Move Beyond Your Old Story & Be Free

How to Have Accountability, Courage, Forgive & Heal Dear Fabulous You, It’s been an interesting week as for some reason we’ve been getting more and more email from people who have watched my [...]

Why Self Love is Key to Developing Your Intuition

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Manifest Miracles Turbo Style!

Play The Three Minute Miracle Game I’m ridiculously content this morning because I did this game that I hope you’ll muster the courage to do out loud with me. I call it The Three Minute Miracle [...]

Predictions: Can You Change the Outcome?

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10 Simple Self Care Tips to Manage this Mercury Retrograde

(special for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People) This week we are in the first week of the first Mercury retrograde cycle of 2018 which is a perfect time to retrace your steps and have a look at [...]