Monkey’s Meditation and Mexico ( and a visit from an old friend)

Monkey’s Meditation and Mexico (and a visit from an old friend) Dearest wondrous tribe, I am in Mexico for Dr. […]

Is Your Vision for Your Future Stronger than The Story of Your Past?

Dearest You, I’m just off from an intense weekend of beginning my pre-launch for my new book Uncharted and spending […]

The Turbocharging Power of Group Intention

Dearest you I’m writing this on the flight home from Phoenix to Toronto. We just went through a pocket of […]

Unplug and In This Moment Time Expands

I’m doing an experiment along with an online class I’m teaching and drastically reducing my exposure to media, especially social […]

Intuitive Self-Care: Stop Running on Empty!

Many of us are juggling so many responsibilities and challenges in life that our own health and self- care ends […]

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