5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Psychic!


Updated: October 23, 2012


I my previous blog, “Top 3 Elements of a Reputable Psychic” I talked about how to filter out the great psychics and get the most out of your reading.  Now it’s time to look at your own intentions for having a psychic reading.


Many people look at psychics because they want a specific answer to a question. For example, does this guy love me?  Please tell me he does.  Is this guy coming back to me?  Is he The One? Will I marry the man I just met? Am I going to get the job I applied for?  We want confirmation for certain things, and we’re looking for results.  Sometimes our motives aren’t clear or clean.

We want to hear somebody tell us a particular outcome so that we can keep an attachment to it.  We don’t want freewill to take its course and when our reading indicates he is The One, but only to make us grow, we don’t like it.

Before you walk into the room, or pick up the phone to ask about what lies ahead for you, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions so you get the most from your reading.

Take a few minutes, sit in a comfortable chair or go for a serene walk and answer these questions, as honestly as you can.

  1.  Intention:  What is my motive for getting a reading?
  2. Curiosity:  Can I go to a psychic out of a state of curiosity?  What do I really want to know in my life that I am seeking supernatural power in order to find out?
  3. Objectivity:  What are my attachments?  Is there anything I refuse to hear?  Am I seeking someone to validate my decision?
  4. Vulnerability:  Do I feel strong enough to hear what their perspective and still make my own decisions?
  5. Responsibility:  At what level am I giving away my power?  Will I accept the reading as a true and correct course even if it goes against my own intuition?
  6. Acceptance:  Can I then turn everything over to God regardless of what I hear?

I strongly recommend that you never go to a psychic when you’re feeling super vulnerable and highly suggestible.  Be clear and clean about your motives and your role in your decisions and actions.

Have you ever gone to a psychic when you were trying to get an answer about a relationship?  Did it help you?  Were you able to create the right path for yourself even if it meant you saw the lesson and moved on?  I would love it if you could share your stories with us.  Please use the Comments section below.

In service and love,
Colette Baron-Reid

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  • Gail

    I went to a Psychic for validation of my own intuition. I admit it…that is why I went. I was in an abusive marraige and wanted to leave trying desperately to understand that it was not all my fault like he was telling me. My intuition was to leave and not look back. During my session with Rowena she was very kind and answered my questions with little information, really. Or I guess I was looking for her to tell me to leave him and all would be well. I know that is not how it works but that is what I really wanted to hear. Then at the end of my reading…. She wished me a lovely day and then suggested I get my own drink of water for a while. I cried all the way home because I knew she was trying to tell me that if I stayed it may get much worse for me. I now go to see her with an open mind. Another thing I love about her is that she suggests books to read that will help me on my journey. She always picks the right ones. love and light…gail

  • Sandra Fischer

    I really liked this post because it validated my reluctance, lately, to consider going to a psychic for a reading. I used to go every now and then for curiosity and because I was unhappy in my marriage and had no clue if I was ever going to be ready to leave.
    Now I have divorced a while ago and have heard of this or that wonderful psychic and wonder, what for? I know where I am, know the outcome I want for my relationships and try and use my own intuition for guidance with the help of Spirit and angels.

  • Maria

    Thank you for the insight Colette. Most people go to a psychic when they are most vulnerable.

  • Cynthia Fontaine

    I first had a reading with Colette in 2009. I had just experienced a terrible breakup with someone I deeply loved and was honestly on the verge of suicide. I couldn’t go to work or even get out of bed for weeks.
    Somewhere I came across Colette’s information and called for an appointment. I was told there was a 3 month waiting list. I would never make it 3 months. I asked to be put on a cancelation list and the very next day I received a call for an appointment in 2 days. I could hold on 2 more days.
    Colette knew nothing about me, other than my name and age and the first words out of her mouth were, “Oh my God, your devastated, but this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you!”
    Colette has been a wonderful guide and friend since than and I honor her. Her wisdom and insight is priceless!

  • Ali

    Thank you for this Colette. I have learned a lot from my mistakes and a few years ago I met a lovely man and we fell in love and began a relationship. At the advice of a friend after he had not contacted me for a while after I went to a psychic who was lovely but told me that we would drift apart and would go on to meet other people. I felt devastated and confused as he had told me he wanted us to be together and become ‘serious’ but then he pulled back and didnt contact me. I then made the mistake of clinging onto the relationship, running after him, pouring out my feelings and going to more psychics searching desperately for an answer, when what I really should have done in that instance was to wait and do nothing, and take things a day at a time and not cling on like I did, I became obsessed really because I was so afraid of losing him so it was the attachment to the feeling I had in the relationship when I was with him. But each time I then walked away he would come back and tell me he was in love with me, so this confused me even more, especially when once again each time he would pull back and ignore me, ignore my messages and then out of the blue contact me again. I felt very confused.

    Many psychics told me that we would be together and i had to just be patient as he had a lot of problems to sort out in his life first, but that if i waited for as long as it took we would definitely be together. Believing this I waited and I was very patient, although every day I pined for him, missed him, could not stop thinking about him, but I let him get on with his life and when he didnt contact me at all I clung on to the hope that we would be together like the psychics told me. Another psychic told me he had moved on and was with someone else, which was true as he was seeing someone casually so i stepped back and did what i was told, to be patient and wait.

    Then he sadly passed away. I think it was my fault for becoming too attached and obsessed with him and not getting him out of my mind, I don’t know, but I loved him so much I couldn’t stop thinking about him and missing him so much as when we were together it was wonderful. I think the problem was me, I clung onto him too much and unintentionally tried to control the situation by seeking answers from outside of myself constantly 🙁

    • Daisy

      You can alywas tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

    • Colette Baron-Reid

      i am always concerned when people go to too many psychics. Oracle abuse puts both the psychic and the querent in the position of Trickster.It’s dangerous because you lose all your power and neither party serves the truth in the end. You should read my book Messages From Spirit- there is a whole section in there about this. Be gentle on yourself though, love is not obsessive, and you have some healing to do. There is no blame, rather a time for self reflection with honest objectivity. His behavior needs to be addressed too. You can’t take all the responsibility. I send you a big hugoxoxox

  • monique

    Hi, I was curious with goin to a psychic before but never ending up goin, I wasn’t quite sure if they work or how they work, or how much it will cost, if it be to much to spend,

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