New Moon Intentions for Open-Hearted Connections

This week on Saturday we have a New Moon in the sign of Libra, which is a cosmic invitation by […]

Mindful Manifestation

Are you a mindful manifestor?  Do you take responsibility for the way you react to life’s adventures?  Do you know […]

Manifest & Multiply by Choosing Your Focus

I love writing blogs based on the weekly Oracle reading. Even though there are typically four cards in a reading […]

Manifest a New Future by Revisiting the Stories of the Past

This week’s reading brought two goddesses together that inspired me to talk about how the stories of the past inform […]

How to Manifest the Change that You Really Want

In my weekly Oracle Card reading, in which I explain some of the really dynamic myths and messages from the […]

This is Your Very Best Manifesting Tool

Oracle Cards are a Super-Link to Co-Creating and Manifesting! Oracle cards are often mistaken for “fortune telling” devices, but in […]

Gratitude for a Happy New Year – Ask these 10 Questions to Manifest Your Best 2019

Dearest you, Tis the grand finale of 2018 this week and I’m curious about something. How do you say goodbye […]

Be a Badass Spiritual Manifestor.

Years ago when I first got introduced to the notion that my thoughts and emotions created my reality I couldn’t […]


BIG MOON, BIG MAGIC This week as a follow up to last week’s blog is a continuation of our manifesting […]

Why Surrender Is Not Failure

Why Surrender Is Not Failure I was thinking this morning about surrender as I perused Faceplant looking for cute baby […]

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