Fear of Success is a Weighty Issue

Dear Colette, I am on the verge of self-publishing my spiritual memoir, and I saw my extra weight as me […]

When Family Boundaries are Challenging

Dear Colette, I have an extreme problem. Family members are controlling my life to a complete destruction. This is a […]

Did My Psychic Miss a Beat?

  Dear Colette, I recently had a visit with a healer/intuitive.  During our initial meeting, I mentioned that I was […]


Working Through Loss and Lack of Connection

Hi Collette, I am writing for your insight as to how to move forward in my life. I went through […]


My Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Recently I had the great privilege of sitting Dr. Bruce Lipton down for an hour and interviewing via Skype. It […]


The Secret Weapon

The Secret Weapon Last week I had an enlightening conversation with one of my most successful Intuitive Coaching clients who […]


Jump Starting Your New Life – Now!

Okay, it’s May and you’re wondering where the year went already, right?  Chances are you’ve survived tax season, you are […]


Easy Solution to Warding Off Other People’s Emotions

  You logically know that the bad moods and frustrations of your colleagues or friends/families are not yours to own […]


Connecting to Spirit and Surrendering Your Troubles

  For many people who experience empathy overload we often feel that there is too much to handle in our […]

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