What is an Oracle Card Spread?!

Updated: November 7, 2023

Are you searching for a reliable way to connect with the Conscious Universe, regain your balance, or seek spiritual insight? Oracle Cards are my favorite practical and versatile tool that can be integrated into just about any spiritual practice. 

Oracle Cards can be used for a simple daily card pull, an on-the-go way to connect with your intuition, a fun way to bring more depth and meaning to social gatherings, or for ritual, deep reflection, and clarity with Oracle Card spreads.

I’ve personally created over 15 Oracle card decks, and each one comes with its own personality. I like to think of each deck as a trusted friend.Some are perfect when I need to feel uplifted, others give me the tough love I need, and others yet help me tap into my remembrance of the magic that’s all around me. 

One of my personal favorite ways to work with Oracle Cards is simply to pull a daily card and ask a simple question like, “What do I need to know today to be in alignment with my highest good?”

But when you’re looking for a little more information on a topic, or you want a way to gain more context and clarity, Oracle Card spreads are a wonderful tool. In this article, we’re going to talk more about what an Oracle Card spread is, when they are helpful, and how to get started doing your own spreads. 

What’s an Oracle Card? 

Oracle Cards are a divination tool, distinct from Tarot Cards. Like the Tarot, Oracle cards serve as a means of connecting with your Higher Power and tapping into your inner guidance system. However, Oracle Cards differ in that they are not bound by a rigid structure, allowing each deck to offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Think of Oracle Cards like a direct phone line up to your Higher Power. The system in each deck uses symbols to form a language through which this communication with the Divine (or your own inner guidance system) is possible. 

These days, there are a myriad of Oracle Card decks to choose from! In each deck, it’s up to the author to create the vocabulary and system the Oracle card deck operates on. It’s called a Lexicon. All the parts of the Oracle need to work together to have an Oracle that works as a true divination system. 

Each Oracle Card deck is its own little universe and is generally distinct from the others by its art, author, and themes. I can only speak for myself, but my decks are all based on a system I created, inspired, and derived from the ancient ones and each one is unique

Spirit is always speaking to us, but sometimes we need a little help listening and interpreting the messages we receive. If you haven’t had the chance to explore Oracle Cards or pick one of your own, you can head to my free pick a card app on my website, or read on to learn more about taking your practice with your Oracle Cards one step deeper through card spreads. 

Getting started with Oracle Card spreads 

The right Oracle Card spread can help you get information, clarity, and guidance around any topic – from love & relationships, to business & career, to your purpose or calling, and beyond. 

A great card spread will evoke new ways of thinking or seeing a situation, help you tune into your intuition and your inner knowing, and give you context about the bigger picture. 

In order to create a card spread that will help you get the information you’re seeking, it’s essential to know how to ask the right questions from your Oracle Cards

If you’ve tried using Oracle Cards in the past, and received messages that felt confusing, chances are your questions were not clear enough. 

Keep in mind that Oracle Cards aren’t designed to make a decision for you or to give you concrete, yes or no answers. If you ask these kinds of questions, you likely won’t get the answer you’re looking for. 

Instead, the cards are here to open a dialogue between you and your Higher Power. They are meant to bring out your own inner clarity, to illuminate something you may not be seeing, and to offer guidance that will help you make the right decisions. 

Asking the right questions is simple, but also nuanced. Focus on questions that are straightforward, open-ended, and clear. 

Doing your first Oracle Card Spread 

In Oracle School, I teach my students how to do complex Oracle Card readings and spreads, but you can also create your own spreads with just 2 or 3 cards. When you’re ready to do your first card spread, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to begin. 

1. Pick your favorite Oracle Card deck to get started. If you don’t already have one you love, I always recommend my Wisdom of the Oracle Deck for beginners. This is my teaching deck, and the one I use in all of my courses to help people learn about using Oracle Cards to tap into their intuition. 

2. To create your spread, first decide on the theme or topic you want insights on. Whether it’s gaining clarity on a relationship or understanding your next right action at work, define the area of focus. 

3. Decide how many cards you want in your spread. I suggest starting with 2-card or 3-card spreads to get guidance on the answers you seek. The number of cards is equal to the number of questions you will ask before selecting your cards. Keep in mind that there’s no rigid structure for designing spreads. Let your intuition guide you. You can always adjust your spread as you gain more experience and feel more comfortable with Oracle Cards.

4. Write down the questions for your spread. When formulating questions, be clear and specific about what you want to explore or gain insights into. Craft questions that are clear, specific, and to the point. Avoid vague or ambiguous language. Clearly state what you want to know or understand.

5. Take a few minutes to get grounded before you start your reading. Keep in mind that whatever your dominant emotional state is, it will show up in the cards. Try spending 5 minutes in meditation before pulling your first card, or saying a prayer to help you feel grounded and clear. 

6. Ask each question as you pull a card from the deck, then look at the cards and read the corresponding messages in the guidebook. Reflect on the messages and what they mean in relation to the questions you asked.

Congrats, you just made your first card spread!

Exploring Oracle Card Spreads 

When it comes to Oracle Card spreads, there are countless possibilities, and the beauty of it is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Whether your spread involves just two cards or fifteen, or if you use them during a monthly New Moon ritual (like we do in the Oracle Circle Membership) or on your birthday, Oracle Cards are a versatile and adaptable tool that can be customized to suit your unique needs and preferences.

The most important thing to remember when doing any card spread is to ask open ended questions, be available for new insights and information, and to trust your inner guidance and intuitive nudges along the way. 

I’d love to hear from you! 

How do you work with Oracle Cards? Do you have a favorite Oracle Card spread that resonates with you? Share your experiences and insights in the comments!





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  • Linda

    I am totally amazed each and every day the synchronicity of life.
    I have left all your classes they are very clear and concise and I am ready for your membership.
    I used to be very clear on things and now I’m just trying to put my life back together after tragically losing my son a few months ago.
    I have a harder time with life in general however I do believe it will work its way out.
    Thank you for a clear path to making this happen.
    I pull a card every morning from your wisdom of the oracle…
    I am very excited to keep moving forward thank you again…

  • Pamela Wales

    I love your decks… looking forward to going deeper

  • Katie

    I need help phrasing the questions. I feel like all of my questions start with “what do I need to know about x” and I want to expand on my readings but I need better questions that aren’t yes/no answers.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      that’s okay, Katie! the first step is knowing what you need to learn and the rest will come to you. so happy you found your way to this post!

  • Kay

    This info is very helpful. concise and relatable. well done

  • Liz

    Can I be an affectivve oracle card reader even though I’m blind? I have braille labels stuck on each card so I can identify them but I have no idea what the artwork looks like.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      hi, Liz! you absolutely can! while some oracle card decks rely heavily on sight, what you do is absolutely fine! you can even ask a sighted friend to help you out with adding more labels that describe the artwork on the card. trust your intuition, it will not fail you. hope this helps! ❤️

  • Rosanne

    This is a question that has been perplexing me. I recently purchased the Wisdom of the Oracle deck and used it for awhile to help me ascertain my feelings/needs for some of my other decks. I got a very strong ‘warning’ about the Thoth deck, not only from this oracle, but also from another one. I also got a “Not for You” card about another deck I like, and am not sure I want to give up. But the Not for You also came up for the Wisdom deck, as if it were saying it’s time to give it up too! I had such a strong reaction/feeling about the Thoth, but am wondering do I have to pass on the Wisdom of the Oracle, or is it just a temporary thing? What might happen if I disregard its message?

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      its asking you to be discerning, to stop asking so many questions too .. not for you, can also mean stop asking the oracle and trust your own inner ding.

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