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This week as a follow up to last week’s blog is a continuation of our manifesting magic discussion which began with me asking you “ who do you want to become?” and then giving some tips of how to practice being that person ( in the guise of more questions). Remember that by choosing to consider who you would need to become to live your dream life and “ dressing up” in that “costume” it would help set this in motion for you. That would include imagining how you would dress, stand, talk, what you would think about, etc. if you could see yourself there already.

So remember when I said the veils between the manifest world and the hidden realms are thinnest in these 2 weeks? These next few days are most important- not just to connect with our loved ones in Spirit, but to really get into turbo charged co-creating! Especially since we are also coming up on the Taurus Full Moon this Friday. ( but more on that later).

Note it is super important to consider what you give attention to this week as it can expand in front of you as if you ordered it up on a menu! ( and in pretty funny ways too)

One example I was sitting with my friend at a restaurant in Philadelphia and we were discussing how easy it is to leave your credit card behind after paying your bill, but how the little machines make annoying noises now so you won’t forget yadayada. For some reason we really hashed that one out! Then the waiter comes and we repeat said conversation ( as if we had nothing better to talk about). Thank goodness we talked about that!

Guess who left her credit card? ( don’t leave home without it lololol)

Then, on my way home, having had an amazing weekend teaching at Omega in upstate New York, a hilarious thing happened to me as I was sitting on an airplane considering what I would write about for this blog, having considered that I would be Wonder Woman if I did dress up.

Why? Because Wonder Woman doesn’t seem to get tired at all from travelling and it appears that she might also be able to eat as many chocolate Twix bars as she wanted and her outfit would still fit! Yep my choice was not even about the super powers part. That is how tired I was.( The mind is a marvelous form of entertainment when exhausted) then BAM lo and behold in walked the super tall twins from Property Brothers TV show both dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Yep I manifested twin versions! One of them sat beside me and graciously let me take his photo.
I tried to explain to him how amazing this was to me however his eyes glazed over with boredom so I just shared my almonds.

I had also just gotten an email from a friend who mentioned she saw my TV show Messages from Spirit in the USA on Amazon Prime , and although she loved it she noted ( with a dig I might add) that there is no marketing for it at all and she was sad about that as no one will really see it. MEOW. Although that is kinda true, I just quickly got over my desire to scratch, sent extra love and light ( more for me actually) and imagined it being received well in its perfect timetable and for the perfect people, and maybe the universe would show me a sign.
Then I fell asleep.

Got up once the plane landed and wandered out and found myself standing beside another celebrity ( this time music) in the line up at customs. I am now too stunned to think especially since in the moment I cannot for the life of me remember their name although their music plays in my house all the time and I leave trailing behind this one hoping not to look too conspicuous ( you know when you are a big fan but don’t want to look like one?) when a woman starts yelling saying she LOVES my TV show and it changed her mother’s life who watches it back home in New York.
Wow that was weird thinking to myself how much the other person’s music affected me and then switching to getting my sign out of the blue.

Fame is not the point- never has been – It’s the effect our creations have on others.
Thank you Spirit.

So why am I telling you these stories? There are times when your thoughts randomly will show up in form in the fabric of the universe which happened to me and that underlines the necessity for us all to watch our thoughts and what we give attention to. It may not be exactly cause and effect but these illustrated the connectivity that we all share that show up in events, and the meaning inherent below the surface if we’re awake to their gifts.

So when we have a deliberate intention, yet not attached to the form we can discover anything can be made manifest in the outer world to reflect that intention. This week we may as well be smart about it!
I would love to hear your stories by the way about what transpired for you !

This week has some Big Manifesting Magic and so set your intentions early and practice who you want to become for the Full Moon this Friday is all about making room for miracles.

From my friend awesome astrologer Maya White’s blog:-

“ Look Carefully; See Clearly; and prepare to have your intuition turned on to super power status!

This week – set your full moon Intentions early!

As the Moon conjuncts Neptune today, tune into your deepest desires and know that the answers are just a call away.

The answers comes as you shine your Light of intention to create clarity so that the Universe can spring into manifestation mode.

And then, the Full Moon on Friday will solidify your vision.

Taurus is like a freight train – hard to get going but once in motion, unstoppable. The sign presents a double edged sword – one side is to bask in the glow of previous accomplishments.

The other side of the Sword of Taurus, however, holds the absolute power of manifestation. “

So who do you need to become to live your most cherished life? How can you better serve in the midst of adversity? How do you want to feel when you imagine your best life?
Hold that thought… write it down, then gift it to the moon!

Sending you so much love and Light as we all need more of that!

Love always- Colette





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  • Lorna Pinder

    Amazing xx My time has began to manifest into form x little bumps today but will be back on track tomorros when i finally receive my official job offer to serve for my highest good. The first part of what i am ci creating x love and light Colette

  • Stuart Kelly

    Loved hearing about your story on call, and loved reading it here, Colette! Thank you! Powerful manifestation form cocoon to magnificent butterfly this week! Gorgeous!

    Love and Blessings ????❤️

  • Iris

    This awesome Colette!

    My intention this week is to be a bad-ass money manifester.

    I’ve been growing my business for years now and this year in July I was let go from my corporate job. Hala freakin’ loo ya! It was soul-sucking and wing-clipping. The best and most scariest thing to happen to me though.

    I got an awesome severance package which I’ve now gone through now and with no new income (yet) but fully trusting that it’s on it’s way to me, I’ve had to let go of the things I thought were super important to me and let go of some things I believed to be true about my money making potential.

    I do know from past experience that I’m fantastic at manifesting things into my life and money should be no exception.

  • Alicia Thompson

    Hi, Colette: I’ve recently “discovered” you (haha). I think you’re just awesome and so, so helpful. I very much appreciate your insights at this stage in my journey.

    Manifestation Story: I was complaining bitterly on Monday to my mom and sister about my other sister who can be neglectful of us, which hurts my parents’ feelings. She lives in Spain right now – we have not seen her in almost 2 years. It was also my mom’s 70-something birthday that day. That evening my mom calls me back to tell me that sister, OUT OF THE BLUE, called her to say she is coming to visit next week(?!)

    All I can do is quote Redd Foxx in “Sanford and Son”… “Elizabeth! I’m coming!!!” 😉

  • Sophie

    Thank you for always sharing your magic with us. Sending you lots of love and light back. Xx

  • Andrea Keener

    I’m in a long distance relationship and haven’t seen each other in months. Always something happening. I also keep getting travel deals in my email. Monday I got one…phishing for flights. But I said no. He has to ask me to visit. Next thing I know he calls and wants me to visit. I was disappointed it was a short visit and forgot to be Grateful! He was hurt by my reaction even though I was gentle about it. Forgot my attachment to the form. A work in progress! Thanks again

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      this is progress!! it is always a cha cha cha dance honey 10 steps forward, 4 back, 2 forward 3 back etc. .. but this is great!!

  • Elise

    loved it!! you always make me laugh Colette and while i’m reading i’m just imagining all the sound effects coming off you. this week i will be focusing on stepping truly in my authentic self and really start putting my voice out there and the service i can provide with it to help others. you are magical as always and love having you as an amazing mentor. big hugs

  • Pam

    My Dear Colette,
    My first exposure to you was at Celebrate Your Life in Arizona a few years ago. Your emails come and go across my 100’s i receive a day and sometimes I read them and sometimes I don’t. Today the word Moon showed up and as a wearer of the powerful Moonstone I took notice. Of course it was perfect. Thank you for helping me to stay spiritual in this world.
    Love and light,

  • Shelley

    I love when something fun happens like you running into Drew & Scott (Property brothers)
    I watched them on Kelly & Ryan yesterday morning.( Hilarious) I am looking to manifest places I can share a skill I learned a few years ago. I want the skill to help others in their lives. I have two of your card decks and I use them often. Just ordered Post Cards from Spirit. I’m looking forward to the messages they have for me. Love your Work!!

  • Tonja Crisler

    I’m new to this in my physical world but I know that my spirit has always been connected. As I’m reading this post for the 1st time (I think this is ur blog, correct? I do not own a home computer so sadly I am behind with technology) I am sitting outdoors with my 2 dogs. I’m observing their behavior which includes bossy Mator (our lil weenie dog) not allowing our passive Bob Johnson (who is 3x’s bigger) to eat, even though I have 3 bowls of food set out for them. Yes… 3 bowls for our 2 dogs… I actually paused while reading this and said out loud, “geez Mator, let poor Bob eat” of course thinking nothing about it! To my surprise though, within like 5 minutes time, here comes a huge brown lab running to my backyard to “make his presence known” I reckon. He has graciously “marked” all over my backyard which in turn made bossy-britches move his attention from guarding the food on to guarding the backyard. So… Bob ate plenty. I must mention that we live at the back of our subdivision with “no through traffic” & usually do not experience strange dogs in our yard. Also, I sincerely hope that it was Drew that u spoke to on the plane. I’ve always felt that Jonathon would be a lil more connected so to speak. I watch them often & that’s what led me to read this…

    • Tonja Crisler

      I do not know how this process works. So… I don’t know how to check my original comment to see if u reply. No reply is necessary for me tho. I just hope that u, Colette Baron Reid, will get to read it. Thanks.

  • Lisa

    Colette .. i love the Wonder Woman story .. how quickly you manifested her ! .. and ‘her’ being 2 tall men !! .. the photo is spooktacular !! .. you both look great
    thank you for another good blog, some more great ideas to ponder and work with !!
    Love Lisa xox
    p.s. you are pretty wonder woman-ish in your own unique way !!

  • Nick

    Dear Colette,

    This is Nick, the one with glasses and the long hair who Spirit guided at the Omega dining hall on Friday to get my coffee at that exact moment so I could first help you discern which urns held the coffee and THEN realize it was you and Maureen. Spirit led me the day before to discover that you happened to have created Shaman Oracle cards w/ Alberto Villoldo AND you BOTH happened to be at Omega on the same weekend AND were situated right next to each other next to the main lawn. As you can now realize, I was drawn to Anita, you and Maureen, and Alberto Villoldo and the Q’ero shamans because it is all about the Soul. “You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman.” Love it! Peace, Love, Nick

  • Lisa

    amazing stories. Such a great time of year.

  • collete

    Really enjoyed reading this Colette, so very interesting and I did get to laugh some too. Quite insightful, just love that you share your experiences with all of us. You are simply awesome. I’m trusting that things are going to fall into place like they were meant to, I just have to cultivate a bit of patience and help things along the way. Creating love and gratefulness for now.

  • Kathy jennings

    Thank you Colette for this post.

    This is my intention. A career that inspires me, offers flexibility, people who have the same ethics as me in a creative energy that is changing the lives of others. It pays well and I can travel and share my rewards with those closest to me (my Mum really wants to see Canada) 🙂

    I’m releasing my attachment to the form so bring it on spirit:)

  • Julie

    The messages from spirit card (I’ve actually ordered some for my daughter) was amazingly succinct for this week! I have decided to become ‘serious’ as a fine artist and with that is developing a new painting style. This has not conformed to others expectation of what is ‘popular’, but I am loving it! I am listening to myself and my needs (as a creationist) and who knows where it will lead (hopefully a great income 🙂 ). But all I know at the moment is that is feels right, so I will continue on my own path and see where it goes! Thank you for your lovely readings. xx

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Colette for helping us all !! My intention is to manifest that I am an artist medium for I would love to help loved ones….This is difficult for me because an artist never feels that they are good enough but I feel as if I am drawn to follow that path


  • Gina

    This was so spot on. I have been out of work for 4 months and trying so hard not to do what I did to get what I had! I have been trying to find out who I am, where I belong and what I should do and every morning I tell myself, the universe has my back, all is good and I am right where I need to be and then I pull your cards daily as guidance. Hopefully I will find my authentic self soon. thank you Colette!

    • Kathy Jennings

      Gina, im in same situation as you although I have only been out of work for 3 weeks. I’m thinking I may go and do some volunteer work if it continues as I find focusing on others when I’m looking for work helps. At the moment I am focusing on my home and myself and doing some art. its amazing how many things go by the wayside around the house when you are working full time.

      Goodluck with your search.

      • Gina

        Thank you Kathy. I wish you much luck as well!

  • Karen D

    Thanks Colette!! I love your Good Tarot and Wisdom of the Oracle Cards and really resonate with your blogs and readings! I love that you’re a spiritual biker too 😉 I’m having all kinds of ideas and collaboration opportunities show up and am running with them. Thanks for bringing your light to the world, and encouraging us to do the same! <3

  • Christina in SW FL

    Love your blog, your zest and effervescent verve for life! Thank you! Love your “selfie” with a Property Brother.
    I have noticed, and make a habit of noticing, all the synchronicities and I thank Spirit for them. As someone you would like, Dr. Cynthia Sue Larson, says “how good can it (my life and everything) get?” Asking the Universe for help with everything and knowing I’ll get that help. Bam… and so it happens. From parking to figuring out how to assemble a piece of furniture. Getting a job, getting a new residence… and watching and smiling and knowing to trust and do the next indicated right thing. Making a point of listening to me… whether through meditation or whatever suits the moment(s).
    Thank you Collette…. for sharing you, for me binge-watching your TV show (fantastic!!), for sharing your gifts and for encouraging all to do the same.
    Shine on!

  • Karen

    You look beautiful, by the way!!!
    I have been trying and trying to get into the school system for years. I’ve been subbing and trying to get permanent. Then I realized this past Sept; I’m going to quit Trying. I’m going to be me. I have a lot of experience and I’m an awesome worker. Well, I’ve been subbing since Sept in this awesome school. The principal is very happy with me and the staff too. I have a part time permanent position starting Mon and even made some fab friends. Positive and NO negative thinking in my vibrational field!!!!

  • Jeni

    I find this message very helpful right now, esp. the idea of just making little changes in your life and daily routine to see things fresh. Hard for a Taurus like myself to do bit necessary ????. And now that I know the full moon is in Taurus this Friday I can hear the song playing in my head: Somethings Coming! Something good!
    Somethings coming I don’t know what it is, but it is gonna be greaaaaat! ???? ????

  • Renee Sugar

    Don’t know what happened??? Have been communicating with a manufacturer in India; to develop a collection of original designs (I channeled them) into scarves. Seems the information was flowing freely until I asked if there was a more cost-effective way to ship them and/a better way to do that? I also stated that I wanted an itemized quotation including all of the details/costs as there have been many changes since we began this collaboration. I also requested a proof of the design before any printing was started. As creating samples are the best way to see the quality of their work, cannot proceed without them. Seems there has been a halt/block and no further contact from their side???? Maybe I am being protected from something wiser?? I was feeling excited, but then a little concerned that this didn’t move forward. Then someone suggested I create a proposal on a crowd funding site and see what the response is? Then I wouldn’t have to stress with the financing details. I know that “whatever is meant for you will not pass by you. ” Am somewhat disappointed, but I did take many steps forward reaching out to learn more about how the process works. Better that I didn’t get burned financially.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Colette,

    It’s very strange that I selected the same cards on Monday. Just a little freaky!! I’ve been using your oracles cards for a few months now and I’m becoming a little overwhelmed with the readings. There something going on here, something big, something powerful and yet I’m afraid to trust in this magic!! Even though I know it’s real?

    Yearning from my soul,

  • Becky Gilhula

    It’s good to be reminded of the magical world we live in and to continue to look for the magical moments every day! Thank you! xo

  • Kristina M Gonzalez


    I believe that my message is this blog post!! In June of last year I got a concussion after a minor accident. I was in the middle of finishing up my Doctoral Thesis. The concussion knocked me off my path literally!! I had to put a hold on school in order to put my health first. I am finally starting to feel better and am ready to re- enroll in school.

    I have for weeks tried to find a way to remotivate myself to get back to writting. The time off created this deep seeded fear that my thesis is not good enough. I am flooded with doubt and feel that I will not make as much of a difference. No one will read it and it won’t change anything.I have been trying to find a way to overcome this new fear and doubt.

    Reading your blog I can realate to your tv show story. I just have to imagine that my thesis will be ready in it’s perfect timetable and for the perfect people. I just need to rethink my thoughts and keep positive!!

    Thanks for an amazing blog post!! I am hoping that the Taurus Moon will help me break through and finish up strong!! Especially because my work is focused on helping domestic violence victims. I have to keep grounded to my purpose!!

    Deepest Appreciation,


  • Maya White

    Magic Colette, thank you for the mention re: Taurus Full Moon blog post – I always receive blessings from you. Love you!!

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