How to Use Oracle Cards for Personal Growth & Transformation!

Updated: August 22, 2023

Have you ever found yourself feeling completely stuck

Even those of us with a deep commitment to our personal growth and evolution can sometimes end up at a standstill and not know what steps we need to take to move toward the prosperous future we want. 

In order to create the life you desire, you have to become the person who can have the experiences you want. In other words, you have to grow into the person who is ready for the relationship, who has the capacity to run the amazing business, or who is willing to do the healing work to feel free and fulfilled. 

Maybe you see this version of yourself in your mind – the person who is aligned, grounded, connected, and in flow – but you’re not sure how you bridge the gap between where you are now and the vision you see for your future

And on top of that, with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, it can feel confusing to see how the life you want is possible when it seems like nothing is in your control.

Through learning to use Oracle Cards as a navigation system, you can tap into your intuition, strengthen your connection with your Higher Power, and access the guidance you need to move through your personal transformation journey toward the inspired and prosperous life you dream of.

How to use Oracle Cards for self-discovery & personal growth

Oracle Cards are a tool that can offer incredible support on your personal growth journey. If you find yourself feeling stuck, confused, frustrated, or afraid – you can pull a card and ask for guidance.

Although anyone can pick up a deck of Oracle Cards, pick a card, and find value in using them, there are a few steps that will help you master the use of these cards for personal transformation and get even more profound results.

Here are the five steps you need in order to begin using Oracle Cards for personal growth and transformation, and to support you in creating the unique, inspiring, and prosperous life you’re meant for

  1. Set a conscious intention – this means not just hoping the cards will help you or setting a goal to use them – instead, it means claiming the intention to use them for evidence of your relationship with your Higher Power.
  2. Shift your frequency – at all times, you are broadcasting a “frequency.” When you do the work to align yourself with your highest intention, you will receive the most clear and helpful messages.
  3. Ask the right questions – most people ask the wrong questions when they use Oracle cards. The cards aren’t designed to make decisions for us or to predict the future. Instead, they help us connect to our inner knowing and to give us details about a situation or question.
  4. Tune into the truth in your body – the response you feel in your body when you pull a card is the best resource you have for connecting to your intuition and receiving clear guidance. Your body is an instrument.
  5. Reveal and resolve your limiting beliefs – your old beliefs are there to keep you safe, but over time, you will have to shift them to grow! This won’t happen overnight, but by staying open and curious, you can release these old beliefs in time. 

Learning to use Oracle Cards for personal transformation isn’t complicated, but with the right shifts in your beliefs and your approach, you can get so much more value out of this mystical tool. 

Want some more Oracle Card tips? Check out this video:

Creating the Life of Your Dreams with Oracle Cards

Now that you’ve got the basics for how to use Oracle Cards for personal growth, I want to share that there are multiple phases to working with Oracle cards to create the life of your dreams.

This is something we explore deeply in The Oracle School Experience, and it all begins with an awareness of the difference between our conditioned self and our authentic, inspired self. 

When you are living as your conditioned self, you are often making decisions from a place of fear and lacking trust in your higher power. When you begin to live as your authentic, inspired self, you get to be authentic and live the life you really want! 

Oracle Cards are a massive support as they help you trust your inner guidance system, and gain awareness of your patterns and the frequency you are sending out to the Universe. 

The first step requires lots of learning and awareness, and it leads into the next phase, which is all about integrating what you’ve learned into your life. It’s great to gain knowledge, but unless you take time to rehearse and integrate, that knowledge is mostly wasted. 

True personal transformation comes from practice and consistent application. 

Once you have an understanding of how to connect with Spirit and develop yourself, then you can start to draw on the shared wisdom from multiple sources.

You’ll recognize that you have a personal and direct relationship with the Conscious Universe, and you start to engage the whole world as an Oracle. 

You start to notice the outer world being the vocabulary through which Spirit or your Higher Power or the Universe will also communicate with you.

And guess what? You’ve likely already had this experience, you just didn’t know what it was.

For instance: you could be asking for guidance about something, surrendering the form, and all of the sudden you turn on some music and the exact line in the song of an artist, possibly you’ve never even heard before, says the exact thing you needed to hear. 

Or maybe you’re driving your car and you drive by a billboard that says the exact thing you needed to read.

These are some of the most simple ways in which the outer world can become an Oracle for you, but 99% of people don’t notice it because they don’t have the language and they don’t have the expectation that the Universe will communicate directly with them.

When you master this phase you’ll be able to communicate with that power greater than yourself from multiple sources – it’s not just the cards, you start noticing it everywhere

When you allow this to be part of your daily expectation, you’ll start to feel better, you have less anxiety and fear, your choices become very different because you’re coming from a place of trust and you know that even if you don’t understand why certain things happen, you trust that Spirit has a plan.

Creating a Life-Long Practice with Oracle Cards

As you embark on your journey of using Oracle Cards for personal growth and transformation, remember that this path is a continuous exploration. It’s about building a relationship with yourself, your intuition, and the Conscious Universe. Each step you take, each card you pull, and each insight you gain brings you closer to the life you dream of.

Embrace the process of setting conscious intentions, shifting your frequency, asking the right questions, tuning into your body’s wisdom, and revealing and resolving limiting beliefs. These practices will guide you toward greater self-awareness, empowerment, and alignment with your authentic, inspired self.

Whether you’re new to Oracle Cards or already familiar with their magic, the journey of self-discovery and personal transformation is an ongoing adventure. As you grow into the person who is ready for the experiences you desire, you’ll find that Oracle Cards are a faithful companion, offering guidance, clarity, and a deeper connection to the Conscious Universe.

What’s Next For Your Personal Growth Journey?

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