3 Metaphysical Tips for Work-Life Balance!

Updated: October 17, 2023

No matter how much you love what you do for a living, a fulfilling life involves a healthy balance between your career and other aspects of your life.

Learning to create a flow that incorporates your work, love, play, health, relationships, and more is essential for your wellbeing. Each of these pieces come together to form the essence of who we are as individuals, and to nurture them all is to nurture our souls. 

If you open a search engine and read about achieving work-life balance, most of the articles you find will give you advice about setting better boundaries at work, finding a hobby, or taking a vacation. And while those things might be helpful to a degree, discovering a true sense of fulfillment across all aspects of life requires us to look deeper at the metaphysical perspective – the subtle energetic and spiritual forces that are impacting our lives. 

When anyone spends too much of their time, energy, and attention on their careers, they naturally begin to feel out of balance. This is because whatever you focus on most, in essence, becomes your Higher Power. 

In other words, if you aren’t putting conscious intention into cultivating a relationship with Spirit (God, The Conscious Universe, or whatever you choose to call it), work can easily become your Higher Power! In turn, you end up feeling lost and unfulfilled. 

Achieving balance in your life means remembering that your relationship to Spirit is primary, and Spirit exists in all things. Society has created a rift between the spiritual and the mundane – leading us to believe that our spiritual lives are separate from everything else. But on the contrary, Spirit is within every aspect of our lives. Including our work and everything we do. 

So if you’re feeling like you need more balance between your work life and the rest of your life, I encourage you to try these three metaphysical tips for work/life balance. 

Metaphysical Tips for Work-Life Balance

1. Focus on energetic prioritization 

Your energy is finite and precious. No matter how hard we push, we all have limits!

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do less overall – instead it means that you need to take an honest assessment of the things you’re spending time and attention on to see which ones drain you, and which ones give you energy. 

Both in work and in your personal life, some things will zap your energy more than others. Making a shift in your energetic prioritization means not just looking at the categories of your life, but instead looking at how specific activities impact you. 

For example, maybe you love being home and caring for your garden but doing dishes is a dreaded daily task. Or perhaps you enjoy working face to face with clients, but feel bogged down by backend tasks at work. 

This clarity can help you make shifts that will leave you feeling more energized. Maybe you can trade responsibilities with a spouse or housemate, or hire some help at home. You might need to have a conversation with your boss about your responsibilities at work, or need to look and see how you delegate tasks you find draining to a colleague. 

Aligning your actions with your energetic well-being sets the foundation for a feeling of balance, without having to overhaul your whole life or routine.  

2. Develop intuitive rhythms 

Striving for balance is part of being human, but just as human is the experience of going through phases where balance simply isn’t possible. 

Some phases in life require more focus on work, and other phases will need us to turn our attention to family, health, or other topics. 

Rather than resisting these natural ebbs and flows in life, tune into your inner wisdom. Your intuition knows when to focus on your career, nurture relationships, or engage in personal growth. 

Sometimes these fluctuations will be months or years with a different focus, and at other times they will be simple adjustments in the rhythm of your day or week that will help you to adapt to what’s most present in your life right now. 

Feeling out of touch with your intuition? Picking up a practice like meditation or mindfulness can help you reconnect with your inner knowing, so you can stop looking for answers to your challenges outside of yourself. 

Try this meditation for restoring your energy for a simple way to tune back in with your inner guidance system and experience more flow. 

3. Cultivate a spiritual connection 

When we’re feeling out of balance and seeking reprieve, it’s natural to go into the mind, to shift around schedules, look for practical solutions, and quick fixes. In reality though, so much of the feeling of balance isn’t about those practical things; true balance comes from within. 

What if next time you’re feeling a little off, you turned your attention inward instead? Rather than trying to fix your outer reality, work on shifting the way you perceive it. The best way to do this is by nurturing your connection to Spirit or the Conscious Universe. 

The real trick to feeling a sense of balance in your life is to engage in practices that connect you with the Divine. This might be meditation or prayer, spending time in nature, or pulling a daily Oracle Card

When you feel connected to your Higher Power, you can find a sense of well-being, balance, and peace that comes from inside – and that isn’t dictated by what’s going on in your outer world. This means that through all of the seasons of life you can stay grounded and connected, so the things that happen at work or in the other parts of life won’t be as likely to throw you off your center. 

Pulling a daily Oracle Card is one of my favorite practices for staying connected to Spirit day-to-day. 

To do this practice, start by pulling a card from your favorite deck, or if you don’t have your own Oracle Card deck, you can use my free pick a card app on my website, and ask,What do I need to know today about staying in balance and flow?”  

Then, read the message from the guidebook for the card you receive and spend some time journaling or reflecting on what that message means to you. Sometimes only one line from the guidebook will resonate with you, and that’s ok! The important thing is to consider the message and what you are making it mean in connection with your life.

The more regularly you do this, the more synchronicities and clarity you will begin to experience that will help you feel aligned. 

Work-life Balance for Entrepreneurs

If you own a business or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, work-life balance looks a little bit different for you. Often, those of us on this path are driven by a deep sense of purpose; it’s not just about work; it’s our passion.

However, this intense passion can lead to a common side effect – losing ourselves entirely in our work. We’re not taught to set boundaries, and disconnecting becomes a challenge.

Now, let’s use our imagination for a moment. Pretend your business has a spirit of its own. What would it tell you?

The truth is, your business DOES have a spirit – and it doesn’t want you to only be in relationship with it! 

The Spirit of your Business is intimately connected with your personal life and well-being. Your business wants you to show up fulfilled, grounded, relaxed, and at peace. It wants you to live in alignment with your core values and your purpose, so you can bring your most inspired self to your work, show up with clarity and vision, and do amazing work. 

Your business relies on your vitality, creativity, and enthusiasm. It thrives when you are in a state of flow and alignment. On the flip side, your personal life nourishes your spirit, providing the resilience needed to navigate the challenges of business.

No matter what your career looks like, finding a sense of balance in your life is truly essential to feeling fulfilled and at peace. My friend Shelly Lefkoe recently shared an analogy I love when she was a guest on my podcast, INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE. 

It goes like this – imagine you have 6 houseplants in your home, but you only water one of them consistently. What do you think is going to happen? Yep, all of the other ones are going to die! You can listen to the full episode with Shelly Lefkoe here. 

The same goes for the various parts of your life: work, family, friendships, spirituality, personal growth, health, and beyond. 

We all need work-life balance, but those of us who are entrepreneurs need it more than anyone! 

Meet The Spirit of Your Business

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What Work-Life Balance Tips Do You Have to Share?

Have you tried any metaphysical practices to enhance your work-life balance, or do you have your own tips to share? Please leave a comment below! I love reading your comments and others do too! Your insights and experiences can inspire others on their journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life.





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  • Heather Danielle

    Needed to hear this. Came at the perfect time. Thank you.
    And thank you for channeling such actionable tasks.

  • Skye

    I really needed something today regarding my work and life balance as I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with the spiritual work we doo. It’s been all work and feeling quiet suffocated so taking in what you have said here will help me a great deal. And I am doing the meditation too. So beautiful .Thankyou darling Colette.

  • sha foots

    Your the absolute best, thank you!
    I’m out of my league out of control
    and totally exhausted

    You just gave me breath……

  • Jesse Junko Beardslee

    Thank you for this gorgeous article! Your Goddess Power Oracle has become a business tool as both of my businesses (one of which is named for, inspired and guided by a goddess) shift into spiritual balance. Remembering our dreams evolve and deserve respect and voice has been a huge theme for me this past year.

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