A Bigger Vision

Right now, life around is nowhere near what we imagined it would be. The amount of change we’ve all been […]

Course Correction from the Universe

Think back to the last time you had your heart set on something — a job that’s perfect for you, […]

Sometimes It’s About the Questions, Not the Answers

It is so natural to want concrete answers in life. Back when I was making my living doing private readings, […]

My Summer Reading List

Last week, August 9th was Book Lovers Day, which I missed because I wanted to write about the loss of […]

Telling a New Story – Oracle of the 7 Energies

Throughout recorded history — and long before — humankind has recognized the sacred energy that courses through each and every […]

Energy from the Inside Out

I’ve said time and time again that change shows up on the OUTSIDE once we make shifts in our thinking […]

Embracing Change with Intention

As we move towards the end of June, there is so much going on in our hearts, our minds, our […]

“The Highest Good” in Times of Chaos

You’ve probably heard me talk about staying in alignment “with the highest good.” There are some misconceptions about what I […]

Staying in Alignment When the World Seems Crazy

This morning, I felt it.  All of it… the tears, the grief, the sense of how REAL this all is. […]

Share the Calm, Dampen the Panic

In order to combat the Fear Virus and negativity that can be so prevalent, I’ve been making it a practice […]

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