How to SNAP OUT of Spiritual Amnesia: Exploring D/E/F of ABCs of Wealth Creation

  Dear wonderful YOU! Here we are in August already! Ay-ay-ay does it seem like the time just flies by? […]

The ABC’s of Creating Wealth for Spiritual Amnesiacs

Or “How to avoid being a surprise cast member in Gone with The Wind”  Have you noticed that once in […]

Echo U, or (Oops Did I Really Believe That?)…More Musings from Colette’s Cocoon.

  What a crappy yet powerfully enlightening Mercury retrograde so far and thank God/ Goddess/Quantum Fred/Zeus/Jesus., etc. that it’s slowly […]

New Moon, New Musings from the Cocoon of Colette!

  What a week! What a glorious, crazy, maniacal, nutty, logjam of broken telephone and mutterings of “off with their […]

More Musing from the Cocoon About Darn Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

How the heck can we deal with this besides burying our heads in the sand and chanting  “go away, go […]

Purrls of Wisdom – Thoughts from the Cocoon – Part 2

In yesterday’s Part 1 blog, I spoke about my panic attack when the thought of returning to my work was […]

Purrls of Wisdom – Thoughts from the Cocoon of Colette Baron-Reid – Part 1

In honor of my beautiful pearly white Harley, Purrl, that is no longer, I thought it only fitting that I […]

What’s the Right Track for You?

  What’s the Right Track for You?  Now that’s a loaded question! Many people seek council when they are struggling […]

The Boot of Shame – Part 2

Yesterday , in The Boot of Shame – Part 1 I humbly shared my experience of the motorcycle accident that […]

The Boot of Shame – Part 1

  Thoughts about life from the bedside (and kitchen floor) of Colette Baron-Reid It’s been a while since I connected […]

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