How to Use Oracle Cards for Guidance in Times of Uncertainty!

Updated: August 8, 2023

Have you ever wished you could sit down and have a chat with your Higher Power? 

In times of uncertainty, when you hit a crossroads, or even just in your daily life, it’s natural to crave guidance and insight from the Universe! 

There’s some part of us that intuitively knows we are connected to all things, but sometimes we need more concrete practices to help us tap into that connection. This is where Oracle Cards come in! 

In recent years, Oracle Cards have become a popular tool for divination, and a way for people to create a dialogue with Spirit. I call them a “practical yet spiritual tool,” because anyone can pick up a deck of Oracle Cards and learn how to use them to receive guidance and make the right decisions to move toward their dreams and desires – in just a few minutes time. 

The Difference Between Oracle Cards & Tarot Cards 

If you’ve ever started telling someone about your newfound interest in Oracle Cards and gotten the question, “Is that like Tarot?”, you’re not alone! These two card systems have some similarities, and therefore they often get mixed up. But they also have some profound differences. 

Tarot cards are what we call a “fixed system,” which essentially means that no matter what the artwork looks like or who created the deck, itwill always have the 78 cards with the same meanings. So if you know how to read one tarot deck, you know how to use them all. Different authors may put their own spin on them, but overall the meanings transfer between decks.

Oracle Cards on the other hand are a “fluid system.” This means each deck is unique and works on its own lexicon, or language, to interpret the cards’ meanings. My Oracle cards, for example, are all based on a hybrid or a synthesis of ancient divination systems that I smushed together.


I think Oracle Cards are a better place to start for beginners, because they are so accessible and simple to learn. Also, each deck has its own vibe or “personality.” When you get to know a new deck, it’s like making a new friend who you can turn to for a certain kind of advice, guidance, or support. 

If you want to learn more about the specific differences in these two systems and the value of each, watch my youtube video about the difference in Oracle Cards & Tarot Cards. 

While using Oracle Cards isn’t complicated, there are a few simple things to learn that will support you as you develop your practice. These tips will help you get the most out of these mystical cards and discover a kind of insight and guidance you can turn to whenever you’re feeling a sense of doubt or craving some direction. 

So whether you’re just dipping your toes into using Oracle Cards, or if you’ve been dabbling for a while and you’re ready to deepen your practice, here are some of the most important things you need to know when using Oracle Cards. 

1. Oracle Cards are Prescriptive, Not Just Predictive 

One of the most common myths about Oracle Cards is the idea that we can use them to predict the future. 

While Oracle Cards offer us insights into our current circumstances and potential outcomes based on our present energy, they do not provide us with concrete predictions or fortunes. 

It’s easy to want to turn to this spiritual tool for a feeling of certainty – especially when we are struggling or feeling unsure of the future – but the reality is, there are always multiple possible outcomes depending on our energy, our decisions, and many other factors. 

Instead of predicting the future, we can use Oracle Cards as a prescriptive tool. A way to gain insight on what might be possible. They mirror the energy that is present and help us make empowered choices toward our highest good, and the highest good of all. 

In other words, the messages they give us are not set in stone. They are a powerful tool for insight, self-reflection, and even accountability. And they give us an opportunity to practice trust and surrender when things feel out of our control. 

2. Get More Out Of your Oracle Cards with Meditation

Whenever you pull an Oracle Card, it’s important to remember that the cards will reflect whatever energy you bring to them. This means if you pull a card from a state of emotional activation, the cards are going to reflect that. 

In order to get the most direct and clear guidance, it’s helpful to bring yourself to a place of emotional neutrality first. You might wonder how you can get emotionally neutral about a topic that’s bothering you, worrying you, or even exciting you… My favorite way is with meditation

When you meditate, you clear the slate and can come at the question and the cards with clarity. Then once you pull a card, you can try journaling about the message you received in order to engage in self-reflection and go a little deeper on what it might mean to you. 

3. Asking The Right Questions

As you explore your Oracle Card decks and discover how you can use this practical yet spiritual tool to connect with your Higher Power, you will begin to notice that some questions help you gain more clarity than others. 

For example, you’ll get the most clarity by asking open-ended questions that don’t ask for a specific prediction, but rather than focus on insight or context to help you reflect on the question at hand. 

There are a few tips and tools that will help you ask the right questions, but the most important thing is to keep the intention for the highest good of all, and to trust your intuition. As you get to know your decks and practice asking different questions, your intuition will become your guide. It can be difficult to release the desire for an answer that feels like it provides certainty, but when you can embrace the type of wisdom you receive from the cards, you’ll be amazed at the clarity you can find through this practice. 

If you want to learn more about my favorite tips for getting guidance and support from Oracle Cards, check out this video and my entire August playlist on YouTube, where you can find deeper answers to many of your Oracle Card questions. 

One of the greatest joys of my life and career is teaching others how to use Oracle Cards for spiritual guidance, and to create prosperous lives that are led by their connection to Spirit. This is exactly what we do in the Oracle School Experience. This program teaches you the foundation you need to use Oracle Cards as a tool for personal transformation and to create an incredible life, all while connecting with a beautiful community of like minded souls. 

The waitlist for the Oracle School Experience is now open, and you can get all of the details here. 





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    Feel so blessed that I learned about oracle cards from Colette and oracle school. One of the best things I have ever done. Thank you so much!

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