From Rainbows to the Rainbow Bridge – How to Manage the Messy Paradox of Life.

Dearest you, It’s been one of those weeks, where the chasm between suffering and celebration has been highlighted in my life. The questions as an empath I’ve had to learn to ask myself, and then [...]

Do you want a new Freedom, and a New Happiness? Stop playing Musical chairs.

Dearest you, What a weekend! A double full moon wow I didn’t know they existed and now the Solstice although by the time you read this we will have already passed through the portal of [...]

The Consequences of “Tone it Down” (so Sing who you are Loud and Proud)

Dearest you, This week my friend – motivation mamma and spiritual teacher Danielle Laporte dropped a Truth Bomb on her Instagram page (one of her special cards from her branded Truth Bomb series) [...]

The Turbocharging Power of Group Intention

Dearest you I’m writing this on the flight home from Phoenix to Toronto. We just went through a pocket of bumpy air. Normally I get scared in turbulence but somehow I’m still basking in the [...]