Grounding Our Potential and A Vision for us all

Dearest You, Not sure if you identify with this but lately it feels like if I open my computer a […]

Holiday Guide to Thrive (not just Survive)

Dearest sparkly you, The tips I’m going to share with you this week can apply to any time of the […]

Bumbling Boundaries – (Or How to do Imperfect Self Care)

Dearest luminous you, Do you believe in unlimited potential? Can you imagine in your world there is enough? I do, […]

Don’t Let the “Ism” Steal Your Dream.

Dearest you, Do you have a dream, a desire to create something, to express yourself, to achieve a goal, to […]

Feed your Mind and KISS Your Life- 7 steps to Freedom!

Dearest luminous you, What a week! I don’t know about you but I sure was feeling that mercury retrograde and […]

About Those Ruby Slippers

Dearest sparkle being! This note will be short as I’m writing this in my demolished office amongst boxes and garbage […]

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