad has been gone for 15 years). And, just for fun, a spiritual awakening has come along and now I”m questioning everything in my life…my career, my purpose, my friends all the while with a heart breaking for the loss of the love of my life and the betrayal of my family or origin and loss of a family structure.

    Thank you for reminding me this isn’t supposed to be a pretty or graceful time and that most days I am lucky if I can stumble through the day. Thank you for reminding me that MY experience is normal and human and expected, heck, even required to get through this.

    Too many people in my life want to hurry me through my grief and through this process. “If you’d just go out on one date, you’d probably find it isn’t that bad.” “Do you think you should take some anti-depressants?” “Well maybe you should take some time off and consider going to an in-patient treatment program” (this after holding it together for months, I finally bluntly told my co-worker I thought her idea was busy work. But because it was out of character for me to be so blunt, now I needed to go to a psychiatric unit). I love you for letting me know that my experience is entirely okay and that maybe, just maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;

    Heartfelt condolences for your loss. Always amazes me how the smallest creatures; some with many challenges find the “spirit”/heart to carry on. Little Sebastian was
    certainly full of determination and “inner drive”. I prefer to see the whole picture as an evolving, unfolding process. Loss leading to change; new decisions/choices/behaviors. How could anything possibly remain static. It really is natures’ way. Death, loss, can bring us to a place of vulnerability, inviting our attention to be placed on something we might not have ever considered before.
    “Death is the condition of having no past. Birth is the condition of having no future; every moment is the last moment; and each moment is a rebirth.” Living in the “present” means that we must respond to circumstances that have not been a part of our repertoire. Wobbling is the way to find our legs; and balance. And yes even if we do fall; it isn’t how many times we fall but the number of times we get back up and continue in spite of how unfamiliar the terrain might be. However; as life is an adventure; an uncharted pathway it isn’t about the victories, but what is learned/developed through the circumstances that are placed in our lives. Who we become is decided when we choose “how” to handle a situation in a way that might be out of our comfort zone. “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch
    Sending healing energy and love to you and Marc.

    • Margaret Miller

      Thank you, Renee, your words reverberate within me. I feel the dying, the alien land where threats are everywhere. Yet I cannot retreat. There is nowhere to go back to. Most importantly because I can feel and breathe something so new, so fresh, so true – at times. Sometimes the breath is taken out of me, and then the breath of all that is, empowers me. I feel somewhere between absolute madness (the loss of everything I believed who I am here, the fallible story of who I am) and true peace. A perfect quote from Neale Donald Walsch which I had not heard before. And then, there is “presence” which I feel is the crystalline moment for everyone. Blessings to you for the gift you have offered to me today.

  • Genene

    “Awkward, gawky dance…” Yes. Thank you for this message. In my life, feels like this has been going on forever. OK, it’s only been about ten years, but dang! Enough already. Guess with a couple thousand years of past life garbage to release, ten years isn’t bad, right? As always, appreciate your spiritually down-to-earth perspective. 🙂

  • Stephanie R

    Yes, yes and yes! The Gawky Awkward Dance that is change – perfect. I’m printing this out and hanging it at home to remind me of this. Thank you for your perspective, honesty and words of wisdom.

  • Margaret Miller

    Dear Colette,

    Thank you deeply for this. I love your blogs – so often they arrive and rise me up at a moment most valued, as in a blessed comradery of spirits. My heart is with you, and Sebastian, and all of your family walking this walk.

    Change for me in these times feels like walking with Dinosaurs. I had thought, after all my decades of unending spiritual explorations, attunements, growth and new knowledge and experiences, that they would transform into sweet little beasts, that I could communicate with in peace, even cuddle, maybe. However, now . . . Tyrannosaurus Rex is looking good! Oiye!

    I felt so human and real reading your post today, more at peace. Gratitude and Blessings.


  • Kylie

    So sorry to hear about Sebastion, that’s heartbreaking and he will be truly missed. Thinking of all of you and thank you for opening up to us and sharing so honestly. I love your dogs and hearing about all your adventures with them. You’re so right about what you say in this blog too. Change can be so messy and difficult and yet it’s one constant we can count on. Everything is changing even at the minute level which we hardly ever notice and at the macro level when it smacks us in the face. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom and I’m sending you all a big squeezy hug ((????))

  • Collette

    Just love the new teachings and this one touched me immensely since I was going through a rough patch–what I am holding on to is your words to breathe in light and exhale darkness. which is what I want to do when I next meditate, sounds wonderful. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

  • Deb Stopar

    I am so sorry for your loss. A rocket scientist doesn’t even know what to do when there is change as in your situation. You did what you could do just went with the flow. Now get out there and do the twist. Love ya.

  • Jenny S

    Ah Collette, Even Spiritual people have a right to grieve! My heart goes out to you and I understand the “gaping silence” perfectly, because I’ve been there too.

    Thank you so much, Beautiful One. You write so eloquently, and moved me deeply. It took me back 14 years to when I returned to Australia from a holiday in Hawaii, to find my cherished feline friend was terminally ill. Bilbo got sick just before we were due to fly out and although I sent him reiki every day, I still felt terribly guilty about leaving him alone. It was such awful timing. The ‘dance’ felt way off beat for a long time after he died.

    However, like you said, our Earthly companions can still reach us and send us messages. I often think of Bilbo (yes, I’m a Lord Of The Rings fan from way back) and sometimes I feel a soft waft of his spiritual presence winding around my legs. We are blessed by their presence, the Sebastians and Bilbos of this world, aren’t we!

    Love and hugs.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your pain. May the new dance have you swishing light-footed and joyous through your days.

    P.S I loved your 22 dragonflies story. (I am an 11:11 energy person) Considering the new cards you are creating, I thought you might be interested in the animal message I received today. A ring-tailed possum was mistakenly made homeless, when my kind neighbour severely pruned our lilypilly tree with a chain saw. I had no idea it was nesting in there. The poor thing must have been terrified, especially since it is nocturnal and would have been fast asleep. I remembered your story about the mouse, Collette, and went to my Medicine Cards to refresh my mind about what the possum (opossum) could be trying to tell me.
    It wasn’t playing dead, so I guess it’s telling me to have a strategy – some plan of action. This is definitely needed in my life right now ços I’m sort of “winging it”. I am currently wondering whether to renew my home rental lease and my fear is that I will be made homeless if I don’t. Interestingly, ring-tail possums usually have several nests as back-up homes! Maybe Spirit is telling me I’ll soon have a backup home. Maybe I’m being prompted to get a new lease – not sure. I’ll consult your hidden realms or enchanted map cards on that.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      love this.. hope it found a new home…sounds like you will know soon about yours

  • Alexandra Levin

    Thank you for this article; many have expressed more eloquently my sentiments, I have been doing this “awkward dance” for 2 years and slowly but surely you do get up it may take longer than what the ‘ego’ perceives (to be the appropriate time-line). Many cliches come to mind at least we’er dancing and sometimes we are not supposed to know the answers/reasons. Thank you and sending you my heartfelt condolences.

  • Janet

    Collette, thank you for your raw and real sharing. It has helped me gain perspective this morning. Our fur babies are here as our teachers, and they excel in their vocation. Much love and gratitude❤️

  • Sonia

    So sorry Colette for your loss, I am so sorry that Sebastian is gone, most likely to a better life, only sad for the ones he leaves behind

  • Poppy Foutoulis

    Dear Colette,

    Just want to send a big, heartfelt thank you for ALL your blogs, but particularly this one! ????

    I have been subscribed for some time and cannot thank you enough for helping me on this ever loving, crazy journey; learning to be OK with Me, things and awkward dancing!

    I hate “Let It Go” too! ????

    All the best with the “New Boss” – sending so much Love and Light to You!




  • Pauline kuffner

    I love the analogy of life as a dance. Never heard it in such depth before. I love your blogs and card reading and hope to keep learning. I’ve always consulted tarot and oracle cards on my own to give me more insight but I’m really attracted to your teachings.
    Sorry about your loss. Pauline

  • Merilyne

    Thank you for your reminder that life has a bumpy road and that I am not the only one travelling this road and feeling the bumps. I needed to hear that once again. MY life has changed so much since I became aware of Spirit and listened to what it had to say. My own body is a good indication of what I would be wise to do. For years I ignored my body and its messages and even became separated from it. It has taken many years and much healing to change this. Now I pay close attention to what it tells me and rarely does it tell me to do the wrong thing even if I think what it is advising me to do some way out thing.

  • Kathleen

    Awkward/gawky dance is so accurate! As always your blog is perfectly timed. Thank you for sharing & letting us in your life. It makes it easier to walk through our own. The dance of pre-cancer fights being won; true love entering after years of being single,on the cusp of retirement. Dealing with the impending death of a parent. Being spiritual & human, full of all the emotions we all have. You very eloquently & with great humor, keep us on track. Buy the way.. your ‘ ‘Good Tarot’ deck just arrived. Excited to have it.

  • Debbie Buck

    ahhhhhhh soooooo real!!!
    So true, change can be messy and beautiful…
    A line from a Tesla song..” Life’s beautiful and life sucks!!”

    Thank you! I love how you frame things…

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