Late To The Party, But Always On Time!!


Updated: February 8, 2014

Late To The Party, But Always On Time!


How to Heal Perfectionism, Let Go, and Let the Dude Do the Delivering and Deal with the Details.

Ah yes, the latter is the perfect title to shine a light on one of the many tests of this Mercury Retrograde.

Happy belated New Year and a warm hug to you!

OMG, I so apologize for the silence, but I’ve had a crazy, nutty schedule promoting my book, launching an online class, traveling non-stop, and could never sit still long enough to write anything coherent that I felt held value for you. Although it is, on one hand, awesome that my book Weight Loss For People Who Feel too Much® has finally taken off, the journey has been admittedly a tad stressful. Being interviewed on various TV shows by teeny weeny people that are maybe 100 pounds soaking wet and juggling the many other various things I’ve been doing to promote it has definitely been an exercise in reminding myself that I’m a role model, not a super model.

The travel made me feel like a Yo-Yo and I lost track of how many airports I ended up in. Last month’s highlight was a Thunder Bay, Ontario event (think Northern Lights), where I spoke at an event and did three hours of solid back to back readings from stage that took ten days to recover from. I have to say though, if 300 people are willing to come see me in minus 47 degree weather, I can stand there and deliver on behalf of Spirit. I forgot, however, that I have an “off button,” hence the week and a half recovery period. That said, I’ll go back there anytime… There’s a whole lotta spirit activity up there, and they are chatty!

So yes, I am back!  And I’ve missed you!

I have only just now stopped to regroup and say, “HEY TRIBE, you still there???” I guess it’s Late-To-The-Party but Always-On-Time, yes? Definitely! It’s never too late to learn about what’s in store for our evolution, especially since it’s proving to be a very interesting stew of conflicting, creative, and exciting influences.

I hope you felt the crackling energy of this year as we entered 2014, a seven year, and one that my buddy The Numbers Lady Glynis McCants reminds us will be challenging us all to be authentic, “or else.”

The Chinese New Year (end of January) ushered in the year of the Wood Horse, a fortunate year where we all get off to the races, but need to be able to act decisively and swiftly, as opportunities will come and go rapidly.

To best work with these energies, cultivate radical truth and self-honesty, be who you really are, and allow your uniqueness to be in service to the world.

This is not the year for conforming to anyone else’s concepts of who you’re “supposed to be.” So if you feel the rapid cycling of energies challenging you to dig deep and find what’s really important to you, insisting you peek into the ego baggage that prevents you from owning your YOU and knowing your WHY, you’re not alone.

Even if we stashed that dusty trunk deep in the corner of our psyche’s basement thinking it was done and gone- after all we’ve done soooo much work on our selves, and we were sure we wouldn’t have to open that old can o’ worms that shouldn’t even be there… What? Me? No siree! I thought I threw that out ages ago!

But why not? We’re well into the first Mercury Retrograde period of the year, which is the PERFECT time to do this. No matter what experience we’ve ordered up from the universe, wouldn’t we all want to get real with it and face the aspects of our lives that make it difficult to be 100% ourselves? I know I would. That’s the only way any of us will thrive and be happy, and a thriving, peace-filled world is the one I see… with YOU in it!

Think of it this way, would you let a rotten banana sit at the bottom of the fruit bowl? Nasty stuff, right? I personally would chuck that. Ew.


Mercury Retrograde Audio Series by the absolutely brilliant Robert Ohotto

If you want to learn how to manage these archetypal energies, I highly suggest you listen to Robert Ohotto’s podcast on this Mercury Retrograde. I did and learned so much about what I’m facing; it was incredibly helpful. (Ask me if I relate to the perfectionism issue – um, that would be a yes.) You’ll find a link at the bottom, and I will say again: I HIGHLY recommend this.

>>> click here <<<



Enter The DUDE…

We must remember that we don’t have to do all this soul searching, rebel-standing, re-inventing, perfectionism-busting, elitist-confronting, fire-starting, dream-expanding, phoenix-rising stuff alone. We all have that mystical, magical partnership with our invisible friend, the synchronicity weaver and manifesting partner that I call Spirit, and sometimes Quantum Fred. It’s my favorite subject, to be honest.

My friend Pam Grout refers to this ineffable, omniscient force as The Dude. I recently interviewed her, and we had a great talk about how the Dude works to help us create reality. The recording is my gift to you, which, hmm, means you are a magical manifestor! We also discussed a joint workshop we’re going to create together. (Hint, hint: stay tuned.)


*Listen to the interview or click on the little arrow pointing down to download the mp3

Pam Grout interview

Of course, we all start the New Year with a bang, gung-ho with our treasure maps, affirmations, and decisions, right? I did and said yes to everything, and then felt like I had been shot out of a cannon. The mix of events, book promotions, airplanes, and bad airport food… well, to be honest, I took on WAY more than I could chew.

But I do have a relentless optimism and always believe that everything will work out, and it does. When I lean towards trust and faith, it just does.

So this year, for you, for me, and for all of us, is ushering in a cauldron of transformative energies that will carry us through a never before experienced level of self-evaluation. We will remove the debris we unknowingly created to protect ourselves from the invisible boogey men that we think might reject us for our imperfections, and we will build new lives that are born from the heart. Let it fill you with the hope, joy, and faith that is yours to claim, and remember that a big dose of humor and silliness will ease your way. Most importantly, add on a healthy practice of mindful detachment – don’t take the world too personally, even when there are moments you’re sure that it’s all going down the toilet, that there will never be enough moments to lead to the treasure. It’s not true; the treasure is right there hidden in plain sight.

In my conversation with Pam, we chatted about the sense of humor our manifesting partner has when we stop dictating the details and let go enough to see miracles.

I had released it to the manifesting powers that be that I would be interviewed on the Today Show. Last year the book had a bit of a slow start, and I did not get on the show. I had put the Today Show on my vision board in big bold letters and thought: what the heck, I’m going to glue it on again this year.

I was stuck in the Thunder Bay airport because the air was too cold for the plane to take off (minus 47, I kid you not), when I decided to check my email and found my friends congratulating me on my book being on… yep, the Today Show. I saw a photo of the hosts and between them, a giant size image of my book! They were talking about how it was chosen as one of the three best books for emotional eaters this season.

Wow, goes to show you… let go… let the Dude… and let be your wonderful, quirky imperfections. Then sort through the garbage, throw out the rotten bananas, be yourself, and rock on.

Life is good and getting better; late to the party, but always on time ;)



The Invision Project
Founder, CEO

If you have a question you would like to ask Colette, write to her at [email protected]All published questions and answers will be anonymous – we honor and protect your privacy. (Please, Colette respectfully asks that you do not request a reading as the anticipated response to your question.)


P.S. Love to hear from you.. how did your year start? What are your dreams.. shall we jointly affirm them so the Dude takes notice?





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  • Ann Ritter

    Morning Colette,
    Thanks ever so much for your fascinating newsletter. I always love reading about your perspective of the universe. You write with such candor, humor and passion. And I always come away inspired!
    This year, actually 12/31/13, I signed the purchase and sale for my home of 30 years.
    And am off to a brand new adventure in Charleston, SC. I know 2 people down there but am drawn there with high hopes. I am turning over my desire for full time employment to the “Dude” since the company I work for can not offer me a fulltime position for
    transfer. I take off 2/28/14. I am excited and so look forward to quiet an adventure both “homeless” and possibly “jobless” but with big $ in my pocket from selling my home. And the ability to live with a friend for little money till I decide exactly where I want to
    put now roots.
    So that’s my story for the start of the New Year.
    Love ya,
    Ann Ritter
    PS I fortunate enough to hear you speak with Loretta at her son bookstore in Hanover/Kingston, MA and you did a great reading for me via phone 2 years back. 🙂

  • Kathy

    “reminding myself that I’m a role model, not a super model”
    What a great quote. I love it.
    Thank you.
    Welcome back, I have myself, as well neglected my newsletter, thinking Valentine day is a good day to start again.
    Have a wonderful week a Bravo for your appearance on Today’s show.

  • Kathy

    Can you recommend any ways to keep positive and believe, what we pray for WILL happen for the best? We are in a dire situation that may lead to financial disaster, thru no fault of our own. (really)……….I fear my husband will die of a broken heart if not a heart attack, if what he worked for (and hated) all his life was taken away due to a bad investment, and various other reasons. I am a very spiritual person, very connected to my angels and still have bad days of doubt. I become very disappointed, and lose a little faith and get depressed. I need some sort of a mantra to keep the faith EVERYDAY…..any good suggestions??

    • Diana Boles

      Step outside, spin around like a dervish, first to the left. Dis-spell the dis-ease. Primal scream it to the universe. Spin to the right and hum. Collapse in bliss. Rest til the Ascended Master whispers. What WILL HAPPEN IS WHAT IS FOR THE BEST. It is the chance to re-define what it is to define. “Why”‘has no definition.

  • Brian Hutchison

    Hi Colotte,2014 has started out really well,so many positives have happened, and already to goals have achieved . So good to hear from you again. Love your work looking forward to hear more from you. Love and Light Brian in Australia

  • Diana Boles

    Oh! Oh ! Oh! Talk about the synchronisity weaver!!!! Wondering, wondering, wondering—–where has Collette been? So during the holidays I checked—no letter “Z”. Checked back again and asked if I missed it. Heard the whisper—it’s the holidays and just like you, time for other things. Flash forward–it’s January — holidays over,back to the reality of 2 jobs. Trying to cram a yoga session or 6 into the 27th hour of the day. And wondering what you’re up to.
    Do you recall my hope to become a yoga instructor? Knowing that I had to wait till 2014 to take the class. Fearful that my second, retail job would not work with my needed hours for the classes. (Worried that I’d have to wait til 9-2014 and the woman encouraging me to take this would not be heading the instructions). So there I was, at job2 on a s-l-o-w Tuesday morning. I smelled “Smoky Joe’s” cigarette—and that whisper of his-“This would be a perfect time, you know”. I hesitated for about 5 mins. Then I felt his hand nudge my right shoulder and give me that push. I sorta stumbled and then his arm wrapped around both my shoulders and off we marched to the HR office. The worst they could say was NO. It was the quick opening of the window that was going to rapidly shut if I didn’t reserve my spot in the class. The answer from the store manager? YES—–for the spring quarter March 14- June 15. It’s a reality! And other good things that have happened due to knowing the window is open– I wil be the lead teacher of the 4’s classes where I teach. Something that I never even imagined doing — now there are a few things that appear as roadblocks, but I also ride a steel horse. We can maneuver around some very tight places. And then very very early on the morning of Feb 8 I wondered what had become of Colette. Smokey Joe whispered “time to check in”. So I put the kettle on, opened my email page and there was this fabulous note from you! Thanks for the recording with Pam. So relieved that you are doing well. (Worried that you may have dropped your bike).

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