Happy Holidays! Gratitude is Contagious – Let’s Share It!!

Updated: December 23, 2018

Wanna spread some holiday cheer?

I love doing an attitude of gratitude challenge for the last week of the year. It helps me move through the maze of socializing (believe it or not I’m kind of a hermit!) which honestly exhausts me even though I really love my friends and family.

First thing is I do a personal list which includes people who have inspired me and helped me grow etc. Yup, I’m gonna share mine with you for 2018! Then YOU share yours!

Then every day until the end of the year begins your day hand on heart tuning into Gratitude- the essence of it and all it means to you!

First this year I am really grateful for YOU. I know you could be reading a gazillion other people’s blogs. You chose to sign up for mine and for that I am so so grateful.

I’m grateful for my relationship and faith in a Higher Power- doesn’t matter what I call it as this year I’ve been immersed in the Goddess, which has profoundly changed me. I call my Higher Power God, Goddess, Conscious Universe, Divine Matrix… Etc. the name doesn’t matter. The relationship, faith, and service to it does.

I’m grateful for 33 years continuous sobriety without which I would not even be here.

I’m grateful for my amazing husband and fur family who give me more love than I’ve ever thought possible.

I’m grateful for my devoted team that together helps me weave my dreams and service into the world.

I’m grateful for Oracle School and the multitude of students who come to change their lives and learn about oracles.

I’m grateful for my publisher and my talented creative partner Jena Dellagrottaglia who brings my oracles to life with me and Tera Hanks my dragonfly partner 😉

I’m grateful for my return to recording music again with my partner from 18 years ago Eric Rosse. (if you want to hear it go to my page on Soundcloud HERE)

I’m grateful for the awesome coaches I’ve worked with this year. Nancy Levin and Kidest Om. You have been so so helpful for me in helping me look ever more deeply into myself so I can continue to grow and be proud of who I’ve become.

I’m grateful for the conflict in my life that has forced me to dance with my Shadow and learn a new strength and a new grace.

I’m grateful for every breath I take, every beat of my heart, and for my desire to never stop learning and loving for at 60 years young I take nothing for granted.

Ok, Your turn!!
Loving you always



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  • Robyn

    What great cards for everyone this week. I’m helping a friend go through a break up and celebrating Christmas Day without my children for the first time as my breakup happened last year and they are with their Father.

    Self worth is so key right now thank you Skunk spirit. And everything does feel great because I’m choosing my attitude but have had fears about that maybe it’s too good right now.

    Thank you – I’m riding the wave to 2019

    – love your blog, love my first ever deck (animal spirit) and my 6 year old loves it too!

    Thank you Colette

    • Bonnie Lea Townsend

      I had a breakthrough, if it could be called that in a self mastery class that has helped me to see everything as a gift and to be accepting of the good gifts, when I used to not think I was worthy of them.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE YOU COLETTE!! Every. Day.

  • Lisa

    Dear Colette .. Having an attitude of gratitude is a blessing at this time of year for sure. I too can count many blessings in my life. In 2018 you have been a positive role model for me once more.
    My gratitude is high and before the year is done I will have accomplished many of the big and small things I set out to do. One of my things on my list is that by years end I will have completely healed/repaired my dental stuff.
    Imagine this, it is not the usual thing to be looking forward to>> having dental surgery. But I am ! They will remove two adolescent teeth that began growing at age 58. (I’ve been teething all month, the teeth have cut through) I really do believe in MAGIC and more so> since every dentist is stunned by these amazing growing teeth. So much magic to be grateful for in my life. Thank you for challenging your blog readers to keep the gratitude high this week .. it is exactly what i needed. Staying thankful and grounded. Merry Christmas to you.
    Big BIG Love,

  • Anna

    “I’m grateful for the conflict in my life that has forced me to dance with my Shadow and learn a new strength and a new grace.”- Colette Baron Reid

    I’m grateful that other people’s words, music and gifts can perfectly express how I feel. Thank you for sharing

  • Kate Lynch

    Love this!! Attitude of gratitude for me!! I begin with thanking my higher power, God, Godess, Spirit for keeping ME sober the last six months of this beautiful new life. Had a few relapses, but experienced profound lessons. My sober friends, I’m grateful for beautuful souls like yourself, and others I follow, my loving family who teach me every day about myself, my sweet furry companions, Angels and my Divine Life purpose. I’m so happy you posted this today, many Blessings and Love to you!!!

  • Cheryl Turtlemoon

    I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve had to learn this year; I’m grateful for oracle cards and the Universe for showing me the way, and for the free lessons you’ve shared and I’ve learned so much from. I’ve learned to accept and I’m grateful for that.

    Thanks Colette, I’m grateful for you!! Xxx

    Cheryl xx

  • Julie

    Grateful for YOU too. Glad you exist 🙂

  • Sharon Hiebert

    Dear Colette.

    I am grateful to be here enjoying this earthly experience. Learning, growing, loving and doing what I can to model good living. I am thankful for this great life; for all that I have and for that which I don’t. Acquiring things just means more “stuff” – expanding consciousness is where the true value in living resides. I am filled with gratitude for having finally discovered this truth. Thank you for leading the charge in helping humanity see that there could be a better way to live.


  • Amy

    I am grateful for all I do have. A roof over my head, a car, breath in my lungs.
    I am grateful for my struggles, going on a rough 3 years or so, but I am learning so much in the climb.
    I am grateful for my children.
    I am grateful for my business and doing my dream, what I love.
    I am grateful for my pets.
    I am grateful for my spiritual practices (including you’re blogs, Oracle cards and new app!) every day that help give me direction and keep me sane.
    I am grateful for growth.
    I am grateful for my twin flame and our continued journey.
    I am grateful for source/higher power and this magnificent universe!

  • Tracy

    Thank YOU!!! I need to hear this, everyday. I am worthy and I am special. I will do it this year and I will believe it and live it. Have wonderful and blessed Christmas. Thank you for all you do. I appreciate you more than you know and thank you for all your help. Take care.

  • Patty Leonard

    Well at first I thought that 2018 was a year of just bad luck and my sons tragic loss of his dog of 14 years, but he’s also been so blessed with his work and living in different countries as a Fashion designer. Then I had to have surgery but healed so fast with no scaring the Doctor asked what I had done. Also had to change jobs but I’m extremely happy and love the people I work with and can go on and on. So I feel very blessed and grateful and have came to know through my 62 years that we aren’t alone and that everything changes and people will come and go in your life so you’ll learn what you need to learn and some will stay. Collette I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and someone who gets this journey we’re all on. I knew you were someone that would make a change in others life’s and mine…God Bless You

  • Karen

    I’m grateful for YOU Colette! You have changed the outcome of my moods or entire days on more than one occasion. Thank you for being you. Merry Christmas!!

  • JudiO

    I continue to be blessed above average in 2018…I have been in recovery for a long time, started working with oracle cards relatively recently to continue my ‘self’ work. I found your Wisdom of the Oracle cards and preordered the Spirit Animal cards…Both are my favorites.

    Higher Power, God, Source, Spirit … has changed my life; no matter what is happening around me, I have deep joy. I very much relate to the manner in which you communicate in the cards and your sharing…you speak my language…heartfelt thanks for sharing your wisdom and faith. You are one of my close friends that I’ve never met!

  • Anne Morin

    Happy Hollidays Colette!
    Your amazing , so Honest, a source of inspiration. Thank you for your blog.Much love from Montréal!

  • Donna Campbell

    I am grateful for my family and friend’s, for the love we have for one another.
    I am grateful for the food on my table.
    I am grateful to have a bed to sleep in.
    I am grateful for the clothes I wear.
    I am grateful for Colette Baron Reid coming into my life
    I am grateful for Oracle School.
    I am grateful I found Spirit.
    I am truly blessed each and every single day.

    Thank you very much Colette and your team at Oracle School.

  • Tracy Leggett

    I am grateful for the biggest lesson I have learned this year, “standing up for myself”!
    I am grateful for the time with my 3 sons, their girlfriends and my beautiful grand daughter Madisyn.
    I am grateful for my healthy.
    I am grateful that disputed all the obstacles I have been able to start over with a new home and furnishings that I have been able to provide for myself!

  • Kathryn Keating Kay

    That was beautiful for this week of the “holidays”. First I am so grateful for my husband, daughter, son & our 3 dogs! I am thankful for the roof over our heads, the food on our table & how well we all get along & respect each other. I am so proud of my children. I am so so grateful for Collette Baron Reid & meeting the Oracles. They have reopened the inner journey I was on & it’s been a delicious ride. I am so grateful there is more to learn. I am grateful for this last shadow that I went to that led me to Colette and Lisa Silverman. Lisa made astrology so much more about understanding the self. I am grateful for my heath as it improves everyday. I am grateful for my Tai Chi group for supporting my healing & now for them being there as I go back to teaching our group once a week. (I am grateful for what they teach me and overwhelmed by their love.) I am grateful for my friends that understand me. Thank you for this Christmas message & OS Colette! Merry Christmas & a Happy, Abundant New Year!

  • Jacqueline Hulme

    Awesome Colette! Merry Christmas to you and Mark and all the best in 2019!

    I too am so grateful first for my 30 years of sobriety I celebrated it 11:11 this year and thank my higher power because I got a new lease on life that day! I’m thankful for my awesome husband of 34 years we are living proof that people can change and miracles do happen! I’ve been blessed with and so grateful for my amazing daughter and 4 granddaughters!

    I am just so grateful to have found you too Colette and happy to start the new year with Invision course soooon and into Shared Wisdom I feel that 2019 will give me much more energy and more time for playing and being the best me! Thanks You 🙏🏼

  • Anonymous

    So grateful to you & your teachings Colette. These days when I awake, I place my hand over my heart & say ‘I am a soul” x 3, per JHolland. I then thank God for my blessings, my spirit team, angels, family & friends that have gone before. My heart is full of gratitude for my life’s journey, my health, my family, my grandbabies & friends. I encircle them all within the beautiful white light of this multiverse. I am thankful for Gaia & encircle it too with the white light, then send healing Reiki deep into the earth and skies.
    This past month I’ve been wondering about your music Colette. I’m hoping you would sing for us on the cruise. Christmas blessing to you & yours! xo

  • trish hedine

    I am grateful all the friends and support I have found. I’m grateful for 7 yrs of sobriety. I’m grateful for having a God in my life and sensing his/her presence. I’m grateful for my family especially my youngest son who has been so supportive of me along with my grandchildren. I am grateful for my 2 cats that bring me so much comfort living alone now.

  • Toni

    I am grateful for my friends and family.
    I am grateful I passed my NP test and finished my doctorate.
    I am grateful I have a job that provides me with the ability to travel.
    I am grateful for being alive.

  • Linda Crose - Andersen

    So grateful for all the earth angels in this world that have been there for me this year giving me their undying love and support. It has been a challenging year financially and from making sure my mortgage has been paid to finding errands for me to do they have all been there! Huge gratitude that I did not break anything when I fell walking across the street to give a dollar to the homeless woman playing guitar.

  • Linda

    So grateful for all the earth angels in this world that have been there for me this year giving me their undying love and support. It has been a challenging year financially and from making sure my mortgage has been paid to finding errands for me to do they have all been there! Huge gratitude that I did not break anything when I fell walking across the street to give a dollar to the homeless woman playing guitar.

  • Rose Romani

    I am grateful for a roof over my head, the clothes on my back the food in my cupboards, a warm home and bed.
    I am grateful to wake up each morning and asking how best i can co create with Spirit.
    I am grateful To have found
    Colettes course last year and to become who I am truly meant to be, grateful to all the team,Colette,Mark,Doug,
    Anna,Jill and everyone behind the scenes that help , the lead mentors and mentors, my new tribe ,great students,new friendships formed.
    I am grateful to have learnt from the challenges that help me grow, I am grateful for the Blessings I’ve gained from opening up to Spirit.

    I am grateful for the new opportunities open to me.
    I am grateful to all my clients and yoga students who’ve supported me by coming to class or for therapies
    Throughout the year.
    I am grateful for my health and well being and my phone ,that I can access the fabulous Oracle School
    I am so grateful for all the learning that continues.
    I am grateful to support from my friends , assistants in shops, my mechanic for keeping my car in good repair. I am grateful to be able to drive and to have a car. I am grateful that Spirit divinely guides and protects me

  • Sara

    I am grateful I found your teachings this year.
    I am grateful for my husband and children.
    I am grateful that I had the chance to to read for complete strangers a few weeks ago to practice my intuition.
    I am grateful I always have food to eat, and that I have a teaching job next year.
    I am grateful to the divine every time something doesn’t happen the way I wanted I say ok you have a bigger plan for me. And then it is revealed soon after.
    I am grateful for your book Uncharted. I try to remember to use the observer excercise every time I deal with a difficult parent at the school where I teach.
    I am grateful for your teachings gorgeous lady.

  • Lubica

    Dear Colette
    I’m grateful for such a great person you are. I love your oracle and everything you do. You give me energy to continue on my Journey believing that once I can be the real mé happy in the shoes I’m walking.
    Thank you for what you do. Xx

  • Lissette

    I am grateful for many things in my life. I started the changes in my life in December of 2018 by stating that 2018 was going to be my year. And yes I started on that high in January but I kept letting my doubts take over a free a few months. So needless to say it wasn’t totally the year I wanted it to be but I did snap out of it once I realized that the doubting would just bring me back to the place I didn’t want to be in. So Thank you for your blog. Every time I read your blog I wake up again! It motivates me to strive for more of what I do want in my life.!!! So have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year ! I am so looking forward to making and seeing many positive changes in 2019!

  • Håkan Ekberg

    Lovely reading for this week, but what really blow me away was your music! I totally loved your songs, and you have a great voice! <3

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      thank you honey@!! You can hear more on Soundcloud – just search my name. My latest music is there 😉

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I did! I followed your link and hav put you on follow on Soundcloud. 🙂
        Got no music of my own there, yet.

  • Carmen Diaz

    This is a great moment to feel the bliss of gratitude. I have so many things to be grateful for, I will start for this moment where I get to realize how blessed I am
    Iam grateful because I have the opportunity every day to know that Iam amazing
    Iam grateful for my kids which I love very much
    I feel gratitude for I can breathe, taste , smell, touch,see
    I give thanks for my family
    Iam grateful for all the lessons learned through this year
    Iam so glad for you because you are someone that help me and empower me to be a better person

  • Emilia Motyka

    Grateful to be alive. Life is precious. Grateful that Landlord didn’t raise the rent. I love my home. Grateful that it rained so much this year that it filled my rainwater tank(earlier this year I had to buy water to half fill tank, ouch!) Grateful that my adult children happily include me in their lives(despite my parenting foibles & misunderstandings): Grateful that my old car is like a Stallion, strong, reliable & stuns the mechanics. 🙂 Grateful for my learning style. Grateful for Nature that inspires & uplifts me: Music and lately, learning Salsa. So much to Love…

  • Michelle S.

    Thank you Collette, what an inspiring message. I usually write gratitude notes during the year. While I understand the importance, at times I have been resistant due to my natural stubborn nature. However, and here’s what’s important, I was JUST thinking about dumping my jar and reading my notes before I opened your email.
    Perfect timing to add to an already blessed day!
    This evening, I was on the phone with my niece who mistakenly thought I was coming over for dinner. Nope, I told her, I planned on staying home, alone (my fur baby died on the 4th of this month) eating Chinese food and watching movies.
    As she implored me to check the freezer for SOMETHING, I reminded her the last 2 times we shopped, it was for comfort food – still grieving my Kitty…
    My daughter called while I was on the phone asking me to open the door for her. In she walked with a 20lb turkey, already baked and stuffed! Can you believe that? I let her tell my niece what she had brought home. Just like that, we have dinner for 5 people! God and her bountiful universe works in AMAZING WAYS! Thank you for being such an open conduit!
    Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays!

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      oh Michelle what a beautiful story. I’ve spent many Xmas’s alone with tuna sandwich movie and fur baby- either alive or grieving one.I love your story. I know these fur babies bring us such joy then break our hearts. We just got another one.. here we go again. BIG love to your Michelle.

  • Tanya Svendsen

    Merry Xmas Colette,
    I’m grateful for the joy my fur babies give me , we had a scare 2 months ago with one of my boys having a tumor, it can’t be operated on- plus he’s 14.The holistic vet we are working with is confident he will get thru this , so my prays have been answered – he here for xmas !!!!.
    I’m grateful for my gorgeous partner who has been my rock this year.
    It’s been a struggle , lost friendships, work overload, health issues,I’m looking forward to moving into happier time.
    I’m grateful to spirit and mother earth who I know is looking after me and all of us daily, they are amazing and I’m grateful for the beauty spirit and mother earth have bestowed to me and all of us -I live by the beach here in NZ , the world is an amazing place ,we all need to take care of our little patch to help out mother earth and spirit .
    I’m grateful for your wisdom, I have 3 sets of your cards , be long to the school, working on these daily, learning more each day , I love love love spirit world and helping others

  • Shelley

    As I sit here, Christmas Eve, reflecting on gratitude I begin by giving thanks for the Presence of Love – which I call simply “Spirit”- that river of sparkling love and light that runs through and connects us all. This Presence has heard me and answered my heartfelt request for help so that I could find sobriety… 38 years ago…for which I am deeply grateful. This journey has allowed me to stay married to my beloved husband – my Bear for almost 43years . I have experienced so many miracles – each of which has served to increase my gratitude. My three children, my two grandchildren, one honourary grandchild and her Momma are sources of ongoing blessing. I have extended family whom I adore and friends whom I treasure . I love our home and where we live. I was found by work which usually has not felt like work but more like a privilege and which I continue to do today, 33 years later.
    In 2014, I was ready for a new type of mentor/teacher in my life and discovered you, Colette- a “Magical Map Shifter ” who appeared at a perfect time .
    I am so grateful, daily, for the richness of the new tools I’ve learned from you – all in a language which feels so familiar and so like ” home” to me that I can easily picture sitting around having coffee and laughing with you. Through you, I have made beautiful new friendships – some in-person and some online . The energy can be felt clearly, one way or another.
    Your wonderful Tribe of which I’ve become a member has seen me through three major transitions in my life and has supported me in ways you can’t imagine. ( well, maybe you can, given who you are, lol 🤗).
    I am grateful every day, and daily I give thanks for all that comes to mind and that which I may have overlooked .
    Tonight… as I reflect … I feel so deeply fortunate and blessed .
    I thank YOU so much for all you offer us, Colette Baron Reid, and for the care love and thought you put into your work .
    Merry Christmas to you and all of your family and amazing team. OH! And thank you for your beautiful music .💖
    Lastly, I am grateful for this holy night which, for me, represents the ongoing rebirth of the Light within each of us.

  • Suchitra

    I am grateful first and foremost for my Faith in the Divine, the ability to connect yo It in numerous forms and frequencies. I am grateful for my family next who have and continue to teach me that love is first found around me if and when I can love myself. I am grateful for my work, my capacity to love what I do and give it a 100%. I am grateful to have come to terms this past year about being an empath. This year 2018 has been decisive in Ways I couldn’t even articulate — the people who’ve come into my life and appreciate who I am, what I do and what I can do –because for a long time I’ve questioned myself and wondered what about me has ever mattered. I am grateful for the Divine reaching out to me and scooping me up with so much care and Love to tell me, “Yes, you matter”. Seldom do mortals I think receive a direct hotline with the Divine and I am humbled enough to get it this once at the lowest point in my life. Thank you 2018, for the growth; thank you 2018 for the lessons; Thank you Colette for weekly readings that always give me a small foothold for the subsequent week and it’s bag of mixed events!

  • Areena Chatnarang

    i am grateful to all the abudance this year

    i am grateful to the Universe for always having my back

    i am grateful to all the amazing places i traveled this year including to Hawaii to attend your workshop!

    I am grateful for my health

    i am grateful to my spiritual practice this year has been nothing but amazing!!

    I am grateful to all my friends new and old.

    I am grateful for to my sisters for always listening to me

    I am grateful to my parents, grandma and aunty

    I am grateful to my dog snoopy

    i am grateful to Ploy

    I am grateful for my lovely house and car

    I am grateful for the abundance true love that is to come in 2019 thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Sharon

    I have been so blessed this year. I am grateful first of all to God for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me. I am so grateful for the wonderful man who has come into my life, the opportunity of starting a new business and having him support me in that business, Oracle School and the opportunity to have a deeper and more meaningful connection to God, and loving family and friends who are there for me along the way. Thank you Colette for sharing your life’s journey and every lesson you have learned. It will serve as a reminder to me that life is fluid and fleeting and also it is however you wish it to be as long as you do not forget to connect to your higher power to co-create it. Merry Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    Colette, your music is awesome, I love it. You are so talented. I am so hoping to be able to join the Oracle Card School next year.

  • Renee Sugar

    Dear Colette;

    To keep it simple; I am truly grateful for everything. A practice that is a
    part of each and everyday. Even for those times, and experiences that might leave a bad taste. Forever learning growing and discovering how to improve my perspective, to explore new ways of doing something. I truly appreciate you reading all of our blog posts some which can be quite lengthy.
    Grateful for your insights, clarity, wisdom and levity.
    The other morning I witnessed a car making a three point turn
    and then smacking into a jeep. The front end of the jeep split open,
    bumpers scattered on the road. It was quite a jarring, eye-opening moment. Miraculously no one was injured.
    In contrast, I spotted a crimson-red cardinal flying to the
    top of a tree, singing its song. I stood in awe as it was a rare moment ,
    a sight to behold and from what I read, a message from spirit.
    The wonders of life, in all of their shapes, and perplexities are a
    blessing. Life is such a very precious gift.
    Wishing you a ” New” year of “wonder-filled ” gifts, and as many blessings as
    you can receive. We all need to learn to receive. All of us worthy , and loved unconditionally.
    Take good care

  • Leslie

    I am grateful for my 3 beautiful children, they are my world.
    I am grateful for your blogs and your teachings Colette, wonderful.
    I am grateful for my family and friends.
    I am grateful for my the world we live in, each day we grow and learn.
    I am grateful for being me. Without being me I would not have all of the above.
    Christmas cheer and a bright new year! xx

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