3 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Past-Life Regression!

Updated: October 3, 2023

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life? 

Maybe you’ve heard stories of children recalling intricate details of lives they are too young to know about, or anecdotes of the miraculous healing of people who have discovered their ailments were rooted in a past life. 

I first experienced a past life regression in the late 1980’s, and I remember being so struck by what I discovered. The parallels between what I experienced in the regression and the things that were going on in my life at the time were amazing. 

Over the years, I’ve guided countless individuals through past life regressions in my workshops and embarked on my own regressions.

Through this journey, I’ve come to a profound realization: belief in reincarnation or the possibility of past life regressions isn’t essential. What truly matters is the transformative power of the stories we unearth.

In other words: you don’t need to believe in it in order for it to be useful!

Human beings learn and heal through stories. Merely conveying information isn’t enough; connecting with a story allows us to gain perspective and clarity.

When you’re too close to something in your life, it can be difficult to have clarity. Having another storyline to relate to can help us see more clearly and work through things we are dealing with. 

It’s natural to have a curiosity about the evolution of your soul. Getting to know aspects of your past life experiences can be not only interesting and validating, but also deeply healing. 

And at the same time, going through a regression can kind of freak you out at first if you don’t know what to expect! 

What is a past life regression? 

A past life regression is a spiritual experience which can vary depending on the practitioner you work with. In many cases you will work one-on-one, but some guides will take entire groups or audiences through an experience together. 

The process of going through a regression usually involves a sort of guided meditation, hypnosis, or other techniques to help you connect with your Spirit and the memories of past lives that live in your subconscious mind. 

The experience itself will vary from person to person! For some of us it may be a vision, a physical sensation followed by an image, or just a knowing and understanding of who we were in a previous life. 

These experiences often provide an opportunity for us to gain greater understanding about emotional or psychological issues, offer a deeper understanding of your present self, and shed light on your soul’s purpose. 

Three things I wish I knew about past-life regressions 

When I did my first regression in the 1980’s, these experiences were hardly as common or popular as they are today! In other words, I basically went into the experience blindly. That’s why I want to share a few things I wish I had known at the beginning of my journey with past life regressions.

1. There’s value in every lifetime.

One common misconception about past life regressions is that you’ll uncover grandiose past lives as royalty or famous historical figures. The truth is, past lives can range from ordinary to extraordinary, but each and every life has significance. 

Whether you were Cleopatra, a simple scribe, or a beggar, the allegory of the story you uncover can still offer you opportunities for self-exploration and healing. 

After having gone through many past life regressions myself, I’ve discovered all kinds of lives of my own! In some I was an important or powerful figure, but not in all of them by any means! 

In fact, in one vivid past life regression I experienced, I was a humble milk maid. Uneducated, poor, and living a simple life. In this particular experience though, I have a profound memory of a deep love I held deeply and an important lesson about loving and letting go. 

At the end of the day, past life regressions are all about exploration and curiosity, and you simply never know what you will discover.

2. You don’t choose where you land or what you see – just trust the process! 

On the note of having no idea what you’ll experience, one thing to know going into a past life regression is the fact that you may end up being any age, race, ethnicity, class, or in any geographic location.

There’s no controlling where you end up, and these experiences definitely aren’t linear! 

The details of the who and where don’t really matter. Instead, look at what you discover simply as a story that may hold a lesson or an opportunity for a new clarity for you. 

In the early days when I was taking participants in my workshops through past life regressions, there was a man who was a father of four. But he had a particular bond with one of his children where he felt a deep sense of responsibility to the child and worried about him far more than the others. He always felt there was something he had to make up to him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. 

During the regression, he saw himself as a soldier in a war between two close tribes, and he had killed a younger soldier with a sword. He saw himself holding the boy, and the boy forgiving him. Since the two warring tribes were so close, he felt as if the boy could have easily been his own son. Come to find out, his son in this lifetime had a big purple birthmark right where the sword went into the boy soldier’s body in this memory. 

The man realized that his son was in fact the spirit of the boy he killed in this regression, and after getting the chance to apologize and be forgiven, he suddenly felt free of the heaviness and responsibility he had felt to his son his entire life. 

Past life regressions can often be healing experiences.

3. The themes you discover can help you create a new future. 

Past life regressions aren’t just about exploring your soul’s history, they can also be a helpful tool in creating the life you desire in the future, because when you understand the lives you’ve lived, you can see their impact on the events and patterns playing out in your current life. 

Experiencing a regression can help you gain a new perspective on old patterns or stories you’re repeating. It can help bring awareness and clarity, and create space to make new choices or to forgive and let go. Your past life doesn’t dictate your future self, but it informs it. 

Embarking on Your Past Life Journey

Having personally experienced numerous past life regressions, I can attest that no two are alike. 

In each, you’ll find a thread to connect with, offering clarity and intention to move forward in your life. These experiences can even aid in healing physical ailments and addressing persistent life challenges.

The healing and insights derived from past life regressions are diverse and profound. 

During a podcast interview with Denise Linn, she shared stories of individuals regaining sight, leaving wheelchairs behind, and more.

The key to extracting value from a past life regression lies in approaching it with an open heart and mind. It’s an experiential treasure hunt within the depths of your own life, providing fresh perspectives and ways of perceiving.

Who do you think you were in a past life?

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever had a past life regression or a future life progression experience? What insights did you gain? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!





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  • Gill

    I’ve had two very vivid dreams that I feel are past life regressions. In the first I was in the French Revolution with a horse and cart hiding people under the tarpaulin and helping them escape. In the second I was in the first/second world war in Poland in a military field kitchen with a massive vat of ?stew serving food to the troops. I can still see these dreams vividly

  • Paula Phillips

    Yes I had a reading and I was informed I was a male school teacher for all woman school in philosophy. Who had 4 daughters and passed of a heart attack . Insights I taught natural relaxation techniques at a all woman rehabilitation center. That I am to teach and serve with love and light ✨️

  • Debra Ewing

    Yes! I’ve experienced several past life regressions in the ’80s. I was always looking for Mr Right. Through the regressions I experienced what a healthy relationship FELT LIKE. After that experience I quit looking visually and started paying attention to the feeling. I met my husband over the phone and the feeling I had was exactly what I had previously experienced! He was answering an ad to buy my car. He didn’t look like any of the men that I had dated in the past but his WAY OF BEING and his sense of humor captivated me! After 3 days of being with him I fell in love. That was Halloween weekend 1987 and we are still together to this day!

  • Kay Miller

    I once asked a dear friend who was a very gifted psychic tell me I needed to focus on the present not other lifetimes. That was sound advice for where I was at that point in my life.
    I had another friend that was doing bodywork & energy healing & took me so deep I experienced being a witch using dark powers, needless to say it scared the beegees outta me!
    I had a reading after a dear friend/spiritual teacher passed away who told me that he was present but also an indigenous chief with an eagle headdress that went all the way to the floor. I could never get lost in the mountains/forest because of this chief at my side. But never a past life regression. I like the guidance you’ve provided for preparation prior to joining this two hour session. It’s helped me to know that I’ll be well cared for thru this process if I also do my part.
    See you Thursday, Oct 12th! 🙏🪶❤️

  • Deborah

    I would love to be able to do this, unfortunately I can’t make it to this event. I hope there will be another one in the future.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      Hi, Deborah! if you can’t make it live, you can still join us as there is a replay that will be available to you!

  • Stephanie Renee

    I took a past life regression event with you and Denise Linn last year. It was amazing! I remembered being alive as a man with big hands, lighter skin, long beard, with a family, hundreds of years ago. Everything was green and beautiful, rolling hills, trees, etc. I remembered seeing my daughter in that life getting trampled by a horse and killed. I was devastated! I realized it was my daughter in this life, who has autism. She has been obsessed with horses her whole life. She was born with a strong birth mark on her forehead, which did eventually lighten years later. I finally understood why I felt this deep responsibility to help her in this life, more than my other daughter. I had the fear of losing her again in my soul. Now she is thriving!
    I have done past life regression before with a few other teachers. I have remembered being a Buddhist monk, lives in other countries, as a man and a woman, etc. I can feel it in my soul, and the regressions have been so helpful in my life! I am looking forward to this event coming up! Thank you for offering this!! Much love to all…

  • Peta Alkins

    Most definitely. As a child I was always telling myself stories as though I had lived them. The first time I read a story about the Holocaust (I was aged 12) I had a profound emotional reaction and I got the distinct memory of being a Jew detained at that terrible time.

    I have my ticket to this event, and I am excited to experience whatever Spirit is leading me towards.

    Thank you Colette for changing my life 🙏🏻

  • Wendy Heiman

    This sounds lovely and I enjoyed your past life exploration at CYL this past summer. Unfortunately I work Thursdays until 5:30pt. Would you ever consider doing it on a Monday or Wednesday?

  • Tatiana

    hello Colette and team:), Yes I did it with you and Denise Lynn. it was amazing experience, I discovered who I was and find evidence on internet it was very weird to know that it was my soul . I did another one by myself follow your guidance and discovered 2 more, again with some evidence on internet as well It was incredible I understand now why I love Italy. My future life progression not was really clear to me. I am hoping to get more clear picture this time Looking forward to it..

  • Harmony

    Marked this on my calendar! I will be on a handstand retreat in mexico during this time but if I can break away and still be present, I am attending.

    Love,Harmony Joy

  • Sally

    I saw myself standing outside an Inn on a wind swept bluff looking out to a sea, it was a full moon. I was Captain of a ship, setting sail the next day. I was checking the weather for the mornings departure, and thinking of the people I was leaving behind. It was a full body experience, I felt the excitement of the trip, and could feel the boots on my feet, and the breeches I was wearing. No particular insite tho’

  • Canea deWelleaux

    In March 2023 I had a zoom group regression guided by Paul Williams (Dolores Cannon) for 3 hours.
    Truth is my experience was disappointing .. new to meditating using my 3rd eye vision and imagination I wasn’t able to remember anything. I guess I thought he would hypnosis me where I would have flashes of past lives … many in the class had great experiences were able to imagination their lives vividly ..
    so I will do my best not to have any expectations and breathe and relax into it..
    thank you, see you Thursday 12th.
    love, Canea

  • Barbara Durham

    At one point in my dreams and awake, I had such a profound connection to Joan of Arc. Many visions consistently coming to me, as well as physically in battle! I felt extreme connections deeply convincing that I just knew I was her

  • Bonnie Lea Townsend

    I have mixed experiences from people who said they could receive messages for other people, like being told I died in the 1909 San Francisco Earthquake or when I was in a meditation group many years ago, the woman who held the group told a man that he lived in Atlantis and he was responsible for the destruction of it. Next, she’s telling us we were all there. Since Atlantis is still kind of thought of as a myth, I’m not sure what to think. I had no sensations or emotional feelings about either of these. But I used to have dreams when I was younger that I was a girl living in an orphanage run by a church in France. In those dreams, I had sensations and emotions and a sense of continuation, so I tend to believe those dreams.

  • Nanette

    I have never had a past life regression or progression. I am severely claustrophobic, I mean to the nth degree. I always felt it had to do with something in a past life. I would love to heal this confinement. I am open & totally excited as a child at the adventure that awaits. Should Spirit feels that I am to understand why I am like I am & open to the possibilities that Spirit guide me thru healing & allowing the claustrophobia to just melt away when all is done. Thank u for the opportunity. XOXO NANETTE

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