Thoughts on the Exodus of Souls… (or, why every hug counts)

VLOG . BLOG Hey there shining one, I want to talk about a somber subject this week but hopefully with […]

Pollyanna, a Minion and The Serenity Prayer

VLOG . BLOG Dearest GlowBeam of Fabulosity, I’m en route to Toronto to shoot the first episode of my new […]

A Moment of Silence (instead of numbing out on the net)

VLOG   BLOG Dearest You, I write this while in a more somber and contemplative mood than I’ve been in […]

A Winter’s Tale in July (or Why I Love to Look at Stars)

VLOG   BLOG Dearest Sparkle Being of Light, Yes, I know I love using those silly ways to call you, […]

How to Be a Love Rebel in the Consciousness Revolution—Hint: share your pie!

Hey there How have you been doing this week? Feeling the energy squeeze? You know like a special cocktail mix […]

Considering the Consciousness Revolution is About to Begin… but not quite yet.

Dearest Fabulous You.. Has the past week or so felt somewhat like you’re a racehorse at the gate of your […]

Psychic Reading Regret: It’s All in the Timing

  Dear Colette, After having consistent disappointments in dating I decided to have a reading with a reputable and accurate intuitive […]


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Psychic

  I my previous blog, “Top 3 Elements of a Reputable Psychic” I talked about how to filter out the […]

Top 3 Elements of a Reputable Psychic

  I know I’m not alone in the world of psychics and intuitive counselors.  Believe me, I have met a […]

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