The Tree of Life

THE ESSENCE: The tree of life is a sacred symbol throughout the Americas. Its deep roots reach into the lower world, the unconscious, while its branches reach to the heavens, the source of [...]

The Time Master


THE ESSENCE: Time is a construct of the human mind through which life events are seen to flow in a straight line, from past to future. This, however, is an illusion. Time moves in patterns, [...]



THE ESSENCE: Legends speak of great Thunder Beings who live in the sky and call for your attention when great occurrences are meant to happen in the world. They warn when tensions in a situation [...]

Taming The Wind


THE ESSENCE: Here the feather, a symbol that is used in clearing ceremonies, for smudging, reminds you of the sacred commitment you make to your life. This is the symbol of consciously bringing [...]

Sweat Lodge


THE ESSENCE: The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. Volcanic stones are heated in a fire outside, then brought into the lodge and placed in a shallow hole in the center. [...]

The Sun


THE ESSENCE: The sun is acknowledged by many cultures as the foremost masculine force. In other traditions, it is seen as the feminine in her full power. Either way, it is the most brilliant [...]

The Standstill


THE ESSENCE: When Standstill appears, it is a symbol of pausing, the act of observation, and breathing space. It represents the benefits of temporary non action as well as what happens when one [...]

The Staff


THE ESSENCE: The staff is the symbol of authority. It holds the power to temper extremes. The staff helps you find the right course of action, the “way of the middle,” and aids you to maintain [...]

The Spiral


THE ESSENCE: From galaxies in the sky to diminutive shells at the beach, the spiral is found extensively in the natural world. Its shape in the form of a coiled serpent has been used since [...]

Soul Retrieval


THE ESSENCE: Soul Retrieval is a practice that helps you recover a part of yourself—your energy, your enthusiasm, or your innocence—that you have lost. At first, we’ll use soul retrieval to [...]

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