From Rainbows to the Rainbow Bridge – How to Manage the Messy Paradox of Life.

Dearest you, It’s been one of those weeks, where the chasm between suffering and celebration has been highlighted in my […]

Do you want a new Freedom, and a New Happiness? Stop playing Musical chairs.

Dearest you, What a weekend! A double full moon wow I didn’t know they existed and now the Solstice although […]

The Consequences of “Tone it Down” (so Sing who you are Loud and Proud)

Dearest you, This week my friend – motivation mamma and spiritual teacher Danielle Laporte dropped a Truth Bomb on her […]

The Turbocharging Power of Group Intention

Dearest you I’m writing this on the flight home from Phoenix to Toronto. We just went through a pocket of […]

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